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Lscarb Send email
Sep 26, 2017

Bias news reporting

So sick of George S and Robin R going after President Trump on EVERY single show! This is what GMA has become, a show for George and and Robin to spout their opinions about our president, not news! All GMA is, is a platform for them to bash our president and I will not be watching anymore. I used to love watching Robin Roberts but no more!!!!!!!!! So disappointed!!!7
Kathleen Higgins Send email
Sep 26, 2017

Michael Strahan

Please remove M. Strahan from GMA. He is in way over his head on this show. He does not speak English well and would be better suited to sticking to segments featuring sports. I'm sorry, but he doesn't appear to be that smart and is lost on this show. What the suits have done to GMA is shameful. Please feature more of Amy, Lara, and Jesse. At least they all have a brain. Strahan not coming back to work for storm coverage was, in my opinion, a good reason to fire him. Won't be viewing GMA until he is gone.
Lizzie53 Send email
Sep 14, 2017

Michael Strahan

Strahan is cringeworthy! Please get rid of that man! I miss my favorite morning program! I simply can't watch the show when Michael Strahan is on.
Lizzie53 Send email
Sep 14, 2017

Michael Strahan

Please, for the love of God, get rid of Michael Strahan. He is cringeworthy. Boy, did you make a mistake bringing him on board.
After watching GMA since its' inception, I am changing channels. Get rid of Michael, and watch your ratings soar.
nick digilio sr Send email
Sep 7, 2017


DustyW87 Send email
Aug 30, 2017

George S

You need to transfer George S. to CNN-he"ll fit right in with their bias b.s. JJ Watt is taking donations for the Houston issue and President Trump wasn't even mentioned for donating as much as Bullock who got praised for her donation. I'm done with your show and it's liberal point of few! Biden wan't to take President Trump behind the gym and that's how I feel towards George S. Biden would have got his butt kicked if he did just like George S. would and I'm a senior citizen!
Rabakah Send email
Aug 27, 2017

Paula Ferris

Thank goodness Amy has been sitting in for Paula Ferris for the past few days. The news has been reported professionally without the adolescence interruptions Paula consistently brings to show. This type of performance may be encouraged well when one is with a group of ladies and they're all trying to talk over each other but in a "go to" morning news program, it definitely reduces the professionalism. Good Morning American, please do not become The View.
Barbara16 Send email
Aug 24, 2017

Micheal Strahan

So happy that Micheal Strahan was off for the last few days, I can finally watch GMA. Not trying to be cruel but he's not cut out for morning TV. When I wake up in the morning the last thing I want to see is some grown man trying to articulate the English language, it's irritating, feels like someone scratching their nails down a chalk board. Please send him back to football full time.
baaaba2503 Send email
Aug 21, 2017

Too much Republican bashing

I have been a long time viewer of Good Morning America but I will no longer watch the show as long as George Stephanopoulos is on the air. Everyday regardless of what is going on in the world the lead story is always bashing our President. When he interviews Republicans he is rude and argumentative, how is this professional journalism? The media's job is to inform the public, keep your one sided opinion to yourself. I hope ABC reads these reviews. While GMA still leads the news morning show in ratings, the Today show leads with adults 25-54 and has been creeping up on GMA for the past year. Take notice ABC, people are tired of all the bashing, did it or you will continue your decline.
Senk60 Send email
Aug 18, 2017

Bashing our President

Seriously Gma,
Start with 12 minutes bashing our President Trump is disgusting and i feel there is better things to do and cover. I am removing gma from my dvr. Simply a audience in the second hour is stupid and trying to be a talk show waste of air time . I sincerely want a better format.
Tom Senk
asardo01 Send email
Aug 11, 2017

Michael Strahan

I can't believe ABC news executives actually thought Michael Strahan would increase their ratings! He is so bad that I hate looking at the morning news with him. I also, like many,have switched to NBC. Bad move. Get your act together and get rid of him! He is differently not a newsman. He lacks what it takes to makes a new reporter professional. It took away from George and Robin. Bring back Amy Robach. Bad, bad decision!
[email protected] Send email
Aug 10, 2017

Michael Strahan

Please have Michael move on. I have many negative descriptive words to say about him but I don't think I need to repeat every other complaint. There is nothing wrong with being really good at something (football) and being really bad at something else (newscaster). The trick is to move on before you make a fool of yourself and lose viewers.
Canadian Send email
Aug 8, 2017

Michael Strahanr

Finding it harder and harder to listen to Michael Strahan. Thought he'd get better but mumbles even more now. About to delete my pre-recordings and go to MSNBC.
Robert c Send email
Aug 5, 2017

Paula Ferris

I have been watching GMA since it's inception. I was thrilled to death that the court jester, Lara Spencer, got demoted to the second the second half of the show with the addition of Michael. But my real irritation is with the executives for not pulling Paula Ferris back to her role of reporting stories and NOT hosting with Dan. Paula cannot think or respond properly on her feet. She often comes across fake and most of the time makes no sense. You can ask Jessie Palmer about her as she made some mental defective comment that was insulting to anyone watching. Jessie just paused in silence with WTF expression on his face.
Well today Sat Aug 5th, she rudely snapped at Ron Clayborn. Paula was looking at Ron and was stating how quarter back Kurt Warner was getting inducted by his wife, Ron simple states he won on the Rams though for that super bowl. Paula, with a shit eating grin on her face, snarks back "thanks for the clarification." Ron just veers his head to the right and throws up his hands in disgust.
Then just a couple minutes later she's bragging about an article she wrote in Redbook about how she is finding inner peace through meditation.
What a crock of BS.
Paula is great with reading off the teleprompter, but adlibbing or having to think on her feet is a major defect.
The executives have to know this and I'm sure she was back peddling during the commercial break.
To the executives, your mistake was letting Bianna Golodryga walk.
It's time to pull Paula from hosting and put her back to reporting or put her full time on the View.
Barbara16 Send email
Aug 5, 2017

Micheal Strahan

Micheal Strahan should only be reporting sports if that. I watched GMA for years, but since Micheal started on the show I switched to the Today show. It's a disgrace to the public's intelligence to have this man report serious news. I guess because he is friends with Robin that Trumps Amy, who can articulate and report the news.
nick digilio sr Send email
Aug 2, 2017


poc100 Send email
Jul 31, 2017


Please get rid of Michael. His addition to the team is a joke. He is no where close to being a journalist. I now have to watch the today show which I don't care for. Also why do you put Nancy Grace on. She is so annoying. She has a bad attitude and thinks she is the only one that is right. Why do we highlight people like that.
Bjst4 Send email
Jul 28, 2017

Michael Strahan and Dan Harris

Michael Strahan is absolutely terrible! We cannot stand to watch GMA during the week anymore since he has been added to the team. He seems to struggle with a lot of stories and acts uncomfortable. Also sometimes we cannot understand what he is saying. Amy is by far the best!

We only watch GMA on weekends now and that's because Paula is worth it. We just tolerate Dan Harris and his big ego! He spends to much time promoting himself.
Jenbob Send email
Jul 28, 2017


Lara Spencer is so loud and annoying please get rid of her. Do the producers ever read all the complaints do they really even care? It's no wonder the ratings keep dropping

Lara acts like she has to scream all the time like she is the queen bee of the show and knows everything when in fact she has more bad reviews on any programs he's ever been on than anybody else. She thinks she is a prima donna and she treats the other co-host like crap. It's obvious how jealous she is of Michael Strahan although I must admit he is not a news anchor. I don't know if he's a nice guy off the set or not but as a co-anchor for the news desk he is an idiot. I mean can the guy even read.

Please get rid of Lara. I will not be watching this program again.
Cas523 Send email
Jul 27, 2017

Fire the football jock

I thought strahan was gone, but he's back, SAD. Sorry, but I don't watch GMA when strahan is on air. He is inapt
unarticulate , and not a newscaster -and frankly dumb. He is a giant distraction. I switch to NBC as soon as I see him start waving his giant hands.
Cas523 Send email
Jul 27, 2017

Strahan' s gotta GO

I thought strahan was finally gone after being away for weeks , but he's back and I'm not happy. Just to let you know I dont watch GMA anymore because
I can't stand to watch bumbling and constant hand moving Strahan. He is very inarticulate reading copy and constantly seems
completely unintelligent. ( I'm trying not to say DUMB!).
GMA has really gone downhill with bringing him on, As potus says. SAD.
Let him go!
Beaverjo Send email
Jul 25, 2017

George Stephanopoulos

Stephanopoulos needs to move on. I hate his energy with his opening of the show. He's very rude when interviewing people. He cuts them off when they're talking. He seems to need to have the last word just like trump. I believe he also has nothing good to say about our president-you can pick up on his energy. He thinks he is all that because he worked with President Clinton. I could care less if I ever watch that show anymore because of him. Robin Roberts it's too bad you're associated with all that negativity on that show with George because I think your awesome. Shuffle along George your energy isn't wanted.
SaraGreen Send email
Jul 25, 2017

Good Morning America

GMA please pay Michael Strahan off and get rid of him. He is such a misfit on GMA and I cringe every time he comes on. Worst of all I cannot understand him half of the time. Replace him with an anchor that can actually speak clearly.
Ree3 Send email
Jul 19, 2017

Nancy Grace

Please stop with Nancy Grace. She does not bring anything positive to the discussion. Dan Abrahams is all we need in a legal capacity for GMA. He is direct, informative, unbiased and honest. Nancy is the exact opposite! She is not productive, not informative, and down right angry and combative. She looks like one of the "Angry Birds"! I change the channel when she comes on the "air". Her negative tone, negative look, and over reaction to relevant issues is too much. Please do the show a favor and leave her off.
Also, if George Stephanopolis can't grow up and keep his emotions in check regarding our President and political news, he needs to move on from GMA. George's interviews are the worst. Totally one sided..argumentative...constantly interrupts. He needs to do his job description- TV Reporter on GMA, report the news, not argue his personal thoughts.
Disappear Nancy Grace
Josie Send email
Jul 12, 2017

George Strohanopoulous

I think it is past time for ABC to arrange therapy for deleriius George! The world could be on fire and he would still start each day with a NEGATIVE , INFIGNIFICANT TRUMP story! It has actually become comedic to watch this "has been" reporter desperately try to bash the president everyday. He's so pathetic! He is actually in a state of panic each morning as he unsuccessfully tries to throw something at the president that he thinks might stick. He just CANNOT ACCEPT THE FACT that the Clinton dynasty has been crushed and there's not a damn thing he can do about it! ABC has truly lost touch with reality and is making a mockery of what little is left of honest journalism by allowing Stephanopolous to spew his venom everyday. It's time to take your ball and go home George! You lost and your contradicting, biased, unprofessionalism has grown quite boring. You have lost all credibility with so very many! By the way, when are George and his loud mouth wife moving to Canada, as promised? Didnt they hear? TRUMP WON!!!

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