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Ms. Brown Send email
Jul 14, 2019

Profane Attire

I was shopping for my teenage daughter in Rue 21 , when I saw shirts with very profane language... "F" bombs and "Bye B#**es". As a parent I was very disappointed that a store that appeals to teenagers thinks it's appropriate, to sell attire such as that. To say the least I walked out, I can tell the quality of clothing has changed. Shame on Rue 21 as a company and it's buyers. This is both disgraceful and disrespectful. I personally don't speak like that and I sure don't want my teenage daughter wearing such tacky clothing that represents such. I will stick to Aeropostale, Forever 21 and Hollister for her. Shame is, at Christmas I always find cool Tupac gifts for my son there.

I will never shop there again and will be sure to pass it on.
Anonymous1969 Send email
Jun 23, 2018

Racist manager

I am a worker for RGIS and I am just disgusted with the way a young African American girl was treated. She was so sweet and so funny she had me and another worker so tickled. But there was a manager who kept picking on her he would come to our section and scrutinize everything she did and then tell her she couldn’t catch an attitude. I told her to keep her head up it’s ok. Towards the end of the night she was talking to another worker while counting and asked could he get the skew check she was counting and this same manager interrupted her and made the nastiest comment he told her “you’re going to do whatever I tell you to” and told her to go to another section and she asked “why would she go over there if she wasn’t done here” and he was so nasty to her and sent her home after being very disrespectful. She was in tears and she did nothing wrong anybody would have raised their voice he was talking to her like she was a slave and I will not be a bystander I came to visit the store in Wichita June 22 and she was there and she now tells me they took her off the schedule for no reason and I hope she brings a discrimination case against your company I am also reporting this to RGIS corporate in hopes that they no longer do business with you if you let this continue. That poor girl was the sweetest thing. Myself and a couple of other workers are also willing to testify and I encouraged her to bring a case. I will keep messaging until actions are taken
mimi63549 Send email
Apr 19, 2018

Store Smell

My daughter enjoys shopping at the Rue 21 in Kirksville, MO and we often find great bargains. The retail associates are always friendly and helpful. However, whenever I walk into the store within 15 minutes I am sick to my stomach and nauseated. There is a smell in the store that literally makes me sick. I don't know if is perfume or clothing smell but I can no longer go in there. The last time I was there I felt like I was going to pass out.
JenJensen Send email
Sep 20, 2017

Can't use gift card

My mom bought me a $50 gift card, when I went to use it I was told it was cashed out. So, someone got cash for my gift card. Customer service is very hard to understand and keeps passing the ball. Store manager is working on issue for me. It has been two weeks. Nothing has been resolved.
Loving21 Send email
May 29, 2017


I ask the manger for a changing room and she was on the store phone ignoring me and walking around talk on the phone while her associate need her
Bruce wayne Send email
Mar 30, 2017

Worst management ever

This company is the worst they are not family oriented the upper management I guess you call district or territory works lower management to the bones on long hours while on salary so end of day they may make minimum wage . All in an effort to make their selves look good . They don't care about family time or care about making sure they have a day or two off to spend with family and if they happen to get that day off it bombarded with bullshit phone calls . I pray everyday that rue 21 goes out of business one day it will happen when people start to realize they only buying one time wear garage sale clothing
ecb Send email
Mar 10, 2017

Said processing for 2 weeks, then said all 18 items out of stock!!!!

My order said processing for over 2 weeks. When I emailed to see when it would ship, they waited a few days then emailed saying all 18 items are out of stock!!!!! How can my entire order be out of stock and why did it take over 2 weeks to notice that????? Horrible!!!!
Goblin Send email
Feb 16, 2017

Not getting gift card promised

Placed an order with rue 21. Never got order put charged my card twice. Called to complain about a 100 times. Promised me a $150. Gift card for my inconvenience this was before Christmas still waiting. I call about it they said it's been mailed . Still waiting. Will never shop there again.
doggydo#2 Send email
Feb 3, 2017

Family member

I have a family member that works for your company, and she is pregnant. And she is made to go up and down ladders. Is this not a safety issue for the company. Signed concerned for family member
Tmerc19 Send email
Dec 26, 2016

Rue 21 Gift Card is a SCAM!

Bought a $40 gift card for my Mother for her birthday and the day she used it there was only $9 on the card.They said someone made an order off the card and they can't tell who account it was eventhough it wasn't her account.

Refuse to give my money back. Please don't buy a gift card from this company.

Either someone at the job wrote the card number down and used it or they didn't place the right amount on there.I will NEVER purchase anything from them again and I have been a loyal customer for awhile now! Obviously they don't care about loyal customers!!!! They suck!
tanian Send email
Dec 26, 2016

worst customer service

Ordered online from rue 21 because my sister loves the place, order for almost $70.00 USD and they cancelled the order without informing me. Contacted them via e-mail as i lost money converting CAD to USD for this order. They said they could do nothing and then offered me a 15% off coupon, thought that might salvage the situation really does not. So i decided to place an order now using the coupon.. fake coupon it says already added to your cart when it has not. Worst customer service ever and they don't even care even after informing them the coupon does not work. my suggestion don't order from them, they don't care and they lie! No point e-mailing them they don't read.
Devra Send email
Dec 23, 2016

I ordered two jackets 2 day shipping

I ordered two jackets for my daughter's for Christmas peacoat I paid $17 for both these jackets to be 2 days shipped to me I got one jacket and a letter of cancellation on the other jackets which was supposed to be buy one get one free when I call and talk to them they say oh I'm sorry you have to order all over again and we will reimburse you they should have contacted me said we're out of this order or particular item that you are wanting is there different size color anything before they just cancel you out like you're nothing I thought a corporate business like this would have a little more common courtesy been to send you an email saying your order has been cancelled without your knowledge if I wanted my order cancelled I would not ordered it in the first place
Aquarius1976 Send email
Nov 28, 2016

RUE21 horrible cust service/wrong charges on card!!!

I placed an order just before midnight, and I was shown order details with price and asked to confirm. I confirmed a charge to my account of $52, and as it processed, it changed my amount to $94!! They were no help at all on the phone and just kept repeating same thing over again! Can't help you, so now I have to wait to get damn order and return and wait again for them to put money back on my account. We have shopped there a lot, but I'm done just by seeing how they treat their customers!!! They could have just fixed it, said sorry about that and have a good day. That is called good customer service and how you get loyal customers!!!
taysmom1 Send email
Nov 26, 2016

Not receiving gift card

I ordered a gift card to be sent to me on November 14, 2016. I was told that it was mailed on November 15, 2016. Today is November 26, 2016 and I still have nothing. This was $60 that I worked hard for to give as a part of my daughter's Christmas since she likes to shop there. I can only buy when I have money and am just paid once a month. I knew if I waited until my December pay day that I probably wouldn't get the card. Now, I still don't have it. Customer service has been non-existent. They don't attach tracking numbers to their gift cards which is stupid since tracking is a free service through UPS and the USPS. They just don't want to take the time to do this. It would have saved us both a lot of hassle. They keep telling me it's on the way. I have no proof they ever even shipped it other than them telling me this. They replied to me that they can't stop something already in transit. Yes, they can. Cancel that card number in their system and reissue another one to me. It's not brain surgery. I have sent them 2-3 mails each day and I have no intention of stopping and I told them as much. I have turned them in to the BBB in Warrendale, PA which is their corporate headquarters. I will also be posting on Rip-Off Report in just a few minutes. I am sick of their attitude and not getting my merchandise. Never again will I deal with these people!!
tlovato Send email
Sep 29, 2016

Online order

Not sure that this complaint will do anything considering up to this point to one person from Rue 21 has been able to help me. I placed an online order on 9/22/2016. Upon checkout I paid and it indicated that I would receive the items within 4-7 business days. Here it is now 6 days out and the items have not even be shipped. My order does not even have a tracking number. I ordered these outfits that my kids and I are having done, that is why they are matching. I have my photographer and my appointment is confirmed, it can not be canceled. I sent an email and I received a response stating they have changed there shipping process, therefore there is a delay with all orders going out and they HOPE to ship it out within 1-2 days. THIS IS NOT OK, that should have been disclosed before I placed my order. I called and waited on hold over 25 minutes before hanging up. I called again the next day and after being put on hold for 45 minutes spoke to a RUDE girl who barely spoke English! She was NO help and old e what the email had already stated. I asked to speak to a manager. She said one was not available and she was going to disconnect the call. I told her don’t dare hang up on me and she said that is fine I will put you on hold again for 30 min. She did just that, I waited for 50min! Then Carmen came on the line, at this point I am livid! She told me there is nothing she can do to speed my delivery up. She will give me a 20% discount. I ask just to cancel my order so my funds are free to go buy outfits, she said that is not possible! Are you kidding me???? I just want my order shipped over night so we can have pictures done!!!!
normmajeen Send email
Sep 17, 2016

Unprofessional Manager

This manager has been a longtime manager at this store. This manager has a very condescending attitude and I have witnessed this on many occasions. I do not ever file complaints but to be quite frank, I happen to be a professional and work in the field of both mental health and human services. This woman NEEDS TO GO!!!!!! I have been going the Premium Outlet mall for many years , since it opened its doors. Time and time again I have taken notice to her abusive behaviors towards her staff and overall actions within the store. Today was the last straw as I truly could not believe my eyes as I continued to watch her behaviors and actions throughout the store while conducting her business of placing calls to staff on phone. She continued to call staff on phone and blast orders and demands while standing in front of the mirror watching herself with pride almost as if on stage for an audience to see. This took place for over fifteen minutes and I truly could not wait to get out of the store. Several customers also looked and disturbed by this behavior. How does someone continue to have a job and behave this way.? Someone in charge no less? This took place on Friday September 16, 2016 at approximately 12 noon thru 1:00pm. Her name might be Becky as I am not certain of the name. The staff at the cash register apologized and stated that she just "tunes her out." As I said this isn't just a one time thing and this woman has worked in this store location for a long time. The store actually used to be at the other end of the mall and that's how long her behaviors have been recognized by me. I was going to video this but did nit have enough data space in my phone. Workers like this are a direct reflection of management and therefore it is imperative that this issue must be observed as well as staff should be questioned regarding this manager's behavior. I hope you can see this woman on the camera carrying on and get the feedback from her staff that will shine light on this long overdue nightmare at your Rue 21 Waterloo, New York Premium Outlets 655 New York 318, Waterloo, New York 13165
reneagee Send email
Sep 15, 2016

Terrible Phone Customer Service

I placed this order with you guys today. I do want to say that I will never order with you guys again as I experienced the worst customer service when I called! I signed up for the email to receive 25% off. No where on the email did it advise that you needed to spend $50 or more! What a scam! I called the customer service line and waited 10 min on hold!!!!! Only to be told sorry we can't help you with a coupon. The worst customer service ever. I unsubscribed from your mailing list and I won't order again. There are far to many retailers out there with better customer service to waste my time with Rue21.

Rene Agee

Order number W002352050
spayton Send email
Aug 27, 2016

Poor Management

Rue 21 must let anyone in management. The store manager Courtney and Assistant Heather are very immature and unprofessional. They should never be allowed to manager employees much less a store. When you hire an employee you should treat them with respect and give them the training and tools needed to successfully do the job they were hired to do. Expectations should be set and if you are not meeting those expectations they should be informed. These girls (and that's putting it nicely) do not understand the meaning of training and development or customer service for that matter. Management should not stand around and gossip with coworkers about other employees or customers and stand around and chat it up with their buddies (AKA Asst. Mgrs) and laugh at your workers when they are busy doing all the work. They stand around and talk or text or do whatever on their phone and think it's ok to make everyone else do the work. I understand she is pregnant and her hormones must be through the roof but I believe she is in the wrong line of work. However I am begging to wonder if this is acceptable behavior or become the standard for RUE 21 since I see a tremendous amount of complaints regarding management. All you have to do is Google Rue 21 ! No I am not a disgruntled employee. I am a parent whom is pissed off and will never let my child work for another one of your stores. I will not shop there ever again and I will also let everyone else know how Rue 21 conducts business.
Cld Send email
Aug 24, 2016


While I was shopping in the holland store I noticed One of the Managers walks around the store with a vape in her hand and phone in the other. I felt this was very unprofessional And showed lack of interest in the customers. From working retail I know the rule "customers come first" and it seemed as if she didn't care. While shopping I later on heard someone call her Nona.. Well.. Someone needs to inform Nona that that is very unprofessional.
TMORG0423 Send email
Aug 21, 2016


TODAY, my husband our 3 year old daughter and I, went to rue to shop for a few items...we were in there for 5 minutes tops.. i took my daughter to the restroom and i was told on by one employ to another... walked up to and screamed at telling me there bathrooms are not public... which is a LIE. there waas 2 other in front of us.,.THIS was NOT OK . when it was our THREE YEAR OLD daughter.... THESE mangers or whatever they want to be called are IGNORANT.
Moekiokie Send email
Aug 9, 2016


There are endless clothing items at rue 21 that profit off of the exploitation of native Americans. I started shaking when I saw the cheap t shirt that had a feather-headdress wearing skull with red smeared over it with the text "ride or die" or something along those lines. Why do they think this is okay? I lost my cool and asks the cashier (who I know didn't make the shirt but stares at it all day) and asked why it was okay. They couldn't tell me. Disgusting.
kcarrender Send email
Jul 31, 2016

rude workers were not friendly and didn't help at all

I would ask where something was she didn't know then she told me I was ugly in everything I put on and was rude about everything I said or asked.i tried to make friends. I think I should get a 50$ 21 store gift card for the way I was treated . My name kendra carrender 1606-485-8655
Kwilkinson Send email
Jul 26, 2016

Assistant manager clients from other job

I am an employee of rue21 who wishes to remain anonymous but inform the company of caneshia smart assistant manager of the Crestwood store who brings her clients and from her other job Glenwood while clocked in on both clocks for both jobs and places them in the back storage room while she works the Rue 21 store quite often the manager is aware of this and approved it because they are friends but this is something that could potentially cause the company Millions if something were to happen to one of the clients
[email protected] Send email
Jun 22, 2016

District Manager Rhonda Graff

Rhonda Graff is very abusive with her words toward other managers. She tears people down until they cry, whether they dod something wrong, or she THOUGHT they did something wrong. Rhonda went to visit a store in Grand Rapids. She thought a manger there had done visual wrong, so she said "well, you can't do this job," and proceeded to pull out her phone and Google jobs for him. Then she yelled across the store for all the customer to hear, "here I found a job for you!" This manager then called my store crying because of it. This was weeks ago but bothers me very much. Many people have quit because of her.
bag lady Send email
Jun 9, 2016

rude employee

two days ago on Tuesday there was an employee of Rue21 from the Benton Harbor location who came to Taco Bell to order some lunch and then was rude to one of their workers and had a really bad attitude towards her cause she didn't rush to make her food so the worker asked the customer sister to make her food knowing that she only prefers certain people to make her food so when the worker hands the customer her food she snatches her bag and smacks her lips. does she not know that she's a reflection of where she works at while she's in her work clothes?

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