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pctopper Send email
Mar 12, 2018

Lazy and rude

In the beginning of the process I was asked when I think my return to date (to work) would be. I answered, well I won't know until I see my doctor in two weeks--and simply because applying for disability happens 1 month prior to the actual surgery date, my prep-appointment that goes into detail has not yet happened. The rep told me it was fine that I didn't know the exact date, and to just estimate the recovery period, if I needed more weeks, the extension request would be very simple and easy to do. So because I never had foot surgery before, I estimated 5 weeks was what I was needed (being hopeful as always that I recover sooner than the average person).

4 weeks into my post-surgery, seeing that I wasn't healing quickly for week 5 and still had pain & trouble getting around (foot tends to swell up when too much pressure or activity happens), I asked my doctor again about recovery period and he said his minimal weeks for recovery is 6 weeks.

He put in a note for the 1 week extension so that I can get the full 6 weeks of short term disability, and this is when my assigned rep (different from the previous lady setting up my account) turned rude, cold, and insensitive.

I did everything she asked me to do. Send in a new form, backed up with my doctor's actual medical notes. She called me days later after the form and documents were faxed saying the form was wrong, and that she basically didn't like what the doctor wrote for his objective findings...which he put that my recovery range should be from 6-8 weeks long in lieu of the one week extension request. Instead of calling the doctor's office herself, I basically called my doctor's office every single day about how they responded to the form, apologized a lot to them for continual outreach, and to top it off...once I spoke to the rep again (Liz), she accused me and probably my doctor that my foot recovery in general should have been only 16 days long vs. several weeks. At this point I wanted to cry because foot recovery really is NO JOKE (I was still taking painkillers).

Mind you on day 16 of my foot recovery, I was freshly placed in a cast by day 14, sleeping with nerve firings at night (very painful), tripping in the bathroom because my foot even when I was moving my body, I was still taking my subscribed pain killers, and how was I suppose to go back to work at all? On top of that I am a mother of 2 boys under the age of 7, and I'm the other provider for the family as we are dual income. My place of work is on a large campus, even with handicap parking I still have to walk very far to the building and then once inside, there is still a long distance before I get to my actual seat.

All in all, I told her what am I suppose to do timecard wise for that week pending on their response. I was afraid that if I take LWOP, I won't have enough to pay for bills, I don't have that much vacation time, and so I said, maybe I can take LWOP for 2 days and go back to work on the 3rd day. She then told me if I was trying to go back to work before week 6 (what I had requested), I would need my doctor to grant me permission...but in the meantime she gave my application request to her supervisor.

WELL, to make the story short, I decided I will take LWOP for the 6th week and wait for sedgwick to process my extension claim. I really need the extra week to recover so that I'm strong enough to deal with work, my children's needs, and the house.

People are very insensitive. I hope Liz understands one day how it feels to recover with so much pain, and the service that she and her employer paid for, is ripping her to shreds and treating her doctor's orders like its some scam.
ahartelt49 Send email
Mar 8, 2018


corybynite Send email
Feb 19, 2018


5 weeks on short term disability called numerous times the rep won't return my calls and have sent her every document they wanted now in appeal status, need to get more professional business to handle claims.
unknown84 Send email
Feb 16, 2018

short term dissability appeal

Sedgwick spent 2 weeks telling me my provider was not sending the session notes to them that they needed to make a decision on my appeal for the month and a half of no pay. The guy handling this called me every day asking for the same documents claiming my doctor wasn't sending them. He even went as far as to tell me we need to do an extension of appeal because otherwise they would make the decision against my appeal. After all of this back and forth and creating a bad relationship between me and my doctor (bc obviously i eventually showed extreme frustration with the doctor that was telling me she sent the docs over every day for 2 weeks but the rep for Sedgwick kept telling me they weren't getting them, so what am i supposed to think other than my doctor wasn't really sending them). Well eventually i needed to get the time of fax confirmation from my doctor that she sent the paperwork and only once provided with that information it turned out Sedgwick had attached my paperwork to another claim. This is EXTREME INCOMPETENCE on the part of Sedgwick. I was out for mental health issues including depression and anxiety which any person in the world can agree that this situation alone would create extreme anxiety for the patient going through this process that never had to happen. I am still waiting on a decision and also obviously haven't been paid and now bc of the extension i never shouldn't have needed they still have nearly 6 weeks to make a decision on my appeal. My issue is with the process and mishandling of my paperwork and the overall experience that created for me. My 2 reps from Sedgwick Jonathon and Myesha were honestly fantastic and a pleasure to deal with. However unfortunate the misplacing of my PERSONAL MEDICAL information was, there should be way better preventative measures taken when handling such sensitive materials that directly affect the person and their job.
I want to reiterate that i am happy with the reps that helped me directly.
JBone1976 Send email
Feb 2, 2018

Sedgwick - Damage Claim

Let's just say that this company is horrible from the top down. While this is relatively minor to what I have read, it goes to prove the complete disregard for the customer.

Long story short, order multiple GE appliances for new home. Damage done upon installation. Contacted Home Depot to open claim. Forwarded to Sedgwick. Received a voicemail stating that based on the claim they would not be handling the claim due to the extent of damage BUT the would monitor the situation until I was satisfied with who was going to repair. Left me a voicemail and a contact and phone number who I should contact if I was not contacted within 72 hours. It's now been 3 weeks and 4 phone calls with messages later, nothing. Piss poor service. Do not follow-through on promises. Do not deal with at all costs. This company is a joke if they can't even return a basic phone call for property damages. I can't imagine what position I would be in if I were injured like many above. My advice, get a lawyer.
gretah Send email
Feb 1, 2018

not going to fix my broken phone

i was helping a girlfriend with her sister that had just had hip replacement surgery. we were going to clean up her house and it smelled like cig smoke so we went to the Fred Meyer (Kroger) closest to her sisters house and bought lots of cleaning supplies that day.
getting to the point of the story,,, i was getting a plastic bag out of the car that had the Kroger version of Febreeze and it had Leaked everywhere!!! All over my hands, my arms, the bag and my phone ...a nice well cared for Samsung 4 that is 2 1/2 years old. we had to go back to the store and i got the managers card and talked to him the next day. he told me to go to my closest Fred Meyer and fill out the insurance forms and they would fax them to the Auburn store to file the claim... it took some time but i got it done,
i got a phone call from Sedgwick in 2 or so days... i could barely hear the woman, she talked very fast and had some kind of accent from i'm guessing Ohio? she was shoting questions at me and as i was answering them she was giving me more questions... i kept on telling her to please be quiet and let me finish... then i got the idea that she was railroading me to deny the claim... she just kept on talking so finally told her to Shut Her YAP! ... Yup she hung up on me... yup her supervisor won't talk to me and yup the operator has blocked my number... such a classy outfit... don't what to do at this point... have a broken phone that will cost about $200 to fix or replace i just feel Horrible about this... that phone has pictures and texts from my fiance' that passed away a year ago this month.... just another bad experience withe Sedgwick! I have had a recent Boeing self insured claim with my left knee that has had 10 surgries and they were just plain Nasty... and i blew them off because they were so nasty!
thanks for listining and for passinf over my crapy spelling... blessings to all.
Disgusted1102 Send email
Jan 26, 2018

Sedgwick Claims Management Service

I was an employee of FEDEX for almost 21 years...I had injured my back and neck as on the job workers comp injuries and had to undergo 2 horrible operations that rendered me unable to work ever again..I obtained a lawyer and had to wrangle with Sedgwick on and off for years...but things got worse when my WC doctor retired in 2012...the new Drs. office messed up my billing and werent billing Sedgwick at first, but then when they did, Sedgwick started denying my coverage for the ongoing medical obligatons that were promised and outlined in my settlement back in 2004..they started to hire the WORSE Claims adjusters on the planet, all totally INCOMPETENT, ignorant and arrogant, too!! I have had to re-contact my lawyer and ask for help again..altho he did try to help in the beginning, but after 3 years of battling with them and my Drs. office, nothing has been resolved..I do not have funds to fight this battle, so my lawyer has been ignoring me for most of the past year.. according to Sedgwick and my settlement agreement, I must be going to my yearly check ups and getting meds in order for my case to stay open and for Sedgwick to keep paying for any future pain management and or any future operations, if I ever need them..If you lapse for a 5 year period, Sedgwick gets off totally free from any obligations to ever pay for my care if needed....so I have always kept up with my obligations..I have always done my part to ensure that my Dr.s office bills the correct insurance company, but they were incompetent too, and Sedgwick and my Dr.s office keep blaming each other, so nothing has been resolved, despite my lawyer's subpeonas for all medical records to clear up the whole mess!! I am sick of everybody at this point, and pray for some for some miracle to resolve this!! I am the innocent party this is getting totally ripped off by doing the right thing!! My lawyer agreed to help me "by a verbal agreement" , in the future, if I needed help, in case Sedgwick denied my care...back when my case settled in 2004...but he is getting weary and tired of dealing with me and Sedgwick and has begun to ignore any emails or calls that I have made...I am pretty much at the end of bothering him and will forever lose my benefits that were awarded to me...and I think him and Sedgwick are waiting for this time to lapse...he will be free and Sedgwick will screw me out of their obligations to me...It makes me depressed to think how unfairly I have been treated and how corrupt and incompetent Sedgwick is!!! If there is a lawyer out there that ever wants my story for a class action lawsuit, I would gladly sign up..as I have read the countless stories from other disgruntled and unfairly treated Sedgwick claiments...Sedgwick needs a lawsuit against them, they are crooks!!!
jerseygurl Send email
Jan 13, 2018

Inept & Snippy

I had the displeasure of my case being involuntarily transferred due to my employer switched their disability management services to Sedgwick. Prior to the switch, was approved for STD, but however was seeking an extension for two additional weeks coupled with having a flexible work arrangement upon my return. The case manager appointed to me from Sedgwick Bianca, is not at all compassionate and came off as indifferent plus quite rude. Since I was seeking an extension, my therapist sent the required paperwork, but via phone call was asked by Bianca (case manager) to provide another set of information (e.g. medical doctor contact info) so she can remit to the nurse reviewing my case. As explained to that case manager who presence irked me, I informed her my medical doctor is on Maternity Leave but a nurse will be able to assist. Called the case manager back and of course she is either away from her desk or absent, but told her via VM that my doctor nurse (included the name of the nurse) will be able to discuss my ailment in great detail and also gave the contact info again. What irks me about this company is that the nurse nor the case manager, do not perform their due diligence in its entirety. And solely abuse their discretion by not following up with the disabled medical doctor in order to gain insight into their ailment. Because my doctor was not available and they did not follow up with my doctor counterpart or nurse, I was denied. It is disheartening that I came to know of my denial by calling the so called case manager who claimed she was out sick for a week. Now I am quite sure, she has an counterpart that is assigned to act in the capacity whenever she is absent. As one of her "counterparts" contacted me once to keep me abreast of my case. Because of their lack of client service as it relates to the denial, I missed two weeks that are perceived as unpaid. If that inept case manager would have informed whomever is assigned her workload that my extension was denied and I was subsequently informed of the denial, this knowledge would have provided time to report back to work so that a pay will not be missed. In addition, my therapist recommended an flexible work arrangement, and guess what that young girl (case manager) did not review the accommodation with my employers.. The letter from my therapist was sent two weeks ago. I'm quite irate with my employer as they've placed all of us subsumed under this company for disability into a damper by switching to an inept company to handle their disability just so that they'll save some coins. They perhaps are aware this company deny more people than they extend an approval, no matter if your medical/mental is substantiated. No wonder why my employers chose them, because they'll save company coins with their unjust practices.. Now, we're left with unconcerned and rude people who is just there for a paycheck themselves. Note, they talk to you as if you're on their payroll, when in fact our employers are the ones that pay them for a service and if it wasn't for us having these "issues" they (the nurse, the case manager, project manager, etc.) wouldn't have coins to rub together.. Also, I escalated my concerns to my case manager superior and of course she has failed to return my call as of late..

Just inept individuals who abuse their power by performing half ass services so you can become denied as that is their intent...
Carolinag661 Send email
Jan 3, 2018

Mileage rembursement

The worst adjuster i have is Lourdes William she is a liar n doesn't want to reimburse me for a trip I made out to Murrieta Ca she has lied say she paid me when she hasn't n then I fax her my mileage n she takes months to pay me I am at the point were I am about to loose my house n car because she lies about everything she acts like the company is her property can't stand this lady we have been bumping heads since the start which is 3 yrs ago I need another adjuster cause this lady is giving me a hard time don't know where or who to report her to but I am seriously tired of dealing with her she don't even answer my attorneys calls or faxes or sends prove when asked for she is a total mess!!!
ahartelt48 Send email
Dec 30, 2017

not approving time out

my husband rob told sedgewick on 12/13 he was going to be out on disability from 12/13 to 1/22/18. They said ok they assign a case manager this bitch adriana. they made on two attempt to contact the doctor for approval. and my husband never got paid so we can't pay our rent and we are loosing our home because this bitch ass company. my husband had thyroid cancer surgery he has to have high dosage of thyroid treatment and these ### won;t approve hos pay. I have file a complaint with attorney and join a law suite against sedgewick, cause they have done this to many people
JLSN Send email
Dec 29, 2017

Sedgwick and Short term Disability

My spouse's employer switched to Sedgwick for the company's Short Term Disability plans. The company has the employee pay a portion of Sedgwicks fee out of the employees pay checks. So far the company is finding all the employees who have filed their short term claims have been denied. The company is frustrated and the employees are frustrated. In our case the following has happened:

My spouse was denied his short term disability. His company is investigating Sedgwick but that doesn't help with the fact my spouse pays these jerks out of his pay check.

Yesterday, December 27th they stated the claim appeal was on hold and then this morning they called and stated the Dr. was reviewing the claim. They would be finished with the claim February 18th. WHAT THE HECK! A monkey could tell there were medical issues after the procedure. He went to the ER! I had to take time off work for this.

Anyway, Here is the information: Below is a letter we were getting ready to send Sedgwick.

I Robert have been working or should I say “attempting to work” with Jamie concerning my Temporary Disability Claim. I am appealing Jamie’s decision for claim #XXXXXXXX. Jamie’s decision was based on inadequate understanding of the file and its full contents. The dates she quoted, on the phone message of denial, I received on December 12, 2017, were incorrect.

I have issues with Kidney Stones of which during the dates of November 3rd to November the 28th I had to take medical leave from work to address.

1. November 7, 2017 (Tuesday) - Lithotripsy (removal of Kidney stones in the left Kidney) – Dr. Zorbel

2. November 8, 2017 - Not doing well knew something was wrong.

3. November 9, 2017 (Thursday) - Went to Emergency Room – Diagnosed with blood clots in superficial veins and mastitis. However the notes in the chart were stating cellulitis and lymphangitis. Which is not what the doctor stated in the ER. My wife was witness. Follow up was to be in 6 weeks. See page 3 of 6 on the Tri – State’s ER department note for November 9, 2017. Further information continues to page 6.

4. November 13, 2017 (Monday) – Returned to Emergency Room - Still having issues and a lot of pain in the left arm. Was told to increase fluids and rest. Wear warm packs 4-6 times a day for the next few days and keep arm elevated as much as possible. Which I am not able to do at work as I have a physical job. I was told to see my doctor in 2-3 days. See pages 4 -5 on Tri-State’s ER Department Note for November 13, 2017.

5. Tried to make an appointment with Primary Care physician but could not get an appointment until November 28, 2017.

6. November 28, 2017 (Tuesday) – Finally saw Primary Care physician – Tamera Bruns

7. My schedule is Monday thru Thursday. My appointment with Dr. Bruns was on a Tuesday. I had to wait for a clearance note from Dr. Bruns to return to work per Vista Outdoors requirements. The return to work note was received on Thursday - November 30, 2017. Dr. Bruns stated I could return on the 29, which is a little difficult since I did not get the Dr. note to return to work until November 30, 2017 (Friday). I returned to work the Following Monday December 4, 2017. Which was the first day after I received the return to work notification. The date issue has been corrected as far as we know. Dr. Bruns wrote the letter on the 29th but meant to say he could return to work on the 30th. Which in his case meant the Following Monday since he works M-Thurs and the 30th was a Friday. Dr. Bruns office stated last week the date was corrected to say the correct date.

With all the information provided, I should have definite claim approval for the dates of November 7, 2017 thru December 3, 2017 without any question. The Medical notes from the medical providers have all this information in the copies provided. I have attached copies of all the information with this letter.

We are now getting a lawyer to help us out for the 1 lousy month of disability they owe us. This comes out of my spouses employers pocket not Sedgwicks. They act like it is their money.

Personally, I would like to see a class action against Sedgwick and their dishonest practices. We are not the only people who are treated horribly by this company. Something needs to be done to protect consumers from predatory and harassment practices of Sedgwick. My spouses' company was on the phone with Sedgwick last week and were lied to also. We need a movement to protect those who need to use this service. Some people are being evicted from their homes, lights are being turned off, and children are going hungry. GREED is what it is all about.

mynorpco141@gmail.com Send email
Dec 12, 2017

Denied a on going claim

The Doctor that treat's me has been giving me medications that I been receiving for way over ten years, for injuries received while working court ordered, now they have decided to stop approving it , I been on this medications for a long time and cannot afford it out pocket I need this medications , if I don't have them I can get sick, .
Gloria Gysbertsen Send email
Dec 11, 2017

Denies 6 months of sick time

I worked at JFK Medical Center Atlantis Fl. for 28 years. I had cervical and back issues. I was out 7 months of work. I was denied 6 months of benefits because of Sedgwick. My name is Gloria Gysbertsen 800 Snow Queen Drive Chuluota Fl. 32766. ph no is 561-358-0006. Sedgwick has all the information. And so do I. I am asking Sedgwick to pay me for the 6 months of full time of my money
Plus the money I borrowed to sustain time of 7 months that I could not work. I am asking $250,000.00 in damages. If not I will go
to court obtain an attorney etc.
Gloria Gysbertsen RN
was employed at
JFK MEdical Center
5300 S. Congress Ave.
Atlantis Fl.
Me6550 Send email
Dec 7, 2017

Sedwick *Denied short term disability

I have never had to deal with such an incompetent company as Sedwick. I had a hip replacement on the 21st of November. Leading up to this surgery I was unable to walk and was put on restrictive duty, sit down only. I am a Dialysis nurse so there wasn’t any work I could do sitting at a desk. We found odd and end jobs for a week, then I was off until my surgery. (November 10-21).
Sedwick is denying my claim because I wasn’t able to prove during that week Why I couldn’t work? They got all the medical forms from the Dr. with my restrictions and they said it had to show some form of medical procedure being done x-rays, MRI during that week up to my surgery. It didn’t matter I had the X-rays and MRI done before to determine I had to have surgery. Or that I couldnt walk and was put on restriction by the Dr in the first place.
Not to mention I had to call everyday to make sure they were getting their paperwork and ask what it is they specifically needed. Every time I asked it was a different answer. No one EVER called me back until I asked for a supervisor which he wasn’t in the office either. Do these people even work? Every time I called I was told my case worker wasnt available and I couldn’t leave a message. But I could email her and she can get back within 48 hours. They said the nurse reviewed my claim and was denied because they didn’t have anything from the Dr to support my claim. That is hogwash. I faxed the reports and we watched my Dr office also fax the reports. I have been off works since November 10th and have not revived a check at all today is December 6th.
Kbmsmith0330 Send email
Nov 29, 2017


I am seeing a lot of the same complaints on here that I am experiencing. I have to have a hysterectomy due to an enlarged uterus, a cyst the size of an apple on my ovarys which keeps me in constant pain. My doctors office has faxed medical records multiple times and I am still be told they haven’t been received. My doctors office is at its whits end. I am at my whits end. I have never spoke directly to my “case manager” but was denied due to lack of medical evidence based on what they have received. The only thing they hadnt received was the scheduled surgery date Becuase labs were still being done. I don’t understand how if this is a regular business practice they are allowed to do this to familys. To people. You’d think someone somewhere in that company would have a conscience. It’s sad sick people have to fight just to receive benefits they are already entitled to.
QME Doctor Send email
Nov 24, 2017

Sedgwick also screwing over doctors.

I see this blog mostly has applicants/injured workers; however, be aware that Sedgwick also is screwing over doctors. For over 5 years now I have been a QME and Sedgwick is the only company that continues to game time over time regarding payment.

A report is always sent with a HCFA1500 billing form and W9. Every time we have sent in a report, the adjusters always pretend they have never received the billing. Because of this , we have been sending all report packages registered US mail. More recently, we are taking videos of our packages, with a copy of the day's newspaper as reference for date, because the adjusters still continue to pretend they never received anything.

After the adjuster plays stupid, the billing is then sent to them a 2nd time, registered return mail, fax, and email if the adjuster bothers to give us their email address. By the way, adjusters at Sedgwick appear to take so much time off, because we always receive auto-email responses stating their on vacation or out of the office for close to a month or more for some reason or another. This restarts their 45 day clock to pay, or so they say.

After the next 45 days [or more], they pretend you never sent over the W9. This restarts their clock another 45 days according to Sedgwick. By this time, the QME is able to charge penalty and interest, but they'll never pay it - They just keep restarting their clock, which according to the DWC directly, this is not appropriate.

Usually after the third 45 days period, you NOW get paid.

If you still haven't gotten paid Sedgwick is going to pretend you have erroneous information on your W9; the same W9 that you have sent out to other insurance companies without any problems. The QME now has to contact the IRS to get proof of their TIN or SSN. This apparently gives them an infinite amount of time to screw over the doctor, especially if the doctor owns their own company.

If the doctor has not been paid by November each year, then Sedgwick sends out a "B Notice" indicating they're not going to pay you and that whatever they owe you will go into withholding. This prompts the QME to contact the IRS again, and the State to retrieve articles of incorporation, proof of social security, proof of state business, etc.

One thing is clear, Sedgwick is not interested in appropriately paying for anything.

As a side note, I once participated in a WC training for CEU credit. The organization in charge of the training erroneously placed me in the adjusters section of the room unbeknownst to the adjusters, so naturally, they thought I was an adjuster. That was the most interesting day, as the adjusters were sharing new and interesting ways to "screw over" doctors and applicants. They very much validated everything I wrote above. If you ever get a chance to be around an adjuster group, stand by and just listen to them.
Ajaxtalk Send email
Nov 24, 2017

My life time Disability Claim

Verizion was self insured now Sedgwick took the claims they just don't answer or pay prescriptions I ve been living on for 15 years , For get the mileage claims they do see any thing don't hear anything.

One big lighting bolt should hit this place and their corrupt employees, If they cand follow the state mandate then let the lord strike them all down Amen, Barry Tramantano Come get me Sedwick.
NicGen Send email
Nov 21, 2017

Constant nurse review / lack of job knowledge with Sedgwick!

I have had an ongoing short term disability claim with Sedgwick since August. I had a herniated disc at L5 S1 which was just surgically repaired Friday.
It has been a constant battle with Sedgwick , from them not “receiving “ medical docs to clearly NOT READING THEM. As recently as today my case worker told me that I was being sent to another RN review because pain is subjective, and no where in my Drs office notes did it state that I was having surgery.
So, call out to the Dr, question 12 on the paperwork started very clearly that I was to have surgery on Nov 17th and the type of surgery was listed. Do these case managers even read what they are sent?!? I have had to fight for every paycheck (which is 3 ) since I have been out of work, and they are now again holding onto 5 weeks of pay that I am entitled to. I should not have to be worrying about all of this while trying to recover from a major surgery on my back. This company is horrendous to deal with and will look for any excuse to delay paying you what is owed. I cannot believe the amount of time I have had to invest in trying to get paid while I am at the same time trying to get better, it’s absolutely unacceptable.
Wampler50 Send email
Nov 15, 2017

Denied instrumented leave

I have been trying to get my leave approved since April. First of all they sent it to wrong Dr with wrong claim number. I called over and over never got it straight. Then I printed the papers wrote the number on it, Dr called said she faxed it . Of course they said they never received them. So then I watched the Dr fax them. Again they said they never received them. Well finally a couple of weeks ago they received them the man said everything look good. Well obviously it wasn't cause now they said a couple of paragraph weren't filled out. They said to have the Dr call. I just got off the phone after being told I haven't worked enough hours to get intermented leave. I had found out in April I have neroupathy from an accident which they denied to, I have my good days and my bad days can't pick either one. This is so wrong. I told the lady what do I have to do lose a leg to get it.
Cherreccee Send email
Nov 15, 2017

Denied short term disability

I had uterine fibroid embolization for fibroids in October 2016 denied short term disability because I was told I didn't choose it correctly for that year. Moving on to September 2017 I had to have the same procedure done again this time for adenomyosis. I applied for my short term disability again this time I'm told that even though I chose properly this time it's a pre-existing condition. So I file an appeal after which I'm told they have till the 30th of November for them to make a decision. So I reapply for it again in October because now I have to have a hysterectomy . The claims administrator says my phone is busy every time they call. But my Obgyn called personally to speak with them. My hysterectomy was on the 12th of October. When my Dr office called on or about the 20th they told them I didn't qualify for it. Mind you now they haven't told me anything. So today 11-14-17. I received an email saying I was denied. Worse company ever.
Genesee Don Send email
Nov 9, 2017

Sedgwick took me to Hearing and lawyer and didn't know why!

So stupid it's funny!
I had registered several complaints with the WCB against SEDGWICK including Fraud and giving our incorrect info. for IME's they sent me to.
Hearing was for 3 specific items, 1st two were for them and last one for me.
Their lawyer starts with I don't know why were here!?
I said the first two things are you, the third is me and then I have a list of stuff!
Biggest item was a check that never came back in 08-2016 and was replaced was late and I get a LATE FEE!
With proof I got from Sedgwick I WON!
I get the 20% late fee PLUS they have to pay $50.00 to the court! HA HA HA!
They should've paid me right away!
Done for now!
Ggfdh Send email
Nov 8, 2017


I see so many complaints stating “I was told I had three days to turn in medical” people don’t read their approval letters. Had you read your approval letter, it clearly gives you the next steps. More often than not, claims are denied by employees not reading their paperwork. It’s also not Sedgwicks responsibility to tell you to file to state disability. It’s your claim and your responsibility to follow up with the doctors to make sure medical is turned in timely. Don’t rely on your examiner to do your job. A md not staying employee can be off work for 30 days is subjective medical rather than objective. Read your paperwork and follow the instructions. I guarantee your experience with Sedgwick will be much more pleasant.
jediramsfan Send email
Oct 17, 2017

sedgwick period

Sedgwick is the most UN-PROFESSIONAL insurance company I've EVER dealt with. They send your paperwork purposely late do deny your claim and then when you do send it back with enough time, they say "they haven't received the fax" even though your DR's office has sent it multiple times. So then after YOU spend countless time being the middle-person when it's a Sedgwick / Dr's office ISSUE, Sedgwick says to send it to a different fax number... oh and BTW I was told that SEDGWICK EMPLOYEES DO NOT MAKE OUTBOUND phone CALLS! SMH, UN BELIEVABLE! 100% Un-Professional !
jediramsfan Send email
Oct 17, 2017

never receiving faxes

Sedgwick is the most UN-PROFESSIONAL insurance company I've EVER dealt with. They send your paperwork purposely late do deny your claim and then when you do send it back with enough time, they say "they haven't received the fax" even though your DR's office has sent it multiple times. So then after YOU spend countless time being the middle-person when it's a Sedgwick / Dr's office ISSUE, Sedgwick says to send it to a different fax number... oh and BTW I was told that SEDGWICK EMPLOYEES DO NOT MAKE OUTBOUND phone CALLS! SMH, UN BELIEVABLE! 100% Un-Professional !
Thompson123 Send email
Oct 11, 2017

Denied my claim

Got hit and run over by a car...sedgwick refused to approve my short term disability. Had broken femur hip ankle nose and spinal injuries....they said my doctors notes from 3 different doctors were not sufficient enough to be out of work. These people are wicked

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    Recently Updated Complaints

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