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Macys Worry No More Protection Plan

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Macys Worry No More Protection Plan

karkaypa Send email
May 22, 2023

TOTAL SCAM- Macys Furniture Warranty

Purchased WHITE COUCHES only because of the No Risk “Worry No More” Warranty from the smooth talking sales lady at mMacys Furniture!!! Literally a FAKE AND FRAUD! I Claimed a Water Stain and they said it was “Normal wear and tear” !! Thank goodness it hasn’t been a Wine stain! Hundreds of dollars spent on this Total Scam of a warranty, AND now everyone is saying they can’t even get the claimed refund if you don’t use it! There should be a Lawsuit without a doubt… how do we get one started?….Cause I’m in!
[email protected]
lmyers2002 Send email
May 17, 2023

Worry no more refund

DO NOT buy this
They just want your money. They said I only have 90 days to apply the refund after the plan was expired, but no where on any of the paperwork stated the requirement. It is a trap not a warranty, don't waste your money.
I don't have money to waste, we need a lawsuit.
hallerla Send email
Apr 28, 2023


I have been trying to apply for the voucher, as I have not had any claims on my warranty. It says the website is down, or doesn't exist. I have called multiple times without being able to reach an actual person. Does anyone have any ideas on how I get to the Great Give Back vouc her application? What a pain in the behind this is.
Tazparra Send email
Apr 25, 2023

Rip off

They make it impossible to use the voucher and they keep your money. I never filed a claim and now I can’t order anything with all the restrictions. I have contacted Macy’s and been corresponding with them via email and I get passed around to the same people. I am looking to do a class action lawsuit.
Screwyou Send email
Feb 15, 2023

Sofa cushings

Sectional sofa. My dog peed on 2 cushions . I unzipped the covers and put them In the washer. The zippers broke and covers shrunk. They will not fix because I washed them. Who wouldn't with smelly dog pee. They said look at the contract. It says so somewhere in the small print, do not wash. I don't have the contract because I have moved 3 times since the purchase so it got lost. No tags on the cushions for do not wash.
When speaking to this company they are so so so rude! Macys doesn't care either. I want my $500 I paid for this bogus service refunded!- Guess I'm going to be going to small claims court!!
Barbara Kavalus
lizmiller Send email
Feb 4, 2023

Macys Worry No More - refund

To all the folks who have lost money in Macy's Worry No More,

I believe that it is a scam and I write to Macy's corporate. I got ALL the money back - they sent me a check.

Hope this helps.
nadiatalk Send email
Jan 28, 2023

Worry No More

I bought the Worry No More plan for my leather couch. My cat attacked it on our vacation, and it apparently is covered through the plan, but they have to send out a technician to review it. They scheduled a technician to come from Green Apple Furniture to evaluate it. That company has rescheduled me for 3 months, and stood me up two times. The owner Dylan is rude. This is not a Worry no more, but kick the ball down the road so you will give up plan!! Unbelievable. I am a busy working class person, who has to take off work to meet their tech at my home. Macy's you should be ashamed of yourselves for selling us on a protection plan that is ineffective and wastes your customers time.

cdepaillat Send email
Jan 27, 2023

No warranty but aggravation

I bought a sofa 6 months ago and took the Macy's warranty "Worry No More".
At what point I accidently sit made a stain with chocolate and initiated a claim to have that removed.
1. they ask for pictures to qualify, which I did
2. I qualified but my claimed got stucked somewhere, I had to call them to re-activate my claim
3. They finally sent the cleaning kit
4. I cleaned the sofa with their kit following the instruction, still some spot could not be cleaned.
5. I asked for the next step (someone coming to check the Sofa)
6. 2 weeks after someone came, took pictures and went away.
7. Got an email that my claim has been denied
8. Tried to contest their decision but have not heard from them since.

This Warranty company seems to do anything to denied your claim, there is no point paying 6% of your goods if they are acting in bad faith.
lostout Send email
Jan 19, 2023

Warranty purchased

I purchased an expensive piece of jewelry from Macy's in March 2020. I initially declined the "NO MORE WORRY" plan upon purchasing. However, after Macy's called me about the 2-year "No More Worry" plan - I purchased it. (The caller identified themselves with Macy's). When I called today, 1/19/23, about renewing the plan, neither party could help and kept referring me to each other. Macy's sells a product they can't give information on, "it is a third-party source". Forget talking to No More Worry because you wind you reaching someone about furniture issues only, and refer you back to Macy's. What a waste of time and money!! Buyer beware. I would guess that Macy's gets a kickback from every sale.
obarbera Send email
Oct 3, 2022

Furniture Warranty

Purchased two Simon Li recliners in November of 2019 along with 5 year warranty. Motor, on one of the recliners, has since quite working. Called in a claim and could not get a technician out for 2 weeks. Technician, after diagnostics, determined the motor had failed. I called macy's 10 days later to inquire on shipment of the replacement part and they indicated they could not give me a definitive date but would take 4 to 12 weeks to get the part. This would be a total of 4 months without the use of my recliner that was rather expensive at time of purchase. This is unacceptable. Save you money and bypass the warranty altogether. This should be divulged at time of purchase instead of the push to purchase the warranty.
nighthawkmdk Send email
Oct 3, 2022

Macy's WorryMore

1. They give you a voucher instead of a refund if you do not use the policy.
2. You cannot use the voucher online
nighthawkmdk Send email
Oct 3, 2022

Worry More

1. They give you a voucher instead of a refund
2. You cannot use the voucher online
nighthawkmdk Send email
Oct 3, 2022

Worry more

1. Supposed to get a refund but they give you a voucher to use instead.
2. Cannot use the voucher online
tnash Send email
Aug 30, 2022

Macy's Worry No More Scam

Macy's tells you that if you don't use the warranty that you will get a refund. However, it is in the form of a voucher that can only be used in the furniture department and not on anything that is a direct ship from a vendor nor anything readily available in the store - grab-n-go. This means that you have to use their delivery service.
I have a voucher and tried to buy a small outdoor end table for $74. The parcel shipping that is not allowed is $9 but it comes from the vendor. The cheapest option is to have it delivered by Macy's for $75.
Total scam
CasaZara Send email
Aug 19, 2022

Worry No More --

I am livid and am looking for folks who are in the process of seeking legal action against Worry No More.

We purchased an expensive leather couch from Macy's in 2018. We purchased the Worry No More Ultimate plan. Last year I had the couch serviced for pet damage, which is covered by the plan, despite having the claim denied the first time and me having to re-apply, nonetheless, they sent out a technician to service our couch. The technician RUINED our leather couch by discoloring the entire piece and suggesting the color would take several months to blend out. Now in addition to the foul job on the repair I now have an entirely discolored sofa. I recently submitted another claim with them for the exact same issues and it was denied. I have requested a higher-up to contact me because I will not accept anything less than a replacement.

If you are proceeding with legal counsel. please notify me. Worry No More is fraudulent and it is embarrassing that Macy's a company I have been a valued and loyal customer with uses them.
lizmiller Send email
Aug 16, 2022

Macys Worry no more is a scam - Needs to be reported

I lost $700, never used Worry No More services, and wasn't explained about the 90-day expiration when I purchased it. How can someone remember it after 7 years? It isn't the right expectation as well. I'm contacting my lawyer to deal with it. At least it needs to be escalated.
I've been a customer of Macy's for a very long time. I never thought I could have such a disappointing experience at Macy's. I usually don't buy Protection plans, but the salesperson brainwashed us.

[email protected] Send email
Aug 4, 2022

Do not honor the warranty

I purchased a sectional in July of 2019. I attempted to file a claim on sue to my pet defecating on the furniture. I submitted photos and was told that the poop on the couch was due from multiple incidents which is false! I am filing a class action lawsuit! This is ridiculous. If they know they’re not going to honor any claims why coerce shoppers to purchase.
Barbara 307 Send email
Jul 30, 2022

Macy’s Fraudulent worry no more furniture warranty

Fraudulent worry no more furniture warranty,
Macy’s furniture rug and bedding department sales staffEncourage and pressure customers to buy service policy that promises to clean repair and replace products that they are aware does not provide the service. There a pages of complaints that tell the same story. When you call with a problem hours are spent on the phone and no help is provided. Materials that they send you to correct the problem on your own make it worse. Repair technicians also make the problem worse and then report that they have corrected the problem. When you call to follow up on the issue you were put on hold and then disconnected. No matter what you do you cannot speak to a supervisor . When you call Macy’s they tell you that they have nothing to do with this policy you have to deal with company.fraud fraud fraud. There are pages of customer complaints there till the same story. Macy’s is deliberately, Knowingly committing consumer fraud.
DianneGill Send email
May 5, 2022

Macy's Furniture Warranty

I buy all my furniture at Macys and always purchase the WorryNoMore protection plan. I have never needed to use it until March this year. A leather love seat that I bought for an occasional (sunroom) randomly busted at the arm. Only myself and my husband live at home, we very rarely use that room and never sit on the arm of the sofa. Even if we did, we are both quite low in weight. I called and made a report to WorryNoMore and they sent a technician. The technician turned the loveseat upside down - removed the underlining (ripping it in the process) and them proceeded to tell me he would repair the furniture, there and then - in my home!! He was alone, in a small car without tools. I explained that I wanted the sofa to be taken away and completely repaired or replaced - preferably replaced as it was obviously faulty, He said he would make a report and WorryNoMore would contact me... they didn't!!! When I followed up 3 weeks later after not hearing anything, I was told that my claim was closed because I "refused a repair". This is an absolute scam, and no-one should waste their money purchasing this coverage when it is not honored. Macy's should not be affiliating themselves with this no good company that takes peoples money wantonly. I have not had the time to follow up on this but I will be going to my local Macy's to file a complaint and if I have to stand by the furniture section giving out informing people of this scam - I will!!!
mail89123 Send email
Mar 5, 2022


SCAM!!!! Due to illness, missed the 90 day date by 2 months. Macy's not budge on the denial of the voucher after 7 years no claims. Macy's is no more than a K-Mart as of 4 years now. Hanging on by a thread. Very sad. We have spent thousands and were terrific and loyal customers.
Magdalena caraballo Send email
Dec 1, 2021

Scam that’s what worry no more is

Don’t purchase the worry no more voucher, it is a scam I tell you. I received the voucher you can only purchase in store furniture. If anyone has recently visited any Macy’s furniture galleries you will see what junk they have on there floor. East Brunswick/ eatontown are the stores I went to. I almost drove to Paramus store but just gave up. I tried to find Macy’s furniture on line . But here’s the thing you can only use the scam voucher on furniture that Macy’s delivers not furniture directly from manufacturers. If you don’t use the entire amount of the voucher you simply lose the unused portion ,that’s a scam . Also you cannot use it towards the tax or towards the delivery. I ended up only using a portion of the voucher amount the rest I forfeit and had to pay tax and delivery even though I had enough left on the voucher after I paid for the piece of furniture. Very unsatisfied customer I will never buy any furniture from Macy’s again I hope a class action lawsuit is bought onto macys .I am a disabled woman I hadn’t bought new furniture for 25 years and when I was finally was able , i feel I was scammed this shouldn’t be allowed to happen to anyone.
Jonathan Hall Send email
Aug 10, 2021

Does not honor the spirit of Warranty

I bought warranty on multiple pieces of furniture from Macy's because the salespeople said it was a good idea and I believe in insurance. Don't. Save your money to replace whatever item has been damaged.

My couch has the warranty, which includes rips, tears, stains, chips, manufacturer defect etc. or at least says it does. For the last few months I have had a few major issues pop up with the couch 1) the down feathers pushed THROUGH the fabric cushions to poke and stab me (manufacturer defect) 2) I spilled V8 staining it and then a month later accidentally spilled mustard as well (stains) 3) My dog had surgery and urinated on the couch because of the accident. (pet)

4) I was carrying a metal grate and accidentally hit the couch causing a rip on the side (rip)

Each of these individually would have been good enough for warranty request under the stated terms from my conversation with worrynomore. However, because I flipped the cushions and hid the rip behind something all of this damage was just "normal wear and tear". They said that because I did not request the individual issue it all goes to normal life events.

If you have worrynomore then my advice is to document and request EVERYTHING and ANYTHING the moment it happens. If you spill a glass of wine, request the warranty instead of flipping the cushion. If your puppy chews on the legs of the bed, don't just let it go because you want to honor the spirit of the warranty as being for material items that cannot be "hidden or put up with".

Macy's does not care about you trying to honor the spirit of warranty and will do everything they can to deny payment. It is a bad experience and a bad deal. People used to ask me about Macy's furniture and I was relatively positive. Not now. It is a horrible experience and a headache.

Worrynomore puts the Serve US instead of customer service
[email protected] Send email
Aug 7, 2021

Night Stands

I purchased my bedroom suite in 2016. Since day one there were issues. The first set of nightstands was visibly destroyed. Had it not been for this piece arriving in this condition, I'm certain they would have declined this claim as well. One whole corner of the nightstand stand was smooshed in. The technician came out and spray paint it and asked f I was ok with it.I callled the company immediately. Since then, I have filed several more claims only to have them declined. I'm convinced that this worry no more program is a complete rip-off. They have never intended to stand behind this insurance. I want a REFUND!
grace04nj Send email
Jul 30, 2021

Macy's Worry No More Furniture Protection

It has been 17 months I have been fighting with this company. I checked today and got this absurd message.

Thank you for contacting Warranty Service regarding your claim. We appreciate your concerns. However, no further action can be taken. Unfortunately, at this point we wouldn't be able to move this claim forward. If you have any further questions please let us know. Regards, Warranty Service

Save yourselves a law suit and BBB complaint and contact me.
sehyunh Send email
Jul 8, 2021

Macy's worry no more plan is a scam

This plan is just ridiculous. I bought a leather recliner sofa set 5 years ago and also purchased a 7-year WorryNoMore plan. About two months ago, one of the recliners was broken. With my busy schedule, I submitted my claim online after a month it occurred. Then it was denied because I submitted my claim after 15 days it occurred!! I wasn’t aware of the 15 days rule. They said is shown on the rules and regulation document. WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD READ THE DOCUMENT THAT CONTAINS 100 THOUSAND TINY CHARACTERS AFTER PURCHASING A WARRANTY!!! This plan is almost like a scam. Consumer activists should sue Macy’s and WorryNoMore Plan. I would NEVER EVER buy anything from Macy’s furniture

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