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Horrified Send email
Mar 10, 2016


Terrible idea, terrible!!! H2 was my favorite channel of all. I miss Giorgio and his Ancient Aliens!! Viceland is mind numbing garbage and apparently the public is in agreement about that. I can't even watch five minutes of any show on the channel. Really A&E?!?! Did you even do your homework on this one!?! We are the viewers that pay YOU for TV channels for entertainment. Well I'm no longer entertained by the ridiculous pile of steaming horse droppings you call Vice! Bring back H2 you idiots!
Ktgianvito Send email
Mar 10, 2016

Bring back H2!! :(

Viceland truely sucks!!!!!! The History Channel doesn't have anything on that pertains to history, H2 always had on something interesting. My TV was always on three channels H2, Discovery ID, and Science channel. So I guess the Discovery and Science channels will be getting all the ratings. I've been looking through the many, many others complaints from lots of other former H2 viewers, and I would suggest that you BRING H2 BACK!!!!!!!
Chance Send email
Mar 10, 2016

Viceland blows!

Where is H2? This was the only channel I really enjoyed watching. My tv stayed on H2. Now it's replaced.... Sigh.... very upset about this. Why change something that was actually good!? I will not be watching anything from A&E. I payed a higher cable bill just for H2! It will be canceled asap. Viceland is horrible!!! They haven't even moved any shows from H2 to the other History channel.
drumbumrevival Send email
Mar 10, 2016

Bring Back H2!!!

Viceland is complete garbage. Worst channel swap EVER! I want H2 back. I used to fall alseep to H2 every night. I am thinking about canceling comcast and going with just Netflix. Cable tv is a dying medium anyways in a world of commercial free streaming programming. This is the final straw!! You took away one of the literally 3 channels I watched. I am irate. I hope my complaint and this whole board is seen and it gets changed back!
chad Send email
Mar 10, 2016


I have been a loyal fan of H2, and my tv literally stayed on this channel, even while I slept, I listened to H2. This viceland is total garbage, I want H2 back
Sick of stupidity Send email
Mar 10, 2016

Viceland is pure garbage

Do the powers that be at A&E have brain damage? Bring back H2 and get rid of that vile Viceland garbage!
lynnpace Send email
Mar 10, 2016

History Channel 2

We want H2 back!!! You had lots of loyal viewers! I have no need for cable without H2!
judygail49 Send email
Mar 10, 2016

Viceland sucks!

I upped my tv package so i could get the History 2 channel. Now it has been cancelled to show the stupid Viceland. They sure named it right, it isn't fit to be watched! If History 2 doesn't come back, I will be cancelling the tv package that I have.
DontSpamMeBroBro Send email
Mar 10, 2016


Bring back H2!

Viceland sucks and has the worst programming on television. Make sure you block the channel using Parental Block or Hide the Channel if so that no person in your household can or will ever view any of the trash content that's present on the new "Viceland" channel.

We have to complain and also ensure that the channel is never viewed. If they have no ratings they will not be able to sell advertising space. If they can't sell advertising space then they will bring back H2 and all of the great content that was associated with it.
BringBackH2 Send email
Mar 10, 2016

Another Viceland Complaint

Bring back H2. Found this board and glad I'm not alone. I can only hope that someone with a brain is reading this.

And so everyone knows, I contacted optimum and they passed the buck and said A&E is responsible. They gave me their stupid "What's up" number 646-851-0347 for me to leave feedback. Funny, I pay them monthly so they will be the ones that feel it when I cancel. So tired of paying more all the time and receiving less and I think the cable bill will be a good start. Oh and try sending A&E a message, my email got bounced saying their inbox is full.

The only thing that makes sense is someone high up got a major kickback for this nonsense.
pelican Send email
Mar 10, 2016

Viceland TV-Optimum

This is one of the most ridiculous pieces of garbage on TV. Who's bright idea was this? H2 was one of the few channels I watch on TV why do people in change things when things do not need to be.
cudaguy Send email
Mar 9, 2016

Viceland over H2 Really????

Are you folks out of your minds. H2 was one of the few an I mean very few channels I'll watch anymore to get away from the invasion of brain dead, no attention span, reality TV. I'm not sure what I can say that hasn't already been said on this board. I will not watch one minute more of this garbage and maybe should thank you for the final incentive I needed to get TV out of my life totally. History channel is too much reality with shows I have been trying to figure out for years what they have to do with History Swamp People, Counting Cars, Ax Men, then you got A&E Dog the Bounty Hunter, Parking Wars and the worst of all Duck Dynasty. But History 2 was a relief and at least had shows about something and not just idiots following around more idiots with a camera and putting it to dorky music. I cut the cord last summer because of job layoff recently got job back and was going to try package again now that I have paycheck. But after the insult to intelligence that happened Feb 29 I think the cord is going to stay cut and the television industry is NOT going to get any of my money for this CRAP.
Steve16212 Send email
Mar 9, 2016

Viceland unfit for distribution

Apparently a lot of people across the U.S. and Canada are very upset about the rebranding of the H2 (History Channel 2) over to a vile, trashy, reality channel (Viceland) with subjects you wouldn't want young children or early teens to watch. This new programming was changed by its parent company, A&E. I also found out that A&E is owned by Disney, no less, and the Hearst Corporations. Also found out that the H2 channel IS AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE U.S. so they haven't completely destroyed the channel that 70 million here in the U.S. watched daily. The worst thing I found out about this new Viceland is that A&E has the fix in with the new channels ratings. Yep, they got Neilson ratings to not rate the shows on the channel for 6 months so it had some time on with what the article stated was media scrutiny. That, in itself, made me even more upset. Now, I've been told that we can all get the H2 channel back, but it will take some work from viewers like yourself to make this happen. That can only happen when:

1. Call your local cable/satellite company and complain specifically about the Viceland Channel.

2. Call and email the A&E network and complain about Viceland. You can also go to their facebook page and tell them what you think.

3. Call and email the Disney and Hearst Corporations and complain, they are the owners of A&E.

4. Absolutely do not watch the channel.....

Remember, the fix is in with the ratings process, we need to get our complaints out there to the people who put this trash on and have them return the History Channel 2.
Evie Send email
Mar 9, 2016

History Channel

The History Channel has nothing on about history. What does Counting Care, American Pickers, Pawn Stars and Forged in Fire have to do with history. We really enjoyed History 2 channel and now you have changed that to the idiot channel Vice. Does anyone what to watch this? We are very disappointed in both History and History 2 channels.
[email protected] Send email
Mar 9, 2016


First off I would like to know why some of the complaints are being taken down from this site. I have submitted two complaints in the past week. Where are they? Was this site set up to make people believe they had a forum to say what they think? Viceland promotes smoking pot, how is that helping the youth of our country. The gay people in our country should take in consideration that when something is forced on them it has a negative effect. Why would you promote the racist agenda? The only thing that accomplishes is more racism. I can only hope that you will see the huge mistake you have made by taking away H2 and replacing it with this trash. Please bring back H2.
Ann Knight Send email
Mar 9, 2016

Bring back H2!


Why A&E would remove H2, and replace it with such totally stupefying. This tactic of trading an older demographic for a younger one, has been tried before. And FAILED miserably.

Remember J.C. Penny?

They tried to attract a younger demographic, by dumping most of the brands their 10 -15-20-25 year customers loved. Their sales people looked down their noses at their older female customers that were in their 40's and 50's, and practically ignored them. These women, who not only bought their own clothes, but also clothes for their husbands, children, and grandchildren, left in droves. Within 18 months, sales dropped 25%, and JC Penny was on life-support.

I predict a similar fate awaits A&E.
KikkiP Send email
Mar 9, 2016


This latest move by A & E to replace H2 with Viceland was all I needed to finally cut the cable cord. I have a great computer, HDMI cable and a great Television and no commercial sponsership that I have to watch! What are all these cable networks going to do when everyone finally wise up.
snapura Send email
Mar 9, 2016

Viceland is terrible!

This crap is targeting my demographic? Really? Who watched this programming and decided to dedicate an entire channel to it? A&E must be pretty desperate if they're willing to strike a deal with a bunch of amateur stoner "journalists." They wrecked the History Channel so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Programming on there consists of scripted reality shows and Swamp People. Pretty high-brow.

I'll wager that Viceland posts lower ratings than H2 after 6-8 month. (The time it'll take for the novelty to wear off) Any takers?
Joecrow Send email
Mar 9, 2016


The reason the liberal idoits at A&E created this crap viceland was so we couldn't learn real history on TV they don't want us know our bill of rights and what it took to get freedom and become a nation! They want to cator to rasist African Americans and liberals who hate normal people by having shows that say its okay to do drugs all day its okay to cry if you don't get your way its okay to force people to surport gay marriage and oh every white person is racist according to this crap its total crap and all the Normal history channel is is crappy outdated scripted pawn stars ax men all day total crap no more history the truth is the liberals don't want us to know our real american history !!!
Crackoneopen Send email
Mar 9, 2016

Vineland has got to go

Please get rid of this mindless channel that is Vineland and give us our H2 back. Millennial's are smokin dope and watching pirated movies and don't care about the crappy Vineland channel
richardearndt Send email
Mar 9, 2016


What are you guys thinking. A whole channel of this stuff. Why not just add these shows to the History 2 channel programing. now I don't watch any History channel at all... That means you guys lose out on another Viewer. I hope you pull it together otherwise no ones going to watch any of your stuff..........
bigboy Send email
Mar 9, 2016

H2 Television Network

I'm paying for channels you've changed from our original contract. I'm 76 years old and dropping H2 took away my lively hood. Something needs to be done. Get rid of Cartwright's, Andy Griffin, In the Heat of the night, Murder she Wrote. Rawhide. I paid for those programs 76 years ago. Now the prices have quadrupled for the same programs. The first shell be last and the last shell be first ( look that up).
John Q. Send email
Mar 9, 2016

H2 to Viceland

Let's try this again since it was taken down from yesterday.

History Channel President Paul Buccieri, and CEO Nancy Dubuc,

I am not sure where to begin. No, I am not going to ask if you are high or smoking dope as your new channel seems to endorse. No, I am not going to call you derogatory names like “feminist Nazi”, “hippy drug using left winger”,” advocate for the “gay agenda” or any of the other colorful names that are being hurled at you for your poor choice to remove H2 from the American line up.

I would just like you to really think about this. You canceled a network channel that really had a good following for the chance that you will snag a certain demographic (and that is what vice is) that is notorious for not watching television to begin with. You are hoping that a web site will some how cross over to the TV market? That is some big gamble. Such a big gamble that people are wondering about your decision making. That’s got to sting just a bit.

I think you are going to fail. Its regrettable, I just don’t see how you can pull it off though. I know for certain you have managed to upset a big portion of the male television audience. You know the ones who watch the TV and more specifically the old H2.

Hey, chin up. You never know you might pull it off and viceland might be a big hit like the old Discovery-New York Times channel was.( insert the sound of crickets chirping here)

Anyhow you still have all of your lifetime channels and that FYI channel as well and we all know that those hold such a huge market share.

Perhaps you should just change the corporate name to “Lifetime and bunch of channels you probably don't watch anyhow networks”. I think you would agree if you were perfectly honest.

If you gave a damn about your viewers the very least you could do is have the history channel air some of the shows that H2 did and maybe cut down on Pawn Stars. There is more to History than a pawn shop in Vegas.

In closing, I hope you are pleased with yourselves. You have lost another viewer for all of your networks.

Good news is I know where to find all of your old programming online so I will just visit those sites.You know what else, shh, they have your new shows as well. Therefore my receiver will never register another A&E Network channel again.

Hey wait. What happens if others do that as well. Isn't your commercial airtime price based on your ratings? Wow. Make your viewers mad, that is a brilliant
business plan. “You go A&E” you have the right people at the helm sort like the
Exxon did when they placed Joseph Hazelwood as Captain of the Valdez.
Larias Send email
Mar 8, 2016

Viceland SUCKS!!!!

This is a bad decision on your part, VICELAND CHANNEL IS ATROCIOUS!!! Bring back H2, you had some good quality shows running. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING???!!!
Dalsina Send email
Mar 8, 2016


I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!! Why would you removed H2. I watched Hangar 1 all the time and Ancient Aliens!!!!! Bring back H2 and remove that Viceland stupid channel. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????? WE ARE NOT GOING TO STOP UNTIL YOU BRING BACK H2.

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