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Consumer complaints and reviews about Secretsales.com

Vittoria_Dani Send email
Jan 9, 2017

No Refund

I purchased a pair of true religion jeans 25th december the cancelled at same time, read on their website that they would not return to work till second or third of january, since the third, I have sent several emaisl and tried to call so many times, got no reply to my email or calls. The worse customer service ever,... read more
gabbettlyne Send email
Jan 9, 2017

Secret sales

No response to numerous emails and phone messages. I think this is a something that should be looked into this company may not be what it purports to be. Buyer beware please.
gabbettlyne Send email
Jan 7, 2017

No response

I have received a broken suitcase with no returns label, I have had no response to phone messages and emails. I will have to contact citizens advice now. Annette Gabbett lyne
vwhitelaw Send email
Jan 6, 2017

Must be fake....

Purchased a Michael Kors jet set tote in August 2015, noticed that the handle had started peeling so set about contacting Michael Kors as all of their bags come with a 2 year warranty
Shock to find that secretsales are not an approved reseller and as such Michael Kors believe my bag to be fake
On contacting secretsales they told me they would give me 20% off my next purchase!! Pretty much admitting that it's fake
I don't want a discount I want my £200 back so that I can go and buy the real handbag I thought I had
Not worth it for a £50 saving....
brookew Send email
Dec 16, 2016


Absolutely disgusting customer service!
Ordered a Givenchy bag from Secret Sales on the 7th November 2016 and was never updated as to when the bag would be out for delivery. When I made the order I was advised the bag would be with me by 5th December 2016 at the latest! After no order or update I contacted customer service, of which I was informed the courier had lost my bag so they would open an investigation, of which would be sorted and they would keep me updated. Surprise suprise, I was not kept updated! After various emails, tweets and calls to customer service, I was not able to get through to them. Eventually, after hours somebody picked up my call and then I was advised that there was nothing they could do about my item and they would refund my money and this alone could take up to 5 days! Not even bothered about replacing the bag and the fact I’d waited over a month for my item that was actually for a birthday present!
So now I’m a ridiculous amount of money out of pocket and no bag!
Never have I received such a bad customer service from a company, I would not recommend to anyone! To make matters even worse no one would speak to me to deal with my complaint further!
Rahmansa Send email
Dec 10, 2016

Poor customer service

I ordered a Armanu watch which came damaged, so I returned the item 6 weeks ago and according to the tracking system the item reached the depo 4 weeks ago. I am still waiting for my refund! After 5 emails and twice sending my proof of postage they still do not believe the item has reached them and still asking me to provide proof of postage. I am sick and tired of the lack of professionalism and care shown to me and complained twice but the response i get is the same two line ' i must provide proof otherwise i cannot get a refund'. Every time i email them its someone new that responses back to me.
The stress and frustration they have caused me will keep me away from any further purchases. They are misleading and do not have an ounce of customer care or support. STAY AWAY.
AngrierBird Send email
Nov 24, 2016

No Product No Money

I ordered a bag and a pair of shoes for my wife from Secretsales.com.
As it was her birthday gift, i didnt want it delivered to the house but used a delivery service offered on the Secretsales website called Hermes which allows delivery to a local shop/newsagents registered with Hermes so i selected one close to home.

Almost 2weeks after placing my order, I tracked the product using the link in my confirmation email and was advised that one of these products were in the pickup location.

I rolled up and alas nothing had been received by the shop owner.

I called up Secretsales to see where things were and was told the item was actually still on the way and the status was wrong and they would chase up the delivery company i.e Hermes.

Secretsales did come back and advised with 2days to go to the birthday date that it wouldnt be possible to receive my items on time to which i asked to cancel my order and receive my money bac.

I was told i wouldnt receive my money back until the item returns to their warehouse and they couldnt guarantee when that would be!

Hence, I have been left high and dry with no product and without my money and now it has been 6weeks since ordering and i have nothign still and NO CONTACT FROM SECRETSALES.COM even though i have spoken to their Customer Servcie team.

Shameful service and terrible treatment by this company.

I don't think the level of disdain i have been treated with has been and will ever be at this level.

Still Chasing my OWN money!
Ade Send email
Nov 12, 2016

Fake Gucci Soho bag

Ordered a Gucci Soho handbag from this site for my wife. Upon checking the bag was a counterfeit. A number of other customers suffered the same misfortune, the company have been unhelpful so having to use my legal cover with the credit card company in an attempt to obtain a refund. The discount is not worth the risk. Regretting not paying the extra and going to a department store etc. The matter is being reported to the police as fraud.
Sazzer Send email
Sep 20, 2016

Secret Sales - fakes, bad service

I have been a customer for a few years now with variable results. I bought a second hand Gucci bag for them for £130 and this turned out to be fake. I got absolutely nowhere with them after complaining. I put it down to experience. I did order a few more items after that. The latest were Ralph Lauren polo shirts which were badly sized (a large was too small for my medium sized husband!) and we were not sure of the quality. We got a refund. However I bought an electronic sensor kitchen bin which after 7 months has broken. The manufacturer has 1 year warranty as standard but I have notified Secret Sales of the faulty item and they have just sent a badly worded email (possibly written by a non native UK speaker) stating that it doesn't have a warranty and as I bought it 7 months ago I cannot have a refund. They also quoted an out of date bit of legislation at me! I think the lesson is buyer beware. Buying from this site is a risk and their customer service is very poor. Also be very careful when buying designer items as they have sold fakes and do not take this matter seriously.
KarenT16 Send email
Sep 1, 2016

Customer Service & Undelivered Items

I currently have two orders "lost" in the delivery system. It is probably the fault of the courier (Hermes) but I have been unable to get the matter resolved by SecretSales. One order has been missing 12 days and I have sent 5 emails about the problem. They go unanswered or it takes a week to get back to me. Even then they just say they'll look into it but never do anything. The next call I make will be to get a refund from my credit card provider. It seems to be the only way to get this resolved.
frano28 Send email
Jul 28, 2016

Secret Sales - Returned item and stil not had refund

Order No; 2784243

I returned a pair of sunglasses to this comapny as they had sent the wrong size, even though they were signed for they still have not refunded the item and it has been over 5 weeks. They reply when they feel like it and have now resorted to ignoring me altogether. I ring customer sevices and it just states its too busy so ring back and leave message, but nobody rings you back. They are very unprofessional and rude and you feel like you are banging your head aginst a wall. One customer advisor was supposed to speak to the warehouse and ring me back but no joy. Do not order from this company as they are so rude and very frustrating.
KarmaKarma Send email
Jul 7, 2016

Possibly fake POON bag

I bought a lovely black Poon bag a few years ago. Was apparently £700 and I bought for a few hundred. Never used and sold on ebay recently. The buyer damaged it and took it for repair to find it wasn't leather. Since all Poon bags are made of leather, I can only assume this is a fake. Now I'm potentially in the position of having unwillingly sold on a fake product. Can some consumer watchdog take up the case of those of us who seem to have been sold fakes? I think there's no point in me getting the thing back, and trying to return it to SS, as from what I read on this forum, the service is diabolical. So I'll have to just learn from the experience and stomach the refund I will have to fork out as well as the loss of the bag. I will never buy on this site again. BEWARE.
Mark hh Send email
Apr 26, 2016

Wrong item shipped

On my first order... I received the wrong item.. should have trusted the reviews on how unprofessional they team... I don't recommend secresales to anyone!!!
Avoid avoid avoid
amz_195 Send email
Apr 8, 2016


I ordered 2 true religion jeans from secretsales. As they both arrived i checked to check if they are authentic of course. I check the inside of 1 pair and it said made in china. never in my life have i seen a pair of true religion jeans which state that they are made in china. they are rip offs. I check the other pair of jeans and it says made in usa however it had a fake feel to them. As true religion jeans offer premium jeans which feel second none and i know this as i have many true religion jeans, the ones from secret sales felt as though ive bought them from local market or something. And the fact that i paid over 100 pounds for both the jeans is a disgrace. I will never shop from secret sales anymore in my life. I suggest those who want to know more about the website i urge you to find a place elsewhere, do not be fooled by the lowered price. Websites like these should be banned and made illegal.
Tollywoggles Send email
Mar 26, 2016

Secret sales, false advertising!

I've placed an order prior to Xmas for two mugs, received one, emailed "customer service" no reply so I sent them this email after hair straighteners with capsules turned out to be just capsules.

"This email of complaint is copying in a previous one that wasn't acknowledged, about a cup missing from the "good life, friendship mug 2pc set" order number: *******) I am rather upset about this. Further to this order no:******* "Nutri Heat Black hair straighteners & capsules" turned out to be just capsules!

I believe in both cases this contradicts the law, Neither of these items are Satisfactory as Described "according to the Consumer Rights Act 2015"

I am understandably upset that my initial email regarding the friendship mugs was overlooked and now I've further been misled by the description of the hair straighteners and capsules."

I await their reply as I am being ignored. Time to contact trading standards!
lean Send email
Dec 28, 2015

Extremely unreliable

Having bought an expensive whiskey as a Christmas present back in November I was told it would be sent to me between the 12-18th of December.

After receiving no email saying it was dispatched I logged into my account to see that it said the item had been dispatched on the 15th.

I emailed two days later to see if they had a tracking number and was told it would be with me within 48 hours (blatant lie) but they had no tracking number at that time?

6 days later (4 working days) and there was still no sign of my order, after numerous phone calls on different days no one could tell me where it was or what the tracking number was, who the company supplying the whiskey was or even if my item had actually been sent. This was clearly unacceptable as usually within 24 hours of using a courier you get a tracking number. Literally not one person out of about 7/8 I spoke to between phone calls and emails could tell me a single thing about my order despite the money being well gone from my account over a month before!

I order things online all the time and not once have I dealt with such a unorganized, unreliable company. It resulted in them giving me a refund the day before Christmas eve, as they still couldn't tell me a thing about my order, which wouldn't be in my account until 5-7 days later. This left me in the GREAT position of having no Christmas present for someone and having to spend Christmas eve looking for one with extra money I simply didn't have for such an expensive present the day before Christmas. I would in no way recommend this company.
Lulu1411 Send email
Sep 13, 2015

Isabella Rhea handbag

I received my bag today and have to say I dont have a good feeling about it. It smells of camel and I'm not even sure it is leather. It is not finished well and the gold is brassy and cheap. The duster bag is too small for the bag too. If this bag was made in Italy then I am amazed. It looks like a fake to me. What worries me is that customers are being misled into thinking they are getting a genuine bargain. I received a Movado watch a few weeks ago, and although this looks good, i am wondering now if this is fake too. Proceed with caution I would say.
priddie766 Send email
Sep 9, 2015


I bought a Poon Handbag from Secret Sales with a metallic strap. After a short time, I discovered that the strap was leaving dirty black marks all over my light coloured clothing. It didn't take long to realise that this was probably a fake. I've emailed them and sent pictures but am now not getting any response. This site is obviously full of fakes and they're raking it in knowing we can't do anything about it! I'll be reporting them to Trading Standards that's for sure. I'll probably contact Watchdog too - they love exposing rip off merchants like these!
gemsdawn Send email
Aug 27, 2015

UNHELPFULL & rude, no return calls when promised, emails ignored by CEO

Log off

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Secretsales.com reviewed by dawn


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Placed an order for a £1599 Cartier ring, whilst looking online I found a link to the same ring on secret sales that had been sold for £999, both in same condition as per photos, after finding I had paid £600 more I emailed customer services, 8 days later I get a reply saying -
Thank you for your email.
Please note I have been investigating this for you and although it seems like the same item it is a different item and product code.
8 days to investigate this?
So I call to speak with a manager and am told this is not possible as heir policy is a 24 hour call back. I was then asked the problem, item number etc which I gave explaining I know it isn't the same ring as in bought, returned them sold to me but it was the same ring as there is only one design of this particular ring in platinum made by cartier so its like 2 people going into the shop together buying the same ring but one being charged 60% more than the other, I went on to explain I understand it is a different product code because the first was sold another has come into stock so a new item code has had to be given!
I was told to hold at which point I heard the customer service agent say to his colleage "SHES JUST CHATTING A LOAD OF SH*T NOW!"
Horrified is an understatement! when he came back to me I asked the the conversation was recorded and he replied it was I asked for a copy and to make sure he had emailed the manager to call me back, he said he had so I then told him I had heard him........silence, I asked if he had anything to say..........silence! I said no apology to which he replied....yes I am sorry for that madam!
I have since received no call from a manager and no reply to the 3 emails over 3 days I have sent to the CEO.
I called again today to be told no notes were there to request a call (funny that) and that again I had to wait 24 hours for a call back.
Ripped off, insulted and ignored not they way to treat people really is it?
londonlady Send email
Jun 5, 2015

Used and fake items!!!!

This website is a joke. I ordered quite few items from them and all seemed fine and genuine. But the last one shocked me.

I wanted a new blender and they had a very good deal so I decided to give it a try. Package arrived after 2 weeks, in an old ripped box. But that wasn't the worst. Blender was dirty, covered in oily staines and smelled like it just has been washed. Clearly used! I decided to check if it actually works.. The moment I switched it on it started burning. Smoke took over my kitchen in a second. So upset, I contacted Secret Sales. They seem to not care at all! They couldn't believe what I said and after few emails they told me to send it back and wait for refund. I can't believe they don't provide a collection for their faulty items. Why on earth would I go and ship this garbage myself, pay for the postage? Postage itself would cost me half the price of a blender. Couldn't be bothered, just threw it away..

I simply can't believe how could they even waste their time packing this garbage (knowing it's clearly used and broken) and sending it to their customers. Sounds like a joke.
Be careful with this website, they are protected everywhere! I wanted to warn people on the cashback website but they deleted my comment. There is something dodgy behind it.
marikaki Send email
May 22, 2015

Used items!!

i just wanted to say that i ordered a pair of Australian luxe boots from Secret Sales and they were faulty, meaning that the front seaming of one of the boots was completely undone.
BUT that wasn't the shocking thing...after taking a look at the torn and kinda old box they came into i inspected the boots more closely, as they too looked a bit shabby...and horror of horrors!!! THEY HAD ALREADY BEEN WORN!!! i couldn't believe it. The soles were covered in mud in some places and they also looked scratched (if that's the word) I send them back they refunded but when it came down to refunding the shipping cost i paid to return the irems they acted as if they didn't undestand. I sent them a copy of the post office receipt but they kept asking for it as if they never got it. So i asked Paypal for help and they refunded me. Secret ales never answered to my emails, especially after a juicy one that i had sent them telling them how unprofessional and unacceptable their behaviour was. I mean, sending worn shoes means that either you are someone who tries to take advantage of your clients or that you don't check the products you sell. In both cases they have lost their credibility. I mostly make my purchases on the internet and i asuure you that i never had something like that from none of the sites (countries) that i buy from. I hope my experience helped.
jtc Send email
Apr 5, 2015

Rip off and dreadful customer service

I bought my daughter a Tanzanite ring for her 18th birthday through Secret Sales. It's supposed RRP was £540. My daughter needed it resizing so she went to a jewellers. I suggested she have it valued for insurance purposes. The jeweller came back with £25. I complained to Secret Sales and they (in particular, Andrea) were dreadful... blaming everyone but themselves and in the end stopped even replying to my emails. Dreadful and shocking service.

It was truly embarrassing to me having given this ring to my daughter on a special occasion and it was worth no more than £25.

Stay clear as you don't know what you are really getting.
jennikatz064@gmail.com Send email
Apr 4, 2015

Fake Items

Ordered Tom Ford sunglasses, took over 2 months to arrive and upon inspection it was obvious that the glasses were fake. Took the glasses to various retailers who confirmed this. Suggestion - don't order from this site it's obvious what is going on...
Kai2015 Send email
Mar 27, 2015


Ordered swarovski jewellery, but they arrived in Diamond style pouches. Ordered for nearly £200, but they are as good quality as throwing away into the bin straight away!

My bad for trusting random websites!!!!
Jacquiem Send email
Feb 17, 2015


So twice in the last month my delivery has been lost/damaged. Not impressed with secret sales - quite happy to take my money & whilst they do refund quickly they should be checking that deliveries aren't being received by customers!! So thanks secret sales it was great whilst it lasted but until you change your delivery company to someone more reliable I won't be spending my money with you.

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