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not4me Send email
Jan 25, 2017


Blatantly racists programming, especially with it's commercials. An explanation of the BLM and why it's important finishes it's statement with "now your an informed white supremacist" Really??? If that were reversed it would be removed as hate speech.
Bwnewt Send email
Jan 14, 2017

Enough American pickers

It's Friday and like all night when I want to relax I see American pickers is on from at least 6 pm til 4am when we get informercials about shark vacuums. Even if someone like this dumb show who can think playing it all night is a good decision? -Any history related shows in the future? I assume not and now pretty much just stream programming. Cable is worthless but history is the worst
Howismydriving95 Send email
Jan 7, 2017


Viceland is one of the greatest channels I've ever seen. The vast majority of the original shows are very educational, and many of them all share a common theme- humanity. That no matter what race we are, black or white, no matter which profession we have, police officer or drug dealer, we are all people and we all make mistakes, and we need to understand eachother rather than just accuse/insult one another. Even the commercials alone tell important messages, many dealing with important forms of peaceful activism. Thank you Viceland, this is precisely the channel we need for this crazy time we live in.
Centurion4 Send email
Jan 6, 2017


Think it was a really bad idea killing off Ragnar THE main character of the show. Not to mention how poorly he was written out, running out of ideas? Lots of viewers were not happy about that. I believe this move will cost the program many viewers, including me. He made the show what it was...I say was. Who knows, maybe the idea is to kill the program. Shame! This is FICTION with some basis in fact. No one really knows the real facts about Ragnar personally, so why write him out...Stupid! Way to ruin a good program!! Good job! Is anyone at the controls there at the History Channel? What are you people thinking??????? Don't try to be Game of Thrones, never happen!
Ewobser Send email
Jan 5, 2017


Get rid of Viceland! I just had it on for 5 minutes while the show Intervention was on, and the commercials alone were enough to disgust me. Talk about a left wing crack head gangster channel. All you spew is hate and lies and racism. To viceland, gangs and drugs and guns = good. Police and love and family = evil. Up is down and down is up. It made me want to puke that this is supposedly what the youth of America want to watch. I'm 31, so I'm one of your millenial viewers and this sucks. GET RID OF THIS CHANNEL NOW!!! I'll be complaining to my streaming service and asking that they cancel you. Total scum.
aricht45 Send email
Dec 28, 2016

Leftist television

Case in point, watching NBC news today announcing and showing the "AMAZING" (their words not mine) people we have lost in 2016. One of them was Fidel Castro???!!!!! Last time I checked Fidel Castro was a Communist murderous Cuban Dictator!
aricht45 Send email
Dec 28, 2016


This channel is another reason as to why I am getting rid of cable all together. 90% of of everything that is shown on television is LEFTIST agenda!
aricht45 Send email
Dec 28, 2016


Wow, want proof there is a sharp decline of America??? Take a look at this trash channel! Thanks for promoting NOT HISTORY but thugs and drugs!
bigmanny75 Send email
Dec 4, 2016


This channel is the reason the average IQ is falling in the United States , I myself have blocked this channel! BRING H2 BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BScott150 Send email
Nov 25, 2016


This channel is immoral and useless. How can you cancel H2, where this society can actually escape Reality idiocy? This channel is catered to the lowest common denominator instead of bringing people up with intelligent programming. I can't imagine this channel continuing much longer. When will sponsors recognize this failure and pull their sponsorship? Not soon enough.
[email protected] Send email
Nov 18, 2016


Why is Viceland still on? The ratings prove it is a failure. Isn't it time to pull the plug and put something else on in place of it? Viceland is not going to get better, the shows that they air do not make sense or serve a purpose.
Alaskaman017 Send email
Nov 15, 2016

hesus & mero

I like Viceland. The show Abandoned especially. Now you don't like some show or episode just turn it off like I did last night listening to two morons whip up divisiveness and racial hate. The story circulating around that a muslim girl got her headscarf ripped off was in fact a lie and the admission by the young girl was on back page of some newspapers.

These tow idiots just can't get over that they lost and grow up put on your big boy pants and give trump a chance. If he gets the black community jobs in the next 4 years you will say that's not enough. In a nutshell these two boobs need a counterpart who balances them out and challenge their blatant lies. These guys aren't even funny or witty like Saturday night live satire on trump which I laugh my ass off about with Alec Baldwin. The ratings these two boobs get have to be abysmal hopefully Viceland will replace them but are afraid to be called into the racist column, as its all racist with these dweebs.
Morris47 Send email
Nov 15, 2016

Bring back H2

I'm still waiting for H2 to come back, I have not even watched one if Vicelands shows and refuse to. I am just out of the age range they want by two years and don't want anything to do with it. You puerile at A&E really have no clue do you?
Clpangle421971 Send email
Nov 2, 2016


The complaint is viceland and it's programming. I'm amazed that they would allow illegal drug use to be shown on tv and nothing be done and even be condoned. Tv or not someone should be arrested if I did what vice does on tv on the street I'd go to jail. The hypocrisy of the channel is also off the scale. The assumption I can't be racist because I'm black is unbelievable. They spend all day worrying about skin color and being overly sensitive when I think most Americans spend ZERO time thinking of it and they're ratings it seems show that.
Terry651R Send email
Oct 28, 2016

Viceland vs History-2

Viceland is a mule dressed in horse harness. This fools no-one except the owner of the mule.
kekkyjean Send email
Oct 26, 2016


Just how long do you intend to give this horrendous Viceland programming? It sucks so badly, I cannot honestly believe you have an even respectable number of viewers. Please bring back H2!!!

Kelly Collins
Lexington, KY
smooney1976 Send email
Oct 24, 2016


Who at A&E thought it a good idea to change the History Channel into the Hillbilly Channel? I like American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and Counting Cars. However, and maybe its just me, I don't think that most people care about people that live in the woods, blacksmiths, and mountain hillbillies. I am guessing the goal is to kill off History altogether, such as what happened with H2 and Viceland. Why not just rename the channel to something more appropriate. There is no history on this channel, and it actually causes IQ levels to go down for those who bother tuning in.
givemeabreak Send email
Oct 23, 2016


FYI, Nielsen numbers are finally out on Viceland (they were suppressed for the first 6 months per agreement), viewership is down 67% on a per year basis as compared to H2 in prime time.

But the brilliant execs say they don't care, because they are looking long term, like 10 years from now (LOL) and because the viewership has gotten younger.

Same article states that Viceland in the UK's viewership peaked at 14,000 viewers and on some nights they had ZERO viewers!

Another brilliant move by incompetent management in this country.
NJPatriot Send email
Oct 21, 2016

A&E programming execs found to be aliens

Just a quick note. Is this forum read by anyone from A&E or History Channel? Or are we the disenfranchised the only ones collectively venting our frustration? Just curious.
NJPatriot Send email
Oct 21, 2016

Viceland hemorrhaging $$$

This has to go down as one of the greatest examples of why NOT to push a social agenda despite the financial risk. Viceland is costing A&E millions in commercial sponsors. Viceland likes to talk about being a huge YouTube force worth millions. Then pay A&E what they would be making in commercial sponsor $ if H2 were still on the air. Of course that would kill Viceland, so I doubt they will agree to that. But this is all A&E's fault for trying to push their social agenda like they did with the Roots remake on all their channels, and that still didn't pan out. Just stick with what you know works. Ozzie was a good idea, you can have trans-generational appeal without blowing the whole thing up. Of course you can just keep wasting all that valuable air time too....Any job openings yet?
dozer570 Send email
Oct 16, 2016


Viceland sucks glad to see ratings failing . Bring back H2 I have blocked viceland since day one ...Good to know others agree w me
loramark Send email
Sep 19, 2016

Viceland & History Channel

I'd really just like H2 back and maybe to see some actual "history" shown on the History Channel. It's not as if there's not LOTS AND LOTS of real history that people could actually learn about. Seriously, there IS history that can be disseminated (you may not believe it, but there are folks who know the definition of the word disseminated) of value for all. I and my family enjoy learning. Most of my friends enjoy learning. There's nothing of any value on viceland, and it's not a whole lot better on the remaining History Channel. Please give your viewers, or those that used to be viewers, credit for some intelligence.
jrferg17 Send email
Sep 10, 2016


What a horrible decision to put Viceland in place of H2. I was a daily H2 viewer and actually when up a program package from my TV provider just to include the channel. That changed a month after attempting to view Viceland, I was fine with giving the new channel a chance but now it seems A&E is just bent on ruining its brand. Please someone look at the numbers and realize you should bring H2 back, I don't care if they dump Viceland or keep it, because I have not turned that channel on nor will I.
jevans Send email
Sep 5, 2016

its creation

wow. you have to be a genius to take H2 and replace it with action brunson, [email protected]#% thats delicious, and Action Brunson watching ancient aliens. a show about people watching a show? pure genius, as your ratings reflect. whoever came up with this mess should be given the guillotine . he should cut his own head off. i would. destroyed H2 for this??for this?? you must have been high, and got the idea to make a t.v. show about getting high. seemed like a good idea at the time, but when you came back to planet earth you found out very few people actually live in the alternate reality that you make your abode in. give me back one of the few educational channels on t.v., and by far the best. H2 was one of my top 2-4 favorite channels, and it got replaced with GARBAGE. not counting Thomas Morton who i just love. Thomas is the only normal person on viceland...and oh, let me speak about the 3 stooges, or idiots, who went coast to coast in the R.V...AND WAS TO STUPID TO CHECK THE OIL???blew their motor up..they reflect 50% of all millennials who live on another planet, and does not have a clue about reality. especially the foreign chic. her views, and their views are the same views that are now destroying this country....a truck load of idiots who dont know their ass from a hole in the ground. typical of this channel. EXCEPT THOMAS MORTON, WHOM IS THE COOLEST DUDE EVER
[email protected] Send email
Sep 4, 2016

Vice land

Now that the Vicechannel ratings are out and prove what the general censuses has always said ( viewership was less than half of H2), think it's time to either scrap Vice channel and bring back H2 or just bring back H2 and let Viceland die a natural death. Of course I am speaking about how the US issue, as H2 still is available in Canada, UK, and Europe. In Canada for example, Viceland took over the Biography channel and we don't see a lot of protests such "bring back H2" twitters accounts, etc., it's just that nobody tunes into the new channel.

Time that the powers to be on this issue take note.

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