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Apr 6, 2020

Quail and Colfax Store Empty Shelves

Employees of this once well run store are upset with the company distribution center. Day after day the store doesn't get the requested shipments. Stopped by to purchase produce and most items were gone.

Went to the Safeway on Garrison and Colfax and the produce section was well stocked.

Management change in the distribution center should be evaluated.
311plum Send email
May 13, 2019

King Soopers Pharmacy

I have been denied twice for a legitimate pain medication by Ft. Collins King Soopers pharmacy. This denial has caused extreme pain and inability to sleep for 3 days.
I have filed a complaint with the Pharmacy Board. This King Soopers has low rating for a very good reason. Their unprofessional behavior should be dealt with on a legal basis. My physician is assisting me with a complaint and damages.
Menmygrls Send email
Apr 6, 2019

The Whole Store!!!!

The King Soopers in Castle Rock Colorado (Not Castle Pines) Has got to be the worst store I have ever shopped at..... including Safeways (which are pretty bad)
This King Soopers is in a very nice area, Douglas County is the most expensive county in Colorado. I ONLY shop at this King Soopers when I need something and I am in the area. (I live in Castle Pines & LOVE the store in my neighborhood)
This store is always OUT of everything, especially sale items. This stores women's restrooms are sooooo nasty, dirty, pee all over the seats, clogged toilets and no matter what time of day or night it is when I have been there they are always DISCUSTING!!!! I just tell my children to NOT touch a thing!!! The store manager has got to be the most unproffesional, NO people skills in any way! Why would he be a manager?? Although it can explain why the staff is so rude, takes after the manager.... (older man with grey hair) Your floral department is terrible, most all the flowers are already dying, yet they are still full price. Your deli dept will have samples that are clearanced to a GREAT price, but when you go to buy the item that was on display it is NOT at the price of the sample display. (example- display, sample is 99 cents, I asked the deli employee where that item was, she points it out yet the same item is $5.99. I ask her why the sample item is marked down, she tells me they ran out of the marked down item the day before!!!! WHY HAVE IT DISPLAYED?????
The check out lines are sooooo long and when it is say 5:00 pm on a busy day why would you close the self check lanes???? I am NOT sure how this store has stayed open?? It is always so understaffed! Maybe if you had better management you would have better employee's and employee's that want to work there!
The saying IT ALWAYS COMES FROM THE TOP shows why this store is so poorly run!
TLS13 Send email
Dec 6, 2018


I had my doctor call in a prescription for Lorazepam and they gave me alprazolam. King Soopers did not admit their mistake, and they say that now I have to have MORE approval for the correct drug, so not I pay the price for their incompetence????!!! This is the latest is a long line of mistakes where they have not filled a prescription and they keep blaming the doctor. I am done with them.
God Send email
Jul 30, 2018

Get more bees with honey then Vinegar

Managers need to retake thier ethics and morals classes along with ever other class possible on Earth! Some of them are completely clueless about how to resolve, respond or even talk to thier employees! They expect the employees to do jobs in which they themselves can't perform! If the employees can do the job and a manager can not what good is the manager in the first place! Rude, ignorant, and over inflated managers that need to seriously come back to planet Earth. Hello you still work at a grocery store! I have seem countless, countless acts of employee abuse and hyper egoism around management! Don't get me wrong there are some great managers at King Soopers. But there are some really rotten ones as well that can get by with employees quitting, customer complaints all because they are shacking or are related to or even married to a store manager! It's definitely about who you know or do, not what you know that's for sure! When they have some female Hitler's that run around barking orders and insanely screaming at and degrading employees that they have to keep transferring to other stores. Word to the wise a snake does not change it's strike! They wonder why they can't keep employees well I am just thinking this could be a possible reason.! You should treat someone with respect and how you want to be treated maybe then they won't have to play cards with a full but only half working deck!
pfcarls40 Send email
Jan 5, 2018

Ripped off of items purchased

RECEIPT INFO: 01/03/2018 01:55 p.m. 10 14 110 110 Cashier: Daniel P. Bagger: name unknown. Had to go back for my change, items missing from my bags, and goods inappropriately bagged (frozen veggies with raw meat, canned goods with fresh veggies)

The order of incident at check out as it occurred.
The Cashier Daniel during ring up, asked if I wanted my make up (2 pkg mabelline eyeliner) after ringing them up, I stated no just have the bagger put it in the bag. After completing the scanning Daniel gave me the total, which went over 50.00, I stated I need to back out the Tuna and return the item, I went to check which bag it was in, the bagger acted "put off/insulted like". I compliment that she was fast and efficient, no problem. I then grabbed the tuna and Daniel backed off that item and I paid the transaction. Right when he was going to give me back my change $50.00 amt tendered - $49.11 new total, a TALL blondish Caucasian female worker with collar length hair, interrupted him, would not let him complete our transaction, he then did not give me my change, only the receipt (he hesitated but never rechecked the receipt, nor checked with me). I stepped aside to review my receipt and yes there was a substantial amount of change due, and had to interrupt the next customer to get my change from Daniel the cashier. I departed just a minute after the Caucasian female who interrupted us, who immediately walked out the front of the store, where I found her and another female directly across from my vehicle smirking at me, loitering around watching me get into my car.

I then got home and found that the bagged vegetables were in the same bag of ground beef, of which I called to complain, and had a family member drive in to return the item, (btw your employees know not to do this, to put pkgd raw meat items with veggies of any kind). The over reactive bagger was a female approx. 5'1" dark complexion, thick black shoulder length hair that was curled, slightly hunched over.
Being in a hurry at home I just put everything away quickly, and did not take a complete inventory, because I thought that I could trust your employees.
Late at night 0200 a.m I am going to bed, I just realized that my new purchased makeup was not there. I went through all of the bags, all of my things, the car, I then realized that they never put it into my bags (this has happened before with postcards at your other branch, cashiers or baggers keeping paid items). I called and spoke to JB who stated he would write this down and give it to the mgr to call me the next morning. I never received a call, and called your store and spoke to Jarell 1/4 952 a.m, who was courteous on the phone and stated to come on in, and he would "set me up" with the items that I am missing. He asked me what the bagger name was, but I do not know, I stated that Daniel P. would know her name.
I arrived at the store around 11:00 a.m. 1/4 and the line was not moving at Customer Service, I went out to double check my vehicle and no makeup was found. I got back into line and waiting for an eternity to see Jarell. He took forever with a gal in front of me, so long that the other CSR took 3-4 customers before he got to me, and was not very friendly nor could hardly be pleasant or spend time with me at all. He gave me the money to cover the cost of the 2 eyeliners, and I went back to the makeup dept and repurchased the 2 missing items (Mabelline eye liner, med brown and velvet black). I noticed that they had moved the item location, but found them anyways and check myself out at self check out. And yes, I do have everything this time, since I did it myself.
I got home and tried to call your customer service 800 number, but could never get through, tried for 15 20 mins. I have constantly gotten rotten treatment at this location and periodically at your other ones, like a cycle. You need better training for employees, accountability by management and subordinates, they MUST respect ALL of their clients, we pay your paychecks, without us, you would not have King Sooper's, period.
avonnme10 Send email
Nov 18, 2017


As I stated in the above as being an employee,,,I will never work there again, OR SHOP THERE. Neither will my family or FRIENDS. DONE
avonnme10 Send email
Nov 18, 2017

Last Pay Check

OK so I worked in store #30. I was hired in as a Customer service Rep. Then they said, " Oh we over hired for that position. Would you mind doing Seafood?" So I said no I need the job so I will try it. Well, it was to hard for me to do the work required as I am a 52 year old woman, scrubbing floors. Not a job I could do. So I asked for another position and they wanted me to do CARTS. OMG!!!! So I gave up my job with King Soopers. Now it gets better, my paycheck was NOT available for pickup on the following payday. They advised me that it would be mailed in 7-10 days. Well its day 10 NO check. So I called the store on Havanna store #30 with Liz Ruby as manager. They told me that there was nobody in today 11/17/17 Friday at 10am to call back Sat to speak with HR. I called Corporate at that point, 2 weeks without pay is NOT acceptable. Corporate just gave me payrolls phone number. I called that. IT WENT TO VOICEMAIL....REALLY???? I am beyond Pissed and getting no help.
jeanettegoodwin1223 Send email
Aug 28, 2017

poor staffing

Today I was shopping at the "flagship" King Soopers in Denver - the one on Leetsdale and Cherry. The store was really busy as it always is on Sunday mornings and all of the line were open with cashiers. Too bad there was only one bagger working. This is not to say that there weren't other baggers there - a number of them were standing around talking to each other, two were outside bringing in carts - which was pretty unnecessary as no one was getting out of the store - so there weren't even very many carts in place to be brought in. Additionally, the checkers were just expecting the customers to bag there own groceries. Where is the store manager to supervise and manage these people and why aren't there more working at one of the busiest stores and at one of their busiest times. I really don't shop there so I can bag my own food - poor managment going on there.
phylsmith2004 Send email
Jul 12, 2017

King Sooper's gas, paying with cash

The new software at the pumps is AWFUL at the gas station since new upgraded pump interfaces were installed. We pay with cash, and now we have to go to the window to prepay not knowing how much money it will take since we want to fill it up. So we have to go to prepay and then again for change - go twice and wait twice as long. Before, you could swipe your King Soopers card that has your name and information associated with it and the attendant would clear the pump so we only had to go to the window after we pumped gas and knew how much it cost. Now we have to give the attendant more money than needed and go back again for change. Too many skimmers out there stealing credit card information and identity theft putting us at risk which takes years to clear up. It is a sad commentary that a customer paying with cash, now the safest way to conduct consumer business, is now penalized because the software "upgrade" is a dud. Bet the upgrade was cheap... now you have to pay the attendant... that cheap software cost you every time the attendant has to take 2 passes at a customer when it used to be done in one.
scuba Send email
Jun 29, 2017

Treatment of new employees

I can understand that some King Sooper stores are union. I can also understand that the union feels they are benefiting the employees. However, maybe someone should notice when the union allows individuals to use seniority to haze new employees and force them into working crappy assignments and hours longer than their designated "part time" classification without benefits. My wife has worked the past 3 months in a department where her schedule is constantly changing on a daily basis because employees who have "worked for the past 15 years in a grocery store" don't want to come in a 2am or stay until 6pm as required by the department. She has also asked about medical benefits after working 35+ hours a week for 3 months but was told that she is classified as part time so don't get benefits regardless how many hours she worked. I firmly believe that the union representative needs to spend time in the stores to make sure new employees are not being hazed and taken advantage of based on their titles. If this was any other industry, there would be lawsuits.
pmennit Send email
Apr 24, 2017

management of employees

I have been a customer of Kings Soopers at Austin Bluffs and Academy for many years, probably 35 or more. It is convenient, well stocked with groceries,prescription service and seasonal items too. I do love the store. I have never encountered an employee or management person who was anything but professional, courteous and helpful. Until yesterday.
I am 78 years of age now, semi-retired and still actively involved in training and customer service issues. When I shop I make it a point to not be in a hurry since 90% of folks I see at the grocery store generally are.
So I go to my weekly visit to the deli counter and find that I am the only customer waiting to be served - rare - and I see that there is one fellow and three ladies behind the counter cleaning and wrapping and other things that are needed there. So I stand there for a full 4-5 minutes and finally say hello and got noticed. 4-5 minutes! Anyway, one of the ladies looks a bit embarrassed and comes to me to take my order. In fact, she tells me that the bean quinoua salad that I wanted was about to be taken from the case and perhaps I might choose another salad, which I did. I thanked her for telling me that. While I was with her a young man came over and started barking and ordering the others at the deli in the most rude and unprofessional manner. I was so uncomfortable seeing this and felt bad for them. I asked my lady if he was new?? She says no, he is the assistant to the manager of the deli - rolled her eyes an smiled at me. When I finished with my order and walked past this "assistant manager" and asked for a word with him. He was talking with another employee at the time. He then came to me. His name is Cris, by the way.
I told him I noticed the manner in which he spoke to the deli people. Right away he starts telling me of his qualifications and many duties.... yada yada....interrupting me as I wanted to say that I thought his treatment of employees in front of a customer was inappropriate. Finally I did say to him that he should have known better and should learn about respect. He was angry with me. I've raised sons and grandchildren and am accustomed to immature behavior.
And here is the funny part....... as I am finishing up shopping , he has the manager of the store with him and literally follows me around until I go to the register.... what? I did not go to the manager about this. So disappointing for him. Hoping for a confrontation.... really?
So I am writing this and only hope that King Soopers continues the excellent service at the Academy and Austin Bluffs store and gets rid of the morons. thank you for accepting my impressions.
shanschai Send email
Apr 15, 2017

King Soopers ID incorrect account LINK

My husband and I are a family of two (2) in our household for our address. Always have been!!! Since 2010 it has only been him and I living under our roof - nobody else.

For some "inexplicable" reason, our card is connected to a family members card. I've checked our online account, and only MY information is connected with my card. My address, my private number, my private email, etc. However, we continue to miss OUR COUPONS and in lieu receive another persons coupons. So, the "rewards" aren't forthcoming!!! Why is this so difficult to adjust?! The actual card no longer exists, but we do access our KS ID # via my cell, and I've already changed our Alternate ID so that this would reflect only our coupons, our gas and our information. Still, after 3 calls, about the same complaint, good ole' KS can't figure this out!!

We are loyal KS customers, and use our point card faithfully, to gear our coupons to what we like to purchase as well as collect fuel points. I have called KS Customer Service number 3 different times, once in the Fall of 2016 and twice already in 2017, and after this getting ready to call a 4th time and complain. This person eats cookie dough, salsa, and cheese sticks, and apparently has infants in her home. WE DO NOT!!! FIX THIS!!!!!!!!
Randle Conrad Send email
Mar 27, 2017

Fuel points ripoff

This actually applies to all stores offering fuel.

Points remaining after a fill-up will be available to use through the end of the following month in which they were earned, providing you have at least 100 remaining fuel points.

When filling up, you’ll always be offered the biggest discount available, based on each month’s fuel point totals available in your account. For example, if you have 900 unredeemed fuel points from February and 1000 fuel points from March, the $1.00 per gallon discount from March will be offered on your next fill-up. The 90¢ per gallon discount from February will be available through the of March...

I find myself sitting with 900 points that I have to use in the next few days, and I don't really need gas. I wish there was a way to choose to use you oldest points first, but that is not the way it works. You really need to fix your stupid system so that it uses the oldest points first.
Jody Send email
Jan 16, 2017


North College Loaf and Jug gas pump number two racks up 16 cents before the gas comes out. I'll bet that is done on purpose? It is just more rape of the customers hard earned money.
Lisamcover Send email
Aug 29, 2016

Need more employees

This King Soopers needs help! On Facebook under Highlands Ranch Word of Mouth, so many people are complaining about this store. Very short on cashiers, waiting in line forever, no baggers, have to always bag your own groceries, nobody ever asks if you need help out. My mother is handicapped and nobody ever asks her if she needs help to her car. She won't ask anymore because the employees tell her they can't because not enough employees.
Something better be done because on Facebook, people are saying they will never return to this store and shop elsewhere.
Rdilund Send email
Jun 1, 2016

Cleanliness, lack of produce

The store has changed since management changed. Always been able to get in, find what I need and shop in a friendly , CLEAN store.
Now, the store is Never fully stocked, Always out of at least one item or more I need! Just the other data, the trash can in front of store was spilled over on the ground. I alerted a worker to inform manager. It didn't receive attention right away. I was in the store approx 15 min looking for various items , to no avail. Finally, as I was leaving, a worker began to pick up the trash. The fact that it was late evening suggested it went ignored all day!
My husband and I leave our neighborhood to shop a different King Soopers!
It's really unfortunate to see this store go neglected.
D. Knapp Send email
Apr 28, 2016

poor service

This is in regards to the king Soopers store located on North Academy and Austin Bluffs. I have shopped exclusively at this store but lately I have been having trouble buying my brand of smokes. I have complained for over six weeks and keep getting the usual "I am sorry" and no results.
I now shop at Walmart, Safeway and Albertsons. Prices are cheaper, quality is better and they carry my brand of smokes.
I know that this posting will not change anything at all as King Soopers really don't care about one customer even tho I used to spend around $800.00 monthly.
isabel1 Send email
Mar 24, 2016

Customer Service

About 2 and a half weeks ago I went grocery shopping with my mom and my sister. We have been shopping here since i was a little girl. I do my moms grocery shopping with her since she is disabled. We were waiting in line for a cashier. We were in line next to get checked out and the clerk in charge decides to open 3 lanes. Inconsiderably she starts putting the people in line behind me with the lanes that she had just opened and she left us waiting in line behind the people that were getting checked out. So needless to say we started checking ourselves out. They normally have a bunch of closed cashier stations so I have learned to use the self checkout. On this day the courtesy clerk kept tryjng to scan our groceries after I told her we could manage. She only made us more frustrated because she was getting things that belong to my mother and my sister on my ticket. now today we went to the store again its the 23rd of March 2016. It was my brother and I, we shopped, we went to a self-checkout since I didn't want to wait in line again I started scanning my groceries my brother was bagging and the clerk there yells at me and tells me that I cannot keep using that check out that I'm supposed to have 15 items and I had more than that and I said I know I do but there wasn't a problem with that before and she said well there is a problem you need to go to a regular cashier and I told her there wasn't a problem before and I'm not going to go to another cashier , besides I already started checking out my stuff, some groceries inside bags already.She said that I can talk to a manager if I wanted to but I could not self check my groceries. So I told her I need to speak to manager. Her name was Lynette. I can get you the names of the other people that were involved if I need to but when it was the person that came over being the manager and she grabbed my bag that I had in my hand she grabbed the bag that was sitting on the register already we had already put on the rack and she said I'll check you out on another register she got my stuff she told the courtesy clerk to void my receipt which I felt she should have allowed me to finish it and I don't see why I can't I am a paying customer I don't need to be treated like a child and she took my things she ignored me she's got my things and she's making conversation with other people that she works with asking people about a movie "did you bring my movie?", and that person was talking to her like if I was not there and not paying any attention to my frustration and I put in my alternate ID because I didn't have my King Soopers card i had to ask her my total becuz she just kept having conversations with coworkers. She just acted like I was a bother. I've been going to this King Soopers since I was a little girl and I have never been treated the way these people were treating me today. What customer service has come to. It changed so much here at this place the people who work here believe we are paying them for the things that they're selling us and our bonus is them being rude and insulting.I think Kroger needs to come over and check out the store because I feel that these people are doing what they want with customers and don't care how they make them feel. Pushing people out the door shouldn't be their first priority they should be trying to make us happy with the customer service they give us and I will reconsider where I purchase my groceries and my mother's also because these people crossed the line today they embarrassed me in front of a bunch of customers, they grabbed my bags, customers were standing around watching like if they were shocked with their rudeness and shameful behavior. I am not their enemy. I'm a paying customer. If they are not happy to be at work they should stay home and look for a job. They went over the line and
something needs to be done about it. In the deli a man also said that he thought it was going to be a good day that since it snowed that he really thought everyone would stay home. So much for a snow day. I can get you the names of the other employees involved on both cases. Its's always been people that have been working there for a long time maybe it's time to start looking for new jobs because they're not happy with their jobs they don't need to be showing the customers they are not happy. I hope that something gets done about this and I feel that I have every right to check myself out if I want to and I feel that these two women went over the line they embarrassed me it was uncalled for. I need somebody to contact me from upper management not Lynette or her coworkers I need somebody who's going to give me some satisfaction because isn't that what they're there for. Thank you my name is Isabelle Zamarripa my email address [email protected] please contact me to inform me I can use self checkout and that u need the names of these other 2 unhappy women so they can be reprimanded along with the social butterfly the manager, she should know better than to be flirting with a coworkers and movie conversations should stay at a limit or on break.
rrhodes Send email
Jan 20, 2016

english muffin bread

I am very disappointed that King Soopers is no longer baking their English muffin bread in store.
It had a wonderful crisp crust and soft inside that was wonderful toasted or untoasted for sandwiches.
My grandsons loved to eat a piece with nothing on it. Now the stores in Denver area are baking this
bread off site and it is a different animal. The bread is more dense with regular "Sara Lee" nothing
special crust.
It is not the same bread at all. I hope this decision wasn't a way for store to reduce bakery staff.

Rosemary Rhodes, King Soopers customer for 50 years.
Jack Hessek Send email
Jul 10, 2015


I have had more issues with the King Soopers Pharmacy at Centennial and Fillmore in Colorado Springs. A few months back
I came in with a prescription and they said they were out of it. I kindly asked the Pharmacy Tech if they could call another
King Soopers and see if it was available. She said no, we are busy. All she was doing is gabbing with another Pharmacy Tech and
they were not busy. I wound up going to Walgreens down the street. Several other times, they have either said my prescription
was ready and turned out it was not...reasons like your insurance won't cover this, etc. Last month they shorted me on my med
and I went back to get the rest of my monthly supply, and, they gave me the run a round!! Just yesterday, they said my order
would cost me $60 instead of $4...something to do w insurance. I have had the same insurance for years now. I enjoy shopping
at King Soopers, but, that pharmacy is a pain to deal with.
zempman Send email
Jun 27, 2015

2X Fuel Rewards on weekends

I have been shopping the King Soopers on Colfax and Chambers Rd in Aurora, CO for several Fridays now, thinking that I have automatically been getting my double fuel rewards! Well, this Friday, I happen to look at my receipt, and noticed they were not added onto my account! When I asked the cashier about this, her response was I NEEDED a newspaper ad! WHAT!????

Why do I need a paper coupon from their ad, when their system should KNOW it's Friday, and they have my account #!!! The clerk did NOT do anything to resolve this issue and told me to contact the phone number at the bottom of the receipt! THERE ISN'T A CORPORATE or ANY PHONE NUMBER on the receipts!!! What's wrong with this LACK OF customer service and care!???

My predicament: KS is heading down the same path as Safeway and go BELLY UP soon!
jjones22446688 Send email
Jun 27, 2015

Fuel Stores

Don't try to use fuel points at any of these crappy stores. They won't let you fill up a car and gas cans, only one much for fuel points good for "up to 35 gal of gas". The cans were your standard red cans, legally allowed to hold gasoline.
woodyisland Send email
Apr 29, 2015

Smoking area

When we shop at the King Soopers at Hwy 287/ Miramonte Blvd #89 in Broomfield we park in the Handicap parking and every time we go into the store there is some times several workers smoking there and also where you get your shopping carts many as well as us find this offensive as it is second hand smoke/ health hazard. Our question is being the workers have a
designated area with picnic tables away from the store entrance why is it not a less harmful area where customers don't have to walk passed these people to lessen allergy's
and health concerns, I'm sure you know second hand smoke is very harmful! We appreciate any action to correct this issue.
Rays doll Send email
Jan 5, 2015

Lack of stock, filthy store

Over the last week I have shopped at the King Soopers in Bennett at least four times. I usually only buy what I need for a couple of meals at a time, so this is why I noticed. The shelves are in complete disarray and lack stock of several items. It seems that the management has nothing to do it tell the caddies to do 5 things at once The store is absolutely disgusting, there is trash and mud every where, okay I can understand the mud, but the trash, really!! The carts always have trash in them, and the trash containers are always full.
I went in search of a newspaper on the evening of the 4th of Jan. and almost ended up with a newspaper that was 3 weeks old, trash everywhere in lobby.
You can wait in line for up to 10 minutes at the customer service counter, because the clerk is on the phone or doing something else instead of calling for assistance. There used to be such good management at this store a couple of years ago, but the store is steadily going downhill.
I had to stop and pick something up yesterday and waited until I got to town and went to a Safeway, it was amazing, CLEAN and stocked. Managment should take note at the store at Havana and Mexico.
The Bennett store charges more than the stores in town I have noticed because of the convience on some items so we deserve a clean and stocked store.
Also the service in the deli has a lot to be desired, some of the clerks are very rude and act like they hate their job and they can make you feel like its an inconvience to help you.
Walking down the frozen food isles there are so many missing signs to tell you where the food is, it's like being on a scavenger hunt.
Quit moving things around!!!!

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