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Government Vacation Rewards

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Government Vacation Rewards

Tcormier Send email
Feb 8, 2017

Cruise price

I bought a 5 day criuse my husband and myself. I used some of my credits and still laid the same price if not more as people who booked directly with carnival cruise. How is that possible if i used my select acess points which by the way i pay $87 monthly for. If i end up paying the same price as a civilian on carnival criuse website then why am i pay you 87.oo more monthly to get the same price as anyone else is getting. Im military and have select access and have points and my ticket price was the same as my cousin whos civilian and didnt have select or any points.
Demeita Send email
Jan 17, 2017

Just Pay a Travel Agent or Book on Expedia

Keep your money! When it was time for me to travel nothing was never available for my travel dates nor destinations I was inquiring about wasn't listed on the website! There is no price match guarantee, and they don't sponsor every hotel in the world like they "say". I will never refer this company to anyone I know! You are better off shopping on Groupon, Hotels.com, Expedia, and Priceline!
Rbranin Send email
Jan 17, 2017

Rip off

Has anyone filed a lawsuit or been successful in getting there money back i also paid about 2k and had all my points taken cause i didnt use them within the 2 years.
Joanie k Send email
Dec 28, 2016


This is a total rip-off. They are very good at their promises and sales pitch. Using the government and military to make money off of families should be against the law. If you're reading this and considering it...DON'T! It is nothing like they promise.
garciafamily Send email
Nov 30, 2016

Fradulent Activity

I just had my second misadventure with this company. In October of 2016 they deducted over $900.00 for a transaction of $200.00 because the online reservation did not go through three times, yet they held the money for over 5 days, we had to scramble around to find money to deposit to our account so the rest of our payments did not bounce. Did we learn? Of course not, we thought we'd give it one more try, this time I thought that using my STAR card would be better, since it had a zero balance and they could not charge it multiple times, right? WRONG. They just place three holds of $273.00 per transaction for the same reservation, that, mind you, was never successfully booked. I called GVR and they stated the reservation was not available for the quoted price and that the money will be back to my account in 3-5 days. How they get away with this is beyond my understanding. To end this with a bang, I call the STAR customer service department and they said they can't do anything and that this is GVRs usual procedure. This company has to be closed for many reasons. If anyone out there is planning a class-action lawsuit, count me in!
gailli Send email
Nov 18, 2016


I purchased this with the girl telling me how great it is and that I can even take cruises for free with my points and savings credits but when I priced a cruise it costs more than I could book it for myself. Ripoff, don't fall for this. I paid a lot of money for it, we should all file a class action suit for our money back
madasheck Send email
Oct 4, 2016


Complete fraudulent business practices. They say they confirm reservations and then when you can't confirm with the resort Government Vacation's won't give you back your money.

Total scam of the military service members - don't buy into their deceptive practices
Cliffordsgal Send email
Sep 23, 2016

Fraud - Small claims suit

I will be filing a small claims suit against Government Vacation Rewards. I purchased the rewards package for $1,499 and was promised the ability for price matching and for booking outside of their website. Now here I am months later and I get a letter in the mail offering the same program for almost no cost. On top of that, I was on the phone for 90 minutes trying to book outside of their system and after 4 transfers and waiting a considerably long time I am told that I will be charged an additional 20% fee on top of the cost of stay and taxes. A fee is understandable, but 20% and on top of the taxes already being paid, that is illegal. I will see these people in court very soon.
Ken Taylor Send email
Sep 14, 2016

Dishonest Business Practices

I’d like to comment on what I think is an unfair and dishonest business practice. MWR Exchange Vacations has repeatedly not honored listed prices on air travel tickets.
I’ve made three attempts to purchase tickets only to have my money placed in a pending status. To further investigate as to why the transaction did not go through I contacted
MWR Exchange Vacations. Reason, price for that ticket wasn’t correct according to the associates (Manuel & Jorge). It’s advertised as offering the lowest and most current price.
The first occurrence was last year, I paid the higher price without questioning. This weekend I attempted to purchase tickets twice online with neither transaction going through due to price.
On both occasions I was offered a much higher price than what was listed, $1,063 ticket that was listed at $702 and $1,027 for a ticket listed at $694. I’ve purchased a ticket using Just Fly for $674.
Best price guarantee is far from the truth and to have funds sit in a pending status for up to three days (no longer on my account to utilize) is a disservice to the customer. I believe this is an intentional act
only to increase their bottom line; an increase of 39.59% above what I eventually purchased from another source (by the way that wasn’t the lowest price but a company a friend recommended).
GVR only rewards and lines their pockets; never another dime from me.
Ampie82 Send email
Aug 26, 2016

[email protected]

just wont to know when will i get my mibfa fund paid id nmr8204195294087
[email protected] Send email
Aug 25, 2016

Lucky Me

I spent today 2 hours on the phone with a Mr Vu that was fast talking to me about all the great travel benefits I would get by paying the money over 18 months and 29 bucks renewal fee annually. I listened very attentively to his marketing style when I interrupted his sales pitch and asked him to run an airline ticket for me. I had told him that for 660 dollars I could fly two people from North Carolina to Las Vegas and return for 1320, he ran his estimate and it was a little more then 400 dollars per person for a to and from flight. Interesting enough my online booking for Las Vegas for $1320 did not only include the round trip air-fare but also 5 nights at the Excalibur Casino. GOV Vacations did not have the best deal. Bottom line, I was passed over to an account verification specialist that read a scripted to me and during that reading I declined their program. I was passed back to Mr Vu who was disappointed in my decision and before he hung up on me his statement was well you just lost all your benefits. I asked him what he had meant by that statement "did I loose my star card benefits or the great deals from GOV Vacations, ---- He hung up on me - Lucky me!
Mdford35 Send email
Aug 24, 2016


I was told when I signed up for this plan again after a first bad experience, so the lady was nice so we thought hey why not try it again.
she said we wouldn't loose any points also said here is my number and EXT well I called and she would never return my calls. I complained they gave me 10,000 points and then took them away! So I just get on her now to book my Vacation and what do you know now I only have 85,000 point lost my cruise Cert as well... I well Never again buy into this Piece of crap Vacation plan.. Has anyone contacted the BBB? what a bunch of lies they tell you... I would never recommend this to No One!!!!been on hold now to talk to a manager for over a hour!! Any Suggestions? I talked to Kelly EXT...5473
user26 Send email
Aug 17, 2016

Car Rental

I rented a vehicle through GVR Travel. I returned the vehicle two days early and should have been refunded 108.17USD. Now the rental company says that GVR Travel owes me the money and GVR Travel says that they have not received the money from the car rental agency and they will not refund me the money either and then get the money back from the car rental company. Epic poor customer service.
JRAZZY Send email
Aug 9, 2016

Fraudulent Promises

We signed up for this service Jan. 2014 ONLY because our Carnival vacation membership was sold to Gov. Vaca. We still had points & would lose them if we didn't transfer. Spent $3k for an additional 150k points. Never indicated, we had 2 yrs. to use or lose the points, so this month I came to find out we lost $800 in points. When we signed they guaranteed to price match. Up until recently I have always been able to price- match & use points towards a reservation. Apparently there is a new UNWRITTEN policy that applies to all customers regardless of contract, stating they cannot use multiple discounts. How is this a discount when I am using points I paid for, essentially pre-paid vacation? They cannot answer that question & cannot direct me to the location where this is stated in the terms & policies. I never received a copy of the disclosure, terms & policies & the one online DOES NOT state anything about not being able to use points & price match. The supervisors tells me they reserve the right to deny a request to price match & use points, once again, dictating how I spend my money. Essentially you are screwed, they find a way to suck more money out of you. We have never been able to use our 7 day resort because it is only for Mexico, I have fought with them about this as Mexico is off-limits for active duty, whether or not people defy the policy is not my problem but we will not & this is the argument Gov Vaca gives us as to why they have not pulled it from the list of options. At this point I feel I have gained nothing & lost a lot of money from my lost points. It took 5 months to get earned points from a cruise. Never again, I will not pay the yearly again & I am using up my points to finally be done with them. The points that I have used have not even come close to $1k. In doing the math, I have used less than $1k in points, lost $800 in points, and only have 60k points left which is equivalent to $600. They are making about $1800 off me in the end. I really wish the MWR would investigate & retract endorsement because they are ripping people off. It is a business at the end of the day but this is just fraud.
Elizabethmolina Send email
Jul 29, 2016


On July 26th Carol Cunningham, presented by phone a vacation package for $1,499. She said it was for 10 years and haf the benefit of having a cheaper price. But if I bought a few points then gave us a free stay and would gateways to $49 per night. I indicated that my husband an I had a trip to stay in Denver from December 29th , 2016 to January 4, 2017 and we were interestef in a hotel in downtown. Carol told us that she left us a free stay with points accumulating (1,500) additional offer free vacation cruise that came out of any port. I could also catch the destination and any date. She promised send everything by email and to call het to have doubts.

Trusting representing the military and veterans buy the package. But never received the terms and conditiond of the vacation package agreements. Entering to GVR page for search reservationd in downtown Denver hotels and can't apply the 1,500 rewards points and agrees to pay the stay when she promised that if was free. In the resirtd that offer with the bonus of 53,000 are distant and not date tells and she promised me a hotel in downtown.

Similary when look for Caribbean cruises do not leave the port of San Juan and the dates are from other ports 2017 y 2018 to Caribbean. Some are 1 day per 20,000 points.
I call several times Carol and send emails to call me, she never returned the call or the email. I nerded she send the agreements and promises ans ckarfies doubts, but never answer.
Elizabethmolina Send email
Jul 28, 2016

Fraudulet Promises

Carol Cunniingham calle insistently to offer a vacation package . And offer me a 53,000 points formfree vacaction and $1, 500 rewards point. when looking for a hotel not credit all points when you are looking for a cruise depart for next year and many of them a day per 20,000 points.

Call Carol GVR more than three times and send email and never returned my call . Chooses to open a dispute to military star to hold military charges and return the money.
MSGT Parent Send email
Jul 25, 2016

Fraudulent Promises

We signed up for the special program where we paid and would get 100,000 points . We paid and the only points they gave us was 1000 points. I called several times over the next 18 months and say and I can't book anything with 1000 points! 3 times ..they were supposed to fix this & this last time I was on the phone for over 2 hours they promised to fix it and book us on a cruise out of San Diego. the next day when I called to confirm with our agent, She refuses to call back! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!
Pinky0826 Send email
Jul 18, 2016

Nearly 100% Markup

Booked a hotel room near Memphis through the website. GVR charged me $93 with no cancellation possibilities got to the hotel and the room was only $52 with taxes included and before a military discount. Beware when booking hotels with these guys. Anyone know how the "price match" they advertise works?
cscasi Send email
Jun 23, 2016


I have read all these complaints here and my question to all of you is, whey don't you go to your Commanding Officer and complain about this? If enough complaints are registered, the military will take action; like making sure this company cannot do business with military personnel or their dependents. Even if you are retired you should be able to write a letter. Write your Senators and Congressman and tell them what this company is doing to "military" members. File complaints with the local Better Business Bureau. And, if our military exchanges are involved (this is where I first saw an ad for it on the exchange's home page online), complain to them.
Don't give up and just write a complaint here. Keep after them.
filmguam Send email
Jun 16, 2016

high pressure sales

Lewis Quiles called me from GVR, and offered the vacation club at $199 plus $27.39/mo which included 1000 credits. After we talked a bit, he offered an addition 500 credits, and said if we remain active for 1 year, we would receive a 7 night hotel stay... or for $499 (plus the $27.39/mo) a 7 night stay right away, and a 7 night stay if we remain active for a year. He was ABSOLUTELY insistent that I purchase RIGHT NOW to get the extra 500 credits !!. I didn't. ... He kept pushing and pushing. It was all HIGH PRESSURE sales tactics. Before getting off the phone with him, I started searching the web for possible issues with GVR. He asked what my hesitate was with signing up right now. I said I don't buy into high pressure sales that tell me to purchase right now. He said, it wasn't high pressure since I have 10 days to get my money back. Yea!, I'll look for better deals.
f16viper6 Send email
May 11, 2016

Rude customer service reps, false promises

I agree with my fellow service member's complaints. Don't walk away from GVR, run...as fast as you can. GVR is a perfect example of over promise and under deliver. I paid my $1,500 with the promise that GVR will either meet or beat any other offer. That's a bunch of BS! They haven't met or surpassed a single cruise, hotel or vacation request. This past weekend I scheduled my wife, her parents and me for four nights. GVR messed up the dates. After an hour at the front desk, we had the manager correct that problem as it was very busy with Mother's Day. My confirmation clearly states four adults and room rates based on double occupancy. GVR booked a single room with two queen beds. When I called their customer service representative (Alex), he was rude, condescending and not helpful at all. I asked to speak to his supervisor...he fought me, but finally put his supervisor on (Marcell). She was no better and just as rude. I told her to have her boss call me.

Here are a few of the above titled complaints from GVR customers: "Scam!; When it's too good to be true.... it is..; Very Shady Company; TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED!; Terrible Customer Service and Liars; class action lawsuit against GVR; Con Artist; RIP-OFF!!!; Stay away from GVR; Gov vacation rewards preys on our hard working military!; Complete liars!; Very rude customer service!! Misleading customers; AND fellow miliary, buyer beware." I ECHO THESE COMMENTS. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THESE DISHONEST PEOPLE. I WILL NOW LOOK INTO THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT TO GET MY CASE ADDED!
Polito Send email
May 10, 2016

Another dissapointed customer

Since the first day I paid my balance the system does not work for me this is the message I get: Our apologies, the sailing you requested may have recently sold out or is no longer available in our online system.

To verify whether there are staterooms available on this sailing, please contact us at 1.855.449.8642 for rates and availability.

Click here to return to the previous page or here to shop for more cruises.


Your Select Access Team
We need to take this people to court, this is a scam. Let get the money back.
crt195 Send email
Apr 28, 2016


GVR Travel is praying on the military and veterans! All of the perks they promise are complete lies, and then you're stuck with a bill for $117 a month. When I tried to use my credits/points to buy a ticket, the rep said I had to pay a $68 fee to use my own points! I was not told about this at all. Since the ticket price that was advertised on their site was still lower with the $68 fee added, I agreed. So he connects me to another department, and the lady plugs in all of my info to come back with the ticket price of $512! While she was looking for my ticket, I was on Orbitz and the price I found was $268 + tax. I asked her why the price was so high, and she said this is the rate everywhere. I told her that I was on Orbitz and quoted her the price with tax, and she immediately became irritated. I told her that I did not want the ticket because they are trying to get me for $300!! Again, I told her I did not want the ticket, so she transferred my back to the booking department, but they were closed. I immediately called the next morning because the $68 fee was charged to my card. The rep said that it would be removed after I explained the situation, but it was still there. I disputed it with my bank to get the charges removed, and GVR calls me saying that I owe them! After telling the story yet again, the financial department finally got the picture. These people are scammers and liars that claim to have the best discounts for the military and veterans, but they don't offer you anything without trying to get something extra first. They should be ashamed!
gascotn Send email
Mar 23, 2016

When it's too good to be true.... it is..

I'm glad I did my research before I sign up for this membership. Their deal was to pay $1,999 in full price and get 20,000 saving credit or $699 down and 329 per months for 6 months. Which I wouldn't mind paying for the full price if they stand by their words. Both gentlemen I talked to was very generous and very helpful. One thing I didn't understand is why the website was two different prices if I sign up online, that's the only reason why I called. I stayed on the phone nearly an hour after the representative transfer me to a Supervisor to talk more in debt about this program. At this point I got all my questions answer, so didn't care to hear about this program. But I listened anyways, which I got a few red flags. First warning flags was Names. Whenever I get on the phone with customer services, I always write down the name before anything else. The representative name was Michael. While the Supervisor and I was talking, He called him by a different foreign name (Strike one). I was about to question the Supervisor, but left it only. After I told this Supervisor that I need some time to think about it (because I like doing research before I commit to anything) He asked to place me on hold to discuss something about my profile to his SUPERVISOR (Strike two). I thought he was the supervisor.. I was on hold for nearly 3 minutes for I don't have any clue of the purpose (strike three). When he got back on the phone, He was asking if I was sure I didn't want to lock in the price, I said not today. BE Careful and make sure to do your research before committing to anything. Thanks EVERYONE for taking time to leave complaints because you save one potential GVR consumer. MUCH LOVE!
Samm Send email
Mar 22, 2016

Very Shady Company

Long story short, I joined GVR because they cater to the military. This company and their staff are unprofessional, they are basically con-men, their special offers are garbage, and you can find prices for hotels, flights and rental cars for less almost 90% of the time through different travel agency services. The first time I spoke to one of their reps he acted professional and genuine, but once you are locked into the membership contract their demeanor changes. Now I'm stuck paying close to $115.00 a month for the next two years for services that I don't even use, the only deals they have on hotels are on days that most people have to work, they almost never have any special deals on hotels for the weekend. I don't even want to get into the drama I went through with this circus of a company and these clowns they call reps. I will promise anyone that you will be regretful if you join as a member to this company.

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