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sprink67 Send email
Oct 12, 2019

Failed to Pay Claims

Purchased a Premier Policy from Health Insurance Innovations in early 2016. I went to my Dermatologist in April to get a Skin Cancer check up. He removed two Basil Cell Carcinomas and referred me to a plastic surgeon for 3 more on my scalp and face. The Plastic surgeon got pre approval from HII and proceeded with scheduling and performing the surgeries. After 5: surgeries were pre authorized and approved they were performed and we thought that was the end of it. HII turned the claims for payment from the Dr and surgery center over to their Claim Review Company "Allied" Allied sent me the "Explanation of Benefits and processed every single claim for anything with a denial !! I made several calls over several days and was on hold for HOURS...waiting to speak with anyone to appeal these denials.After a few months I found out who the head guy was at Allied...Dave Scanlon. I got his cell number and finally spoke with him. After several conversations he ultimately told me that despite what any of the language said in the policy it was his subjective opinion that ALL of my conditions were pre existing even though they were not diagnosed in the prescribed time frame prior to the policy being issued. He claimed to be the "Ultimate Arbiter" and was "Beyond Reproach"...his decision was final and if I didn't like it...take him to court. So recently, this has come back around to haunt me in the form of a law suit against me by one of the Drs. I am seeking legal council on this matter. Check Google for "Law Suits against Health Insurance Innovations". These people have been stripped of their license to operate in Florida...hopefully no one else falls prey to these Bastards.
colleenrj Send email
Dec 19, 2018

Immoral, unethical, criminal

Purchased policy December, 2016 for my husband and myself. We rarely, if ever, go to a doctor so I purchased this for emergencies. I was assured by "Monica, Agent #17" and "Ashley, Verification" the two who sold me this policy, that there would be 100% coverage/zero out-of-pocket for surgery/hospital stay for up to a certain number of days. After almost 2 years (and $20,000 in monthly premium payments) later I had an emergency surgery (appendectomy and overnight stay in hospital). I called HII when I received bills showing nothing had been covered. I was told, after being transferred to 5 different representatives (it's always "you need to talk to someone else") that this emergency surgery is NOT covered. We now have $8,000. in medical bills One person I spoke with said, "well sometimes they (meaning the sales agents) lie". Those exact words!!!! Sometimes they lie?!!!! I spoke to 3 reps yesterday who all transferred me to "someone who can help" and 4 representatives this morning, all of whom told me I need to call a different number, which I did, only to be transferred back to the original department who said they couldn't help me. I have spent too many hours, too many days trying to get in touch with someone who can explain this, only to be told I need to speak with someone else. The last person hung up on me. I have contacted my attorney. This needs to stop. This really needs to stop. It is criminal.
Dexter Muttley Send email
Oct 16, 2018


I agree with all the complaints stated here. I barely was finished filling out information on the web site while looking for health insurance when my phone rang. A very friendly woman came on to sell me a policy. There are a lot of details that they leave out, mainly that they are not a insurance company. I wanted her to email me a copy of the insurance policy to look it over, but she stated that I needed to sign up now so the rate would not change. Big red flag there which I should have seen but I was so worried about losing my coverage soon that I fell for it. She told me about how good the insurance is and that there are no deductibles but after actually seeing the policy I knew that I had been misled. I called immediately the next business day and informed them that I wanted to cancel . They directly say on the website that you can cancel within 30 days of applying as long as you don't use the coverage. I called my credit card company and informed them of what happened so they are aware that I may have to dispute this charge. I was told by this insurance BROKER customer service that my full refund would show within 3-5 days. They also sent a confirmation email that informed me of the cancelled policies. To be fair, this is only a few days in so hopefully the refund will show up in my statement soon. I just wanted to let people that you REALLY have to be aware whom you are dealing with because these sales people are only looking for their commissions and could care less about the health insurance that you really need. Good luck with your search and stay away from anyone who will not show you the policy before you sign up, it's fishy. If it doesn't seem right, run away!
iarrambide Send email
Aug 8, 2018


Health insurance innovations should be shut down now and sued for criminal injustices. This company pays for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.....
iarrambide Send email
Aug 8, 2018

Insurance Coverage

I have had my doctors's office call several times and they were told that I did not have a policy in place. I call and constantly get transferred from one person to another and nothing gets answered.

I was in a car accident on February 27, 2018 and to this day this insurance company has refused to pay any medical bills whatsoever.

I am 56 years old and never in my life have I had an insurance company this horrible.
[email protected] Send email
Jul 25, 2018

Class action

Everytime I call to try and speak to someone...they keep me on hold for over 30 minutes. Who has that time.
I try reaching out to someone about claims and the same happens.
The receptions that answer the phone just simply give you the run around everytime.
We are paying the premiums however nothing is ever paid for...they simply deny everything... then you are out of pocket for the premiums as well as the service provided...even for a simple routine check up.
Insane! They need to be stopped!
comrcs777 Send email
Jun 29, 2018

Insurance fraud

Health insurance innovations should be shut down now and sued for criminal injustices.
donnio1956 Send email
Jun 26, 2018

Shady People

I called an agent about insurance and was told that HII was a good company,REAL MAJOR MEDICAL policy, not a discount policy. Every time i had to talk to them i got someone in Indonesia or somewhere like that and could NEVER get any straight answers. I was told i had a growth in my prostate and it needed to be removed. The hospital called me and told me that they didn't accept my insurance, that it was a DISCOUNT POLICY! I called them up and raised you know what! I was told by them that it was not a discount policy, so i changed hospitals. The policy covered $1,250 for outpatient services, which meant i had to pay $14,000 myself.

Then i go to renew my 3 month policy, and these idiots cannot even tell me what the charges are for or ANYTHING about my new policy. In my opinion, these people are just there to get our monthly payments and pay as little as possible. As soon as i get through with this bladder thing, i am going to get away from these people. Of course i will now have a pre existing condition and will not be covered on a new policy.

I suggest ANYONE getting insurance these days take the time to look these people up on the internet, see how many complaints they have and what kind of people you are dealing with. These guys suck!
zingaresca Send email
Jun 1, 2018

health insurance innovations

i too got signed up for this scam by surfing the internet and clicked under "blue cross blue shield quotes"they gave me the same info stating basically "everything was covered to one degree or another". i asked if this was BCBS and they told me it was a policy under the same umbrella that BCBS and aetna are and it was a PPO which meant i could go anywhere for services. i wanted to read about it first but was told i could print out the info on the website. after agreeing to all their terms and a charge of about $600.00 to my visa, found the name of the company on a confirmation email they sent me and called OHSU billing office (one of the major hospitals in town where i get most of my healthcare) to verify they accepted the insurance. well ... they never heard of it. they gave me their tax ID and provider number and the clerk told me to give these numbers to the insurance company and that would show if they had a contract with OHSU. i immediately called health insurance innovations to inquire and they had no idea what i was talking about. i asked to speak to a supervisor and was told he was busy and i finally hung up because no one ever came back on the line. that was a BIG RED FLAG .. the info i printed out clearly stated this was not a major health coverage plan. all this happened within 24 hours so of course i called to request a refund and when i spoke with one of the managers, i pointed out that i was mislead and reiterated what the literature said. he was surprised and said "i guess you made up your mind" and hung up. i called the HII billing office ... they of course told me "this call is being recorded for quality assurance" and i had them on speaker phone and told them i was recording them as well ... long story short, i was refunded all my money except for a $7.00 processing fee. i have lifelock and called them to inform and also called 1-888-909-8872 to put a fraud alert on my visa or anything associated with my ss# ... good luck!
bilreynolds Send email
Apr 19, 2018

health insurance innovations stole my money

I paid 170.00 for my first month of coverage to find out two weeks later i wasnt covered I thought i would get a refund because i was within the thirty day cancellation period they told me 3 to 5 days and the money would be refunded to my credit card after i did not get it i called them they said another 3 to 5 days i wated and called again they lied and told me my money was refunded 5 days ago i never got it what do you do about that
galleygirl Send email
Apr 16, 2018


This is a fake company, does not have real health insurance. Sends you a card that is useless, lies to you about coverage. I am contacting the BBB and reporting them, also my lawyer. BEWARE
galleygirl Send email
Apr 16, 2018

Not Health Insurance at ALL

I am very upset, they lie to you about health insurance coverage. I can't believe they are still in business, I am contacting the BBB, then maybe my lawyer if they do not cancel this so called insurance.
tkmom Send email
Mar 15, 2018

Federal Ins Co/Chubb Co

This is a BIG JOKE of an insurance company. They say they will pay 100% of everything and you get 75% off your drug cost. I got this for my son who aged out of our health insurance coverage. He has been to a doctor 2 times now and they won't pay anything. He tried to use his prescription card and they where charging him full price and not honoring the supposedly discount. Not only is the insurance company a fraud the agent Nissa Showell in PA (276-595-8757) that sold me this crummy ins is useless. I have left her a message and voicemail since Feb 28th and if she did answer the phone she would say "I'll call you back within the hour". Guess she can't tell time. I have called to cancel and even though they have permission from my son to speak to me they would not. The lady I spoke to said " I can lose my insurance license if I don't speak to him even though I see authorization to speak to you" I told her I hope she did that this was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. DON'T DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE OR THIS INS COMPANY.
pausha Send email
Mar 7, 2018

Scam-not insurance

I got this insurance and was told by a representative that I was getting true insurance not the case. I paid $160 to see my Primary doctor they cover zero medications.
I can't get over how these people are still in business to rob people.
yltorres Send email
Mar 5, 2018

Trying to Get Insurance

I somehow got involved in this type of insurance not knowing that I would need to see a doctor and no doctor accepts this insurance in San Antonio. I had HII since 2016 and now I got involved with them again. I am thinking of dropping them and get my refund because they have taken too much money and have not shelled out anything on me or my family's behalf. I feel that I have gotten the raw end of the stick and want to take them to the Better Business Bureau to report them for fraudulent practices. The brokers should go to jail for pumping their product and no deliver. Meanwhile, they continue to garnish from our bank pockets while they go to extreme to show their product is wonderful and every doctor receives them(not true). I am sick and tired of this scam and would like the Bureau of Insurance to withdraw them from practicing any further and promising their clients that they will pay everything when they will not.
judy1954 Send email
Feb 8, 2018

1095 A,B forms

How can I obtain A 1095 A,B form from these people
I have been call in for 6 weeks they keep telling me they emailed it never got it
as5280 Send email
Jan 26, 2018


Anyone deal with Kenny Marcus??? Nicest con artist in the world!!! If I could only get my hands around his neck!! I was supposedly sold normal insurance, with pre-existings covered and a reasonable deductible. I had a procedure done on my leg, only to find out this was all bullshit. I looked back at the paperwork that they had filled in FOR ME, and it has a fake signature on it from me, that I never signed. Turns out I have a short term medical policy and now I owe the hospital almost $40,000!!! They are threatening me constantly. I've explained what happened, but you get nothing but the runaround from Health Care Innovations. These people are complete crooks!! I am FURIOUS!!

I am serious about a class action suit. How can we get this started?
Theowilliams Send email
Dec 26, 2017

No doctors take this insurance

I have tried to use my insurance with several doctors and every time I go they don’t take it. I can’t find anyone to who accepts this stuff and I pay for it every month and can’t use it.
kateluvs Send email
Dec 14, 2017

Wrongfully Obtained Insurance Through

I moved to Georgia in May 2017. After losing my health coverage with my previous employer, I called to get AHC. Somehow, someway, this company scammed me into getting their "health coverage" (which is not part of the AHC platform) by me calling I got connected to this company thinking it was through the government and got signed up. Only to find out that this in fact was under false pretenses and I will still have to pay a penalty because they are not part of AHC. I don't even know how this happened but obviously it was an inside job/scam. I am currently trying to get a refund in which they say they will not give to me because they supposedly sent me an email saying it was not part of AHC. I never got the e-mail. They also did not cancel my policy after I asked them too so now I am trying to go through the process of getting it cancelled and I am jumping through hoops. This is what I get for trying to do the right thing and get AHC . Now I am out $1,700 & I am going to have to pay a penalty come tax time.
spatrick Send email
Dec 1, 2017

Health Insurance Innovations

I was scammed by the insurance company each time i went to my doctor i was told they don't take that insurance..what is worst they kept debited my account with no service provided.calls I made went unanswered when they finally did they told me i was out of the time frame for a refund. their a bunch of crooks the attorney general and governor Rick Scott is gonna hear about this. how people are trying hard to get insurance and this is what they are faced with.
freeagents Send email
Nov 21, 2017

We need a real health plan not a Scam

Sense we all are aware that Health Insurance Innovations is a joke!
We are all in the same situation. We still need health insurance.
Do anyone have recommendations for a reasonable real health plan?
Please list it here for everyone who need a health plan now.
david walker Send email
Nov 18, 2017

Health Insurance Innovations

Yes, It is very sad that they will promise the moon and full coverage, and then sign you up for a Short Term Medical among other needless things like life insurance since that's bundled in. I cancelled within the hour citing misrepresentation asked the agents last name, she balked but gave me one, only not the same one on my policy...that was my tip-off. They are fraudulent and taking your money. They promise a refund 3-5 business days...but took out $1,249. within 5 minutes? I'm on day 8 and 6 different agents all with the same story...3-5 more business days. It's just a phone bank of people reading off their cards. If you can, and it's on a credit card, dispute it and they will go after Health Insurance Innovations for you and you lose nothing.
Everyone, please file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and get this company shut down!
nevada2ryde Send email
Nov 3, 2017

Class Action

I'm up for class action on HII Innovations...where do I sign?
joyce keel Send email
Oct 2, 2017

paying, but no med card and not receiving med ins. paying for

Been making monthly payment to this co. but have not received any med. help in hosp. or Dr. payments. Can't get them to send medical card at all. called today to customer service. Could not find any info. on the person insured, nor could not find any info. on me who has been making payments monthly to them out of my checking account. I gave them the info I have on my bank statement and the customer support person still could not help me. I am going to do stop payment get record of all payments made, find legal help.
this company is a fraud on let they proved other wise. The federal government needs to sweep out this type of business. I took out medical care with them because of the Obamacare said people without medical insurance would be penalize if they did not have medical coverage last year. Boy, did this company jump on that and raking in lots of money from people who could not afford to pay the big insurance companies out there. I hope this complaint will do some good to others looking for medical coverage, not to go here.
mnlar Send email
Oct 2, 2017


A rep convince me on a $225 a month health insurance policy and my first reaction was 'This is great I have health insurance coverage'. WRONG! no one takes their crap. So I have it cancelled and three months later they start charging me $50 a month for what they say is life insurance and dismemberment policy? WHAT? did I ask for life or dismemberment policy? Their answer was, "you cancel the health but not the others". WHAT THE HECK? They are thieves, stay away people. I'm ready to join a class action lawsuit! What they are doing to people is wrong.

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