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Macys Worry No More Protection Plan

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Dec 3, 2016

Worry no more contract

The contract itself is a major scam. When purchased at Macy's they tell you that if you don't use the service you will get your money back after 7 years. I called and they said you don't get money back you get a voucher to purchase more furniture!!! Now they send me an email saying I am not eligible for the voucher since I was two days past the 90 day mark. Consumers beware!!! READ YOUR CONTRACT no matter what the sales person tells you.
sunildjoshi Send email
Nov 24, 2016

Worry No More

We purchased sofa from MACYS and protection plan for 5 years. Out of four recliners three stopped working, Worry No More guy came and ordered parts, partial part came after 2 months. Called and they ordered rest of the parts. It has been total five months and we are still waiting for parts only. What a cheat company.
natesuetaylor Send email
Nov 23, 2016

Worry No More Warrenty

I was delivered a defective table which was fixed in the first year of my tables' delivery. A year later I had the same problem with my table and additional problems. I called worry no more. They asked me repeatedly when I noticed this problem. I causally said , I don't know, about a month ago.. Well, they denied my claim because problems have to be filed within 15 days of noticing damage. What a scam. My new dining room set and bedroom furniture will not be purchased at Macy's with a warranty program like this in place.
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Nov 21, 2016

Worry No More

The warranty states you have to report within 15 days of discovery. I went to hospital 2 days after discovery but mt claim was denied because I called after 3 weeks. What a piece of crap!

Also I was told that my claim would be denied if fading was from sun. My furniture does not get direct sunlight so there should be no fading. The furniture is crap as well. No wonder Macy's is doing so poorly.
CDrum Send email
Nov 4, 2016

Worry some more

Purchased a leather sectional in January of 2015 and got the Worry No More warranty as it was such an expensive purchase. The leather is losing color, not in the fading away type of way, but more of a flaking color away. It seems that the leather isn't dyed the final color, but sprayed with a top coat. My young son fell asleep on the couch and woke up with one side of his face covered in dark brown flakes. One of the reclining sections made a "popping" sound about a month or so ago. We actuated the reclining feature to clean some of the kids toys from under the couch and noticed that there is a rip in the underside of the cushion and that the filling material is coming out.

After calling the store we were transferred to the "Worry No More" people. After explaining the issues, we were told that since we didn't call within 15 days of the popping sound, we aren't covered? Excuse me? $3K on a couch with a 7 year extended warranty and we're not covered? We asked to be transferred to a supervisor....yeah right. Transferred back to the queue and given a leave a message at the beep. I got your beep.

Macy's needs to be ashamed of their customer service with the furniture department. They have pawned off their responsibility with these extended warranties and with it their reputation.
Weems Send email
Oct 31, 2016

Macy's Worry No More Protection Plan

Should have followed my husband's advice not to purchase this plan! I thought it would be worthwhile to purchase it for my leather sofa and couch. Two years into the plan I filed for a claim for a stain caused by a transfer of color from a wet pillow. Was denied, should have read the fine print excluding just about every event. So then, decided to apply for the voucher for store credit as I did not use their protection plan during the seven years it was effective. I tried to file in October 2016, when I did it was rejected as I had not filed for the voucher within the 90 days from the plan's expiration date which would have been August 2016. No where on the documents detailing the protection plan does it state that there is a 90 day window. I found out when my request was rejected!!!
Shelby Send email
Oct 21, 2016

Worrynomore waste

I would have to assume that the sales people working in the furniture department of Macy's receive a monetary reward of some kind for successfully getting a client to accept the warranty plan called "worry no more". From the point of purchase, all the way through attempting to utilize the $198 plan, this plan is fraud!!!
I blame Macy's for selling it and then standing behind it knowing that it is fraudulent!!!!
Please make sure to blast your social media pages with the horrific deception that Macy's practices. Enough is enough with the number of people being screwed out of hundreds of dollars!
I would totally want to be in on a class action lawsuit!
veryveryunhappy Send email
Sep 15, 2016

Worry no more is a scam

Purchased a worry no more plan but details are buried in the language 2 point type. "I'm sorry it's past the 90 days after your seven year purchase." What a scam. I should have known better. Don't purchase unless you are METICULOUS about keeping track of purchase dates and refund time frame. I can't speak to trying to get a refund-see below.
golfgal Send email
Aug 27, 2016

Mattress warranty 10 yr. plan

NEVER PURCHASE A WORRYNOMORE 10 year Mattress Protector Protection Plan...... TOTAL SCAM!
When I called to file my claim for my less than 3-year old $2000+ mattress purchased at MACY'S, I did not have a copy of the warranty plan in front of me, and INSTEAD OF THE AGENT ON THE PHONE OFFERING TO SEND ME THE WARRANTY TO READ OVER BEFORE MAKING MY CLAIM... I WAS LED THROUGH A PROCESS WHICH UNKNOWN TO ME NULLIFIED MY CLAIM.

sunnieB Send email
Aug 9, 2016

Worry no more, fraud!!

There is no incentive for buying this WORRY NO MORE protection plan. The salesperson will tell you that if you purchase the Worry no more protection plan, if you DO NOT make a claim in the seven year time frame, you will receive a $200 gift card to Macy's. WHAT A CROCK! Deceitful sales trap!!!!!!! Seven years is up and I am getting the "run around" with regards to a Macy's gift card. BAD, MACY's!!
worrynomoreWASTE Send email
Jul 27, 2016

Worry no more plan

This is a TOTAL AND COMPLETE waste of money. I have a house full of Macy's furniture, all of which I purchased the Worry No More protection plan for. I've never filed a claim until today. I have had a very frustrating and horrible experience, as well as time consuming. There is a stain and a tear, both of which were caused accidentally, and should have been covered. I did the intake with the claims agent. They are sending a tech to come clean a stain that I know can't be removed (waste of time). And they are not going to cover the tear. I had said the tear occurred when I took a damp wash cloth and gently tried to clean the area. When the tear occurred I saw that a piece of metal had been pushing at the fabric, clearly making it weak, which I couldn't have known until the fabric tore. The claim agent is saying since I knew the area was weak (which shouldn't that be covered any way????) they won't cover the tear because it's improper cleaning on my part. insanity. I will be posting this review to any place I can find. Spread the word - DO NOT WASTE YOU HARD EARNED MONEY ON THE WORRY NO MORE PLAN.
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Jun 5, 2016

Waste of Money, Company is a Fraud

I had purchased the Worry No More Furniture Protection Plan for a couch I purchased from Macy's. After reading through the fine print I was happy that I purchased the protection as many things are not included in the warranty. I figured at least I would get my money back when the protection period was over. 7 years later I was on top of it and filled out the paper work in the 3 month window and was given a voucher for the $150 as promised. I go to use it at Macy's and find out I can only use the voucher towards "large furniture" even dining room chairs were not eligible. I finally found a side table that was acceptable to find out that I must pay the full price and then a credit will be issued 10-20 business days later. I wasn't happy to hear that there was yet another hoop to jump through after everything. It also adds another layer of ways Macy's could mess things up. No surprise it is months later and I still haven't seen a credit and have wasted hours of my time trying to sort it out. Stay away from the Worry No More Furniture Protection plan, they company comes up with ways to never give you back your money. Customer service for the company doesn't exist. This whole ordeal has made me never want to transact with Macy's ever again.
mnix Send email
May 26, 2016

Macy's WorryNoMore Plan

I purchased a sectional sofa a few years ago and was suggested to add the WorryNoMore plan. I was told that if I didn't use the plan, I would receive a gift voucher for the price of the plan. Upon completion of the time frame, I went through the process of obtaining my gift voucher. Now that I have it, I find out that it only applies to very limited purchases.
I was never told that there would be that many limitations when I purchased the plan. If I had known, I never would have purchased it.
After spending countless hours over the last 2 months trying to utilize the $218.00 voucher, I am finally giving up.

I am extremely dissatisfied and this experience will lead me to never go into a Macy's store again, nor order anything from Macy's online. There are plenty of other alternatives that don't have plans such as this that are purposefully misleading.
UnhappyMama Send email
May 26, 2016

Macy's "Worry No More" HA

I purchased a large sectional from Macy's along with their additional warranty stating they would take care of any stains, etc. that might happen. My son was very sick and vomited all over the sofa in several different areas. As you can imagine, this is not something that is confined to one small spot. I called Worry No More and had to wait almost two weeks for a person to come out to clean the sofa. When he arrived at 7pm on a Friday night, he took one look at the sofa and heard what happened and said he just had a hand held spot cleaner. He said he could try to do it but it would take about 5 hours. He said they should have sent a company to clean the entire sofa. So I had to wait until Monday to call the company back. They said they couldn't do anything until they received the report from the company that come out. I called that company and they said they already sent in the report. After many more calls to Macy's and the WNM company I finally found out that they did in fact receive the report but it would take a few more days to process it and I would have to call back again or someone would call me. I still have received no information until I called today and they said it is up for partial replacement....on a sectional???...I asked them to clarify. After being put on hold forever she came back and said there is another company coming out to clean the sofa since the first guy didn't try. I reminded them that the vomit has been there for almost a month now. It doesn't matter they have to come out and try to clean it and I will be receiving a call at some point in the future....when they feel like it apparently. No other information was given, very poor customer service.
Add to this that we had a large party at my home for my mother's 80th Birthday on May 21st which they were notified of from the beginning. This happened at the end of April. This sofa is in our main TV room but they just didn't care. It was very embarrassing to have to close off the room. I turned all the cushions over and put away the throw pillows to try to minimize the odor. It should NEVER take a month to respond to something like this. They require that the stain is reported right away but take all this time to try to clean it??? In my opinion that is too long to have something sit there without causing some damage or long term smell.
To sum up, it has been a month since reporting, still no resolution, had to have out of town guests staying at my home with the sofa unuseable, had a house full of guests that could not use the main room during the party. Terrible, terrible service all around. This company has no compassion, no sense of urgency or willingness to honor the warranty in an appropriate amount of time. I'm pretty sure that their 14 day turnaround, which is ridiculous, has been exceeded a few times over! DO NOT BUY THIS WARRANTY! Macy's will only forward you back to them!
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May 19, 2016

Someone should call the AG's office

This warranty is a joke and a scam. They do everything they can to avoid paying out. I was told by Macy's salesman saying I could actually get the money back if I didn't file a claim. That was clearly a lie.

DO NOT buy this worthless warranty, unless you like giving your money away for nothing in return. Someone should call the AG's office and complain.
Jennyjn Send email
May 3, 2016

Shame on Macy's

I purchased this plane for my dining room table and couch. My dining room table chairs were falling apart. I called and they asked when it happened. When I said that I noticed it about 30 days ago they stated that I could not a claim since I needed to report it within 15 days. Macy's salesperson should be trained on the details. Very important to know this information. When I called Macy's to complain they told me that I should have reviewed the materials given to me. I said what materials. They said in the box with the cleaning supplies. No one told me they were located in there. I can't believe that Macy's continues to sell this product to its customers. I was so upset at the terrible service at Worry No More that I needed to replace my table and chairs I did not go back to Macy's. I went to another store and spent twice as much without blinking an eye. I will never buy furniture from Macy's. Total rip-off.
cicinl Send email
Apr 23, 2016

The business license should be suspended

Total fraud.
No details on their brochure. When I claimed for refund coz of not using, they said the refund period was expired.
Then I contacted Macy's, Macy's pulled ball back to this company.
I filed complaint to BBB, this company told BBB they would give me refund once I provided supported document.
After providing documents, they told BBB I rejected their final offer but in reality, never heard anything from them.
If many other people have same experiences as me, maybe we should stick together to fight back.
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Apr 20, 2016

Warranty cancellation threat

We have had multiple issues with our sectional leather furniture despite having it less than a year only to receive an email from the extended warranty company contracted to Macys that they had threatened to cancel our extended warranty.

Macy's dont want to take any ownership or assist us and have told us to contact Worry no more directly. We are extremely dis- satisfied at this point and unless we get a satisfactory resolution, we would not recommend anyone purchasing furniture or an extended warranty from Macys.
Stormey Send email
Apr 16, 2016

Warranty and Exchange policy

I am going to do everything in my power to get a class action lawsuit started against Macy's furniture warranty and exchange policy. I can't believe the companies consumer practices. The reprehensible consumer purchasing practices should be challenged. Stayed tuned. I am on a mission.
cicinl Send email
Mar 8, 2016

fraud advertisement

I purchased my couch with this warranty on 9/14/2008 and would like to get the money back since I never claimed to use the service even more. I read through all details on invoice and brochure and didn't find any information such as phone number, website, or email to contact. Eventually found information online and it indicated the claim period was 90 days after 7-year purchase so I wasn't qualified. On the brochure, there was no this note at all. This is definitely fraud advertisement to make free money.
unsatisfied Send email
Mar 3, 2016

Big Run Around

This Warranty Plan is more trouble to get action and service than it is worth. I'd rather call in a furniture repair of my own and have this recliner that is stuck up in the air fixed. I am wondering if there is a class action suit against this company. Macy's should be ashamed for selling this policy. I will never buy another piece of furniture from Macy's again.
joan43 Send email
Feb 22, 2016

90 day expiration

I bought furniture in Nov. 2008, never mad a claim. Went into Macy's Oak Brook, to get my money back, they told me I had to call customer service. This was in January. I finally made the call today, they told me to go on line to file the claim for the money. Now I am told it is past the 90 days. I can't find 90 days anywhere on any paperwork I have here. This is a total rip off and should be investigated. No wonder Macy's is in the toilet. I will never make a large purchase ever again from them. I long for the days of Marshall Fields.
sunita D Send email
Feb 16, 2016

They would make it worse

Bought WNM plan with Macys on dinning chairs and a whole host of other furniture. My first claim was rejected for really stupid reasons. Like i called a few hours later than i should have. Anyway, the next claim, they sent a guy to clean, that made the spot look worse. When i asked for a replacement, they sent a chair that was broken (wobbly as well as completely different color vs. the one before). So now i was left with 3 chairs only with my breakfast dining set. The 4 chair has to be discarded and cant be even put together with the rest 4. I called practically 10 times and they kept shuttling me between macys and worry no more customer service and it was unbelievable. Both of them kept passing the blame on the other, leaving me in limbo. Now, my whole dinning set is useless and would have to buy a new one, as it is kept in the center of the house, and looks awful with 3 chairs. I wish someone could help me sort this out.

Take my advice, DONT BUY WORRY NO MORE. Trust me its a huge hassle! How they clean stains is a joke.. you can do it better and the hassle you have to go through for replacement is an ordeal. Save your money
vkd2057 Send email
Feb 10, 2016

Waste of Money

I wish I had checked these boards before I bought into the Worry No More scam. I trusted that Macy's would not be pushing a low-quality service, so I bought it. I wasted $109 on "coverage" for a 4 x 6 expensive rug that, when I went to make my claim, was not covered because I waited too long (I didn't want to bother with it over the holidays and did not realize I had just a few days to report it.) I called Macy's to let the know how unhappy I was. I spoke with 3 different people who said a manager would call me back. No one did. This poor service by Macy's, along with the garbage product of Worry SOME More, means that l not be buying from Macy's Furniture again.
landis29 Send email
Feb 8, 2016



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