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JusrACitizen Send email
Jun 22, 2018

Biased news reporting

I have Faithfully watched Good Morning America since it began. Well no more. I can't watch every day and suffer through your biased commentary trying to shove your liberal agenda down America's throat. You do realize that President Trump was elected by millions of people in this country right? Many of us don't agree with your liberal ridiculous new stories. For example, this morning there was a story on transgendered athletes who used to be male, competing on a female team, and how the other students and parents felt that they had an unfair advantage. This is a valid complaint and concern. But you're reporting clearly showed that you supported these athletes, even though it is obviously a disadvantage to the other athletes. The majority of your stories relates to unpopular social issues, minorities, racism, gender dysmorphia, police brutality and many other issues but are
made to appear like they are a larger problem than they actually are. You essentially focus on how society and the law and every other citizen in this country is responsible and at fault for how these individuals lives took a turn for the worse, instead of blaming the individuals themselves. You do realize that minorities are in fact, the minority, so maybe you should report on issues that affect the entire country as a whole, instead of focusing on your liberal platform? You should read the comments on the stories posted on your web page once in awhile, and you will get a good feel and cross section of the Americans who literally can't stand your show any longer. Pay attention to your demographic base and quit pandering to the liberal drum beaters. I for one am finding another news source. Signed, a former decades-long viewer
SSmith Send email
Jun 21, 2018

Michael Strahan

I agree with all other reviewers. Michael Strahan might be a great guy but I just can't listen to him on GMA. I'm a long time GMA fan and tried to give Michael a chance but I just can't do it anymore. I went from muting the television when he was speaking to checking GMA at 7:00AM to see if he was even on the show for that day. If he wasn't I'd continue to watch, if he was I just switched to the Today Show. Now with Hoda Kotb on the Today show and Michael Strahan still fumbling his way through interviews on GMA, I've switched to the Today show permanently. Too bad as I really love Robin and George.
kristine opferman Send email
Jun 20, 2018

Michael Strayhan

I'm a long time viewer of GMA, but cannot continue to watch. Watching and listening to Michael Strayhan makes me uncomfortable. His skills do not reflect a competent lead anchor of a morning news program. Where Robin and George are prepared and their interviews and reporting appears natural and easy to follow/understand, Mr Strayhan seems unprepared, always looking at his notes and constantly fidgeting and stumbling over words and information. I understand there was a learning curve to expect when he started, but he has been there long enough to polish and practice his skills and it does not appear that is happening.
Dihiers Send email
Jun 18, 2018

Time To Change

I’m been a loyal follower of GMA. It’s how I start my day. But, I’m done. Changing over to the Today show.

Michael stumbles over his words and makes me nervous. George is so biased he’s no longer a journalist. I liked Lara and Pop News. She’s never there? Robin seems sad and miserable, for some reason. You are losing viewers. Producers, Are you not watching the show?
Grandma5 Send email
Jun 13, 2018

Good Morning America

Why is that there is always a box of the name of the person or show you are interviewing? It is quite annoying, plus you have the info scrolling below. However, when someone is singing, you do not have either.

Also, I feel that your interviews are way too short and very quickly done. You are trying to get too many stories in your 2 hour program.

I have been a faithful watcher since day one of your show, so I am not a spring chicken!

Just my opinions!
Cherr Send email
Jun 11, 2018

Michael strahan

His pronounciation of the English language is embarrassing, he tries to be flamboyant but is not. Now he is slaughtering the English language on game shows. Give it up he is not a good fit!!!! 59
MoonSheltie127 Send email
Jun 9, 2018

Time for Some Real Change at GMA!

Michael: Can't enunciate his words and sounds like "Mushmouth" from the Cosby Kids. HUGE mistake to move him to GMA and do the game show, where he makes us miss the original hosts. He can't hold a candle to them. I turn to another channel whenever he's on the air. You really, really need to take him off the show - you're losing long-time viewers like our household.
Robin: I do like her! Agree with others that she doesn't seem as happy as she did when Diane, Sam and Josh were there. Maybe she needs a new start OR keep her and clean house. I miss the old Robin.
George: Politically slanted. We ALL know how he feels personally. Gotta keep that to himself, though. He needs to stick to the serious political news. Seems like a fish out of water on GMA.
Ginger: She seems sweet; however, when Rob filled in for her, I actually liked him better in that spot. Do miss the Sam Champion and Spencer Christian days.

Time for a GMA reboot!!!
ricer8 Send email
Jun 4, 2018

Michael Strahan

Oh geez! ABC please move Strahan to a different role than an Anchor. I'm sure he's a terrific guy, but putting him in a role that is obviously outside of his skill-set is no good for anyone. If anything ABC is losing not gaining viewership over this choice...

...I loved GMA and waited a year in hopes that "he" would work on his lacking verbal skills. Alas, I just MUTE the television when he speaks! I'm not trying to be judgmental, just stating the obvious. He was a great addition to GMA but better served reporting sports and special assignments, where he speaks with a level of comfortability.

I mean, T.J. Homes would've been a way better choice for that position and ABC probably wouldn't have had to "back up the BRINKS truck to his house," unlike Mr. Strahan.
JO B Send email
May 30, 2018

Robin Roberts interview of Sterling Brown

Robin Roberts biased interview of Sterling Brown is the reason I will no longer be a GMA viewer. He REFUSED police commands to SHOW HIS HANDS!!!!!!! All of us would be taken down if we were to refuse this simple police command. How many dead cops would be on Robin Roberts hands if they were no longer able to "request" this? It's NOT A BLACK thing, ROBIN! It's a civil society thing and the the one thin line that stands between us a chaos. There's good cops, bad cops, good people, bad people, good journalist, bad journalist - OF ALL COLOR! Give all cops the respect they deserve for trying to serve a thankless job for thankless people, and, if there is a problem, make a compliant when the situation is not so charged and deadly for all.

I have been a GMA watcher since David Hartman and, later Joan Lunden. I have always admired Robin even when she was with ESPN, but seeing through her own racist eyes is sad and using a national forum to promote the lack of courtesy to those who serve the community is disgraceful. Robin is a bad journalist and here is my compliant.
Codeross Send email
May 21, 2018

Royal wedding

Please start talking about something other than the wedding. Their is a lot of important things to talk about. Stop negative comments on the president, and at least make a few comment on the good things he is doing. Keep your feelings out of things and just report. Yes, you are can have your own options as we all are, but we look to you for actual news.
Codeross Send email
May 21, 2018

Royal wedding

Enough on royal wedding. Their is a lot more news of other stories to talk about.
Codeross Send email
May 21, 2018

Royal wedding

Enough on royal wedding. Their is a lot more important things to talk about.
Hyonshin69 Send email
May 18, 2018

Michael Strahan

Wow, really? Michael anchor on a "reputable" morning news/entertainment show? He's neither a reputable anchor or an entertainer. I'm out.
Wanda Brown Scott Send email
May 18, 2018

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan is a bad fit for the show. I am so tired of seeing so much of him. It's like the show is all about him now. I will stop watching this show. GMC Restaurant Week concerned about their ratings.!!! Please quit showing so much of my him. SICK OF HIM !!!!!!!!!!
Chunkylover103 Send email
May 17, 2018

Meghan Markle

I think that you're having an identity crisis. With all the Meghan Markle news, I think that you think that you're presenting Entertainment Tonight.

You're a news program. There are wars in Gaza and Yemen, there's a diplomatic standoff that may lead to war in Korea and there's a serious possibility that the Russians will again attempt to use social media to sway votes in the elections this November. This is what you are supposed to cover when you are a serious news and world affairs program.

Let Entertainment Tonight and Extra worry about Meghan Markle and make an effort to act like serious journalists. Do it now, while a few people still take ABC News seriously.
Majority Send email
May 17, 2018

Michael Strahan

Why is Michael Strahan given preferential treatment for so many stories. I miss the soft news being covered by Lara Spencer. She has obviously been pushed out and a lot of people miss her quick sense of humor and cheerful attitude. It seems like Michael is everywhere. Viewers aren't happy. Why do I have to register on your complaint board in order to express the opinion of so many? I have switched to NBC!
Yevgenii103 Send email
May 17, 2018

Michael Strahan's lisp

It is impossible to understand Michael Strahan. He lisps. Also, I'm tired of all the Meaghan Markle coverage. There is a war in Gaza, there is a war in Yemen, the president is paying hush money to porn stars and the future of Korea is very uncertain. And I'm sitting listening to blather about Meaghan Markle's dress. (Thousands of people are dying in Yemen.) Does anyone take ABC News seriously anymore? Is this a news program or have I accidentally tuned in Entertainment Tonight?
BreeC Send email
May 3, 2018


I really believe OUR President of the United States should be called PRESIDENT TRUMP...NOT TRUMP! ROBIN, you are guilty of this everyday and I find it very disrespectful for ANYONE to call the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES....TRUMP!!!
BreeC Send email
May 2, 2018


George are way over due for a check up from ABC...all of these reviews are negative and have a right to be! You are so biased it's sickening! Why do you smile like a cheese cat when anyone says anything against our should be ashamed! If our President fails so do we! George.,.You have done nothing to reunite America but everything to divide!!! I hope ABC thinks long and hard about paying you multibillions for your nasty attitude...sure hope they reconsider keeping you, not a lot of positive thoughts for you...seems like the station would want better for America!
nick digilio sr Send email
May 2, 2018


this is my last complaint letter because i don 't think the ceo's of abc don't mind loosing ratings and don't read any of the complaints.
when i want real news i turn to cbs.beside michael strahan,the second hour of the show is a total waste screaming deals rappers is where michael shines.if michael strahan is a news anchor,im a collage professor. thanks for not paying any attention to the complaint board.keep loosing viewers.gma is a waste of time.last's a big waste of time.
Mom18 Send email
May 2, 2018


PLEASE stop showing so much bias. Not.just politics but everything. We are not watching to hear what George and Robin think. Remember when reporters use to just deliver the news and not.give us their opinions..
Rocklamping Send email
Apr 29, 2018

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan is the worst thing to happen to GMA. He does not understand the content of what he is reporting and he constantly mispronounces every word that comes out of his mouth. I find that when I am watching, I get extremely tense and anxious!! He has a terrible lisp and he is an embarrasment to hard hitting and breaking news. Unbelievable that GMA not only hired him as a co-anchor, but continues to give him more and more air time. Get rid of him! GMA is losing more and more market share to the being one. How can the executives not see what an embarrassment and casualty he is to your once #1 rated morning show?
susanlane Send email
Apr 26, 2018

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan is a bad fit for he show, he is the reason I don't watch GMA any more, sad....
catsutton Send email
Apr 13, 2018

prostitutes peeing on eachother

What are you thinking having clips from the James Comey interview where at least 4 times this morning we had to hear about Donald Trump with Russian prostitutes peeing on each other?????? This is a morning news show that many families have on as we get our families off to school and work you just keep getting more salacious. I am no prude and not a fan of Donald Trump but you are constantly pulling out every nasty bit and seem to enjoy the details that may be better saved for later viewing. And gone are the days of reporters reporting it's all commentary and speculation. I remember when news was reported and I did not know the reporters political beliefs, that was noble and important to our society now you all sit around shaking your heads pushing your agenda. You will spend days talking about golden showers then do a segment on how to protect your children from the crap you keep on a loop. You really should be ashamed of yourselves!
nick digilio sr Send email
Apr 5, 2018



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