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Stephani Send email
Jun 8, 2022

Maternity benefit

I have applied for maternity benefit in December 2021 when my baby was born submitted all documents online waited 2 months for status to change submitted to accesor call in everyday no on helps me I went to the office in Phoenix 3 times already in this cold with a new born baby to follow line from 4 a.m. only to go online today to see my claim has been rejected no sms/email 6 months no payments I always send email to [email protected] only get reference numbers how was I know why it has been refused it looks like the government is stealing our money too what is happening with u ppl we have mouths to feed we not living on tenders ...We need to expose u people on the devi show this is our money we asking for not ur salaries I'm writing this not with any hope to helped but a start to expose our government officials.
Ref case no : Case no.4001069110
Ticket Reference Number: C-20220222-003109 | Case Issue: Application Benefit enquiry
CTITUS28 Send email
Nov 23, 2021

UIF is dragging

Case no: C-20210623-000429

I am logging my complaint today as it was the last thing I wanted to end up but I have no choice. Trying to apply for UIF since my Maternity Leave , but had no luck at all and this was from May 2020 until now. In Feb this year my employer terminated my contract and still when I applied for my Unemployment nothing instead I was told to review the Maternity first and then the Unemployment. So I did just as I was told 8 months down the line still no solution. I have kids to take care of and the support from family and friends is not enough.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could please assist and give me feedback as no one , not even the call centre can assist me with this.

here are the details which would assist you'll
[email protected] Send email
Oct 13, 2021

Maternity Benefits

C-20210908-003348 My Ref. NUMBER ON MY CASE.

I have applied for UIF maternity benefits, since August documents were only recieved in September, i call almost everyday no1 can give me a straight Answer, i even gave birtg to my Daughter and supposed to even reaume back to work without recieving my claim.

Consultings are Rude i spoke to Andile Tamani who doesn't want too assist clients evn drops the phone on your ear.

Can Someone please help me.

Kind Regards
Buhle 0662372987
Lemice Send email
Jun 14, 2021

Maternity claim

Why after all these years are we still dealing with the same issues? At what point does the government want to improve service delivery to the very people who have to contribute towards a government that does not assist when you are in need?
This is ridiculous!!!
dineoMac Send email
Mar 16, 2020

Maternity benefits

Good Morning

Totally upset with the level of service i recieved at 702; I submitted all rquired dococument for maternity benefits in January and i have still not received anything ; kindly assist

cell 0650994057
[email protected]

Thank you.
Thulisile Send email
Jun 27, 2018

Claim not paid

My name is thulisile ramolefi I'd no8807140373085 I have applied for mertenity Claims on the 1of may 2018 and I was told it takes. 35 days for approval then I was given a ui4 to submit but always when I go on the dates they give me they say I can not submit it for nw the application is nt yet approved and 35 days had passed so I do nt knw when it will be approved and Im relaying on it to survive an maintain my family since at work they dnt pay please assist
Sindi1234 Send email
Apr 4, 2018


Ref 10006324757
Please help me .it been over year since claimed at labour department for my UIF MATERNITY BENEFIT still no pay out since last year in 16 Feb 2017 . No pay put .pls can someone help .

Email for me back
[email protected]
Reni bear Send email
Oct 17, 2017

UIF claim

My claim was submitted a few months ago ..i received an sms stating that it was rejected on a saturday...and months later im still waiting for my pay out. I hve enquired twice and was told that it was admin error and that the assesor did not verify something ...i went bck to sign for the money bt nothing was put into my account. I went there today and resigned for my money. All my documents were attached. This is frustrating and what they are telling me is just plain stupid. Im beyond livid. Pls wake up. Because im prepared to sue for my hard earned money. My name is renitha bechan. I will not provide my id or case no but if this is brought to the departmenta attention they will know exactly who I am.
Azonke Send email
Mar 30, 2017

Maternity uif case no 10005945459

My name is Ziyanda Sandile . l applied for Uif maternity January 19. Then they said l must wait 35 days up to now no valid response when ever l visit at athlone office where l did submit, they just say l must come back after 10 days. I went there several times already please l need help. My phone number is 0711476620/0784010666

adanster Send email
Nov 14, 2016

Maternity UIF

I have applied for Maternity UIF on the 3rd of February 2016 at 707 labour department and was told that it will be processed within 35 days. After two weeks of waiting a received a sms saying that i didn't provide a document from the doctor, so i went to labour and inquire about the matter they told me the doctors information is there but i must bring a second U19 which i did.

I was then told i must check after two weeks and i did, then they told me there is a date that's blocking my claim that needs to be deleted, I was told once more to check after two weeks, till today i'm still waiting for the date story to be sorted its been 10 months and i have been going up and down to the labour department, I'm so disappointed at our system because till today i haven't received my maternity money. I mean i contribute towards UIF but now i'm been treated like i dont deserve it.
I need that money and would highly appreciate it if i can get help on the matter

My number is 074 277 4274
Thank u.
Deon van Niekerk Send email
Sep 26, 2016


I am Deon van Niekerk working with UIF ONLINE claims from all over South Africa. I am only human and not only have I the whole of RSA as my labour office I also assist clients who did not get assisted at various labour offices. It is sad to see that humans can so easily blame a person that is trying his best from 06H00 in the morning to help people but the one or two that could not be helped within an day or so and happens to not submitting the correct documents or refuse to listen to reason are the ones that complain on the social media platforms. Even sadder is the fact that after they have been helped and received their monies they do not go back on social media and say even thanks. I am challenging all those that I have assisted even if we could not get your claim paid out but you did get a response and satisfying answer from me to comment on this.
ntombimakua Send email
Jan 22, 2016

maternity benefits

I would like to address the situation at our government organizations in South Africa. In April of 2015 I started my application for the receipt of my maternaty benefits. I followed all the correct channels as was advised by the labour department. Today my son is 9 months old and i have not yet received a one cent from department of labour. This country needs a serious wake up. The services we receive from our various government institutions is disgusting to say the least. That money is taken from our salaries every month but we need to go through so muh hassle to see it. Taxes are taken from us to keep these departments running, but who runs it? If you intend to do something about my complaint I include my case number and details.

Ntombi Lorraine Makua case number 10002313537
DDaniels Send email
Jan 22, 2016

Unemployment Fund NOT Paying out

My wife has gone to Maponya Mall UIF labour department offices more then 4 times and keeps being told she must wait everything is in order and will take up to 10 working days to pay out, this is since last year August 2015.

Our local mobile office which is in Ennerdale, Monday, to Friday is the most useless group off people employed by our Labour department, they have no idea what is happening around them, just sit there and get paid to do nothing!! My wife went to them but they keep sending her away too?

Who do we go to if they themselves don't know what's happening!
tshidi Send email
Jan 12, 2016

meternity not paid out


I have submitted my docdument in November 2014, my son was born in feb 2015 i have went to labour department up n down and made calls and a year later i am still making calls and there is no luck. While i was on meternity leave i resigned at work due to personal reasons. Labour changed my claim to resignation i went again and explained that i resigned after i had made a claim, one helpfull guy send e-mails to people who are supposed to change or to rectify the mistake he had no responce for over 6months. I am loosing airtym almost every week checking progress on the claim there is no luck.

Why are we paying uif if its going to be a hastle to get it when u need it most?
Will a person get responce on this site?
Why do these department like scandals when they should be simple procedures for thier employees an simple communication chanells?

pmabaso86 Send email
Jan 7, 2016

maternity claim

Good morning,

I have sent through all documents required for my claim last year 01 July 2015, during my maternity leave I have made following up with the ufiling and every time I call I am told different stories and nobody is able to give a straight answer. I have called in numerous times spoke to Adelaide, Debra in June. Spoke to George in July twice and submitted the documents again, apparently there were a few that were still outstanding. In September I spoke to Godfrey who gave a fax number to send the document again which I did. I returned to work on the 02/11/2015 I went to the labour centre in Ranburg and the service I received was shocking no one knows what they are doing, a person stands in a long queue for hours when you get assisted the documents are not checked instead you are given more forms to fill. I was then given Deon Van Niekerk’s email address and emailed all the documents to him again on the 04/11/2015. I called the u filing again on the 13/11/2015 to follow up and spoke to Lerato and Simon regarding the medical certificate that I sent online( ufiling) which they said it was not received. I sent it again please see below. I received an SMS on the 17/11/2015 saying “ Dear Priscilla. UIF request for payment received. Finalization of payment is 7-10 days “ today is the 06/01/2016 7-10 days has passed I still have not received the money. I am so upset that I have to go through so much for the money that I worked very hard for , which was debited from my account every month without fail I am also tired of calling and with my airtime and I am still not assisted. Please find attached the email conversation with Deon and all the documents again. my daughter is turning 6 months in two weeks. I don't know what to do now. calling does not help anymore.
jo anne Send email
Nov 9, 2015







079 760 5835
mildred Send email
Oct 22, 2015

UIF rejection with no reason

Mildred Tshabalala I contributed on UIF from 2008 and on 2011 I claimed for martenity and get it for 3months ,then went back to work and carry on contributing from 2012 Jan ,then on may 2015 I was dismissed I applied for UIF they told me to come sign next month till third month still going there but ddnt receive any cent ,then after 3months they send me an sms saying my claim was rejected didn't tell me the reason ,I went to their offices in Orlando just to get the reason for that but to my surprise they checked on the computer and said its not rejected I must not worry I'l get it once for all this months ,till to this day Oct I haven't received any cent ,what I want to know is the reason only because I paid for 3years full now I'm struggling to make ends meet ,while they say its the fund to help us if unemployed.
Gladys Mosala Send email
Oct 14, 2015

Uif funds

I have applied for uif in April 2015 and it took about six months to be paid out after i have laid a complain against the department of Labour.In september i have received a payment at last,so patiently waiting for sms telling me when is my next payment and nothing.On the 13 october i went to check with labour department Vanderbijlpark and they told me that i was paid all my money out.I dont understand how is that possible after working all those years and i only receive 1 payment then is done.I feel that somewhere i have been cheated and at least i should have received a notification that i will be paid 1 month of it doesnt make sense to me.Please assist me as i believe that the has been some kind of fraud is going on,my ID is 7811260439081 and contact 0763142234
KC1986 Send email
Oct 14, 2015

non payment of maternity benefits

Hi my name is Cecilia I applied for maternity benefits "UIF" on the 7 September 2015 , I haven't receive any payment and I called the labour department the one in Orlando jhb, spoke to a lady she told me that nothing has been done on my application, she also told me that I won't get any payment till I go back to work and the is nothing I can do. And I find it funny because labour department doesn't hesitate to deduct money from my pay. I need clarity on this matter please. Cecilia 0783261822. CECILIA. UIF claim received. Progress on claim will be communicated within 35 days. Enquiries 0800843843 . Case No : 10002711512
jerome johannes Send email
Oct 5, 2015

u I f

I submitted all my correct forms to relevant department in cape town to receive 1st payment of my u I f but now I form part of the unemployment also because department of labour has a backlog that has become my problem and inconvenienced me terribly waistin airtime and travelin money bein told constantly its not aproved yet how can it take so long for your own money to be aproved aren't they compitent enough and why must I wait almost 8 weeks ,so this countryu doesnsupport unemployment it worsens it want to speak to the minister of the department of labour as soon as possible to release my claim asap I need a answere or my money today
Thembs77 Send email
Oct 2, 2015

Maternity claim

I have met over 8 woman who are pregnant or have given birth at the Malboro labour department that are seeking their funds to date.which is utterly discouraging since I've been sent from pillar to post for my duration waiting on the approval of my maternity claim funds. I was initially claiming for just the normal uif and would have claimed for my maternity after I gave birth but the consultant who clearly acted like he cared advised me that since I'm already pregnant, the maternity claim should done first. To date when I go in to enquire he refuses to even look me - I gather I'm not of use anymore.

Is this what you do as a departments have woman claim for maternity and delay the process till they give up? Does everyone think it's a coincidence that no maternity claims are being "approved".

I'm not asking for charity nor a grant but the funds belong to me, put in place to assist taxpayers when unemployed.

There is something sinister going on, why won't investigations occur ....there are way too many people being scammed.

I've lost faith in this government.....
avelia Send email
Aug 28, 2015

maternity uif

I have applied for maternity uif on the 1 of June 2015 I haven't received any money yet and when u go to the department u send in long queues the whole day and wait for someone to assist u because they don't start working @ 07:30am they take their own time so u have to wait and then every time the same answer wait 10 days but still nothing I'm very disappointed in our government failing is like this ill be going back to work in October and I don't know what to do and the thing that irritates me more is then when ever u phone randburg they don't answer the phone or it will be engaged the whole time. Where is the professionalism in that
Tonitrimm Send email
Aug 11, 2015

Uif maternity

I been on maternity leave for almost 3 months now and im still running back and forth to the labour department and back . This is so not fair as i still need to be paying all the travelling costs and it takes nothing for the consultant to say they cannot use their email address to help me . And just tell me to come back tomoro . After being there about 14 times already . This is really frustrating . I been there 2 weeks ago to submit documents and they told me to be back 10 working days . Two weeks later the system shows that it has just been updated today and sent to the assessors . Im exhausted and frustrated . Someone please help me . I paid uif every month never skipped or gave u this much grief . So y do i have to struggle for my payments ?

Please advise
[email protected]
[email protected] Send email
Jul 9, 2015


All I can say is the labour department is a shame. Poor performance. How can the people who are no longer working survive when a uif takes forever to be paid.
makena01 Send email
May 23, 2015


I applied for UIF in November last year, followed the procedure and submitted all required documents. They said I should come back after a month and when i go there they told me i came before time and to wait two weeks, after 2 weeks they told to wait 10 days and theh money will be in my bank account. I went back in January and they said somebody ticked that i resigned form my previous work, so i submitted the UI-19 again, after two weeks i went back and mu UI-19 was still rejected by the system. In March I went back they said everything is fine and i should wait for a month before coming back, when I went back end of April they said I should wait 2 weeks. Last week when I call them they said the system needs a new UI-19 form again. I am fed up and I am giving up, the government is ripping us alive, i have lost all hope.

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