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Dawnelz Send email
Oct 18, 2016

Dye and Lint

I have been buying only Bounty for many years. They have always been superior. For the last couple of years I have noticed changes such as lint on mirrors,etc. Now, unbelievably, the color/dye transfers to everything!!! Unacceptable! I was lucky enough to be able to get the color off. I love the select a size, however, as others have stated, the paper is cheaper and doesn't tear properly. I have to say, if things don't change I will no longer be buying Bounty. I will try once more, and buy only the white bounty, but if I am not happy this time, I will try another product next month. If is ain't broke, don't fix it!!! Whoever is in charge of BOUNTY needs to take care of this and send lots of coupons to disheartened customers! Thank you for your attention, Dawn
wjdms4 Send email
Oct 14, 2016

Is not perforated correctly

I have always loved Bounty and never buy anything else. I was especially thrilled when Bounty made select-a-size. However, the last bulk package I purchased was not perforated correctly. About the fourth or so towel tears off correctly. I feel like I am wasting towels which defeats my purpose of buying select-a-size.
JimW001 Send email
Aug 26, 2016

Bounty towels recent change in texture

I have noticed in just recent weeks that bounty towels are no longer the strong and absorbent paper towels that I have been accustomed to for several years. They do not even rip off at the perforated line any longer. I can't understand why they would want their superior product to become so inferior now. There are two other paper towels that are quite durable but until now slightly lower in quality to bounty. I guess those are my only choices in the future. Your paper towels as of now are equal to a generic brand and no longer qualify as the best brand on the market. I hope an announcement will be made that you are going to go back to the original make of your product. What's worse is you're still very expensive. This did not save the consumer anything but causes a lot of aggravation. I decided to go online to see if anyone else noticed and wasn't surprised at all the comments. My first time I have ever taken the time to notify a company about their product. I hope the complaints on this forum reaches Proctor and Gamble. Also that Good Housekeeping reviews your product before they re-endorse it.
NancyH Send email
Jul 29, 2016

Change in product

I have been a faithful purchaser of Bounty paper towels for many years. I have been so satisfied with the quality of Bounty that I never even compared the price of Bounty with other brands of paper towels because I only wanted Bounty. The composition of the Bounty paper towels has now changed. It seems you have decided to cut the costs of making the paper towels by making them with less texture and thickness and absorbency which makes them greatly inferior to what they were. I DO NOT LIKE THEM. I will now pursue finding the best replacement of Bounty that I can that will compare with the quality of the old Bounty paper towels -- unless you decide to go back to your original product!
heyyou Send email
Jul 17, 2016

bounty towels sticking to bacon

I have used Bounty towels in the past to absorb the grease when microwaving bacon. No more. You must have re-formulated the paper or just made it thinner. It is totally unusable for cooking bacon--sticks to the bacon and can't be removed! I have been a loyal user of Bounty for thirty years, but I am switching to another brand. Why pay more for poor quality?
danilafreni Send email
May 11, 2016

Larger Select a Size sheets

I recently noticed that the select a size sheets - that I used to love, are now bigger. I now go through the roll faster and have to spend more $$$ on paper towels. Pretty sneaky P&G!! Please change them back to the original perforation lines!!
Brandes396 Send email
Apr 14, 2016

Dye transfered onto kitchen cabinets

The dye from the paper towels transfered onto my new white kitchen cabinets.
The dye does not come off. The dye got onto my cleaning gloves and everything it touched or wiped by the paper towels. I spent $40k on new cabinets and they have dye spots/smears on them. I am truly heartbroken!! How can I remedy this? I tried denatured alcohol, no results.
Sentinel Send email
Feb 24, 2016

These paper towels STINK!!!

I have used Bounty paper towels for many years. No more! I bought the 8-pack of jumbo rolls and when they are wet, they stink. I am afraid to use them in the kitchen or around food. I'll use these for cleaning, but will start buying another brand. I found mouse urine in a box in a garage years ago...that is what these paper towels smell like when they are wet. They must have changed the way they make them because this has never been a problem in the past.
Ocelot Send email
Jan 14, 2016

Much Poorer Bounty Towels Now

I only buy Bounty towels for the kitchen and was always happy with the product and the towel design, until a few months ago when I noticed that the perferations aren't tearing off cleanly and the ink is staining my counters when they get wet. Plus the towel designs out now are hideous! I have decided that until Bounty replaces the designs with something better and changes their towels like they used to be, I will just buy a different product. The towels also feel a little rougher so I suspect they are skimping on the materials and production process to save money. I guess manufacturers don't realize they will end up loosing money when customers quit buying their products because of inferiority. They need to take a Business 101 class again. And for heavens sake employ some new designers, I would rather have a plain white towel of good quality (like Brawny) than the ugly, rough towels which are now all that Bounty produces.
weeziewindsor Send email
Nov 2, 2015

Not Happy!

I want my Bounty Christmas paper towels back!!!! Stop manufacturing the Dawn infused paper towels and bring back the Christmas prints PLEASE!!!
Isaac Cabase Send email
Sep 3, 2015

No Perforations

Because of the missing perforations, ripping the Bounty Paper Towels apart is very difficult and the sheets get torn in different places. UPC 0 3700088190 2 97023121-S, 97089176-S.
suzzzn Send email
Aug 29, 2015

smelly bounty paper towels

I bought a large package of Bounty Paper Towels at Costco because they were $4 off. I thought I was imagining a smell until I went online to check it out. This is a very offensive smell and I sure hope that it has done no harm by my using them... on my face, wrapping food in them, etc. I am going back to using Brawny or Kirkland, they don't smell. There are so many complaints online.... why doesn't Bounty do something!!!
suzzzn Send email
Aug 29, 2015

smelling bounty paper towels

I have never had paper towels that smelled before. I couldn't figure out what was going on and decided to look online, and sure enough, it was not my imagination! I bought these because of a coupon at Costco. They are going back to Costco and I am going back to using Brawny, or even Kirkland. They don't smell.
KEWPIES Send email
Jul 9, 2015


I have been using Bounty paper towels for years and this is the first time I have had a problem with the bad odor.
I use them for so many things and I want to believe they are clean and safe. It is very disturbing because I don't know WHY they smell!!!!
nschwede Send email
Jul 2, 2015

Bounty Paper Towels ~ Smelly paper towels

I have purchased your paper towels for sometime now, however, there have been a few times when your towels get wet they smell awful. Although this has happened previously, I presumed it was a freak accident and overlooked the issue. However, I just bought some from two different locations with the same foul smell. Have you changed your production of these paper towels? If so, we're going to purchase another vendors paper towels that don't stink when they get moist.

Bounty Huge paper towels package of 8, these towels smell foul when they are wet. If product continues to produce a foul odor when they are moist I will no longer purchase your products.
Bar Code: 370088233
RippedOff Send email
Jun 8, 2015

Proctor & Gamble Bounty Product

I have been a loyal user of Bounty paper towels for many, many years. Over the course of those years P&G has secretly raised their price by shrinking the sheets per "reguler" roll from 74 to whatever they call it now... you cannot even put a number on it because they threw a multitude of "Big", "Giant" & "Huge" to completely mislead the consumer. So when I purchase a "12 Giant = 16 Regular" package and looked at the sheets per roll which is 55 I realize that again P&G has thoroughly screwed me. There are many complaints here for the deceptive practices of P&G, my details above only add to this list, and of course no one will do anything to protect consumers from this FRAUD. Here is another thing that the crooks at P&G are doing... all of the complaints of inferior product in prior complaints in the blog are all accurate because P&G most likely QC's their product and reject a good percentage of that product, but it still makes it to store shelves at discounted pricing to big box stores fir us, the consumer to still pay full price for their 2nd rate product. So, it is up to us as consumers to fight back by finding other means of cleaning our little messes or continue to bankroll P&G while they rape our pockets & frustrate our lives with their inferior product. Thank you for your time!!
Dotsword Send email
May 10, 2015


HORRIBLY * * * THINNER!!! * * * No longer worth paying a Premium for Bounty --MAJOR DIFFERENCE regardless of whatever Bounty says. After years of loyalty --Including their CONTINUALLY SHRINKING square footage while INCREASING PRICE --I have permanently switched to competitor brands; yet another example of GREEDY company causing its own demise. I --and all of your customers-- deserve a refund!!! cc: Sams Club * * * p.s. they're so thin & weak that they tear the towel rather than along the perforation!!! talk about cheap but major rip off!!
Ceecee Send email
Apr 30, 2015

Soap. Really?

I admit I don't watch television. The problem with that is I don't see commercials, and so I'm not influenced by propaganda when I go the the store. The other day, I threw a duel roll of paper towels in my cart. Yes, they were expensive, but then everything is expensive these days. It was only when I got home and opened the package that my nose sensed these were no ordinary paper towels. No, they were infused with soap. Now I have two rolls of expensive paper towels I have no idea what to do with or how to use. I keep paper towels in the kitchen and the bath for any number of reasons. I lay out my bacon on a bed of paper towels in order to zap them in the microwave. I polish mirrors with them. I dry my wet hands with them. I use them to cover my plate of food I am microwaving. None of these things can be done with these "new and improved" paper towels. You can't even clean up a bathroom sink with them as they fall apart before the job gets done and you still have to wipe up the soap left behind. Please explain why these towels were ever a good idea! I can't think of a worth while use for them. I had to go back to the store and find paper towels that I can actually find useful. I'm so tired of picking up and paying for items that have been new and improved and end up being costly and useless. I'll pay attention for now on. I don't need this product.
Lee Riley Send email
Mar 7, 2015

Bounty Paper Towels

please bring back our well loved paper towels. The new ones are rough, thing, and less absorbent. It looks like I will have to switch to a better, softer paper towel.
skf001 Send email
Mar 7, 2015

Jagged tearing/ poor quality

I recently bought a 12 pack of jumbo rolls, pick a size Bounty paper towels. When we go to rip off a paper towel it rarely ever tears straight, if at all. We have gone through three rolls to see if it was a fluke. After the third roll, I am tired of wasting paper towels. I cant get one small size off, it always ends up being a useless tiny piece or much too large. This error is so wasteful and irritating. We have found there are long stretches (2 ft in some places) where there simply are no perforations for tearing, and most of the time when there are perforations; they are poorly done which results is the towel not tearing at all or tearing jagged. I would like to have this problem fixed and/or compensation awarded. If the next package I buy of bounty has this or another problem, I will not be buying them any more.
pato58 Send email
Jan 25, 2015

lower quality

I have used Bounty for as long as I can remember. Lately I noticed that the sheet was disintegrating in my hands as i was using it to clean my sink gently with just a small amount of dish-liquid. Yes, the sheets are thinner and much less absorbing.
C'mom, we consumers are not idiots!
Go back to the quality we have been so proud for years to call it our favorite paper towel.
You can lose a loyal customer just like that :(
bett Send email
Dec 31, 2014

dye color bleed

Using bounty forever. Recently when used on outside front of white microwave ended up turning blue. Very hard to get off.may have to change brands98200
von Send email
Dec 8, 2014

ragged edges

I love Bounty select size, now i have buy scraps. the edges are ragged !!!!!! for two months the big 12=20 pack are same? are you dumping you scraps on the little cities? of course P&G and Walmart in bed!!
kimormiston Send email
Nov 13, 2014

Current Commercial

I am quite dismayed by the portrayal of the Mother and 2 sons on your current commercial. The commercial depicts both sons being disrespectful and the Mother condoning their behavior to the point where she just smiles and gives the one son more milk. We get the point....Bounty is the quick picker upper.....but we also get the point that the sons do not have a parent here....they have a smiling drone that will allow the kids to do anything as long as she has her 'Bounty'.
Bad job on this.....this alone will stop me from buying your product. I will support products that are advertised in a realistic and ethical manner only.
Kim Ormiston
Rachelashbridal Send email
Nov 8, 2014

Dye stained white evening dress

Used the blue paper towel to get rid of a makeup mark on a white top. The makeu came out but now the top is permenant rely stained blue! Not what you expect from a kitchen towel. Not good at all, extremeley annoyed! £500 down the drain!!!!

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