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Consumer complaints and reviews about ONTARIO ENERGY GROUP

Deborah67 Send email
Mar 12, 2018

Alliance HVAC

Had Alliance install a York furnace in 2011, had an issue with no heat in Apr 2017 they replaced the motor, the new motor would whistle, when asked if this a problem, I was assured it was normal. It wasn’t an annoying noise during day as it was at night when family trying to sleep. Mar 8th Thurs. the entire night before I spent having to reset the thermostat approx. every 10 min because it did not reach desired temp set. I called explained extensively what was happening, he said he would come by later that day he came at 1:45pm he opened furnace right away water was leaking, I asked if this could have happened when they replaced motor, they are near but again was reassured one had nothing to do with other. I again asked about the whistling of motor he then admitted it was a defective motor. I asked that since he hadn’t been year they would replace it, he stated yes. I said the leaking from drain is the issue for not keeping temp he said yes because of the leak. He told me he would let me if I was still under warranty. I showed original paper work stating 10 years parts and labour, he said it would be fine but still needed to find out. He presented me with a service call bill of approx. $97, I paid thinking that should I have been charged. I let it go. I called York myself and was told that yes, the drain system would be covered and was still under warranty. Mar 9th, I called him back to find out where we were as again 2nd night spent up resetting thermostat. He said he submitted email request, I asked him to call as I had called the day before an all was good with warranty and being covered explained had 2 young children in house and needed something done. He stated nothing before Mon could be done. I explained that was unacceptable to go all weekend without heat. Still in low minus weather. He called later that evening and stated the company was opened sat between 9am-1pm. I told him that I spent yet another turning thermostat off and on. He then commented why didn’t you say that before. I asked what did you think I called about. He then asked to go to furnace and check code I was like how he said he would explain, I asked why he didn’t he do that yesterday, he said he didn’t think it was the problem, I got down on hands and knees and told him I say a red light and 6 flashes, he asked several times if it was a red light and how many flashes and if it paused how many flashes after the pause. It was apparent he was looking it up. He then let me know it was the gas valve that was the issue. Now the day before he swore it was the drain system. Since I had not asked York about the Gas valve being under warranty. I said pls call me with verification of warranty and or price just in case. He showed up approx. 9-10am on Fri Mar 9th showed me the price he paid for 3 items and explaining to me that it takes 4 wks. for them to receive their money back and that the company paid roughly 500 for 3 items. I was like that is your contract with them and has nothing to do with me. I again said the defective motor should still be under warranty he said it shouldn’t be problem and asked a again it has been a less than year since you put in defective one and did said it was normal so you should be replacing that. Then he said the drain pan and gas valve should be covered. I said the drain pan is I just did not confirm if gas valve was as York was closed when he mentioned the gas valve. He said I would be responsible for anything not covered by warranty. But since I new motor and drain pan were under warranty I asked how much is the gas valve, knowing this would be the item was may have to pay for. It was $113 so I was okay with that. He spent about hour changing the said items, when he was done he showed me the parts as he said he had to take them to submit that he had them I video taped the items. He was packed up and had not at this time take note said nothing about labour charges. From start to finish he said nothing only money exchanged was the $97 from initial service call on Mar 8th. He put his stuff outside the front door, I thanked him and let me know if I needed to pay for gas valve. He then pointed on contact that I would be responsible for all items not covered by warranty and I again said it should only be gas valve as everything else was confirmed by York to be covered. He said since it was the 2nd motor it may not be covered, I said what the first one was defective which you said was normal and was still covered because it was less than year. Then he said I owed almost $400 for this service call. I was wait I asked you for pricing before you start any work. You gave me pricing for items before you started work and no time gave me pricing for labour, I showed him original paper work that states 10 yrs. part and labour, I showed this same paper on first visit and said nothing about labour would have to be paid. I then totally upset told him to take out new parts and put old ones back he proceeded to go to furnace saying he will take out part but would not replace old parts, I told he would have to put back parts cannot leave us in winter without heating. I asked for his customer service number he then called a number, the person answering the phone did not identify the company being called I asked if I could get number again called the number person did not identify the company name. I asked if he did not have a customer service number he said that it called back again person still did not answer identifying company name, I had to ask if this is Alliance and he said yes, I asked if this was customer service he said yes. The conversation goes on where tech admits he did not give a price for labour, that I should have known I had to pay for labour. I said since Wed I am flashing your contract that’s states 10 yrs. parts and labour and you never once said anything only that warranty will likely cover everything. I said if anything I will pay for gas valve if not covered but I wasn’t going to pay $400 in labour charges. This why you give an estimate so that we could then decide if we could afford this expensive fix and if anything, I would have waited until Mon to make sure all was covered by warranty and he could have priced everything then.
We as consumers need protection from skilled service people. They need to be regulated to ensure they are not ripping of customers and that pricing is fair, making estimates mandatory before service is rendered and not putting consumers in positions like this.
berryk37 Send email
Jul 18, 2017


OEG Company is nothing but a bunch of scammers. PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR HOUSE!! About 3 years ago now, the first OEG sales person showed up at our door. They said that because my mother was a senior, she was entitled to an upgrade to the furnace and water heater. Her heating bills would be lower and it would be better for the environment. All good... you would think!! They would get the older water heater back to Enbridge and she would receive a rebate for having the new furnace installed. After about 3 months of still paying for equipment we no longer had, it took several phone calls (about the "LOST" water heater) before I finally got things straightened out (minus the monthly payments we were still making). The same with the $250 rebate, which I might add started off at $400 but apparently changed by the time we received it, after several phone calls and months later. Before we knew what crooks they really were, they had talked us into getting a water softener, drinking water system and an A/C unit as well. I wasn't able to drink the water, but when I enquired about getting it removed, I was told it would cost me $4496.25 (cancellation fee). It seemed like every month someone would show up to inspect the equipment, why?, it was still NEW. I would take them to the basement to check out the furnace, and all they did was look at it...literally, just look at it. I was starting to think they only showed up to make sure we still had the stuff, until the last guy came and actually used a screwdriver and took the cover off to look inside. I mentioned to him that he was the first person to actually inspect the furnace. Our rental fees are currently $320 a month right now, and they keep climbing (3.8%per year). The A/C unit alone is over $86 a month, who in their right mind uses one of those in the winter months? My mother is elderly and I was having health issues of my own at the time this all started. I lost my job in January of this year due to a plant closure (gone back to the States). My mother needs full time care now, so I'm unable to look for work at this time. They can easily scam you when you are old and trusting or just believe all their lies and deceit. They are smooth talking, friendly con artists...so PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! Don't get scammed like we did.
Opinion Send email
Jun 27, 2017

Ontario Energy Group >>>> NOT

The problem is they target seniors, they misrepresent themselves and lie to them, they are criminals that are allowed to rob legally. They don't need a gun or a mask they walk in with a friendly smile.

WOW............. their parents must be proud of the career path they took!!!
Norma M. Send email
Jun 16, 2017


A sales rep came to the door and said I needed to update my furnace and AC. I had to decide within 2 days, saying they were in my area and doing similar installations at my neighbours. He was pushy and sounded very official. They convinced me that my best option was to rent. 2 years into a15 year contract, I was reviewing my budget since my income had recently been drastically reduced. When I looked closely at the contract, the small print said that OEG could increase my monthly payments by 3.8% per year. My payments had increased by $16. per unit over the 2 years. Also my payments were significantly higher than other local companies. I was paying $81 per unit monthly. I contacted OEG to find out how I could get out of the contract and they charged me over $5,700. to end the contract or the alternative to pay over $13,000. to buy out their equipment.
In the end it was cheaper for me to pay the fine and purchase a brand new energy efficient furnace and AC from a local company.
In the 2 years they did replace a faulty condensation pump but refused to pay for the water damage to my family room carpet caused by the water leakage but no other service was done on either piece of equipment. In the end they did come and remove their equipment when I scheduled but they were difficult to reach.
This was a very costly mistake on my part and caused me a lot of stress and sleepless nights.
Do NOT let these people into your home! I learned that if a company won't allow you time to make an informed decision walk away. I also learned that it pays to take the time to compare prices and services to know exactly what you are getting.
Ontario Energy Group, while maybe not legally a scam, is definitely an unscrupulous company that way over charges.
Oegscammingsloots Send email
Jun 13, 2017

Lien and mean rip off machines

My story /cons:
Same deal as most of these comments. Salesman checks furnace and stuff. Says its inefficient and that there is a governent program to reduce energy in effect and i qualify.
Woohoo right? Free furnace and lower gas and elec bills, hell yeah i will sign up!!. Who wouldn't... well the truth is there is no government program, the furnace is far from free, really really far... like 5x the normal value of tge furnace. They strap you in on an 80ish dollar a month contract that is locked in (which was never mentioned) for 15 years!!!!!!! 15 years locked in to 80 ish a month. But wait, there is more!!! They also put a lien on ur home, so if u try to sell get ready to fork over a good 7-14k of your profit to oeg. Soo alot of stuff was not explained to me or i would have never signed. A lien would have cancelled the deal for me. On top of all that i could smell gas.. uh oh. So union gas sends a worker to check it out. He shuts all lines to the furnace and puts a tag on it saying it cannot be turned back on until evertrhing on this list was repaired. Needed new ventilation piping, gas pipes were not attached properly. Improper base and support etc (long story short it was dangerous and leaking nat gas into my home and the excess fumes were going into my basement rather than outside. After hours on the phone w oeg i learned my only options are buy out the furnace for 6500 or pay the price for 15 years then the lien will be removed. Sooo thanks oeg for ****ing me while my hands are tied. I also found out that the furnace they improperly installed could b purchased at a local shop for 1800 less than their price :/

So if they knock on your door dont let them in. One rep even stuck his foot in the doorway as my grandma tried to close the door. She got a lawyer and a bank took over the lien and loan. I think id like to go the lawyer route also :/

They send repairmen fairly quick and cover all parts and labour. (But seriously u are paying for this with the enourmous amount they are charging you lol)

Biggest regret of my life. If i would have just bought a furnace elsewhere it would have been payed long ago and i wouldnt be paying 80 a month for 15years. No lien on my home and no headaches. OEG IS AN AWFUL COMPANY THAT GETS ITS BUSINESS BY TRICKING PPL INTO THINKING THE GOVERNEMENT IS HELPING YOU OUT WITH A GREAT DEAL.
rippedoffandupset Send email
Jun 7, 2017

good product but way overpriced

I apologize if this complaint is tardy but I have been trying to get a feel as to how OEG operates. I have had some unprofessional dealings with them and no longer want to deal with them. I have been making my payments regularly but started questioning matters after some of these dealings and getting information over the news.

Like some other clients, I was told that this was a government program. I heard that this is false. As well, I learned that some people have leans against their houses if they become delinquent customers.

As for personal dealings. OEG sent me someone who ripped us, and them off to install my combi-boiler. Just recently I had a local TRUSTWORTHY boiler technician come in to remedy a noise that I have been hearing. I called OEG about this and they wanted to send one of THEIR "specialists" to come and examine the problem. I lost trust in them and told them that I wanted MY guy to service it. He did, and upon completion had to add a new expansion tank, replace the electrical box because it was totally not the right one for the way the house is zoned. And had an internal part replaced because the pump inside the unit was working overtime. It took a week to sort this matter out so we, our two young children and my wife who has an acquired brain injury went without showering for all that time without any form of compensation whatsoever. They reluctantly accepted my request for the local person because I told them that they were breaching their contract, and they knew it.

I am so upset about this situation that I decided to look further into this company.

-The equipment obviously did NOT operate at manufacturer's efficiency standard. There was no way for any service person to do work on it for two to three years.

-I was mislead thinking this is a government program. it is not

-I crunched the numbers and found out everything is compounded...this $7000 tank is going to cost me 33 000$ once all is said and done.

-when I read the contract, it stated that "All persons who may sign on the account must also sign this agreement"....my wife did not sign (is this considered a breach?)

I would love to call them up and say come over and take your equipment. But I am caught between a rock and a hard place.

What should I do if anything can be done from this point forward? I will continue reluctantly to pay my monthly dues but feel totally duped by this company. Should there be any class action lawsuit please count me in.
Dhendu21 Send email
May 4, 2017

Fraud Salesman - Furnace

It happened 5 time in last six months now, Sales man knocked at the door and present as they are from government agency to check furnace and insist to come in for inspection. Please don't let them in as they are fraud and not belong to any government agency. Government agency will send you notification in advance. I checked on google and found lot of complaints about this. Don't know how we can stop them as it is very irritating but if they show up just don't let them in.
concernedconsumer12 Send email
Apr 12, 2017

Misrepresented by OEG

In 2013 a representative from OEG came to my Aunts door representing himself as working for the government and starting asking all kinds of questions about her furnace. Of course they were questions that my 71 year old Aunt could not answer unless she was an HVAC technician. His questions were merely to scare her into renting a furnace from OEG, and to make it nice he suggested an air conditioner for a very low fee. How was a 71 year old woman suppose to know if her furnace was installed properly? My Aunt has also found out that she has a lien from another company on the equipment she has rented from OEG as well, which was not mentioned during any part of the conversation. Since when do you have to use scare tactics to convince a consumer that they need a new furnace if your company really is legit? Where is the legal rights for elderly people? Who is going to help them? A clear case of misrepresentation.
lalerpop Send email
Apr 5, 2017

dupped by door to door sales

Ontario Home Services...what fools we were to answer the door and to let these people in...we are also locked in a so called contract for 10 yrs.and wont let us out of it.A piece of paper that i did sign, but apparently there was writting on the back of it that i never saw.. promises broken.we were told all lies..cause of the new furnace ,gas bills were to be less..not true..new air conditioner was needed to be compatable with new furnace..had to upgrade..new hot water tank was also needed cause the old one was working too hard and full of sediment..this is what the sales person told us..we are 64 yrs old now ,and have to pay this till we are 70..I really cant see us being able to do this anymore..the monthly billing has gone from $ 14.95 for the water tank,,to $17.95
the furnace and air con has gone from $64.95 each to $74.95 each.we were told that the bill would stay the same for the 10yrs,and never go up..lied to again..i was told, by time we are done with the contract ,we would have paid them over $18000.00..
We were in the position back in 2013 to buy all new at a much lesser cost by a proper heating n air condition contractor here in town ..i really dont know what to do ..please help us out of this ..if at all possible
carrielew2 Send email
Jan 28, 2017

air conditioner rental

i am selling a home for my client. she had the new a/c installed by OEG last June and wants to sell her house.
The buy out on it is over $8000!!!!! WHAT?!
You can buy 4 A/C units for that amount. This is robbery. Carrie Lewis
Thorsg1 Send email
Jul 10, 2016

Canadian Standards

This company just tried to pull their scam on me. A man and a woman with a thick accent carrying a clipboard knocked on my door and said they needed to come inside my house and check my furnace and hot water heater for "efficiency". They gave the impression they were from some level of government although they didn't actually say so.

I knew something wasn't right because governments and utilities don't go knocking door to door and if there's a legitimate reason they need access to your home, there's always plenty of advance notice. I refused them entry.

Then I Googled Canadian Standards afterward and sure enough, if's some kind of furnace selling scam using very unscrupulous business practices.

So just a heads up, this scam is in Edmonton now. DON'T LET THEM IN!
Kellijones Send email
Jun 7, 2016


This company lied to me anout me needing a new furnance and air conditioner. They are misleading and very poor business people . they have not come to service my air conditioner or furnace once since they installed the units . furthermore they prey on the vurnable its awful business !!
DDA Send email
Apr 29, 2016

Ontario energy group

I had one of their guys knocking on my front door insisting that he was with the province and had to do an inspection of the furnace and air conditioner. He was argumentative and aggressive. I would not open the door and asked him to leave his card. He left, but did not leave his card. About a half hour later another employee is knocking on the back door. I did not respond. He did go away.
Fani72003 Send email
Apr 27, 2016

Ontario Energy Group- False reperentation

About 2 years ago they came to our door and told my mom she will get a free air- conditioner, if she sign up and change her old gas furniture. The guy start convincing us how we will benefit from the government we will get reimburse, she said had to discuss it with the rest of the family. He said don't worry you can still discuss it just sign and we will take care for everything - you will save lots of money -he said. She signed it believing that they are true company, one month after they start sending bills of far more than of what was expected. Then we realized that we were victims of not scammers, not honest people that lied us. My mom continue paying the bills, she even took a line of credit to pay them because she didn't want to go on bad credit, to keep her good reputation as a good on time payer. Our house is not that big, 2 bedroom house, but we were getting charged like we own a hotel or huge house. The bills were brutal: $1004 for one month, 993$ for another month,1570$, 1826$, 2229$ and so on. My name is Teofana Dobreva, my e-mail is Fani72003@yahoo.ca. Thank you for your attention.
In Shock Send email
Apr 6, 2016

Rude, threateniing and prejudice remarks made by "so-called" salesman

The other day a salesman from OEG (Identification badge) knocked on our door. My mother answered and the man said he was looking for the homeowner. She said yes that is me. He said he was there to do a required government inspection and that he was coming in to inspect the furnace as it was not up to standards. He claimed it was a free service and that he had required paperwork to fill out. My mother explained that it was not a good time and that she was unaware of a mandatory inspection. The salesman then asked if "the man of the house" was home so he could speak to him as the technical information would be better appreciated by him. At this point I intervened as my mother was clearly upset by this remark as my father passed away in January. I explained that we would not be requiring his services and to please leave. He looked me up and down and made a nasty threat that he would be back when I wasn't around and he would gain entry to the house. What kind of people are they sending to our neighbourhood? He was pushy, misleading, rude and disrespectful to a recent widow and then when he is turned away, he threatens to gain entry to the house anyway? WOW! I was in shock. I heard my mother on the phone telling someone about the incident and I thought maybe she had called the police, but instead it was my brother. He was so irate that he left work and drove around the subdivision looking for the man. Thankfully he didn't find him because the only thing he would have been able to inspect after this encounter would have been the inside of an emergency room. I am writing this as we don't even have a furnace, we have a boiler so he didn't know what he was talking about. We own the boiler and it is maintained by a reputable local service company. There are no mandatory inspections to be performed by these people and they are definitely not reputable. Maybe this man could get away with mistreating women in his previous country or in his culture, but this is Canada and last time I checked it was a free country. He has no authority to demand access to our house and next time he comes anywhere near us we will call the police and lay charges. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and please protect yourselves from these scammers. Call your local police force and follow this up with a call to your municipal councillor.
Lonebone Send email
Mar 15, 2016

Ontario Energy Group deception

What ever sales pitch OEG gives you at the door, it is a SCAM. They are all fraudsters. Just read the complaints here!

They will remove your current furnace and give you nothing for it. They will then install a new furnace and charge you a rental fee which adds up to thousands of dollars over the years. On top of that you still have to pay the gas bill. If I agreed to their installation, my gas heating and hot water costs would increase by more than $1000 per month, compared to what I pay now. They will try to convince you that the money you save using a more efficient boiler or furnace, will offset the rental costs (which in this case would be more than $1500 per year). DO THE MATH.

If you have signed up with them, and they have done the installation - and you now realize you were scammed - you should contact a lawyer. There is a notice here from a lawyer, John Robinson Legal, who says he handles OEG cases.
Ursula McCoy Send email
Mar 2, 2016

Too good to be true

Mar 1, 2016
Received a phone call from Ontario Standard Home Services yesterday asking me how old my furnace and air conditioner were. Told me I qualified for a new efficiency furnace at no cost to me. They would send someone to verify that I qualify for a new furnace due to Ontario safety standards. Two young men came to check the furnace and asked to see my hydro and gas bills. Looking at the amount of the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit on my hydro bill, he indicated that I qualify for a new furnace and it would not cost me a penny per month. He said my old furnace needed the aluminium to be updated with white PCV material, just like the PVC valve I replaced for the hot water tank years previously. He indicated that the Ontario government is helping people for safety and environmental reasons. He mentioned IESO and Ontario Power Authority and it all sounded very official. I told them I had to check it out and they could call me back in a few days with my decision.

Please indicate whether this is a scam as I believe it to be. Nobody gets any new for nothing.....something is wrong.

Ursula McCoy
Tobyleron Send email
Oct 27, 2015

OEG getting out

Can anybody get out of OEG's contract?
pam stevens Send email
Sep 9, 2015


Two salesmen came to my door and asked to inspect my furnace. Thinking they were from the government, I let them in. They convinced me that I needed a new furnace at a cost of $55 a month for 5 years. Since my furnace was 25 years, old, I signed the contract. Only a few months ago, did I learn that the contract I signed was a 'rent to own' and the $55 a month was for 180 months (15 years). this means I'm paying over $10,000 for a furnace that's probably worth about $3,0000. What a scam! They even pointed to the 5 year term on the contract when I was signing, but didn't point to the 180 month part.


I don't know if I can get out of this contract or not, but for sure they will never darken my doors again for any reason!!!

Pamela Stevens
Hamilton Ontario
mcvane Send email
Aug 15, 2015

Ontario Energy Group - want to check A/C

One fine summer Sunday afternoon, I was comfortably pulling weeds in my garden when 2 young salespeople approached me. The inexperienced one pretty much said that they needed to check the year and the 'rating' of my A/C unit to make sure it was energy efficient and good for the environment (or not). When I said that I wasn't interested, the second more experienced one tried to sound comforting and started again by re-introducing who they were and what the purpose of their visit was. They were apparently representing the Ontario Government and going door to door to make sure the equipment we have is environmentally friendly (blah blah blah blah). Sitting and still focused on my weeds, the young man insisted that he needed to check the A/C and whether or not it was on the left or right side of the house. I again told him "I'm not interested" and stated the the A/C unit was in the back and no one was going to check it. Trying to push a third time, I cut him off. I stated that I like old technology that works and why replace something that's not broken? And also I mentioned that when I said no I meant NO!

They both thanked me for my time as they left and tried their luck with my neighbours.

The only positive feedback is that the less experienced salesperson who worked formerly at a lawn company, approached me later on and gave me some gardening tips.

NEVER fall for anyone who says they represent the government. If Kathleen Wynn comes to my door, then I might believe it's a government initiative - but I will tell her to bugger off as well!!
SomBumxo Send email
Aug 6, 2015


So my mother passed away in 2014, leaving the house to my sister and i. We learned that she had recently signed a contract to the OEG for a new furnace, water heater and air conditioner. Her payments were past due, so i had this nasty man named Gus Karathanasis calling me, telling me i needed to pay them $20,500 within a week or they would take the house and sue us for the money owed!! He harassed us and our lawyer into getting the contract signed over so our names were not in the contract however we recieved nothing with the terms and conditions when it was signed over. Our lawyer told us that because it was out mothers debt, we have no choice but to assume the agreement to the contract. Every single day since this happened, my sister and i have recieved threatening phone calls from this man, registered letters and emails. It has me to the point where when he calls, i have anxiety to the point where i am shaking and my head starts to spin. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOTHING BUT CROOKS!!
deasmun Send email
Aug 5, 2015

air conditioner

My wife suffers from M.S. and has hearing and memory problems. Earlier this year a salesman called to the door while I was out.

She was under the impression that OEG were going to visit to maintain the furnace. Instead I arrive home to find a new central Air Conditioner installed. The previous one was now resting on the front lawn. I called OEG up and told them to re-install our original Air Conditioner. After many arguments they agreed to remove the new one but would not re-install our Air Conditioner. To this day it is sitting on the driveway of our house.

This summer has been very hot and this company has caused my wife a lot of discomforth. The air conditioner was originally installed for her health

Desmond Harte
bobsnipus Send email
Jul 27, 2015

Door to Door Scammers

This individual was insistent, and repeatedly tried to barge into my home, claiming that it was "by law", that he had to check my heating and cooling system. I explained that both were brand new and exceeded energy star standards. He then changed tactics, saying that he had to check to see if it was up to code. I told him it was installed by a registered professional, and he changed tactics again, saying that he had to examine the coolants, and exhaust, to see if they were up to government standards. When I was adamant that I would not allow him access to my hvac system, he said that it had to be done, and he would return to talk to my husband.
The problem with these scammers are that they look "official", and they are like rabid dogs with a bone. They try to be nice, then they try being official, and then they switch to scare tactics to try to gain access to your home. I worry about all the seniors, and women who aren't handy, or familiar with their heating and cooling sytems, who may fall for the clipboard, matching shirt/hat, and scare tactics. Somebody needs to put a stop to this!
lokipaqtism Send email
Jun 11, 2015

Ontario Energy Group Scammers

These people come to my door, are extremely rude and try to barge their way into my home after telling them to leave many times. One had the audacity to go into the backyard without our permission and allowed both of my dogs to run away. Next time you come on my property, I am calling the police without hesitation. Keep your scam away from me.
WBrown Send email
Jun 9, 2015

ontario energy group

I have told theses people 4 times to go away and in a month or so they are back. Each person has been different but the story the same, they are working with the Ontario government to inspect furnaces and a/c units to see if they meet the new government safety standards. Each time I tell them I will not allow the inspection but they persist. Is there a way to make them stop?

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    cbse - I'm not satisfied with my daughter cbse class 12th...
    My daughter is given cbse class 12th board 2018 exam she...
    Securitas - Kevin and Tracy bad branch manager and terrible recruiter
    We need another branch manager.. I went to the office...
    Ideal Image - Ideal Image
    I went to received a consultation for cool sculpting in my...

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