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Consumer complaints and reviews about Sedgwick CMS

Mathew13 Send email
Jan 3, 2017


Just want to say that my insurance Atna would not dimiss my disability knowing that i sick. Thats the reason why we have insurance incase of of your sick insurancw oays as we oay as well. Im glad i have Atna cause they would never do what they do to their employees.
Madhanson Send email
Dec 28, 2016

No pay the week BEFORE Christmas

I've been on std for about a month. My account manager Michael Tierney never responded to my calls or emails days approaching Christmas..... He called me 2 days after Christmas informing me he was off for the holidays..... While I'm here with 3 daughters and sedgwick managed to screw up my pay the week before Christmas....... So no pay and no explanation other than letting me know that he was off for the holidays. I think is a terrible shame that I have no other choice other than to deal with this incompetent company.... I work for Pepsi... And this is what I have to deal with. Thanks sedgewick......
Tgrab5501 Send email
Nov 19, 2016

Denied STD for treatment

I have worked for my company for going on ten years now. The company just switched to Sedgwick for FMLA and Short-Term Disability Claims. I recently received two assesments from a couple of different residential treatment facilities and was reccomended by both to serve a inpatient treatment program of 30 days, one of the facilities was Hazelden, an obviously well known treatment facility. After doing so i let my work know of my leave and then called Sedgwick and told them i needed to go out on FMLA and Short-Term Disability and they began my leave. A few days into my treatment i checked the status of my claim, and my FMLA was pending and they denied my Short-Term Disability claim. The one time i need to use the resources in my ten years of work for my company i get denied, this is bull. I filed an appeal for my STD benefits, a week has now went by and my claim online says that it is still denied. I have been trying to get a hold of my case manager, but she is out of office for a week. I try to call her supervisor and leave a message and get no call back for 2 days now. So then i go on to call the corporate office and they keep giving me numbers of other people in that same office area. Nobody answers my phone calls and i have an upward of 10 different peoples numbers i have been told to call. So i call corporate back and they tell me they can do nothing else for me. I tell them that this is not right i need to find out what is going on with my claim and 2 different people and a supervisor at corporate proceed to hang up on me multiple times. I am very stressed about what is going on and if all of this does not come together soon i am going to get a lawyer and sue these people. This Sedgwick company needs to be looked at by the attourny general or something, as i read on all these sites i am not the only one being screwed over by them it is very sad to see that this company is still in working.
Cs3 Send email
Nov 18, 2016

Bad customer service

Now on ,3rd adjuster. Seen dr got therapy after 3 week delay. When therapist requested more therapy had to wait 2 more weeks. Had 2 interviews 1 with ,2nd adjuster & nurse case mgr/ medical director. Finished 2 round therapy still in pain a lot of pain . Had to go 30 miles to see occupational Md PA who's practice only sees work comp patients.
Waiting on his report . He asked me what I thought was wrong, why it he can move arm. More than I can after multiple times telling him cause of pain I don't. Like why would I intentionally cause poss more damage or pain to self.
Still don't have claim number from them so can't check online.
All I want is to get rid of pain have somewhat normal life back after 4 months
mecreditcard Send email
Oct 25, 2016

Denial, claim and my 19 years career terminated

I broke my back, AT WORK! Its been three and a half years of living hell, unbelievable pain, surgeries, hospital stays, physical therapy, spinal replacement, no income and denied disability pay, then...termination of employment after 19 years...Sedgwick has ruin whats left of my life, taken everything from me that I have worked a lifetime to earn. This company needs to be brought to justice and so many of us vindicated for there mistreatment.
Lilybyrd Send email
Oct 21, 2016

Unhumanly treatment

Sedgwick is a joke. The few months, i've been dealing with this adjuster who unreal and laugh at everything. Her day will come. God is real. I pray she meet her real like eperience soon as she laugh at clients tragedy. She have denied me for no reason. She said i missed a call. Then she said she never reveived my medical form. It's been month. I'm going to sue the vendor who failed to respond and act on a claim. People are low life. We had many tragedies in America to have so many corrupt, greedy, takers. I ask them for my missed one work day. Still today she haven't reveived anything. She never enclosed her investigation on her part. Never mention nothing. Everybody day will come. It falls on your children so watch how yall robbing people Connie Carter, Matthew and his Supervisor. They ignore the signs u're just wasting energy. I pray daily for God to deal with all 3. The whole building. It's sickening the crimes they commiting. I have no choice but to sue. I ask to work with someone else due to the difficulty of working with this adjuster. Hell is hot. Laugh now yall u will cry later. Do your job. They will harrass you instead of meeting you in the middle. I've sent enough. Now they want me to sign a HIV test, a mental test, a drug test and etc. This is outrageous. The CEO in this corporation rich now and jipping people off now but wait til judgement day. You guys have insulted me day 1. This is a joke and no investigation will ever be done but to harrass you on duplicate papers u constantly send in. A disgrace. Hell hot
pgorczycki Send email
Oct 11, 2016

I was hit by a rent a center driver totalled OUT my car it's over two months and im still waiting for my car to be replaced!!

Tramyne Send email
Oct 3, 2016

Sedgwick claim has taken the money from my personal injury claim and my disability from the United States Navy

I am a disabled veteran, in 2013 I was active duty in the United States Navy. I was hit by a 18 wheel truck on my way to work at Norfolk Naval Base on May 9 2013. Dues to the injuries from the accident I was medically discharged from the Navy on March 17th 2015. On April 19th 2016 I and my attorney's at Rutter Mills law firm had a settlement agreement with Maersk Trucking company, the response party/ owner of the truck. There was a multi-million dollars settlement on that date. After, Sedgwick claims with my attorney's took the settlement check and deposited it in an Wells Fargo account and cut me a check for a significantly smaller amount which I did not agree to. They also claimed to had paid bills that had already been paid by Tri-care. Now this company has people following me around, breaking into my house and car, hacking my phone, stealing and altering my personal documents. Doing any and everything to steal my money and not get found out. The United States Justice department needs to know what has been happening, because I'm not the only person they have done this to. Also there are discrepancies concerning the driver of the truck that hit me. The guy that hit me is not the person who should have been driving the truck!
agevorgian Send email
Sep 16, 2016

crash hp pc 2000 laptop

I had problem with my email it was not opening.I contacted 866... # of At&t,and ended asia. The lady who answer my call refused to tell me what country she is . She stated I will fix the email problem .she was on the phone for half hour and got control over my lap top.She was not sure what she was doing. After 45 min. My laptop screen turn blue,I asked her what is going on she said i push wrong key. I canot fix it.she said I will make appt. With your At&Y TECH. ANY WAY tech arrived spent one hour,and finf out my hard drive was crashed by overseas uneducated person. I called At&t after seven times transfer called, they sent report to SEDGWICk co. The claim department supposetly did investigation? I denied my claim. Interesting . Sedwick rep. Stated " I contacted overseas and spoke with the lady who try to fix your email. He didn't kow what country it was, or the person id #. What a liar, I am sure he never contact anybody.I know this company very well they deny all claims. At&t washed there hand and pass the problem. Very sad that rich people get richer by ripping middle class . This is abuse, and we can not tollerate this action.
mtspencer Send email
Jul 21, 2016

Hard to Reach Case Manager - Second Opinion

Hello, My name is Monae Spencer. I work at Amazon in Whitestown, Indiana. I fractured my arm on 9/15/2016. I have been to physical therapy and work conditioning. My doctor now wants to do surgery but I would like a second opinion. When I completed physical therapy the doctor said I had reach maximum improvement and my worker's comp case was closed. A few days later, I called back the doctor due to nerve pain. The doctor had test done and it said I had carpal tunnel. He then ordered working conditioning therapy on June 22nd. It was during that visit the doctor told me, my mom and the worker's comp nurse that if work conditioning did not work then, he would sign off and say what my maximum improvement level was. Well today the doctor said I needed surgery. I am concerned because this is not the first or second time that I can not reach my Worker's Comp Adjuster and no else at Sedwick is able to answer my questions. That is not fair to myself or other clients that you may have. Your customer service is terrible. I still can not lift my left arm above my shoulders and I can not reach my computer to type. Right now, I'm typing with one hand. I barley can lift 5 pounds. During my working conditioning, the therapist kept having to lower the weight amount and adjust my routine because of the pain. I have pain in my elbow and all the way down to my fingers. Then I also have pain in the elbow and shoulder when I try to lift or move my left arm. It even hurts when I walk long distances due to how my arm sways. It also hurts when I drive due to the car vibrations. Driving from home to work puts me at a pain level of 5. I am concerned that no one is taking my pain level and limitations serious and I can never reach my case manager. Also my employer never set up my work station ergonomically as my doctor ordered. So, that leaves me in constant pain trying to work. Lastly, given the fact that my doctor said work conditioning would be the end and that he would determine my MMI I would like a second opinion to know for sure. Cause it sounds like with surgery I will have to start all over again with therapy. Also the doctor ordered that I return to full time work on 6/28 however, I did not get that information. He said he sent it to my case management nurse but no one informed me so I continued to work 5 hours a day per my doctor's statement on June 22nd, which was the last time I saw the doctor until today. I did speak with Leah Cruther who was very helpful and would look into getting me paid. So, here again is another concern, I'm not receiving communication on information the doctor is sending to Sedwick or my nurse. And this also adds to me wanting to get a second opinion and I feel I should not have to pay for it given the fact that it seems like I am the only one concerned about my recovery. No one cares that I can't lift or hold more than 5 pounds in my left arm. No one cares that I can lift my arm up to do everything I need to do at work. No one cares that I have chronic pain and that walking, driving, sleeping, moving and lifting my arm causes pain. And this is just work. No one cares that I can't wash my own hair, put my groceries or dishes in cabinets cause I can't reach them due to pain.
SedgwickVictim Send email
Jul 3, 2016

Sedgwick CMS

I was injured in an automobile accident, I was rear-ended by a woman on a cell phone. For over 9 months I did my own treatments and unpaid time off for MD visits, but I kept getting worse. Finally, Mid December 2015, he takes me off work for 4 months thinking that I needed to stay home to heal. MRI shows Lumbar, bi-lateral sciatica, Sacral, and cervical bulging discs etc....lots of pain. Currently on Dilaudid, Baclofen, Diazipam, and a few others. The neurologist I went to see put me out till August 2016. I was doing better after a specialized Physical Therapist did some Deep Tissue Miofacial Release, but my MD wanted me to get a lumbar epidural to relieve the rest of my pain. I was denied my Short Term Disability Early June 2016 due to a peer-to-peer review. I immediately filed an appeal and requested my file in writing.I was in "limbo" for several weeks. Not entirely denied but receiving no pay. Due to the meds and pain it took me a while to find the law in California that states only Doctors licensed in California can diagnose a patient in California. A technicality they didn't know, or hoped I wouldn't know. They have kicked me back to case management and I received my back pay. However, I'm only approved thru mid July. I have permission to go back to the Physical Therapist that got me feeling the best I've felt since this all started. The epidural had made me worse then I was before. I'm praying the Physical Therapist makes it possible for me to go back to work. I really can't fight these people anymore. They've caused me so much anxiety and heartache. I can't get better, the stress is making healing impossible. The first few months they required medical documentation every 2 weeks, then every 30 days....they like to make deadlines on Sunday that are nearly impossible to meet. My MD told me at the beginning of June I should start wrapping my head around the idea that I may be permanently disabled. The kicker is pain is "subjective".....they want "objective" medical proof of my disability. Chronic pain, Migraines, back issues that range from c1 all the way to my Sacrum, unable to bend, sit for long periods, walk for long distances or even sleeping at night are nearly impossible. All of the meds have caused my cognitive reasoning to abandon ship...I read their notes, so demeaning. Somebody needs to put a stop to this practice....you can't get better this way.
sensei Send email
Mar 17, 2016

Violation of HIPPA/

I have on request to Sedgewick for my medical records over the coarse of 25-1/2 yrs , long before they took case management from W.V. I received 4,0000 pgs then sent a computer disc, with those records.
The records also include records/w/names, address, SSN's and diagnosis of other clients.
I reached out to their chief of security to resolve the violation in HIPPA law and thought we had gotten all those confidential files returned and assured it would not happen again.
Then I received a new Disc.
I had it transcribed to paper at my cost and then filed by a private party who does this type of service, at my cost.
Since that party is very finial with the medical field I was questioned as to why I would have records and Information of a personal and legal manner in my possession. I got the feeling I was under suspicion of illegal acts.
Mt E--mails on my case are being returned to me as undeliverable. My E-mails are blocked and Phone calls to my case manager ignored.
Advise please.
P.s. Because of this manner and treatment my lifetime award for payment/services are either ignored or denied though doctors have given proper requests.
Nina1045 Send email
Mar 1, 2016


I had a Sears repair done on my washing machine, the repair person did over 3000.00 in damages to my property, I filed a claim , and was denied before I sent my pictures in to them. I called many times to a Adam, which is suppose to be a supervisor,, very rude and hinged up on me many times. This is in the Lexington ky office.
Ashast Send email
Feb 25, 2016

Sedgwick Insured Trnt A Center hit my parked car

I was at work and a Rent A Center delivery driver backed into my 2013 Mazda. The driver left a note stating a claim had been filed along with a claim number. This was January 29th 2016. Since that time, I have been calling repeatedly. A few times I talked to someone but many times, I have been hung up on.. call transferred.. talked to rudely! After weeks of the claim adjuster avoiding me, I received an email wanting me to sign a document to release all liability yet my car is not fixed because there has been no check issued or no car rental paid for. What ever state you are in, you can contact Department of Insurance to file a complaint, I just did. There's class action lawsuits where everyone het to tell their story to someone who can do something about it. I, personal, am seeking satisfaction through small claims court for my property damage that's almost $2500 .Make sure to record all calls and get everything in writing!
Sedgwick hater Send email
Feb 16, 2016

Stopped paying obvious claim

My wife was an employee of sacred heart hospital when she became ill. She got leukemia , kidney failure requiring dyalisis, became paralyzed on one side after three strokes, and recently had her leg amputated. She was a nurse and spent her life caring for others. She also paid extra on her check every week to maintain 70% of her full pay in case of catastrophe. I jumped through a hundred hoops to get her disability approved short term. Then more hoops to begin long term. She is classified permanently disabled by social security for obvious reasons. After a while Sedgwick decided to just stop paying because they felt like it and denied all appeals. This has created an extreme hardship for us. Now my wife struggles to get through the day while I work two jobs to barely survive every month. This company is paid to deny benefits they are supposed to be providing. Corporate greed at its absolute lowest. They pay less to Sedgwick so that they may deny people's rightfully paid for benefits and they can save a few buck and buy their fifteenth houses for themselves. They set up these Sedgwick offices in urban areas where people are desperate to make a living and incentivize the morons to deny anything they can without regard to the cases. They pay cut off doctors which they require you to see without a lawyer or recording the visit. My life is wrecked because of Sedgwick. The people who work for them will certainly have to answer for their actions when they reach hell one day. I am in this spot and I am friends with a former ceo of blue cross blue shield. When they first approved her he was waiting to step in for me. Lucky for them they approved me at the time. I haven't talked to him yet to tell him what they have done since. My only fear is that this company will continue to exist. They prey on the sick, the elderly, and those in the worst need that are just looking for benifits THEY PAID FOR. The only recourse with this company is to take them to court, which is very very costly since they will fight you to any degree they can to deny you a single penny. This company is the manifestation of pure greed at any expense. If there is one group of people I would love to see removed from the planet and burn in hell it would be Sedgwick and anyone that works for them. I am only getting started on them and I will be actively campaigning against them the rest of my life. We need everybody we can to write to your congressman and women and work to destroy this disgusting group of thieves. If the petitioning of anyone we can doesn't work, then other methods may be required to scrape this cancerous wart called Sedgwick off the planet. they are pure evil and giving the rest of my days till I die to get rid of them would be a worthwhile use of my life. God bless all of their victims and I hope you all find a way to eat and have a roof over your heads somehow. If you continue digging on this company it is absolutely appalling what they get away with on a daily basis. If the people who's lives they destroy would work together to bring justice lawfully or otherwise to them, perhaps a difference can be made. Somebody from Sedgwick needs to be made an example of in a very public way that cannot be ignored and that will demand national attention. That is the only way to resolve this issue. There is nothing else that will work. Don't waste your time like I have unless you have a loooooot of money to throw away fighting them. They count on us being broke , broken, and helpless to do what they do every day. The people who work there need to be afraid for the sun to touch their skin outside for this to stop. This issue may affect some of us more than others, so if you think I an too intense, you are not in the position that many of us have been placed by these scumbags. It does not get any lower than these guys and I could go to my grave a happy man knowing that they are out of business. I am not even close to the only person feeling this way and hopefully a change will be made in the coming years.
wgray Send email
Feb 11, 2016

Sedgwick interprets Docs notes in error

I was out of work due to a severe neck strain. No head movement without intense pain, could not drive well, and sleep was near impossible. Taken to Doctors, where I was diagnosed. Doctor put me on pain medicine, muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory med. He also ordered me out of work until the follow up two weeks later. He also assigned me five weeks of physical theraphy, twice a week. Sedgwick claims office said that they denied my claim because they had not received any paper work, insisting after several attempts to request their assistance in this matter. I found out that their policy was to give physicians offices only five working days to comply to their demands. Doctors today are too busy to be doing paperwork, they did not go through all that schooling to work for the insurance companys. The physicians offices now charge their patients for all paperwork. If the patient is amblitory, they can go to the office, pay the fee, and get the paperwork the insurance company wanted, get a copy for yourself, another fee, and then fax it, another fee, then fight with them to reopen your case. When did I agree to work for the insurance company, my job is to stay home and rest, the more rest I get, the faster I go back to work. Isn't that what we all want? At the end of two weeks I had another exam, the doctor said no work for another two weeks, but put a date to follow up in a week and a half. Again all the paper work shuffel, with more expence, mine. When Sedgwick received the paper work, they called to deny my claim because the doctor initially stated, out of work, for two more weeks, but in error wrote a date for a week and a half, when I revisited Him to verify which he ment, he changed it to reflect the original two weeks and I was able to get all the proper paper to return to work. However Sedgwick still interpreted the patient note to reflect that it was a request by me to get a few more days out of the injury. Since when do we tell doctors their jobs! So now I have no pay, and no more claims. I pay union dues which helps pay dividends to Segdwick, and the company I work for says that if you are sick or are injured, we all have a benefit, and will collect a pay while we are out sick. Well don't try to collect it, because you will be in for the hassle of your life. Turns out that Segdwick is partially owned by my Company, so collecting from Segdwick would be not only be making it a little easier to get completely well, as long as that takes, but the Company and Segdwick loses moeny, which of course big business is not in the habit of doing that. Segdwick is doing a fine job saving money by denying claims to the hurting, who are actually paying the Insurance Company premiums. All this to do for a month out of work, I'll never do that again, I go to work temporarily in a wheelchair and do nothing, as long as they get paid for me being there and I as well. And that's exactly what they want, so this is why the hassel, after 40 years, thanks for the memories. Just remember judgement day is coming, we will see who was in the wrong! Sleep well.
Hurt back Send email
Feb 9, 2016

Compression factures of my t11 and t12

I injured my lower back at work on 4-13-15 .I have 2 compression factures t11 and t12 Sedgwick is dragging their feet .I been to several doctors and had multiple test done.I have a hard time breathing can not take deep breaths and other problems associated with the factures. I am really concerned about long time problems that I may have.I know that I need surgery to correct the problem but Sedgwick won't do anything. I have a lawyer so for now I am getting my short term disability but my concern is the long term damage that I may occur
jgio901 Send email
Jan 18, 2016

Sedgwick insurance co

I was hurt on the job Dec 8 2014 while hooking up a tow bar
To move this last Aircaft of the day out of the Hanger .
During that day the crew and I hooked up and moved 22 different types of Aircrafts some Tow Bars were heavier than others . Anyway I have been a Aircraft Mechanic for 29 years and never had a lumbar or cervical injury at work until that day. I went to the companies CareNow medical center this place was like fast food drive in.

Anyway before I was injured I was taking family leave for the past eight years for my chronic back condition that happen 40 years ago while serving in the United States Marine Corps my back conditions have gotten worse over the years I'm sure my job had something to do with it. I'm sure also that it agitated my pre-existing
Over the years with the bending twisted confine work heavy lifting and all different types of weather conditions from -30 below 116 I am sure anyone would agree there's going to be some wear and tear of 29 years of working in my Type work.

Anyway the careNow people diagnosed me as having severe muscle pulls muscle strains in the lumbar and cervical areas and was in need of MRIs x-rays and physical therapy after I started my physical therapy I couldn't do much of what they asked because I was in so much pain. I kept asking how could you start physical therapy without getting MRIs or other test done how do you know what damage I have . Sedgwick insurance company did not approve these MRIs until three months later after 30 days of physical therapy nothing helped they said I reached maximum medical improvement they sent me to another Sedgwick paid off doctor for a MMI she says I had permanent injuries but was afraid to give me any rating for disability because this would hurt repeat business from Segwick so she gave me zero 0)%

After this since I worked in Texas and filed my Workers comp in Illionis where I started working for my company 29 yrs ago they sent me in June 29 2015 to Loyal Hospital Maywood IL to their Segwick paid insurance doctor Dr Alexander Ghanayem whom makes hundreds of thousands of dollars and misdiagnosis injured workers and sent many back to work for Sedgwick insurance company if still with injuries you can track this Doctor record down you will see that he misdiagnosed hundreds of Workmen's Compensation people lied in court and cheated for Segwick insurance company why this guy has a license to practice medicine is beyond me he wrote a letter to Sedgwick Lawyers and said that my injuries even though their were sprains strains of the lumbar and cervical these new injuries did not stop me from going to work it was my pre-existing conditions from the military that were stopping me from going to work and he sent that information onto the Segwick lawyers who stop my Workmen's Compensation on July 16, 2015 .

This hire Sedgwick Doctor gave me a three-minute examination he also had the nerve to thank me for my military service some 40 years ago what a hypocrite then he completely lied and said I was in some kind a helicopter crash it never existed and blame that on that was why this is not a new injury it's a shame I was good enough to work for my company for 29 years without a incident and with these so called pre-existing conditions for the military .

Also many times their case nurse manager would sit in on my doctor visits without my permission she would go to my doctors . And talk to him before my visit .

She was probably telling him just how bad I want to go back to work these Sedgwick people are liars thieves crooks and very dishonest worst then any insurance company.

I finally hire a lawyer was able to get rid of her that case nutcracker case worker then I went to my own medical doctor and a independent expert who's been practicing medicine since 1963 he says before this new injury yes I had a pre-existing condition from the past military .But this new injury which aggravated my current conditions and cause new damage said today I am permanently total disable having three new herniated disc and bulge disc both lumbar and cervical bulging this a lot of spine injury and may require surgery in the future he says I was at temporary disability the date of the accident December 8, 2014 that will never heal be chronic condition for the rest of my life just goes to show you how Sedgwick insurance company and I've talk to other friends it seems they always blame everything on pre-existing condition that's the way they stop paying your Workmen's Comp. Pay the rehire doctors to confirm that . This is so widespread why isn't there an investigation there's so many thousands if not millions people that buy but affected by this insurance company why doesn't anyone at also on these corrupt the doctors and lawyers ? I even wrote the president to have a investigation
ElohimMyTrust Send email
Dec 30, 2015


I'm in excruciating pain awaiting significant and needed spinal surgery, after having recovered from a close encounter nearing death caused by an unknown infection labeled as colitis, weeks and weeks of antibiotics, on-going abdominal pains, then chronic diverticular disease, I reached the point where I became hopeless, one health problem after the other. During all the illness I took a fall, which must have been the breaking point for my spinal stenosis, and 3 bulged disc. Through this I found myself in major depression, the day when I received a call from the Sedgwick claims person my life fell apart. The only thing that has keep me going is my strong faith in Jesus. I've have no income starting September, I've gotten through Christmas, and this year my love for God's greatest gift for all has grown. I'm not going to anger or have resentment in my heart over Sedgwick, but pray the Lord would help all those who have suffered from their acts, and He show mercy and forgiveness for there sins. Instead of all the complaints and anger, everyone that reads this please pray in the name of Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit will comfort us and God will provide to the righteous and cast down the evil doers. My heart pains I could not see my son this Christmas and provide for him, yet I rejoice in the Lord. All please pray about this matter.
PJINMESA1 Send email
Nov 30, 2015


pkubath Send email
Nov 10, 2015

Delay in 1st appealed claim with Sedgwick

I have been dealing with Sedgwick, regarding short term disability. During this time I was mentally unable to function, due to extreme anxiety every day, major depression, and something that did not come to mind at that time, was my inability to process information and not being able to remember things, or communicate in an effective manner. I am rather new, a little over 2 yrs in San Diego County, I haven't adjusted completely, financially, mentally, or emotionally. The event of ADHD has greatly been uncontrolled since working at Time Warner Cable, almost 1 year, this job has lead me to be on a 2nd medication in addition to the antidepressant I have been on for more than a year, and now I need more therapy. I struggle with ADHD, part of the symptoms are anxiety and panic disorder and major depression, irritability, inattentiveness, and impulses that can't always be controlled, especially under stress; also bringing on bipolar reactions.
These symptoms are not Time Warner's best interest to have me interacting with customers if I can't consistently perform in a professional manner; furthermore to be a effective team member and to comply with the stringent metrics required to excel at the job of a Customer Service Agent in a high volume call center, also to be to work on time.
In addition, I travel 70 freeway miles to and from work each day, which is an added anxiety and depression to get to work, and more wear and tear on my car which is costing me more to repair, which gives me panic that the car will break down. Furthermore, even if accommodations are made, which is probably to work part-time which; it would not pay off for the distance to travel.
I have already been denied once by Sedgwick, in the mean time, the State of CA SDI has been paying out benefits. After reading the complaints against Sedgwick for Bad Faith Practices. I have jumped through the all the hoops and had my provider jump through the hoops. My appealed claim with Sedgwick is pending after being off work for only 34 days, they tell me that a determination would be on Dec 18.
Letmokbegreat Send email
Oct 29, 2015

Sedgwick Injury Claim Denied

I was shopping in Frys Food Store on 67th ave Indian School Rd and I slipped on something wet in the aisle and sprained the muscles in my right leg from top to bottom. I had to be on crutches and wear a leg brace for a month. When it happened I reported it to the manager and she said she was sorry and that she would have somebody clean it up. Katherine Brady at Sedgwick gave me the run around for 3 weeks then called me yesterday 10 28 2015 to say my claim was DENIED because the manager didnt report it and an employee just had cleaned the area 10 minutes prior to me being in that spot. She also admitted to seeing me slip and apologized and said there was nothing she could do then got nasty with me for asking questions. I wonder if I could appeal this decision??

Imagemakercm Send email
Oct 26, 2015


I have read the above and all of the cases are exactly like mine. I have a chronic illness, stage 4 kidney disease(state 5 is dialysis) and Sedgwick says I can work in a Walmart warehouse. They even paid a doctor to call my doctors to go against what each other said. They have followed my case for 24 years and he's never met me. Pitiful that Walmart didn't represent me as a long term associate of 20 years! Sedgwick should be investigated for fraud. I paid my benefits and only got one check. They started lying and stressed me and cheated me out of my job in my daughters senior year of high school! I DO NOT have respect for them and definitely not for my sad greedy company that let me down!
lilwof Send email
Sep 21, 2015


On August 5, 2015, I arrived at NTB aka Tire Kingdom to check the air pressure in my tires. While sitting waiting for an attendant to service my needs a hearing impaired employee of NTB smashed into the passenger side of my vehicl with another customers car. After 3 weeks of having air blown into my ears from the store manager and assistant manager, my patience was finally exhausted and I called the Corporate Office. I received a phone call from Sedgwick by the end of the day......hooray!!!!!. I will fast forward to 9/8 which is the date I spoke to Joey Florestal, a claims examiner for Sedgwick. On this day he stated the check was in the mail. Perfect was my response. With this news I decided to make an appointment to get my car repaired. My vehicle has been in the shop since 9/16 and issue number 1 is I don't have a check to pay for the repair. Issue number 2 is Enterprise Car Rental is threatening to charge my credit card because Joey Florestal nor his supervisor will respond to my numerous email or telephone messages.What a way to run a business. I am overwhelmed with disgust regarding the lack of professionalism, and attention to this matter. As I am writing this complaint Enterprise Car Rental and Wilburn Auto Body are calling me to find out if I have received a response from Sedgwick....wow. So I have to be harassed because of NTB's lack of concern or due diligence.
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Aug 16, 2015

Sedgwick CMS

I have been through hell and back with Sedgwick and unfortunately I live in a state that in 2004, Governor "I'll Be back".......yes, the Terminator, sold out to the insurers and passed a law granting them amnesty against bad faith actions.....ergo, Cailfornia is a damn nightmare........my injury started in 2009 with my first rotator cuff surgery to my left arm and when it was time to do my right shoulder rotator cuff a year later, Sedgwick said no........my lawyer fought and I had right shoulder rotator cuff surgery in 2011.

That surgery failed within 6 weeks during therapy when I felt a pop and a great deal of pain that would not go away.....big head tendon ripped off the medical bolts used to re-attach it during surgery.....Sedgwick says no. We wind up going to court and I have a 2nd rotator cuff surgery in 2013 and ir also doesn't turn out so good.......during therapy in the 10th or 11th week, my shoulder gives out,,,,,,,.MRI shows more tears and a torn labrum.......Surgery requested and turned down again.

We go to court and the insurers prevail by using some paid IME to agree with them but I found another surgeon that diagnoses my shoulder differently than what was previously requested. Sedgwick of course says no again but my new surgeon contacts the denying doctor and points out some hard facts that the other physician couldn't refute. Since my surgery was asking for something different than rotator cuff repair, it was approved and while I had my 3rd surgery, my new surgeon repaired my torn rotator cuff anyway since he was already inside my shoulder for other reasons, i.e., loose steel sutures from prior surgeries that didn't hold up.

Sedgwick is immune in California from any bad faith accusations because of SB899. There's hope ahead.......Romano v. Kroger/Sedgwick CMS is in the the California Courts right now.......that could be the start of something good.......I hope so.

Matthew Brennan
559-977-6944 (PST)

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