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C.walker Send email
Jan 7, 2018

Nescafe gold blend

I have used Gold Blend for years - it was a good instant coffee - now it is bitter and leaves a dark sludge at the bottom of the cup. After 20+ years I am forced to find an alternative - why? Perhaps someone could let me know.
Claire Walker
C.walker Send email
Jan 7, 2018

Nescafe gold blend

I have always bought Gold Blend - a good instant cup of coffee or at least it was until the recipe changed. The coffee is bitter and leaves a dark sludge in the bottom of the cup. I don't want this from an instant coffee and am forced to find an alterative after 20+ years. Perhaps someone would clarify why.

Claire Walker
Goldblendrevolt Send email
Jan 5, 2018

Nescafe gold blend (new)

Gold blend has been my favourite coffee for donkies years. The new blend is totally different and is actually disgusting. I am looking for a new instant coffee now and it won't be hard to find one to beat the new gold blend. Yuk.
Daveho Send email
Dec 29, 2017

Nescafé gold blend

Have drunk gold blend for many years regrettable the taste is not good anymore and it also leaves a sludge in the cup. Very disappointed please bring back the original version
Diddlefrills Send email
Dec 9, 2017

Gold Blend

We have purchased Gold Blend for more than 20 years and recently the labelling changed but so has the quality. We like strong coffee but the new blend is bitter and tastes like the inferior brands you pay significantly less for. There is now a residue left in the cup very much like a filter coffee.
Nescafe please revert back to your original blend as you are loosing customers.
Colinb6686 Send email
Dec 6, 2017

New nescafe gold

New nescafe gold is indeed one of the worst well known coffees I have ever tasted.COME ON NESCAFE get your act together
Lyndajt Send email
Nov 30, 2017

New Gold blend

Please go back to the original blend the new one is horrible I have tasted better cheap ones, I have been drinking Gold blend for years and as I don't drink anything else I must find another make.
I see I'm not the only one to dislike this new blend.
Please let is all know if you go back to the old blend as I'll not be buying Gold Blend again until or if it goes back to the old style.

[email protected]
redbikejohn Send email
Nov 29, 2017

Gold blend decafe sludge

Gold blend has definitely. I'm also getting sludge in the bottom of my cup and the taste is not nice. Will buy some other brand from now on.
redbikejohn Send email
Nov 29, 2017

Gold blend decafe sludge

The last refill pack of gold blend decaff I bought will be my last. Taste is not the same and I'm getting sludge at the bottom of my cup!
helen graham Send email
Nov 24, 2017

Nescafe Gold Blend

I only drink strong black coffee so there is no masking the taste with milk or sugar - since the change in shape of jar the coffee has a funny bitter soapy taste and i am always left with some sludge at the bottom of my cup - absolutely gutted that i now need to find a different coffee to drink!
SuzanneT Send email
Nov 12, 2017

Nescafe Gold Blend Black

I've also been caught out with the "new" recipe - I've been drinking this for over a decade as it's the only instant that gives me the brewed flavour I like, and I use 3 tsps per mug (600ml).

I also buy in bulk when it's on offer, so I stocked up yesterday. Today, I have 3 complaints -

1 - the 200g new shaped jar is hard for me to hold. I have decanted it into the old jar.
2 - the taste isn't the same. Quite bitter and not as "rich"
3 - I have a horrible sludge in the bottom of my cup. If I wanted silt I would use ground coffee. This is very offputting.

My jars will be returned today. I'm saddened that I will now have to resume my quest for a decent cup of instant coffee once more.
WhoDarez Send email
Nov 9, 2017

Nescafe Gold Blend has changed


I have been a die hard drinker of Gold Blend for many many years, and I always buy lots of jars when they are on offer as I know I will eventually drink it. But recently you have changed something as well as the jars, because it does not have the same rich taste it used to have, and there is always a dribble of grounds in the bottom of each cup now that never used to be there.

Please go back to how it was before - the jar is not the issue, keep that.

In the meantime I will have to sample some new brands to see if anything has gotten close to my beloved Gold Blend in the preceding years ..

Griff Send email
Nov 8, 2017

Nescafe Gold Blend - change it back

We have been using Nescafe Gold Blend as our only instant coffee for years, and get through at least one jar a week. Waitrose had a price offer last week, so I got 8 jars, and noted that the jar design had altered.
Just opened the first jar, and the recipe has obviously been changed as well. It's horrible - has a bitter after-taste, and leaves grainy bits in the bottom of the mug.
We will search for "old stock" but otherwise will have to change to a different make - Douwe Egberts perhaps?
dave call Send email
Nov 7, 2017


Absolute cock up this new revamped Gold Blend. After 40 years will now have to look elsewhere as this new stuff is BITTER, NOT SMOOTH, and leaves DREGS at the bottom of the cup. BAD MOVE on Nescafe's part. HORRIBLE TO DRINK, will not be buying again. BRING BACK THE DECENT GOLD BLEND, GET RID OF THIS RUBBISH.
jomo7258 Send email
Nov 3, 2017

Nestle Gold Blend Coffee

So disappointed with new Gold Blend coffee that has been launched in 2017. The coffee recipe has obviously been revamped to save money. The flavour is weak yet bitter and has lost its smooth rich aroma when you open the jar. Also the coffee leaves a nasty grainy residue at the bottom of the cup. I notice by 100's of similar complaints from around the world that Nestle have really messed up big time and like others I will be looking for an alternative brand - especially at the prices being currently charged. In addition the new shape jars are slippery to hold so I have been transferring the new coffee into an old Gold Blend jar. But enough is enough, so good bye Gold Blend after 15 years of commitment I shall now go elsewhere for my caffeine fix.
melly1 Send email
Oct 30, 2017

change of coffee taste

Hello, Our house have been drinking Gold Crema for years. We buy one jar a week.It is the best taste of any of the premium brands. But you have done something to it. The new style jars give no indication that the recipe is different, but it is. We have the old jars and the new ones, there is a marked change. It is more bitter, not at all smooth. At nearly £7 a jar I would expect better.You should change your label if the formula has changed. This is not an isolated batch, We have bought from other shops with different batch codes, With the same bitter taste on the new style jars. Very disappointed, I should like your comments please.

Regards Mr. Mel. Marsh

Complaint ref. Nescafe Gold Crema, new style jars. Email address [email protected]
Rosie the dog Send email
Oct 20, 2017

Nescafé Gold Blend

Nescafé’s ‘Ratner’ moment..
Thought l’d mistakenly bought a cheaper brand at first as the smell was different and there was sludge in the bottom of the mug. So l threw the whole refill away and bought another. Same result except now gave me wheezy allergic-like cough and diarrhoea. Doctor said this was the only common denominator after symptoms disappeared on withdrawal of coffee.
Will not buy again.
Barbara Hartley Send email
Oct 6, 2017

Nescafe Gold Blend

As like many other of your complainants/customers I have been buying different types of Nescafe coffee for well over 40 years, however my husband and I have both noticed that the last refill pack I bought did not tase the same as previous and it also leaves what I can only describe as a sediment in the bottom of the cup.

Someone has also been very clever because the new packaging diverted my eyes away from the fact that there is also a less amount of coffee in the packs, i.e. from 300gr to 275gr, the price remaining the same.

Again, as like many other of your complainants/customers I will not be purchasing any more of your Nescafe products.
Barbara Hartley
[email protected]
NevsMate Send email
Apr 21, 2017

Nescafe Original

since they changed the recipe, have struggled to find an alternative. They have lost this customer, currently moved to TEA....
Bornagainbiker Send email
Sep 4, 2016

Nescafé original instant cofee

I bought a jar of original instant cofee only to discover it had a lot of non English writing on it and the cofee was very different. Now l seem to be unable to buy original Nescafé ,there is so much confusion in the labelling. I will be looking for another brand soon,
Please advise, thanks Mick
gok marsh Send email
Aug 2, 2015



I purchased a jar of Nescafe instant coffee with the original red mug on the label. I did not look too closely but after getting home and tasting the bitter excuse for cofee I examined it closely. There was some foreign printing in the corner of the label and the name was Nescafe Classic the back ingredient label had a secondary english sticker over the original foreign one.I bought a second smaller jar from the local corner shop with the almost identical Nescafe Original label. This jar tastes as Nescafe has for the last 40 years or so. If Nestle is changing the flavour and the little older jar is old stock then I will have to go elsewhere to find a more palatable brand. If the foreign labelled Classic is a different coffee to the Nescafe Original then please change the label to make this obvious if being sold in tgis country. If this is a counterfeit jar then I am happy to give it to you to help eradicate this filth from the market.
If you have, and I sincerely hope not, changed the recipe of Nescafe original instant without informing people then please find the person who made the decision and tell them they are an idiot. I have never tasted a worse coffee and that includes some very cheap and nasty own brands and generic machine coffee.

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