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dcla Send email
Nov 15, 2019

Michael Strahan

Please remove Michael Strahan as Anchor Host for GMA. He is not a professional news reporter as Robin and George. I change the TV Station when He is on GMA, He may be a great Sports or Entertainment Reporter, but Lacks the Professional Knowledges, Skills or Abilities of a Professional and Seasoned News Reporter to Anchor GMA. I stopped watching GMA, after 40 Years, after viewing several GMA shows with Michael Strahan as Co-Anchor with Robin or George. GMA now more Entertainment, than World News. I’ve documented 5-10 minutes of the same annoying Commercials, after 7:00-7:15am News and upcoming segment announcements. I will not watch GMA with Michael Strahan as Anchor, Co-Anchor, or a Ratings Booster as a Sports and Entertainment Star. Bring The old GMA back with seasoned and professional News Journalists as Anchors. Give Michael the Entertainment or Sports Segments that better suits His Style & Personality.
Notacomplainer Send email
Nov 7, 2019

Michael Strahan

I used to watch Strahan and Sara because I like Sara, she was great on The View and apparently she should have stayed on that show because they appreciated her more than they do on this one. It seems like Michael wanted Keke on the show and it looks like he is pushing Sara out!!! I have stopped watching this show since it became GMA3! Sara needs to have her own show she is far more entertaining than Michael ever could be. He isn't funny and just like when he was on with Kelly Ripa he tried to take over that show but it didn't work and he was replaced with Ryan Seacrest (who seems to be a much better fit). I wish that they would get rid of Michael on this show and let Sara be the main host with Keke or someone else (maybe Ginger off GMA) as her co-host, I think that would be a much more entertaining show to watch.
billjo Send email
Nov 3, 2019


Why is he so much on ABC I change the channels when he is on. Turn him loose
billjo Send email
Nov 3, 2019


Why is he on so many shows he is not a reporter. Its hard to understand him also GMA was a good show until he got there. Keep him with his football fans if he has any.
Tojunior123 Send email
Oct 12, 2019

Weekend GMA

I was so excited about GMA being extended and started watching and got frustrated because there’s more commercials than there is about anything else so two hours was a waste of my time . ABC must be really hurting for money to have so many commercials . So that extra hour is not for anyone’s benefit. You watch for 10 minutes then more commercials for 17 minutes. Wow GMA nice going.No more GMA for me
Nancy123 Send email
Oct 11, 2019

Book about Matt Lauer

I refused to watch the show today; as the gal who wanted total anonymity about her being raped by Matt (ply she continued to see him) now wrote a book!!!!!!????!!
It is all about $$$$. She has no credibility for me!

I was date raped (he wanted to see me again!!!) No way would that happen.

She is not telling the truth!!!
GT1 Send email
Aug 28, 2019

Lara Spencer

Lara Spencer thinks she is the greatest. We all think she belongs on the bottom of all the co-anchors. Her remarks about George should never be accepted by ABC. If she stays on ABC, it shows that you agree with her. Her apology was less than believable.
Downwithbullies Send email
Aug 28, 2019

Lara Spencer

I am appalled at Lara Spencer making fun of Prince George or any boy taking ballet lessons. This is being a bully in the worst way, an adult bullying a child. Unforgiveable. Not only will I not watch GMA again, I will not watch ABC. I am so tired of this and other stations spreading their own agenda.
jtort Send email
Aug 27, 2019

Michael Strahan

People live below poverty line or are simple middle class citizens going to work on a daily basis and trying to make ends meet. Then along comes an ex-football player,turned "journalist"(a three-year university program), turned game-show host, turned eveything that's on ABC..Not only do I find him annoying and find his talk show a bore, I have a problem with wardrobe because people can't afford a suit yet this guy has 2 to 3 different suits A DAY...everything is handed to him...Show some sympathy and please bring back The Chew.
susan errek Send email
Aug 26, 2019

Ballet bully

I will never watch Lara again Always found her boring, not sure why shes even there. But her comments confirm I will dial around before leaving her on. Too bad the fellow journalists laughed-bet they laughed about the band director from the Gators got beat up. Disgusting.
maggie 1417 Send email
Aug 26, 2019

Ballet for Boys

I was saddened and shocked at the jokes made by Lara Spencer and the Team about Ballet training for boys. They must all watch Billy Elliot, attend the ballet, and attempt to perform some barre exercises as penance. A segment on the value of ballet for all is required. Shame on them all.
republicanforlife Send email
Aug 26, 2019

Lara Spencer

For years we have been trying to figure out just WHAT Lara Spencer adds to any show. She is snarky, and silly, and
dresses like a teenager/slut. Why is she on t.v.? Now she has the nerve to make fun of a little boy because of his
dance lessons? Please someone from ABC(since you don't actually report the news)pull her aside and teach her how
to dress. Then, someone coach her on how to keep a civil tongue.

I will never watch any show if she is part of it. Surely you can find great talent out there somewhere.

Disappointed in ABC most of time, and this time is the worst.

Ms. D.D. Porter
Suspira44 Send email
Aug 25, 2019

lara spencer

Is it possible you could be any more ignorant? You make FUN of a boy taking ballet? I guess you never saw Billy Elliott or any of our great dancers, all of whom started in ballet - Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, all of them. Disgraceful.
Gwen Hillier Send email
Aug 24, 2019

Lara Spencer

Her shameful and ignorant comments, laughter and laughter from George S. (from whom I expected more) are an embarassment to GMA. She thinks its "OK" to laugh at how someone else chooses to raise and educate their children. She has always come across as very pleased with herself and this is another example. Apologies are not accepted - too easy to say "Oops! sorry!" with no real understanding of how her words hurt many parents and children. I will not be watching GMA and hope that she is released from her contract. I have never been quite sure of her qualifications and as to why ABC/GMA think her opinions are relevant or important.

I suggest you look to Youtube and type in "Gene Kelly and Sugar Ray Robinson" and run THAT video - perhaps she will understand how important ballet and dance are in many people's lives.

Gwen Hillier

PS I will also not be watching "Dancing with the Stars" because they no longer choose "stars" to dance with their professionals. It has beccome the lowest form of "entertainment" as they become "tabloid television"
pianorobyn Send email
Aug 24, 2019

Lara Spencer

Never watching yr show ever again. Worked in the music theater industry for 30yrs. Your host shows a disgusting attitude towards my industry with her disparaging comments about males dancing. Her attitude belongs in the 1950's not 2019. Those heard laughing alongside her are just as pathetic. Congratulations on lowering the bar as far into the depths of bullying as possible. #dinosaurs
foster Send email
Aug 24, 2019

show sucks

you people act like ya'll are so understanding what a joke nothing but a bunch of bullies, racist and socialists ms spencer shame of you for making fun of a 6 yr old shame on ms Roberts what about your friend jesse Smollett he's a liar do not hear you saying anything about poor jesse yeah right George get off the show you need to report the news light you use to.....ginger what happened to you liked you better when you were in bham ala Michael you used to be really nice guess it went to your head ya'll are a real piece of work bleeding right wing socialist
maryann2 Send email
Aug 9, 2019

Michael strahan

I would like to know why MS is doing the show introduction and politics....while George is doing fluff and next to nothing...if this continues I will not be watching
ConcernedViewer66 Send email
Aug 9, 2019

Cecilia Vega

I love GMA and have watched it daily for over 10 years. Your anchors all have amazing chemistry except for Cecilia Vega. She has no charisma and her dislike for the current administration is quite visible. George and Robin, although knowing their political views always report professionally. Cecilia is snide with her underhand personal comments. I have changed the channel from GMA every day this week since Cecilia is filling in for Robin. I refuse to watch Cecilia any longer. I love Amy Robach. Please have her fill in as a main anchor when Robin, George, or Michael are absent. Kyra Phillips has been doing a phenomenal job reporting from the White House for GMA in Cecilia's place. Kyra is awesome and I watched her for years on CNN. Please give her more airtime and news stories for GMA!
Nanadawn2011 Send email
Jul 26, 2019

GMA - Pittsburgh

I was so very excited to see that GMA was coming to Pittsburgh The show was really great and showed off our beautiful city - but I do have one complaint. I am a super big fan of the Pirates and when they started talking about the sports teams they did not say anything about my beloved Pirates and our gorgeous stadium. I felt that was wrong to leave them out and this Pirate fan was not happy.

Number #1 Pittsburgh Pirate Fan!!!!
shopper Send email
Jul 22, 2019


This morning on GMA there was a woman still looking for her daughter that has been missing for 10 years. The host said I'm so glad we did this. (Was it because it was about African American Children?) The mom said they stopped looking for her daughter because of her color. There was also a clip of a news woman saying there was a search for African American children. How rude and racist. A missing child is a missing child no matter what color. And I think the police usually think when there is a missing teen, that they have run away and that's wrong. They don't all run away.
Sharitate Send email
Jul 18, 2019


I was hacked on my phone I tried to reset my phone and I lost everything my contacts my pictures my emails I have MS so I I to relieve on my phone for so much of my life all my doctors numbers where on there I have a big problem with memory I get emails from my doctors about appointments test results meds in taking I get emails from the drug store when my meds r ready for pick up if u don't pick them up they put them back I lost it all I take 17 different kinds of meds what will I do now they want 200.00 to get my Google back I live in social security I can't even afford to eat three meals a day I can't afford that I don't even own a car I have to take Medical Transportation to go to the doctors appointment s having to get up at 4:30 in the morning for a 10:30 appointment I lost all my pictures I had pictures of my grandbabies who got adopted and I will never see again gone now my children pictures I can't replace gone family I had just found out I had never met till three years ago gone now my whole life was on my phone I know people say this but due to my ND it was what I had to do to keep up with everything I did not do anything I was hacked someone did this to me Google says they protect I well they did not me they let someone destroy me I bet he is still on line having fun in a no body with no money he got access to my Medical records in not sure what to do how do I fix this meds they won't even tell me I have just been reduced to nothing in one swipe
Mgreynolds2 Send email
Jul 16, 2019


I have watched GMA for more than 20 years, use to be so entertaining, so imformative, I was disappointed when Sam Champion left,I loved watching him,so professional, so well groomed, not sure where Ginger Zee buys her clothes, lately her attire is awful! the pink dress she wore on 7/16/2019 was bad for the eyes, Ginger,don't wear that again. The show was so good about reporting news that mattered,now it's just about famous people, sales,and a bunch of nonsense! I do love Robin and George,but lately, it seems that he has been told to hush,George doesn't report good news, and talk about it in details the way he use to. Who books the entertainment, the performers? You book anybody, you don't book entertainers to fit your TV audience as well as others,some of these people are not worth the airtime. GMA,you need to get back to business! not just a show,its no longer interesting. I watch the show because I'm a dedicated audience who hopes the show will improve. Producers, pay attention, stop booking anybody who says yes, listen to your audience.
Spawelczyk Send email
Jul 16, 2019

Strahan and sara

Today they had three little girls rapping and dancing ( they did a good job), my complaint is one girl was white one was Asian(?) 05992and one was black. After their performance they presented the black girl with a jacket and the other two nothing!!!
StephenDoc Send email
Jul 5, 2019

GMA Antifa

This morning GMA featured a "girl band" whose piano played was dressed as an Antifa member. Sorry to see the glorification of a violent organization bent on the restriction of the fist amendment, injury to speakers and the destruction of property
alphapromo Send email
Jun 25, 2019

Hot Air Balloon "Crash" In Missouri

I am appalled at the pathetic reporting of the balloon incident that happened recently in Hannibal, Missouri. You should be ashamed of yourselves for reporting this story the way you did. Did you bother to ask any officials at the event about the circumstances about the incident before going on national TV and blowing the whole thing out of proportion? Why not interview some of the actual balloonists involved instead of an "eye witness" that had no idea of what they were talking about. The pilot was "the passenger" who was "steering" (no, the balloon does not have a steering wheel) into consideration before making such false statements. There are many factors involved here; wind direction, wind speed, etc. And to top it off, the film of the "water landing" was actually a "splash and dash" that is frequently done as part of the adventure of ballooning. This also was falsely reported. Again, boys, get your facts straight BEFORE you you report them. No wonder the media has such a bad reputation. This is a perfect example.

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