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mohawk525 Send email
Dec 7, 2022

Extra-Marital Affairs At work

Good Morning America:

Please do NOT bring the immoral adulterers back on GMA.
I have lost respect for both of them and they blind sided their spouses.
Sham on both of them!!!!!
ycoley Send email
Nov 9, 2022

The Election

I have watch GMA religiously for years but today I stop. The amount of effort that went into to swaying people on their votes was absolutely abominable. I cannot forgive you for this. We decide who we vote for, not you. It’s too late to apologize. The election was today. How could you do that to all the Americans who watch your tv show. I quit the View and I have quit you too. I will spread the word. I am sooosoooooooooo disappointed in you.

I watch your show above other shows.
Menifee_Tim Send email
Sep 9, 2022

Race Baiting GMA

Good Morning America filled their programming with a story about BYU's volleyball game, involving allegations of a fan using the N-word throughout the entire game toward innocent Rachel Richardson. However, now that this has been determined to be nothing more than a criminal hoax, GMA has gone silent on the story. No setting the record straight; no follow-up; nothing! We don't even hear crickets chirping from GMA. So, who is the real racist; Richardson or the poor fan that had to endure the thousands of hostile reactions by GMA watchers. Shame on the GMA "Show" for race baiting by not immediately updating their false and scandalous story. Shame on Ms. Richardson for making the false allegations. She should be ousted from all future games, just like they had tried to do to the fan. GMA should bring the fan on the show, just like they did for Ms. Richardson. Allow him to tell his heart wrenching story of how GMA's story affected him. Let him tell the world how false allegations like these altered his life and how it was all compounded by shows like GMA who fail to report the truth because it doesn't fit their political agenda.
Bjblc Send email
Aug 11, 2022

Skip your adjectives

Tired of Jonathan Karl’s adjectives and verb choice. Just tell us the news and let us decided ( re: raid versus search) He does it all the time- you are not Fox but are getting close-
You have sensationalized facts: Please STOP
FYI - can’t read Washington Post anymore too - same thing.
Cindy P Send email
Jul 30, 2022

GMA weekends

Pushed to the limit now! Eva's constant giggling like an 8 year old girl had me to my limit... Then you add in Janaii now and the show is nothing short of a constant Giggle-fest! NOT entertaining at all and viewers have no time nor interest in their kindergarten behavior! Get a clue and put on some REAL Jornalistic talent! We watch for news information. We already have many comedy channel choices and this is not a legitimate one! The silliness is unbearable!
markgnosal Send email
Jun 30, 2022


Too many topics on African-Americans, pro-choice an LBGT
Mar 28, 2022

TJ Holmes

He needs to just tell the facts about different stories and not add his personal feelings. He has done this several times. If he can't stick to the facts only, he's not a good journalist!
Tjsucks Send email
Mar 24, 2022


He’s the worst! Thinks he’s funny. He’s not. Awful journalism skills. Not an asset to GMA. Buh-bye!
TWhine Send email
Feb 2, 2022

TJ Holmes

Please bring back the unbiased reporting we all used to love and appreciate about GMA. First things first, get rid of TJ Holmes. He’s the most racist personality on TV. (TJ, please, your anger is perpetuating the problem. Seems you should be smart enough to know that.) He is so full of himself, his underlying racism is so blatantly obvious, and he is often insincere when telling (white) guests how great it is to talk to them. And all of that feels like it stems from his anger and racism.
I love Robin and Michael! And although George and I often differ on political views, I appreciate his intellect….just not the opinionated interjections. Isn’t the news supposed to deliver the news, and save the reporter’s opinions?
Cheers to saying goodbye to TJ soon!
EmilyLO63 Send email
Jan 22, 2022

POP News Reporter 1/21/22

I cannot believe he was so rude as to refer to Lee Merriweather as “Grandma”. He is severely lacking in manners and class. I am a long time viewer of GMA and this idiot is below your shows standards.
pattyann123 Send email
Jan 8, 2022

Eva Pilgrim's constant giggling on GMA Weekends

Couldn't watch weekends of Good Morning America because of Eva Pilgrim's constant giggling, laughing over NOTHING. When she left for maternity leave, I was back on GMA Weekends. Now that she is back and the giggling, laughing is back, I'm gone. Does anyone tell her she needs to tone it down? It is so unprofessional and extremely annoying.
kuzefletnistka Send email
Dec 15, 2021

T J Holmes

T J Holmes has got to go. He is the most unprofessional, and irritating person I've ever seen being disguised as a "news reporter." He talks too fast, he talks down to most everyone he talks to, and his use of nicknames is off-putting to the viewing if to say - "this is my friend, and you're not." His recent coverage of Michael's trip to space was infuriating in that he tried to make the whole thing about him, both during the event and after. He tries to make the most inane stories seem important, and then, when trying to present a serious story - he feigns interest and compassion in a way that makes this viewer spit up in his mouth just a bit. Those days that he appears at the anchor desk - usually in Michael's absence, the television is switched, off and we hope for a better start to the day tomorrow.
JohnsonB Send email
Oct 21, 2021

Racial Bias

Today's show (10/21/21) had a segment about subsidies to Black Farmers. Yes, this is reverse discrimination. All farmers need subsidies and the program should treat each farmer the same. There should not be special funds marked specifically for Black farmers or any specific racial group. If there is an issue with the distribution of funds, then fight that battle; don't ask for something that, once again, puts more of a gap in the process of equal treatment of all groups.
James Deane Send email
Sep 30, 2021

TJ Holmes report

TJ Holmes comes off as a race baiting biased person rather than a reporter with integrity. There is another video on You Tube showing the cop telling 4 men to leave the park before his interaction with Nikkita Brown. They don't argue with the cop, they just leave. This totally blows her racial profiling argument out of the water. Did Holmes do any research or is he a complete novice. The bodycam footage from the cop shows her constantly arguing with him and finally she stops and plays with her phone. If she was really worried about her safety why did she fight with the cop. Why didn't Holmes ask her why she didn't exit the park quickly and avoid the confrontation. That wouldn't fit the racist narrative, that's why. She pulled out her phone to record and hopefully create a payday for herself. Unfortunately there is racism in the world but this type of divisive and false reporting makes people ignore the real thing when it happens. I hope someone from the network takes a look at Holmes body of work and see if he has pushed this false narrative before.
[email protected] Send email
Sep 23, 2021


GMA3 T.J.Holmes complained about Gabby Petito coverage. Making it a race thing , (I am not 100% White) why does the liberal press keep fanning the flames of HATE??? It took all races to make this Great Country!!!! The blundering Liberal Press is at fault if all missing folks of ANY color are NOT covered!!!!! FIX IT and stop making Americans feel inadequate when the Media obviously is inadequate!!! Stop the Hate and begin to Love One another as God would want you to do.
GT1 Send email
Aug 3, 2021


I wish T.J. would talk slower or clearer so every word would not be attached to the prior word. He is difficult to follow...I feel like I have to sharpen my ears as if I was listening to someone speaking a different language Also T. J. is always rubbing his legs up and down - IT IS WEIRD!!!

I really used to enjoy the show with Amy and Dr, Jen. They were informative and pleasant. After T.J. joined the GMA2 the whole show changed FOR THE WORST. If you needed a third person why didn't you get some one that would have fit in?? His comments are just stupid like he is just throwing out words just to hear himself. I turned it off for a while, but checked back and T.J. has gotten worse. UGH!!!!!

Now I am a former listener.
[email protected] Send email
Jun 23, 2021

Dr. Jen

RE: "GMA3: What You Need to Know!"

To Whom It May Concern:

My comments the follow refer to my observations and impressions of "GMA3."

Please know that I truly love, love the show. I started watching it during the nationwide shutdown when I began working from home, and would regularly shift my lunch hour just to tune-in.

The featured guests are interesting and the information and subject matter discussed is extremely timely, relevant, and dependable.

However, I want to acknowledge and commend TJ Holmes for being the consummate professional. He is ultra talented and genuinely kind. TJ continues to rise above the "small stuff," despite the incessant attacks by his on-air co-host.

I cannot help but notice over time the ever-so subtle "jabs" leveled on TJ Holmes by Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Frankly, I am shocked and appalled by her behavior! Her passive-aggressive, gratuitous attacks to undermine TJ's character, masculinity, and typecast him in a disparaging light is painful to watch!

I believe these constant, and continuous, knee-capping snipes are a glaring reflection of her lack of character, confidence, and self-worth. It is NOT a good look. She comes across as petty and insecure. Honestly, in 2020, I held "Dr. Jen" in such high esteem, now I have lost all respect for her, which is quite sad.

Please know that people are watching and taking notice.

Note, the "final straw," which prompted me to write-in was today Dr. Jen shared three tips on positivity--Wow! She came across as such a hypocrite who needs to put into practice what she is preaching.

My take-a-way: This needs to STOP and STOP NOW! Dr. Ashton's unprofessional behavior should not be condoned. I expect better from the GMA Brand, ABC, and its leadership.
gbryant Send email
May 28, 2021

TJ compliment

Just want to compliment GMAC. I finally saw a show where TJ Holmes was allowed to sit. Good! I like him. He presents well.
I hope he continue to progress and advance.
gbryant Send email
May 28, 2021

Friends discrimination

I know that GMAC is a social media program, but also a news program.

I have sincere disappointment in the fact that all GMAC has done is to applaud the show Friends. Why is it - Robin, Michael,
T J - nor any of the other hosts - have never brought to the platform the absence of African Americans on that show?

I know I am certainly not the only person who has noticed that. I am sure other people have written and complained about it. Why is that GMAC has decided to ignore that issue? You are being very biased and small. You are merely bowing to popular thought, since it appears that many, many people are excitedly happy about the Friends reunion, That should not nave interfered with the delivery of true news, which is the fact that those old showed did not have representation of the African American population. which was certainly around at that time. When the show first came out, I started watching it. Then I realized that I never see a person of color on it, so, I stopped.

Be for real Robin and stop gooozing over them. They do not deserve it.
gbryant Send email
May 28, 2021

GMAS phrasing

I read a complaint about GMAC phrase "racial awakening or reckoning" something of that nature.. Let me offer understanding.

If GMAC would have instead added - America must now recognize that these racial injustices will no longer be tolerated.
America has been fully aware of all of this racial inequality, racial injustices and crimes committed against African Americans - have been aware of and have accepted. Now since George Floyd, however, the majority of Americans will no longer just turn their heads and say , "Oh did you hear what happened?". No, Americans are now saying. "No more. This must stop!"
gbryant Send email
May 28, 2021

camera focus

BTS concert - Great choice GMAC

They are the only performers I would pay to see!!! They are just wonderful - Cute and talented. I like the way they switch leads so that hopefully they will all stay satisfied and happy. They give a good example of how groups can all share the spotlight.

My complaint is for the camera men. What would make you think we want to waste their time looking at your widescreen shots on the buildings. No We Don't. Keep the camera on them!! You go to those long shots on the buildings then we have to try to refocus our eyes on BTS. Come on!!! We are looking at the show so we can see BTS not have to span up or down a building and to then finally find them again.
Debrah Send email
Mar 29, 2021

Fake News

While finishing up on my computer this morning the opening comments for GMA came on after my morning news program.
I had to laugh at the statement " After the death of George Floyd the country was awakened to racial reckoning. What a joke!
Since the 1970's we've had hit T.V. shows with all black families. And they had number #1 ratings!
Less than 10% of the country believes there's systematic racism in the U.S.
Someday you will be held accountable for the lies and destruction you are pushing on this great nation. Wake up and start reporting real news.
Why don't you tell the country about the Biden created crisis at the border? Or how about all the riots going in Portland, the innocent lives lost to riots. Why not discuss how in Chicago they have strict gun control laws and yet they have some of the highest death by shootings?
You're a joke when it comes to real news, just more propaganda to push your socialist agenda!
David Fater Send email
Mar 21, 2021

Robs Beard

Could you please have your cast stop making comments every day on ROBS BEARD .
Anthonydigirolamo Send email
Mar 17, 2021


TH Holmes is horrible and brings down GMA both morning and afternoon. He is nasty and always talks down to people including Amy and Dr. Jen. Strahan and Robin baby him and you can tell he irritates George. Amy can do the show on her own and Robin, Michael, and George don't need him.
patmcci Send email
Mar 5, 2021

Michael Strahan/Chris Harrison

Up until yesterday, Michael was one of my favorite people. However, in his interview with Chris Harrison he was unfair and rude. Chris did a great job of describing not only his apology but also how he plans to change things in the future. What more did you want from the man !!!! You owe him an apology.

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