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Curt curt Send email
Mar 4, 2017

Columbia heights lot is full of bull

They keep gradually increasing the lot rent, went from roughly around 300 ish a month to almost 600 a month. The only word I've gotten of why is for street clean up, which rarely ever occurs to begin with. How do they expect to have their denizens succeed in paying off rent-to-own if they're jacking up the lot especially even if they don't do anything but complain about keeping your vehicle off the street for supposedly someone to clean up. I only seen someone clean the streets at least 8 times through the winter! They don't cut the yards around the community, they barely keep the streets clean, and lot rent is still going up. The only other reason you can get from the manager is because yes community is deciding it, not her.
Nikkic62 Send email
Nov 12, 2016

Renting a home

I paid a $ 45 app fee and they denied me. Went back and added my boyfriend on for income and added another $35 to that they told me everything would be ok. Based on my info.denied me again!!said they would override it for more more money down so I went and borrowed the money..SMH denied me again!!!these people choose who they want in their home and accept that app fee knowing they were gonna deny u from the jump.I got four kids I Dont have money to throw away!!!they are so wrong I was willing to pay a higher deposit and move in on the with??no background either of us no bad credit sooo why deny?maybe its for the best.just a waste of 80$ and my time!!!
bbcm9614 Send email
Nov 11, 2016

Southern Meadows! What a Joke

This property is a damn joke. apparently starting the eviction process before they are supposed to because we were a couple of day late. This place is ridiculous. Rude and useless staff. Rent is too high and changes every single month because of extra charges and water bill... Don't care that the children in the neighborhood bang on random trailers and scare the living shit out of you. India is either never here or does not answer her phone. Elizabeth is nicer, but also hardly ever there, or only there for a short time. The maintenance guy is rude to your face and inefficient. And DOES NOT answer his phone when called after hours. And when you leave a message for him to call back, he just shows up the next day without any notice. Random walk throughs are unacceptable. Your property is horribly maintained and it is an invasion of privacy. Horrible. I cannot even tell you how disappointed I am.
Do not waste your time and run away as fast as you can. Way better places to be than here. Just keep looking!
deene Send email
Oct 26, 2016

valley verde

manager won't fix things, our rent always on time maybe one late, in entire time living here, she's rude and cusses at the tenants! easy to get in, expensive to live there and expensive to get out! management needs replaced and you could possibly have a nice community
Dlp1971 Send email
Sep 17, 2016

Raintree estates

The water is constantly off but the rent keeps going up. Keep raising lot rent but no improvement in park
All they are doing is patching but just gets worse
Added new section so older residents have to pay for That section as new residents get lower leases.
Complain to management is a joke they are never here
Yes communities need to step up and take care of their properties and freeze leases for senior citizens. Your profit should be ok as decent residence would stay.
Sandee Page Send email
Aug 24, 2016

Previous complain

I recently complained about certain issues at the Smoke Creek community. I would like to let you and the regional manager know that Ms Greene called me and we had a lengthy conversation. I am assured that she is working hard to resolve my complaints along with all the other issues that she has to deal with. We have a group who meets monthly and we will work with her to improve conditions.

I fear that I did not tell her about some of the issues because I felt I was becoming a complainer, but I am assured that Ms Greene wants residents to communicate with her as she can't see all that is happening, especially on nights and weekends.

Thanks for your immediate response. Please commend Ms Greene for all her efforts.

Sandra Page
Lot 28C
lucky60 Send email
Jul 21, 2016


managers allowed, in a storage facility, persons to tamper with my property costing damage to coverings as well as trailer(damage over 100.00) when approached said it wasn't their problem! had the lawn maintenance personnel run into my ac unit so many time it became inoperable( had 3 separate companies look at the unit) finds were that it had been ran into so many times it created a massive Freon leak, again when reported was told wasn't their problem... was told 4 years ago the lot rent went up to include lawn maintenance( still no service! no management denies it!, with damage to the property in storage i move said boat too my carport where i was threatened to be evicted from my home( i am buying the home) and from the property IF i did move the boat back to storage where they claim they are not responsible.. how ever since they demanded me to move it it is their responsibility! this company has done absolutely nothing to improve the park! there isn't any reason to go up on lot rent! they are plain simple thieves praying on good honest people trying to make a honest living! this is obserd! the management at paradise lakes are both incompetent as well self centered with the only intent of takeing money!
jacksonluc Send email
Jun 15, 2016

Wendy Meadows

I live in Wendy Meadows and and want you to know that management is rude no help at all. When you call the district manager
he is no better I have left messages and he does not respond. I think the corporate office need to investigate and replace everyone
apalacios2007 Send email
May 23, 2016

windoe ac units

I ive at Seascape Mobile Home Park, we as renters needed to have a bit of freedom when it comes to our home we always pay on time vut yet have a set of rules that are ridiculous to follow,, Our ac gave out a cohpke of days ago and the cost to fix will be 2000... For now we beed to sace money to replace ac so we boughy a few ac window units but they are not allowed in our traikerour own home that we pay for....
Momaof2 Send email
Apr 2, 2016

Southern Meadows

I been living in southern Meadows for 2 years you have the worst managers here they don't fix anything India always gone or when she there she is on the phone and Elizabeth always over here moms house who stay over here nothing is getting fix around here I complain about my problems for months and it still not fix I'm stayng in a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom trailer and my rent is $700 that's is to much for. 2bedroom please our some more mangers because India & Elizabeth do sent do they job and we need a maintenance man no maintenance is getting fix cause we don't have one. Thank you a resident at southern meadows n millington,tn
jupitergirl88 Send email
Dec 14, 2015


Rye field mobile home part is nothing but a huge joke. Rent goes up every year with no sign of any improvement. Kids unsupervised and damaging people's property. When you call the manager of the park she replies there isn't anything I can do. Neighbors have complained about the fire ants and profanity pictures in the park area and she replies with good I hope the kids get bit and said there where more important things to worry about than getting something to clean up the stuff written on the play ground equipment. I have three kids I can't even let play out side because of unruly kids and the stuff on the park equipment is not appropriate for kids to see. The manager knows there are drugs being sold within the park and doesn't care. I am so done with this place and I would not recommend anyone living in any of their communities. We were told when we moved in that the driveway that was sunken in on one side would be fixed it's been 4 years and they added on to the neighbors driveway and still I have a broken driveway.
autumn7140 Send email
Aug 17, 2015

Worthless company

I decided to buy a double wide in Southern Meadows. I put $10,500 down on this place. In my 10 horrid months there, I dealt with teenagers pissing behind my house. Children crapping in the street in front of my home. Trash lined streets. Parents who never, ever watched their children. (No children under 12 without adult supervision) yes, right joke of the year. A major animal hoarder behind me, 30 animals in a single wide. Many, many, many complaints to no avail. A animal hoarder in front of me. 17 animals with complaints to no avail. District Managers who kept telling me to be patient, to no avail. I was ready to throat punch someone. Then the kicker, I wanted to sell this dump, they want 10% of loan value? $4,300 to sell it on a broker deal. There were to be no window ac units in the trailers. Yet, everyone had them. I went to the buyback program to do the right thing. Got screwed on that one also. The entire park is out of community standards, which you sign when you move in. I have pics and videos of every damn bit of this crap. The office now has a window ac unit. WHAT A JOKE THIS COMPANY IS. DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER, BUY OR RENT HERE.
lil#duQ5 Send email
May 3, 2014

Yes Communities

This place was owned by the Clayton Company who manufactured mobile homes. It was established mostly Seniors on fixded incomes. It WAS a good place to live, quiet and friendly. We had minor rent increases and were always told. Then they froze the rents for those seniors 65 yrs or older. Our rent was $282 a month. The property was well kept, roads maintained, staff friendly, complaintes dealt with promptly.
Clayton sold to Family Home Properties and things went downhill in a hurry. The new office staff literally stole rent and mortgage payments from the residents, did not want to give receipts, repairs were not done. That company went bankrupt.
YES Communities bought this place and made many promises regading general maintenace and road repair.The madeObviouis road repairs to the front part of 2 main streets and a few patches. The grounds were spruced up. The reason for this was to entice new investers in YES.
My lot rent was increased by YES $48 when they took over and has gone up every year since. Their supposed goal is for everyone to pay $450 montly. Many of us are seniors on fixed incomes, we own our homes, and keeep our lots looking nice.
They have rented or sold to many bad people. The police have been out to bust drug dealers, murder, thefts, family violence, etc. These people do a lot of damage to the park. Background checks are not done. We even have a convicted sex offender living here. The list goes on and on.
We used to have a limit of 2 dogs under 20 lbs. only. Now we have serveral large canines running around
Rentersj cannot get maintenance done even though they signed up for"Gold Key" service. Now the weather had turned and renters cannot get their A/C units repaired in a timely mannor. Yes MAY lend them a small window unit. They roads are full of holes that could easily be fixed with simple hot tar and gravel patches. The Maintenace staff has been cut way back. The send out nasty letters to everyone threaten HUGE fines if people do not maintain their lots. These are gven to all -- even thiose whoes lots are well maintained. We are not informed of anything. The manager is rarely on site. Many good people are moving out as fast as they can. All faith in the company has been lost. Only Superficial mantainance is done. Thousands have been wasted on the repairs needed to homes trashed by bad renters. Homes are rented or sold without proper repairs being made.
All we have gotten are empty promises, lies. and poor management.
User925742 Send email
Mar 31, 2012


I live in Farragut Park in Knoxville TN. This place is also owned by Yes Communities. What a joke the Yes Corp. is! This park used to be a beautiful peaceful place...not anymore! I will say most of the residents are wonderful people, but we have lost some long time residents due to lot rent increases and now on top of that a property tax! Not to mention NO services to speak of. We used to have a full time maintenance man, but that went the way of everything else here. We, as a community, do our best to persuade people who are looking to live here, to look elsewhere. And we do it by telling them the truth about the increases EVERY year, the lack of services once you sign the papers and the general attitude of the manager(useless) and the Yes Corp. You all in your community should do the same>
User924889 Send email
Mar 29, 2012


I'm not sure which community the poster lives at, but I live in Creston Ridge. I have had numerous issues with the office here especially since the new park manager arrived. I originally bought the place in 2006 and signed the mortgage paperwork which gave me a reasonable monthly payment and low lot rent payment. I thought signing the paperwork meant that I was technically a homeowner, but now I wonder. I lost my job two years ago when circumstances changed and I could no longer travel out-of-state to work. Found it very difficult to pay all my bills, but until recently in some way or another I found a way to pay the mortgage and lot rent. I have been taken to court for non-payment of lot rent which has gone up in the last 6 years nearly a hundred dollars more than when I moved in. They've taken me to court twice. The first time I showed up they didn't and the case was dismissed. They filed again but I never received the notice and therefor a judgement was made because I was left in the dark. My only notice was when I received the judgement paperwork which showed up after my chance of appeal was up. They have a habit of posting notices on doors if lot rent is overdue asking to pay or vacate the property. I never signed any kind of rental agreement, just one line in all my paperwork about the lot payment. And furthermore, I have not received any kind of foreclosure or notices regarding my mortgage. I started a new job and let the office know that I'll be able to start making reparations on what I owe, they would not even consider it and now I'm trying to find some kind of help to buy me some time.
Last May, I asked one of the office personnel to send a maintenance worker over to my property because my front door was sticking. I did not ask for them to fix just come over and look at it. They never showed up and that evening I had to break down my door to get in. When I talked to them the next day, I was informed that since I was a "homeowner" maintenance was not allowed to come to my residence and "fix" any issue I had, but they could install anything I bought.
I bought a dog and after they placed a home next to mine, I began getting notices that I could not have my dog on a lead (which is attached to my porch) because it violated policy and they were asking for a pet deposit at the same time. This is something I see as a double standard because I have seen other dog owners with their pet set up just like mine or the dogs are running loose in the neighborhood. My dog does what he is supposed to do: he barks loudly and repeatedly if any strange person or vehicle comes near our home. He recognizes who is supposed to be near us and who's not. Because he does not recognize the office folk, he barks at them and won't let them come near. They don't like that. On top of that, over the years my neighbors and myself have had our homes or vehicles broken into. Not a real safe place to live, hence the dog.
And now on top of everything I've had to deal with; my child can no longer act as a child should. They have decided that children can only play in their own yards quietly. They can no longer chase each other down the street or things of that nature. When I was a child and I think when we were all children, we ran through our neighborhoods screaming and having a good ol' time not to mention played baseball, basketball, football or kickball in the street. When did it become a crime to be a child and act like one.
Yes! Communities is a joke. They are unwilling to work with you and only want your money and to uphold a false impression of a safe and good community. If I had the resources, I would sue them on a national level.
User616708 Send email
Mar 29, 2012


I am a single parent and a full time graduate student. My 4 children and I moved into this community because 1) it is close to my folks, 2) they pitched a great rent to own program and 3) my children are close to the school I wanted them to attend. However, 5 months later it is the biggest regret I have. I should have known in July there were going to be serious problems. We had to stay 2 weeks in a hotel because there was always one reason or another that our unit wasn't ready. I asked them to reimburse the hotel costs because we were told (and our paperwork indicated) a July 5th move in date. They looked at me like I was crazy. That was just the beginning. Below is an itemized list of everything that is wrong in my house:

1) the back door is jammed shut--won't even budge with 2 burly guys both throwing their weight against it.
2) the toilet in the master bathroom constantly runs.
3) the small strips on the walls are constantly falling off (1 has broke already)
4) the bedroom doors on either end of the house do not stay open unless propped.
5) the glass to my storm door shattered--has yet to be replaced.
6) water bills are outrageous--I have never had a normal water bill

Most of these problems I reported the day after we moved in. I was told they would have someone out 'within a few days' to make the repairs. That was in the middle of July. It is now the week before Christmas and absolutely nothing has been done. I'm pretty sure my back door not opening is a code compliance issue and I have filed the necessary complaint. I was told to 'just sweep up the glass to the storm door and they would replace it when they had a chance.' What they didn't say was that it was going to take a full 2 weeks before anyone came out to remove the insert that held the now shattered glass--I ended up taking my broomstick and knocking as much glass out of the door as I possibly could, but kids were still getting cut. My first water bill here was $380. The next one was $957. Because I don't own my house, I cannot get a plumber to even come look at what is going on. When I complained to the manager he told me I must have a leak somewhere and he would send one of the maintenance guys to look. 5 months later...still nothing. Except that my water has been turned off because I cannot afford a $1000 water bill! The door to my bedroom does not stay open unless it's propped. My dog (a daschund) got stuck in my room one day when I was gone and he tried to dig his way out, ripping the carpet near the door to pieces. I was told that because my dog did it, I am responsible. I argued that had they come and fixed the hinges on the door (neither of the two doors that don't stay open are hung correctly--it is obvious) instead of telling me 'just to prop it open, ' my dog would not have gotten stuck in the room, and he would not have felt compelled to try to dig his way out.

This has been one heartache after another (except that I have terrific neighbors). Please, please do not move here. You'll never get any repairs made, and if you're renting to own you are doubly screwed as you cannot go outside to get the work done without voiding your manufacturer's warranty. Whenever I've seen the maintenance men, they've always told me they'd be back to take care of the repairs...they times they've come I've either been on my way out to school/work or to get my kids from school. I've complained to the corporate office and I've gotten the same treatment. This clearly is a corporate-wide problem.

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