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Consumer complaints and reviews about uif

Moariefdien Send email
Jun 9, 2017

Short payment of benefits


I was retrenched in 2015 and submitted my UIF claim timeously, only to be paid several months later.This only after months of follow up calls(when I could get through) and e-mails.

UIF then contacted me to say that I was short - paid and I needed to submit documents that I had already submitted.I resubmitted the documents and have followed up via e-mail and telephonically ever since, but to no avail.

I've complained to the UIF complaints Dept, I've sent numerous e-mails to the agent I was dealing with and even to the Director General, Dorothy and I have still not received payment.

I don't know what else to do, as no one is assisting me.
siphamandla Send email
May 29, 2017


I have applied for my UIF on the 13 MARCH 2017 at Germiston labour department and they said i must come back after 35 days.I went there on the 18 April 2017 they said is not approved,i must come back after 30 days.I again went there on the 10 May 2017 they said my document are not complte I gave them all document they wanted but sill nothing happened as I was dismissed 06 Februart 2017.i don't know what to do now . Please help!
funy Send email
Apr 26, 2017

cannot get mu uif payout

I was told last week that I cannot get my Uif payout as my details were captured incorrectly. I'm not the one who captured and I don't even know the information captured on the system. I was told to go back to my employer and ask them to give me a letter detailing the relationship between the two companies that have been captured
My previous company doesn't know the other company as a results they cannot help me
Is it really fair that we have to struggle like this for the money we paid every month? In the mean time I'm sitting with debts because no one cannot assist me. They captured the info incorrectly why can't they fix it and help other fellow Southwest Africans who are struggling like me.

Please can something be done
Sammy01 Send email
Apr 20, 2017

Maternity leave still not paid

I went on Maternity leave in September 2016, I have submitted all my documents for my claim. In December 2016 I received a sms from the UIF Department informing me that my claim will be paid 06 January 2017, did not happen.

I have been struggling for 3 months to get hold of them and was told that my U2.7 is incomplete I completed this and returned it immediately, I struggle another month to get hold of them was told that I need to submit birth certificate did thison 30 March 2017.

I am currently struggle to get assistance on my Maternity claim I have e-mailed Lungile Bobo, Mmabatho Monama, the UIF Webmaster, phoned 012 337 1680 for the past 2 weeks there is a machine running to make choice and then the phone rings for hours no one answer.

The Webmaster has responded via e-mail on 18 April 2017 informing me that my claim was paid on 08 April 2017. I went to the bank on 19 April 2017 and request a statement, no money was paid into my account.

10005925610 Application for Benefits 2017/03/30 LeaveIncome Document scanned
10005925610 Application for Benefits 2017/03/24 BirthCertificate Document scanned
10005925610 Application for Benefits 2017/03/08 Other1 Document scanned
10005925610 Application for Benefits 2017/02/16 BankFormCoverSheet Document scanned
10005925610 Application for Benefits 2017/02/15 SafikaHPCSA Document scanned
10005925610 Application for Benefits 2017/02/14 LeaveIncome Document scanned
10005925610 Application for Benefits 2017/02/10 Other1 Document scanned
10005652569 Application for Benefits 2017/01/25 Sent to Assessor
10005652569 Application for Benefits 2017/01/25 MedicalCert Document scanned
10005925610 Application for Benefits 2017/01/25 Sent to Assessor

daleen.x.smith@gmail.com Send email
Mar 22, 2017

Maternity Benefits

I have submitted all required documents via Ufiling. My case numbers are 10006170951 and 10005820388. According to the document history on ufiling, my claim has been assessed on 17 Jan 2017 and sent to paymaster on 5 March 2017. My maternity leave is almost over and I have not received any payment yet. Not sure why we have to contribute to UIF if we do not receive the benefits of it?
CharleneS3353 Send email
Mar 8, 2017


I have lost my job in July 2016 due to retrenchments. The company closed down. I submitted a claim through ufiling on 16/11/16. The next day it said it was rejected / not approved and somehow I got hold of an email addres of Simon Maila. According to him it showed that I was still getting an income - I forwarded (emailed) him my U19 form showing that I was not getting and income and he assured me that it would be forwarded to the correct department. Since then I have been trying to get hold of someone at the offices via email and by phone, without any luck. The thing is - my company closed down after 19 years - my last salary was end July 2016 and beginning of August 2016 I found out I was pregnant - this makes it even worse for me to find a job. I desperately need money as I have an 11 year old girl who is still at school and I am not getting maintenance from my ex so I am a single mother. I don't know what to do anymore. PLEASE HELP as nobody seems to return my emails. I have sent countless emails to the ufiling email addres as well as Simon Maila without any luck.


Itumeleng Send email
Feb 28, 2017

UIF Rejected

I was on temporary disability and only could claim for UIF from October 2016, I submitted my documents in November. Fast forward 3 months later my claim was rejected as they said my application was rejected as I did not comply to section 22(2) and did not apply within 6 months and the dates were incorrect meanwhile during these three months I was sent from pillar to post trying to sort out my documents. I have been trying to get a response and the answer I got was that they have a backlog. I only received 75% of my paycheck while I was sick. I have been paying UIF for the past 12 years.Why do companies even still deduct UIF from employers if UIF can't pay out!?

Please assist in advising what is going on.

Itumeleng Mboweni
Marlene du Plessis Send email
Feb 23, 2017


Case number 810005849029
Why don't you just come clean and tell us what's going on!?
Just received a sms, claim rejected, no explanation!?
Paying UIF for 30-years, this is shocking!!
Lourens du Plessis 082 089 1279
moucymel Send email
Feb 14, 2017

UIF claim rejected yet again

Applied on 14 Nov 2016 via Ufiling for UIF. I never rec'd any correspondence from UIF dept.
On 10 Jan 2017 I logged in and saw that my application was cancelled, without anybody getting in touch as to say why.
The 19th of Jan 2017, I went into the Port Shepstone dept where I then submitted forms. The consultant who assisted me was very helpful and told me he will scan all the docs to payment dept. He said it will take a few days then I will get a sms telling me to come back and sign. He then said that after I have signed, it will take 8 to 10 days for me to go back and collect my payment.
I waited for the contact but nobody got in touch. I called Port Shepstone and spoke to same consultant. He then said that it was strange that I haven't rec'd the sms. He said he will forward a mail to Merriam Moitsa at payment dept.
It is now the 7th of Feb 2017, and I am yet to receive any correspondence from them.
8 Feb 2017, called consultant again. Said he will escalate my claim.
14 Feb 2017 I rec'd a sms saying that yet again my claim has been rejected with No explanation as to why.

Calling the PTA number is also a waste of time as nobody answers.
I have been unemployed now since Sep 2016 and am struggling to find work and I need my UIF payments to survive.
Pls can a Legal committee look into why so many of us are getting ignored by UIF. Who must I contact to get my payments?
Case: 1000560879
Thobile66837 Send email
Feb 6, 2017

Claim Rejected many times

I was on maternity leave for the period of 26 Aug 2016 to 9 January 2017. Even today I still have not received my maternity benefits.
I applied begining of September and they kept on requesting the same documents which i had submitted previously. as in today they are still asking for the medical certificate , which has been submitted more than 15 times.

I am just not sure what the problem is, its very depressing when you are a mom with new born but you cant even afford Diapers for the baby because the people at the department are holding back our applications and making lame excuses.

I was not receiving salary from my employer , so I had to borrow cash to cover for the essential expenses as a mother but I still need my benefits paid out so that I can pay all the people that I owe.

The government need to fix their system at the labor department.
morolom Send email
Jan 10, 2017


To who it may concern

I went on maternity leave in May 2016 and my company was paying me for the first 4Months and the 5th and 6th month was supposed to get my uif at labor i submitted all the required documents in time and everytime they will tell me that it was not approved and they will give me another date to come, i have been doing that from August and everytime they will give me another date saying a different story everytime i go. i went there again in December the 14 and the guy who was helping me gave me the date for the 10 January and i receive only one payment in december when i go back on the 10 January the guy who was helping me say they wont pay me anylonger as i have gone back to work even though i did not receive my payments for the months i was at home and also not getting my salary as i was supposed to get it from Department of labor. i dont understand why are they making it my problem for not capturing my documents on time and i feel that they must still pay me for the months they did not pay as i have made some debts knowing that i will pay them back once i got my maternity benefits from l
John Els Send email
Nov 1, 2016

UIF payments

To whom it may concern
Please can you assist me I've been sending emails and phone help centre witch do not answer the phone at all!!!! please it is my second mont that I did not receive my UIF money what seems to be the problem the mine did made contact with the department of labour and they send the forms through that says I'm not back on their books or working there or else where they just add me on the payroll for the last time for money they owed me and we are on 60 days now and still no UIF payment ID NR 670724 5141 084 JOHN LESLEY ELS I mean realy this is not funny anymore can I get response back and my money please?
pieter12349357 Send email
Oct 17, 2016

locked out of account

Good day please can you assist I am locked out of my account on uif log in
rensbuji Send email
Sep 8, 2016

No Payment

I,John Rensburg was placed on permanent disability by my Employer on 2015-08-31 and have been unemployed ever since.I have submitted a request for uif on during October 2015,was advised in February 2016 that the application was incorrect and had to re-submit.The application was re-admitted on 201602-02,case number 10003593643 ,to date after numerous calls to call centre and visits to Goodwood and Bellville ofices,still no feedback.
I cannot believe that it takes longer than a year to finalise an individuals UIF application.
Real excellent service.
khomotso Send email
Aug 24, 2016

delayed payments

I made my first claim at around April in kempton park I got paid in June since then nothing happened, I went to sign on the 15th of July, I then received an SMS stating that my claim has been approved, I went to the department and filled the payment form, still no money,I went back to the department on the 15th of August filled up another form still no money up to date, I'm now frustrated don't even know what to do ,have to rely on begging food stuff from strangers in order to survive while my money is being kept for what reason you won't know. I hope my complain will fall on the right hands, I need clarity I'm now in debts and got kicked out of my room, cos I didn't pay rent for the past five months my case no is: 10003998708
MaNeoza Send email
Aug 22, 2016

UIF Claim

I have logged my claim on the 15th April, till this day I have not received a penny from the department. Whenever I went to the branch they would send me to the bank to get the u.i 2.8 signed, I have submitted the form thrice now but still did not get any help. I have gone to the head office more than twice thus far no one has given me a definite answer as to whether I will received my funds or not. They have sent a message that funds will be allocated to me in 7-10 days only on the 05th August 2016 but nothing has been deposited into my account. Is this the kind of service delivery we are supposed to receive?
james.mulau Send email
Aug 17, 2016


Good day
It is angering and very unprofessional having people who don't care working at the department of labour whereby they have to deal with mothers whom are depending on their claims to survive during their maternity leave, while the staff at the UIF is getting paid and there's women out there who have to around borrowing money for Diapers and make ends meet for their next meal, because their claims and complains are falling into deaf ears, blind eyes or bluntly non carrying hands, Please act with compassion and as if you were treating or helping your very own.
CASE NUMBER 10004838407, a message was received stating that the claim was rejected and after an hour of attempting to reach the department, my work being put on hold and my fiancé wasting her airtime for countless attempts of calling, I ended up being answered by Ruth, whom I have stated to her that I'm calling in regards to rejected claim, she asked me to hold, transferred my call to a dead end extension, and I called again to be answered after 20 minutes, and the same happened,, my fiancé went through the same process of a answered call which ended no where.
May we please stop having non carrying staff in the department, as we have a lot of people suffering due to this, and many are those who have no access to internet or anything in regards to complaints, may we also have staff stop behaving like the claims are coming out of their pockets or their budget, please do not turn a blind eye, deaf ear or ignorance to this matter, please assist.

Please assist with an explanation of how the rejects work and what's the way forward to fix it, Thanks.
Cell 061 972 5250 or 074 643 8945
Email: jimmo.bruno@gmail.com or james.mulau@virginactive.co.za
CASE NUMBER 10004838407
Cheriew Send email
Jun 27, 2016

Waiting for payment

Good day,
I have been retrenched and applied online for UIF. its been more than two months and still nothing. Everytime i phone i get the same answer, still working on it and that it will be finished the next week. Nothing. I have been emailing to there support email but know response. I have been paying uif for 30 years i am entitled to it. Can you please help me i dont know what ro do anymore.
Kins regards

Cherie Wagener
Mapula Send email
May 5, 2016

ripping off members

soo they chose what they wann apay. i worked for a lot of companies shoert contract sand long term position, when i submitted my uif forms at boksburg , they took almost two months to get back to me , only to pay me 4000 which was only for temp jobs till today i am still waiting for vincent to get to me as to how they came to their decision to pay me
why should i pay into a fund that does not help when i need it to ? i am sorry but i need a letter that exempt me from paying uif ever in my life coz paying into this fund dud not help me at all but instaed i used up a lot of money trying to get my money
i went as far as going to braamfontein to complain about th ebad service from boksburg but even then nothing happened coz sebonelo brushed me sending me to the finance manager and then later refusing to come down stairs to meet me
i was told bt sebonelo to wait for someone from ioerations but for three hrs i waited and no one came to help whei i asked to then see kenny who i was told is the manager he too had stories to tell
soo please all i want is a letter that exempt me from ever paying uif coz tring to get it when u need it is hell
Aletta Green Send email
Mar 24, 2016


I have applied for my UIF in January 2016 as I was retrenched in December 2015. I've been to the Randfontein offices 20 times and every time there is something else wrong. I need to wait another 4 weeks. How long does it take to capture one document? Why is this taking so long and all my other co-workers already got their second payments. I really think the problem is with the consultants at the Randfontein branch that is not assisting the public the right way. Who can I contact with regard to this, as I am a single mom with two kids, that needs to go to school, have food, roof over their head and nobody seems to care. Please help!!!!
tasha1755 Send email
Feb 29, 2016

no feedback no payment

I have submitted my online application for benefits in january and have since not had any feedback on the progress of claim. I have phoned numeroua times and sent numerous emails also containing my documents.

Can someone please assist??

Natasha Rudman
Id 8411170080080
074 2862225
Charlaine Send email
Feb 24, 2016

Unemployment benefits

Mr de Wet submitted a claim for unemployment benefits on the 15/12/2015. On the 26/01/2016 he received noticed that the claim has been refused due to late submission.

Please see attach all the email correspondence to registration department, the company Lion King Construction did not registered Mr de Wet for UIF, although they deducted UIF from his salary.
Mr de Wet took it on himself to do the registration to claim first submission to the registration department was on the 29 July 2015, and we struggled to get the registration done. Registration was only done on the 28/11/2015. continuous emails and phone calls to follow up on the registration was done

Mr de Wet was struggling with the UFiling online submission, he sent emails regarding the problem on the 6/11/2015 , 16/11/2015 and again on the 25/11/2015, nobody replied on any emails.
He phoned the call centre on several times and the consultant advised him to delete his profile on UFiling and registered again, this also did not work. He phoned again only to find out that he must phone later as the claims department is moving offices and nobody can assist him. He only mange to get the registration through on the 15/12/2015.

He received an email today that the claim was refused due to late submission. Mr de Wet is still with out work and income, he never claimed from the UIf, now that he wanted to claim he can not - the UIF system was not working and now Mr de Wet is stranded with no income.

Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits Unemployment benefits

Sonsie2807$ Send email
Feb 12, 2016

No uif Paid

I have been retrenched since September 2015.

I have called and emailed my documents to the uif call centre more then 15 times.

Nobody is helping me.
Charitys Send email
Feb 5, 2016

UIF not paid out

I was on maternity leave from end of August 2015 to 20 December 2015. I applied for UIF whilst on maternity leave as I was on unpaid maternity leave. I submitted my documents in August and the copy of the child's birth certificate in September after giving birth. The response from DoL was that all my documents have been submitted and I should expect money in a weeks time. since today, 05 February 2016, I am still waiting. When you call their office, there is no answer. The last time I was there to find out what is the hold up, I was told that they need to delete my previous companies on their system and there is only one person in their HR who does this function. I am still waiting. This is unacceptable, I have been paying UIF since 2001 and this is the first attempt to claim. I hope the complaint board will look into the matter. I anticipate your response. Regards, Charity Setlhaku; csetlhaku@gmail.com.
sherika Send email
Dec 15, 2015


I submitted a claim with the uif for unpaid maternity leave in April 2015. Its now December 2015 and my claim has not been approved to date.
It is extremeley unfair to mothers who do not have any other source of income. Uif gets deducted from our salaries religiously every single month. We are spending money every month making endless follow ups with no success.
I strongly beleive that parliment should step up and step in and start making this country a worthwhile plave to live.

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