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gbryant Send email
May 28, 2021

TJ compliment

Just want to compliment GMAC. I finally saw a show where TJ Holmes was allowed to sit. Good! I like him. He presents well.
I hope he continue to progress and advance.
gbryant Send email
May 28, 2021

Friends discrimination

I know that GMAC is a social media program, but also a news program.

I have sincere disappointment in the fact that all GMAC has done is to applaud the show Friends. Why is it - Robin, Michael,
T J - nor any of the other hosts - have never brought to the platform the absence of African Americans on that show?

I know I am certainly not the only person who has noticed that. I am sure other people have written and complained about it. Why is that GMAC has decided to ignore that issue? You are being very biased and small. You are merely bowing to popular thought, since it appears that many, many people are excitedly happy about the Friends reunion, That should not nave interfered with the delivery of true news, which is the fact that those old showed did not have representation of the African American population. which was certainly around at that time. When the show first came out, I started watching it. Then I realized that I never see a person of color on it, so, I stopped.

Be for real Robin and stop gooozing over them. They do not deserve it.
gbryant Send email
May 28, 2021

GMAS phrasing

I read a complaint about GMAC phrase "racial awakening or reckoning" something of that nature.. Let me offer understanding.

If GMAC would have instead added - America must now recognize that these racial injustices will no longer be tolerated.
America has been fully aware of all of this racial inequality, racial injustices and crimes committed against African Americans - have been aware of and have accepted. Now since George Floyd, however, the majority of Americans will no longer just turn their heads and say , "Oh did you hear what happened?". No, Americans are now saying. "No more. This must stop!"
gbryant Send email
May 28, 2021

camera focus

BTS concert - Great choice GMAC

They are the only performers I would pay to see!!! They are just wonderful - Cute and talented. I like the way they switch leads so that hopefully they will all stay satisfied and happy. They give a good example of how groups can all share the spotlight.

My complaint is for the camera men. What would make you think we want to waste their time looking at your widescreen shots on the buildings. No We Don't. Keep the camera on them!! You go to those long shots on the buildings then we have to try to refocus our eyes on BTS. Come on!!! We are looking at the show so we can see BTS not have to span up or down a building and to then finally find them again.
Debrah Send email
Mar 29, 2021

Fake News

While finishing up on my computer this morning the opening comments for GMA came on after my morning news program.
I had to laugh at the statement " After the death of George Floyd the country was awakened to racial reckoning. What a joke!
Since the 1970's we've had hit T.V. shows with all black families. And they had number #1 ratings!
Less than 10% of the country believes there's systematic racism in the U.S.
Someday you will be held accountable for the lies and destruction you are pushing on this great nation. Wake up and start reporting real news.
Why don't you tell the country about the Biden created crisis at the border? Or how about all the riots going in Portland, the innocent lives lost to riots. Why not discuss how in Chicago they have strict gun control laws and yet they have some of the highest death by shootings?
You're a joke when it comes to real news, just more propaganda to push your socialist agenda!
David Fater Send email
Mar 21, 2021

Robs Beard

Could you please have your cast stop making comments every day on ROBS BEARD .
Anthonydigirolamo Send email
Mar 17, 2021


TH Holmes is horrible and brings down GMA both morning and afternoon. He is nasty and always talks down to people including Amy and Dr. Jen. Strahan and Robin baby him and you can tell he irritates George. Amy can do the show on her own and Robin, Michael, and George don't need him.
patmcci Send email
Mar 5, 2021

Michael Strahan/Chris Harrison

Up until yesterday, Michael was one of my favorite people. However, in his interview with Chris Harrison he was unfair and rude. Chris did a great job of describing not only his apology but also how he plans to change things in the future. What more did you want from the man !!!! You owe him an apology.
Martini Send email
Mar 4, 2021

Michelle Obama

Michelle O stated this morning on GMA that we need to MARCH, PROTEST AND VOTE to take back our country. It is OK for her to make this statement on national TV but President Trump was crucified for saying the same thing. She did not even say protest peacefully. She is inciting a riot with that statemen. You should rename your show Good Morning Democratic Party. You have become the most politically biased show and are racists against the white middle class. T.J and George need to go.
What has happened to GMA. It is not the same show it was many years ago. A waste of time to watch now.
WendyG. Send email
Mar 3, 2021

No news, just editorials

Boycotting GMA. I want news, not editorials. I can make up my own mind about important issues. I don't t need George Clintonopolis to tell me what to believe. Used to love Robin Roberts, but no more! Report the news, not your opinions. I recently read this, and it really reverberated with me: "My rights don't end where your feelings begin." You are a bunch of spineless sheep kowtowing to BLM, Antifa, and other radical groups( of which Republicans are NOT). Though I would never hurt someone's feelings on purpose, I refuse to apologize for being white!
seifertcc Send email
Mar 2, 2021

TJ interviewing Lt Gov Patrick

I can't believe the amount of people defending Dan Patrick and what an embarrassment he was to TEXAS. While he did speak of the failures for the electric outage, HE argued with TJ about not having this problem in 10 years. REALLY? We haven't had below freezing weather in over 10 years. What I found disrespectful was when TJ tried to get him to respond to what was done since the last issue (same as this one) in 2011 his only answer was "that they took the recommendations" of the Fed inspectors. REALLY? But what was done, oh yes, they passed it on to the PUC and ERCOT. What happened after that? NOTHING! He was so embarrassing to tell him he wasn't there to argue with TJ, but TJ was simply pointing out the FACTS! The TEXAS government leadership oversees all of the above. So just who failed?
inge Send email
Feb 28, 2021

News on GMA

Not watching your show any longer till you apologize for infiltrating your personal feelings and false news to your viewers. Never thought that GMA would be a political platform with uncivilized ankers.
S Burnes Send email
Feb 21, 2021

Disrespect of TJ Holmes toward Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

It was very disappointing to see the interview with my Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick yesterday. TJ Holmes was a very disrespectful and ungracious host in his questioning and challenging of Lt. Gov. Patrick. He does not have to like the man nor agree with him to honor his office. Why does Mr. Holmes feel entitled to be so discourteous to someone with whom he disagrees? How would he feel if that were reversed?

GMA is a program that I have enjoyed in the mornings and upon returning home for my lunch. That will no longer be the case as long as Mr. Holmes remains part of the program. He owes Lt. Gov. Patrick a sincere apology.
byebyetj Send email
Feb 5, 2021

GMA3 TJ Holmes

PLEASE get rid of TJ Holmes as he is nothing but an uneducated, self-absorbed idiot. He talks like a used car salesman or a carnival barker and is very inappropriate with his jokes, comments and laughing when something important is being discussed.
Its absolutely cringeworthy to watch and disrespectful to the two well-educated, seasoned and informative woman with whom he shares the stage. Won't be watching anymore until he is gone as he contributes NOTHING.
byebyetj Send email
Feb 5, 2021

GMA3 TJ Holmes

In as much as I like to hear any covid news, I can no longer watch as long as TJ is on this show. He talks like a used car salesman or a barker at the 3 ring circus. He is sarcastic when it is NOT appropriate, and he does nothing but cheapen the show. Amy and Dr Marshall are well seasoned- but this TJ idiot has nothing to add that shows he has any knowledge. At times, it appears that the women are cringing at his stupid comments as I do also. Please remove him as he has nothing to contribute that isn't offensive or that is appropriate. He is soooo full of himself that it's offensive.
punkin1091 Send email
Jan 7, 2021

everyone on GMA

Totally unbelievable ! Since GMA refuses to deliver the news just personal opinions I have chosen to stop watching your show. You should be sued for false advertisement saying your a news show? I don't care what Georges personal feelings are about things and tell Robin her racism is showing!
punkin1091 Send email
Jan 7, 2021

everyone on GMA

I have watched your show for years until the election of 2020. No matter who won, not the issue. Your so called HOSTS are a joke. They have made it very clear that they do not like Trump. Personal feelings should not be allowed on TV news. The president can't put on his pants without someone wanting to impeach him. If your program can't tell the news without showing their personal feelings you leave me no choice but to stop watching your show. I know your don't really give a crap how one person feels. How many complaints do you think the Disney company will tolerate before they make a change.

P.S. Tell George I do not care what his personal opinion is; about anything, I thought his job was to report the news.
Tell Robin that her Racism is showing everyday.

TV ADDICT Send email
Dec 30, 2020


malinok Send email
Dec 29, 2020

TJ Holmes

I have been a loyal fan since I retired 8 yrs ago, but recently I've lost interest. It feels as if since you've made TJ Holmes a big part of the show it has become so racial. Maybe you don't notice it but I know many of my friends are turned off by his comments. Ex: this morning was the story about the black boy accused of stealing a phone in upscale hotel in New York. This was absolutely wrong by the women and she has the issue but it doesn't mean it is still the same as days in Mississippi of years ago. He makes everything white/black. I want the stories told but we don't need his spin on it. He only fosters the race issue against everyone else. I've noticed this over and over on his side comments.

Please return to telling stories about everyone without your personal interjection. I find myself flipping channels looking for an unbiased show. Seems to be the new Disney process for their shows lately.

Please make it the show of enjoyment and let us make our own judgement. He's not like that on the 3rd hour..
testrocket Send email
Dec 11, 2020

biased fear based "news"

Loved the show for years, and the "reporters" who host GMA. BUT the "fake news" the cast has to report is just to much bare anymore. The show has to hype fear and hysteria and takes a very LEFT side sheeple viewpoint instead on honest unbiased reporting. I believe a lot of people at ABC see the twisted reporting but do not want to lose their jobs. I for one will stop watching GMA sorry and I know I'm not alone. This message will probably go unheard and unseen, but on the outside chance it does not. Please forward it to your ABC executives the bias and "fake" reporting has gone ignored long enough. Truly sad days to be a American....
Lindia Send email
Nov 27, 2020

Election "Reporting"

I have been watching GMA for years; however, I now watch "Today" instead. You lost me as a viewer in the months preceding the 2020 Election with your biased, liberal "reporting." Especially George Stephanopolous. It got to the point where I was yelling "SHUT UP, GEORGE!" at the TV every morning. The other Washington "reporters" were just as bad. Why watch a show that did nothing but make me angry? Where was coverage of Hilary's September court proceedings? Where was coverage of the Hunter/Joe Biden laptop corruption and illegal foreign affairs? Yet if President Trump farts in public, it's national news. The media's responsibility is just to report the news, not force their personal opinions down our throats. "Today" is more unbiased and easier to watch. Farewell, GMA ...
Lindia Send email
Nov 27, 2020

Biased "Reporting"

I have been watching GMA for years; however, I now watch "Today" instead. You lost me as a viewer during the months preceding the election. GMA is blatantly liberal in their "reporting." Especially George Stephanopolous. I got to the point where I was yelling "SHUT UP, GEORGE!" at the TV every day. The other Washington "reporters" were almost as bad. Why punish myself to watch a show that was making me so angry? The media has the responsibility to just report "news," not force their personal opinions down our throats! Also, where was coverage of Hilary's September court proceedings? Where was coverage of the Hunter/Joe Biden laptop corruption and illegal dealings with foreign countries? Yet, if President Trump farts in public, it's national news! I believe the election was definitely fraudulent, and the media assisted the extreme Left in their corruption. I believe GMA was a big contributor to the corruption. "Today" is much more unbiased. So long, GMA...
rebecca ann giffin Send email
Nov 24, 2020

ginger zee

she does not dress to impress!!! Does she ever look at herself before going before the cameras? Her hair and her clothes do not reflect well for her job. I do not care if she looks chic or not --- I just want her weather report. Great figure for having 2 kids---I do not care. I like a more dressed up look like the others on GMA. The local stations weather girl dresses better!
Carlos Lopez Send email
Nov 21, 2020

Eva Pilgrim Her stupid, constant laughing

Please, please get rid of Eva Pilgrim. Can’t watch weekends of Good Morning America. She is laughing like a crazy woman for nothing, like she did weed before the show. Annoying LAUGHING ALL THE TIME , SHE IS LAUGHING FOR NOTHING. Awful. Just awful. Every broadcast SHE SEEMS THAT SHE IS DRANK OR DRUGGED.
adiemax Send email
Nov 21, 2020

Steals and Deals

Many items already sold out on West Coast!!!! on 11/19/20

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