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Lauriechris Send email
Jun 20, 2021

No inside dinning

We ordered food, then when we went to sit down to eat, we were informed there was no inside dinning. Not all tables are marked closed, and the dinning room is not marked as closed
[email protected] Send email
Jul 21, 2018

Locked doors

The McDonald’s has the worst service anywhere
But today they locked the doors because they got too busy. I never heard of such a thing. Lock doors because too busy!!
With customers inside the continued to keep the door on the drive up side closed
So customers had to walk all the way around the building.
A lot of these customers are elderly and it’s difficult for them.
During the week the drive up is a long wait.
This is our local McDonald’s but the management is terrible. Something is terribly wrong with this McDonalds! I hope something will be done?
[email protected] Send email
Jul 21, 2018

Locked doors

We arrived at McDonald’s to find the door locked on the drive up side.
We found that the manager had locked both doors because they got to busy.
There were customers inside. The management here is terrible. They just don’t care about customers.
I come here every day and I am tired of the poor service. The music they play here makes people nervous
The driveup in the morning is extremely slow
The management here has the attitude the just. Don’t care.
This is our local McDonald’s but is hard To deal with there attitude.
[email protected] Send email
Jul 21, 2018

Locked doors

The McDonald’s has the worst service anywhere
But today they locked the doors because they got too busy. I never heard of such a thing. Lock doors because too busy!!
With customers inside the continued to keep the door on the drive up side closed
So customers had to walk all the way around the building.
A lot of these customers are elderly and it’s difficult for them.
During the week the drive up is a long wait.
This is our local McDonald’s but the management is terrible. Something is terribly wrong with this McDonalds! I hope something will be done?
Chuck weddle 815-519-3327
[email protected] Send email
Apr 23, 2018

Poor service

Mcdonalds store in Scottsburg often has poor customer service. I was there today to purchase one fish sandwich to go. I waited 15 minutes inside and left and went to Burger King. One person was waiting and about 10 people were waiting in line. The person waiting customers also has make hot fudge sundaes etc. A very poor set up. I seen this before at this store and nothing seems to change. I usually avoid the store when they our busy.
tko81655 Send email
Mar 11, 2018

Everything on your menu and it used to be just chicken nuggets unofficial sandwich for me because all your other products suck

Your chicken nuggets used to be halfway thick and a hell of a lot more tasty the things you’re putting out now I wouldn’t feed my worst enemy‘s dog and my sister‘s dog won’t even eat them turned her nose up at them she Rather go to go out in the cat box and get one of them treats and that’s about my opinion of your chicken nuggets is the cat box treat would taste better then your sandwiches I don’t know what kind of monkey you got working there but you need to teach it to put the everything centered everything is off to one side or and it’s not pretty and I don’t look nothing like that Sandwich thati is on adds false advertising in my let’s try to do a better job I mean why do we have to make them thinner. Your guys ain’t making enough money and the idea of paying your people $15 an hour when there not even
worth That much. They’re not even worth that much to make a sandwich so I $15 an hour they ain’t going to get any better so you need to look into this because I am going not going there no more.!!! Hell even burger king hell even red robins would be better so you need to tell Ronald to get on the fling hamburger and fly around to the places that make your stuff and put it back like it used to be or you guys are going to be out of business you’re going to be the Kmart of the Walmart did to Kmart !!!!!! Not sincerely yours very very very disgusted with product and I was down to just two items there chicken nuggets or fish sandwich because they’re all the other stuff sucks and I’m from Nebraska and that’s where they invented your
damn pork sandwich all know McDonald’s again the pork patty Sandwich the Mc rib and that sucks now too I don’t know if you’re trying to run yourself out of business or your customer base is young people and they don’t realize that itused to be halfway decent and Ellie anything apparently I’ve been going to burn sandwich the Mc rib and that sucks now too I don’t know if you’re trying to run yourself out of business or your customer base now is young young people and they don’t realize didn’t used to be halfway decent and Ally anything apparently I’ve been going to You guys since 1967 so let’s get our act together
tko81655 Send email
Mar 11, 2018

Chicken nuggets

All your locationsLet’s go back to making them like we used to I bought some the other day and York Nebraska and I swear they were only about a quarter inch tall where they used to be a good third of an inch sure almost to half inch and tasty these damn things you’re putting out now suck the big one and Burger King starting to look a lot better and Hardee’s hell even Red Robin’s starting to look good too !!!! And their food sucks to and their price but all these other ones are starting to look good and I have any at McDonald’s since 1967 but the name is going to change it to McTrashy’s Very very very disappointed Ronald need to get a job looking into this stuff I need to get on the fly and hamburger and hit the road to some of these restaurants and check your food making outfits give them chicken nuggets suck
Stephen T. Makielski Send email
Mar 7, 2018

Food I was Served

To whom it may concern,

I recently went through the drive-thru at one of our local McDonald's and purchased a double quarter-pounder with cheese meal. Upon arriving at my destination I hungrily opened the bag to get stated. To my surprise and major disappointment I tasted the fries and they were terrible. I tasted the burger and for the first time in 50 years of eating McD's, I wondered if you were using real beef or was it something else?

Very disappointed in my $8 meal which was wasted. Why? You guys make money hand over fist and to serve a poor product like that is inexcusable. My suggestion is to pull your heads out of your butts and go to a Blake's, In - N - Out, or 5 Guys burgers and see why the competition is kicking your ass. Seriously.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." I won't make the mistake of going to any of your restaurants any time soon.
Juliette Send email
Oct 9, 2017

Wrongful employee termination

I was recently let go boss said i did nothing wrong but was being let go anyway this all came about after i turned in paperwork to return back to work from medical leave i also have medical disabilities and turned in up dated medical slips from my dr that needed to be followed at work well while i was off on medical leave my old store manager who i might add never had any issues with my medical restrictions left and one of our other shift managers took over as head manager who i might add never liked me and now all the sudden i was being told i did nothing wrong but she was letting me go all this happened after i turned in my paperwork to her first i was told i would be on the schedule in a week and that week came and i still wasnt on it called and was told to come in and talk to her and thats when i was told she was terminating my employment said i did nothing wrong but was being let go seems more like my medical issues may have been a problem for her because i have never had any issues till now i was always on time for my shifts and was there when i was scheduled to be i didnt call in and i got along well with the other store employees
Preacherjames Send email
Sep 4, 2017

Getting order right

The McDonald's in Jefferson Ohio 104 west chestnut st 44047 Every time I go to this place and place a order it's wrong I ask for no cheese on fish sandwichs get home cheese on all 6 sandwiches and other times I get I am shortage sandwich or two I call they say come and get it I ask you going to pay for gas answer is no send and employee with it no then other time sandwiches are just thrown together call sorry new employee I am writing you because the manager at this store doesn't care answer sorry go somewhere else for your food so is has been going on for a long time probably 10-15 times spending $20.00 or more maybe I should post on Facebook maybe they may under stand and return money or gift cards so am writing to you because store manager does not care I complain about this when they first open called after you them and said sorry so I hope somebody takes action Thank You Pastor James James A Lynch JR 3374 state rt 46 south Jefferson Ohio 44047 phone 440-223-4866 email [email protected]
Daffy Send email
Apr 28, 2017


McDonalds at 1410 Cypress Creek in Cedar Park , Tx is Saying How I See People I Work With Says I Might Be ' Racist ' Because I Have Difficulty Saying Employees Names Makes Me a ' Racist ' I Do Not Think I Am also They are Out to ' Get Me ' and I am Afraid For My Job
DanBob Send email
Apr 13, 2017

employees are too young, kids

Employees are very young and having fun at work but may be too much. One employee shown up at the cash register talking on her personnel cell phone. Customers were surprised to see that but she left after to have her dinner among the customers. When I was eating, one employee was screaming to his co-workers having fun and I think he was working at the pick up window. A young guy "friend" of the female employee having her dinner walked in and shown his finger....!!! to a female employee working at the cash register. He told her some words " not polite and gross". The female employee left the register and went to talk to the guy. Another young female employee went to see them and they were all enjoying with their time at work. Three ladies walked in and when they saw that, they left. For me, too late, I already ordered my food. I am not going back at that location, 6858 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, Florida, for my life time due too young employees out of control. Customers were stunned to see that on April 12, 2017 between 5:00 and 5:30 PM. I did not see who was the Manager on the floor, probably a kid. Your kids "employees" do not care being in a public place.
chris havrilesko Send email
Mar 23, 2017

egg mcmuffin

I mean really guys c mon really ?

I really can read a newspaper through the Canadian bacon Back in the day it was thick but now its shameful .
kimmykac Send email
Jan 8, 2017

Unprofessional Store Manager

I am a former shift manager from store #5740 in Flagstaff,Arizona. I was fired (over the phone) for not going in on Christmas Day. We had a big snow storm. I was stuck and with a flat tire. The only road out (I-17) was closed. There was nothing I could do. I didn't have a history of calling out and I was never late! Other managers are habitually late, managers are having relations with crew, which is a violation of policy. The inappropriate talk by certain upper management to and in front of minors is disgusting. All of that and so much more is over-looked by the store manager:Rebecca. She has no people skills and doesn't even know all operations in HER store! Ridiculous!!
glenschroeder Send email
Oct 7, 2016

cold food

Just want to say I have tried McDonalds lately and at each of the three locations you get cold fires or best soggy warm fries. You don;t even get a hot burger. For the size of the burgers and the price of $10 plus you are better off going anywhere else to get meal. At least other businesses give you hot the same price or best yet much cheaper. Come on McDonalds get it together. Also be sure to check your receipt they usually try to get another 80 cents more than posted prices. Caught them several times to adjust my bill. No more McDonalds for me.
Antonia Send email
Oct 2, 2016

Unfairly employee fire

Dear MacDonals I though your were a ferly equal opportunity employment to all, we just found that the one of you employees got unfairly fire, The management first they suspended him for a week, when he was ready to go back to work, they call him to go at 1:00pm on Saturday 1 2016, to talk to him well they toll him he was fire, because the other person was a minor and they can be sue, the other employee is a adult person he toll the minor to take his attitude and her shat out side we come to work here the minor got mad because the other person just start working and he was working in the grill and they put the minor to wash dishes, the adult explain him self but they dint believe him, the adult person ask if they can see the videos of the cameras but they say no that the people from the fryers were witness, when they didn't hear anything, we were taking our business there because we were start a group of parents and we were meeting there but because this location was unfairly with this employee we taking our business some were else, we are a group of parents that we go to this Location Grant and Silver bell on Tucson Arizona every Tuesday and weekly and weekends we are big families I love this location but lately is been long waiting lines to get our food or we get the wrong food. My concerned is if other adult is hire and get a good position there, if the minors don't like it he or she is going to get fire not fare sorry but not fare.
Linda Witt Send email
Sep 6, 2016

Food not prepared correctly

Got a special order for a ball game. I called ahead and gave them thirty minutes to complete the order. When we got to the game
the burgers did not have anything but a pickle in the middle of the burger and just a little ketchup in the middle. The burgers were
dry. I called the manger and he refused to do anything to correct the order. I informed him that I will no longer buy from McDonalds.
My family buys from them everyday. My son is very sick and sometimes can only eat their parfait's. I have never been treated so
badly by McDonald's before. At least give a credit of some type to make the order good. He acted like it was my fault that the order
was not correct. I am very displeased with McDonalds but they don't care about their customers.
Kathy123 Send email
Aug 7, 2016

Managers need training about tv usage

Yesterday my husband and I stopped at McDonald's on grand central Ave Elmira heights my for a sandwich. As we sat there the tv was on a soap opera. The couple was very engaged in a bed scene. I called it McDonald's porn. I would have complained if my grandchild was with me. Are people just oblivious to this stuff in the middle of the day or what ? Why can't they have a news channel or maybe wildlife of a different sort ?

There were some children there bc it was middle of the day ! I should have complained but what do they care what I think. And another thing is I usually do not get the Big Mac but decided to. What a mistake. It was dry , very little sauce , even the bun was drier. It was the first one I had on a couple years ( usually get fish sandwich) I ate a few bites and tossed it. The fries were very hot and tasted good though. It was a disappointing visit. You should have a guideline on what can be viewed on your tvs ! And managers should pay attention to it ! Just my opinion
keitheriksen Send email
Jul 26, 2016


i have been eating at this west covina store for a while and i am tired of getting eggs that are the size of a silver dollar and its as hard as a hockey puck. i get my hash brown about 1 out of 3 visits. i guess i get what i payed for. i will never eat here again.i have never written any company in my life but had to do this. this place is terrible. the people who work the window should always double check the order before handing it out. and if the employee won't eat it dont serve it. i am not a dog.
Elm Send email
Jul 13, 2016

Can not get order correct

McDonald's at 339 FM 1960 W., Houston, TX 77090 - I ordered an egg white delight and a small Mocha Frappe from the drive through. He up sold me on a medium Mocha Frappe and it was reflected on the screen of the drive thru. I was given no receipt and was handed my order. When I got to work and tasted my frappe, it was caramel. Because I hate the flavor of caramel and caramel is nothing but sugar, I had to discard it. From now on, I will have to sit at the drive thru window and consume my order to make certain it is what I paid for.
Glenda06 Send email
Jul 1, 2016

The manegers at mcdonalds is treating the worker like crap and it gots to stop its in oak grove la

Well there r four woman at mcdonalds plus the hiring manager is treating the workers like shit and making them cry and quite there job it should not be like that if it don't stop something bad will happen to mcdonalds or the people. Please do something about them rude people there that's treating there worker like dirt. Its a shame how everyone is about there job the should hate there job. Oak grove la mcdonalds is a good place but its the manegers that's there. Get rid of them or I will. Its two whites and three blacks they need to be fired so mcdonalds can be a better place for the people. Thank u.
William Fountain Send email
May 22, 2016

Rude Window Employee

Today at 610 p.m. I drove up to the drive thru order kiosk, and asked for a Filet-o-fish combo large sized. The young lady taking orders and collecting money had to be told 3 times, that I wanted a large sized order with diet coke without ice. After finally getting through that fiasco, I arrived at the order fulfillment window to have a rude black female slam the window open and hand me my drink while she kept one hand on her hip, then she basically throws my order to me and slammed the window shut. No Thank You, kiss my ass nothing it was as if I was a demon or something, It was very obvious it was racial. I will not visit this business again. I am headed to Wendys, better food quality, and always a smile and a Thank You.
Joe camel Send email
May 12, 2016

Negligence to service

You are trying to come to McDonald's with my daughter in the evening hours yes I know it was 2 hours to closing I wrote this before in the previous section all we wanted was chicken nuggets and the double cheeseburger for me and my wife and we were totally blown off so the the person running drive-thru can stack paper cups but if that's how you conduct your business Wendy's is up the road and I will be happy to take my business there even though McDonald's is my daughter's favorite place to go it's pretty sad that you have to disappoint a child for their favorite place to go because some stupid idiot working in drive-thru can't accommodate a child and if this is not taken care of trust me I won't file much more of a complaint thank you very much for your time
Big money Send email
Mar 23, 2016

Disrespectful ops-manager

Today and several other days I have witness this ops-manager be so disrespectful to his crew. He talks to them like they are nothing or that they are beneath him as people. He belittles them and other managers in the store. When he comes in the whole store becomes a hostile environment for the crew members and it trickles down to the customers and the service that they are providing. As a everyday human being i fell like no one should have to work with someone like this. I think that it is time to do something about this ops-manager if Mcdonalds cares anything about the profits and business at this location!!!!
Sammie12? Send email
Mar 19, 2016

mcdouble mcblaa !!!


I got three mcdoubles and they weren't good. She got a mcfish and the cheese was 65 % hanging off the

sandwich. The mcdonalds on calumet ave in Valparaiso ind makes the best food in the wourld.

(hail Jacob) The best manager for making food around.

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