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Consumer complaints and reviews about agoda.com

udassani Send email
Jun 9, 2016

Fraud Company, took advance, no room & no refund

Booking ID 95102102. The worst customer support one can expect from an International travel booking site. On our family trip to Rishikesh we booked three rooms through Agoda in Hotel SK International. We paid the hotel charges in advance to Agoda and got the room confirmation. On 14th May, Saturday, we reached Rishikesh as per our booking plan and on reaching hotel they said the rooms are not available you can check somewhere else. On calling the customer support of AGODA three times and wasting almost an hour and half on call the only response we got that they have spoken to hotel and hotel guys will help you in finding another hotel. It was jam-packed in Rishikesh and we spent our half day in finding another hotel with help of SK International. We got a low grade hotel on one corner of Rishikesh with lift not working on the floor we were allotted rooms. Our whole day was waisted and our Single day trip to Rishikesh was completely spoiled. We were forced to pay our hotel bill on checkout when we were moving to next destination as per our Itinerary.

On claiming the refund of booking amount, AGODA is not ready to refund what it has charged us for booking hotel SK International and did not gave us rooms.

We don't go to the same destination again and again on holidays so we try to cover maximum attraction of the destination with advance planning and thus have pre-booked our rooms through AGODA to avoid last minute surprises. AGODA customer support did not even bothered to call us to check our status.

AGODA may not have control on hotel but, we expected it to have strong customer support to help you in the event of such surprises. I will give them a big ZERO for customer support and call them CHEAT for not refunding the booking amount.
Eldernlim Send email
Mar 26, 2016

Charging of credit card

Agoda says they won't charge my credit card when I did the booking. And when I wanted to cancel the booking I can't cancel it because I did not receive anything from agoda.tried calling the hotel the hotel says they can't help.tried calling agoda and they kept asking us to leave a message.this is is just a rip off
Daphne Send email
Jan 25, 2016

Tricked into Agoda Website

I recently looked at website of a Bintan Royale in Penang I wanted to book into and gave my details and when gave credit card details ..discovered the hotel website had been hijacked by Agoda booking ID 85551677 .Consequently I paid more than the price on the Hotel Website. I am an older person and not very skilled on the computer and because I specifically chose the hotel website thought I was booking directly. This sort of trickery is appalling. I was also charged more than the original quote for conversion rate , which is against my country' s consumer protection act. I emailed Agoda and have received no reply. I contacted Bintan Royale to discover that they have had problems with Agoda, and that they have not received my payment.
This deceit and lack of transparency should be stopped
lesliekoay Send email
Dec 28, 2015





yustitia Send email
Dec 24, 2015


I booked in Agoda.com with booking number 84079174 and 84005767. It is the same hotel actually. We just book it separated because before we had a plan to stay for 2 night only, and we decide we will go earlier and we booked another night. This hotel is dirty, smelly, and it is the worst hotel we have visited. We complain to Agoda by email and also by costumer service. I called the costumer service said that she couldnt contact that hotel because the hotel phone number is not right, or different person. How can big website such Agoda.com has affiliate partner with such a hotel. We just went out from hotel because there was no one there, no security, no receptionist, no one. Is it a hotel scam or what? I cant believe i have such an experience with Agoda.com for the first time.

Is it possible that Agoda can't comfirm to the Hotel? Such an amazing hotel partner and with incredible hotel quality.
Since the first time i saw the hotel, i realized something is wrong.
Hopefully Agoda will listen to me this time since i already call and send bunch of emails.

[email protected]
Grantwey Send email
Nov 22, 2015

Cannot claim Agoda Rewards

I have been a loyal Agoda customer only making bookings for my business travel through them. I have US$320 in rewards points that I wanted to use to book a stay away in Batemans Bay in the new year. I went through all the processes to make a booking but nowhere can I find where I can claim points to pay for some of it, so I ring customer service. Which I can only speak to someone if I have a booking number (I have just booked a business trip so I use that ref number)

I get someone on the phone and I explain my issue, apparently I am told that the place I want to book is not available through the Agoda site, that the Agoda room allocation has been sold, but so they don't lose any customers they take allocation from their Booking.com site and put it on the Agoda site. This means that I can book it through Agoda but cannot use rewards points to pay for it.
So I ask how do I tell if I cannot use points, You have to click on the hotel, click on the accommodation type and then on the booking page apparently it will tell you that the money for this room will be collected by the hotel....I did all of this whilst on the phone, whilst the operator was doing the same thing, we are both clicking on the same hotel, same room, yet low and behold it apparently says it on her page but doesn't say it on mine.
The reason for this is that I probably have to go and clear my cache and cookies....I clicked on this page several times trying to figure out why I cannot claim my points, and not once did it mention the hotel collecting the money.

What a complete waste of time, then I got the sincere apologies and the promise that this complaint was going to be escalated to management, I asked if management will ring me to inform that they have resolved the issue and told no they wont be calling me, nor is there anything that can be done to help me as it is a problem with the system.

Sorry Agoda but irrespective of whether the advertised accommodation is from Booking.com or not, if it is on your site then you should honour a rewards points claim, otherwise don't put it on the Agoda site. I don't have time to go through every hotel and pretend to make a booking just so as I can find out if I can use my points.

Just another sham where they tell you that you will be rewarded for your loyalty but then can't claim the reward for one reason or another.
Cheers Agoda....Hello Hotel Club
ljw1946 Send email
Aug 7, 2015


Beware...I booked with Priceline only to learn later the company "sold me" to Agoda. I booked a room in rural West Virginia...why it had to go through a company in Southeast Asia is insane...
We arrived to find, in spite of my printed voucher, the reservation and pre-payment could not be confirmed. I called customer service and struggled for hours with two different agents who seemed sincere but were useless..this was complicated by a HUGE language barrier...I was told several times, "we will call you back in 20 minutes"..I refused to hang up and stayed on hold for what seemed like eternity..I asked, more than once, to speak with a supervisor and was told each time "I'm sorry you are breaking up, I cannot hear you."
It was like a scene from an old "Vacation" movie.

I very nice motel employee tried to help..warned me there was only one room left and if I didn't reserve it I could end up with no where to stay...with my kids, in the middle of an 800 mile road trip.

I finally told Agoda to "forget it" and I would deal with it after I got home, I ended up paying for another room. When I arrived home I found an email saying my money would be refunded...that was 6 days ago....nothing yet.

BTW,the Priceline /Agoda room charge was exactly the same charge by the motel...no bargain..and a whole lotta headache!
mconnect Send email
May 31, 2015


I will make this short. I don't understand why I pay for service that is irresponsible and utterly bad. I rather give the money and put my complete faith with the hotel. Never again to book with an intermediary agent that can't back you up. Rude customer service just spoil everything before a vacation. Good riddance, never again!
Alexandra Nolan Send email
Nov 16, 2014


I made the terrible mistake of believing Agoda's Best Price Guarantee & booked Bannisters in Moolymook via Agoda. I originally booked for 3 guests, then changed to 2 guests, 19 emails later (and counting) I am still trying to get the difference back!
Agoda is THE WORST accommodation site I have ever experienced, their customer service is a joke and there is no such thing as 'Best Price Guarantee'!! I had to call & email constantly just to get the number of guests changed & every amendment that was emailed to me was incorrect, breakfast not included, rate not reduced, this has been a nightmare!!
DON'T EVER BOOK VIA AGODA especially when there are much more professional sites available like Hotels Combined, Hotels.com or booking directly with the hotel.
I really don't know how these company's can stay in business, hopefully the won't be around for much longer!
albiess Send email
Nov 6, 2014

Agoda.com Bait and switch

I agreed with complaint on here. We book a 5 star hotel but when we got there. It's a dirty apartment. Agoda.com customer service is horrible and refuse to offer refund. Stay away.
spwong Send email
Oct 16, 2014

Cancellation for refund

My booking ID: 53118609. I've been waiting for my refund for 2 and half months and calling Agoda for more than 15 times but I didn't receive any response from Agoda. The customer support phone number +44 0 20 3027 7900 is hopeless as whenever I called this number its directed me to the voice mail and nobody is following up the case which is absolutely unacceptable. Sent email to customer support but no response at all.
Pat davison Send email
Oct 15, 2014

receipt gst invoice

Could you send a receipt for my stay at the Epsom Motor Inn
Nights of 7 & 8/10/2014
email to
[email protected]

This is the forth time have requested this information

Very slack service by your team
Gehan Send email
Oct 11, 2014

complain regarding my booking

We had booking by Agoda # 55119917 2-rooms from 8/10/2014 to 11/10/2014 in Palm Village Hotel - Colombo, we checked out early morning next day of our check in, we found the Air Condition not cooling at all in both rooms, and the Hotel staff and front office manager could not do anything toward the matter.
1- Air Condition not cooling, only fan
2- Rooms are not Clean an had bad smell
3- We could not call our kids next room over the phone, we had to goo from our room to their room to check them all night,
We asked the front office manager next morning 9/10/2014 if he found a solution for the A/C at lest, unfortunately he could not solve the problem.
On same day 9/10/2014 we booked in Cinnamon Red Hotel - Colombo and paid for the next days left in our trip 9/10/2014, 10/10/2014 and 11/10/2014
We request refund of the paid amount of our booking through Agoda # 55119917 for the nights we did not spend at Palm Village Hotel - Colombo.

Thanks, waiting your respond ASAP
Ramesh Ganji Send email
Sep 26, 2014

room not given against agoda

I booked room in J's residency varanasi for my friend Mr. Bala krishna srinivas Mbl no 9889423456 email I'd [email protected] booking reference number 55744708 Pl pay back amount to me .This is not fair Pl don't cheated public
Novine Prima Send email
Sep 5, 2014

Double charge

I've booked a room at Mimpi Resort Menjangan on Aug, 1st. When I checked out from that hotel, I paid room charge and other expenses. When I paid that bill I just think that Agoda didn't charged me yet for that room. When I received monthly statement from HSBC, i was surprised that they charged me doubles, Agoda charged me and that hotel also. I starting my complaint from Aug 26 and until now all I received from Agoda was the same answer that they still waiting hotel's response for that case. And when I asked Agoda how long I should wait, they said that they can't be sure about the time because they're waiting hotel's responses. I felt dissatisfied and disappointed about it. How come a big company like Agoda doesn't have Time Standard for complaint. It's not my fault and it supposed to be Agoda responsibility to have coordination with their hotels.
Until now I still waiting for Agoda responsibility . and I don't know how long it will takes.
[email protected]
Scott Taylor Send email
Aug 23, 2014


Agoda, like most Hotel booking engines get 17% of every booking. They are owned and operated by public listed company Priceline and this ONLY objective it profit.

Book with care, read all the Cancelation and Booking Policies.

Agoda, like Priceline take names of Hotels and Resorts and use them in their Google AdWords accounts. Search most Hotels on Google and you will likely see a paid Agoda ad for that Hotel or Resort. In a lot of cases Agoda DO NOT have a relationship with that facility but simply use their name to route traffic to their website. This IS ILLEGAL but since they pay over a million dollars a month to Google nothing or no one will stop them from doing this.

There will be a backlash, not only on Agoda but Google. Every dog has its day.

Good luck to you and I hope you. Oh and Mrs. Lenny Husin who posted above. Best NOT to post your Credit Card details anywhere.
jlau Send email
Aug 12, 2014

Faulty System & Dishonest

The deadline of my hotel booking was 3 Aug. I tried to cancel my booking on 23 Sep but didn't work out. I sent an email to Agoda on 1 Aug reporting the fact that I thought I cancelled the booking on 23 Sep but it didn't work. Subsequently I went on the site immediately to cancel the booking and a message was prompted stating my booking was cancelled and even worked out the amount to be refunded. So I thought it was done finally and waited for the confirmation email. It was a Friday so I finished work for my weekend break expecting the confimation email would come. By the time I got back to work on Monday (4 Aug) then I realized the email never came and the booking was still live and too late to cancel by then.

I called Agoda in Singapore and they offered no help with the situation, nor trying to explain the situation to the hotel. Subsequent emails back & forth repeating the same thing that since I cancelled the booking within 3 days I will have to pay the first night. If they care to look into the logic behind the whole thing and checked their system log they would find that the system did issue an on-screen confirmation which I trusted.

I have no confident on Agoda anymore and I will not use it anymore.
Their rate is not cheap and their server is slow and often hang up, so don't use them as there are many other good online booking agents which have far better response then them. I don't want to see anyone loosing out like I did.
enilorac74 Send email
May 26, 2014

False Bookings

I have a villa with a page on Tripadvisor and Agoda have attached someone else's villa to my tripadvisor site. People are booking this other villa thinking it is my villa and i am getting phone calls almost daily and emails very often about their stay details. Agoda have know about this for 6 weeks and still haven't done anything about this. My Tripadvisor site is for Villa Echo Beach - http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Hotel_Review-g311298-d1597897-Reviews-Villa_Echo_Beach-Canggu_Kuta_Bali.html and once you fill in dates, you can see that Agoda are selling someone else's villas on my Tripadvisor site. I am not only losing bookings but people are getting very angry with me as they cannot contact the villa they have booked as they already thought they had booked with me. It's getting out of hand.
hussainabualsaud Send email
Jan 25, 2014

Changeing of booking

I have a complain regarding my booking
In 11Jan2014 i made my booking through Agoda in Splendor Hotel Apartment (booking ref. 42243039) and same time i receive the confirmation, i was surprised to receive a call from Agoda on 19Jan2014 (the day of my trip ) that Splendor Hotel are not ready to welcome me and Agoda will try to find me another place, new booking made to Home to Home Hotel Apartment and i have no other choice to say no, Agoda inform me that they will pay the difference if any and i found that i paid more amount , i'm not happy with this and i have a bad importation about booking through Agoda as they confirm booking and they keep me waiting 9 days to tel me about changing of my booking .

gunawanwijaya Send email
Dec 29, 2013

autodebit my credit card

My name is Mrs. Lenny Husin and my husband Mr. Gunawan Wijaya
I booked hotel at Garden Permata Hotel location Bandung Indonesia, dated 27 December 2013.
I reserved 2 room , but the bank debit my card 3 room.
Please pay me back 1 room.
My card :
NO : 4096 7501 4077 0550

Please cross check the hotel :

PLEASE give me answer to my email :
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

True Believer Send email
Dec 18, 2013

Confirmed booking not availible

Booked a apartment over christmas week back on 12 August 2013. Rang apartment hotel, and there is no booking in my name!!
Phone Agoda who insist there is......... Hotel provides detail of advising them of this on the 13 August, 2013 Agoda acknowledge this by email to them.
Agoda does NOTHING - keeps my MONEY and I find out 4 days before arriving. Is this deceptive and misleading conduct??? Now I believe my challenge will be getting my money back cause they have held it under false presences for the past 4 MONTHS. IF YOU

gowry Send email
Mar 20, 2013


hi i;m gowry i have book a room at hotel fragerance at kovan..but i cancel the hotel booking early one week.
nw till nw i didnt get my refund ,its almost 1 month, i all ready email to get my refund but now the
agoda saying ask to check the hotel , the most worse part hotel mention they dont take the amount..pls refer to agoda..they keep pushing here n there....i need my refund.
User191516 Send email
Mar 31, 2012


I made a hotel booking through agoda.com, and changed from 2 rooms to 1 room, and got a confirmation from agoda.com and an attached file that it is one room.

This was confirmed when i reached the hotel which the hotel showed me the information they received is 1 room.

The charges to my credit card was 2 rooms.
when brought up to agoda, the first reply was:
"The charges were correct as per my request"

The second reply was putting the blame on the hotel that the hotel has arranged for 2 rooms.

The third reply was they were going to check with the hotel to confirm.

And there isn't any reply from them after that.

Obviously dishonest.
User925935 Send email
Mar 31, 2012


We booked accommodation with Agoda.com in the UK and our credit card was charged. The next day, we received an email from the accommodation requesting that we complete an attached form which required credit card information and copies of passports and information on arrival time. How unusual is that? An hotel directly asking a guest for this information without going through Agoda.com. We called Agoda and they told us not to provide the information. They asked that the requesting email be forwarded and that they would look into it. We told them that we no longer wanted to stay at this property because the had not been honest about the additional required information plus they have NO reception on site for guest arrival. After 4 days, no word from Agoda. I called them in the UK from Canada 3 times at my expense but they did not help. They kept me on hold for almost 20 minutes on the last call and never returned. Email arrived later asking we wait a further 48 hours. We had already requested a refund because this hotel had deceived its guests by withholding important important during the booking process (especially about no guest reception), still no response! It seems that Agoda.com is just stalling for time and has no intention of resolving the issue. This is unprofessional and deceptive business practice. $500 dollars CDN later, we are still in limbo and have no confidence in this Agoda.com. BEWARE...if you have a complaint, they will stall you until time runs out and you will not be treated fairly. In fact, they excel at passing the buck and ignoring you. Don't use Agoda; just move on to a professional booking site and avoid the ripoffs. I read that they are affiliated with Priceline. If this is true, then I have serious doubts about Priceline. NEVER USE AN OFFSHORE BOOKING SITES DUE TO FEW OR NO LEGAL RECOURSE FOR SHADY TRANSACTIONS! USE EUROPEAN OR NORTH AMERICAN SITES ONLY.
Schristia Send email
Feb 29, 2012

Cancellation Policy

On 17 Jan 2011, I booked via Agoda website a superior room at Orchard Parade Hotel - Singapore for 1 night. But a minute after booking, I found out that the room's price you advertised varied greatly from what's charged on my credit card. The display says SGD$177, but it's charged as SGD$214.33(USD$161.59)There was no explanation of why the charge differs so greatly, no clear breakdown of why that is.

I immediately cancelled my booking and sent email to Agoda stated my reason of cancellation in the original complaint on Jan 17, 2011.
A few minutes later, I received a cancellation notice stating that my booking has been cancelled by their system and the payment for this booking, less all applicable cancellation fees will be refunded to my credit card within 10 working days.
On Jan 18 2011, I received an email from a person at the Contact Centre Spesialist - Agoda Customer Response saying that they already received my email and noted the cancellation made via self - service link but he didn't clarify about the price mismatch.

Based on these two emails, I considered my booking was successfully cancelled and would receive the refunded payment within 10 days.

On 7 March 2011, I checked with my bank and according to them they still haven't received the refund from Agoda. I emailed Agoda Customer Response asking them about the payment refund. They told me that there will be no refund for this booking as per hotel policy, the booking is non-refundable and can't be amended or modified.

If this is not refundable, the website shouldn't allow me to cancel. Why on their cancellation notice they mentioned about payment will be refunded within 10 days and said nothing about this non-refundable. And, why the contact centre specialist who replied to my cancellation email, also did not let me know about this. If they indicated this on the cancellation notice, I would continue my booking I initially made with Agoda since it was a non-refundable.

I was expecting myself to deal with a honest business here. Unfortunately, I can hardly think of such about Agoda at this point - first charging me beyond what's advertised. Second, refusal to refund my money by stating illogical argument.

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