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Harrisonlong Send email
May 7, 2018

Lien release

Stay away from Nationstar (Mr.Cooper). I paid my mortgage off in May 2017 and have not seen my lien release documents to today. What is going on in the lien release department?
dav345 Send email
Sep 30, 2017

will not release my lien paperwork to me

I paid off my mortage in full on 8/3/17. As of September 30, 2017, I have recevied no acknowledgment from them and no paperwork like lien release or title, etc. I am guessing this is being done for some kind of financial, accounting, tax, or other benefit on their part; but that is speculation - maybe they are just sloppy and careless. I recommend stearing clear of these guys (now Mr. Cooper).
Megb Send email
Jul 30, 2017

Division of banks

Isss told along with complaining to the better buisness burrow if they holding money from an insurance claim then fikeva complaint with the division of banks. They will get on it immediately. I am filing for lack of insurance payment and also for misappropriation of funds. Double and triple charging our checking out in one month then not taking payments others.
Megb Send email
Jul 30, 2017

Late payment

We are in the process of selling our home and went to apply fir a new mortgage and were told we couldn't get one. Our mortgage is ok auto payment from my husbands checking account and was not being taken out when it was scheduled. Sometimes two months in a row then they were taking out 3 payments plus extra money at once. They have made it nearly impossible fir us to collect money from our insurance claim as well. They are horrible and are dragging their feet giving us document of the last 24 months of payments so we can make an attempt to fight the late payments. They are horrid unfair and unprofessional! Absolute crooks!
peto Send email
Nov 4, 2016

harassment and raising esrow for "anticipated payment"

I am mortgage broker so I can get best rate and options for myself. Nationstar mortgage is calling me sending false advertisement to me on almost weekly basis. I know they cannot get me better rate or program, people who are calling are totally "green" they don't understand mortgage terminology and process at all. Today I got note that they are raising my payment because they ANTICIPATE my taxes and insurance will go up. I appeal my taxes every year and I know many insurance agents so my payment will not increase so significantly.There is no way my taxes and insurance will go up 800 a year. That is why lender has cushion of 2 months so if tax or insurance goes up they have money to cover. by my current tax and insurance I should be totally fine if they would not ANTICIPATE increase. taxes will be known in August and Insurance was just paid. It is November 3rd. So do not molest me with offers you cannot do and do not raise my payment if we will know in 10 months what is the tax bill. I did not go negative at all and They had 2 months cushion all the time. I have over 15 mortgages and I usually do not complain but this is too much for me. Probably worse servicer out there.
john316coco Send email
Nov 3, 2016

Raised mortgage by $1000

Nationstar purchased our mortgage from Ocwen. I set up the payment to be automatic. I received ads in my email almost daily and also in the mail - trying to get us to re-finance. Now - a year later - our mortgage bill jumps by $1000 a month. When I took a close look, Nationstar had not charged principle for a year, and now the principle is doubled. I had not wanted that! I thought we were paying principle - and I paid an additional $200 a month toward principle. (Good thing I was paying the $200 or nothing would have gone against our principle.) Plus they raised our interest by an entire point to 4.5 (Robbery). This looks like a terrible scam to force us to re-finance. At this point, I have ZERO trust in Nationstar.
Joyce D Send email
Aug 2, 2016

added escrow, ( I do not have an escrow martgage pay taxes and insurance separte)

added escrow acct, would not listen to me, I paid by taxes and insurance separate, change loan #, change my ss#, at one point they even changed my address, put in foreclosure, finally after 2 1/2 years they reversed everything but now need them to report to credit bureau it was their mistake and I can not get a corrected 2015 1098 statement from them to file my taxes. Please someone help me.
Linclark Send email
Jul 14, 2016

Nationstat mortgage

They have taken double payments. Saying I was late when never late. Held my payment in suspension when I was never late. Now money is not shiowing up anywhere. Says I have to make my flood insurance same as regular. Insurance. Toolk another extra payment out of my checking. Account. And thery say they don't have it
josephine bridgers Send email
Apr 30, 2016

False practice

Sorry, BBB has no authority put a stop to Nationstar practices, they will only list it on their website as unresolved, contact the Attorney General in your state or Texas, most important get a lawyer. BBB only will write Nationstar for a response and send it back to you for you to counter response. Most important, keep good records and sent payments via return receipts!
MalicefulContractor Send email
Feb 12, 2016

Insurance Claim

Nationstar makes the process of recovering Insurance paid funs almost impossible for the homeowner and extremely difficult for the contractor. Creating unneeded barriers for the process and adding nonsensical documentation steps causing undue burden to the contractors and the homeowners, steer clear of this poor example of a Mortgage Company or join the class action law suit ;-)
dslate Send email
Sep 3, 2015

Release of mortgage/lien documentation

My mortgage with Nationstar was paid off in April and after multiple phone calls to them , reporting them to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau , and E-mails, I still have not received my paper work . I feel as though they are crooks, and lairs. I first called them 5-13 and was told I would receive the paper work in 15 days, on 5-26 I called and again was told I would receive the paper work in 15 days, on 6- 15 I was told 30 days,on 6-29 I was told 45 days, this does not include the e-mails ,on and on blah,blah. I just want the release of lien paper work so I can move forward with this property. Nationstar has no right to withhold this.
Teedarb Send email
Jul 16, 2015

My mortgage payment almost doubled in one month and I was never notified

My mortgage was some to nationstar in October 2014 since then it has been a total nightmare! My payment was raised twice from January to March and I was never notified in advance. I checked my credit report and they are showing me 30 days past due for March 2015 with a payment of 339 on credit report but I paid 500.00 which was more than my normal payment. I paid them another $1100.00 in May 2015 and on May 30, 2015 they called and asked when I would pay my mortgage payment for May. I told them I paid almost 3 months worth of payments wh oh made me ahead and they asked how much is my payment. I told them they should know they have the mortgage and they told me it was $740.00 and it was 425.00!! When I asked why it had gone up they said I had to call back on Monday and speak to escrow dept. when I did the woman kept telling me I had to keep 248 in my escrow at all times but I never had escrow and I had this loan for 10 yrs!! She couldn't explain to me why I was paying almost 200 per month more than what my payment and flood and homeowners insurance cost divided by 12 months. I asked for a payoff and they told me I could not get the payoff for at least 48 hours and by email only. I have never heard of this! I was in finance for over 15 years and this was a first for me. Well I got a call that I was due 2900.00 but online it shows I am due for 2100.00 which there is no way because I always paid 75.00 per month more than my payment and paid for half of June payment. Now they called again and said they can't explain escrow but if I don't pay the 740 they will fourclose on my home next month. This is crazy! They are trying for me to do a modification and the man was so rude when I tried to ask why my payment went up so much. He even told me to keep quiet so he could explain which he didn't explain anything just about doing the modification. These are predatory lenders and I only borrowed 30,000 8 years ago paid over 48,000 and they have a balance of 24000 but a payoff of 26700 my payoff should be less than the balance, I know from being in finance for 15 years. I called the insurance company that was on my account from the website and they said they can't discuss because they have a division for nation star customers. They are a scam and need to be stopped. Then my statement which I can only see online says there is a 15.00 property inspection charge.
My husband said that a woman came knock at the door and asked if someone lived here and left. That is NOT a property inspection!! I know I had to do them when I was in finance business. I am about to lose it right now! I am trying to refinance but I have a single wide mobile home and land and the land is next to a major attraction. I feel they are trying to run me out of my home by charging me more than I can afford and they know this to foreclose and turn around and make a profit off of my property. These people are monsters! I so need help!
Mantis253 Send email
Jun 15, 2015

NationStar Escrow shortage

I just received my annual escrow account disclosure statement. It is showing a $ 4,935.71 shortage going forward for next year. How is this possible? Someone from your company did not apply these funds correctly or when you took over my loan, the escrow was short and you missed it. You took my loan over, who missed the shortage of funds? I am paying the correct amount to cover my taxes and insurance. You are asking me to come up with the whole amount, or you are going to raise my monthly payment by 20% for 12 months to cover YOUR SHORTFALL. I am paying $2,692.97 now, I am not paying in advance for my escrow, I have never heard of that before, you take the monies every month and apply them towards the taxes and insurance, that is on you. You do not get ahead by having me pay your shortfall. My attorney is going to look this over and get in touch with you about this, I am requesting full documents from your takeover of my loan now, right now, I want to see evreything. Send them to me right away, they should be completely itemized showing all escrow fees and account status,

Thanks You
beattheirass2 Send email
Jun 7, 2015

Nationstar The Closer So they Think

Nationstar is going down just like your crooked banks.. Why do people still have bank accounts. Obsolete like landlines.
mad33 Send email
Jun 5, 2015

unauthorized use of finanical information

i made a one time payment over the phone to cover an escrow increase. my wife makes payments online from the same credit union and her information was in the online profile. they replaced her information with mine without informing me that they were doing so and they didn't ask for my authorization. when my wife went to make the normal payment, the money came out of my account instead of hers. I called customer service and was told that that was their standard practice. After going back and forth with the representative, I filed a complaint with BBB.
kickstand Send email
Apr 17, 2015

Escrow Account

I have a mortgage with Nation Star and i have no escrow account. My original loan was through a different lender called Spring Leaf. For 10 years i had my flood insurance ,taxes and homeowners insurance not in my morgtage. I paid them through a insurance company. Never missed a payment. Since Springleaf sold my mortgage I have had nothing but problems with Nationstar. They told me that i have a gap in my flood insurance and my mortgage would go up. Nationstar opened a escrow account (which i never had one in 10 years) without my consent.Tthen when i asked why my mortgage went up they said they notified me. Which i know was not the case. I recieved no letters and no phone calls. I told them that if i knew there was a flood gap ,I would have paid my insurance to be current not pay double amount for the so called insurance nationstar got without my permission. The total of their so called escrow account was 169 amonth extra on my mortgage. WOW!!! That is ridicoulus when my whole flood policy is only 2000.00 a year. They are saying i owe over 2000.00 for a 3 month period. Which there was no gaps. Tried to talk to Nationstar for several weeks to get this straight and been on hold and hung up on several different times. I Have a 8 percent fixed loan for 30 years and that is what i signed for. Now Nationstar is making my loan higher. Without my permission. I believe that this is against the law.
bigj Send email
Apr 11, 2015

double billing bank account

Twice in the past 2 months on the day we set up our payment nationstar has taken double payments out an totally jacked things up thinking of calling my attorney
plrussell Send email
Apr 9, 2015

A one time insufficient fund check they did not send it a second time and will not give it back

I checked with my bank to see if Nation Star had run my check a second time that was insufficient they did not, I called Nationstar to ask for the check to be sent and found out they will not send it twice and they will not give back the insufficient funds check to me, i've never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life everyone be aware of this mortgage compan they love to tag on extra amounts pentalities and they will be seen in the news for their corrupt ways
Ban KKiller Send email
Mar 6, 2015

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC Criminals

It is much easier to understand what is happening to you, and others, when you realize (!!!!) that you are dealing with criminals.
When criminals act against honest folks it is confusing for the honest people. We don't understand their motives UNTIL we realize we are dealing with criminals. So...understand that almost everything they do or say is a crime or a lie, THEN it is becomes clear....they are CRIMINALS acting as a business.

So you need a big hammer, the proper authority behind you, to deal with these criminals. Don't communicate by phone as they happily lie to you. Deal with them by mail only. Certified mail so you know they got your letter. Save all your communication, of course. Look at all they say as a lie and then figure out why it is a lie, easy to do most of the time. When you mail them CC your State's Attorney General and the CFBP and your local Congress person. This get their attention!

I have dealt with them for over three years and am winning!
VLP Send email
Nov 9, 2014

Additional Forced Flood Insurance Added

Nationstar has been a terrible company to do business with, they took over two of my investment property mortgages about a year ago, two months ago, they sent me a letter saying that my flood insurance overage was inadequate, both fo the properties have 88k of flood protection coverage, the amount left on the mortgages is about 55k and 56k, which is well below the insurance coverage in the event there was a flood. I have had the same level of flood insurance coverage though four different banks that have bought and sold these mortgages.over the past 8 years. Now Nationstar has decided that I need to increase the flood insurance up to 152k, because that is what the replacement policy, I have called them repeatedly, filed a complaint with them, explained that the 88k flood coverage is well above their risk in the property, all to no avail. The placed additional forced flood insurance on one of the properties at a cost of an additional $540/yr, the other property will be following shortly, and told me in a letter they will be raising my payment because my escrow is short.. I am certain that the 4 families who live there would be financially impacted by a $25/month increase in their rent!!! Nationstar is a despicable company that should be put out of business, I have filed one complaint with the NY state Dept of Finance, the next will be to the State Attorney General. I would also recommend tht every Nationstar customer not pay their mortgage until the 15th of each month, let's punish them with reduced cash flow! Also, there should be a National boycott of Nationstar Mortgage!!! Sign me up for the class action lawsuit.
I will be refinancing these mortgages as soon as possible.
Virgil Perry
theblanc Send email
Oct 30, 2014

NationStar Added Homeowner's Insurance

NationStar added their OWN EXPENSIVE, homeowner's insurance to my policy. Now they expect me to pay $274.90 on top of my monthly payment of $1507.45---Their insurance is SUPER EXPENSIVE. I have my own homeowner insurance now and it is much cheaper than their--they added an escrow account to pay for THEIR INSURANCE, which I never signed up for nor agreed to pay. Can they do this? someone help. I can't afford this new payment.
floydbright Send email
Sep 5, 2014


chas05 Send email
Jul 6, 2014

Escrow shortages, mysterious fees

My husband and I bought our house in 2007 with our 'credit union.' They quickly sold our contract to Citi who sold it after a couple of years to nationstar. At first, everything was fine but after a couple of years our escrow was short. We thought nothing of it and paid it since it was a small amount. This year we were short 16000 and in order to pay it we had to use our credit card ! They never once told us anything about be short until it was well into the 1,000s. Now, that we have our escrow on track for about a month, there are three $21.00 fees and one 19.00 fee with no explanation. My payments have not even been late but seem to keep going up. My insurance recently went down, so I do not understand.

During our refi we had an issue with the women helping us refi. She did not explain the process well and we almost missed out on a lower interest rate due to her lack of communication. It has been a ride! I am not sure what the next step is here and I feel stuck with this mortgage and this horrible company. I could cry!
violagryta Send email
Jun 18, 2014

Additional principal not applied

I have been sending every month $100-$300 toward additional principals for a last 6 months. It turned out that it was not applied to it at all. It is sitting in some Misc. Account. When I called NationStar I was told that every time I sent the money I need to request that it is applied to principals even if I already did on the monthly payment slip. Second person I talk to said that my request was denied because I am in bankruptcy and they can return the money to me. I am not allowed to pay any extra principals ???? She said go ahed and complain with whoever you want.
Ken Faver Send email
Jun 12, 2014

Forced Placed Insurance

I have 35 Mortgages. 77 rental units that I built my self. I have a 40 unit condominium development finishing up right now. (Sold.) 4 of my mortgages paid off. Never been late on any payment. Insurance ,Property tax. Had a credit score of 750 until Nationstar took over my home mortgage.

I just googled Forced Placed Insurance and see all the class action lawsuits on Nationstar. Now it makes sense to me, in why 12 hours on the phone over 10 months 12 different people that I've got this run around. Every time it will be someone different. I can't keep all the names straight. It's a systematic bureaucratic incompetence to fraud in my opinion. No one has the authority to correct the situation?

10/1/2012 Bank of America placed force place insurance on my account with a bogus reason ,right before they sold my mortgage to Nationstar.( BA never told me this.) BA created a bogus negative account. No money from me.

Nationstar after taking my mortgage payment for 8 months from an automated 5/3rd bank account. NS sent me a letter saying they were placing forced insurance on my mortgage, because of BA had put forced placed insurance. NS decided to no longer take my trivial small $496 mortgage. NS told me there taking a $1100 payment or nothing. Each time I had a different person ,I asked them to take my payment out of my account . Make this clear, NS quit taking these mortgage payment, I did not stop my mortgage payment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just stopped this Fraud insurance payment. I just read consumers reviews. This is what NS does , NS quits pulling money out these automated accounts. Then declares the customer is late with payment. So NS places this Forced Placed Insurance .

I told them I wanted nothing to do with this forced placed insurance payment.

After resolving with NS that BA did make up a bogus reason ,("Insurance was lapsed 2 weeks in Oct of 2012"). My insurance company that handles all my policies ,gave a 100 page documents proving I had coverage.

NS now admits this was bogus. NS now changes to another reason, by saying that I decided to quit making payments. Not so. NS has always had the right to make these payments out of my 5/3rd banking account. I just called 5/3rd bank 6/10/2014 This automated account is still active for NSM. to use it on monthly basis.

Feb 2014 NS rep in Escrow Department at NS, talked me into making that Sept payment with a payment going into this Forced Placed Insurance. NS rep lied to me by saying she would clear up my credit and resolve these problem. I only authorized that $1100 payment. I went back and forth on that conversation, not wanting anything to do with extra payment. Each one these employees have been trained to take part in this scam in my opinion. NS rep with drew $2489.53 out of that 5/3rd account. My mortgage is only $496.01. This is crooked fraud in my opinion.
I have been scam for $1993.53. NS rep may not have applied any of the $2,489.53 that I did not authorize, this amount of money..
NS has tag teamed me with different employees each time and it all starts over. NS will not allow me to talk to people ,I've spoken to before. I’ve now been assigned another person.

They all told me 12 + people, they were not allowed to confirm any of our conversation by E mail or snail mail. This sure seems like a deceptive practice.
They told me they were not allowed to contact Bank of America. I called Bank of America and they immediately called NS. Amber I hope you're seeing a pattern here.

NS wants $2107.45 more for me to pay on Forced Placed Insurance.

Talking to my local banker, we want to pay this mortgage off. I have no problem paying off $92k with cash . We both agree we don't trust NS on this transaction.

Amber will you help supervise this mortgage payment payoff.? Please get my money back on this out of control scam, that's going all over the banking industry. 2.2 billion in profit 2010, one law firm reports.

My credit has to be perfect for obvious reason in my line of work. Can you get NS to restore my credit score?

I'm putting my house up for sale April 2015 .I sure hope I'll be able to sell it, with Nationstar gone.

Loan No# 0602669533 Nationstar

I have also submitted articles of how serious this scam is growing. NY is now going after NS. Google class action on lawsuits against NS on Forced Placed Insurance. Law firms are lining up customers. The whistleblower story tells of .how they get a bonus when they scam the customers

It’s so nice to see a State of NY, do the right thing..

Just as we have seen so many other CEO’s like GM recently firing their subordinates,not taking the blame themselves. History repeats itself.

Thank You, Ken faver

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