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barry98 Send email
Jun 27, 2015

Nelnet scams its customers

We had a loan from Direct Loan Service Center and everything worked smoothly. Nelnet took it over and it has been a rough road ever since. First they claimed that we had to initiate the auto debit ourselves even though they stated in their welcome letter that everything would transfer automatically (but check it in case it doesn't lol). We did that and made the first payment with Nelnet five days before the due date. We even received an electronic confirmation email of our first payment that we kept. They claimed that they never received the auto debit but waited until 10 days later, after the due date, to MAIL us a delinquent notice. We received late fees and an interest rate hike. The late fees were removed upon proof of the initiated payment but they refused to budge on the interest rate hike, even though we showed them proof of payment. They claim that we provided incorrect auto debit information, but could never provide proof of that. This company is a scam artist and should be avoided if possible. We unfortunately have no choice.
BLUTO52992 Send email
Feb 27, 2015


mappel Send email
Feb 5, 2015

Awful Customer Service

These are just drones stuck to a script. Every month or so, they will call to tell me that I am late, ask me how I'd like to pay. In skittles, I suppose. Blood diamonds? Ridiculous. So tired of repeating the same stories again and again, uniformed representatives who try the same old strategies to impact my account but can't help, suggesting that I instead play 'catch up.' What that means, I could not tell you. For the love of God, please read information in the notes. Please don't offer solutions when they don't apply. Nelnet is awful. Boo!
WowEEE Send email
Nov 18, 2014

Nelnet is the Worst

Nelnet servicer made a giant error with my account, and they can’t seem to accept responsibility for their error, or give me a consistent message about what they are doing. They won't let me selectively pay off loans in groups and they won't allow me to apply my payments to pay off the principle. I had a a representative selectively pay almost $800 of principle+interest+fees on one group and they some how charged me interest on this supposedly "paid off loan" the very next month.

Nelnet takes as much money from indebted students with impunity. They are in the business of profiting from debt. If the student wants to relinquish that debt, they do their best, with ample chicanery to ensnare the student indefinitely.

I will be consolidating my loan shortly and switching loan servicers at the start of next year. Beware of Nelnet!
SickOfBeingRippedOff Send email
Sep 6, 2014

Netnet has Issues

I have top agree with most of the posts. I have been paying my college loans off since 2008 and thankfully I am almost done. I paid off many loans with money I saved right after I graduated and was astonished at the Interest that accrued on the loans. I have made more than double my payment online and found it difficult to locate the check box for "Do Not Advance Due Date". Last month I clicked the check box and Nelnet still did not apply my extra payments towards my principal. I feel they are intentionally doing this to earn more interest. I made extra payments to them on time in the past and they misapplied the payment to the wrong loan and charged me a late fee. When I called them up they were clueless and could not assist me at all. The $10 was not worth the headache of dealing with them. I would never take out any college loans in the future because of the headaches they cause.
carplson Send email
Aug 14, 2014

Bottom line- Nelnet is the worst.

When you pay more than the amount due, Nelnet automatically moves your next month's payment due date and does NOT apply the extra to the principal. I was told you must click "Do Not Advance Due Date" when making a payment, but this option did NOT appear when making an extra lump sum payment. I spoke to the Rep and was given a vague answer - something about the payment needing to be 2xs the amount due- but my lump payment was 5xs. Regardless, all the loans have extra paid each month so they are all ahead of their original due dates. I keep on making payments that they keep on taking. Incredibly, Nelnet stopped applying portions of the monthly payment to only one of three loans (at two different interest rates) you can guess which loans they applied the payment too. The low interest ones, of course, and stopped applying any money to the higher interest one. TOTAL BS. The Rep I spoke with said they would get it all fixed and apply all the payments retroactively. It didn’t happen. My email query into this was responded with a ‘yes, we can do that, just give us a call’. The next Rep I called said they had no record of that request. The explanation as to why they do this is apparently in an effort to get all loans to the same future due date. I asked customer service about this practice and they blamed the Dept. of Education. Seriously? Didn't Congress ban credit card companies from doing this same thing? This company is terrible! I don’t like that my personal and financial information was traded/sold/whatever to this company, Dept. of Ed! They are seemingly untrustworthy and deceitful. And the problem still isn’t solved. I asked if there was a form or something I could fill out to formally request the changes -so they aren’t lost AGAIN- (and to avoid the terrible customer service). Nope. Sorry no forms but you can call back anytime. Hopefully a third phone call will work to get them to stop moving the due dates and to fix the past payment applications, fingers crossed. I graph my balances every month in an effort to track my finances. Imagine my surprise in seeing a loan balance increase, despite making more than required monthly payments and an additional lump sum payment. So far their unscrupulous behavior has cost me $1135 and counting. This company is the worst.
MarieProkos Send email
Aug 1, 2014


I hate Nelnet. I am paying off my daughter's loans, and the balance has not changed at all. The interest rate is terrible and if you are late one day, they add on fees. I've tried to negotiate a lower payment, and told them that my daughter can't afford to pay on the loan, so I am taking it on; could they please lower the payment? They said no they couldn't lower the payment. So I make payments whenever I can, just so my daughter;s credit won't be ruined. This company gives so much money to "charitable" companies we will never be able to bring a class action suit against them. They shouldn't be allowed to function as a company in the first place.
Notpleasedwithnelnet Send email
Jul 22, 2014

Kwikpay/Extra Payments

The customer service is stunted. They have a script that they follow and seldom deviate from. I have saved my conversations to learn the right trigger words that elicit the correct scripted response so that I can then steer them in the direction I need in order to receive assistance.

The most irritating thing at the moment is that I am making extra payments while enrolled in Kwikpay so that I can receive the .25% which will save me about $340 during the remainder of the loan payment period. Apparently if I weren't enrolled in Kwikpay and made an extra payment there should be a button that allows me to select to not push my date out. This is according to an infographic which they have published on their website. With Kwikpay I do not have that option so my due date is pushed out.
When I first noticed this they reassured me that Kwikpay would still go through and everything would be fine.

I stuck to the "trust but verify" adage and found that while Kwikpay did go through it only did a partial payment. I got all sorts of responses from reps from "well its because you didn't make payment of x amount" to "well you need to select this option etc etc"

I was told that I should not be mad as these people make nine dollars an hour. I found that odd. I make less than that at my part-time job. Does that excuse me from doing decent work too?

After several conversations and hours figuring out what I have to say and how I have to say it to get the right response I have worked out the least PITA way to make sure payments are applied to all my loans. But it wasn't easy. I was also upset to find that 4 months of my after deferment payments went to interest only on 3 loans. That made me really upset. If I had known that was there policy I would have found a way to pay more so that I could have had some of the principal paid during those months.

Now I that I watch them like a hawk I am finally seeing my principal balance dwindle. Who knew it was this much work to make sure that your loan payments are being paid appropriate and on time in the correct manner?
angrybird Send email
Jul 3, 2014

nelnet is horrible

Nelnet is horrible, they call and send me letters telling me that I have to make a payment based on my income, well I have "other" bills and I can not afford to pay the amount that they want me to pay ($375.00) a month I offered a $100.00 a month but they refused it. I can not believe that they are asking me to pay this huge amount. I will get me a lawyer and solve this problem IMMEDIATELY.
cgloan Send email
Apr 8, 2013

Nelnet scamming

I have had my loan payable since 2009. I too noticed issues with the 'interest payment'. I have not calculated using a spreadsheet but soon will. I started with $60,000.. have made extra payments and ontime monthly payments, etc... Aa of Feb 2013 currently seen to owe $56,000. Something is terribly wrong.
I am thinking that a class action law suit will be needed about these 'interest charges'.
I have talked to nelent several times about not aplying pre-payments correctly and about the 'charges'. Each time I get... we will investigate and fix it. They have yet to do so.

I prepaid $10,000 on one of the higher interest loans. I have 2 at 3.4% and had 2 at 7%. I paid off one of the 7% loand. So, on the monthly automatic payment, they once again decided not to put anything towards my other 7% loan so they could charge me more interest. Every time I prepay, they won;t allocate towards the higher % loans, which causes me to be charged more.

Anyways I set up an email account [email protected]
I am getting my papers together next week and will look for a class action attorney.
cderby Send email
May 23, 2012


My experience with Nelnet has been absolutely horrible. If it was not for the Student Assistance Corp. Nelnet would have defaulted on my sudent loan without even providing me with the options that were available for my situation. It was an awful experience. I am thankful that Student Assistance contacted me. Nelnet was actually looking forward to my loan default.
User925138 Send email
Mar 29, 2012

Poor Customer Service

This is typical Nelnet. Their reps are awful - rude and irritated while supposedly trying to help you. You are not alone - google Nelnet complaints sometime - thousands exist. This company will not survive with sleezy tactics like this one (they have others too). Someday we will read about all the unemployed Nelnet workers trying to pay their own bills and I can only guess they will receive the same treatment they dished out.
UselessPsychdegree Send email
Mar 25, 2012

charging of interest

I would love to find a way to 'beat Nelnet'. My balance has barely moved in the past 4 years, due to a 1 year forbearance. There are so many fees and interest payments tacked on, I actually am paying an $89 'fee' each month. I am never going to get this paid off unless I pay in one lump sum, which I guess I just need to suck it up and start saving for it. I had no idea I'd have such a terrible time paying this loan off! It was a scam when I re-financed the loan back in 2000, clearly it's my fault for being so naive, but the law that I can only refinance a student loan one time is ridiculous.
Antoinette Lorick Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam and cheating

Nelnet has called me every day. They call me on my cell phone and home phone before 8:00 am.They told me i did not pay my full loan off before graduating, from the University of Phoenix On line College. I told them-the facts were not true. I have a copy of my final receipt from the school mark paid, owing them nothing.My husband paid the final balance off before .my degree in, for Associate of Arts in Business on, March 31, 2009. I ask them for proper documentation, they never delivered them. They call asking for information, over the phone and Internet. I refuse to give any personal information over the phone .
Nelnetdesiree Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Poor Customer Service

I understand and apologize for your frustration. I would like to have a specialist work with you towards getting this issue resolved. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience, 1.888.486.4722. You may ask to be transferred to Desiree.
StudentLoans Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Poor Customer Service

Out of all the student loans I am currently in repayment of; the ones serviced by Nelnet are by far the most difficult and frustrating to deal with. Upon contacting Nelnet in order to reduce my monthly payment, I was informed that my application was accepted and that my loan amount due per month would be $272.29 for the first month and $286.90 going forward:

Dear [My Name],
Thank you for contacting Nelnet.
Your request for the extended standard repayment plan was approved and applied to your account. Your first monthly payment is due on 01/28/2012 in the amount of $272.29 and the remainder payments are in the amount of $286.90 starting 02/28/2012. The website will update on 01/27/2012.

Kristin Babcock

Great! I was very excited considering I was paying $988.35 a month. On the 27th of January, I logged into my Nelnet account and issued my payment (even though the amount due had not updated to reflect the $272.29). Upon checking my Nelnet account the next day, I was told my account was past due by $716.06 ($988.35 (the original monthly loan amount that was supposed to be changed on 1/27 less my payment of $272.29).

Upon contacting Nelnet about A) the website not being updated (as they stated it would) and B) my past due balance; I was told:

Dear [My Name],
Thank you for contacting Nelnet.
Your account is scheduled for a monthly payment of $1, 043.89. Your account currently reflects 6 days past due in the amount of $716.06. You can go online to and click on “Manage My Account” to make a payment.

Adam D.

$1, 042.89? Hmm. This is no where near the amount Kristin had told more; nor is it even the amount that's due on the website! Needless to say, at this point I was very confused. I wrote back to this message asking for explanation as to why my loan amount due each month was now more than when I originally applied for the lower payment/extended payment option. Even though my payment plan type had been changed on the website, my amount due is still the $988.35. Even as I write this complaint; the amount shown due each month does not reflect the amount stated by Kristin or by Adam.

I applied for lower payments on all my other students loans (as my cost of living has increased) and they were all resolved/reflected within 24 hours; loans serviced by Sallie Mae, Direct Loans, and my University directly.

Nelnet's customer service has done nothing but give me an absolute runaround in terms of my loans and has still be unable to provide me with accurate information on them. How can a company expect you to pay a loan properly if their own customer service can't even confirm how much I actually owe each month AND make it an amount that matches their website? Extremely frustrating; even after numerous e-mails, calls, and online chats.
Neeley34 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Loan repayment

Couldn't agree with the complaint more. The problem with Nelnet is they are two faced and when they talk to you on the phone and reassure you things will be ok when they mess up, they are actually just trying to get you off the phone so you they can figure out what they did wrong and cover their tracks so they won't be sued.
Chrissycarlson87 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Loan repayment

So I had a Wells Fargo student loan that was then bought out and now serviced by Nelnet.

I took a semester off and had to start repaying on some loans, which I understood well enough. They sent me out my statements, and since they were more than I could afford, I signed up for income-based repayment. It went through, and then I signed up for e-statements.

Now, I have been paying bills online for years through many different businesses. I know how to read statements, and I ALWAYS pay my bills on time.

A couple of weeks after my income-based repayment was approved and I was signed up for e-statements, I got an e-mail saying that my statement was ready and that I could log-in and read it under "my secure e-messages" on Nelnets website. I did this and saw that I owed about $6. I was shocked at how low it was, and I had more than enough to spare, so I paid about $30. I logged in a couple of days later to make sure I didn't have to pay anything else and nowhere I could see that I owed anything. The next month rolled around, and I received another e-mail saying that I have an e-statement ready. I logged in to Nelnet, and my statement said that I owed $0 and that $0 was late. I was confused, but I just gave it a couple more days and logged back in and I didn't have any new messages and the $0 due remained the same. So I didn't pay anything! I know that when I overpay for my car loan, the extra that I pay rolls over so I don't owe as much the next month, and that's what I thought had happened here.

A couple of weeks went by and I kept on getting calls form 1-888 numbers. I thought it was just my internet provider calling me again about trying to get me to buy cable, so I didn't answer them for a couple of days. When I did finally answer it, it was Nelnet. They told me that I was 60 days overdue and owed them $262.

Unfortunately, I did not have my computer in front of me at the time, and when I was telling the woman on the phone that I was receiving the statements saying I didn't owe anything, she thought that I was lying to her. She said it was impossible and that I owed them $262 and that I was overdue, and of course I was supposed to pay every month, even when I told her that it was saying that I didn't owe anything! I was infuriated. I started bawling because I never pay anything late. I told her that I would just pay it, and she said that she could put it in deferment. I told her no that I wanted to just pay it, and then she kept telling me she could put it in deferment. I didn't want to deplete my savings and I was really upset, so I agreed to it.

I then find out that they reported to a credit agency that I was deliquent, and that I was 180 past due on a loan. There was not even 90 days from when I got a statement in the mail saying I owed them anything from the time this happened. I found out they reported it to the credit agency because my credit card company decreased my credit line by $2000 because of something on my credit report.

Oh, and I found the place on Nelnet's website where it said that I owed them money. Even though their statements said nothing, which maybe I'm crazy, but if I statement says that I owe $0 and $0 in late payments, this leads me to believe that...oh I don't owe anything!! Anyhow, although the statements in my "secure messages" said I didn't owe anything, when I clicked on "repayment options" and THEN onto "Pay now" (where by the way I would have gone if I were to have been lead to believe that I owed anything) that is where it finally said I owed them $262, but it didn't say where or why like a statement.

I tried calling them, and couldn't reach a human, so I e-mailed them explaining what had happened. I received an email and a letter in the mail. The letter in the mail showed that they took the mark off of my credit report, but did not say anything about it. In the email, they didn't say anything about the complaint I made about making their system actually work so if you owe anything, the statements should show it, or it should be received in an email. Just a harsh email back saying that I was late on making a payment.

Thinking about Nelnet makes me sick to my stomach for the hell that it has put me through.
Neeley34 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

charging of interest

Here is what happened to me. I wanted to start paying off my Nelnet balance quicker and they reverted to an old account that had been closed. They charged me with a $15 NSF fee after the people on the phone said they wouldn't. Then, for whatever reason, my loan was put in forbearance status, which I did not request. After three days of calling, they haven't remedied the situation and I am still in forbearance status.
Stephieboyle Send email
Feb 23, 2012

charging of interest

When you get married, you never think you are going to get divorced. So is my problem with Nelnet and their joint consolidated loans. My EX husband, a college graduate, earned a wonderful $25, 000 debt for his education. I, NOT a college graduate, only had a $7000 debt for my one year of college. We decided (pre-divorce) in our early 20's, to consolidate our loans for "one low monthly payment" through Nelnet. Four months later, we divorced... and being young and dumb, we never realized that the FEDERAL loan wouldn't allow a joint consolidated loan to UNconsolidated. Naturally, my jerk of an exhusband REFUSES to pay his loan. For the last 11 years that I have been with Nelnet, my exhusband hasn't made more than 3 payments TOTAL. I can't afford HIS and MY "low monthly payment", and quite frankly, I refuse to pay ANYTHING toward his loan. I didn't earn the college degree, so I'm certainly not paying for his. I've been delinquent for 11 years with Nelnet; only paying my court mandated $40 a month for my portion of the consolidated loan. Because his amount owed is in excess of $200 a month, I'm not really paying anything toward the loan with my measly $40. I have a RUINED credit score because of this.

All in all, the system is BROKEN. Something needs to change when divorce rates are going up exponentially, people are making less money a year, and they can't ever escape their ex's and move on because they are FOREVER BOUND by law and debt. It's disgusting that there is absolutely NO WAY to UNconsolidate a federal loan. This needs to be remedied.
1madjack Send email
Feb 23, 2012

charging of interest

I am hoping that we can get something together and make this company own up. My wives student loan is with nelnet. She consolidated her student loans in 2000 with nelnet. Last year I started paying the bills and took over seeing that her student loan was paid on time. I have been doing so for the last 6 months. In that time I have been extremely unhappy with this company. I found out that this repayment is structured like a mortgage on a house. In the last 9 years, we have paid $8, 000 dollars in interest and only $6700.00 towards the principal. So I decided to up the payments to try and knock down the principal. I pay $300.00 dollars a month. Roughly $200.00 dollars goes towards principal and the rest to interest. The problem I am having is last month my interest paid was $86.00. this month it was $95.00. If my balance went down $200.00 dollars then my interest should have gone down also. Keep in mind that I have signed up for Kwik Pay. It comes out the same day every month. If I look back over the last few months it seems to be a pattern. There is still only 30 days from payment to payment. So either they are waiting a couple of days to draw my payment in order to accrue a little extra interest or its something else. I feel in my heart based on the evidence that something is amuck at Nelnet. I would love to join in on any class action suit to force them to come clean. Its bad enough for someone to get out of college and have a student loan, basically being in debt 32, 000 dollars (in my wives case). But to have a company that is supposed to help students, take advantage of these students is truly immoral and criminal.
Signofthetimes Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Cannot accurately record payments

Sorry about the typo in my original post. "Evening" should be "even." I made this post over a year a go. I am back in school, and my loans are currently in deferment. Any recommendations on who to use after I get out of school? I'd like to consolidate and leave Nelnet.
Ninamarie Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Cannot accurately record payments

They're not recording payments properly for me, either. I'm ready to call a lawyer and contact the AG's office. This is out and out theft and corruption and it's time Nelnet was kicked to the curb.

The next big bubble is going to be the student loan bubble, and Nelnet is going to fall hard. You'd think they'd be grateful to have customers who are paying back on time. Nope. They screw the people who ARE paying because of the people who aren't.

Write your representatives, and get the name of a good lawyer. These Nelnet people are bottom-feeding scum.
Signofthetimes Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Cannot accurately record payments

I have two student loan accounts with Nelnet and they make it impossible to make accurate payments. Every month I'm on the phone or emailing with Customer Service because they've applied my payment to the wrong account. In an attempt to "fix" their problems (which they blame on website technical difficulties and inability to create a way for users to make payments on one specific account) they constantly change the due dates for my payments. I can never seem to talk to the same person twice and I'm so sick and tired of their antics. I've been dealing with this for THREE YEARS!

Here was one of their attempts to "fix" their problem:
"Due to system limitations, currently we are not able to differentiate the loans on the website. Nelnet is currently looking into a way to resolve this for customers. At this point, the easiest way to differentiate the accounts online is to change the cycle date on one of the accounts only."

Well, they keep trying to change ONE due date for me yet no one can figure out how to do that! They keep changing the due date day for both accounts and are evening changing the month my payment is due!

You'd think a student loan company would at LEAST have the whole taking-payments thing down.
Ninamarie Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Worse than other lenders

Also, ppl, NEVER EVER do automatic payments!! Ever!! Never give a company like this access to your bank account. Go online and make a payment each month, but do not sign up for automatic payment programs. Make sure you print out a hard copy of each electronic payment from your checking account. Keep them all in one place with your loan docs so you can whip them out when Nelnet plays their dirty games.

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