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rprice Send email
Oct 18, 2017

bounty papaer towels

Bounty paper towels quality has taken a nose dive. What is going on? The cardboard piece that the paper towel holder fits in is frequently off center so the paper towels are constantly falling out of the holder. The actual thickness of the towels that were marked select-a-size 12 club rolls = 25 regular rolls (purchased from Sams Club) is noticeably thinner and seems to have a lot fewer towels per roll. Has the 'club' size and quality changed? Please do something about your quality control and if you are going to reduce the quality, quantity or both, the reduce the price too! Very disappointed with this product.
lrsundby Send email
Sep 20, 2017


Bounty has been my choice for many years. When I complained that my room made a bad purchase, I was shown the package. It was Bounty. My Paper towel rack is above my Keurig. Almost every day there are tiny balls of paper towels on my Keurig. They also require at least twice the towel to absorb the same amount as before.

Does the term "gone to crap mean anything?"
Bbroxson Send email
Sep 3, 2017

Rolls getting smaller

Just bought an 8 pack of Bounty select a size paper towels. We've used them for years. When I Went to put a new roll on my towel holder it fell off. I Compared the empty roll that I had just taken off and the new roll and realized it is 1/2" shorter. Yes, it's only a half an inch but that adds up to a lot of money going back to them considering how many towels they produce. What the hell , the price didn't go down any but the towels are now smaller. I guess it's time to go back to Brawny or try a store brand.
It's sad how things are headed in this country...
sophia0 Send email
Sep 2, 2017

not good

fake Company
Ole77 Send email
Sep 1, 2017

Thin cheap paper towels

Like others, I searched " when did bounty paper towels get so thin?" I too, thought it must be me, or a mfg defect. I see now that the Bounty brand has become cheap, crappy paper towels. I have Charmin toilet paper that is thicker. I'm done with this worthless product and will change brands. The 5 rolls left in the package are going to the garage or the trash

Maybe Brawny?
narees1 Send email
Jul 25, 2017

quality of bounty paper towels

I have been purchasing Bounty paper towels for years, however the quality of this towel has decreased drastically. The perforations do not allow one to tear off a towel unless using two hands. Also the quality of the absorption is poor. I did forward an email to P&G directly and received a response that the email was received but they were very busy and if I didn't receive a response within 48 hours to contact them via telephone. I would imagine that they are inundated with Bounty complaints. I am in search of a new paper towel.
bopper Send email
Jul 17, 2017

select a size perforation

I recently bought a large pack of paper towels at sams club in spartanburg sc. the perforation is not properly scored. You can't tear off the towel unless you use 2 hands. i'm on my fourth roll and hope it gets better before I have to use the entire roll. I have used these same select a size towels for several years and I do like them so I will probably try them once more before switching. I the towels you send to sams a different quality. Should I contact sams club and complain since they sold me the towels. I know these towels are not the same quality that I usually get in these towels.
Pebbles Send email
Jul 9, 2017

Bounty Paper Towels Stink and reeks!!

I recently bought a 6-pack Bounty Paper Towels and it has a terrible odor when wet or damp. The odor reeks as if it is mold or mildew.
Betsy Thomas Send email
Jun 22, 2017

Not properly perforated

I bought a huge case of Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels. They were not properly perforated so they wouldn't tear off. It has been so frustrating because I bought such a large case and it seems like we've been trying to use them up for so long!! We have even found ourselves wasting them just to get rid of them (the very opposite of why we buy select-a-size in the first place)! I tried to contact the company, but the only method of contact is Social Media and I am not on SM. Changing brands after all these years.
teri Send email
May 27, 2017

falling apart

Wow! These Bounty paper towels are terrible! They fall apart!!!!!!! My mother and grandmother used bounty, and I've used them for 38 years, but I'll be using brawny from now on!
Macsue01 Send email
May 12, 2017

Thinner, wider, poor quality...shame on you!

I have been using bounty towels since they came out. Now I buy them and they are much thinner, the two-ply is splitting apart on every towel, and they are an inch wider so we will use more. Sorry to have a product that I have been faithful to for so long become so inferior. Do you think we would not notice? Do you think your customers are idiots? Do you think your customers are uneducated consumer's? It seems like you do. There is a reason we bought your product, because it was a good product. It is no longer a good product so why would I buy it! You are no longer on my shopping list. When and if you decide to go back to your previous really good paper towel, put it in your commercials to let me know, and only then will I buy your paper towels. Do you remember what happened when Coke introduce new Coke? I hope other loyal customers boycott your products because I know that only when it becomes less profitable for you to cheapen your product then to loose some customers, will you decide to go back to a reputable product.
Nora's Done Send email
May 4, 2017

Not my mother's Bounty

Wow. It used to be that if a little luxury was important to you, you'd pay the Bounty price. This was the one brand name my mom would spend money on. I had avoided buying Bounty for a long time, even though I knew them to be the softest, strongest, held the most liquid--just best paper towel out there. But I found them on sale and got a big bunch of them, and they're rough, don't pick up spills well, hardly hold any amount of liquid, and the quilting of them has to be putting more air than towel on the roll. Anyone who thinks these are good can't be old enough to remember what good was. Rosie is weeping from heaven--and Bounty paper towels aren't good enough even to soak up her tears. I will never pay Bounty prices for those towels again. What's the point now, when my store brand is better and much less expensive?
Hardwork12 Send email
Apr 13, 2017

"A" got larger

The "A" size was approximately 1/2 of a normal size. These new perforations allowed the easy use of less by the smaller size. My latest purchase the "A" size just increased to approximately 2/3 of a normal size. UNDERHANDED way to get us to use more after they gave us a way to use less.
upsetwithbounty Send email
Feb 25, 2017

no more Bounty towels for me

Bounty towels are harder and not as soft. They don't pick up like they used to. No more Bounty towels for me. If you go back to the original towels, let me know.
Angela6 Send email
Feb 15, 2017

Bounty Paper Towels Much Thinner

I am so disappointed in the latest pack of Bounty paper towels. They are so thin! Totally inferior to what they used to be. I will not pay a premium price for a low quality product. Next purchase I will try something else.

Shame on you, Bounty.
Budzo Send email
Jan 29, 2017

Bounty Paper towels

What happeened to Bounty paper towels. At first I thought it was just a fluke that Bounty paper towels wete not perforated correctly, but this is the third purchase where this defect occured. Bounty is no longer a premium paper towel, just premium priced. Goodbye Bounty, it's been nice knowing you.
Kellie Send email
Jan 25, 2017

Bounty Paper Towels

Bounty paper towels were always the best until recently. They are now stiff, non-absorbent, rip apart and have a lot of lint.
I totally agree with all the complaints that are posted. I have used Bounty for 40 something years and gladly paid more for the product. Please bring the original Bounty!
Fizzle Send email
Jan 14, 2017

Inferior quality

What happened??? I just googled "Have Bounty paper towels gotten thinner?" And here I am!
I paid more for Bounty because it used to be a genuinely quality product. Now its thinner and cheaper quality and I still pay more.
Please reconsider P&G ! Meanwhile, I'll check out Sparkle and some other brands to compare...Bounty is definitely more expensive.
So disappointed.
Fizzle Send email
Jan 14, 2017

Cheaper Quality

I just Googled "Have Bounty paper towels gotten thinner?" and found this website. So, yeah, they have. The quality is going down.
They are not as sturdy as their reputation once rightfully bragged about. Thank goodness I just got the plain white ones so I don't have dye rubbing off on everything
Price hasn't gone down though, has it? So disappointing. They once made such a quality product that I was willing to pay a little more for the brand. Please, P&C ! Reconsider ! Quality over garbage !
Meanwhile, I'm checking out Sparkle and other possibilities. If I'm going to get cheap quality, I might as well pay less.
Liten Send email
Dec 14, 2016

What a disappointment

I can't even remember how many years I have been using Bounty paper towels. Over the past several months I started to think they were different. Thinner, less absorbent. Then last night I was using some to clean my cooktop. They weren't doing a very good job, and they were scratchy, not soft as they used to be. Then I looked online and found this website so I know it is not in my head.

Shame on you P&G. You took a truly fine product and made changes; probably an idea of a bean counter for how to save $$. Well, that might be, but I am guessing that Bounty brand is losing market share based upon all the comments here. I know I will be looking for a new brand of paper towel.
hixchick Send email
Dec 5, 2016

Dye Leaving stains on EVERYTHING

I purchased a "jumbo" sized bundle of Bounty Paper Towels. The dye has left stains on my counters, my refrigerator and my bathtub. I am very disappointed. I have always opted for Bounty for their quality, but after this experience, I will have to reconsider!
[email protected] Send email
Dec 3, 2016

bounty paper towels

paper towels are so thin you could see through them. also when wet, finger go right through towel.
I washed one mirror and had paper shreds in my hand.
I have been using bounty for years and always recommended them to my friends. NOT ANY MORE
I will be changing my product from now on and so will all my friends.
[email protected] Send email
Dec 2, 2016

Dye Transfer & lint

I am not going to repeat my complaint as it is well covered above. I bought in bulk at BJ's also. Dye is leaching out onto everything. Am going to try a return remainder and buy something else.
[email protected] Send email
Nov 29, 2016

Dye in Towels Staining

We've bought Bounty Select-A-Size towels in bulk from BJs for years. This month the big box store featured a bundle in a winter theme. Bad mistake. The red and blue dye from these blasted paper towels is coming off and staining everything in our kitchen, from our white cabinets, to our baby's white high chair tray to our white carrera marble rolling pin.
Bounty, if you are reading this, cease and desist from making these paper towels until you can figure out how to keep the dye on the towel and not ruining everything they touch.
Lloydrs Send email
Nov 19, 2016

Quality control is GONE

Been using Bounty for years and been pleased until the past year. Now they have many problems related to quality control. The perforations are very bad and non-existent on some rolls. The length of the tube as well as the towel will vary from roll to roll as much as 3/8 inch making it either too tight or too loose on my under-cabinet dispenser. Some of the rolls actually stink. The paper thickness varies. They always leave lint when using them to wash windows.

I'll be looking around and sampling other brands in hopes of finding something acceptable.

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