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Consumer complaints and reviews about Nelnet

grandmarie48 Send email
Jan 20, 2018


Today, I spoke to Mike an account manager in Lincoln, NE. I had called in 2012 to get a payoff amount for all three of my accounts. I was told that it was $24,000+. I paid the exact amount and thought I was done with my student loans. Fast forward almost 6 years later and I begin getting statements saying that I owed $0. Those came for the last 4 months until this week when the statement that came said that I owed $124. I called NelNet and talked to a representative. I asked for my account history. I was told that she would put in an order. I told her what the problem was. She said that I hadn't paid off my loan in 2012. She put me through to Mike. Mike said that he could see that I paid the amount NelNet had given me but at the time my payment posted, my third loan did not show on their system because it was during their conversion to a new system. He said that he needed to get others involved to help him figure out why my account was showing up the way it was (in fact, it took them 32 min to even figure out what happened with my loan, all the while I am waiting on hold.) Finally he got back on the line and told me that although NelNet gave me the wrong amount to pay off back in 2012, I still owed $9,000+. (Supposedly it was $8,000 + 5 years of interest for a loan I did not even know I had.) I said that if I do owe it I would like to see the account history. I asked for him to email me the information. He said he was unable to do that. I said that I felt if I did owe the $8,000, that that I did not owe the interest because I had obviously tried to pay it all off back in 2012. He said he could not do anything about the amount. He said that was not a NelNet rule but a Dept of Ed rule and there was NOTHING I could do about it. He went on to tell me that he could see there was an error on NelNet's part but that it could not be fixed. When I asked to talk to one of his superiors, he refused to let me speak to anyone higher in management than him. He then said he hoped I had a better day and hung up. UUUUUUGGGGGGGGG!!!!
td38583 Send email
Jan 19, 2018


I pay additional amounts on my student loans each month at least a week before they are due. Nelnet never applies the additional amount even when I stipulate to pay by group. I was told several years ago to select the "do not advance button" and it would apply only to begin receiving late notices for payments the very next month. After calling for several months in a row to attempt to get a reason they are saying my payments are late I get a very rude male agent on the phone who advises me back in 2013 when I had to request a forbearance due to job loss for 4 months I missed a payment. I inquired how that could be when I was in forbearance at the time and he couldn't advise. He ended that call rather abruptly and disconnected. I then called and spoke with someone else who advised the reason it was stating I was late was because I has selected the "do not advance button" which which causes everything I have paid since that selection to not move forward. I still do not understand that explanation. Bottom line in 1999 I owed 25,000.00 in student loans and today (2018) I still owe 19,000.00. with the exception of 2013 for 4 months I couldn't afford to pay. I feel like Nelnet is nothing but a major ripoff.
Rptailor503 Send email
Nov 27, 2017

Loan payment

I am enrolled in IDR plan and I was a student last year with zero income. My understanding is that the payments are based on last year’s income tax although they ask for this year’s plan. My colleagues who are in the same situation as me with a different servicer ask making zero payments while earning the same amount of money as me and had zero income last year. Nelnet refuses to listen and says it’s based on the paychecks I am receiving right now. It hasn’t been the case for anyone else I know although they also had to submit pay stubs from this year. Customer service is very rude including the manager and they keep redirecting you to other plans even though you tell them that’s not what you are interested in.
Sav218 Send email
Aug 18, 2017

Inability to apply payments correctly

I have requested several times that anything get the normal payment amount be applied directly to the highest interest grate loan. I have been calling for a month and a half.. 4 payments have posed and are still not applied correctly. I received a call telling me they were however when I logged on and looked nope still not fixed. They are the worst people I have ever delt with
NelNet scammed Send email
Aug 8, 2017

Group loan payment denied

Read the fine print on the website, set a specific amount to pay on the smallest group loan (1 of 11 loans under NelNet) (No thanks to the Art Institute of Phx), and turns out they refuse to make any payments on specific loan groups. Turns out its my fault because even though my loans are on Administrative Forbearance, that they are considered late and my specific loan payments would not be applied to specific group loans. Through several emails they fixed nothing. It'll take me until I am 40 (I'm 33) to pay off this $52,000 loan.
vidaurrie Send email
Jul 9, 2017

Incompetent Representatives

I called representative #1 asking to change my loan due date to the 11th of each month instead of the 3rd, I asked her to send me an email to confirm this change on my account. I waited and waited, the email never came. I called back and spoke with representative #2 who said the first gal didn't change anything on the account. Said he made the change in the system and now I have a past due account (he ensured that the system is a little off and that in reality I would not have to pay any late fees). Due date arrives and Im stiffed with a $250 extra charge. I call representative #3 who explains my account is late because my first payment was due in June rather than July and not because of the mistake of rep #1 and #2. The lady talked around in circles and when I asked to speak to someone with clearer info said "she was here to help me and suggested I take an additional forbearance on my account. Lady are you insane?! You really think I'm going to add a heap of interest to my loan on your mishap!! This organization truly is the biggest scam out there! Nelnet sent me email reminders frequently that ALL stated July as my payment due date NOT June. I asked the rep to provide me with correspondence proving June was in fact my due date as they said. Been on hold for 45 min now waiting for their response....
Chalan Send email
May 8, 2017


I inadvertently overplayed them by 2,276.00. They would not refund my money. They stated they only refund money if it were there mistake. The customer service rep stated this was the company policy. I then went on to request a copy of this policy. Eric then stated that it does not exist in writing so he could not give it to me. I then went on to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau.
Sunflower7i9 Send email
Apr 14, 2017

Refuses to provide documentation

I've decided to go back to school. Nelnet deferred my loans, but refuses to provide me with my deferment approval letters. I know I have a right to obtain them for my records, but all they want to do is tell me my payments are deferred and not to worry about it. I WANT MY DOCUMENTS. I don't want to explain myself over and over to never be heard. Why don't they learn how to listen, read, and read the notes on my account!? I'm seriously going to talk to my congressman, lawyer, Dep of Education, and anyone else that could possibly make a difference. So tired of the costumer service!
Hab5188 Send email
Jan 21, 2017

Payment Plan

I just want to say this company has given the most unprofessional and unhelpful customer service I have EVER received. Had payment scheduled to come out, had an issue happen that caused the payment to be returned. They hit me with a $30 fee, which is understandable. I called SAME DAY of payment, assured them the money is in it and asked to resubmit payment. They refused and also refused to wave the fee. Just another greedy company refusing to help their consumers, WHOM KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS!! Once my agreement is completely, I will NEVER work with this company again.
ckc2000rn Send email
Jan 4, 2017

Payments do not go toward Principle

I hear everyone's frustration with Nelent on this site. I am glad I came here as I feel so frustrated as well. They use to be a good company way back in the day. Seems like now they just focus on their interest rewards. I do understand the person who tried to send in forms and catch up on their multiple loans and they kept sending them more forms and then deny them and charge more late fees and interest during the process. I did have to get Department of Education involve to help me get Nelnet to get my loans all on one page and consolidated. Unfortunately, they consolidated at a higher average rate, not based on the % rate of the largest loans(which were lower rates) I am caught up now for a year but just noticed they are not paying down my interest. I have my bank send weekly (so they can not alter the pay date) more than what my monthly payment is. My balance seems to go up and not down over this year. There are other options and I feel we should try to give other services our money and not Nelnet's greedy people. Try SoFi .com, DRB, Earnest, or LendKey. They actually will allow you to pay high payments at lower % rate and pay off quicker. Good luck to us all.
mep123 Send email
Aug 29, 2016

Playing games to rip us off

Every time i go to renew my income-based repayment pal, it's always the same problem. I feel like they are doing it on purpose to use up my deferment time. I submit all of my forms, etc based on what they tell me to send and then twice, they gave me the wrong email address to send it to. Then they told me to send it via their new app. That didn't work and they never received it. Finally, they received it and forms were missing and they didn't let me know for 2 months. Again, this year they told me to send proof of income. I did. Then they sent me an email that the forms were incomplete. When i called to find out what the new problem was, they said that i needed to send an AVERAGE of my income, not an itemized income statement. They weren't able to calculate the average on their own.On the last phone call, the representative told me to send the "average" and 5 minutes later, I asked her to please repeat what I needed to send and she omitted the word "average" and told me to send my gross monthly income. I called her out on it and told her she just gave me conflicting and inconsistent information all in the same call and to please review the recorded call, when she got defensive. She told me that they don't read from a script. I told her that they NEED a script so that they are giving consistent information. Again, I find all this out 2 months after my first submission of documents. Someone needs to put together a class action lawsuit against them
hampstead Send email
Jun 15, 2016


I appreciate this website, so I know what others are dealing with and I do not feel like my hunches are wrong about Nelnet's integrity. Their website was nelnet.net last month and this month it is nelnet.com and all the pages have changed - AGAIN. They constantly change the pages for where you find the Statements, the Account Summary, the Loan Benefits and Details. To monitor your loan information from one month to the next is infuriating. They do not make it possible to view all the complete Loan Benefits and Details in one page. The presentation of the information drastically changes from month-to-month so to make it as confusing as possible. My hunch is that Nelnet is purposefully changing the information all around to keep me confused so i cannot properly track the balances in order to detect errors on the part of the servicer. I did not know the college loans could be transferred to a different company, but i will investigate this possibility. Thank you to all the posters who have described their problematic dealings with this miserable Nelnet.
saraboykin0204 Send email
May 16, 2016


My husband and I are currently stationed in Germany. When I first found out that I was going to be having to pay back the loan I immediately applied for the IDR repayment plan. I was told that I was good and it would be processed. Then, I call back several times to make sure. Then, I get a lady who says oh you can't do this until the grace period is over at which point I received an email telling me all of my application was on hold until the grace period was over and I need not do anything else. Well as it is approaching closer I decided that I should call and check again since everyone I talk to tells me something different. So, I call back and they say I have to do the application all over again because the information is older than 90 days. So, two weeks ago I fill out all of the information and send it by email. I call to make sure it is all in order when the lady tells me I shouldn't have sent in a POA. My husband is deployed so I signed by POA and sent it in. I also wrote a lengthy email describing everything attached in the email. I then get an email today stating that I need to send a paystub stating how often my husband gets paid. I stated this specifically in the email and yet again I have to upload all the forms again. So, I call yet again trying to figure out the problem. They said oh we can't read your documents. So, I said well how am I supposed to get them to you when I can read them perfectly on my end and sent them to myself to make sure they were readable. Again, they said well you need to redo it and on top of that it is going to take another 30 days each time they need updated information. So, basically the whole process starts over. I now have to wait two days to find out if they can even read the documents I sent. If not, I have to resend it again.

I have another student loan and the IDR took only 2 days and was such as easy painless process. This one is a pain and has taken months and is still not clear. I literally hate this company!!!
Bigtex0066 Send email
May 16, 2016


I signed up for autopay, but accidentally gave the wrong account number. Instead of simply sending me an email to let me know the problem they put it on the message center of the website. I set up autopay so I wouldn't have to log into the website regularly and check on my payments. I didn't know anything until my payment was overdue. When I called the customer service representatives on two occasions were incredibly rude and condescending. It was like talking to a robot! She kept telling me that they gave me notice, I just fail to read it. WHY WOULD I FEEL THE NEED TO LOG INTO THE SITE IF I DON'T KNOW THAT A PROBLEM EXISTS?! it's not like they don't have my email address! They could have told me by email that there was an issue with my account number. The customer service representatives on the phone need to be fired and replaced with human beings!
rdaws001 Send email
Mar 29, 2016

More issues w/ Nelnet..

I have several issues with Nelnet like other folks have mentioned. One of my major complaints is that each time I call their Customer Support line, I always get a different answer to my questions. The first person I spoke to said I was eligible for a repayment plan, but then the next guy I spoke with said I wasn't legible and had to apply for another plan..

Either way, I eventually talked to someone that I thought had set up my income based repayment plan, and was told to wait for further correspondence about actions needed on my part. Two months later I call to see what the heck is going on, after not hearing anything. The person I talked on the phone told me that my application for income based repayment had actually not been finalized, and that I needed to pay a small fee and sign some document (none of this last information had ever been communicated to me, I even checked my email). What really bothered me though was that for the last 2 months I had gained several hundred dollars in forbearance fees, waiting to hear back about my application.

I attempted to speak to a supervisor about this issue, and he simply said he would talk to his rep but there was no other action that could be taken. I find the whole practice totally unacceptable, and can't believe how inconsistent their information can be. They also have no recourse to correct miss-information or mistakes made on the part of their team. Making payments and financing students loans can be a difficult journey on its own, but this company only makes the experience even more painful. I will definitely be looking to move my student loans away from Nelnet ASAP.
barry98 Send email
Jun 27, 2015

Nelnet scams its customers

We had a loan from Direct Loan Service Center and everything worked smoothly. Nelnet took it over and it has been a rough road ever since. First they claimed that we had to initiate the auto debit ourselves even though they stated in their welcome letter that everything would transfer automatically (but check it in case it doesn't lol). We did that and made the first payment with Nelnet five days before the due date. We even received an electronic confirmation email of our first payment that we kept. They claimed that they never received the auto debit but waited until 10 days later, after the due date, to MAIL us a delinquent notice. We received late fees and an interest rate hike. The late fees were removed upon proof of the initiated payment but they refused to budge on the interest rate hike, even though we showed them proof of payment. They claim that we provided incorrect auto debit information, but could never provide proof of that. This company is a scam artist and should be avoided if possible. We unfortunately have no choice.
BLUTO52992 Send email
Feb 27, 2015


mappel Send email
Feb 5, 2015

Awful Customer Service

These are just drones stuck to a script. Every month or so, they will call to tell me that I am late, ask me how I'd like to pay. In skittles, I suppose. Blood diamonds? Ridiculous. So tired of repeating the same stories again and again, uniformed representatives who try the same old strategies to impact my account but can't help, suggesting that I instead play 'catch up.' What that means, I could not tell you. For the love of God, please read information in the notes. Please don't offer solutions when they don't apply. Nelnet is awful. Boo!
WowEEE Send email
Nov 18, 2014

Nelnet is the Worst

Nelnet servicer made a giant error with my account, and they can’t seem to accept responsibility for their error, or give me a consistent message about what they are doing. They won't let me selectively pay off loans in groups and they won't allow me to apply my payments to pay off the principle. I had a a representative selectively pay almost $800 of principle+interest+fees on one group and they some how charged me interest on this supposedly "paid off loan" the very next month.

Nelnet takes as much money from indebted students with impunity. They are in the business of profiting from debt. If the student wants to relinquish that debt, they do their best, with ample chicanery to ensnare the student indefinitely.

I will be consolidating my loan shortly and switching loan servicers at the start of next year. Beware of Nelnet!
SickOfBeingRippedOff Send email
Sep 6, 2014

Netnet has Issues

I have top agree with most of the posts. I have been paying my college loans off since 2008 and thankfully I am almost done. I paid off many loans with money I saved right after I graduated and was astonished at the Interest that accrued on the loans. I have made more than double my payment online and found it difficult to locate the check box for "Do Not Advance Due Date". Last month I clicked the check box and Nelnet still did not apply my extra payments towards my principal. I feel they are intentionally doing this to earn more interest. I made extra payments to them on time in the past and they misapplied the payment to the wrong loan and charged me a late fee. When I called them up they were clueless and could not assist me at all. The $10 was not worth the headache of dealing with them. I would never take out any college loans in the future because of the headaches they cause.
carplson Send email
Aug 14, 2014

Bottom line- Nelnet is the worst.

When you pay more than the amount due, Nelnet automatically moves your next month's payment due date and does NOT apply the extra to the principal. I was told you must click "Do Not Advance Due Date" when making a payment, but this option did NOT appear when making an extra lump sum payment. I spoke to the Rep and was given a vague answer - something about the payment needing to be 2xs the amount due- but my lump payment was 5xs. Regardless, all the loans have extra paid each month so they are all ahead of their original due dates. I keep on making payments that they keep on taking. Incredibly, Nelnet stopped applying portions of the monthly payment to only one of three loans (at two different interest rates) you can guess which loans they applied the payment too. The low interest ones, of course, and stopped applying any money to the higher interest one. TOTAL BS. The Rep I spoke with said they would get it all fixed and apply all the payments retroactively. It didn’t happen. My email query into this was responded with a ‘yes, we can do that, just give us a call’. The next Rep I called said they had no record of that request. The explanation as to why they do this is apparently in an effort to get all loans to the same future due date. I asked customer service about this practice and they blamed the Dept. of Education. Seriously? Didn't Congress ban credit card companies from doing this same thing? This company is terrible! I don’t like that my personal and financial information was traded/sold/whatever to this company, Dept. of Ed! They are seemingly untrustworthy and deceitful. And the problem still isn’t solved. I asked if there was a form or something I could fill out to formally request the changes -so they aren’t lost AGAIN- (and to avoid the terrible customer service). Nope. Sorry no forms but you can call back anytime. Hopefully a third phone call will work to get them to stop moving the due dates and to fix the past payment applications, fingers crossed. I graph my balances every month in an effort to track my finances. Imagine my surprise in seeing a loan balance increase, despite making more than required monthly payments and an additional lump sum payment. So far their unscrupulous behavior has cost me $1135 and counting. This company is the worst.
MarieProkos Send email
Aug 1, 2014


I hate Nelnet. I am paying off my daughter's loans, and the balance has not changed at all. The interest rate is terrible and if you are late one day, they add on fees. I've tried to negotiate a lower payment, and told them that my daughter can't afford to pay on the loan, so I am taking it on; could they please lower the payment? They said no they couldn't lower the payment. So I make payments whenever I can, just so my daughter;s credit won't be ruined. This company gives so much money to "charitable" companies we will never be able to bring a class action suit against them. They shouldn't be allowed to function as a company in the first place.
Notpleasedwithnelnet Send email
Jul 22, 2014

Kwikpay/Extra Payments

The customer service is stunted. They have a script that they follow and seldom deviate from. I have saved my conversations to learn the right trigger words that elicit the correct scripted response so that I can then steer them in the direction I need in order to receive assistance.

The most irritating thing at the moment is that I am making extra payments while enrolled in Kwikpay so that I can receive the .25% which will save me about $340 during the remainder of the loan payment period. Apparently if I weren't enrolled in Kwikpay and made an extra payment there should be a button that allows me to select to not push my date out. This is according to an infographic which they have published on their website. With Kwikpay I do not have that option so my due date is pushed out.
When I first noticed this they reassured me that Kwikpay would still go through and everything would be fine.

I stuck to the "trust but verify" adage and found that while Kwikpay did go through it only did a partial payment. I got all sorts of responses from reps from "well its because you didn't make payment of x amount" to "well you need to select this option etc etc"

I was told that I should not be mad as these people make nine dollars an hour. I found that odd. I make less than that at my part-time job. Does that excuse me from doing decent work too?

After several conversations and hours figuring out what I have to say and how I have to say it to get the right response I have worked out the least PITA way to make sure payments are applied to all my loans. But it wasn't easy. I was also upset to find that 4 months of my after deferment payments went to interest only on 3 loans. That made me really upset. If I had known that was there policy I would have found a way to pay more so that I could have had some of the principal paid during those months.

Now I that I watch them like a hawk I am finally seeing my principal balance dwindle. Who knew it was this much work to make sure that your loan payments are being paid appropriate and on time in the correct manner?
angrybird Send email
Jul 3, 2014

nelnet is horrible

Nelnet is horrible, they call and send me letters telling me that I have to make a payment based on my income, well I have "other" bills and I can not afford to pay the amount that they want me to pay ($375.00) a month I offered a $100.00 a month but they refused it. I can not believe that they are asking me to pay this huge amount. I will get me a lawyer and solve this problem IMMEDIATELY.
cgloan Send email
Apr 8, 2013

Nelnet scamming

I have had my loan payable since 2009. I too noticed issues with the 'interest payment'. I have not calculated using a spreadsheet but soon will. I started with $60,000.. have made extra payments and ontime monthly payments, etc... Aa of Feb 2013 currently seen to owe $56,000. Something is terribly wrong.
I am thinking that a class action law suit will be needed about these 'interest charges'.
I have talked to nelent several times about not aplying pre-payments correctly and about the 'charges'. Each time I get... we will investigate and fix it. They have yet to do so.

I prepaid $10,000 on one of the higher interest loans. I have 2 at 3.4% and had 2 at 7%. I paid off one of the 7% loand. So, on the monthly automatic payment, they once again decided not to put anything towards my other 7% loan so they could charge me more interest. Every time I prepay, they won;t allocate towards the higher % loans, which causes me to be charged more.

Anyways I set up an email account ClassActionNelnet@hotmail.com
I am getting my papers together next week and will look for a class action attorney.

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