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S Burnes Send email
Feb 21, 2021

Disrespect of TJ Holmes toward Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

It was very disappointing to see the interview with my Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick yesterday. TJ Holmes was a very disrespectful and ungracious host in his questioning and challenging of Lt. Gov. Patrick. He does not have to like the man nor agree with him to honor his office. Why does Mr. Holmes feel entitled to be so discourteous to someone with whom he disagrees? How would he feel if that were reversed?

GMA is a program that I have enjoyed in the mornings and upon returning home for my lunch. That will no longer be the case as long as Mr. Holmes remains part of the program. He owes Lt. Gov. Patrick a sincere apology.
byebyetj Send email
Feb 5, 2021

GMA3 TJ Holmes

PLEASE get rid of TJ Holmes as he is nothing but an uneducated, self-absorbed idiot. He talks like a used car salesman or a carnival barker and is very inappropriate with his jokes, comments and laughing when something important is being discussed.
Its absolutely cringeworthy to watch and disrespectful to the two well-educated, seasoned and informative woman with whom he shares the stage. Won't be watching anymore until he is gone as he contributes NOTHING.
byebyetj Send email
Feb 5, 2021

GMA3 TJ Holmes

In as much as I like to hear any covid news, I can no longer watch as long as TJ is on this show. He talks like a used car salesman or a barker at the 3 ring circus. He is sarcastic when it is NOT appropriate, and he does nothing but cheapen the show. Amy and Dr Marshall are well seasoned- but this TJ idiot has nothing to add that shows he has any knowledge. At times, it appears that the women are cringing at his stupid comments as I do also. Please remove him as he has nothing to contribute that isn't offensive or that is appropriate. He is soooo full of himself that it's offensive.
punkin1091 Send email
Jan 7, 2021

everyone on GMA

Totally unbelievable ! Since GMA refuses to deliver the news just personal opinions I have chosen to stop watching your show. You should be sued for false advertisement saying your a news show? I don't care what Georges personal feelings are about things and tell Robin her racism is showing!
punkin1091 Send email
Jan 7, 2021

everyone on GMA

I have watched your show for years until the election of 2020. No matter who won, not the issue. Your so called HOSTS are a joke. They have made it very clear that they do not like Trump. Personal feelings should not be allowed on TV news. The president can't put on his pants without someone wanting to impeach him. If your program can't tell the news without showing their personal feelings you leave me no choice but to stop watching your show. I know your don't really give a crap how one person feels. How many complaints do you think the Disney company will tolerate before they make a change.

P.S. Tell George I do not care what his personal opinion is; about anything, I thought his job was to report the news.
Tell Robin that her Racism is showing everyday.

TV ADDICT Send email
Dec 30, 2020


malinok Send email
Dec 29, 2020

TJ Holmes

I have been a loyal fan since I retired 8 yrs ago, but recently I've lost interest. It feels as if since you've made TJ Holmes a big part of the show it has become so racial. Maybe you don't notice it but I know many of my friends are turned off by his comments. Ex: this morning was the story about the black boy accused of stealing a phone in upscale hotel in New York. This was absolutely wrong by the women and she has the issue but it doesn't mean it is still the same as days in Mississippi of years ago. He makes everything white/black. I want the stories told but we don't need his spin on it. He only fosters the race issue against everyone else. I've noticed this over and over on his side comments.

Please return to telling stories about everyone without your personal interjection. I find myself flipping channels looking for an unbiased show. Seems to be the new Disney process for their shows lately.

Please make it the show of enjoyment and let us make our own judgement. He's not like that on the 3rd hour..
testrocket Send email
Dec 11, 2020

biased fear based "news"

Loved the show for years, and the "reporters" who host GMA. BUT the "fake news" the cast has to report is just to much bare anymore. The show has to hype fear and hysteria and takes a very LEFT side sheeple viewpoint instead on honest unbiased reporting. I believe a lot of people at ABC see the twisted reporting but do not want to lose their jobs. I for one will stop watching GMA sorry and I know I'm not alone. This message will probably go unheard and unseen, but on the outside chance it does not. Please forward it to your ABC executives the bias and "fake" reporting has gone ignored long enough. Truly sad days to be a American....
Lindia Send email
Nov 27, 2020

Election "Reporting"

I have been watching GMA for years; however, I now watch "Today" instead. You lost me as a viewer in the months preceding the 2020 Election with your biased, liberal "reporting." Especially George Stephanopolous. It got to the point where I was yelling "SHUT UP, GEORGE!" at the TV every morning. The other Washington "reporters" were just as bad. Why watch a show that did nothing but make me angry? Where was coverage of Hilary's September court proceedings? Where was coverage of the Hunter/Joe Biden laptop corruption and illegal foreign affairs? Yet if President Trump farts in public, it's national news. The media's responsibility is just to report the news, not force their personal opinions down our throats. "Today" is more unbiased and easier to watch. Farewell, GMA ...
Lindia Send email
Nov 27, 2020

Biased "Reporting"

I have been watching GMA for years; however, I now watch "Today" instead. You lost me as a viewer during the months preceding the election. GMA is blatantly liberal in their "reporting." Especially George Stephanopolous. I got to the point where I was yelling "SHUT UP, GEORGE!" at the TV every day. The other Washington "reporters" were almost as bad. Why punish myself to watch a show that was making me so angry? The media has the responsibility to just report "news," not force their personal opinions down our throats! Also, where was coverage of Hilary's September court proceedings? Where was coverage of the Hunter/Joe Biden laptop corruption and illegal dealings with foreign countries? Yet, if President Trump farts in public, it's national news! I believe the election was definitely fraudulent, and the media assisted the extreme Left in their corruption. I believe GMA was a big contributor to the corruption. "Today" is much more unbiased. So long, GMA...
rebecca ann giffin Send email
Nov 24, 2020

ginger zee

she does not dress to impress!!! Does she ever look at herself before going before the cameras? Her hair and her clothes do not reflect well for her job. I do not care if she looks chic or not --- I just want her weather report. Great figure for having 2 kids---I do not care. I like a more dressed up look like the others on GMA. The local stations weather girl dresses better!
Carlos Lopez Send email
Nov 21, 2020

Eva Pilgrim Her stupid, constant laughing

Please, please get rid of Eva Pilgrim. Can’t watch weekends of Good Morning America. She is laughing like a crazy woman for nothing, like she did weed before the show. Annoying LAUGHING ALL THE TIME , SHE IS LAUGHING FOR NOTHING. Awful. Just awful. Every broadcast SHE SEEMS THAT SHE IS DRANK OR DRUGGED.
adiemax Send email
Nov 21, 2020

Steals and Deals

Many items already sold out on West Coast!!!! on 11/19/20
bonnie1818 Send email
Nov 13, 2020

Election Crap

I am so tired of hearing OPINIONS about what is going on with the election versus your liberal picks to tell me about what you think. Your "other" family news channel does report both sides. I have been a loyal GMA watcher for years and you are pushing me away. Can you please provide some balanced reporting? Else, you are just an opinion organization and not a news organization. After watching other channels, I am letting you know that I do not agree with your opinions, if something does not change, you lose me as a viewer.
bonnie1818 Send email
Nov 13, 2020

Election Crap

Why the lies about what is going on with the election. The lawyers have won cases in court - but you are saying they are losing or not even mentioning the reality of how WE THE PEOPLE deserve an honest election. You are using quotes from bias partisans. Your family news org is reporting accurate information as well. Who runs your organization? You are supposed to report new, NOT OPINIONS. 71M Americans voted for Trump - do you want to lose all of those viewers? One more mention of your crap and I am gone to another network. Thank the good Lord there are coices.
shuffmyer Send email
Nov 5, 2020


Why is Chris Christie so frequently on Good Morning America when he is a proven lier and deceitful. Can't you find a more reputable person to represent the Republican point of view? You almost never have anyone who is well known to represent the Democratic point of view. Horrible choice of people to interview.
Sue Mark Send email
Nov 5, 2020

Michael Strahan's grammar

Please tell Michael Strahan to STOP saying things like, "Barbara, SHE said............" or "George, HE did this or that"!!!!!! YOU DON"T INSERT A PRONOUN behind a noun in the middle of a sentence!!!!!!! It's simply Barbara said this.........or George did this or that!! DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!!! He's been doing it for years!!!!!!!!! Looks like someone with GMA would correct him!!!!! He is NOT a good fit for GMA...........much better on sports shows where he belongs!!!!!!!!
Ted Sherwin Send email
Oct 23, 2020

Breana Taylor

A court of law has decreed that, as tragic as the Breana Taylor case was, there was no murder involved, and no law enforcement officer should go to prison for life because of it. As with all such court decisions, this should have resolved the case, and the country should go about getting over this divisive, volatile incident. Therefore , your decision to use your program for retrying this case is appalling, with your obvious intent being to put a head on a plate, whether or not that head deserves to be put there. You might argue that you're just exploring a newsworthy story, but that explanation would fly in the face of reality. Your approach to this story is much more prosecutorial than journalistic, with Straihan asking such provocative questions as "are you a racist." And with Roberts' post interview telling statement, "meanwhile, a black girl is dead." The obvious coda to that remark is, "and no one has been punished for it." And with your field reporter using such tendentious rhetoric as saying that the boyfriend's gun was legal, as if the legality of that weapon had anything to do with the case -- except for manipulating the mind of the listener. Your blatant goal is to exact vengeance for Taylor's death no matter the circumstances or the court's decision. Please stop this witch hunt before you exacerbate the tragedy of this case.
GT1 Send email
Oct 23, 2020

T. J. Holmes

We really enjoyed Need to Know with Amy and Dr. It was a very informative program. After they included T.J. to the program. it totally changed the feeling of the program. Now it feels like we are watching T..J. out to prove himself. He is very much into himself. A little show offey. I think he could be used in another type of program.
Thank you
TV ADDICT Send email
Oct 19, 2020


Rosered50 Send email
Oct 14, 2020

George Floyd

I cannot believe after all the destruction caused by the riots (peaceful demonstration)that GMA would do a show on George Floyd. Yrs he should not of died in the manner he did, it was horrible. But why do you want to stir it all up again on his birthday. He would not have been with his family today if he had not died. The news has made a hero of a common criminal and drug user. Why do you want to cause more riots! No he did not deserve to die like he did, but why would he not follow the police officers orders?
Professor Olson RN MSN Send email
Sep 24, 2020

Jenna Bush Hager is RUDE!!!

I have had all I can take!!!
I watch GMA every weekday morning. As a disabled nurse, I am on extreme lockdown.
Hoda, Al, and Savanah are my absolute favorites, and I like the others, but I am SICK of Jenna Bush Hager's whining, poor timing, rudeness cutting everyone off and her competitive nature. She is always BRAGGING. I can't stand her black and white clown suit and now all she wears are baggy clothes since she didn't like see her Pandemic weight gain.

She is WAY out of her league with the crew on GMA. I just watched her berate Savanah about a sweater!!!! RUDE, INCONSIDERATE, AND TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!!! PLEASE, I AM BEGGING YOU, GET HER OFF OF THE SHOW!!! Let her go and read books to children. Her voice alone, chances into that WHINNY poor me mode!!! I don't care if they lived in the White House! SHE IS NOT GMA STATIS!!!!

I have been turning the show off as soon as she starts! I miss HODA and love her sweet, empowering, kind, way of pulling us all together. Al, I love your recipes. Still putting malt mix in my pancakes. You are kind, knowledgeable, and the Patriach of our TV family. All has a way of pulliing the group together tactfully!

Savanah, you are in high demand because of your professionalism, I don't care what you wear, and I love your doggie sweater (as an animal rescuer for 43 years!)

I truly love all of you! I identify with those that I have mentioned. But enough is enough. I often wanted to write in, but today was the nail in the casket! Please! she is an embarrassment! In a time like this, we NEED people who will ease suffering and embellish love and kindness. Professor Olson RN MSN
Gary gobel Send email
Sep 24, 2020


People forget who fired the first shot that caused the officers to fire in the first place.her boyfriend got het is a shame that she was shot. Do not forget that a officer was shot first.
Major Send email
Aug 26, 2020

Biased Coverage Dividing Our Country

This show is unwatchable. This show is one of the reasons our country is so divided. Early each morning we can be sure to learn of George's and Mary Bruce's and Cecelia Vega's utter contempt for Trump. He is our president and has not received a moment of fair coverage on this show or network in almost four years. Our country is divided, not because the media can point to any concrete information that President Trump is racist but because of the biased reporting of shows like this. Now the coverage of the Republican National Convention begins and is already being bashed by Good Morning America. The Democratic National Convention, with its constant attacks on Trump, was deemed worthy of non-stop glowing praise. I have given up waiting for this show to provide fair reporting.....Although it is amusing to watch the faces of George, Robin, and the rest scrunch up in distaste at the mention of Trump...cannot imagine how they will be able to cope if Trump wins a second term...then their non-stop President bashing would have all been for nothing or, maybe, it will be one of the reasons that will help him win again.
rcioll Send email
Aug 25, 2020

Interview style

Well, Nikki Haley just crushed George Stephanopoulos into the ground. He was clearly out of his league in this interview paying more attention to trying to "catch" her. This is why I rarely watch ABC any more, very left wing, I want middle of the road interviews and opinions.

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