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Bud Rusk Send email
Sep 7, 2020

Rudeness of Woman at Office

In an effort to make a long story short, we were with Cox Cable, bought out by Suddenlink, bought out by Altice, went thru no support, bad custom service, no customer service, worse support, outage, and finally to the attitude by Suddenlink/Altice of being a Phone/only Cable company in town and they darn well acted like it... having been with "the companies" for over 35 years, I was fed up with poor customer support when trying to find out why the bill kept increasing without explanation, long wait times to talk to a live person, being disconnected when put on hold, and lastly after Altice entered the picture, being subjected to tech support being shipped off-shore. Bottom line, we were FED-UP. We switched to DISH. On 5/11/2020 I was told some one would call and come get the security equipment and modem/router... on 5/14/2020 someone called saying we "owned" the security equipment, do with it what we wanted, that they would not pick it up. We called again 7/16/2020 for an "equipment" pickup. The woman on the phone after several transfers told me nothing would be done until 8/2/2020, the end of the billing cycle. She gave me a time of 10AM and 8PM for a tech to be at my house to disconnect and remove the equipment. I thought at the time that was odd, being a Sunday, but she assured me they would be there between those hours, she could not be any more specific. Needless to say, no-one ever came.
Now the rudeness. A bill came in the mail Friday 9/4/2020 for $539, no explanation... I guess they have lots of folks pay without question blindly whatever they submit a bill for... I called... again got the run-aroung. finally got off-shore somewhere and that person told me it was for equipment... I went through the above story, they were not interested, much like all the rest, kicked it up a level, they were not interested either, finally told me to take the equipment to the local store and return it and I would be "forgiven" the charges... I ask for an email statement to me with all the facts he had quoted to me so I could show the folks at the local office... his words to me were "company policy forbids me sending emails"... right then I knew I was in for it. Being the honest being I am, I bundled the equipment (which I do not want nor need) up and paddle footed it the 7 miles over to the Suddenlink/Altice office. There I encountered the most RUDE young woman I hope to ever encounter ever again. First, she would not let me enter the building, (I had my mask on), she said I had to have a printed receipt to return equipment, and that the people inside had to print the receipt. Sounds catch-22 to me. She said she would print the receipt for me, to go back to my car. Forty (40) minutes later after many people entered and exited, I did manage to get inside the door before she stopped me. She was visiting with another young worman. She very rudely told me to take my equipment to the "Silver Box" in the parking lot, that it could be identified by serial #. She should be forced to take customer service training if she is retained, otherwise dismissed in my opinion. THE EQUIPMENT HAS BEEN RETURNED!
Dave Roberge Send email
Jul 12, 2020

Poor Service

We have/had Suddenlink Internet 400 and through a phone call I received from a Salesperson representing Suddenlink, we were talked into purchasing the Altice for Internet and TV service. Salesperson alleged it was way better for Internet and we would have great TV viewing stations.

Appointment was set for 07JUL2020 0800 – 1100


Approximately 1010

Suddenlink Tech arrived (a Contract Installation Tech, however, representing Suddenlink). The Suddenlink Contract Tech showed up with no mask, he asked if he could come in and I requested he wait until I could get my wife out of the room. I informed him that my wife was terminal, and I did not want her in the room while he was inside the house. Once I had gotten my wife situated the Suddenlink Contract Tech entered our home (without a mask). He took a quick look at our current system and then stated he was going out to his vehicle to get the new equipment for the install.
While he was out at his vehicle our internet went off without notice? When he returned to the house, again without a mask, I asked him if he did something to the internet because we had just lost service and he stated he did when he was logging in the new Altice box. Would have been nice if he would have given us a prior notice that he was going to be cutting our internet service when he left the house.
He disconnected our current Suddenlink modem and hooked up an alleged reconditioned Altice box. The alleged reconditioned Altice box was dirty and had some scratches on it, one long one being across the front of the view screen. When the alleged reconditioned Alice system came online it contained information from the previous customer that had that Suddenlink Altice box, meaning it had not been reconditioned, just removed from a previous customers home and brought into ours. I informed the tech we had been through this before and we did not want a box, loaded with another person’s info, and one that had not been cleaned, or reconditioned.
The tech removed the Altice Box, that had not been reconditioned, went out to his vehicle and returned with our previous Suddenlink modem, and reconnected it.

1040 hours

The tech informed me that it would take about 30 minutes for our service to be back online and he left. He did state, before he left, he had seen this type of problem before and understood my concerns.
We waited approximately 50 minutes and our internet did not return.

1137 hours

I called Suddenlink Phone Support, sat on hold for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and a person finally answered. I explained the situation to this person. He stated he just attempted to connect to our service and could not. This Suddenlink Phone person then stated that the lines were down in our area and that they were being worked on and not to worry. He asked me what time the tech had left our home, when informed approximately 1040 hours, he then stated the internet, had went out of service at 1020 (hours) and was being attended to as we spoke.
While taking to the Suddenlink Phone Support person I seen our son, who lives next door, and has Suddenlink Services. I asked our son to check his Suddenlink TV and internet, when he returned, he stated his TV and internet service was up and working fine.
I informed the Suddenlink Phone Support Person of what we just found out and he did not know what to say. Finally, the Suddenlink Phone Support Person stated he would turn this over to a Suddenlink Field Service Department, that could find out what was happening, and they would contact me regarding the issue.


2 times, during all my calls, from the start of this written information to the end, I requested to talk to a supervisor, was informed it would take up to 24 hours to receive a call back from a supervisor.

To date I have never received a call from a Suddenlink Supervisor.

We waited approximately 2 hours and did not receive a phone call from the alleged Suddenlink Field Service Department.

1407 hours

I called back to Suddenlink Phone Support once again. This time I opted for the call-back.

1559 hours

I received a call from a Suddenlink Phone Support Person, and I explained the situation. This Suddenlink Phone Support Person stated she understood my frustration however they could not get anyone out before tomorrow. I informed this Suddenlink Phone Support Person that my wife was terminal and the phones, TV, and many other items in the house, ran off the internet and without internet this left us without home service for any of these items. I stated that we needed someone to come out today and fix this issue, she asked me to hang on and then she hung up on me, she did not call me back. She was the one that called my cell phone number, that I left when I opted for a call back, so I know she had my cell phone number.

1607 hours

I called Suddenlink Phone Support once again and opted for a call back.

1724 hours

I received a call from another Suddenlink Phone Support Person. I once again explained the issue, the Suddenlink Support Person stated that there was a service call set up for today, he said they would arrive no later than 2000 hours.

No One Ever Showed Up.

2024 hours

Attempted another call to Suddenlink Phone Support however it would only allow me the options of changing my service to dates further out, there was no option for a call back.


0802 hours

Called Suddenlink Phone Support, once again I opted for the call back.

Did not log the time I received the call-back on this one.
Same old garbage responses that I received yesterday. Finally, after getting angry and asking that they cancel our Suddenlink services period, I was transferred to a Suddenlink person that I could understand and appeared to be here in the states. She seemed genuinely nice however she could not do any better than anyone else. She stated they could not get anyone out until 09JUL2020, it did not make any difference what I told them. She stated she would monitor the issue to insure someone responded to me within a couple of hours, if she did not see any response to me, she would call me back. NO CALL.

1227 hours

I finally called back to Suddenlink, and went through all the inappropriate and useless information, to talk to someone, anyone, even the janitor. I was informed by the phone computer that there was a service appointment set for 09JUL2020 between the hours of 1100 and 1300 hours. The only options offered were to change the service date.


I opened my Chromebook to play a game and a Suddenlink portal notice came up regarding no service and to contact Suddenlink to activate the service. It appeared all we needed to do was have our service re-activated. Even though we were set up for service the next day I decide to attempt to call Suddenlink and see if we could re-activate the modem/router.

1250 hours

I called back to Suddenlink and opted for a call-back

Did not log the time of the call-back

Received a call-back and the Suddenlink Phone Support person, he was very cordial and stated he could activate the service, no problem, that was all that was needed. He did connect to our modem as he did reboot it while I was watching the modem/router when it rebooted. He eventually stated we were all set up to go. He stated it would take about 2 hours for the system to set-up. NOTHING HAPPENED.

I cannot count how many times, more, that I attempted calls. By now I was fit to be tied and not safe to be near.


1102 hours

Jarred with Space Age, Contractor for Suddenlink, arrived, with a face mask on. Jarred stated the problem was in the main office system and that we had not been changed back to the Suddenlink Modem/Router that we started out with; we were still hooked to the Altice box that we declined. Jarred sent an email into, I am assuming the main Suddenlink office, requesting the change. Jarred stated it could take a couple of hours for this to take place and said he would check back.
Nothing once again, I attempted to contact Jarred later that evening, I discover he was attempting to contact us (per the Suddenlink Info he had) via our internet phone. We do not have internet; however, he did not know that phone number was an internet phone number. He did leave messages, which I seen later when I log into our Son’s internet. However, with no internet at our home, which is what this is all about, we were not receiving calls or messages.

1827 hours

I called Suddenlink, opted for a call-back.

1928 hours

Received a call back from a Suddenlink Phone Support person. She stated the problem was in our home and she would have to set a service up for Saturday 11JUL2020. After pleading my case she stated she set us up for a service call 10JUL2020 between 0800 and 2000 hours if someone could get loose.


Prior to 0930 hours

Joseph, another contractor for Suddenlink, arrived, with a face mask on. Joseph attempted a few procedures and then discovered that there was 2 Altice boxes and 1 Modem/Router showing on our account and it was in a hold pattern. Joseph stated I would have to go down to the Suddenlink office, here in Lubbock, and get them to remove the 2 Altice boxes of the account and reactivate our current Modem/Router. After a little consideration Joseph chose to handle the situation himself. After a great deal of back and forth, with whom ever on the phone and text or email, and waiting, and then having to put in a new Modem/Router we were up and running!!! Joseph departed around 1145 hours. Great attitude and great service person.
In review of my cell phone log there were more calls to Suddenlink than listed in this letter/book, however I was dealing with other issues and could not log all the calls and responses. Amazing service…

I took all this time to write this information out, I am hoping someone with Suddenlink would find it appropriate to respond however, I have my doubts.

douddw Send email
Jul 2, 2020

Sorry internet service and no help

We moved to a rural area recently and have had the worst internet service of our lives. We transferred our service but struggled for two weeks because someone had gotten things mixed up. Since May 23, 2020 we had only one week with acceptable internet service. The rest of the time our internet drops off while we are in the middle of something online. It will stay off from a few minutes to several hours. The problem doesn't end there; when we call (and we have had to call several times for the one month we've been here), we keep getting the run around, they want to send out a technician to check our home when the technician has already confirmed the problem is not our lines or equipment, but the old lines in this area. They have yet to send out a bucket truck to take care of this issue, or to even to inspect the lines. In town there was no problem, but out in the rural areas (from speaking with other suddenlink customers, we have found out the service is totally inadequate, and people are always losing their internet service. Why are we being charged full price when we do NOT receive what we are paying for
aptbrown Send email
Apr 25, 2020

Billing for equipment I do not nor have ever had after account closed

I have relocated and had closed my account as well as returned the Suddenlink equipment that I had in my home on 2-19-2020. I have a receipt for the return of the equipment. Suddenlink states I have more equipment and continues to bill me $200.00 and now an additional $25.00 for me blocking my bank account for direct withdrawal payments since my Suddenlink account is closed. Had spoken with Suddenlink on 2-19-2020, the date of the returned equipment to the local store and was directed to call into Suddenlink. I did phone Suddenlink as directed and was assured the extra equipment which I was suppose to have would be remedied. Received a bill from Suddenlink for the equipment...surprise, surprise. Called Suddenlink and representative stated he would escalate inquiry and that I should receive a follow up call from Suddenlink....not yet. Received a second billing for $200.00. Mailed certified letter to Suddenlink, no repsonse but additional billing. for $225.00. Have attempted to phone Suddenlink multiple times, but honestly waiting over an hour on the phone is ridiculous. Can't communicate with Suddenlink by email as account has been closed and when clicking "Email or Chat" system will not process. And apparently, can't communicate with Suddenlink by phone either.....just hold, hold, hold, hold!

Very fustrated........Some way to run a Business!!
usaftnt83 Send email
Mar 11, 2020


We have had Sudden Link since October 2019. Our bill should be $134.14. So far our bill has ranged from $134.00 to $299.00.

When we contact customer service the problem is fixed....until the next month. I asked for a supervisor over and over and all I got was a promise to call me back. I am on day three waiting for that call.

Here are some publicly available email addresses that might be of of interest.

Dianne Huffstickler Management
[email protected]

Curtis JacksonTeam Manager+1 903 262 9252
[email protected]

Alissa Lipps Executive Director
[email protected]

Monica Kincer Operations Manager Customer Service+1 325 212 2196
[email protected]
JennyT Send email
Feb 24, 2020

The cable service does not work and their claim of technical support is untrue

Has anyone had a good experience with Suddenlink?

These are the most incompetent, fraudulent people with very minimal training. They also have no supervision judging from the times I have requested a supervisor, and they said someone would call me back, then I got a call from someone who was probably a "technician" masquerading as a supervisor.
Why is this company still continuing?

I would like to hear from someone who has had a good experience, please. It might restore my belief in humankind again!
Josh56800 Send email
Nov 22, 2019


Suddenlink has rude and inconsiderate reps that don't care nothing at all for the customers despite they're plea to reduce billing, make arrangements to pay over the phone, downgrade, and service changes. They keep everyone's billing at an all-time high and don't have any remorse for it. I have only been with them for only 7 or 8 months now and already not only my bill past due because of they're blunder, but my total amount is freaking $500 dollars or more and they won't even negotiate with me about a billing deduction or credit me for being falsely charged somewhere along the line. They lie a lot and don't think nothing of it. Not only that, but they're also rude and deceitful people. They lie into giving you good quality services and installation, but when they finally do it, things go horribly wrong and at the end of the day, they conned you out some money that they don't even deserve. Every other week or less than that, I have been making phone calls to this company about technical issues, internet issues, recording issues, and now BILLING since we first had the installation and service start! Suddenlink is a TERRIBLE provider. If you're looking for a decent or better provider than Suddenlink, I highly suggest you do your research on the best provider out there first before buying into it. At this point, ANY provider is better than Suddenlink, but since I'm in the area where all we have is Suddenlink, I'm about ready to kick this company to the curve for negligence on they're part and being the worst provider in History! I don't recommend company at all.
William Rice Send email
Apr 17, 2019

Being over Billed

My name is William Rice I live at 224 South Wells Street Sistersville WV. On May of 2018 I had the suddenlink techs come to my house and change it to Tivo. After that I had called your representatives three to four times trying to see what was going on with my bill being so high. They told me everytime there was nothing they could see wrong. My bill was running close to 250.00 per month. Three weeks ago I found out that your techs and suddenlink did not take off two boxes back then and I was being charged 34.00 per month for these boxes. I have been told I can only be refunded for two months. I am asking for at least 300.00 on credit for my account or I have to pursue this because it is not right. Being a small town Mayor I know we try to treat our customers right. I had to have your Techs come to the house and hook it all up and take my old boxes out. Now I am being penalized for your companies mistake. My cell number is 304-815-1631. My email address is [email protected] I have told billing I will wait till tomorrow evening then I will be making some phone calls. Thank you for your time.
Phillips58 Send email
Feb 22, 2019


I have try serious time to get suddenlink to remove channel I do not us off my bill. Every 6 months my bill go up. when I get the package deal it suppose to been $99 a month. This been 6 years and I have need receive a bill for $99. I look at my bill to day and now the bills $151.00. Every time I try to call I be put on hold for $30 minutes and no one every pick up. This service is the worst I have every send. It you go to a locally office you have to stand in line so long why the teller talk and play with the customers. Right now I'm looking for something else and will be filing a legal complaint . hopefully when I start this complaint that other will hop on broad to make a classic act. No one should have to be charge these prices or be rip off like this...….
pphelps Send email
Aug 6, 2018

New service

Suddenlink has been notified multiple times to come to my customers residence to hook up new service, after recent remodeling was completed. I realize I'm only the general contractor and not the end user for this property, but I'd like to help them get their service up and running. The problem is, each time the technicians arrive, they haven't been prepared with proper equipment to get the job completed. The techs aren't the problem. The problem lies with the fact that Suddenlink hasn't sent someone to assess the situation so that the techs can come prepared.

This situation is problematic in that it is a waste of customers time (primarily) and a waste of time and money for the company. Which extra costs are obviously passed on to the end users (customers). It's interesting to see the frustration on the techs faces as well as their disparaging comments about Suddenlink and the way they handle business. I can testify that apart from competition here in Abilene, Suddenlink will continue to be unsatisfactory in regards to customer service.

By the way, they had an appointment there Saturday to show before 5 pm and ended up showing at 6:30! Go figure!
Raycolon Send email
Jul 6, 2018


Tech not professional at all. Very bad installation cable on side of road,on my front yard, through my driveway. That's what they call a professional installation. Had to call and make another appointment so they can get it right. It is the worse company I have delt with. Over priced for the service they provide, wich is not want you are paying for. The speed don't go pass 20 when I am paying for 100 sucks
Raycolon Send email
Jul 6, 2018

No professional installation

Moved in to my new home called for appointment they never showed up, when they did the tech was not professional at all . The installation was done where he wanted not where l wanted and to top it off the wire was on the street ,my front yard, my driveway where I keep running it over, Suddenlink is the worse company I have ever dealt with, but have no other choice .
lotusborn Send email
Jun 3, 2018

Bogus $50 charge

I started with Suddenlink last September. The initial installation was botched and the service was unreliable. When I called to complain a second tech was sent. He was much more competent and installed a different cable modem and new cabling that went directly to the location of the modem. I was happy with the results. However, I was aghast that Suddenlink charged me $50 for the service call to fix what the first tech had done wrong. I called to explain, and Suddenlink was completely unwilling to make any adjustment.
lotusborn Send email
Jun 3, 2018

Bogus $50 service charge

I started with Suddenlink last September (2017). The initial installation was botched and the service was unreliable. When I called to complain a second tech was sent. He was much more competent and installed a different cable modem and new cabling that went directly to the location of the modem. I was happy with the results. However, I was aghast that Suddenlink charged me $50 for the service call to fix what the first tech had done wrong. I called to explain, and Suddenlink was completely unwilling to make any adjustment.
[email protected] Send email
Jun 1, 2018

Service Charge

I posted the following on my neighborhood online bulletin board. The bulletin board was seen by over 3000 people. I hated to do it but I felt I had no option. They even told me I was welcome to do so when I told them I was going to so... here goes. Someone saw the post and turned me on to this website. There are 3 other local facebook groups I could post it to as well. Again, just a show at how frustrating this is for the consumer.

I just thought I'd share my experience with Suddenlink as a cautionary tale. I've been with them for 6 years and never paid to have them come out and fix THEIR equipment until last month. My internet was out for 3 days. We did all we could over the phone but they said they'd have to send out a tech to fix it. He came out and they charged me $60. I called to ask for an explanation and they said since I didn't have "insurance" on my account for $6.95/month, I HAD to pay it. Paying for insurance to cover the cost of their equipment going down doesn't make sense! I have never in 6 years been offered insurance by them. They've never charged me before and they said that it was just "tough luck" (their words) on my part. Completely unwilling to take responsibility. If there were ANYONE out there better I would switch in a heartbeat. Stay away from these folks at all costs. I've had all kinds of issues with them over the year but this is the first time they charged ME to fix THEIR issue.
pcovington Send email
Apr 10, 2018

taking our channels

Bring back KCBD this is a safety issue because of the weather. Abilene channels do not cover Snyder until it is to close to plan for. You have done this before and the people of Snyder left Suddenlink in droves. Bring back KCBD and stop going up on your services or I will leave and take as many people with me as I can. You are not the only game in town. Not a threat but a promise.
Earlenehan Send email
Aug 30, 2016

Monthly price increase

We have been a suddenlink customer for a long time and cannot understand why our bill goes up 5.00 a month for the last year
As we are on a fixed income and cannot afford sudden links prices we must say goodbye
Ps,we tried to keep our internet service and were told that it would be 90.00 month even though they advertise it at 39.95
I guess we do have a choice and we say enough is enough
Earlene Hancock
Alpine Lodge Send email
May 21, 2016

Digital Cable Box Install

We are a resort with cabin for rent. They recenlty installed digital boxes in our units. Reluctantly I let them during our peak season 1 week before holiday weekend. The Boxes were installed and the guy (subcontractor disappeard). The cable is poor and the signal is weak and half the digital boxes don't get a signal. They left me without cable in my rented cabins. I can't get the installer to answer his phone and the bussiness home office does nothing. I have been two days without cable at my business and having to give refund and getting bad reviews from mad guests. This is nothing but unacceptable service. If I had any other choices I would switch and never look back. David Polk Missouri Registered Professional Electrical Engineer and Resort Owner.
Alpine Lodge Send email
May 21, 2016

Digital Cable Boxes

We are a resort with cabin for rent. They recenlty installed digital boxes in our units. Reluctantly I let them during our peak season 1 week before holiday weekend. The Boxes were installed and the guy (subcontractor disappeard). The cable is poor and the signal is weak and half the digital boxes don't get a signal. They left me without cable in my rented cabins. I can't get the installer to answer his phone and the bussiness home office does nothing. I have been two days without cable at my business and having to give refund and getting bad reviews from mad guests. This is nothing but unacceptable service. If I had any other choices I would switch and never look back. David Polk Missouri Registered Professional Electrical Engineer and Resort Owner.
[email protected] Send email
Feb 27, 2015

SuddenLink Service

We have been completely down on SuddenLink Cablevision for a week and down off and on for the entire month of February, 2015. We have had 3 technicians in our home this past week alone which have done nothing to help and each one of them tell us that the maintenance crew will be coming. We have not received any New equipment in our home. We get no help from anyone that we call. We have talked with supervisors three separate times and they are not helpful and DO NOT CARE. We are told that even if the maintenance crew comes, the tech people will not be told. There is no communications between the departments. We are at a loss on what to do.
User924538 Send email
Mar 29, 2012

Internet service very poor

My name is Bikash Debnath, I am a Texas Tech student. I subscribed for internet service from Suddenlink Communication. The service I asked for is 10 Mbps high speed internet. I am paying $65 per month. But it's been two months I haven't received proper service. In the last month the internet speed I received was even less than 1 Mbps. I called then 4-5 times to come and fix the issue. They do come, but the issue still prevails. I don't get a hassle free internet service which I asked for.

I need them to fix the issue, refund or make adjustments in the rent that I paid.
User785330 Send email
Mar 29, 2012

Internet service very poor

Hi Bikash - my name is Ashley, and I'm with Suddenlink. I'm very sorry to hear that you've been experiencing issues with your internet service. I would be happy to work with management in your area to resolve. Please feel free to contact me directly: ashley-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thank you!
BransonBob Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Talk to the home office

I've been trying to get Suddenlink service in Branson for a year and a half. I've been promised service, with an installation time given, three times. All three times they failed to show without any notification being made to me that they had decided not to make the installation. I've done everything I know to do to get service, but they promise yes, and they do no. I've come to the conclusion that Suddenlink is perhaps the worst cable provider in the nation, and that Branson, Missouri has the worst run Suddenlink office in the nation. And as for tina-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com, to whoever you are that plays that part making your insincere little "I'd be happy to help you, and I just don't know what happened" comments to all of Suddenlinks justly unhappy customers posting everywhere on the internet and at YouTube: You want to make us into happy campers and Suddenlink believers? Then FIX THE PROBLEMS AND PROVIDE SERVICE AT MY ADDRESS!
BeckyMarek Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Talk to the home office

Suddenlink is part of Cequel. Contact their home office at 314-965-2020. I call EVERY time there is an outage or service interruption, which is an average of 2 to 3 times per week. Log your outages and then put your complaint in writing to the FCC. You can complete the online complaint form or print the form and fax or mail it in. And make sure to contact your city council rep as well. Suddenlink probably has a license/franchise agreement with your city that will eventually have to come up for a review to be renewed. Cequel boasts about being the '10th largest cable network in the US' but it is a patchwork quilt of isolated systems in small towns where there seems to be minimal maintenance and less likely chance of massive customer revolt. You are paying for cable service and internet service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Are you getting your money's worth??
Seanandre Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Talk to the home office

My wife and I have had Suddenlink Internet through our apartment complex's existing free cable TV services for about 2 years now. And recently we went over to my mother-in-law's who have just Internet and telephone services with Suddenlink, and we found a notice they received in the mail stating that beginning sometime between May and August (no specific date), they will be imposing a limitation on bandwidth with allowances of 150GB for less than 10 Mbps, 250 GB for 10 to 20 Mbps, and 350GB for customers who have greater than 20 Mbps speed packages with them. They say they estimate these allowances will be more than sufficient for 99 out of every 100 customers, but what they are NOT taking into effect is how many people have more than 2 or 3 computers in their home, as well as gaming systems that connect to the Internet. Not to mention the fact that my wife and I have a small business in fixing people's computers, cleaning viruses, reformatting and restoring software, and Windows Update alone can have anywhere from 1 to 100 gigs of updates after a fresh reformat and restore of the system. And what about digital downloads? iTunes, Netflix, Playstation Store game downloads? The largest game I've ever purchased and downloaded on the Playstation store for the PS3 was 15GB. No I don't download it every month, but you can see here that placing limitations on bandwidth for SOME customers is utterally ridiculas! Yes my wife and I have a small business, "SMALL BUSINESS". We can't afford $1, 000 per month for a Suddenlink business account. And who knows what kind of limitations they place on THAT even if we COULD afford it. SUDDENLINK SUCKS! You're better off going elsewhere. My wife and I will soon be switchng to DSL. And if tney end up placing the same or similar restrictions on us, I'll disconnect Internet all together and tell them where they can shove it! This is BS! Those customers who are actually NOT doing anything illegal with their Internet services should not have these kinds of limitations on them! SCREW YOU SUDDENLINK!

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