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Chriscrause65 Send email
Jan 6, 2020

Uif payout

Morning. I am chris Crause. I need to lodge a complaint against the uif. My documents for claim benefits has been with the paymaster since the 2nd of december 2019. ( i was told 8-10 days begore payment) then on the 16th again. After numerous calls i found out they are waiting for statements to show that i have worked and may receive benefits. So since 17dec i was promised a payout by numerous of the staff... So thursday i phoned spoke to an agent requested the same statements again. I mailed to her personally. I phoned again friday was told all documents are there. They need to payout. So this morning i phoned again just to make sure because most of those agents are not qualified for the job. I was told that the paymaster has to approve it!!!!!! What the hell!!! It was approved and i sent a continuation of benefits on the 2 nd of dec!!!!!! What ia going on there!???? Can anyone help me to get my benefits!!!!!!
Blommitjie1 Send email
Dec 19, 2019

maternity benefits


I gave birth in May 2019 and i have submitted my application for maternity benefit claim on the 22nd of august 2019. I received no feedback from labour department and no notice of claim rejection. i went back to the labour centre in randburg on the 30th of October 2019 and was told that my claim was rejected because my ui 2.7 was nt there when all my documents have been there. i then resubmitted my claim. up until today i am not receiving any information on the status of my claim i went to the labour center again yesterday and was told that they are not able to assist i need to phone uif offices in PTA. PTA uif offices told me to go to randburg labour department
Amanda001 Send email
Nov 20, 2019

Maternity Claim not paying out

Its almost 5 months that im stuggling with my UIF maternity claim. Every time I phone they have a different story. At last just when i thought my payment will be in a few days, the 10 working days lapsed. I phoned again the call centre, they informed me that the direct person at the paymaster should contact me via email for bankstatements. They are not in touch with the paymaster so they can not help me with this regard. I have sent the bankstatement on the VO support email, but he said I have to wait for a direct email asking for the bankstatements. Why do they give a turnaroud time but does not follow it. Its going for 5 months now and I dont know what to do anymore to get my full payment. Im drained and I think they do it intentionally not to pay out. Please help me!
Keenan W Send email
Nov 14, 2019

UIF Payment

I was retrenched on the 31st of March 2019 and received all the relevant paperwork from the company to apply for my UIF.
I submitted the completed paperwork and supporting documents to the Randfontein UIF offices within 1 week. The process was done successfully and I was suppose to receive my first payment but then recieved a notice from the UIF stating that my payment was held back because according to the UIF it was an over payment. The UIF stated that I withdrew funds from the UIF 10 years ago while being employed. I disputed the fact and provided proof which I supplied to my local UIF offices in Randfontein which was submitted to the Pretoria offices to be considered. I have not earned an income for the last seven(7) months and can not find a job although I have been applying. I have not had any feedback from the Pretoria offices regarding the status of my claim and when I go to the Pretoria offices I am given excuses like the person dealing with your case is on study leave for the past three(3) months.

I am pleading with anyone who can assist to please come in contact with me. I have a handicapped son whom I need to take care of who has special needs on a monthly basis. It is becoming extremely urgent for this matter to be resolved.
[email protected] Send email
Oct 31, 2019


My payment was rejected BECAUSE me and my husband has a joint bank account, even-though the letter from the Bank states that we have a joint bank account and both out names are on the letter PLUS on my payslip it shows the banking details in which my salary is paid into each month.(BOTH ARE THE SAME) I was told today that I WILL HAVE to open a new bank account only in my name. WTF!!!!!!! REALY!!!!!!!!!
Tinashe Send email
Oct 30, 2019


Hi when l got my job in South Africa l was told foreigners can also contribute to uif. Now my contract is finish l went to the DoL and submitted all the documents they need. Now it's a night mare to get the money back. It's 2 full months now. They don't give any explanation. 0622674945
Zoro21 Send email
Oct 15, 2019

Poor Service and draining process

I applied for maternity benefits almost 2 months ago, when applying at the offices I was back and fourth trying to the correct forms needed etc to avoid Any hold ups. With been at least 4 times to the offices with a new born baby. I have been calling the centre everyday for 3 weeks now and everyday I get absolutely different stories which don't even make sense. Makes me think what the he'll is going on. Like no one can help you with the correct information. I mean even been told a few times I didn't submit certain forms which I know I sent when Appling at the office then the next day I call I'm told no it is on the system they missing something else. Like really when does it end. I mean to have a new baby and go through all of this is emotionally and physically draining. I honestly wish someone can end this nightmare for me I hope I never have to apply for this ever again I refuse to do this again. Very Mad and unhappy. Please help
Zoro21 Send email
Oct 15, 2019

Pathetic service and very draining process

I applied for maternity benefits beginning of September, sincing I went on maternity September 1st. I was firstly back and fourth to the offices trying to make sure all my forms are correct and in order. Almost a month and half later for 3 weeks I have been following up and ever time I I get a different story from each consultant I mean how can a consultant tell me I didn't submit a certain form which I know I did also they would have never opened the claim.without it.then a hour later I get another story saying that that form they said is missing is in fact on the system they now missing something else then it was a certain date they required on the form then it was the birth veer which I did submit. I must say this has been so emotionally and physically draining me. How can they let a person go through this and deal with a new born. I mean how can everyone have a different story which means there is no system because everyone just says what they feel. I seriously need help with this nightmare..I hope I never have to apply got uif ever again!!! Very Mad
Gerrie2019 Send email
Oct 2, 2019

UIF Claim Rejected

I received an SMS that my UIF claim was rejected.

Why? I was told I am allowed to claim UIF and submitted my documents at Labour Centre accordingly.

Why was it rejected?
Gerrie2019 Send email
Oct 2, 2019

Notice of UIF Claim Rejected

I received an SMS stating that my UIF claim was rejected. Why was this?

I was told I could claim UIF lawfully and that I was entitled to claim UIF after dismissal.

What are the reasons for the claim being rejected?

Please help!
Moyra Buchanan Send email
Sep 19, 2019

UIF Payments and submissions not validated

Good day

Please can you help with the above and information below. If not, would you be so kind as to forward same to the responsible person. It would be much appreciated.

1. Below follows a copy of my transactions to UIF on 26 July 2019. Not one of these payments is reflected.
2. Prior to these payments I have made lump sum payments, according to your website when I login, as was previously requested as I wished to pay UIF ANNUALLY, and payments are as follows:
July 2019 R220 plus 5 payments of R13.00 each = Total R285 PAID
Jan 2019 R220 PAID
Dec 2018 R122 PAID
Apr 2018 R144 PAID. At that time the UIF payments were only R12.00 per month and not the R13.00 that is now given. You cannot increase payments two or even one year after the payments were paid, or were due. One pays what was asked at the time.
May 2017 R133 PAID once again for the entire year, after a few payments were paid first and then I decided to do the annual payment instead.
Total Paid R904.00
What should have been paid for my domestics since commencement: R572.00
Amount owing to employer: R332.00

MORE IMPORTANTLY my payment as per my cheque account below, does not reflect on my payment statement in my UIF web
account. Kindly attend to this matter urgently.

3. I have done the manual payment on the website where the block is red, over and over again, without any change.

Please can you fix up my account as a quickly as possible. Your assistance in this regard is much appreciated.

NK Mkhize Send email
Sep 12, 2019

UIf Maternity

My second payment was approved after receiving my 1st payment a d when they were supposed to pay me it was declined by the pay master. I was not notified of this matter and I had to phone in querying why I haven't received any payment and I was told the pay master had cancelled my request due to account details being different and when I asked why were they different they told me on their system it shows the same banking details nothing has changed. I don't understand why the so many mistakes done at the Ulf department and why when we go to labour branches we don't receive any help or assistance instead they always offline when you need help or need to apply. I'm not happy with what's happening in the department of labour and how we are treated
Lorendah Send email
Aug 15, 2019

Incorrect amount been paid

Hi i am on maternity leave since 3August 2019 i recieved my first payment from UIF maternity benefits but is R390.52 but department Of Labour has been deducting UIF from my salary since 2016 till july 2019 please help me because there's a mistake in this payment.My cell no [email protected]
Bfaure Send email
Jul 1, 2019

Not answering phones

Try calling dept of labour but they just dont answer their phones
Alta1954 Send email
Apr 25, 2019

Cannot pay UIF

Hi there .
Upto now we paid uif yearly in advance
We want to pay monthly but experience problems to register . last 3 weeks .
The UIF call centre is not working and they also did nor answer my e mails to '[email protected]'
I phoned at least 3 times a day
Please help me to register to enable me to pay UIF

regards Gerrit Le Roux

082 459 12 89

[email protected]

uif number 131817/06
tamartins Send email
Apr 5, 2019

UIF payment refused

I was dismissed in Desember 2018, had to move as my husband has been unemployed for over 2 years and we had no income. Every time I tried submitting on line something happened. First my ID was blocked then they were off line and now I get an sms that it was refused. I have had no income for over 3 months and don't have any means of getting to a dept of labour office to find out what is happening. No one is prepared to help you with money or getting there as family has given us a roof overy our heads and that is the help we have. No one being unemployed have the means to wait and then be refused. Dear ANEL. UIF Claim rejected. Notice of Appeal can be submitted at a Labour Centre. Enquiries contact local Labour Centre . Case No : 30002484269
Bora77 Send email
Feb 28, 2019

No payment for my UIF

Good day
I have a complaint in 2017 I applied for UIF at Port Elizabeth, I've been told there that I can't get my UIF because I was not unemployed for a period of 4 years in a previous claim that I got. I was retrenched 2012 and I got my UIF for that 2015 I got back to work where I work until end of 2016 its when I've been told that in 2017 that I can't get it, the problem is that my friend whom I retrenched with 2012 and been called back 2015 until 2018 got his UIF I want to know why I didn't get mine, my name is Bonani Mzozoyana, ID No. 7702075343081, my contact details 0785137659 please can you help me on this whereby I can understand a difference between my claim and my friend claim.
Kind regards
B Mzozoyana(Mr)
MandyVRooyen Send email
Feb 8, 2019

Dependant Benefits

I submitted my claim on the 4 Jan & was assured that all paperwork was in order. Two weeks later i received a call from labour department requesting to submit two other documents which i did on the 25th Jan only to be asked to submit a burial order even though i submitted death certificate. Their reasoning death not registered yet on their system. I go to home affairs for assistance they guide me when i eventually return to labour they say they dont need it because the death is showing now. On the 6th Feb i go again because its the date theyve given me hoping i can sign & get the money the next day only to be told the claim has been rejected but they cant tell me because they need to access the file first. The travelling to & from is costly & i had to resign because i relocated for a job offer to be there for my kid after the passing of her dad. I need the money to provide for them now more than ever.
Staff at bellville labour department do what you get paid for - render a competent service to your customers!!!!
Gillianf Send email
Oct 15, 2018

No payout

My father has been struggling to get his UIF payments for nearly 3 months now. When he goes in to the Alberton offices, he must sign a new form each time and the next payment date is moved further. He is then told the money will be in his account within the next 7 to 10 working days. This has happened more than once and still no money. He has gone in to query twice already and twice he was told that they don't know what the problem is, they would sort it out immediately but nothing! It has been 15 working days since he signed again and still nothing. My dad is not working, has no income but must catch 2 taxi's into Alberton and 2 taxi's to get back home. No body wants to lend an unemployed person money, because how do they get their money back! How must my dad get back to the Alberton UIF offices, there again! Can anyone tell us what is going on with the UIF payments?

[email protected]
Leonie Send email
Oct 8, 2018

Rejected claim

Good day

I need your help please my name is Leonie Johnson i was working for an agency for three years and was contributing towards the uif since i was first appointment, i submitted my uif claim on the 26th of last month . Because the company was delaying with my paper work and this morning i received an sms today saying that my claim has been rejected . Im a single mother of three children and i currently have no income i was depending on that money until i find another job, I've been job seeking but i still havent anything yet. I'm pleading with you please help me I've been unemployment for two month and i have been struggling to pay my rent and if i dont receive that money ill be homeless with my children . I dont know what else to do please help me

[email protected]
Mathe Nkomo Boitumelo Send email
Oct 4, 2018





Carmenk Send email
Sep 9, 2018

Maternity benefits

Hi there

I have been applying for myternity benefits since the end of April. It was first rejected due to certain forms not being recieved. Since then every time I ask why haven't I recieved the money they have another excuse. I am already back at work, a single mom and needing to pay back my debt from my leave since I never recieved my pay out that I was relying on to get through the month. Can someone help me get these useless people to do the job properly that they getting paid to do.
Jansen1312 Send email
Aug 9, 2018

Illness Benefit

Good day

I write this email out of concern due to the fact that my UIF benefit has ended whilst I'm still on temporary disability leave from work.

I was booked off due to my contraction of tuberculosis since 09 March 2018 to 31 August 2018.

I was told on the 5 July 2018 that I would receive my last payment, but now I'm still at home for a month with no income, fully dependant on the funds I would've received from the UIF.

Name: Girshwan Jansen
Contact number: 0620745189

Kindly assist in providing clarity as to why I no longer receive payments, and if I should still receive a payment, which process should I follow.
heksie Send email
Jul 4, 2018

Domestic worker UIF

Good day. I went on pension end of May 2018 and gave my domestic worker notice and paid her the notice period. I however searched for work for her because I wanted to help and she was working for me for very long. I founded work for her and she immediatly started working. She now insists that I complete the forms for UIF but she is working. Her new employer doesn't want to register her. He says she must first claim and after she received all the benefits he will register her otherwise she will not get benefits. I do not wish to commit fraud. Should I complete the forms for her to claim knowing that she is working ?
Mercy22 Send email
Jun 25, 2018

Why the resigned don't qualify

I want to know, is it a must for employees to pay uif or I can choose not to pay it? I ask this because I found out that I can't claim uif if I resign from work so since then I dont think is advisable for me to pay uif ,I'll rather save that money for my self and use it whenever I'm in need of it it. I resigned last year because I was working for a bad boss and I never got help even after reporting her,instead things were getting bad for me because I couldn't watch her do wrong things and keep my mouth I quitted my job and started looking for another those months I really needed money and I was Hoping I'll get uif but they told me I couldn't... Cos I resigned..I was so sad because that is my money,I worked for it. Now I owe people cos I kept on lending money from them so I can keep searching for job. Please tell me is not a must to pay uif...I don't want to pay it...if this is how it works... That's my money.

How can u denied me my money . at some points we work with heartless bad managers or supervisors and if you a good person ,u resign cos u don't want be involved in the scams ur bosses do as u don't want to loose your job by crimes u did not commit. Is unfair to deny me my money because I resigned...

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