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Consumer complaints and reviews about agoda.com

JojoJ Send email
Jun 13, 2017

Charged 4 mths before arrival when it says "Pay at hotel"

the Agoda website advertise "pay at the hotel", we choose the higher rate for pay at hotel. then found out we've charged 4 months before we arrived the hotel. When I question who authorise the charge on my credit card, they reply there was an error, but nothing they can do about it... Can you trust to leave your credit card details with such a website?!?! This put a very stressful financial situation on us before we are heading to the holiday :(
Gnanams hotel Send email
Jun 13, 2017

lost of user name and password

We are The Ganams Hotel jaffna Srilanka.

We have lost our ycs agoda username and password.

Please help us to find out our username and password.
cdlcampejos Send email
Jun 10, 2017

Agoda is a fraud

My booking was 5 months advance dated January 6, 2017 for my 3 days & 2 nights schedule June 6 to 8 Hotel Accommodation. But the problem was hotel has no record of my booking from Agoda. Even if I showed them my bank statement indicating that it was fully charged to my credit card. I immediately call to Agoda for help and waiting for them more than 2 but to no avail, no one answer my calls. I am very disappointed, my daughter feels hungry and tired from our long travel. I am expecting a refund.
johnny8480 Send email
May 2, 2017

Misleading--at best on AGODA.com

Checked AGODA for potential bookings for a one week stay on the island of BOHOL, Philippines, for 2 rooms for 4 adults and 4 children (ages 16, 10, 10 & 10) for a total of 8 people. Clearly in the search bar at the top and showed 2 rooms, 4 adults and 4 children.

Booked the hotel stay and got the "voucher" for the reservations. To my surprise, it said 2 rooms and 4 adults -- no children. Contacted AGODA customer service and they were LESS THAN HELPFUL--told me I needed to "clean out my cookies" for their web-page to work correctly. They had no concern about the misinformation in the booking, and seemed less than enthusiastic about helping me correct it.

I contacted the hotel directly and they appear to be more than willing to work with me at a reasonable rate.

My problem with AGODA is that it will NOT take into consideration the "children" when you look for prices at the time of the actual booking, and TO MY SURPRISE, their policy (they blamed it on the hotel and said that the individual hotels make the rules up themselves and tell them what to put on the website) -- their definition of a child is "7 and below in age".

I was told that my booking should have been for 8 adults instead of 4 adults when, again, the kids are 16, 10, 10 & 10 years old. Where in the world in hotels are any "adults" considered at 8 years old and above? In the USA, a child is a child with ages 17 and under.

Under the "details" on the booking page they had the definitions of the children (ages 2 and under free, ages 3-7 stay free using existing bedding in gray, and then there was a thing you had to click on to get the good info which said ages 8 and above is considered an adult--well, they could have done one more line so you can see that all together with the other two categories, but they didn't and the only reason I can speculate as to why they didn't is to get people like me--confuse them and shaft them). SHAME ON YOU AGODA! NOTHING about it at check out--just let it go.

AGODA did NOTHING other than be combative with me on the phone (yes, I probably escalated the situation, but they could have very easily fixed this, but they chose not to).

Bottom line, I will NEVER book with AGODA again--YOU LOST A CUSTOMER IN ME!

I hope others will take heed and use other sites, too, as you will get the shaft from AGODA!
celt81 Send email
Apr 27, 2017


I travel a lot, but recently used agoda for the first time. I had major problems at the actual hotel, the owner's check in time did not match what was on my agoda documentation and when I said that he shouted and swore at me, called me names which I won't repeat here, then threw a pen at me before his son came rushing in to apologise. The man continued to shout and swear at me while his son tried to calm the situation down, the man continued to throw small items from time to time while other staff members eventually calmed him down. By this stage I was wishing I had waited until my husband finished work to check in together, as I felt very intimidated on my own. I had things thrown at me, but if the man's son hadn't arrived at the moment he did, I think I was in danger of physical attack. There was no way to complain there without further escalating the situation. When I read the tripadvisor reviews afterwards, it became clear this was not an isolated incident.
So, I got in contact with agoda, and to start with, their response seemed fantastic. They immediately apologised and offered a refund, but stated it could take a while to come through. I sent them an email saying thank you and how impressed I was with their customer service. They responded that they'd also contacted the hotel and removed them from their website. I hadn't asked them to do that, so was quite impressed.
Having been impressed, a few days later when booking a trip in the same city I went to their page. The first hotel to appear on the search was the one they'd told me- unprompted- that they no longer work with. The refund also still hadn't arrived. I emailed them to say I didn't care who they worked with, but ask why they'd lied to me about not working with the hotel anymore. They responded they hadn't lied, and that they were not available to be booked on the site. This went back and forth three times, them just lying each time. Still no refund either. I sent them links to the booking page. They sent back an email saying "kindly be informed this matter has been dealt with. You may book at any of the other hotels.". So completely avoiding confronting the fact they'd lied, continually, for no reason. Anyway, still no refund. Stay away from this mob.
Mypoint Send email
Apr 1, 2017

Over charged

I booked 4 nights for a hotel in Dubai and was told I would be charged 2191.95 AED in sterling at the rate of the day - they advised that this would be around £477.

I was actually charged £500.25 so I checked the spot rate on the day and I should have been charged - £475.25 However when i checked with my card provider I was told that Agoda had requested the sterling amount and no conversation rate had been given.

When I challenged Agoda they simply said 'Kindly be informed that it is stated in the voucher that you will be charged according to the exchange rate on the charge date. You card was successfully authorised on the 24th of March'17 and charged on the 27th of March'17.'

On the 27 March the spot rate was 4.6122 to the £ so it should have been £475.25.

I have been ripped off the tune of £25. Please do not use this unethical company - be warned!
brbob56@hotmail.com Send email
Mar 27, 2017

Fee to be paid at hotel

Used them many times but 'tis will be my last.
Booked hotel and came back with pay at the hotel on arrival,I complained this has never happened before I wish to pay now.
In short cannot be done quote incorrect as hotel will want $50 more than what their agreed price,still don't know have not got there yet and the bludgers can charge anything as they have credit card details.
CarolT Send email
Mar 12, 2017

Transfer request

Booked 3 nights at Sheraton Denarau Fiji on Agoda. I had stayed at Starwood's other site, Westin next door & took the opportunity with the exceptional offer to try the Sheraton. As a Starwood Privilege member & SPG member I am aware these 2 hotels are under the Starwood banner & drinks & meals from either site can be billed to your account to pay on check-out. I contacted Sheraton at Denarau Fiji as reviews seemed to suggest this site was more suitable for families & found this was indeed their niche. As I am travelling on my own I requested Agoda advise me if I could transfer my payment to the Westin which appears more suitable for solo travellers. Agoda advised "cancellation is out of the question as well due to YOUR cancellation policy which won't allow a free cancellation policy". I didn't ask or expect a free cancellation, I asked for a transfer. "YOUR Policy"? I agreed to Agoda's policy. Agoda's response was abrupt, curt & definitely not designed to encourage me to rebook any further bookings with Agoda. As a frequent Business & First Class traveler, this level of communication was below par on a Customer Service scale. Not because I requested a transfer, because of their abrupt dismissive rude response. I have no wish to book with Agoda in the future. I suggest there are better customer service focussed sites with equally great deals.
Virender Kumar Bansal Send email
Jan 2, 2017

Fraud- Took Advance and No Booking

Booking ID : 116132150
Member ID : 30492230
Property Booked : Hotel Ranthambhore Resort, Ranthambhore Road, Swaimadhopur, Ranthambhore,India- 322001
Property Contact : +911244307627
Mode Of Payment :By Credit Card
Number of Rooms : 2 (Deluxe)
Booking for : 28th Dec.'16

On arrival at Hotel, Hotel Manager Mr Chadha, informed that booking was done through Dewdrop Hospitality, Gurgaon and they had cancel the booking because of Non receipt of payment.

Issue: Payment was made in full in advance at the time of booking and there was no request from my side to cancel the booking.
Need the details and reason for cancellation along with my refund.
sixpackpayne Send email
Aug 19, 2016


Agoda is terrible. They do not honor their word. The told me I would be refunded at my next booking but will not answer a single email about how to use this refund when I book again.
adit Send email
Jun 29, 2016

Ripped off by agoda.com

agoda has the worst service ever. got me stranded twice over with hotels bouncing me off. left me with huge expenses on phone & taxis and no place to stay. and now they refuse to honour their word of refunding me. total harassment - never ever agoda
udassani Send email
Jun 9, 2016

Fraud Company, took advance, no room & no refund

Booking ID 95102102. The worst customer support one can expect from an International travel booking site. On our family trip to Rishikesh we booked three rooms through Agoda in Hotel SK International. We paid the hotel charges in advance to Agoda and got the room confirmation. On 14th May, Saturday, we reached Rishikesh as per our booking plan and on reaching hotel they said the rooms are not available you can check somewhere else. On calling the customer support of AGODA three times and wasting almost an hour and half on call the only response we got that they have spoken to hotel and hotel guys will help you in finding another hotel. It was jam-packed in Rishikesh and we spent our half day in finding another hotel with help of SK International. We got a low grade hotel on one corner of Rishikesh with lift not working on the floor we were allotted rooms. Our whole day was waisted and our Single day trip to Rishikesh was completely spoiled. We were forced to pay our hotel bill on checkout when we were moving to next destination as per our Itinerary.

On claiming the refund of booking amount, AGODA is not ready to refund what it has charged us for booking hotel SK International and did not gave us rooms.

We don't go to the same destination again and again on holidays so we try to cover maximum attraction of the destination with advance planning and thus have pre-booked our rooms through AGODA to avoid last minute surprises. AGODA customer support did not even bothered to call us to check our status.

AGODA may not have control on hotel but, we expected it to have strong customer support to help you in the event of such surprises. I will give them a big ZERO for customer support and call them CHEAT for not refunding the booking amount.
Eldernlim Send email
Mar 26, 2016

Charging of credit card

Agoda says they won't charge my credit card when I did the booking. And when I wanted to cancel the booking I can't cancel it because I did not receive anything from agoda.tried calling the hotel the hotel says they can't help.tried calling agoda and they kept asking us to leave a message.this is is just a rip off
Daphne Send email
Jan 25, 2016

Tricked into Agoda Website

I recently looked at website of a Bintan Royale in Penang I wanted to book into and gave my details and when gave credit card details ..discovered the hotel website had been hijacked by Agoda booking ID 85551677 .Consequently I paid more than the price on the Hotel Website. I am an older person and not very skilled on the computer and because I specifically chose the hotel website thought I was booking directly. This sort of trickery is appalling. I was also charged more than the original quote for conversion rate , which is against my country' s consumer protection act. I emailed Agoda and have received no reply. I contacted Bintan Royale to discover that they have had problems with Agoda, and that they have not received my payment.
This deceit and lack of transparency should be stopped
lesliekoay Send email
Dec 28, 2015





yustitia Send email
Dec 24, 2015


I booked in Agoda.com with booking number 84079174 and 84005767. It is the same hotel actually. We just book it separated because before we had a plan to stay for 2 night only, and we decide we will go earlier and we booked another night. This hotel is dirty, smelly, and it is the worst hotel we have visited. We complain to Agoda by email and also by costumer service. I called the costumer service said that she couldnt contact that hotel because the hotel phone number is not right, or different person. How can big website such Agoda.com has affiliate partner with such a hotel. We just went out from hotel because there was no one there, no security, no receptionist, no one. Is it a hotel scam or what? I cant believe i have such an experience with Agoda.com for the first time.

Is it possible that Agoda can't comfirm to the Hotel? Such an amazing hotel partner and with incredible hotel quality.
Since the first time i saw the hotel, i realized something is wrong.
Hopefully Agoda will listen to me this time since i already call and send bunch of emails.

Grantwey Send email
Nov 22, 2015

Cannot claim Agoda Rewards

I have been a loyal Agoda customer only making bookings for my business travel through them. I have US$320 in rewards points that I wanted to use to book a stay away in Batemans Bay in the new year. I went through all the processes to make a booking but nowhere can I find where I can claim points to pay for some of it, so I ring customer service. Which I can only speak to someone if I have a booking number (I have just booked a business trip so I use that ref number)

I get someone on the phone and I explain my issue, apparently I am told that the place I want to book is not available through the Agoda site, that the Agoda room allocation has been sold, but so they don't lose any customers they take allocation from their Booking.com site and put it on the Agoda site. This means that I can book it through Agoda but cannot use rewards points to pay for it.
So I ask how do I tell if I cannot use points, You have to click on the hotel, click on the accommodation type and then on the booking page apparently it will tell you that the money for this room will be collected by the hotel....I did all of this whilst on the phone, whilst the operator was doing the same thing, we are both clicking on the same hotel, same room, yet low and behold it apparently says it on her page but doesn't say it on mine.
The reason for this is that I probably have to go and clear my cache and cookies....I clicked on this page several times trying to figure out why I cannot claim my points, and not once did it mention the hotel collecting the money.

What a complete waste of time, then I got the sincere apologies and the promise that this complaint was going to be escalated to management, I asked if management will ring me to inform that they have resolved the issue and told no they wont be calling me, nor is there anything that can be done to help me as it is a problem with the system.

Sorry Agoda but irrespective of whether the advertised accommodation is from Booking.com or not, if it is on your site then you should honour a rewards points claim, otherwise don't put it on the Agoda site. I don't have time to go through every hotel and pretend to make a booking just so as I can find out if I can use my points.

Just another sham where they tell you that you will be rewarded for your loyalty but then can't claim the reward for one reason or another.
Cheers Agoda....Hello Hotel Club
ljw1946 Send email
Aug 7, 2015


Beware...I booked with Priceline only to learn later the company "sold me" to Agoda. I booked a room in rural West Virginia...why it had to go through a company in Southeast Asia is insane...
We arrived to find, in spite of my printed voucher, the reservation and pre-payment could not be confirmed. I called customer service and struggled for hours with two different agents who seemed sincere but were useless..this was complicated by a HUGE language barrier...I was told several times, "we will call you back in 20 minutes"..I refused to hang up and stayed on hold for what seemed like eternity..I asked, more than once, to speak with a supervisor and was told each time "I'm sorry you are breaking up, I cannot hear you."
It was like a scene from an old "Vacation" movie.

I very nice motel employee tried to help..warned me there was only one room left and if I didn't reserve it I could end up with no where to stay...with my kids, in the middle of an 800 mile road trip.

I finally told Agoda to "forget it" and I would deal with it after I got home, I ended up paying for another room. When I arrived home I found an email saying my money would be refunded...that was 6 days ago....nothing yet.

BTW,the Priceline /Agoda room charge was exactly the same charge by the motel...no bargain..and a whole lotta headache!
mconnect Send email
May 31, 2015


I will make this short. I don't understand why I pay for service that is irresponsible and utterly bad. I rather give the money and put my complete faith with the hotel. Never again to book with an intermediary agent that can't back you up. Rude customer service just spoil everything before a vacation. Good riddance, never again!
Alexandra Nolan Send email
Nov 16, 2014


I made the terrible mistake of believing Agoda's Best Price Guarantee & booked Bannisters in Moolymook via Agoda. I originally booked for 3 guests, then changed to 2 guests, 19 emails later (and counting) I am still trying to get the difference back!
Agoda is THE WORST accommodation site I have ever experienced, their customer service is a joke and there is no such thing as 'Best Price Guarantee'!! I had to call & email constantly just to get the number of guests changed & every amendment that was emailed to me was incorrect, breakfast not included, rate not reduced, this has been a nightmare!!
DON'T EVER BOOK VIA AGODA especially when there are much more professional sites available like Hotels Combined, Hotels.com or booking directly with the hotel.
I really don't know how these company's can stay in business, hopefully the won't be around for much longer!
albiess Send email
Nov 6, 2014

Agoda.com Bait and switch

I agreed with complaint on here. We book a 5 star hotel but when we got there. It's a dirty apartment. Agoda.com customer service is horrible and refuse to offer refund. Stay away.
spwong Send email
Oct 16, 2014

Cancellation for refund

My booking ID: 53118609. I've been waiting for my refund for 2 and half months and calling Agoda for more than 15 times but I didn't receive any response from Agoda. The customer support phone number +44 0 20 3027 7900 is hopeless as whenever I called this number its directed me to the voice mail and nobody is following up the case which is absolutely unacceptable. Sent email to customer support but no response at all.
Pat davison Send email
Oct 15, 2014

receipt gst invoice

Could you send a receipt for my stay at the Epsom Motor Inn
Nights of 7 & 8/10/2014
email to

This is the forth time have requested this information

Very slack service by your team
Gehan Send email
Oct 11, 2014

complain regarding my booking

We had booking by Agoda # 55119917 2-rooms from 8/10/2014 to 11/10/2014 in Palm Village Hotel - Colombo, we checked out early morning next day of our check in, we found the Air Condition not cooling at all in both rooms, and the Hotel staff and front office manager could not do anything toward the matter.
1- Air Condition not cooling, only fan
2- Rooms are not Clean an had bad smell
3- We could not call our kids next room over the phone, we had to goo from our room to their room to check them all night,
We asked the front office manager next morning 9/10/2014 if he found a solution for the A/C at lest, unfortunately he could not solve the problem.
On same day 9/10/2014 we booked in Cinnamon Red Hotel - Colombo and paid for the next days left in our trip 9/10/2014, 10/10/2014 and 11/10/2014
We request refund of the paid amount of our booking through Agoda # 55119917 for the nights we did not spend at Palm Village Hotel - Colombo.

Thanks, waiting your respond ASAP
Ramesh Ganji Send email
Sep 26, 2014

room not given against agoda

I booked room in J's residency varanasi for my friend Mr. Bala krishna srinivas Mbl no 9889423456 email I'd Ysbk.apsa@gmail.com booking reference number 55744708 Pl pay back amount to me .This is not fair Pl don't cheated public

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