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Bounty Paper Towels

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Bounty Paper Towels

KellyG Send email
Aug 9, 2022

Bounty Paper Towels

Bounty paper towels were always the best until recently. They are now stiff, non-absorbent, rip apart and have a lot of lint.
I totally agree with all the complaints that are posted. I have used Bounty for 40 something years and gladly paid more for the product. Please bring the original Bounty!
DrBick Send email
Jun 21, 2022

changed the product quality

We have been using Bounty select a size for many years now. But something has changed. Every time we use them now to clean glass, mirrors, or the glass top stove it shmears when you wipe with the Bounty paper towels. It used to clean glass so well. Now it just makes it worse. What happened? Are they adding some kind of chemicals to the product?

Bathroom mirrors and windows do not usually have any grease or oil on them in my home so when using glass cleaner like Windex it should become clean with a little elbow effort. Not shmear and streak.

I guess I need to try other products for glass cleaning.
DMB Send email
Aug 4, 2021

Poor quality

I have been buying bounty for many years. Lately I have noticed a distinct quality difference. They are thinner and of very poor quality. Unfortunately, I have a large package to use up.
Liz Hickey Send email
Jul 25, 2021

not a complaint, A suggestion

Not a complaint. A suggestion. Suggestion would be to make 1 or 2 horizontal lines in the select-a-size toweling design so it can be folded on and torn. That would give the user an opportunity to select a more appropriate size needed at that time.
When Brawny came out with "Tear-A-Square" I thought it was a great idea. The idea is great but their paper toweling does not come close to the quality of Bounty's. Thank you for your time and consideration. Liz Hickey [email protected]
[email protected] Send email
May 30, 2021


What has happened to the quicker picker upper? They fall apart so fast I need half a roll to clean up a mess. I'm shopping around for either something better or something cheaper. I'm not paying premium prices for inferior product.
brandy 11 Send email
May 23, 2021

chemical oder

been using bounty towels for years open a new roll and been using about a week notice a smell did not think much of it started to get headaches notice the smell was from the towels and a couple days later headaches were gone the towels smell like chemicals i dont know wht it was but not using them again
[email protected] Send email
Mar 6, 2021

Bounty paper towels

NO LONGER THE QUICKER PICKER UPPER!! WOW reduced quality, SAME PRICE. I AM NO LONGER A BOUNTY CONSUMER.. Took me a case to realize it was true but no more. Lost me as a follower.
Klc43 Send email
Jul 21, 2020

Poor perforation

I purchased the bulk package of Bounty, which I have been using for many years. I thought this was a one-off occurrence, but now realize that many more people have had the same experience. I will definitely purchase another brand when I next buy paper towels.
Klc43 Send email
Jul 21, 2020

Poor perforation

I bought the bulk package of Bounty, which I have been using for years. I thought it was just a one-off thing, but now realize that many people have experienced the same problem. I will definitely buy another brand when I next purchase paper towels.
onthelookout Send email
Jul 17, 2020

Bounty towel size smaller

I noticed that sheets from a roll in my newest bulk package of Bounty towels seemed to come off several at a time when I tugged on the paper holder installed on my kitchen wall. So I found a roll from a previous package and measured sheets from each roll against each other. The new roll is shorter by a few mm . . . barely detectable, but still shorter. So I emailed Bounty to ask about it. I got a reply-here is an excerpt:

"Cost adjustments can be made in several ways and it’s always a tough choice for us. In some cases, we’ve increased the price without any change to the volume or quantity of product. In other instances, we've chosen to keep the price to retailers the same but reduce the amount of product in the package. Consumers have different preferences for how cost adjustments are reflected, and some have told us they prefer the volume/quantity reduction versus having to spend more during their shopping trips."

Well this customer prefers they keep the roll the same width so that it functions properly on the holder. Of course as we all know, they were actually concealing the change, which was a hidden price increase. Vigilant shoppers want to watch for more of this type of downsizing, as Bounty et al may continue the trend.
DaveS Send email
Feb 19, 2020

becoming worse the longer they go

Have been buying Bounty paper towels in larger quantity for several years. The towels have gone down hill over the last couple of years. From poor to no perforation, poor quality paper and many rolls with just a partial cardboard insert. It has finally gotten to the point that we will no longer be purchasing Bounty paper towels and are currently investigating other brands of paper towels.
KellyG Send email
May 22, 2019

Bounty Paper Towels

have been a faithful purchaser of Bounty paper towels for many years. I have been so satisfied with the quality of Bounty that I never even compared the price of Bounty with other brands of paper towels because I only wanted Bounty. It seems you have decided to cut the costs of making the paper towels by making them with less texture and thickness and absorbency which makes them greatly inferior to what they were.
Sweinman Send email
Apr 4, 2019

Bounty paper towels smell

I have been saying it for a long time. There is some Horrible odor from the bounty paper towels. Whether I get it from Costco or from target there’s a bad odor that makes me feel like there is some bad chemical in there. I wish somebody who works for Procter & Gamble would address this issue because I’m not the only one. At this point I’m going to another brand
Flowtree Send email
Feb 5, 2019

made a mistake

I owe you an apology. I bought bounty essentials. They were so thin. Not what I've used for many years. I realized the towels I use were not essentials. I bought the regular full sheets and found them to be just what I've always purchased. Please accept my apologies. Winston
Flowtree Send email
Jan 30, 2019

The worse!!!!!!

I have always brought Bounty towels over all other brands. I am so disappointed. I purchased a large pack of towels and immediately noticed a difference. They are thinner and less sheets. The reason I know they are different is because I had some of the old towels. Now I have to use two towels instead of one. I looked at your complaints and they are the same as mine. Why would you loose customers for profits. I will now look for a better product.
Starlady Send email
Jan 21, 2019

Dye on printed towels

Recently my husband bought a 12pk of bounty select-a -size towels with the football grid iron print on them. When I went to use one to wipe my counter top.. the green dye came off and smeared all over the counter. Not thinking.. I grabbed one to soak up a water spill on my carpet. I now have a green spot where the water spot was. A guest used one as a napkin and had a green smear on his face. The dye rubs off with my fingers with out even being wet.
I would have never bought the prints but hubby saw the cheep price and got them. Grrrrrrr……..!
Peacherino Send email
Nov 24, 2018

Ad promotes violence

Your ad showing a kid running a saber into a man’s buttocks is not humorous. She could gave just as easily, and far more believable, simply bumped him. The spilled result and cleanup of the liquid would have delivered the message without showing kids a violent play.
It is no wonder that kids today do not respect others and toss off violence as a normal behavior.
BOO Bounty, you need to fire your ad agency because I, for one, will not buy your products.
cedarlan Send email
Oct 17, 2018

thickness of paper towel

I have used Bounty paper towels for 40 years. Often I would try another brand and then return to Bounty for there better than average absorption and large roll?? what happened? It hardly cleans up a spill! Going to have to try another brand now. I haven't minded paying a little extra for what I thought was a better product.

I am so tired of companies making a change in a product that is inferior to before.
edintampa Send email
Mar 4, 2018

Bounty spokesperson

I just about lost it when I saw that political moron Linsey Vonn, in a bounty paper towel commercial. She insults the President of our country, that she supposedly respresents. If she can't keep her opinions to herself, she should not be a paid spokesperson for a national company. What were the executives at Bounty thinking? I guess they must be Trump haters too? That's their right, but if they want to brand their company in that way, I and many others will not support them anymore.
Connie D Send email
Feb 19, 2018

Bounty paper towels

Have used these towels for all of my married life 44years and always thought they were good but I have purchased my last roll they are no longer scored well and you cannot get a sheet off cleanly you end up with 2 plus sheets after a uneven tear and this is not only wasteful but expensive it has been this way all through the bulk packaging that I have and they are not cheap.I think it's a shame that there is no quality that you can depend on any longer..
Bigjoeparra Send email
Feb 5, 2018

Bounty-lindsey vonn

Why would you use someone who is so politically vocal and recently put down half the citizens of the country and the office of the President? She also recently went off on Hollywood Stars by body shaming them. I love your product but find a new spokesperson. She is a nasty, childish and arrogant human being. There’s plenty of neutral athletes to choose from to represent your products.
Larry Zunino Send email
Jan 24, 2018

Bounty extra length paper towels quality

Bought the large plastic bag with your premier paper towels and was surprised! From their stand, when I tear one half-sheet off, a lower corner of it doesn't come off, but stays with the last sheet. Never happened with any other of your competitor brands. We've got a website called "Neighbors," which links all the residences in our entire,"Green Valley Area," One of those "gossip" kinds. It hasn't hit there, yet, but it's bound to....

I really have no other problem with them, but it sure is irksome to see that little piece hanging there, especially early in the morning when one's half-asleep. You really should tend to correct that....

Larry Zunino
[email protected]
Ammasbhavya Send email
Dec 19, 2017

Bounty Paper Towels

Just purchased:
One package of Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels — 12 Mega Rolls = 20 Regular Rolls 2X More Absorbent

After consistently using Bounty Paper Towels for 45 years, despite gradual degradation in quality, these recent changes have rendered junky, wasteful paper toweling.

1 — Individual sheets are ridiculously thin. No point in a Select-A-Size feature anymore.
2 — The rolls are softer — is it due to fewer sheets per roll and/or thinness?
3 — They have a revolting odor.

There was a reason consumers paid more for Bounty — what’s the reason now? Sacrificing quality to maintain cost (which is still higher than other brands), eliminates what set Bounty apart from other brands.
reswob Send email
Dec 16, 2017

Texture, smell, softness has changed

I noticed a big difference in the new bounty paper towels. First of all there is a terrible smell coming from the towels. I use bounty paper towels for almost everything.

I could tell something had changes when I saw the way the loose outer wrapping look. When I pulled the first one out I notice it was the smell of the paper towel, it was not the same texture as before and it does not work for me any more. I am tempted to try another brand.

I chose Bounty for the last 50+ years because, it has always been the best of all other brands, why did you change?

Please try to correct these problems.

Thank You,
hawaii2484 Send email
Nov 30, 2017

Bounty No Longer Absorbs

What has happened to Bounty paper towel?! Bounty *used* to be the gold standard of paper towel. However, since 2017, Bounty paper towels DO NOT ABSORB, period! Bounty is still the most expensive brand in the paper towel aisle and now they are the cheapest, most garbage quality paper towel, too. I'm on to you Bounty: you decreased the quality of your product by 100% but kept your exorbitant prices sky high. Talk about corporate greed. I've been a loyal Bounty customer for decades, my adult daughter has only used Bounty since birth, but we are both switching brands to Brawny. I will not pay Bounty's sky high premium price in exchange for a sub-par product. Bounty paper towels smear water, they piece apart when wiping, and I go through many squares just to clean up minor spills. McDonald's napkins absorb better than the new Bounty paper towel. Shame on you, Bounty. You lost loyal, life-long customers.

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