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Macys Worry No More Protection Plan

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Macys Worry No More Protection Plan

Danawmarshall Send email
Apr 25, 2017

Worry No More - sucks!


We had a patio table made of glass blow over from a strong wind in a Texas rainstorm and it shattered into millions of pieces. The Worry No More said that because it's an act of God or Nature, we could NOT get a replacement or just have someone bring a new glass top table!
We also got a big tear in our couch and they said they could not fix it, or didn't want to fix it, so no replacement or fixing there.

To give credit to the Macy's Customer Service, they have done a great job in helping me dealing with these frauds. Macy's sales teams are not even aware of how bad it is. I told the Sales person and she was so sorry that it Worry No More was so bad. She has been trying to help me get my claim approved. This Claims service must be stopped, they are FRAUDS!!! Even if you file a claim with them - and they don't fix your furniture - they will NOT refund your money in a voucher at the end of 5 year plan. Better to NOT file a claim about anything, and just get your Worry No More money back at the end of 5 year period. The Worry No More is the WORST EVER!
emartin1023 Send email
Apr 24, 2017


Worry No More is a complete rip off. Do not let the store sell you this "policy" as they do NOT cover ANYTHING. You are led to believe that problems will be covered but if/when something happens they find any excuse to deny responsibility and deny the claim. It is a HORRIBLE plan and Macy's should be ashamed of themselves for offering this plan. Not what you would expect with an upscale store like Macy's.
Frank730 Send email
Apr 24, 2017

WorryNoMore is a SCAM...and needs to be STOPPED

I can not believe with all the complaints this WorryNoMore is getting that someone within Macy's senior management hasn't stop doing business with this company. Like many other Macy customers - I purchased the extended warranty at the suggestion of my salesperson.

However when I went to make a claim on the extended warranty with WorryNoMore I was told that because I did not call in within 15 days of the problem...even though my extended warranty period was valid - the claim was being denied.

First of all, the Macy sales person who sold me my couch and the extended warranty never advise me - nor did she provide with with any materials which stated the policy of having to report a problem within a certain period of time....such as 15 days.

Secondly, if you have an extended warranty that has not expired...what difference does it make.

This is clearly a company that I plan to report to Macy's senior management, local and state agencies...As well as, the Better Business Bureau.
donewithmacys Send email
Apr 6, 2017


mme1314 Send email
Mar 29, 2017

Worry no more plan - HORRIBLE PLAN

Agree strongly that Macy's Worry No More Plan IS A HORRIBLE PLAN. They never cover for anything and they always find an excuse not to service your product. The store lied to me and said that anything will be covered and I will not worry about anything, but yet I called them twice and both times they came up with a stupid excuse and did not service my couches. I called them for some stain cleaning and they claimed that they are old stains (even though they weren't) and now all of the sudden my furniture is non-serviceable forever. This is ridiculous. BAD PLAN. RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE. PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS SERVICE.
louie2020 Send email
Mar 24, 2017

Macys Worry No More RIPOFF

Agree with everyone that Macy's Worry No More Customer Service is by far the absolute worse service EVER!!!!!!! Very unprofessional and uncaring!! Several times was disconnected!! Asked for a supervisor and have yet to speak to one!!
ninarose Send email
Mar 22, 2017

Rip off

What a big mistake I made paying $118.00 for this worry no more policy if that is what you want to call it. of course the furniture sales person makes it sound like the best thing to do, but you might as well throw the money right out the window. Several years went by and I had a few stains that would not budge, so made a call to use my policy for a cleaning. THe lady was very rude and said it would cost money to have my sofa cleaned even though I had . this worry no more policy. I said forget it and just decided when my 7 years were up I would get a voucher to use. well my seven years lapsed May of 2016 but when i went to Macy,s to inquire my rights, there was no one to be found, and you can't even find the jerks that handle this worry no more policy. I am just livid with how the consumer gets ripped off time and time again and no one will step up,to the plate and stand behind what they offer. A lot happens in seven years to distract a person, and let's face it you worry no more people, do you check your calendar every day waiting for 2,555 days to pass without life's distractions!!! There should be a pro-rated voucher amount if you were a half decent company! If there is a more direct email for this situation I would appreciate a response. I wish I had read all these horrible reviews to save me money and aggravation!
meamea Send email
Mar 16, 2017

Macy's Furniture - Worry No More Ins.

Bought a sectional and a piece of it collapsed. They can't fix or replace the piece so they have offered me reimbursement for the piece, not replacement for the entire sectional. The sectional doesn't work without all the pieces. It has taken me months to get to this point. I am not happy. Trying to refile the claim for the entire sectional but they don't want to file it. Waiting for a supervisor to call me back.
Worryalotmore Send email
Mar 8, 2017

Macys Furniture - Worry NO More

My wife and I have purchased a few pieces of furniture over the last handful of years. Along with each piece we were sold the Worry No More product. My wife recently filed a claim, received terrible customer service, didn't hear back from anyone for over a month, called several times only to have my claim denied on a false technicality. She proceeded to dispute the claim, explaining what happened and how the item was torn. After several weeks of no communication and many unanswered emails, she received another denial stating yet another false technicality. With high hopes that Macy's would be appalled at the level of service she had received - she called my local store. She was told that she could only speak to the individual that sold us our furniture. We waited over a week to hear back from her. After no phone call, my wife called again. The rep was mildly dismissive and showed no real sign of empathy; however she said she would escalate our complaint and get back to my wife. After another week of no communication, my wife placed another follow up call. At this time she said she passed the complaint on but the individual was on vacation and she would get back to me the following week. My wife spoke for a few minutes regarding her level of frustration regarding the lack of communication and ownership. She became frustrated and they ended the conversation. After 2 weeks, again, no one had reached out. So, my wife place another follow up call intending to collect the contact information for someone in upper management. The same representative answered the phone and had no intent of helping my wife. She was incredibly unprofessional, showed a complete lack of authenticity, would not provide my wife with anyone's contact information and proceeded to hang up on me. Not only is this some of the worst customer service that we have ever experienced, but the sale of this insurance product and consequently the denial of my claim is absolutely consumer fraud and has major traction in the world of class action lawsuits. This situation could have been so easily rectified if just one person took ownership and showed a little bit of empathy. We would have been more than happy to be flexible and work out an agreement that satisfied both my wife and I(the consumers) and Macy's. To say that we are disappointed in the level of service that we have experienced would be a gross understatement. Foolishly, we had faith that my local Macy's store would have actually wanted to rectify the situation and turn a negative experience around.
shopper1 Send email
Feb 27, 2017

worry no more

Purchased a worry no more contract at macy's at the time we bought a sectional sofa for our den. we were informed that if we did not put in any claims within the 7 year time period, we would get a credit for the amount we paid for the protection plan. that credit could be used in macy's furniture department.
we had no claims, and are happy with the furniture we purchased. HOWEVER, the credit we have to use in macy's furniture is $218, and there are basically no items that we can use it on. There are so many exclusions for store items, and it cannot be used for macy's dot com. there is a furniture delivery charge for any item that is $65 and it cannot be used on quick ship items. I cannot use it for lamps, pictures, vases, etc. only on big ticket items that will cost me hundreds if not thousands. it is a fraud refund. I feel that it is a trick and was a misleading credit.
ievxh11 Send email
Jan 21, 2017

File a claim within 15 days

Worry No More PROTECTION IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nash Send email
Jan 14, 2017


This is a SCAM.

Having spent 3 hours of phone calls over three days it obvious that they are well trained to avoid supporting a claim.

We filed a claim 6 months ago and the technician assigned to correct our furniture (sectional) problem was totally
unprofessional and a jerk. We gave up trying to work with him and went on to other matters in our life. Now we
want to solve the problem and Worry No More says they won't because a claim was filed and they closed it because
the technician said he couldn't arrange an appointment and we should have called them to complain versus telling
the technician to send out someone else. They said they sent us an email or letter to advise they were closing
the claim - nothing received - we don't believe anything happened - why wouldn't we respond?

In simple terms they won't honor our warranty and are arrogant about it. They can't tell us where we did wrong
based on their "Terms & Conditions". A perfect case for Small Claims Court.
Edwina Send email
Jan 7, 2017

Worry No More Insurance

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS INSURANCE!!!!!! GUARANTEED THAT WHATEVER YOUR PROBLEM IS, THEY WILL NOT COVER IT. They look for reasons not to cover your insurance. I called them just today to requesting to have some scratches on the backside of my sofa covered and they stated that they do not cover any kind of scratches. When I purchased the insurance they stated that they would cover almost anything and that the insurance was very good!

I have had this sofa now for 3 years and never put in a claim and now that I do, they don't cover. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS INSURANCE. IT'S A SCAM!!!!!!

EllenMary Send email
Jan 2, 2017


In good faith I purchased Macy's WORRYNOMORE Furniture Protection Plan. After exhausting my efforts to have the terms of the service contract honored, I am appealing to you. The lack of assistance I received from Macy's customer service reps in an attempt to have my dresser repaired was both disappointing and disheartening. Each time I called Macy's Customer Service, Macy's customer service representatives told me to contact Uniters Service Center, so I did. Repeatedly.

The customer service representatives from Uniters Service Center were rude and unprofessional in their conduct with me. Uniters blatantly breached the terms of the $458 service contract I purchased on March 22, 2012. I made several failed attempts to have my contract with Macy's Furniture Protection Plan honored. The terms of the $458 service contract I purchased were repeatedly breached, Prior to this apparent scam to which I fell victim, I believed Macy's was an honorable and reputable company. Since my failed attempts to get Uniters Service Center to honor the terms of the Macy's WORRYNOMORE Furniture Protection Plan I purchased, I no longer shop at Macy's.
Java Send email
Dec 23, 2016

Worry no more

We purchased sofa, love seat and chair set from Macy's with worry no more plan. The reason we purchased worry no plan was, because Macy's sales person said that it also covers couch cleaning. Couch quality is really bad and stains easily. We've tried cleaning it with the cleaning supplies they provided when we purchased it, but its useless. Also, chair's leg piece fell off. We contacted worry no more and they denied our claim. Sales person gave us totally wrong info and we've spent over $300 for something completely useless. We bought it from Macy's because we thought Macy's was a reputable company, but they are just after our money!!! DO NOT BUY THIS USELES PLAN and DO NOT BUY YOUR FURNITURE FROM MACY'S!!!!!!!!
gww8603 Send email
Dec 21, 2016


Our couch was purchased 15 months ago from Macy's and under strong recommendations from the salesman we purchased the worry no more warranty. The couch is fading in two areas and i called the to file a claim. The couch wasn't cheap and when filing the claim i told them we noticed it 2 months ago. We were denied due to not reporting it within 15 days. They seem to try and find ways to not provide you with service and seem alot more like a scam company than a warranty company.Very disappointed in the service. Strongly advise not getting it.
gypsyjeri Send email
Dec 10, 2016


I was told by salesman any damage we cause accidentally.... or even on purpose was under guarantee. Paid $438 for the protection plan. Daughter was sewing on table and made a dent size of a dime. I called the line... didn't know when it happened so they would not cover as I had to purchase within two weeks.

Now I am trying to get my refund as it has been 7 years. I called the number Macys gave me and I can not get through. It is a recording with a bunch of more scam offers. Another run around. DO NOT do it. I have two more pieces I bought this on. I will NOT USE, I will wait out the refund and take good notes once I get it this time. OMG!!!

Macy's... you are screwing your customers to the point that I can not believe people even consider buying from you. I am done.
rmm430@aol.com Send email
Dec 3, 2016

Worry no more contract

The contract itself is a major scam. When purchased at Macy's they tell you that if you don't use the service you will get your money back after 7 years. I called and they said you don't get money back you get a voucher to purchase more furniture!!! Now they send me an email saying I am not eligible for the voucher since I was two days past the 90 day mark. Consumers beware!!! READ YOUR CONTRACT no matter what the sales person tells you.
sunildjoshi Send email
Nov 24, 2016

Worry No More

We purchased sofa from MACYS and protection plan for 5 years. Out of four recliners three stopped working, Worry No More guy came and ordered parts, partial part came after 2 months. Called and they ordered rest of the parts. It has been total five months and we are still waiting for parts only. What a cheat company.
natesuetaylor Send email
Nov 23, 2016

Worry No More Warrenty

I was delivered a defective table which was fixed in the first year of my tables' delivery. A year later I had the same problem with my table and additional problems. I called worry no more. They asked me repeatedly when I noticed this problem. I causally said , I don't know, about a month ago.. Well, they denied my claim because problems have to be filed within 15 days of noticing damage. What a scam. My new dining room set and bedroom furniture will not be purchased at Macy's with a warranty program like this in place.
2seatercar@gmail.com Send email
Nov 21, 2016

Worry No More

The warranty states you have to report within 15 days of discovery. I went to hospital 2 days after discovery but mt claim was denied because I called after 3 weeks. What a piece of crap!

Also I was told that my claim would be denied if fading was from sun. My furniture does not get direct sunlight so there should be no fading. The furniture is crap as well. No wonder Macy's is doing so poorly.
CDrum Send email
Nov 4, 2016

Worry some more

Purchased a leather sectional in January of 2015 and got the Worry No More warranty as it was such an expensive purchase. The leather is losing color, not in the fading away type of way, but more of a flaking color away. It seems that the leather isn't dyed the final color, but sprayed with a top coat. My young son fell asleep on the couch and woke up with one side of his face covered in dark brown flakes. One of the reclining sections made a "popping" sound about a month or so ago. We actuated the reclining feature to clean some of the kids toys from under the couch and noticed that there is a rip in the underside of the cushion and that the filling material is coming out.

After calling the store we were transferred to the "Worry No More" people. After explaining the issues, we were told that since we didn't call within 15 days of the popping sound, we aren't covered? Excuse me? $3K on a couch with a 7 year extended warranty and we're not covered? We asked to be transferred to a supervisor....yeah right. Transferred back to the queue and given a leave a message at the beep. I got your beep.

Macy's needs to be ashamed of their customer service with the furniture department. They have pawned off their responsibility with these extended warranties and with it their reputation.
Weems Send email
Oct 31, 2016

Macy's Worry No More Protection Plan

Should have followed my husband's advice not to purchase this plan! I thought it would be worthwhile to purchase it for my leather sofa and couch. Two years into the plan I filed for a claim for a stain caused by a transfer of color from a wet pillow. Was denied, should have read the fine print excluding just about every event. So then, decided to apply for the voucher for store credit as I did not use their protection plan during the seven years it was effective. I tried to file in October 2016, when I did it was rejected as I had not filed for the voucher within the 90 days from the plan's expiration date which would have been August 2016. No where on the documents detailing the protection plan does it state that there is a 90 day window. I found out when my request was rejected!!!
Shelby Send email
Oct 21, 2016

Worrynomore waste

I would have to assume that the sales people working in the furniture department of Macy's receive a monetary reward of some kind for successfully getting a client to accept the warranty plan called "worry no more". From the point of purchase, all the way through attempting to utilize the $198 plan, this plan is fraud!!!
I blame Macy's for selling it and then standing behind it knowing that it is fraudulent!!!!
Please make sure to blast your social media pages with the horrific deception that Macy's practices. Enough is enough with the number of people being screwed out of hundreds of dollars!
I would totally want to be in on a class action lawsuit!
veryveryunhappy Send email
Sep 15, 2016

Worry no more is a scam

Purchased a worry no more plan but details are buried in the language 2 point type. "I'm sorry it's past the 90 days after your seven year purchase." What a scam. I should have known better. Don't purchase unless you are METICULOUS about keeping track of purchase dates and refund time frame. I can't speak to trying to get a refund-see below.

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