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Bluesea Send email
Aug 14, 2019

ICA eAppointment system

What is the point of scheduling an eAppointment to process our application at certain time at ICA while you reach there on time, ended up that you have to sit there and wait for 3 hours until your number is called ?

ICA should adhere to the agreed appointment time scheduled.

iCA requests the applicant to arrive on time but not servicing them on time ?

I noticed a lot of applicant running out of patience and become unhappy.

Would appreciate it if this feedback can be taken seriously to improve the level of service.
zoom09 Send email
Mar 4, 2019

ICA officers is being racist at the start

I came into Singapore via Changi airport and everything was perfectly fine since I showed all valid documents for my visiting in Singapore. Since I am planning to be around for 2 weeks so I decided to have a short trip to Malacca with a friend. Everything was ok until I was back in Singapore. The ICA officer asked me a valid question about my returning ticket which was perfectly reasonable if she didn't confuse my nationality which was Filipino while holding my passport in her hand. Was it because of my appearance? Then when I can show her my flight ticket, she still asked me to join in the office.
Inside, most of the officers were lounging and talking happily with each other instead of working in my case while the bus might take off without me due to long waiting time. This case here isn't about the routine checking that needs to be able to observe detainers under duress. We need to move on quick else I have no idea how to get back to the center from Tuas Checking point.
When I asked what had happened, they gave me a simple and generic answer which was routine checking.
This might be subjective feedback from me after such experience in Singapore after many time accessing to this country via airway and now something happened just because I wanna go somewhere else during my time. Everything could be acceptable if the officer didn't mix up my nationality to a common one that happens to be in a bad list of this country.
Manouma Send email
Nov 5, 2018

humiliation interrogation by ica

I working as credit control officer at middle road outsourcing for banks .often take taxi to work every morning unfortunately today 5/11/2018 @8.10 plus after counter has stop by duty officer ica at checking area due to one of fellow passenger guy with us .they are suspects him bring for investigation .we are share taxi took cab from larkin terminal which cant denied passenger has been arranging by counter take cares.which not did any wrong has treatment hell untill took of clothes bare body checked since from 8plus to 12 plus just has release after the accused send over returned to Malaysia and has his papasportmalaysny wrong would caught the guy but they send back and keep 3of us with driver more than one hours for their cruel procedure .really they humiliating Malaysian even working in professional workers.I will not hesitate to report about to high level and to Malaysia high commission .
Aris Lai Send email
Oct 30, 2018

Tuas Singapore custom

Early morning custom jam!
Lorry drive to car lane!
Car can't go thur!
The officer can't control?
People need to work!
Late work who pay? Send email
Oct 25, 2018

ICA officer attitude and motorbike clearance is slow

In woodlands checkpoint, for motorbike clearance some ICA officer purposely close gate especially thumb print lane, rider no allow to use no matter ride in Singapore or ride out to Malaysia. Some officer force to used lorry lane while ride in Singapore, problem is hundreds motorbike used lorry lane but only two counter on duty for Right and Left side counter. This happen every day and worse near 7am Same problem, during knock off ride to Malaysia, only allow motorbike use 2 lane everyday. Even vehicle no much still same.

Some officer purposely causing jam, even though there is thumb print queue, is become useless due to officer attitude and they scold and behave like gangster and treat others like bunch of animal.

Please investigate and consider how poor motorbike rider queue under super hot weather and worst air fresh compare driver sit inside vehicle enjoying air-con.
go4gameon Send email
Sep 30, 2018

Singapore queue is slower than normal queue

This is really unacceptable. I was coming back from Johor and there were huge crowds everywhere. So lucky for us we have only two pathetic lane for singapore/PR. If I was to compare when I was Malaysia custom I manage to clear it in less than 15 mins and the queue was much longer than the one I had in Singapore.
Really this has to be revised on how to make it better for Singapore citizen especially during heavy crowds. I remember last year with similar situation the Singapore lane were much more. Why now we have two lanes?

Sorry to say Malaysia custom this time did a good job.
Ramender Send email
Jul 24, 2018

ICA officer attitude and lorry clearance is slow

That woodlands checkpoint, for motorbike clearance the ICA officer perposely close gate and dont allow people to enter and force all go to lorry lane, this happen every day and worse near 7am

At lorry clearance, the counter only open 3 counter each site, but queue row is around 20 to 30, which take 2hrs to clear, and there was once ... i had to wait 5hrs

The officer purposely causing jam, even though there is thumb print queue, is become useless due to officer atitude and they scold and behave like gangster and treat others like bunch of animal.

For example today, other lane was empty but the officer block it and force me to lorry lane, it already been 1hrs, im not even at half of queue.
Ramender Send email
Jul 24, 2018

ICA officer attitude

That woodlands checkpoint, for motorbike clearance the ICA officer perposely close gate and dont allow people to enter and force all go to lorry lane, this happen every day and worse near 7am

At lorry clearance, the counter only open 3 counter each site, but queue row is around 20 to 30, which take 2hrs to clear, and there was once ... i had to wait 5hrs

The officer purposely causing jam, even though there is thumb print queue, is become useless due to officer atitude and they scold and behave like gangster and treat others like bunch of animal.

For example today, other lane was empty but the officer block it and force me to lorry lane, it already been 1hrs, im not even at half of queue.
shyen mica adamsons Send email
Jul 6, 2018

illegal prostitution

Dear Sir/Ma,am,

I would like to gave you a tip about the illegal prostitution in your country, they are a lots of Ladyboys o Transgender filipino entering your country. The itinerary of Ladyboys o Transgender filipino are dummy, actually they enter you country to make money at the Famous Bars, they looking a subject o a person to pay they flesh o sex. They stay at the 4 stars hotel, after stay 2 to 3 weeks in your country they transfer or exit to the anothher country like malaysia, hongkong, thailand etc. They earn 3,000 to 5,000sg dollar pesos in one night. I want you to know that 80% of Ladyboys o transgender from philippines entering to your country or other country are the illegal prostitution. Check the cellphones of all ladyboys o transgender from philippines they using WATSAPP for there communication for the customer who wants to pay sex for plessure. Please aware your immigration that this is a illegal prostitutes entering your country, they use a dummy documents and other are fake documents, and be aware of HIV o AIDS.
SH Ng Send email
Jun 18, 2018

Rude Immigration Malay Lady Officer

17/6/18 930am around.
Im malaysian and holding singapore work permit . Working in singapore around 2 years. This morning i quequ in manual counter motor line to waiting scan passport with my husband. After 1 hour and 15 minutes we just finish scan passport smoothly.
Then reach the part before go in singapore is check bag. This moment have a malay lady officer (fat and curl hair) ask"passport clear"?Suddenly we hang.. because cant understanding her means. And then she very impatient and say about SO SIMPLE ENGLISH ALSO CANNOT UNDERSTAND!She say 3 times!And then use her impatient and angry face stare at us untill we go away. What her means?
Why have this kind officer?Is it we do anything wrong?Never experience this rude treat in custom before!
Is it her education problem?Really Cant accept this rule officer.
seanpoh1988 Send email
May 4, 2018


I am a Malaysian and i entered Singapore via JB on the 28th of April, 2018 at 11AM. I was happily queuing at the check point and the lane beside me happen to close down while i was queuing halfway. Of course there were still some people left at the closed lane waiting to be cleared to enter singapore. halfway through that, someone accidentally knocked the gate which caused it to be open a bit. Then there's this chinese female officer shouted "I CLOSED THE GATE JUST NOW! WHO OPEN IT???" with a very furious face out loud in the crowded check point till the whole room went silent for a while.

Is this the sort of gangster behavior that these immigration officers are portraying Singapore to the outsiders? It leaves a very bad impression of Singaporeans to the foreigners.
khan.norman2797 Send email
Apr 30, 2018

Double Standard treatment by Woodlands Immigration Singapore

On 29th April 2018, my family and I (5 people together) decided to take a Day trip to Singapore from Johor via Woodlands checkpoint. When we arrive woodlands checkpoint, during the immigration session 4 of us passed the immigration and 1 of us was questioned alot and finally they took her into a different room, she doesn’t have any experience like that before so she was very scared and panicked, I requested the officers to allow me to follow with her inside the room but they said no and told me and rest of us to wait outsides the building.

We waited for so long and about an hour later with worries what has happened to her, She fianlly came out holding a paper where it was written that she is not allow to enter Singapore (Please be noted that it’s her first time entering to Singapore).

So I really got pissed and decided to go inside and talk to the officers. An officer near the gate brought me to their office which is on the other level of the building.

I arrived there I went in and asked the immigration officer that why is she not allow to enter while the rest of us can, the officer responded me with some ridiculous answer saying that she is holding 12 months Malaysian Multiple entry visa and if she enter Singapore via Malaysia she can't return back to Malaysia but have to go back to her origin country (Myanmar).

I was like what the hell is the officer talking about, firstly the officer was not talking about Singapore but was talking about Malaysian Immigration Law. The way the officer described multiple entry visa was really dumb, why do we hold Multiple entry visa ? definitely because we want to enter to that particular country whenever we wishes to, it was not the Singaporean Officer's duty to tell her when to enter Malaysia and how to enter Malaysia.

I questioned the officer again, Why the rest of us get to enter Singapore and she did not ? Officer replied "it depends", Such a double standard respond. I didn't want to argue more, I gave up and turn back saying if she's not getting the chance to enter we will not enter as well, guide us to the departure place, and all of us had to cancel the trip to Singapore and come back to Johor.

We hold the same passport (Myanmar Passports) but get treated differently, that's really sad and heart breaking experience. I really hope someone help me bring this matter to higher level and hope it will help others from not facing the same issue like we faced.
Letchumi. R Send email
Mar 10, 2018

Rude ICA staff

December 19th 2017, 11am, My friend and I were going into jb to stay for a day. I was at woodlands checkpoint when the self checkin machine failed on me. There a short malay female officer and a chubby malay male officer. They were blaming it on me. They insisted im not scanning the passport wrongly. They took turns to shout at me. 'Keep ur passport inside till the machine scan finish! Dont take out halfway!'. When im aware that the machine is alrdy not working. When im telling them, they cant be bothered. 'Just put ur passport inside!' They were like hooligans. Then when they decided that the machine is really mot functioning, the girl came over n shouted 'this lane not working, move to next lane' n walked away. No apology nothing.
And the truth is i have a friend in ica. And she told me, they dont take this kind of complaints seriously. They are given the freedom to be 'fierce' to people they suspect. But this is a joke. Shouting like uneducated people to fellow educated Singaporeans is seriously a joke. Misuse of authority. I have nothing else to say.
cochin Send email
Dec 30, 2017


I was in /Singapore Causeway travelling to Malaysia on 28th December 2017 via bus. When the bus reached the Singapore border immigration, we were around 25 people on the bus. When our bus came to a halt at the checkpoint, our bus driver started giving us the necessary instruction to get down from the bus with our Passport and all the other requisite documents for the Immigration purpose. We were getting our documents ready to alight from the bus to proceed towards the Immigration when suddenly a random Security guy walked into our bus and started yelling " MOVE YOUR ASS". I am frequent flyer and it was my first experience since 17 years of international travel. Is this the type of treatment a tourist should get in another country and that too by a security in charge ? Back in our country we treat our guests as God. All of us on the bus were extremely disturbed due to this kind of behavior but none of us responded at that time as we were in a hurry. Later we came to know his name and made a complaint to a lady officer who was of Indian origin. She apologized to us on his behalf. For a country which depends mainly on tourism, should treat its guests with a little more respect and courtesy. Such kind of behavior and that too from a government official should not be encouraged in any part of the world.
xerenelai Send email
Sep 21, 2017

mis use of AUTHORTIY

I was going back Singapore on 21 September 2017 from Malaysia, approximately 1pm. It was a weekday (Thursday) the jam was not moving and very very slow..... Finally when it was my turn to check my boot. The officer did not mentioned anything, so I proceed to have my passport check, minutes minutes later my passport was literally left on the officer's table, he literally walked out of the cubicle, when he came back, he didn't even mentioned anything, so I asked may i know whats the hold up? He said he found out there's eggs in the boot, and I was asked to wait for the escort to escort me to the office.

So I waited and waited, urging him to hurry the escort as it was school hours and I need to fetch my Son. Only after his second call to the office then I saw the escort coming to escort me, so I ask "what took you so long?? I need to rush off to fetch my son." I was really pissed off and straight away when I went into the office, I literally put the eggs very hard on the table and ask what is taking so long and what offence have I done? Is eggs an illegal things to bring, even it is prohibited, should i be waiting so long in the first place? Well, I was speaking loudly but they feel that I was shouting, keep asking me to calm down despite i explain and explain, why must wait so long since I already told you the reason I need to rush off. There is this indian officer by the name of Nelson, and majority all Malays officers in the room,

The indian started to abuse his authority as though I am a criminal , Pointing his finger in my eyes "I ordered you to sit down" of cos I answered back, I didn't do anything wrong, why should I sit down and let me tell you I am not a dog. There he goes again, I am in my uniform, I ordered you to sit down otherwise I will not return back your passport to you, I told him off, you can have my passport, I will complain and retrieve it back from IMM Lavender HQ. He then threatened then I will not let your car leave, So i have no choice but to go in the office and fill up the complain green form and i ask for his name, he said nelson, i say nelson what? you don't have a surname?? He shows bad body language and rest of he officers majority malays starting saying, "this case must call ops office, she keep shouting and all are reordered in CCTV", well by all means whoever you all wish to call, as long as i only bringing eggs not drugs. I wanted to stress that this is not the first time officers abusing their powers. End up after they call the ops office, the ops office also can't be bother and ask them to return back my passport to me.

I wanted to stress that, what is going on here? why was it some kind of misusing power. very very rude.
Shyamkishore Send email
Sep 13, 2017

ICA at pasir panjang Port terminal

Pasir Panjang Port terminal ica officers on 12th September 2017 at evening nearly 1800 hrs to 1845 hrs. One lady ica officer behavior and treating others were very rude. She treating crew like a dog. Not even simple words but shouting and provoking others to react. Please look into this matter seriously. FYI please watch the CCTV camera for details.
Disappointed120817 Send email
Aug 13, 2017

12/8/17 12.30pm Rude and bad manners female custom offer at Woodland

I'm a Malaysian who is holding Singapore work permit. I've been in Singapore 2 years above. I rarely travel back to my hometown, but then, on 12/08/17 around 12.30pm, I queued in a lane with a lady officer in charge who is wearing black spectacles, her accent speak like a Malay so I guess she is a Malay. I showed my passport to her, "you're holding work permit or what?" She asked ( a very very bad tone and suck face ). For sure, I pass my work pass to her nicely, after everything done, SHE JUST THREW MY WORK PERMIT ON THE FLOOR. Something wrong with her?????? I picked it up and asked, "Why do you throw my work permit?"
"It's just swipe off" she answered. Without any apologies! She didn't say SORRY to me. Just ask me to go with bad attitude!
A few Chinese words to decribe about her
- 脸很臭
- 态度差
- 丢准证

She is the worst immgration officer I've met ever. I was so disappointed with this Malay lady, uneducated and bad manners. I hope management will look to this matter, hope can get your reply soon. Thank you.
Sharrensv Send email
Aug 4, 2017

Rude officer

I'm an indonesian, 16 years old and i went to singapore on the 4th of august 2017 for holiday, but it was ruined by a rude chinese lady officer. I filled up the data in the white card except for the contact number because i have no singapore number.
When she checked it, suddenly she raised her voice and asked me why didn't i fill the contact number and also why didn't i write the address completely detailed.(i only write "serangoon ave 3" which is my uncle's place and she yelled at me because i didn't write where exactly in serangoon such as the apartment block number)
I was so shocked because all sudden she just yelled at me like that in front of a lot of people.
I said that i have no singapore number and also usually i only write the address like that (i don't really remember the full address, my uncle always bring me there) and the officers never complained it.
She said that i could have write my uncle's phone number instead and she checked that i often go to sg so i should know the rule.
I said sorry and i will keep that in mind but she keep yelling me instead of talking nicely to me.
She keep yelling and threat me to go to the office and see what will happen.
In the end i apologized again, but she CURSED/SWEARED at me in chinese which i understand.
I do not know her name but i think she is a woman in her 40-50s.
I'm really dissappointed at this lady rude attitude and i hope the management will look to this matter. Tq.
Albert Tjandra Send email
Jun 25, 2017

Rude, Ill-Mannered and Unreasonable Singapore Immigration Officer

I was detained at Woodlands Checkpoint Singapore Immigration for no reason on Thursday 22 June 2017 from Johor Bahru, Malaysia going to Singapore.

When I entered the Immigration Office, I saw and heard 2-3 Malay Singaporean Officers talking rudely to the other detainees as if they were criminals. The way they questioned us was so rude and unprofessional. One old Indian officer even shouted at one of us to sit down like as if he was a guilty person. My goodness.

When asked why I was detained for, one Malay male rude officer (On Duty at around 11.30am to 1.30pm Singapore Time on Thursday, 22 June 2017) said it was a procedure that they did not not need a reason to detain anyone at Immigration. When I tried to explain to them nicely that I had a plane to catch from Singapore back to my city, Jakarta. he further pinned the blame on me saying that I should have come to the Checkpoint earlier. I got detained for almost TWO HOURS for no apparent reason! Because of this unnecessary and unreasonable detention at the Immigration Office, my family and I missed the plane.

The funny and unfair part is that there were two female Caucasians who came after me and got released immediately before me by this rude Malay Officer!!!

Someone or some authority please discipline these officers and stop detaining people without valid reason(s). We also reserve the right to be informed of the reason for detention. Their behaviour and treatment unto travellers have certainly tarnished the image of Republic of Singapore or maybe, it is the TRUE COLOUR of Singaporeans, in general.

Please, please, please do something about this. many have lodged similar complaints regarding the Immigration Officers of Singapore.

What I say is true and can be tracked by the CCTV around 11.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m to prove that I am telling the truth.

Best Regards to Singapore Immigration System and Officers.
tupaulong Send email
Jun 7, 2017

bad manners and attitude female immigration officer

i am from indonesia but i am a chinese, female officer bad attitude and mouth also so rude, .. i dont know maybe i have done something wrong? but pleas afterall even i have done something wrong, tell me nicely whats wrong i am doing and give me time to explain... .. i am so dissappointed with this female staff act like an uneducated person.. and no manners.. it can be observe from cctv changi airport maybe for better view.. around 16:00 at june 7, 2017..

hope this female singapore immigration officer have more manners.
Weekiat Send email
Mar 13, 2017

Hooligan officer at woodland custom

Good day in charge, on 13/03/17 around 1230am at woodland custom motorcycle passport scanning counter from Malaysia towards singapore. The machine failed on me after me and my girlfriend scanned our passport . We look around to for any buttons to request for help but to no avail, I ask my girlfriend to go to the office located in front to request for help. One malay officer around the age of 50 came out and then my girlfriend told him that we're experiencing some difficulty at our Lane. Number 33. He first question why is my girlfriend here with a very stinky attitude and ask her to lead her to our counter. After the officer came, he first lashing out at me saying why do I ask my girlfriend to walk over there and ask for help! Then he told me it's common sense that when the lanes is faulty. We should change to other Lane automatically and by passing the counter it's a offense. I replied him and say we got no idea that it's a offense and we sure can't find a alternate way. He's taking the conversation like a father scolding the son kind of attitude when we're merely asking for help. Then he asked us to wait there for around 10min when he go back to his office and proceed with idk what's he's doing. After that he came back and asked me for out passport and keys and ask us to wait outside the office. He then proceed with his job while I'm waiting outside. When I'm waiting outside and he's out to help other people with the lanes, he came towards me and ask me why am i staring at him sounding like a gangster. He repeatedly asked me if I have any question for him just because I'm spacing out and happen to look at him while he's working. I kept answering no. I don't have any question for him and he began to argue why am I staring at him all. This only end when a younger office came out and stop. After a while they ask me for my finger print and return me my passport at the office. So after I receive the passport. I politely asked through malay officer if I'm cleared to go. He gave me reply saying" stop asking stupid question. Use some common sense la. They already return your passport. " after that I asked him for his name as I wanted to made a report and he begin to question me for my rights saying like I don't have the rights to ask him for his name and then kept avoiding the question. Then I turn to ask the younger officer if there anyway to lodge a report. He refer me to block b and after that I left with no names of the officer and made a complaint at the office. Why am I receiving this kind of gangster attitude from a officer at my own dear country? This is really too much for a senior officer to behave and talk this way to a civilian and acted like a hooligan. I am waiting for your reply. Thankyou.
Sparsha Send email
Nov 28, 2016

Rude and bad attitude towards foreign students

hello, everyone
Am sparsha(name changed) am a student in Singapore one of the school I and my boyfriend are facing huge trouble from immigration
Recently moved to Singapore I arrived little early and I have revised my student pass but my partner came little late befor he come to Singapore I and my partner had quite a issue regarding our relationship but then everything went smoothly but Singapore immigration came between in our relationship every now and then and tracking my phone like my messages my personal images and my mail box and almost everything still am keeping quite but after my partner came to Singapore they are creating problems like not issuing him student pass and black mailing us and they are making false statements like even when I go for jogging they are saying am entering some people house and am not in any social activity but they saying am sending my pictures to some people and they are literally harassing me I I even tried to commit sucide but I don't know what went wrong I dint die unluckily they are saying they gonna send my parents to dark room and even for not making mistakes they are blaming simply even if I speak to my class mates immigration is saying that I have bad relationship with them and they also said am behaving dirtiest, when I said am not doing anything wrong and tried to defend myself they said I don't have any rights to speak they daily mail me saying all bullshit about me and am going through hell and they never mentioned name in any of their mail except immigration Singapore. They are making false statements and being rude as possible. How do I react for this don't I have any one to support?? Please do help me
BooK Send email
Oct 6, 2016

06/10/2016 4.10pm Rude Custom Officer at Tuas Custom

I was arrived at Singapore Tuas custom at around 3.45pm (or slightly earlier) today 06/10/2016. I was queing at a lane with a Chinese officer in charge. He was so rude to a group of tourists (should be from India) and shouted to them. One of the lane was closed for the queue but accepting people from the other lane just for a few headcount aand closed without informing the tourist. This make the little boy of the group walk to for few rounds thinking to pass through from the temporary counter. Maybe due to non-peak hour, there were only about three counters in operation. So most of the queues were quite long. However, instead of speed up the time for people to wait, this particular officer stood up almost after every time the tourist left his counter. And even walk around to adjust the queues and talk to some other officers who are not station in any of the counters. I understand that the queues need to be adjusted but could it be done by those officer standing beside instead of officers station in counters? And can he be more polite when speaking to tourists who might not understand English?
Annysya Send email
Jun 4, 2016


Fri 13:10

We have applying the LTVP. We didn’t expected married to a foreign husband from a NIGERIA is a BIG PROBLEM. Our application long term visit pass(LTVP) has been rejected many times by the ICA after they took total of $60 and got rejected bluntly. The MP could not help us. Prime minister cannot help as well and got rejected by the ICA . We went down to the ICA the counter officer could utter a few words of sympathy, they replied us, "We can't please everyone". In every other developed country, when you marry someone, your spouse is granted citizenship. In Singapore, your spouse is granted citizenship only if your income is high enough. So when your income is low, not only do you have to live in poverty, the govt puts up all sorts of impediments to make it hard for you to lead a normal life.

Let me tell you what is very wrong here. If a high income woman marries a foreign husband and he is White, her husband can get citizenship or PR easily and will be entitled to things like subsidised medical care (class "C" wards)etc. However, if a poor woman marries a foreign husband especially come from the corrupted country Nigeria, she may not even get a LTVP and her marriage will be strained and have a higher chance of failing. If she manages to get a LTVP (which has to be renewed annually), her husband can STAY ONLY to help look after the children but without citizenship or PR, she has to pay substantially more if her husband gets sick - unnecessarily increasing her financial strain. As my previous appealed on your Facebook. We understand and fair enough he can’t get a job here for sure. reason why? He is from Nigerian, which company will like to hire him? We just want a resident here, if anything happen to me our child, is crazy we have to apply for visa entry that takes a month to approve.

The working attitude of immigration officers need serious attention. I addressed the issue politely to you people. It seems the customer services in the ICA has got no human behaviour. In return, the immigration officer made a very rude remark after ICA took total of $60 and rejected with NO CONSIDERATION. I am not surprised if the counter officer at the checkpoint Changi Airport behaviour Rude and inefficient. and that he should not come to Singapore AND HE SHALL be deported if there is no proper documents but he did. YOUR OFFICER REFUSED TO LOOK AT IT. I cannot accept it. Based on the immigration checkpoint at the Changi Airport officer response and the ICA response pertaining to our LTVP application, it portrays a very rude image of the country and the individual's bad working attitude. I have traveled to many countries, by far Singapore has the worst immigration officers. The response is not only a rude remark, Now my another issue with ICA deliberately causes the citizens a very big inconvenience. I just found out from the ICA In assessing applications for long-term visit pass/long-term visit pass-plus from foreign spouses of Singaporeans as well It is also important that the Singaporean spouse demonstrates the means and ability to support the family financially. I am a wife, I need my husband to be around me. How can I maintain my financial well you people causes us travel in and out from the country to be with our family and you people enjoying deducted $30 for any kind of application? They consider factors such as the length of marriage and whether the couple have Singaporean children 2016. My question back to you , How can I have a children instantly when my husband is always not around because you people rejected our LTVP? You make us applied online for the VISA entry and it took a month and yet I have to chased the ICA for the status and that is the time ICA will grant it and yet I have to re write on the application which is the same form from the online. How efficient you people is let people waiting for more than 2 hours. Do you realise that efficiency of the ICA?
No one has responded my last year email since October 2015. but a letter my last year appealed 2015 rejected on December and yet I followed your Officers advised RE APPLY AGAIN AND PAID $30 May 2016 So I did. Total $60. 2 weeks later you send an email REJECTED.

Every thing from the every checkpoint Woodland to Tuas to change airport all the way to the ICA building totally rude
Daiyu Send email
May 23, 2016

Rude ica officer lady at woodland checkpoint

I checked my phone signal before I scaned my passport at ica checkpoints in woodland after my holiday from Malaysia. I got shouted by this lady sat in front .she wanted to check my phone photos, and told me she wanted to send me to the police station.i think it is really very rude..
And another lady passed me a paper and asked me to remove the chewing gum from my mounth. And said no chewing gum allowed in Singapore in a very proud manner . But in fact that everyone can buy the chewing gum in guadian.
It is Super rude! I double if they educated or not?

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    I am now driving City Hybrid I bought my car in 2017 I...
    Hallmark channel - I LOVE LUCY GONE!?!
    I Love Lucy is and was a HUGE part of my and many others...
    ICA woodlands.checkpoint - Rude Immigration Officer
    On 13th August 2019 (Tuesday) at 1.34pm, my husband drove...
    Pizza Hut - Mangled pizzas delivered to our home
    Last night, 14th of August, we ordered 3 pizzas from the...

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