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Nov 8, 2019

Poor service

Good day Sir/Madam

Tracking order number: PFS55633851

I would like to bring under your attention the poor service I have been receiving from you side.

On the 22nd of October I ordered, online, a 22 pice comforter set and a pair of Grasshopers (which was in stock at the time online, otherwise I could not have ordered it, that was the case when I wanted to order the 32 pice that I wanted and was out of stock) . I enquired about my order and was inform HChoice was out of stock with the 22 pice also and that the order will be delivered within a few days. I enquired again a week after that (this Monday) and was told my order is with despatch and delivery will be done within 14 days from the day depatch recieved the order.

I feel this is really not the way a customer should be treated. Because of your poor planning I have to pay a hole month for something that is not even in my possession for half of the month. The last time I ordered something from you, it took less than a week and now it is almost 3 weeks.

I really would like you to pay attention to this, because no custumer would like to get empty promises or should I say someone telling you, you will be getting you order soon and it is not the case.

Awaiting your reply.

Ms. Debra Wentzel
madumetsa Send email
Nov 8, 2019

debit on my account

dear sir/madam

I have being complaining to your team about the laptop account that I have paid-up long time ago, they still deduct on my account even now, but they keep asking for settlement letters plus bank statements of which now they don't even answer my e-mails. Even last week I have send the same info but no one is giving me a reply.
could you please check for me with the fone choice finance and revert back to me as now I start to loose my passions .if need be you could call me at this number(0766066679)

hoping and trusting that you will find this in order and revert back to me as soon as possible

believer lured chauke
SONIEDDIE Send email
Nov 5, 2019


Hi I need help

Home choice is charging me 51.73 % on R440.00
and R126.50 on R5818.45 they have the nerve to tell me this is correct
is this how they rip people off hundreds of people to not have excess to internet and just accepts
im sorry
Date balance late payment charges %

2/7/2019 5818.45 126.50 2.17
28/7/2019 4962.70 115 2.32
1 /9/2019 4481.36 93.15 2.08
29/9/2019 3773.36 92.00 2.44
4/10/2019 444.63 230.00 51.73
if this correct then I don't know
help Sonia 0825691462
SONIEDDIE Send email
Nov 5, 2019

ripp off

hi I need help

on my account home choice calculated on
Date balance late payment charges %
2/7/2019 5818.45 126.50 2.17
28/7/2019 4962.70 115 2.32
1 /9/2019 4481.36 93.15 2.08
29/9/2019 3773.36 92.00 2.44
01/11/2019 444.63 230.00 51.73

they send me an email to say that it is right
right to rip off people like this I am so annoyed and disappointed I cant believe that people are being ripped off like this
as you can see monthly it became less and now at R400 it Tripled
please I need help
Sonia 0825691462
Mmami Send email
Oct 19, 2019

Paid up account

I got a call from from a rude consultant of DMC that I must must pay 500 because after I paid up the account I did get the paid up letter from home choice
I was never told about paid up letter this rude consultant from DMC she told me it's my responsibility to know that as I I knew

I receive a call after months I paid up the account

Why they didn't call me immediately and tell me about paid up letter

I hate home choice and DMC of not doing they are job
0734751916 Send email
Sep 19, 2019

Payments of goods not delivered to me

Homechoice deducted the money on my bank account for the goods that was not delivered to me.A lady from homechoice called after the deduction and said goods were delivered and received by somebody that I don't know.I want to know who delivered the goods,where n when,because I'm not going to pay for the goods that I didn't received.
Mogau Send email
Sep 9, 2019


I bought comforter 3 set at Homechoice for a queen bed but it doesn't fit my queen bed
I do not know how do they make their measurements or they just put the wrong size. I bought bedding from other companies n it fits very well. So I want them to explain to me coz this is not the fist tym.

My number is 081 568 7725
Thema MM
MOT246 Send email
Aug 28, 2019


I applied for 2 fones with Fonechoice applied for contract and needed fones with DATA ofwhich those phones were approved and delivered, to my surprise i havesnt received that DATA but i am paying,

I kept 2 premiums on purpose because i needed their attention which i get calls everyday from their call centre that i owe them but i havent recieved my DATA, only yesterday i learned that i wont get DATA because those phones are on contract but without benefits, say what??? how can i pay 850 for 2 fones whithout DATA, why was i advised wrong now i need my recordings with that consultant i am struggling. you guys are really incompetent as you have staff that are not qualified.

need urgent feedback

Nokuthula letsiri Send email
Jul 27, 2019

Rude agent from collection department

Call center agent asked when am I making the next payment I answered on the 2nd like always he asked how much I said I haven't opened my statement he said I don't listen and screamed at me I ended the call,today I called and asked for management they didn't even listen to my complain and said they will call me on monday.i will never ever place any order with home choice until you train your agents customer service!!
Sylvia Motlhabi Send email
Jul 8, 2019


I am very upset with Home Choice, I paid up my account through Saya recoveries as they chose them four yrs back account is settle as per Saya Recoveries ref 101243841 Sylvia Motlhabi now they also decided to send this account to DMC contact 011 256 2356 saying i owing them , and this people from DMC they rude and so unprofessional i am tired of this .I had to call Saya Recoveries and spoked to Sandra on Friday the 5th who said my account is settled and she will send a an email to Home Choice she was helpful and professional.,please HOME CHOICE sort out this matter else i will take this to ombudsman because I don't owe you anything. is not my problem if not follow up with Saya Recoveries after four yrs who does that....

Sylvia Motlhabi
Samantha Haskins Send email
Jun 13, 2019

Fraudulent Account

There has been a fraudulent account open with somebody else's name under my I.D. number with Homechoice.
I have never used Homechoice's services or purchased any of their products.
This is causing me to lose the vehicle finance applied for.
I see there are a number of similar complaints.
What is being done about this?
hellen lale Send email
Jun 2, 2019

fraudulent account

i have been blacklisted by home choice .they say i bought goods that costed R27000 (fridge, microwave,blankets)
those goods were delivered at my previous address in 2017. i am still wondering how is it possible. i relocated from that address in 2016. right now i cant buy a car because of the fraudulent account
nokwe Send email
May 17, 2019

Rude lady

I am not happy the service of homechoice one lady was very rude disrectful to me. I have years of being a client of homechoice , but now they treat me like a criminal .
They phone me even during the night shouted at me when is going to made your payment.
They were very rude. I really don't want to be treated like that I am also a human being. I told her that I already paid they said she didn't see anything in their system then by the next day I saw the message confirming that I already paid.
Today is 17 not even end of the month she asked when is my next payment , when I told her that I am not next to the calendar she want me to guess then drop off their line. I am willing to settle this account and close it.

Customer service bad service treat customers unfair.
0836980179 Send email
Mar 1, 2019

Fraudulent account

I Ibought 2pair s of duvets at home choicecosting 4890 in 2016 then 2017 completed payments then sendme staments that says iowe homechoice 20000 with furnishers that idnt now of address isnot myne id is minethen reported that To credit loss wherethey suspected fraud on my account. They reguested affidavit prove of payement and my signatures.isubmitted and wait until now immobilier blacklisted.
0836980179 Send email
Mar 1, 2019


Fraud om my account without attention. Now im blaclisted due To homechoice .ihate this shop shame. Icompleted my payments.
0836980179 Send email
Mar 1, 2019

Fraudulent account

Ibought 2pair of bedding sets from homechoice in2016 costing 4880 with monthly payments of 336.ipaidmy instamment until ifinished. Later2017 received bill that isnot minesays im owing 20000 someone opened credit under my name where i reported toldme they suspect fraud on my account they will investigate. Iwaited until 2019 problem not yet ré blaclisted due To homechoice .speakout available guys becareful with homechoice i hâte thisshop
Naledi09 Send email
Feb 13, 2019

Wronb delivery and statement

Am complaining about homechoice for delivering my goods at the wrong address. I gave the sales lady my address and they decide to deliver at a place i dont know off. Now i get a statement saying am owing them. For what ????? Homechoice have a very serious problem and their employees are worse. I dont think i will ever buy anything from homechoice this treatment shows exactly how you treating customers.

Wronb delivery and statement

Nmntambo Send email
Feb 11, 2019

Rude staff

Rude Staff!
I don't know how a company like Homechoice fails to train their staff about people skills. Or if our calls are recorded, what do they do about it after? I've dealt with a guy with attitude, not willing to help only friendly when they want to make a sale, as soon as you start explaining how you can't purchase anything at the moment they hang up! And when you need assistance that requires them to explain more when you don't fully understand, they hang up! Such ill mannered staff

I just want to know about your 14 working days what it past and u found that they is something missing it faulty because on ur term and conditions it does not talk about 14 working days.

Rude staff

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Dec 7, 2018


I am a home choice customer yet i have ordered something new and they had to send it for verification, they told me my order will be delivered before Christmas yet it took them 8 days and my order is still not verified the manager told me she will call me back today, no call, when i called them now the call center said she had left and this morning she told me if its verified it can take another 2 weeks for my order to get delivered. so is customer service really that important to home choice. i don't think so, if you pay 1 day later than usual they call you to find out when you are going to make the payment but they take 3-4 weeks with 1 order how does that work.
i told them if they don't call me today i will never order with them again i guess there wish is my command. most useless team i have ever spoken to it took me 3 call consultants and 2 managers and my problem is still not solved.
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Dec 4, 2018

Homechoice charge delivery fee after i toxld the onsultant that im gonna collect it myself at wynberg but still charge me

Customer service Bad service treat customers unfairly
I have ordered to collect it myself coz i cannot afford for that much money ti deliver where i have my own transport to collect that cost me only R
100 to collect and they charge me R420 i told the consultant and confirmed with themba at wynberg that im gonna collect it myself at wynberg and he place the order for me when i collected it today at wynberg still finding a delivery fee on my invoice so rediciulous.I phone customer services and ask them about it snd they say that the consultant didnt tick of that the customer gonna collect so i have to pay thay delivery fee although i went to go fetch it myself at wynberg if i returned it there will be no stock they so eager to phone u to order something snd telling you how loyal you as a customer are but after the sal they treat you like dirt pooooooooorrrr!!!! Not ever again wil i order something again i want my account close coz all the stress that i have been through im pregnant phoning customer service thrice and no one can help wating my airtime bullshittttt
Tasneem17 Send email
Nov 12, 2018


I am absolutely furious to say the least at Homechoice!!! i regret ever opening this account!! i get constant calls asking me when my next payment is, ludicrous installments due, and not one single word when opening the account about all the additional charges!!!!On top it, their staff are rude, and even put the phone down on me! I got a call today, telling me i am in arrears, when in actual fact, i am not!!! they basically want to tell me how much to pay every month, and when i calculate the installment over 12 months, it never adds up! This is such a disgusting, money making scheme of a company, and they should be ashamed of themselves!
Zpitsane Send email
Nov 6, 2018

Wrong goods delivered

Firstly homechoice delivered the incorrect good that were not agreed on which is too expensive and can't afford to pay this as I'm a pensioner, when I called home choice to advise them of this error I was told to take to goods to the post office, when I arrived at post office they advised they can't accept the goods as the exceed their weight that they accept, I then reverted back to homechoice who advised me to separate the packing and on their returning policy they say goods needs to be returned in their original packaging so they contradict their return policy and I forgot to mention that their delivery service then leaves the goods with my neighbors without notifying me as I wasn't going to allow that, why should my neighbors be involved in my private life, with ID numbers where the confidentiality in that???? Not happy at all
Khanyiswa Send email
Oct 30, 2018


A fraudulent account using my identity number at home-choice was opened, i have not received any feedback from them. I went and did an affidavit as per consultant from home-choice who assisted me advised me. Home-choice has not acknowledged receiving my email or been told how long does the whole process take. I asked a consultant to forward me copy of the ID that the account was opened with, they refused as i wanted to open case with police. I would like to understand how is that so? I would like some feedback as i don't want this to be against my name.
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Oct 24, 2018

non delivery

I am very unhappy with home choice service. i have ordered a bed at 1st and there was no communication of delivery. on the day the delivery was made I was at work and there was no one to receive the order on my behalf , the order was returned to home choice without letting me know. I had to call and make a follow up by myself only to find that the product was returned, but funny enough the agent has called to ask me when am i making the payment for the very same bed that was returned.

I patiently replaced the order only to find that the product was out of stock. I then ordered something else about 3 weeks ago. still the I have not received the product each time I call to make a follow up they tell me its on its way. Today a consultant calls me and tells me I qualify to make an order. I told her am expecting something already from 3 weeks ago. She checked only to find that the product is out of stock .......................But why there was no communication???????????????????? she tells me its because Its self order..........

so now because its self order I must automatically know when something is off stock??????????????
when I make a follow up they tell me the order is on its way.................................................................................
sanelisiweshezi Send email
Sep 14, 2018


I bought a double door Defy fridge in April this year with 5 years guarantee, I was so disappointed this morning when I opened the fridge it wasn't working. it didn't even last for 6 months. I phoned Homechoice and was given this ref no : 75968935, the lady just told me that they will login a query to Defy and didn't even give me the assumption as to when the query will be resolved.

This is so frustrating, its summer now how my family will survive without a fridge. Please do a followup asap, my number is 0720360099.

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