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theysuck Send email
Dec 1, 2021


I am so upset with their refi department, it has taken over 3 months to get a simple refi loan approved. Only 100k. I have over 800 credit score.

They always ask for the same information over and over again. They ask for items that they already have. Every 3 weeks you get another request for information.

They have taken up so much of my time and effort. I asked for a manager to call me back. The email said they will call you shortly, (WHAT DOES SHORTLY MEAN TO YOU) ? When I call the loan rep, she said they will get back to you in 24 hours (that's shortly). This bank has no common sense, PNC worst bank I have dealt with.

Lets see what kind of response I will be from them on this email. I had filed a compliant a few weeks ago and heard nothing.

If anybody uses this bank, let me tell you they are the worst!!!!
CFGolding Send email
Nov 18, 2021

PNC Mortgage Felony or Incompetence?

I purchased a home financing through a mortgage company. I paid in advance 15 months of hazardous insurance and county taxes on 6/15/2021. My advanced payments are called 'prepayments' in the settlement papers which amount to approximately $3,000.

On 6/28/2021, PNC bought my loan, through a secondary mortgage buy out. I received a notice from my original mortgage company, Freddie Mac and PNC as to the purchase. In July 2021, I receive my first mortgage bill to pay August 1, 2021.
I heard nothing from PNC over my escrow for the following payments until my November 1st bill (4 months later) where my escrow account was attached.

I saw that I had a negative balance. PNC OVERDRAFT my escrow account. I never have overdraft any bank account in my 50 plus years of banking. Tsk, tsk PNC. PNC has charged my escrow account over $1,800 in prepaid insurance and county taxes. In the State of Maryland amounts taken without consent or illegality, over $1,500 in monies, services, loans, etc., is considered a felony theft.

On Oct 28, I went online to see what the bank has on record. I generally do not bank online. I write checks and balance my accounts through my personal Excel spreadsheets. I found that not only did PNC purchase insurance for me, they paid my County taxes and withdrew this from my escrow. PNC neatly, provided advances within the account to hide the huge OVERDRAFT that was beginning to appear. I printed my statements. Today's statements looks different!

I tried contacting PNC on 10/28/2021, only to be run around. I finally got to the mortgage department that put me on hold so the agent could 'do research.' Well, I was hung up. I called again and was passed to PNC's insurance department. They state they received no response from their notices. I did responded by having State Farm respond to both notices the day of or after I received these notices. I even gave PNC's insurance department my State Farm agent and phone number to call. I verified and received my Declaration of Insurance by State Farm on Monday 10/25/2021. PNC charged my escrow account insurance that is 45% higher than the insurance I paid for. I received a an envelope by PNC insurance two weeks later. I have not opened because I did not request insurance through PNC, I responded to PNC's requests to proof insurance, and I have and have had State Farm insurance for my cars, businesses and homes for the past 50 years. There was no cause for PNC to question my integrity of maintaining hazardous insurance. I would have hazardous insurance even if I didn't have a mortgage. I am educated with a college degree. I read!

The following week. I was in touch with PNC's Retail division Terri Lewis, PNC's liaison. I requested an email address for PNC so I can sent my proof of insurance and payments for my taxes and insurance. She promised me she would get my information to the proper people if I could email this to her. I had my initial mortgage company send the settlement papers and the title company email her the cancelled checks written for my insurance and my county taxes before PNC wrote any checks.

Yesterday, I had another round with PNC back again to the mortgage department that put me on hold 'to do research' for an hour only to transfer me to this Terri Lewis woman again. Hours and hours I am spending to get PNC to do their job.
Terri Lewis received the emails on 11/4 and 11/8 from the original mortgage company and the title company. She says she did not open the email attachments; but she forwarded them on. Obviously no one is doing their job in the mortgage department. Terri apologized for this mix up and tried to blame this on the Texas bank take over which should be no excuse. Terri also admitted to me the that PNC personell cannot take information over the phone, they cannot return phone calls, send emails or other correspondence. If this is so how does PNC communicate with the public? the P.O. Boxes? that takes PNC mail room at least a week to mail their correspondence this is why it takes two weeks to receive stuff from PNC. No wonder the calls to the insurance department were not acknowledge which prompted this debacle.

In the meantime PNC's computers are chugging away producing invoices and profits from customers while ignoring customers' concerns for mistakes, error, illegalities, whatever PNC is not doing right, presently. PNC is a financial institutions. I have working in accounting and began pursuing an accounting degree. I am very familiar with basic, easy accounting. I also am a computer nerd with my first Fortran program running perfectly, so I understand this is a systematic error. I am not the only person this is happening to. I PNC is pocketing my $3,000 for a small mortgage less than $100k, then what about these mortgages that are $400K? How much is PNC pocketing? Is this really happening? Our financially institutions are STEALING from homeowners while they are settling in their new home! These financial institutions have guidelines to follow through Freddie Mac, HUD, FDIC, FCPA, and the Justice Department. PNC has proven to be incompetent, not transparent and unwilling to work with their customers.

Either PNC is guilty of gross negligence or felony theft. I sent a formal letter on Monday November 15 to the Dayton, OH P O Box. Yesterday 11/17, I receive a bill for $718 and a notice to increase my escrow payments by $24/month. This bill acts as the instrument of guilt for either gross negligent or felony theft. Since I am in Maryland, the mortgage department is in Ohio and the CEO is in DC, this case appears to fall into the hands of the FBI.

It has been three weeks I have been trying to resolve this. I wrote that by my next posting of my December 2021 payment, that if the escrow account is not cleared of taxes and insurance charged, that were previously paid by me the homeowner, then I will file criminal charges against PNC banks specifically William S. Demchak and the Vice President of PNC's Mortgage Division. PNC states they record their phone messages. Listen to them! Also, read my original settlement papers.
Blueibear Send email
Nov 18, 2021

Disgusted former BBVA customer

As a BBVA customer, I was forced to become a PNC Bank customer after they took over. I can honestly say that PNC is by far the absolute WORST bank I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with, and I have done business with a lot of banks in my lifetime, as well as worked for a few. Not only do the employees of PNC simply not give a crap, but PNC also seems to have some of the worst systems I have ever seen as well. Going from BBVA to this nightmare bank has been an awful experience. FYI...don't use the debit card lock feature if you might possibly want to unlock the card at night during one of their weekly system updates. Not only does the lock/unlock option disappear for 2-3 hours during these system updates (PNC confirmed this has been a long-known issue by them), leaving you unable to use your debit card if it was locked prior to the update beginning, they also conveniently don't offer any sort of customer support during the overnight hours either. Additionally, I can't even begin to tell you how many issues I have run into trying to utilize their online banking system. In fact, as I write this review, their online banking system is completely down. I cannot for the life of me, fathom why anyone would choose to do business with these clowns. How is this bank still in business? On top of all of this, they also have the audacity to take my once free small business checking account I had with BBVA, and now force me to start paying a monthly fee for it. They have another thing coming if they think I will ever pay a single damn dime for a vastly inferior product than what BBVA offered for free. I will most definitely be closing this account and going elsewhere ASAP. I would advise anyone considering this bank, to pick literally any other financial institution to do business with. Heck, keeping your money under your mattress is a better option than these people.
wjdalton Send email
Oct 15, 2021

Rude Employess ....STUPID

PNC worst bank i have dealt with. They bit off more than they can chew obtaining BBVA Spent 3 hours tring to open a web account to pay my aauto payment. BEEN paying BBVA for 4 years with no problems PNC had an address I have not lived at in 21 years and the wrong vehicle. WORSE BANK THERE ARE BETTER ONES ...PNC EMPLOYEES DO NOT CARE ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS OPEN AN ACCOUNT TO PAY MY PAYMENT ND COULD NOT EVEN DO THAT .... HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE
wjdalton Send email
Oct 15, 2021

Rude Employess ....STUPID

Called PNC customer serive is horrible. Tried for 3 hours to open a web account that I have had with BBVA for years BBVA has had my auto loan for 4 years and I have paid it using my web account. PNC has an address i have not had for 21 years and the wrong vehicle. NO ONE AT PNC CARED. This one of the WORST experiences I have had. DO NOT USE THIS BANK FOR ANYTHING THERE BETTER BANKS WITH EMPLOYEES WHO CARE. PNC EMPLOYESS DO NOT. i still dont have a web account cause no one cause do it very poor training. PNC BIT OFF MORE THAN THEY CAN CHEW..... BAD BANK
shellroy321 Send email
Jul 16, 2021

online banking

I had a loan from Wells Fargo that was direct debited from PNC/. It was paid off in May, but PNC continued paying it and Wells Fargo sent the money bank. We couldn't get PNC to stop so we put a stop payment on the payment. We got a notice from FIserve, that processes PNC's online banking that they had frozen all our online banking because of this. We had to pay Fiserve the $122 to get our online banking back, even though the loan was already paid. PONC insisted they could do nothing and we are out $122.
denwoodbp Send email
Mar 4, 2021

Unauthorized transactions

PNC confused my authorized payments to my PNC business Visa account from my PNC business checking account and from my external personal checking account. When I spoke with customer service about correcting the transactions, things go worse. Customer service entered additional transactions resulting in unnecessary net reversal of payment already made and resulting in interest charges on the account. I wrote to the President and CEO in Pittsburgh, including with my letter all account documentation, with a copy of the letter and all documentation to the local branch manager. So far, no response of any kind from anyone at PNC.
Mod Send email
Dec 25, 2020


Today 12/24/20 at 1.15 PM , I went to the PNC Branch on Gull Road kalamazoo ,Michigan. I handed the teller $1,900 to deposit in my account.She stated she could not give me a receipt because the machine was broken and that she could not verify that I gave her that amount because she forgot to the count the money. The Manager wanted me to forgo my other appointments and wait at the branch till the end of the day so they could count their money to see if there was a balance. They also refused to give me anything to show that I had actually given them that amoiunt of money.The Manager was very rude and unapolegetic.She said to me "How do I know you gave us that amount of money" (I thought she was being racist)Several hours later after I had filed a complaint ,The teller called and informed me that they had found my money and were going to credit my account. They were going to send the receipt in the mail.
fawbc Send email
Apr 4, 2020


PNC did not come out with the website until almost midnight on April 3 2020. The "checklist" they provide on the website earlier in the day in order to proceed with the loan process was incomplete and worthless!! Once the website was up, we had all of the requested "checklist" information at home (for it was almost midnight). The "checklist" was not even close to what they were asking for on the website!!, so we could not apply because we had to return to the office on Saturday and collect the REAL information they wanted.

Now let me say the Federal form is only 2 pages long simple and to the point. The PNC website is overwhelming and full of unnecessary REQUIRED information. Far from easy and streamlined for a process meant to be easy and helpful.

I have been a Small Business customer for 10 years or better. On Monday I will close all my Business and Personnel accounts due to their incompetence and lack of ability of understanding.

I can not say how frustrating and upsetting this has been and still is! The are no words except "THEY SUCK"
jmmp1059 Send email
Jul 29, 2018

Customer service

This bank will give you the worst customer service on a good day they do not train the folks and they do not care about customers most concerning is they will take money from your account if you do not micro manage them they make lots of mistakes I am trying to close my accounts by paying my mortgage ahead of schedule and they want to charge me a fee I read online that they have had issues doing this to customers
jeffwilliams Send email
Jul 5, 2018

PNC Bank Lies - I got Screwed

I'm a 43 year old Canadian who moved to Pittsburgh 1.5 years ago and am trying to build my credit here. I'm here to open the US office of my engineering company.

As I have NO credit history in the US and was declined for normal credit cards, PNC told me a year ago that if I get one of their prepaid Visa cards, I will have built enough credit after 6 months to be approved for an "adult" Visa. Lie #1. I used it for twice as long (1 year), paid it off twice monthly and was still declined a grownup Visa. I escalated this to their management and they insisted I don't have enough credit history and blamed their underwriters. Despite me threatening to take my company and personal business elsewhere, they maintained their position.

So, I got a grownup Visa elsewhere without issue and went in today (two weeks later) to cancel the Visa. I'll be moving my other accounts ASAP. They told me that when cancelling their Visa it will delete all my credit history, so basically I wasted the last year of my life trying to build credit. LIE #2. My whole intent was to build my credit and they screwed me over completely without any care. I'd like to buy a house in the US and now I've lost an entire year of credit history - this screws over my entire family.

Dealing with PNC has been an atrocity from day 1, but this really puts me over the edge. I would recommend no one waste their time like I did and just go somewhere else where you'll be treated with respect.
rfilmore Send email
Jun 22, 2018

dispute dept

To whom it may concern,

I filled a dispute Friday June 15th, 2018 against a mechanic shop that I paid for a service back in March 2018. I paid $721.??, to get my car fixed. I have been back to that same mechanic shop several times because the issue was not resolved. Every time I call and tell them I have the same issue, they say bring that care back in. I take the car as requested and still nothing has been resolved! I was told by the manager to go to the Chevy dealer and have them reset the computer in my car and this SHOULD resolve the issue. I called and made an appt and went to the closest Chevy dealer to my home and was told that not only was the original issues still an issue, but I had another issue with my car. I paid for lesser of the 2 issues of course and asked for the print out of the diagnostics to show the other shop that my car was having the same problem that I already paid them for. I called the shop and told them what the dealership stated and that my car still was having the same issue as before and they stated there was no way that the car can still be reading the same error code and they did their part. I asked for a refund and was told no. After filing a dispute with your company, I had to go to the branch due to my car being cancelled and get a new one and then sit down and call all my merchants that I have recurring payments with and change my account info with them. Then I had to called you guys to find out that my claim was denied because the type of dispute that was I making. Your bank apparently doesn't dispute that type of service. What type of crap is that?!? I'm not asking PNC for THEIR money! I want MY money back from this mechanic that claimed he fixed my issue and has not! I want to pay the dealership with the funds that they give me back. It is not right that you all are not trying to assist. No I have not banked with you guys long and no I don't have thousands or millions of dollars in this bank. However, I do trust you enough to hold my money and treat me fairly. No true investigation was done, you just simply denied my dispute. And on top of all this crap, I can't even talk to the dispute department?!? What load of BS is that??? I seriously doubt that this email even gets read, so once again, I'm more than likely wasting my time in trying to get help from a bank that BBB has graded an F. No worries. I can promise that I will be changing my bank IMMEDIATELY if you all can not help me. No, this is not a threat and I know you can care less if 1 customer is gone. But I will bash this bank on all of my social media including , facebook, instagram, snap-chat, and my very strong following on youtube. I will make sure that everyone knows exactly how you treat your customers. I am so happy that my youtube checks don't come here. Capital One and USAA has never denied my claim because of the type of service. I paid for something and did not get what I paid for in return. It's simple. I deserve my money back! Like I said before, I'm doubtful that anything will come of this letter, but just in case your company actually cares for its customers, my contact info is below.

Raquel Filmore
6819 sturbridge dr
parkville md 21234

gave branch person all info i had to be faxed to dispute dept.
Jeffrey3542 Send email
Jun 22, 2018

Lewis Center

I am a local manager and needed change for a $100 bill 6-22-18 at 10am. I went to the location on route 23 here in Lewis Center Ohio and the one teller (found out later she was actually the manager Alena not sure of spelling) was busy trying to speak with a customer on how to improve his account which is fine and I waited approx. 10 minutes. When I asked for change she said she needed acct. info. which is silly for just change. HOWEVER - I have a signature acct. and my wife has a checking acct. with PNC and she stated 'sorry you personally do not have a deposit acct. with us so I can't give you change'. I have informed my wife we are closing our acct. paying off signature loan early and will be switching banks.....absolutely ridiculous.
-Mr. Nelson
Richard Davis Send email
Jun 16, 2018

Unprofessional employee

I walked into the pnc branch on 145 saxer Ave Springfield pa 19064 being helped an employee of by name Mary Dennis she smell like exactly like marijuana and I do not appreciate it one bit I’m not sure if she was high but someone should test her
Llahotski Send email
Jun 15, 2018


Update the atm at the location of State Street Clarks Summit, pa, 18411. I tried to deposit 9 paychecks, I was there waiting for my "transaction to be processed" for 15 minutes. I couldn't cancel, the button was non responsive. In fear that I would not get my paychecks or card back, I started slowly hitting Any button that would respond. Finally, I got some paychecks back, not all.
Afrye Send email
May 30, 2018

Cannot Get Lien Removed from Auto Tittle

Ok listen up folks if you are considering doing any business with PNC. My experience to date: back in 2004 bought a truck, financed thu National City Bank. Later bought by PNC so our payments in latter part went to PNC. Paid off long, well many years ago. Truck got wrecked recently, needed Tittle, couldn’t find it. To Tittle office for copy....but they tell us National City holds a lien on it still after all these years. They said, it happens, just tell Bank to send not on their Letterhead saying loan paid with vin no and model and we will release your Tittle copy to you. I started the process on May 22 and still waiting for resolution. This is PNC’s responsibility to clear since they took over the National City Loan! I have spoken to a total of 4 “Resolution Case Workers” 2 of these looked up my information and agreed the loan was paid in full years ago. SAID they would send letterhead, I gave them the fax number several times but so far nothing. PNC has NO legal hold on my truck yet has not released it! What a fiasco! One agent said she would fax it but it would take 45 minutes. I said fine! Never came...yes they have correct number... think carefully befor you involve your self with this institution. I know I will NOT consider them. STILL WAITING IN HENDERSONVILLE
Cmorales33 Send email
May 3, 2018

Unauthorized funds withdraw

Due to the new loan department transition lots and lots of error are being made. In my case I made a original loan payment amount through online banking on Pnc website and the received a letter saying that there is additional fees. I call CS and I was informed that that's an error due to the transition their loan department is going through just make the original payment. I did but the I see this addition amount for the principal of the loan being withdraw. So I call again CS and request the funds to be refunded they said they would 24 to 48 hrs. Came Monday nothing I call again CS tells me it was requested but takes 7 to 10 business days, I wait nothing I send and email. They reply call the loan Dept I do I'm then informed that it was requested but not submitted. So now I'm 3 weeks in other bills due and nothing. So I email again they tell me that it was sent to escalated account management. They tried to contact me oh so they think cause now they are calling the wrong number . I get an email to my personal email account saying they have tried contacting me several times but I can be reached they tell me the number that they have been calling and it's incorrect. Now I call back no answer I leave a detailed message haven't heard from them yet. No here I am 1 whole month later nothing has happen no funds requested returned no contact with anyone if the would have looked at my account and see my number maybe this would have been resolved. So frustrated I no longer care if they return the fund or keep it towards my loan. The point is terrible communication lack of information throughout the system poor empathy for those that work hard and have to live on certain amount and things like this happens and turns everything upside down. Which the only thing that should have happen since the beginning is give me my money back.
Cnana1999 Send email
Mar 21, 2018

Over draft fees

Ok, PNC charges you $36.00 for item of insufficient funds, then $7.00 for everyday account in the red...Now plz follow closely, you have no over draft protection account so item should have been returned.( but it wasn't) So, for the next 10days you accur additional fees for balance in the red...OK, now you reach out to find out how this is, their response is we paid your checks and $36.00 was assested to your account, but I don't have over draft protection? Oh, yes you do, ok when I only have one account checking. Then i say so it's like a line of credit then, because what banks going to just keep doing this without a limit. So, I can write a $5,000.00 or $10,000.00 check and you clear it. That's insane, what if you never get another penny in the account, so that's why all the banks are in trouble now because of over charging bank fees... This needs to stop , a honest over site will cost more then the difference. I want my money back.!!! NOW...
jrose0915 Send email
Jan 12, 2018


Upon conclusion of the Christmas and Holiday season ; I had gone to the Penn Hills branch on Saltsburg Road to make a deposit via the ATM. This deposit included 3 checks (one from my parent and 2 from my grandmother as gifts for our children for Christmas) - Long story short - The ATM malfunctioned and ate all 3 checks (that were all in the same deposit) - as well as my ATM card. When I went into the branch to report the matter, I was told by the teller that there was nothing she could do then, as they do not directly service, nor have access to their ATM machines ??? She advised she could file a dispute regarding - and when the 'third party' company comes to retrieve and/or open the ATM - 'if' the checks were found, they would contact me..... I provided the total amount of all 3 checks to her in order to file the "dispute." - (On a side note, the fact that PNC employees do not have access nor are able to open their own ATM machines is absurd to me) - As in my opinion, this could have been resolved immediately by opening the ATM and fixing the machine's jam to retrieve my deposit. - When I then heard nothing for over a week, I called the branch and spoke to Natalie, who is apparently the manager there .... She then more-or-less told me that what I was told initially by the other teller at the time this occurred, was incorrect.... And that the dispute can take up to 90 days to resolve - but they may approve a 'Provisional Credit' to be applied in the meantime... She did put a request in to the 'escalation' team that was to now help and assist .... Long story short from here ... I received a letter stating that the credit would be put into my account until the matter was investigated... ok, great, fine....You would thing O, that's great... But O no, don't get too excited for me as of yet ; I then received a letter in the mail from PNC stating the investigation was over and they only found 2 of the 3 checks - And more or less accusing me of false information provided !!! ????!!!! - Again, that's funny - ALL OF THE CHECKS WERE TOGETHER IN THE SAME DEPOSIT!!! - So just maybe - Your "Third Party Service" who you apparently trust more than your own employees to service your ATM's, PNC STOLE IT perhaps ??? When I called into PNC by the number indicated on the letter - after being on hold for about 30 minutes - I was told they could not help me, that I needed to talk to the "back office" ? I should also mention that my mother/writer of the checks has been watching and none of them have yet to show as processed / deposited or accounted for in her and my grandmother's account as of yet either ... Therefore, you would think it could be as easy as her stopping payment on them and simply write new ones ; However, the inconvenience and potential fees come along with that as well ..... ! Needless to say, this matter is still not resolved and is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS that this has been ongoing for almost a month now. - As of this morning, I called this "Back Office" and was routed to Peter, at the Sewickley branch location.... He is apparently to call me back later today with further information on.... Ha, yeah, cant wait to see what I am told next.... Ultimately, if you bank with PNC - GET OUT NOW ! The minute this is resolved I am taking myself, my money and anyone along with me that I know to get as far away as possible from any association with this DISRESPECTFUL, UNPROFESSIONAL, IGNORANT and LAZY banking institution. -
teetums15 Send email
Dec 12, 2017


I am a Lancaster Ohio resident that recently lost my signicant other. We were not married. We lived together for the lase 30 years of our lives. My name is Stephen Hampton. I live at 900 Maher Dr. My significant other passed away last year. I am her sole beneficiary. Her name is Teresa Kincaid (274-58-4778). She died on 12-05-16. I have asked your bank to please do what is right and relegate her funds to me. I am her SOLE beneficiary. I will be willing to send you a package to confirm that fact. Be that as it may I tried to persuade your bank here in Lancaster and they treat me like I am nothing more than an old uneducated hillbilly. They tell me they will inform their legal department and phone me back. But they do not. I am Teresas Beneficiary. There is very little there to contest. That is not a factor. It is important that her estate be distributed to her beneficiary. That is only right. If not some other insignificant entity becomes her beneficiary. I need your bank in Lancaster Ohio to transfer her account to my name or give me the money. They will not. I have a WILL and a Probate document and also other arbitrary docs. proving my legitimacy. Please do what is morally and ethically right and comply with beneficiaries. Thank You
Katiesal Send email
Dec 9, 2017

No Teller Lines Bad Idea

Needed to go into a branch today - never do, deposit through atm usually. No more teller line. Looks so cool...until I waited 20 minutes to deposit a cashier's check I wanted to make sure went in as cash. Every teller, now banker, had someone plopped in their office chit chatting about Christmas plans, what kids wanted for Christmas, This is ridiculous - come on in and sit down in my office - allows customers to come in and talk for 20-30 minutes OR LONGER while your tellers, now bankers, try to pull a "Wells Fargo" and get you to open more accounts. I will be moving banks - 9 years and I'm out of here. Not a smart move - now when Banks are being killed for pushing products on customers, you go and do this? All 4 people in the lobby waiting with me for simple teller transactions - could do it through the atm what they needed.
kay228 Send email
Dec 2, 2017


kay228 Send email
Dec 2, 2017


in the last week-Edit
prasadshetty Send email
Oct 12, 2017

net banking

I have fill up the form of netbanking in kisan nagar wagle est bank and I have also told that when I have open the account that email id is change now [email protected] now the 776 in it I have call them so many time they have enter wrong mail id in sytem that [email protected] but not getting proper response from the exective person of bank my account no. Is2792 plzzz resolution this problem I have some emgergency of this.
Sep 21, 2017

Delay of homeloan

I have applied home at Visakhapatnam,the executive person told to me within 4 days your was regitration date fixed 23-09-2017.but till now not sanctioned loan, what happened delay my loan tell please sanction loan immediately.

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