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haiz haiz... Send email
Jun 2, 2016

toh guan rozel

Black shop.... i wonder why mediacorp will cooperate with them and mislead us to shop in the black shop. Why singapore still got this type of shop survivng. its is no different from sim lim square black shop or even worst!
Jchng Send email
May 29, 2016

Rozel Furniture (Toh Guan) - Shop at your own RISK

For so long, I believe they survived through hard sale tactics. The salesperson is very enthusiastic to serve and super hard sale. The moment u entered the showroom, he will try selling you to take "package"giving options to select ANY furniture models at the showroom within the package price quoted. Claiming he's the boss relative, could give very special price. He was persistent, could even just reducing the price again and again to suite your budget yet promised to give you the same package. We were tempted and fall into the trap, as exhausted by the pushy sales tactics.

BEWARE!! never give your IC and credit card until you read the invoice. They immediately swiped your card for 30% deposit without discussing this prior and at the same time asked you to read and sign the sales order. To our surprised that it was handwritten so badly till you hardly know what was written there. When asked about the missing things that the salesperson promised, he simply add on top of the invoice and scribbled through it. Only we noticed later he even vaguely scribbled strictly no cancellation on it. Means they can write anything they like!

If we see this review earlier, we wouldn't even step into this place. Seem to be a "black shop"

Once you paid your deposit is considered gone! A week later we decided to cancel the "package". The salesperson Eric put the call to his manager to talk to us. Threatened us that he is familiar with consumer protection. Asked us not to waste time bringing this to the authority as he was confident that the judge will award them 30% of total amount as our cancellation penalty.

We tried getting help from CASE which we are still unsure if we will be getting back our refund and guess what? On the very same day we made complain to case, in late evening, we received a text from Eric threatening us that he knew we sought help from case and told us that no way we will be getting back our refund. His management will handle this with case.

Is this how Rozel Furniture do business and threaten your customers? Singapore Furniture Association should be aware of this and I hope that the authority will do something and avoid more victims fall to their dirty tactics.
annechew Send email
Apr 27, 2016

Rozel Furniture @ Toh Guan Scam

My husband & I purchased a dining table on 16/1/16 from Rozel's showroom in Toh Guan. As my order is for a 1.8m table (including 4 chairs), we were told it has to be custom made with delivery after CNY on 20Apr which we agreed to it. We paid a deposit of $850 for the dining table.

Thereafter we were convinced to pay another deposit of $300 for a bed which contemplated to buy, with the promise that the deposit can be transferred to our dining table order should we need to cancel the bed order which we did as the bed measurements do not fit well into our bedroom.

Thereafter the nightmare begins....

We were served by Brian Lim who seems very accommodating at the showroom but it turned out that he is a very unreliable and irresponsible person who does not honour his words at all. Even though on many occasions he promised to call back, he never did. It's either he's on MC or having meetings.

We've requested for change of delivery date which apparently he did not even inform the logistics side. The delivery guy called to inform me that they're delivering the table on 20 Apr as they were not informed of the date change to 30 Apr. Even with Brian's agreement to change the 4 chairs to change to 2 long chairs, nothing has been done. Furthermore when they delivered the table to me on 22 Apr, it was a standard length table, not what we’ve ordered.

I've declined to accept the table & chairs and texted Brian to find out what happened and he said he'll talk to his boss and promised to call me back which he did not. I've texted him to request for cancellation of the order and a full refund. I've not heard from him till this date.

I've now taken this matter to CASE which I hope they can resolve the issue. Fingers crossed I can get the deposit back!

Mine is a very similar case as what I've read in the reviews and my last resort would probably be to lodge a police report!
Lee65 Send email
Feb 26, 2016

Bad customer service @ Rozel

Our leather sofa set is badly worn off and damaged, went to the Subang Jaya showroom and was asked to email me a copy of the old invoice and a photo of the sofa.

Did exactly that and a quote was given. We were then asked to come to the showroom to select a color since the set we bought had been discontinued and color is now unavailable.

It was a real shocker when we eventually turned up at the showroom, we were told the quote given was wrong and then we were sent away. We apparently can only come and select the color when the service center call me.

The customer service at Subang showroom is atrocious and the service center is equally bad. I wonder if there is a customer service department at Rozel that customers can actually lodge a complain?? According to the guy at service center, he is the man and there is nobody I can talk to?? :(

I would not buy another product from Rozel...and good luck to everyone who actually is considering buying any product from them.
Evelyn Tan Send email
Jan 31, 2016

failed to delivery as promised

I had bad experience with one of the salesmen at Rozel Furnishing. He promised anything you asked but not able to deliver. I placed order for a 3-seater reclining sofa and he convinced me to buy another 2 to make it a complete set. I checked with him whether these 2 pieces can be on its own i.e not to join up (3+1+1). He immediately said can as the company will accede to my request how I want it to be. However, when the goods were delivered to my place, it comes in 3+2. I called him. At first, he responded fast (he was driving), thinking that I am calling him with regards to the Queen Size mattress which I have inquired from him earlier. Knowing that he could not answer his mobile as he was on the road, I text him about the sofa. When he realized that I was actually checking on the sofa, he did not respond at all despite my several messages sent to him. The delivery man could not bring back the 2-seater as he can only take instruction from the company. As he had another delivery, he could not wait. I did not acknowledge receipt of the sofa expecting the salesman to call me but total silence for a week. Where is the customer service? Customer service does not end at closure of the sales order. In fact, it is the after-sales service which is important and customer will go back to you for other products or recommend to friends. I will definitely not go back to him for the Queen Size mattress.

Also, he has promised to give me extended guarantee for the sofa but this was not stated in the Sales Order during the order. When I checked with him, he said he will amend and indicate on the Sales Order accordingly upon delivery. Where is the extended guarantee?

His service is so different from a salesman who has attended to me when I purchased a car. The car salesman followed through to ensure that everything is fine till I am completely satisfied. He has provided good after-sales service.

I hope the management of Rozel Furnishing will look into this area. Send the salesman for a course on customer service as this is an important attribute that a salesman should possess.
hamton Send email
Jan 16, 2016

Sofa Set

I would like to highlight that my sofa set leather is badly worn off and damaged, I had requested them to to do an upholstery no one one had bother to call me up or neither help me out with the sofa set upholstery. Not long ago this sofa was purchased and yet the product and its quality doesn't last long at all. They say that it has a warranty of 5 years, but sad to say that the sofa leather doesn't seem to be long lasting as the leather has hair line cracks and also torn badly . I will not recommend this to any of my friends after experiencing such problems .
adamkoh Send email
Dec 22, 2015

Failed Delivery Etc

Another vicitim who bought from Rozel... Regretted after buying as forgot to run thr website to check the review. Only do so after buying and immediately regeretted...

Promised delivery this evening 7-9pm..Call yesterday and got double confirmed and call again today afternoon to check delivery will not be delayed. Rozel's staff said everything in schedule. Till now still had not received any call on the delivery and also at this hour, no one to check on the delivery status etc...

If can't make it for the delivery, pls at least informed. Best is that I still make triple confirmation on the delivery date and timing etc with their logistic department and they also called back to confirmed the delivery.

Sad : ( ..Was still hoping that I will be the lucky one which will get my boy's bed cum study cum warerobe plus mattress in place today as school term starting...

Dame it ..Not even a call to update delivery status.... Really regretted...

** Will do another review when I received my furnitures but still not sure when than I will receive....
Sall Send email
Dec 1, 2015

Lies , different from product that was bought

Hi all,

This is a complaint about Brian from Rozel. I think a lot advertisements causing this shop to be popular. Only with digging you realize how black is this shop.

Walked into showroom. Coerced to buy by Brian with the promise that he can make the necessary changes even if it doesn't fit etc. Ordered this wardrobe only to find that the one they delivered isn't the same as what you saw.

Bear this in mind, once you pay deposit, you can consider your money to be thrown
. They will deny everything.

Feigning illness, MC to avoid you.

It's useless going to CASE since they simply negotiate through phone. Evasive company this is.

Patronise at your own risk.
apple9818872999 Send email
Aug 30, 2015

Rozel furniture at toh guan

My hubby and i walked in to take a look at the sofa and dining table.. we are being approached by a guy called Brian. After being approached by him many times and he showed us the "package" pricing, i was totally tempted to buy his furniture despite how my hubby said "no"... we paid $500 deposit to walk out of that Rozel furniture shop at toh guan... Warning to those who wan walk in, please think twice... Anyone know if there's any chance i will get back that deposit?
alexong Send email
Aug 14, 2015


Why is there so many people typing negative comment here ? Do you guys too free or just nothing to do ? Why don't call police or go to case since u guys r so negative hais SG people so hard to please . come on if this company really that bad I personally think they would had close down agree? So pls stop spoiling people company reputation I think this is super unfair to them. Just get a life. I had bought quite a number furniture from them and I think overall rating is quite reasonable service is not bad. I jus think SG people like to complaint. Cheer rozel furniture I will still recommend friends n relative to u guys. Keep up the good services.
annchaw Send email
Aug 13, 2015

Extra Collection of Cash

I have purchases some item from Rozel @ Toh Guan and during the delivery, they have collected S$107.00 extra from my husband. We have made several trip to Toh Guan despite our house is located at East side to ask for the refund from them but till now there seem to be no news from them and they are always giving excuses that the cheque is not ready.
We are very unhappy with this issue and will strongly not going to recommend to anyone anymore.
ahpieu Send email
Jul 1, 2015

Rozel furnitures @ Toh Guan

Gald to hear positive comments from a patron. God bless you. By the way, the objective of this complaint board is a channel for unhappy customers to launch their personal encounters. Hence, unhappy equates to negative. There are other channels for satisfied customers to feedback on the service render, it may be through internal feedback system, other websites or a simple email (I have done it a few times for good sales person). It up to the readers to make their judgement. I have given benefit of doubt but it is foolish for me to do that base on my personal encounter. Hence, if you are saying that we are creating a nusiance in this website, your position is seriously in doubt and it will be unwise for someone to do so.

There are many reasons why a organsiation can survive so long, some are hit and run (maybe can last 5 to 25 years), some have different business strategic such as strong maufaturing arm, hence, full concentration on import and export business, maybe specialist in other trades such as spare parts manufaturing. I'm not too sure what is rozel business model but definitely not on service and local sale. If their business model is as such, a consultant is required to help to shift their business model through organisation policy, targets and trainings.

I believe that this is not the only channel that a patron can express their dismay. Case may be a good channel but depending on the objective of the patron, it may not be needed at certain point of time.

We only hope that rozel can delivery what they have promised (quality products according to agreed timeline). In order to close the loop and to be fair to rozel, i will update the readers on the final turn out, hopefully it will be a positive experience.
alexwong Send email
Jun 30, 2015

rozel toh god

Today this date I went to rozel toh Guan and was serve by a friendly sales man. I purchase a package from him and he was well presenting his product through his knowledge and experience to me and my wife find its was a good deal due to gss sales so we process our order. As I think we should not penalize anybody and how well those complaint r genuine .? We choose to believe them as me and my wife doesn't not encounter any problem from them yet I choose to believe them as if a company is that bad I don't think they can survive for that long. So do not review on complaint but what about good comment? Nobody care. I think those people complaint y not go case rather making such nuisance here ? I believed low balls r here ? I shall see their delivery ..
ahpieu Send email
Jun 29, 2015

Rozel Furnishing @ Toh Guan

I concur and endorse on the poor and hooligan service provided by the salesmen.
They are also Eric and Brian as mentioned in the earlier review.

We were browsing for dining table and bed. The salesman, Eric is very enthusiastic in serving us. When we told him we were just browsing, he counter offer again and again on the price. We agreed on the offer and wanted to choose the dining chairs and he suggested to select at a later date, claiming there will be more designs coming in around June. He then proceed to sell us bed and mattress and we agreed. My wife was totally exhausted by the hard sale.
I then proceed to make payment and was surprised that he told me to make full payment as the items are all selling at promotional price.
I felt uneasy after the whole event and googled for reviews on Rozel. We were saddened by the numerous negative reviews. Nevertheless, we decided to give them the benefit of doubt.
We went to Rozel this evening to confirm the table top design and selection of chairs. We were told that they are unable to craft the design which was agreed on earlier. We were very disappointed to hear that and requested for Eric to check again. Then came a guy and he make some phone calls in front of us and finally said can be done but with some modification in the table top design.
Next we select the chair. To our horror, only a row of chairs can be selected which was not what Eric told us. He had told us 2 third of the chairs in the showroom can be selected. On top of that, he totally forgot that he had told us about the new designs which will arrive in June!
After we asked if we can select the white chairs a few times (as he keeps recommending us black chairs which does not match the table), he told us we have to top up $100.00. At this point, we really are not feeling good about the whole thing and told him that we will not top up any money. He then called a guy, Brian (which much tattoo on his hands) to come talked to us. He started nice talking and when he knew that we are not going to top up, he started talking very rough. Saying things like 'black and white', 'word against word', we tried to explain, he will not listen and claimed that we are making false accusation. Brian is talking like a gangster now, super threatening! We decided that there is no point to talk further and select the design of the chair which DO NOT match the table at all.
We really do not understand how the boss of Rozel allowed their staff to do business in a gangster manner. It is so horrifying!! They also don't seem to care about 'happy customers'.
How can Rozel survive for so long with gangster sales attitude and no integrity??? What about the company philosophy, vision and values as stated in the website???
How can all victims of Rozel make our pleas heard by the authority?

Everything is perfect before you place your order but after which, when finalising on final details and delivery at a later date, whatever discussed earlier might not be honoured.

A very good case of misrepresentation (subjective to be innocent, negligence or fraudulence) and threats.

Keeping my finger cross that they honour their delivery in good quality as promised.

silviaGirl Send email
Jun 25, 2015

CASE not helping!!

I called CASE, but they said they are not handling these type of cheating/scam. CASE only said can try to help but no guarantee. Case ask me to talk to Rozel to cancel the order... DO YOU THINK ROZEL will CANCEL the ORDER?????? I paid a 3k deposit and I dont know how should I do after reading so many bad review from internet ... anyone can help??
Princedz Send email
Jun 1, 2015

Case Singapore

Why dont we complaint to CASE for our unsatisfaction that cause our customer rights being compromise by scamming/Lies/Con?
yana Send email
May 26, 2015

bad after sales services

I bought an L shape sofa from Rozel Kuantan. After few months, the sofa had problems and i called the office to inform. After few weeks they send feedback asking me to send the invoice and the picture of the sofa. I did that through email and whatsapp however, after a month later no feedback from them. I called again then they send somone to check the sofa. Then i had to wait untill 3 weeks to get the feedback again, i called few times. Finally they send sombody to pick up the sofa to be repaired in KL. I had to pay rm1800 for that! They promised that the sofa will be ready after 2 weeks but after 1 month, no feedback. I called again and again and until now, i did'nt get my sofa back. To many excuses from the employees. They seem like to handover the job to another when they could not solve the problems. Bad management, bad services. I would never buy anything from them again.
I won't recommended Rozel to anyone. Never.
lynnettetan Send email
May 6, 2015

quality feels different

I ordered and received my sofa on promised date. That I was happy about. However, the cushions are harder than what we tested and ordered from in the showroom. I have yet to make a call to enquire why. But I do feel cheated. The reason we go to showrooms is to know what we order should be what we get. And if this is the service outcome, as a customer I would not recommend them ever. This was the Sungei Kadut branch.
G.tan Send email
Apr 28, 2015

Bad and Unreliable Service

I'm writing on behalf of my parents who frequented Rozel (Toh Guan) to purchase a wardrobe in Apr 2015.

They were initially served by either Brian/Eric, who self-reported to be the boss of Rozel. Good and sincere service were delivered to my parents. Unfortunately, this good attitude ended pretty soon when my parents decided to purchase. It all started with plain arrogance and disregard when my father tried to ask for a cheaper deal; walking ahead without responding to my father, leaving the latter staggering behind him. This frustrated my mother who then asked my father not to pay the full amount. I guess this initially didn't bother my parents much that's why they decided to proceed with the purchase. During their negotiation, it was agreed that Rozel would ensure minimal opening gaps between the wardrobe's doors to prevent dirt/pests from finding their way into the wardrobe by adding on some materials (which I wasn't very certain about).

On the day of delivery, my parents realised that the agreement wasn't carried through. Hence, my father gave him a call and attempted to enquire about it. As my father struggled to explain the situation, this man had the audacity to cut short my father curtly and shut him off, retorting and rudely asked my father not to intercept into the conversation. Caught off guard by his extreme lack of mannerism and hypocriticism, my father didn't have the opportunity to retaliate and defend himself.

This isn't about the cost or quality of the product. This is about the "management's" way of serving their customer. If you're in the service line, you jolly well excel in it and willingly serve your clients with respect. Mutual respect is important. If your service is superficial, it reflects how shallow you are as a person and how much restructuring and training this company needs to boost its service.
Khairulakram1902 Send email
Apr 26, 2015

Rozel Furniture (Toh Guan branch)

On 23rd Apr 2015 I walked into Rozel Furniture Toh Guan branch with my family. Our intention was to have a look at the furniture for comparison with no intention to purchase.
We were initially served by a female salesperson who was very helpful and polite. The furniture there are quite impressive, especially the children bunk-beds. So we decided to purchase them if the price meets our budget.

We were later joined by a senior sales staff, Mr Eric Teng. Eric was very sincere in helping us meet our requirement with our limited budget. He managed to work out a list of items that we wanted and reduced the pricing according to our budget. In the end, we bought a bedroom set, 2 units of kids' bunk-beds, dining set and a sofa. We paid a 30% deposit.

Later that day, my brother in law came across this site and warned me of Rozel Furniture. Definitely this got me worried.

I returned to the showroom on 25th Apr 2015 and straight away met Eric. Told him about the negative remarks we came across about Rozel Furniture not only in this site but also renoforum. He gave me his assurance that he will ensure I get my goods delivered as per what we wanted.
For the record, we are to choose the color for the furniture in late May 2015 and delivery by 22 June 2015. They need about 4 weeks to customize the items.

I decided to give Eric the benefit of doubt. I guess it is not fair to penalize him for the negative reviews about his colleagues. Also, we are not so sure how genuine are the complaints.

So, only time will tell if Rozel Furniture can deliver as promised and how true are the negative complains about them.
swarovslim Send email
Apr 10, 2015

very bad customers service and no proper confirmation given

I'm so sad that I only read this now! I had the same treatment. The Snr manager told me that those items that I can't decide, can put it as option to purchase. I experienced cold shoulder from him when i return to confirm my orders 3 months later. Now, knowing that the goods differ from showroom. I'm thinking if I could get a refund on the deposit.

The writing on the invoice is not clear, no confirmation obtained. I rang him up but he insisted that he only free on weekdays. However, i went down on weekend and I waited for 1.5hrs while he is serving other customers, just to choose the sofa color. Further more I requested more details to be written on my copy of invoice, he insisted that he can't as the actual copy is at HQ. On the day itself, he can't confirm the delivery date and would call me back again to confirm but he did not kept his promise. He is always busy when I call back for confirmation. Delay for hrs after hrs and days after days. When I managed to get him over the phone, he brushed me through by saying everything is confirm. Now, i still can't confirm if the color I selected is available and whether my delivery date is available. Why is rozel having such staff in the company? It's totally off their values stated in the website. Where I can get a proper order, justice and confirmation? There isn't any email on customer service too.
[email protected] Send email
Apr 9, 2015

Rozel Furniture

It's the second week of April. Rozel delivered my Sofa set. Quality is OK.
But they are not delivering my dining table and chairs.
Can someone help?
They are not even advising me how long more do i have to wait.
Order was made 29th November 2014, Can you imagine I am still waiting for them to advise me on the delivery date? Today is 9th April 2015..... Can i cancel the order?
One thing for sure.... never go back to this shop again. NEVER!
Princedz Send email
Mar 4, 2015


Damn... i was another black sheep that fall into the scamming trap.
I wanted to purchase bed mattress and frame then i ask the salesman whether this is made in where.
The Salesman "all this products (referring to mattress and bed frame area) was made in Germany".
After that we purchase as the way he persuade you very pushhy... example : how much you wan? If you bargain too low, he will said canot la.. how to sell, the price you bargain must be reasonable. (Indeed it is all being planned together with his colleagues)
Then later he will said, let me try talk to his boss... (Seriously like a Scammer actor)
This sales man also issue invoice to me on the bed mattress and frame.

Then we walk around the shop to see other items that we may consider to purchase.
Ask 1x product to the salesman, out of no where ask for your invoice (meanwhile you busy measuring the table dimension) or busy talking to your partner. (this is opportunity for him to get your invoice)

Then after that he go away for a while and said he will come back.
After a while, he pass you the invoice where it is folded and you cant see anything then he will tell you 'we are closing'
Please come again next day earlier.

Then i left from the shop. as soon as i reached home, i try to google the mattress brand and shit cant find anything.
Example : if you purchase king koil, you type google. it will immediately give you the website of king koil.
then i am abit worried then i search for Rozel Furniture. Damn, there is so many peoples also complaining then i ask my partner to show the invoice.
Found that the invoice was being overwrite without my authorization. Seriously, This is totally scamming.
This company can anyhow add terms and conditions using handwriting, able to add on to your original invoice without your authorization, can anyhow cross the amount and add on other amount. (I see from other forum, peoples was being scam because of that reason and ask buyer to pay more on top of the agreed price because there is much hidden things).

This company beside Professional service at the front (before you purchase) and Worst service (After you purchase).
I request for the full refund from the company but however their boss can tell you that "Sorry, you cant refund the products"
if you insist of refund, we can meet up in the court.
(The best part of this is, he have the GUTS to Threaten you by using the Court)

I would suggest for those who being scammed or feel being cheated, please do report to CASE (The Consumer Association of Singapore). Or can always write to the forum.

if you wanted to buy anythings, Please Do NOT even consider to step in or purchase anything from Rozel.
Else you will be greatly disappointed and waste your time.
The strategy of this is to talk nicely to let you accept their products. if not able to go through, they will start threaten you

After think so many, i still prefer buying item from IKEA would be the best.
Damn Regret me for buying Rozel Furniture and it will be my First and my Last visiting Rozel Furniture.
Beside, I will share it to my lovely friends and family. This to prevent them to be the next victim.
(This abit similar to Sim Lim Square case)
[email protected] Send email
Feb 24, 2015

delayed delivery

I bought a set of sofa and dining table before December 2014. I was told to confirm purchase before December 2015 to enabling delivery before CNY 2015. I did so, confirmation of booking was done in November 2014. I was then being told later on that delivery before CNY is not possible. I gave in and said it's OK to have it after CNY then, Weeks later, again they told me that delivery would be in April 2015. Imagine i purchased an item and it took 5 months to deliver. I had moved into my new place 2 weeks before CNY. Everything is ready except the sofa and dining table. I am very upset but there is nothing ROZEL trying to do to compensate or pacify me at least.... nothing at all. I am totally disappointed with their service. ROZEL=POOR SERVICE
kelvin 1990 Send email
Jul 14, 2014


I bought a wardrobe and a matress from rozel on 13 july 2014. Firstly, an ah beng claim to be the manager named brian agreed to let me pay by 0% creditcard installment. But after I sign the sales order, he deducted from my credit card 250 bucks and demand me to pay another 750 bucks by 25th july. He also said that if I dun do so, my 250 bucks will be forfeited. He said that all his product were from USA but the fact is its from china.

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