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Consumer complaints and reviews about Renault

aquaherb Send email
Jun 27, 2018

Renault Northcliff

They cannot even fix a water problem, which then provides staff the opportunity to drive a Renault without water and seize the engine - of course with a dealer principal such as zaheer this is not unexpected - NEVER BUY RENAULT AGAIN
Andypelser Send email
Jun 20, 2018

Terrible service, lies and excuses

I hope this goes right to the top.

I have honestly been trying to contain my dissatisfaction with this company and my overall experience with Renault in general.

Let’s start at the beginning:
1. I bought the 4x4 Duster on good faith from your salesman and it was not an easy decision for me at all as I really wanted the Mazda and my fiancé wanted the Duster.
2. I based the purchase on the fact that it had more space than the Mazda and would probably be a better family car.
3. I based my purchase based on the fact that it is a 4x4 and that I can use it for better purposes than I could use a Mazda - camping as an example.
4. I specifically made this point clear to your salesperson.
5. I take all the extras that you have on your form as I believe that you should be comfortable with what you have and that chances are you will never free up enough money to add it later - nowhere does it ask if you want a tow bar so I think it is added as who can go off road without a tow bar.
6. This is where my first problem arrives, car is ready for delivery and I don't take note of it cos obviously I am excited. Only when I am home I realize this and call me salesman who then says to me "oh sorry but you should say you want a tow bar" HOW ABOUT YOU PUT IT ON THE LIST? Fine - we send an amendment to the financier and they correct the problem, thank goodness to Wesbank.
7. On the 2nd or 3rd day I have the car the locking mechanism on the boot jams and we can’t get the boot open at all. Big inconvenience as my dad dies the day before I get the car and I am fetching family and friends at the airport having to climb in and out of my brand new vehicle like a twat.
8. Next my fiancé is unfortunate enough to get a puncture on a brand new tyre on the wall of the tyre but because she can’t get the boot open she has to drive in the dark to the nearest place where she can to get the tyre replaced again climbing in and out of the boot like a complete idiot in a brand new car AGAIN and in the process destroying the tyre we could have had fixed, could she get the boot open.
9. When I show the salesman I tell him I don’t want to hear stories I want a new tyre. He takes the tyre away and comes back to me with feedback and says oh no its not Renaults problem as the puncture is on the side of the tyre wall. LET ME TELL YOU HOW I SEE THIS, IF I COULD HAVE GOT THE TYRE OUT IN TIME I COULD HAVE FIXED IT BUT INSTEAD MY FIANCE HAS TO DRIVE ON IT UNTIL SHE REACHES A PLACE OF SAFETY - IS IT OUR FAULT THE BOOT COULD NOT OPEN??? NOW THE PROBLEM BECOMES MINE!
10. Next issue is the tow bar which was never offered and therefore not fitted, when it eventually arrives it is missing a component and everyday I have to follow up when it will be there as I am waiting for it to arrive. I am going away everything already arranged but now I have to wait until you guys wake up and hopefully have THE TOW BAR to me in time. I FEEL LIKE IF IT WAS NOT FOR ME RUSHING AND FOLLOWING UP EVERY DAY NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN AS I HAVE TO KEEP FOLLOWING UP WITH YOU.
11. Next issue is the license disc - the temporary one is expiring in 2 days but every day I have to hear from the salesman how his license guy has no feedback for him. What the actual hell? how can this be the same story every day? What happens when the paper expires and I get pulled over? Will RENAULT pay the fines or the inconvenience of having to sit with a traffic cop for 30 minutes trying to wangle my way out of a fine?
12. The last issue is also the mileage that the car gives which was also a big reason for me taking the car is that they claim 4.8 to 5.2l per 100km... Utter nonsense. the only time i get the mileage to under 6 is when i am driving at 100km per hour. the car averages nothing less than 6 in traffic and on an open road ranges between 6.4 and 8. SHOCKING and a complete LIE at 4.8 to 5.2l.

My whole experience with RENAULT has been shocking to say the least. The car has cost me a pretty fortune and you guys take no responsibility on your part and have no fault in any matter according to you. If it was me I would have done anything in my power to thank the guy who has just spent 360k buying a car and I would have taken full responsibility for the locking mechanism and the tyre. I would have had the NATIS documents to him even if it meant that I had to drive to the licensing department myself BUT CLEARLY YOU GUYS DO NOT APPRECIATE YOUR CLIENTS.

I can only pray that nothing serious ever goes wrong with the car or parts cos if I have to wait this long for documents and a tow bar I can only imagine how long the car will be at a standstill should it be a part that actually makes the car operate.

I can honestly say I should have listened to all my friends and even my cousin who had a RENAULT and I should have gone with the Mazda.


I would have put this on social media but your review wants to put it on Facebook and luckily for you our work internet blocks Facebook.

I understand from the salesman’s point of view that mistakes happen which I could have understood in regards to the tow bar but the way everything else has happened is unacceptable to me and I would love to get the complaints email to Renault SA too please as I feel they are just as much part of this problem.

To add insult to injury the Sales manager Alan called me and told me again that everything is out of their control and making up every excuse under the sun as to why it is out of their control, JUST LIKE I SAID NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR MISTAKES OR THE PROBLEM AND TEH BLAME JUST GETS SHIFTED TO EVERYONE ELSE!

Alan then goes further to say that the tyre could not be fixed as the puncture was in the wall of the tyre (4mm cut). I have a news flash for them, the cut was so small it could have been fixed with vulcanising. I have done it before but because of the boot mechanism that could not open the car was completely destroyed and beyond repair.

I would not recommend Renault to anyone and unfortunately now after having issues of my own i now see how slack they really are when it comes to Renault.

Xolani Mbuli Send email
Jun 20, 2018

Nelspruit Renault multi franchise bad service

Good day,
I brought my car to service on the 5 of April 2018 and it took me a month to get my car back without an assistance of a courtesy car.After getting it back after a week it started to overheat and I called the roadside assistance and they took it to the dealer (Nelspruit Renault)on the 18 of May to check the problem.Since then up to day I have been calling to check the new developments of the car but I’m being told that they have to run some tests before taking any action.I then ask for assistance of a courtesy car they promised to assist but up to today I’m still waiting and hopeless.I regret buying a Renault brand as they only care about customers before the sale.

My registration number is HTD 949 MP and contact detail is 076 7436777.
Xolani Mbuli Send email
Jun 20, 2018

Nelspruit Renault multifrancise bad service

I brought my car(Clio Renault expression) to service on the 5 April 2018 and it took almost a month to get it back.After getting it back on the first week of May it started to overheat and I called in for roadside assistance and they took it back to the dealer on the 18 May 2018 for check up and what irritates me is that up to today the are no developments on my car and I’m being told they have to run some tests before taking any further action.I asked the agent called Jabu to at least organize me a courtesy car meanwhile they are busy with the car but they have repeatedly failed to assist me.I regret buying a Renault brand.

The registration of the car is HTD 949 MP and my contact number is 0767436777.
Madaleen Booyens Send email
May 31, 2018


I bought a brand new Renault KWID Climber from RENAULT CENTURION.
The entire sales process has been a complete nightmare!!!

Upon handover on 04/05/20178 I discovered that extras like Matrix and smash and grab was added to my OTP. This was never discussed with the sales person, Nico van Wyk beforehand. The Matrix and smash and grab was already fitted and since I was planning on having it done anyway I accepted it. I asked Nico to send my a copy of my contract on the day, as well as the certificates for the smash and grab and Matrix.

After numerous e-mails, phone calls and WhatsApps I finally got a copy of my contract on 14/05/2018. On the day I was also promised that my number plates would be fitted at the latest by that Wednesday. Once again I had to follow up, e-mail etc to get it done. Finally I had someone come to fit my numberplates on 18/05/2018. The lady, Yolande also brought along a new contract for me to sign, explaining that the car description on the previous contract was incorrect. Yolande also promised to send me the certificates that I asked for.

On 21/05/2018 I send Yolande an e-mail requesting the copies of the certificates. I then received a call from her to inform me that Matrix was never fitted. Matrix was only then booked and fitted to my vehicle later that afternoon. If I did not insist on the certificates Renault would have defrauded me out of my payment!

I then had to continue fighting for copies of the certificates. I contacted RENAULT CUSTOMER CARE and was advised to speak to the dealer principle, Wandile Hlophe. Finally after one hell of an effort and fight I was send the certificates on 23/05/2018. I also picked up that I paid for something called a RENEW TECHNICAL PLAN. I asked what that is for? And up to today still has not received an answer from the dealership!!

On 30/05/2018 I discovered that the numberplates fitted to my car was incorrect! So I spend the entire day fighting with RENAULT CENTURION to get that sorted!!!

I then proceeded to send complaints to Niel and Brett from Renault SA. NO RESPONSE!!!

My advise? DO NOT EVER EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING BUSINESS WITH RENAULT!!!! They are a dishonest bunch that does NOT care about customer service!
Junior mokoateedi Send email
May 21, 2018

complaining about new kwid

I am a first time car owner and purchased a brand new Renault Kwid 2018 model on the 28/03/2018, I was very proud and advised all my friends and colleagues to purchase a Renault as I was that excited and impressed by the fact that it is 1.0 liter.

when I arrive at home I realized that my car has too many factory fault I then brought it back to their attention they then said I must leave the car the will fix it . after hours when I check the car they only fixed the tinted window which had pilled off, they did not fix the motor of the window which was not working I then told them that they also did not fix the oil which was liking under the car.
I left the car with them requested them to replace my new car cause I paid my first installment, I even paid insurance .My problem with Renault wonder boom is that they don't answer my phones when I call them . Other thing my car is with them they don't bother to borrow me the car cause I sold my 2008 chevrolet with a good or excellent condition thinking that since while kwid is new I wont experience problem. I even called Renault Sa they also don't respond
jamie31 Send email
May 16, 2018

Brand New Renaulat Kwid - FAILED EXHAUST

Good day,

I would like to log an official complaint as I am very unhappy about the after sale service Renault has to offer.

I am a first time car owner and purchased a brand new Renault Kwid 2017 model in July , I was very proud excited and impressed by my new vehicle. The sales rep Anthon at Tygervalley was also very helpful.

On the 26 April 2018 - i heard an awful noise which sounded like the exhaust - it was faulty. i had to wait until the following Tuesday for a booking -so now already i am without la vehicle for week. i took it to the service center in Stikland on the 8 May 2018, and was informed by MARETJA she will cal;l if i can collect -she left me a voice note to say i can collect. i had to pay someone else to take me through to stikland again to fetch my car only to discover then that the car is not fixed and the exhaust is broken, along with 13 other exhausts that they are awaiting on parts.

Each time i call MARETJA she advised that she will call me back to no avail. when i do cal;l and get hold of her she advised me that i must wait 10 days after the parts are ordered before i may get a courtesy car ANTHON the so called helpful sales rep - also says that he cannot assist. there was not even mention of a courteousy car - and I have to travel by taxi each morning and am late for work each morning. and during this time as there were bus strike the taxi lines are quiet terrible.

I’m being referred from pillar to post. no one seems to be
able to assist with JACK S***!!

kubenchetty11 Send email
May 2, 2018

Cannot Repair Injection System

I have sent my 2013 Renault Megane RS265 to Renault due to a warning light that states "Check Injection System". The vehicle has been to Renault 3 times since December 2017 for the exact same issue.

The first 2 times I was assured it was resolved. the 3rd time was Thursday 26/04/2018 and this time I'm told that it is a software issue that Renault does not have a solution for. The service center regardless kept the vehicle for the day and had seemed to clear the fault which returned less than 24hours later.

I can not understand how it is possible to not be able to resolve this issue!

Please assist.
maryp Send email
May 2, 2018

Pathetic Customer Service

Good day

I spoke to you Brett in the Renault Call Centre, in Johannesburg around 15th March regarding the problem I was having the Service Centre in Stikland, and in particular with Theresa. Theresa has been very unhelpful and very rude and never returned calls. I also spoke to Kagiso in the Johannesburg call centre (during the week of 19th - 22nd March) who promised to call me back that same day and I am still waiting on his call.

Its been almost two months now, and the vehicle had to be towed 3 times to the workshop and the problem still has not been solved.

The car has been in the workshop since the 12th of March up until the 23rd March. Every day when I called I was told that they are busy running diagnostics, which I discovered after two weeks that they have actually been telling lies all the time and nothing was done to the vehicle.

I had to cancel my vacation in Swellendam (week 19th to 23rd March) as they refused to give us a courtesy vehicle. I called the dealership in Tygervalley where I bought the vehicle in 2014 (spoke to Dee) and I was not given any help in this regard either.

After the alternator was replaced, we were handed the car on 23rd March and was assured that the car was fixed. However my daughter got stuck on the N1 on the 24th March . The car only went up to 20kmph and the engine management light came on (anti pollution displayed on the screen)

The car was towed back to Stikland on the 26th March, and only after I threathened to go to the newspapers, we were given a courtesy car on the 26th March. On the 27th the service centre called to say the vehicle is fixed. My daughter then collected the car on the 27th March. However, on 9th April, the same thing happened, it only accelerated up to 20kmph, and the same lights came on.

Hence, the car was towed back to the service centre on 9th April.

This is really unacceptable and I am at my wits end not knowing what to do anymore. After a month, we still don’t know what is wrong with the vehicle.
The car in still in the workshop. We were since told that they are waiting on a part from France something to do with a faulty pedal.
My daughter has been given a Rental Car for which she had to pay an amount of R1500.00.

The customer service consultants as well as the Service consultants at the Service Centre in Stikland, just don't bother to call you and update you on the status of your vehicle. I always have to phone them everyday, and then are told lots of lies.

This is the worse service I have ever received in all the years that I have been driving vehicles, and believe me, as much as we wanted to buy the Kadjar, I will never ever touch another Renault again.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
LeyyaRaffie Send email
Apr 12, 2018


Good day.

I bought a brand new Renault Kwid in September 2017. I am extremely unhappy with this car as from the very first week of having my car I started experiencing problems with the brakes.
Since I have purchased my car I have taken my car back to Renault atleast 3 times a month. I have been told by a customer service consultant at Renault SA (in which this guy gave me the world of attitude) that there is a reason for the warranty meaning that every single time the car decides to give problems I should drop my plans and leave work take it to the dealership and be left without a car which is absolutely ridiculous.

I have been told by the mechanics at Renault that this is a fault with all the cars, my question remains if these cars are so problematic why is it that Renault insists on still selling these cars and why is Renault not recalling these cars.

I do not want this car any longer, the amount of endless problems for a brand new car is so ridiculous and the fact that I keep being told that there is nothing Renault dealerships can do is really pissing me off.
Lee-Ann Send email
Mar 19, 2018

Brand New Renaulat Kwid

Good day,

I, Lee Ann Pontac would like to log an official complaint as I am very unhappy about the after sale service Renault has to offer.

I am a first time car owner and purchased a brand new Renault Kwid 2017 model on the 31st January 2017, I was very proud and advised all my friends and colleagues to purchase a Renault as I was that excited and impressed by the sales team.

On the 14 September 2017 I took my car to Renault Service Centre based in Stikland, Bellville as my car was due for its first 15 000km service in September 2017 however your service department failed to advise me that my exhaust was rusted, in addition I noted that the wiper blade was scratching the bonnet and has affected the paint, this is clearly a manufacturing fault of which no one has managed to resolve.

Again on the 27 February 2018 I took my car back to Renault Service Centre based in Stikland, Bellville as my handbrake light was constantly flickering and making a beeping sound, I was told that the cause of this noise is due to low brake fluid and front brake pads which needs to be replaced, how is that possible if the car is new and more importantly after the car was serviced 4 months prior.

I’m being referred from pillar to post, no one has offered to do a FULL CHECK on my “new vehicle” .
I am driving with a noisy car which brake pads needs to replace and with no exhaust this is unacceptable .
they dont even offer me a curtesy vehicle and the exhaust is apparently still in FRANCE ,while im driving without and exhaust .
i want a full refund .
marianmishriki Send email
Jan 24, 2018

Subject: Complaint against Renault Egypt

Renault Egypt
Renault Middle East
Renault France

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to inform you about the failure of Renault in Egypt as well as its bad treatment of its clients. I have lost my trust in Renault and its services. I totally regret that I bought the Car Renault Logan 2013, and I regret taking it to you for maintenance. As a buyer/consumer I have rights which I intend to protect by law.

On November 6, 2017 the car was delivered to you for regular maintenance and when I handed over the car I informed the reception that I noticed fluctuations in the coolant temperature indicator ranging between four and two squares while driving. Before that and while driving it was always stable at four squares.
When I paid the invoice for Egyptian pounds 4667.8 Renault informed me that they recommend that I install new thermostat and new sensitivity water temperature but they could not install for me as THEY DID NOT HAVE TIME TO DO SO ( Order K 47479, document no 434 A020005, EL Obour)
On December 27, 2017 Renault, Kattamia installed the new thermostat, sensitivity water temperature and radiator coolant. The invoice was for Egyptian pounds 2300. (Order K48331 Document 435 A011389)
All seemed to be well but 15 days later I got an unpleasant surprise. The coolant temperature indicator rose to its maximum and the coolant temperature warning light was on. FIFTEEN DAYS LATER ONLY.
I arranged for a crane (referred to me through your call center) to take it to El Obour. This clearly indicates that I understood the seriousness of this. I HAVE BEEN DRIVING SINCE 1978.
On January 14,2018, after waiting from 11:30 am till 3:00 pm , I was informed that they are unable to diagnose the reason for the maximum coolant temperature indicator. According to them, the engine was overheated. Engineer Mohamed Omar informed me that I have to leave the car and promised to get back to me the following day. ( Order number 147804)
IT TOOK THEM TEN DAYS to GET BACK TO ME. I had to chase them by several phone calls and complaints to the call center. Finally on 23 January 2018, I got a phone call from Engineer Mustafa informing me that I have to purchase a new motor for Egyptian pounds sixty thousand. The reason for the maximum coolant water indicator was water leakage. It was very clear to me that Engineer Mustafa is very confused about the history of the car and that there is no good communication between him and Engineer Mohamed Omar who understood that the car was OK until 15 days following the December service.
THERE IS A CLEAR FAILURE ON YOUR PART to provide a proper correct diagnoses of a fault in the car in November or December and despite the installation of new components, 15 days following the December service, I am faced with this problem. Obviously you do not know your work in this country. It is clear you just want to squeeze money from your clients. I hold you liable for any damage or financial cost as a result of this situation and the continuation of the car in your possession. I am not prepared to pay anything and I do not trust you anymore. Why should I?
I advise you to take my complaint very seriously, do an investigation quickly and get back to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Otherwise, I have no option but to take serious action, including legal action, against Renault Egypt.

Name: Marian Samir
Car Renault Logan 654 SWB
Email: [email protected]
BMahote Send email
Jan 23, 2018


My car was involved in a accident on the 4 Sep 2017 and its Left front fender extention -
Right rear fender extention – Left front bumper bracket all need to be replaced , we have been waiting for these parts since , I been told lies after lies that its coming next week .

Since then SA RENAULT has failed me .

I'm so angry imagine my car was 3 months old the time this happen its been ugly since then, what must I do now.

078 376 5466
Asemahle Send email
Dec 8, 2017

Car needs to be repaired every month or two

I have bought my car in January 2017 at Hillcrest branch , picked it up on the 6th . It was a brand new Renault kwid expression. In March the brakes started making noise I took the car in at Renault Pmb , I was told the brakes were dirty and advised that when washing the car I must wash it thoroughly by the brakes. In June the Bluetooth died on my radio it said its on where as it was not connecting , took the car in again I was told to wait for response from head office weather to replace the whole radio or just fix whatever was wrong.After two weeks I called Renault Pmb to follow up they said they still waiting on feedback. I called again after another week was told the radio must be replaced and it has been ordered which took two months for it to arrive. In September the radio was fixed and I took the car in for service. October the car started licking oil I took it back to Renault pmb they said they have closed whatever that was open . Now it is December the oil is licking again and the Bluetooth is dead again I have taken the car back again. It feels like I have bought a second hand car now and again something gets broken and I must take it back . It is frustrating because I am paying a lot for this car but I have not enjoyed having a car at all . It is ridiculous that I have to go through such for a brand new car .

Anita Njongi
NoniS Send email
Nov 23, 2017

Renault Clio iv 2015

Really this is the most pathetic and incompetent brand ever. My car is 2 years old , bought brand new and on its first year last year in May it had to be taken in because the battery was faulty. Now , 2 weeks ago it was taken in for repairs as it wouldn't start , it had engine sign pop up , check non pollution system , check stop and start , the works. Took my car in to Renault East Rand for it to be repaired and serviced , till today no car , nobody called to keep me in the loop this whole time I had to phone each day to follow up and each time was told " your car will be ready the next day " , next day came the valve ordered was incorrect now this was 10days later my car been in for repairs .... no lone car nothing , on top of that I need to pay R6000 for service and hire a car at the same time for 2weeks ... all these monies not budgeted for especially that of the faulty car. This morning 23/11/2017 , guy calls me to say the correct valve is in and will get my car around 2 , at 12:30 he phones me to say they are running a bit behind and he's organized me a lone car .... like hell I want a lone car. He further says he can get someone to evaluate my car so I can trade it in and get another Renault .... now that is nuts , why on earth would I want to subject myself to this again. It is safe to say I will not ever buy a Renault car and I'm very much unsatisfied and I'm getting the brunt of it because I had been warned against buying one.

Yours truly unsatisfied
Vusi Mathodlana Send email
Oct 23, 2017

"Renault Woodmead and Renault Route 24, Meadowdale

Vehicle Details :2015 Renault Captur Dynamic EDC 88KW
Chassis Number - VF12R401E52600456
Engine Number - H5FD403D084605
Registration - DR62RYGP

The above mentioned vehicle experienced problems during our drive to work on the morning of the 12th October 2017 at about 06h30. Vehicle lost power and became stationary and the following message displayed on panel, "Check Automatic Gearbox and when vehicle was restarted a further message displayed saying, "Check Anti Pollution system".
We contacted Renault Road Side assistance who sent out a tow truck and vehicle was taken to Renault Route 24 in Edenvale where it was kept from the 12th - 13th October. We collected vehicle on the afternoon of the Friday the 13th October 2017 at about 16H15 after the vehicle was checked ( Renault Route 24 Invoice No>13511510):and drove to Soweto about 20 km from our place of residence.

Good day Mr Mathondlana
Please see the logged report from Friday attached.
Kind Regards

Ivano Bertossi
Service Advisor - Renault South Africa
Cnr Herman and Kuschke Rd, Meadowdale,Germiston/ Edenvale 1610 P O Box 1503, Edenvale 1610 Tel : 27 11 456 9300 - Mobile : - Fax : 27 11 453 7892 Web : www.renault.co.za Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

On our return from Soweto approximately six hours after collection of the vehicle we underwent the same problem with the vehicle round about 23H00 and we again had to call in for the vehicle to be uplifted and it was taken to Renault Woodmead.

On Monday the 16th October we called the service manager at Renault Woodmead, Stephen Wagenaar who advised that thhe vehicle was undergoing tests and checks and they will keep us informed of progress. We followed up on the 17th October and the response received from their office detailed below.

Dear Mr Mathodlana

As per our telecom, we have done diagnosis on your vehicle, reprogrammed the injection computer and gearbox computers and are waiting further feedback from Renault South Africa, we only started on the vehicle yesterday. I will keep you posted re the progress on your vehicle.

Stephen Wagenaar
Bidvest McCarthy Renault Woodmead

We again followed up with the dealership on the18th,19th and 20th and we were advised that the vehicle was still not ready for collection. We inquired about the possibility of the dealership to provide us with a courtesy car and we were advised that Renault does not offer courtesy cars to clients for vehicles that they are currently working on.
It is now 09h50 on Monday the 23th October 2017 and we are still awaiting a call from dealership as it seems like we always have to call their offices before we can get a response from the dealership about progress of the vehicle repairs.

It has been almost a week and a half since we had the initial problem with the vehicle and are almost at our wits end as we now have to make alternative transport arrangements which we did not budget for and would appreciate a kind of response from Renault SA before we approach the consumer ombudsman and Hello Peter about the kind of service we are experiencing from Renault SA.

Martha Mathodlana
071 895 7696

Vusi Mathodlana
062 642 7198
adamskat Send email
Oct 12, 2017

Part delayed

My Renault Stepway has been found to have a rust spot that needs to be repaired under warranty. This was noted at the end of May. Five months later I am waiting for the part to be MADE. Pinetown Renault say the delay is at the factory so they can do nothing about it.The contact person at Pinetown Renault is Tracey Moolman.
I need this to be attended to urgently. I would like some response as Customer Service does not answer.
Bmatikinca Send email
Oct 9, 2017

Car parts

PANEL BEATERS - Renew-It Edenvale - 3 Meadowdale Industrial Park Dick Kemp St & Herman St Edenvale Johannesburg 1609- 011 453 0606.

They been saying they awaiting car parts and am angry right now because it's been more than a month
Bmatikinca Send email
Oct 9, 2017

During of getting car parts

They say they've been awaiting car parts in order for my car to be fixed

Edenvale renew-it @PANEL BEATERS - Renew-It Edenvale - 3 Meadowdale Industrial Park Dick Kemp St & Herman St Edenvale Johannesburg
Bmatikinca Send email
Oct 9, 2017

During of getting car parts

Good day

I bought a Renault kwid and bumped my car just a little,the only thing that was a bit bumped was the fender but I've been waiting for a month now going on two months for car parts,now I am paying for something that's not even in my premises...how do we resolve such an issue,what happens when I get into a big accident when you guys are not able to resolve such small issue..I am not happy about this car parts delivery problem..how am I supposed to get around without having a car.
Elizna Send email
Sep 29, 2017

Poor Service after purchase

Good day,

I have bought the Renault Clio IV 3 years ago.

This week I've phoned for my annual service and I was told that my maintenance plan lapse last year.

I'm very unsatisfied as this was not communicated with me last year and now I have to spend at least 3K on my service.

Renault could have informed me that it was my last service.

Very disappointing.

I have also complaint on the website but to date no one came back to me.

Urgently await your feedback.

Elizna Hofmeyr

I will never buy a Renault again.
tshidiluthando Send email
Aug 6, 2017

renault kwid complain

Good day

I would like to have urgent assistance.

Renault Klerksdorp since ordered a new computer box for Renault Kwid which belongs to me Ms Monnanyane.
All the feed back i get is that the part is in France and the part is still in back order.
The faulty of the car occurred 12 May 2017 until today no part has been delivered.
All i want to know how long it takes for the part to be delivered in South Africa. Its been 3 Months now i don't have a car but i am paying my installment each month.
Is this the treatment i get from Renault by torturing me with a vehicle i'm paying for.
This is a new car bought Nov 2016 and within 6 months problems occurred and even after that Renault don't care about their customers.
I regret the day i went to Renault to buy a new car.This is an insult. I am totally not happy with your services.
[email protected] Send email
Jun 20, 2017


Good day

I would like some URGENT assistance.

We purchased a Renault Kwid 2 months back and from the beginning the car is faulty.

1. This is a NEW car so am I paying for a car which is a FACTORY DEFAULT??.

2. The gears get jammed so then I am stuck and cannot select any gears. No 1 gear and 2 is the worst.

3. The brakes are continuously getting jammed, making a terrible noise when its pressed so I have to press it hard to stop the car which is ridiculous. I have to stop the car from a far distance otherwise I will meet in a accident because of this faulty vehicle!!

4. When driving the vehicle the engine starts to get rowdy as well.

Unfortunately I'm not willing to pay for a brand new vehicle that is faulty from new so I would appreciate your URGENT assistance on this matter!!

Julian / Kassandra

+2781 542 6089
+2773 546 6284
Siems Send email
Jun 20, 2017

Renault Megane

To whom it may concern,

I have a Renault Megane 2005 model. I started to hear a sound in the engine. Took it to the agents who said the will not work on the car as it is out of warranty. I had to work with what ever other workshop are willing to work on Renault as every work shop I stop at will not work on Renault. Now we are two years down the line, the engine was open three times and the turbo replaced and cost me +-R70 000.

Start the car all good. 30 minutes later all electronics dead on the car. Now another R13 000 later the car is still standing, no person in Nelspruit can start the car and the agents will still not work on the car as it is out of warranty. I'm going on R100 000 spent to fix my car that is still not starting. All this and not even 10km driven.

The workshop say they can not fix the car because there are no technical data available on the car and the agents will not touch it... just pointing to the "we do not touch cars out of warranty" board.

What do I do now...????

Scrap the car ????

Cut my Losses???

Just pull up my shoulders and say ..... What the hell ....it is ok???

Juan Siems
082 547 5193
[email protected]
rayleen Send email
May 20, 2016

Renaul Clio

To Whom It May Concern

Please see attached responses from Tygerberg Multi-franchise.

Since then I have been in contact with Patrick regarding my vehicle. On Monday 18 April we received a courtesy vehicle from Renault SA as our vehicle fault referred to a warranty claim and was told by Patrick that they are ordering the parts for my vehicle. A few days later Patrick confirmed the parts needed to be imported and could take up to 21 days.

On the 11th Of May I called Patrick to follow up on my vehicle and was told they have the parts and are busy fitting it and that it will take another day to test it and it should be ready by Friday 13th of May. On Friday morning I received a voicemail from Patrick due to me being in a meeting that my car won’t be ready as the parts was wrong and at the time the eta for my vehicle was “until further notice”. I spoke to him later that day after he spoke to my wife who asked if we could get a car similar to ours but was told the only car in our range was the VW Polo and a Renault Sandero which both are 1.6 and that he will check with the Renault customer care manager who is currently on a roadshow with no estimate as to when he will be back.

Currently I’m paying for a Renault Clio IV which is valued more than the car (Polo Vivo 1.6) that I’m currently driving and it’s the most uncomfortable vehicle to drive and not to mention the fuel consumption. We bought that Renault due to its fuel consumption but we are currently spending on average R200 more per week which amounts to R800 extra per month which we did not budget for.

My problem is that first it was a mission to get my car towed in and diagnosed, then I had to spend a weekend without a vehicle and pay someone to use their vehicle on Monday. Now I get told that the parts are wrong and can only assume that I would have to wait another month hoping the parts are correct this time for my vehicle whilst being inconvenienced and spending more on fuel.

So far the service we received was pathetic and honestly would never consider buying another Renault again and advised my friends and colleagues to stay away from the brand as well as the after care service is basically non-existent.

Attached are the correspondences from Tygerberg Multi-franchise and not once did my wife get the apology she asked for regarding the call between her and Michelle


Patrick Fortune <[email protected]>
May 17 (3 days ago)

to me
Good day Mr & Mrs Geldenhuys

There is some delay in obtaining the correct part details and all indications are that the part will be coming from France.

Thank you


The email below was sent today 20/05 at 12:14. Not one reply and both the service and branch manager were copied in.

Clive Geldenhuys <[email protected]>
to: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
cc: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>,
"[email protected]" <[email protected]>,
"[email protected]" <[email protected]>,

Hi Patrick

Thank for the update regarding my vehicle but at present that does not say much to me as I still don’t have indication as to when I can expect my vehicle.

I have already waited almost a month and now another delay and I would most certainly expect this part to be airfreighted as somewhere someone messed up and I’m not prepared to be inconvenienced regarding this. Also can you please check with Renault SA if they can accommodate us with a vehicle with a lower engine capacity even if in a cheaper group as I’m currently paying of +/-R1000 extra on fuel and one of the reasons for buying the Renault was for its fuel consumption.

Awaiting your feedback


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