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Consumer complaints and reviews about Nestle Nescafe Instant Coffee

wendsinct Send email
Nov 19, 2022

Nescafe coffee

Nescafe has become the most tasteless experience ever!!!!
I will not buy this product again.
wendsinct Send email
Nov 19, 2022

Nescafe coffee

Nescafe has become the most tasteless experience ever. It cannot be called coffee, it is like drinking hot water, there is not even a flavour to it. (I drink my coffee strong and black, so there is nothing else interfering with the taste)
Katie Coffee Send email
Oct 18, 2019

Gold blend coffee

I have drank this coffee for 15 years. Last year bought load on special offer. Recently bought another load on special offer. Horrible after taste, bitter and obviously not the same smooth taste of the original Gold Blend. Have just discovered that Nescafe have changed the recipe. I am hoping the store will refund my money or at least exchange them, if not I will be donating them to a charitable cause. Why fix what isn't broken?
[email protected] Send email
Aug 31, 2019

Nescafe gold blend

I have drunk this product for years but will do so no longer. I used to enjoy my coffee but now it`s like drinking flavoured water. Where`s the caffeine gone? It says it`s `intense` on the label. No it isn`t. Why 5 coffee beans on the jar when it doesn`t taste like coffee? This product is a fraud on the customer. It is unworthy of a reputable company.
helen potter Send email
Jan 10, 2019

nescafe gold

totally gutted, have drunk nescafe gold for 30 years . new blend not drinkable. worst thing I have ever tasted.please sack the fool who thought it was a good idea to put this rubbish into a coffee jar.
Jansy Send email
Oct 23, 2018

New Nescafe Gold Blend

The new Gold Blend coffee is an abysmal disaster! You have ruined my enjoyment of coffee, I noe spend my time trying to find
A replacement, so far Douw Eggbert seems to be the nearest. I along with many others have given up on Nescafe
If anyone in management reads the reviews of people who bother they will find out the truth!
Most people will just not buy any more!
Alfred26 Send email
Sep 28, 2018

Nescafe Gold Blend

I've been a Gold Blend fan for decades.... not any more! The new recipe is simply dreadful, horrible burnt taste, weird muddy colour when milk is added and a sludgy sediment at the bottom of the cup. It beggars belief that such a shocking product was launched on the market without extensive testing. I've almost a full jar left and unfortunately bought a couple more on a 'special offer' which I intend to return. I've bought a different brand of instant coffee and wont buy Gold Blend again until the old product appears on the shelves again. Its beyond comprehension that a brand could self destruct in such a spectacular fashion!!!!
Hro Send email
Sep 19, 2018

gold blend

As a long time drinker of Nescafe Gold Blend instant Granules I have to say that I can no longer tolerate the new version of this coffee .

A change of packaging design has coincided with a change of recipe/ingredients which has totally changed the taste of this once excellent coffee to a bland tasteless liquid which has now gained a sludge at the bottom of the mug .

In keeping with many large brands who have recently changed their products by size or type of ingredients Nestle have ruined a premium product and tried to sell this to the consumers as an improved product which consumers chose in taste panels .

I suspect as do many others judging by various message boards that this is an adulteration of a tried and tested product in an attempt to save money not improve taste .

Shame on you Nestle .
Davie Send email
Aug 19, 2018

New Gold Blend recipe

Gold Blend was the only instant coffee I drank for many years. I have tried to give this new recipe a reasonable chance, but it is garbage. The taste is poor compared to the old recipe, and it leaves a bitty sludge in the bottom of the cup. I have now moved on to a different brand, which doesn’t compare to the old Gold Blend, but is much better than the new one.
CB66 Send email
Aug 16, 2018

Gold Blend

I took the new Gold Blend on holiday so that I could have a decent cup of coffee and is was dreadful.

I now have to throw away 25% of the cup, so that you do not drink the sludge at the bottom, but the price has not come down to compensate.....

After 30+ years, it is time to find another brand, which should not be difficult.
Captstanleyblade Send email
Aug 6, 2018

Sludge, sludge and more sludge

I can only conclude that by new and improved taste you mean cheaper . It is obvious from the moment you open the jar, to the first and last foul tasting mouthful, which closely followed the first by the way. If your unfortunate to get close to the bottom of the cup it is full of brown sludge. I can only assume you have started using chicory and other cheap products to bulk your product out and thus save you money whilst still charging a premium. This seems to be the working practice for most of your products. I for one shall find something better, which shouldn't be difficult. Shame on you thieves
Swatch Send email
Aug 5, 2018

Gold blend

IF I wanted mud in my coffee I would put it in myself for nothing. I have thrown out my 2/3rds jar of Gold Blend.
I have switched to Douw Egberts gold. Message, who in heavens did your market research?
Wacko Send email
Aug 2, 2018

Nescafe Gold Blend Black Sludge

Black sludge at bottom of cup. Undrinkable.
It would be interesting if Nescafe could respond to all these comments/complaints.
Having watched "Inside the Factory' with Gregg Wallace, no mention of black sludge was made. Pity they didn't ask consumers. Maybe the machines need a good clean??
DOUWE EGBERTS in future, all of the coffee can be drunk...........with no black sludge.
tessafisher Send email
Jul 26, 2018

Feedback from Nescafe

I've always drank Nescafe coffee, especially the Alta Rica and Blend 37 brands. They were excellent for instant coffee. Like so many other people, I can't buy these any more, as the new changed versions are nothing like the original brands.
What I would like to know is why Nescafe are not responding to all the complaints like mine. What is going on?
Their sales of instant coffee must be way down after years of these new inferior brands.
Why are they not listening to their customers?
In Ireland, most of Nescafe's new brands are at reduced prices all the time, because they are not selling.
Does anybody know if Nescafe have responded at all to these questions?
Thank you.
robeale Send email
Jul 18, 2018

Nescafe Gold Blend complaint

Have drank Nescafe gold blend for many years, not anymore. The new Gold Blend is truly dreadful, stop experimenting with our taste buds. when you are on a good thing stick to it.
YFB Send email
Jul 3, 2018

Nescafé Gold Blend (new)

Awful, awful, awful. It pains me to say that as we have been fans of the "old" Gold Blend for many years. Shame. Now trying other brands, like most other former loyal GBers. Looks like Nestle's revamp is an unmitigated disaster.
Arabica beans Send email
Jul 3, 2018

Nescafé Gold Blend

What have you done!
I have been drinking Nescafé Gold Blend for 40 years. The new GB coffee is weaker and that dreadful sludgy residue at the
bottom of the cup is truly awful. For those who usually drain their mug dry and receive an unexpected mouthful of this sludge are
looking desperately for somewhere to spit it out.
I’ve noticed that the supermarkets rotate deals on this coffe and I’m hoping this will bring the warehouse stock down and
Nescafé will bring back the original recipe, as GB is at the moment I’ll not purchase anymore and asking around family and friends they
won’t be either.
ilsewelleman Send email
Jun 28, 2018

Nescafe Gold new

The new Gold from Nescafe is horrible. Strange residue at the bottom of the cup everytime.
Can't they keep the normal gold and rebrand this horrid new one to something like Nescafe Supreme or something.
Old Gold sold out everywhere so cant even satisfy my coffee needs.
Sadly have to change to a different brand as Nescafe was the only coffee is used to drink.
Not impressed 3 out of ten.
mkbby Send email
Jun 23, 2018

Nescafé Gold Blend Coffee

I have drunk Gold Blend for ever, the change has left a bad taste in my mouth along with bits which I do not like. I have changed and gone to another product.
lesliepounder Send email
Jun 21, 2018

Bring back the old recipe Gold Blend

That's it I've had enough. The new blend Nescafe Gold Blend is awful. I've tried it long enough now. Time to change from Nescafe to other manufactures. This new suff is going in the bin
debrafullard Send email
Jun 13, 2018

Nescafé Gold instant coffee

Bring back the tried and tested good stuff! The new (if I had known it was different I would have bought Douwe Egbert's Gold) recipe does not work for me.
kevinsheppard Send email
Jun 11, 2018

Gold Blend

I've drunk Gold Blend for many years, but cannot get away with the latest product. The taste is awful and the residue is off putting. Can only think this has been done for cost! My now looking for alternatives.
sbegmanov Send email
Jun 9, 2018

all nescafe types

i suddenly felt something with nescafe. bought several types: all types become same and taste are totally of kinda medicine. not natural thing.
dont buy anymore
SteveCrook Send email
May 31, 2018

Nescafe Gold Blend complaint

I too wish to register my disappointment that the Gold Blend recipe has been changed! Having been a frequent and loyal customer for the past 30 years, I will not be buying Gold Blend in future.
Dutchy Send email
May 28, 2018

Nescafe gold blend "new recipy "

Have drank Nescafe gold blend for many years .
New jar shape is okay they can fit more jars in a box now.
But the taste is so boring and muddy with grid left in the bottom of the mug .
I will never buy this recipy of Nescafe gold mud again.
So disappointed after all these years of the good stuff.

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