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pamsparadise Send email
May 11, 2016

Horrible Case Management

Trivia: What do you get when you hire the largest personal injury firm in the nation? NOTHING!

I was only with Morgan and Morgan for two weeks and was asked to do some research on my case that the incompetent paralegal didn't want to do. And once u had the info she needed, I left 10 messages on voicemail for her to call me back. NOTHING! I even left messages for two staff attorneys to call me......once again....NOTHING. I haveva personal injury case AND a workman's comp case that i trusted with them and couldn't get one person to call me back.
I immediately called another firm and in the first hour I spoke to two lawyers and a paralegal. They said i had great cases and said they would love to represent me. They also wished me will in my recovery.

I am going on a local radio station next week for a "Consumer Beware" segment and i will talk about how horrible and unresponsive Morgan and Morgan is.
If anyone has an open case with them and are not receiving a call back or if you are always getting someone's voicemail and never speak to an attorney, you should withdraw your case NOW before your statute of limitations run out.

Seek out a local firm with great reviews regarding customer service before its too late.

Morgan and Morgan, I could have been your greatest supporter but because of how you are treating a lot of people, they are being victimized all over again.
Thanks again for NOTHING!
pse1949 Send email
May 8, 2016

Don't believe them!

Called them believing they are for The People, well that's crap, they are phonies, and all about what they can get in there pockets, please do not believe them....Don't care about The People.They have a pretty bad rap sheet about how they lie...So beware.
Travonti87 Send email
May 5, 2016

Animal Medical Center

I brought my dog to the vet and was misled on the payment options and i paid the inital fee which i thought was the complete cost. They call and harrass me about paying the bill but has stopped once i told them that i'd contact you guys. My name is Travonti Brumfield and I can be reached @ 6018100186...
Archer4110 Send email
Apr 27, 2016

False advertising

I wouldnt fall for John Morgan's emotional TV and radio advertising pitches that attempt to draw you in by saying they're for the people. Horse sh%#". Please be smart and take a few minutes of your time to look at the many reviews readily available on several websites. What does his talking about his new born grandchild or family dog have to do with being a law firm that is able to represent you better than others ???. I filled out the theonline form and got a call back the next day from a young woman that really should be asking if you'd like fries with that rather than working for a law firm. As has been stated here before, I didn't speak to an attorney and was quickly referred to the Florida bar. I'm thinking that if it's not an easy law suit for them they quickly send you down the road and say "Next". I've lost all of my toes due to a so called doctor operating on a toe he never should have touched. Is Mr. Morgan really for the little guy that doesn't have the money to hire a team of lawyers to get justice, as he implies in his advertising.
anfox426 Send email
Apr 26, 2016

after a year didn't hear anything about many case I called and called and just got answering machine without a call back.

I have grand mal seizures and I'm not able to drive I had a car accident with my three children in the car thank God we were all right but after that I wasn't able to go anywhere for over 6 months I can't go on computers because of the flashing lights and I can't do anything else job what is. Morgan & Morgan called me and took my claim and I told them what happened I barely heard from them I was to send out papers and that's the last I heard from them. I want again got into an accident and this one was worse I could have died I got into an accident after having a seizure and ran into a ditch I've tried to call them over and over again with no luck I keep getting answering machine after answering machine. I am fed up with it I have three kids to support and I need it disability as soon as possible I don't know where else to turn to.
lucknerg Send email
Apr 19, 2016

construction filed

December 28-2015 I was filed the ladder 10 or15 feet's high
Brenda Summers Send email
Apr 18, 2016

extreme call from a company

Can a company continue to call after you have made arrangements with them to extend a payment? They needed calling 5-6 times a day even on Sunday. They are calling even weeks before that payment is due.
Cedar Tyler Send email
Apr 13, 2016

Hospital Abuse

Dear Mr. Morgan and Morgan:
Our mother went into the hospital a few weeks ago for dehydration . She is 94 years of age she suffer from Dementia. She began to get Bed Sores on the lower part of her back, the two hip bones, and on her heels. We believes that the nurses neglected to do their job by turning mom over. We want to know can we sue or cannot. Can anyone help us from your Law Firm?

Thanks: The Williams Sisters.
eddie2016 Send email
Apr 8, 2016

Poor Customer Service

I called this law firm in order to speak to an attorney about my car accident and I should have known from the initial call that this was going to be a poor customer experience. When you call in, you get a representative that they call intake specialist. This person takes down your information but refuses to answer questions, so much for the free consultation they speak about in their commercials. I ask the rep basic questions about how to go about speaking to the insurance and what my rights are in Florida and she refuses to help me by saying she can schedule an investigator to meet with me at my home. She informs me that he will meet with me, answer my questions and will bring documents for me to sign. I ask her about what these documents are and she tells me its just paperwork to review my case. I agree to the meeting with the investigator.

The man shows up at my home and after taking down personal information and details on the accident, he presents a contract and a bunch of other forms for me to sign. He isn't able to explain the contract but he assures me that I am hiring the best law firm around. I'm the type of person that needs to know exactly what I am agreeing to before I make a decision. When I begin asking the investigator questions, he informs me isn't allowed to answer anything because he isn't an attorney. I explain to him what the representative told me and he tells me that's not how it works. He explains that the only way to find out whether or not I have a case is to sign the contract. I tell the man that I won't sign anything without speaking to a lawyer first. He tells me that he can call his office so I can speak to one of his supervisors and I decline due to the fact they are not attorneys either. How may times do I have to request an attorney, this is utterly ridiculous.

In my opinion, these investigators are glorified used car salesmen who are sent to close the deal. This whole process reminds me of an assembly line where they just move you along to the next station. A few days later, a so called paralegal calls me to find out why I didn't want to sign and to find out about my case. I tell her that I'm not going to waste my time explaining everything again. I ask her about speaking to an attorney and she tells me they are all too busy to speak with me. At that point, I decided to hire a different law firm with real attorneys who actually speak to people like me. I feel the need to write this in order let the public know about this process that unfortunately does not work.
Mikie Send email
Apr 4, 2016

Discrimination Case

I called the Morgan & Morgan Orlando Law office to see if I have a discrimination case against the Global Company that I work for? I was wanting to use this Law firm to represent me because of their commercials I hear on the radio? I was quickly told that their firm does not accept cases like this, she was quick to give me the number of the Florida Bar Association? I told her no Thanks.
The previous time I tried to use this law firm was when my pacemaker failed me soon after being implanted and was held responsible for all of medical bills? I was told at that time too that their law firm does not accept cases like this?
Hmmmmmmmm. What cases do they accept? I guess only the easy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ cases. So much for attorney's?
[email protected] Send email
Mar 23, 2016

morgan and morgan

Twice within the past three years Mr. Morgan has gotten on tv with his crying tears in the voice and told the public that if you have been wronged this way (once by your auto insurance company and currently about social security), please call my office (FOR THE PEOPLE) for free answers to your question. Both times, someone calls back within days and tells you we dont want to take the case. I let the individual know, that I was not looking to start a case only needed an answer to a simple question. He again could not answer an easy non legal question but offered me the number to the Florida Bar. They are only trolling for business under the disguise of "FOR THE PEOPLE", having a clerk without knowledge of the law call you. His new TV ad showes his dogs, in my opinion, he should close the law firm and breed for a living
dirtfinder Send email
Mar 15, 2016


This law firm has no idea what they are doing.... When you call their agents and you talk to them you realize they have no idea what other departments within their own firm does... I called looking to obtain representation from their firm for a partnership / business dispute that I have. They advertise taking it on a contingency but after you finally talk to someone else after two weeks, they tell you the hourly rate.... and that they never take cases like this on a contingency ...... Why do they say they work for the little guy????? They don't mention that means the little guy with MONEY...... Don't be fooled they are only after deep pocket cases. Why do they have a slogan when they do not stand by it ??????? They really suck..... Please do not call them .....
jstewart2297 Send email
Mar 11, 2016

"For the (Morgan & Morgan)", not you

I have been receiving robo-calls on my cell phone from "(my) credit card company wanting to lower my interest rate". No name, just asking me to press #1 to be connected with an agent. Sounded like a complete scam but over the last two weeks I have received four calls so I called this firm. After taking 10 minutes with their agent who sounded like a call center overseas the young lady informed me they would not be interested in taking my case. Turns out they only want clients who have received over 50 calls under their guidelines. Heck, I could litigate for someone who has received over 50 calls! This company is only interested in "slam-dunk" cases where no one has to do any real work. Morgan & Morgan is for themselves, period. Please don't be fooled by their high-priced commercials that try to convince you differently.
Crna1ab Send email
Feb 10, 2016

Morgan and Morgan

This firm purports to be for the people working for the little guy! Don't be fooled I've called them on several occasions and they are only after deep pocket cases. They in no way stand by there slogan! DON'T BE FOOLED!!!!
tdeaf Send email
Jan 19, 2016

misleads military families contractor , celebrity clients and families

I am a high profiled individual served to troops and congressional in my past. Made global status in areas on entertainment and service.
I received injuries and was treated not good by my countries services when contracting in part landed homeless and was given medication that hindered me even more later. I hadn't received health care not until recently. I was wanting to be represented in regards to floxin case for which I am never again able to do that work and maybe have life threatening if I don't get the settlement for the mistakes to allow me to live a day without hoping while I am sleeping drop dead.
I deserve legal service to go after a speed from mistakes and injuries from serving.
in part as such they made me feel supportive and took my case only later after six months send a letter that they were doing anything.
They even sent me a christmas card what kindof of sick joke is that. I am disappointed.
mzzscott Send email
Jan 12, 2016

armed and robbery

Me and my husband was robbed at a Econolodge by two men that held a gun to my head savagely beaten me and my husband up for our money, the fact that this happen to us at a thought to be safe hotel that had no surveillance camera but so we wanted to also sue the Econo lodge. We were from out of town so we saw a Morgan Morgan sign and thought to call them for attorney service thinking since they were so known to be professionals they would help.. But no, they got my whole story down and check for surveillance camera on a waffle house that catch the whole thing on tape when they could find anything they gave up and said ' SORRY WE CAN'T NO LONGER TAKE YOUR CASE...! Me and my husband was so frustrated and upset because we felt like he did not make an effort to really get more information he was just willing to give up easlly they just took an attitude like we were not worth their time and money. SO me and husband decide to go to a casino a week later just accros the hotel we where at and ran into the same guys that had robbed us, we reported them to the security guard there and had them arrested after verified that it was them..MORGAN MORGAN commercial comes on so often talking about how they treat people like me family and how long they been in business and how well of a they do their job etc.. "for heaven sake "PLEASE STOP POSTING FALSE ADVERTISING!!! IT NOT ALL THAT IT SEEMS TO BE....
sl3972 Send email
Jan 3, 2016

lost case

I had a perfectly senceable slip and fall case wirh a broken foot and a broken ankle and bruised shin when I fell due to an improper built entrance to an apt, the ins co investigator engle and martin asssoc, of tampa claimed that the accident happened in pa where I was moving from, I cant figure out nor can my doctor how I drove 1000 miles in this condition, morgan and morgan did nothing to defend me or question the acusion. so they through in the towl. the worst business I ever delt with....
jnash1650 Send email
Dec 10, 2015

Morgan and Morgan

Morgan and Morgan is not for the people at all. Please do not go with this firm. Shannon Malette (the paralegal) and Robert DeMetz, Jr. are about the two worse people in the business but when you read the reviews the other ones are just as bad. I had to have my case removed from them and put into another attorney's hands. They will never, never return phone calls, and every time you call them, you are never be able to get them. They want to get all the cases they can but they do not help you at all. They will continue to keep stringing me on.
bossman777 Send email
Dec 8, 2015

Workers Comp Claim

Apparently when Morgan & Morgan says "for the people" they really mean "for the people when they darn well feel like it". I've got a serious case resulting from negligence by my employer and these people won't return my calls, won't answer my emails ans won't see me when i try to make an apppointment to get a status report. I've never seen such a pitiful excuse for a law firm. The one time I made it in the door, the atorney never did come to see me and eventually they just sent in a secretary to see if I needed anything. I was tired, thirsty and needed to use the bathroom and the secretary said she'd be right back. 30 minutes later, I just left. I have never felt so humiliated in my life and still haven't heard a word from them in months. I would not recommend this firm to anyone.
[email protected] Send email
Dec 1, 2015

malpractice by medtronic company

I was referred to Morgan by Bonina and Bonina but they refused to take my case after telling me to have the implant removed and then could help me but they never helped me after it was removed. I had a bad surgery to remove the implant, burning in the incision, and no pain killers or antibiotics. I fear infection without it. Last time when the device was implanted the surgeon did those things to prevent infection. The medtronic implant did not help me either and should not have been put in.
I now have tremors and pains due to the implant.
shawn3476 Send email
Nov 27, 2015

prescreening complaint

I was a paralegal for twenty years. The rep called me and I asked if Morgan and Morgan handle Mash Class Action cases. I explain the disconforts: severe pain, urination frequently, pressure, can't eat for several days. the in take person said he can't take my case because I only have pain. He is not a good in taker nor a good listener. Your in taker is a front liner for your company. Law firms are looking for easy nonthinking easy money cases. What happened to skillful paralegals and attorneys. I worked with two top political Attorneys, Ron Brown, Secretary Of State with Clinton and Vernon Jordan when law was implemented correctly. Morgan and Morgan really did not impress me at all. Your firm lost it touch when you expand the firm. You spread the business too tin and it shows with your employees. Good customer service is the key to anyI company success.
vivian hite Send email
Oct 22, 2015


I filed lawsuit against a driver who hit me from behind, I hired morgan and morgan as my attorney {big mistake}.I didn't know that they were supposed to receive the same amount as the client{me}. Since when is 1/3 99% of your earnings.They shoed me figures of bills that probably didn't happen.I wouldn't recommend morgan and morgan to any one.They're full of Sh##! they shouldn't be lawyers they are false advertising, they need to be stopped!
Stewartink Send email
Oct 22, 2015

They screwed me

I had a case where six slabs of granite fell on me. They treated me like crap. It seems as if they were working with my job`s attorney. They cared nothing about what I needed. Now I'm out of a job and still in need of two more surgeries and they promise to help me with my disability and did no such thing. I'm doing things all on my own. I would never recommend them to anyone, ever.
cchloe Send email
Oct 9, 2015


All they claim is there for the people but unless your case is huge they could care less about you there add act like they care they only care about suing large companies or governments
tiff320 Send email
Oct 7, 2015

Very unhappy!!

Morgan and Morgan is currently handling a workman's comp case for my husband that began over a year ago. Since Morgan and Morgan took over the case we have dealt with several attorneys, as it seems everytime we turn around the case has been placed in someone else's hands.
Many times we've been told ABC is happening, but nothing ever happens! My husband calls daily only to get voice mail and NEVER receives a call back.
Prior to using Morgan and Morgan I'd heard great things and that they are the go to powerhouse if you want results. I have been unimpressed and disappointed to say the least..the very least. I have never had such a poor experience in dealing with a law firm. The crazy thing is, workman's comp admitted fault on their part long ago and yet over a year later here we still be. It's absolutely ridiculous! At this point I would not recommend anyone to use this firm. Unprofessional, does not deliver, nor follow through. One would think they would at least communicate with their clients, but even in that area they failed miserably.

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