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Randi82 Send email
Aug 25, 2023

Way over charged and charged twice

They booked me twice for the same rooms and refused to give me my money and they over charged me by about $1000
jz1568 Send email
Dec 23, 2022

CCI Hotel

Went to gook a room, They advertised a price for a room with Free cancellation.
The room was not sold out on website but when I went to book it changed and said No more rooms like this available and suggested another room, it gave no details but said it was same with king..I went put in credit Card information and when the total price came up it was $190.00 more and showed NO Free cancellation so I hit cancel button on site...The site automatically put my card through..I called them immediately and wth in 3 minutes on phone....they denied to cancel room.
they would not hear that site malfunctioned so I am of the opinion that they lay these traps in their site to fool people.
Tried to cancel at Bank but too late. This company is a total fraud... DO NOT USE THE PEOPLE.
sroberts Send email
Sep 6, 2022

Charge amount

This company is nothing but FRAUD. Contacted what I taught was a hotel only 5 hrs away from me the agent took my information, card payment information as if it was the local hotel and not telling me I would paying the amount in USD. When I received my visa payment I then see I was charged $312 USD which then converted into over $400 Can. Suspicious myself of the amount and how it had been charged I connected the hotel and the workers itself could not believe the amount that had been changed. It was my first time ever booking a hotel online and it will definitely be my last. So heads up for people if it is not a local phone # to the hotel you are looking to stay don’t book…Nothing but online scammers which is pretty sad they have to do this nonsense to make other peoples lives miserable.
sroberts Send email
Sep 6, 2022

cci*hotel resvgetaroom

Contacted what I taught was a hotel only 5 hrs away from me the agent took my information and payment information not telling me that this booking was being done through the US and not the actual hotel when i received my email and invoice of payment thinking only $312.00 was my payment and still seeming a little pricy when I got my visa seen it had been converted over to $422.56 Canadian and plus the $100 hotel fee that was refunded afterwards. So almost $500 I have been scammed due to this company or scammers whatever you want to call them. Even the hotel workers were shocked of the amount when I contacted them about it. Unbelievable what people do for $ to make other lives miserable. First time ever going online to book hotels and it will definitely be my last. Just a heads up for people if it’s not the name of the hotel you are looking to book and a local phone # do not contact them…GUARANTEED You will be friggin scammed 🤬.
UnhappyTraveler Send email
Jul 8, 2022


I booked a hotel for 1-night stay for Madison, WI at Magnuson Grand Hotel. Per my recollection the hotel price was around $100 plus 11% tax which was fine with me. After entering all my credit card information and hitting 'Submit' the new total was around $150. Whatttttt!!!??? According to the new breakout the additional fees on top of the base hotel price was entered in category called 'Tax Recovery Fee'. There is not such thing! This is a word created by CCI Hotels Res which is running a fraud/scam where the price BEFORE and AFTER payment is not the same, and definitely not agreed upon. Somebody please take this company to court.
[email protected] Send email
Sep 20, 2021


Booked a reservation for a 2 night stay. Was charged 529.96. Just talked to the hotel directly and was told the charge for 2 nights was on 249.68 (114.43/night).
Upon speaking with CCI HOTELS @ 18003271200. I was told there is a service charge (for hitting a button on the computer), taxes and a slew of "other charges". I said, so you're double charging me? the lady on the phone said no and repeated herself and WOULD NOT connect me to a manager bevause "they are busy"!
what a bunch of fraudulent crap this is. In to the Attorney General, media, Yelp, Google and anywhere else I can go!
becky8816 Send email
Sep 6, 2021

extremely misleading and excessive pricing

I thought I was making a reservation at a Best Western Hotel, but apparently it was through a site posting as Best Western. The cost was almost $150.00 more for the stay. I am trying to get a refund right now. Extremely misleading and higher prices!

Please be very wary of this site.
happy 125 Send email
Aug 13, 2021

hotel reservation

I was being evacuated from my home because of a fire. Spoke to a gentleman and told him i had two cats and need a hotel that would take them. He said that he found a motel 6 in marysville ca that took cats. I charged my credit card i then got to the hotel and found out they only take dogs and that cats a dirty so they cannot accept them. she told me that i would not be charged and today they charges my account. I called today spoke to a hateful person she told me that she would have to send an email to get my refund and then hung up on me. I have no disputed it with my bank.
JulietJ Send email
Aug 5, 2021

Cancellation Fees

I booked a room for a business trip. I cancelled room immediately and tried contacting to receive refund. There is NOBODY to talk to when you call the phone number!!!!. Horrible company with horrible policies.
Paul Devine Send email
Jul 19, 2021

unauthorized charge on credit card

Called what I believed was direct to hotel, person on line acted as if I was speaking with the hotel. He was friendly at first, looked up availability and came back that there were no rooms available. He then offered my a room at what he said was a sister hotel of the same quality close by. After going over costs and requirements and that all other hotels in the area were booked full, I began to get suspect. When he asked if I accepted this non-refundable booking, I told him I felt he was pressuring and did not wish to book. He said it was too late he had already acted and could not change the booking that I never authorized. He told me I could not get a refund.
I booked another room at a nearby quality hotel. I visited this hotel he had offered, it was filthy and in bad shape. My credit card company is refunding the charge and reporting this organization.
BLKJK49 Send email
Jul 12, 2021


Redirected from Hyatt Place web site to CCI . Chose the hotel I wanted to stay at and a room 6 months in advance . When I recieved the reservation confirmation they had switched me to another Ft. Lauderdale Hyatt Place . I immediately called the customer service ( that's a joke ) number to change to the hotel I wanted and they refused to do so , that my only choice was to cancel and at that time they told me they would refuse to refund my money , they told me it was Hyatt policy They lied , I contacted Hyatt and they said they have no such policy . I made another reservation with Hyatt directly in the hotel I wanted with assurances I can cancel anytime up till 48 hours prior to check in . Barclays Bank failed to help me get my money back that these internet pirates stole from me so I guess I lose .
Lila Dooley Send email
Jun 18, 2021


My credit card has been charged for reservations that I did make on 4/18/2021 but were subsequently cancelled. Why are they now showing up on my card?
[email protected] Send email
Jun 14, 2021

Hotel Refund

Dear Sir/Ms

It is almost six months after I had requested you to refund me the payment for hotel booking at Radisson Red in Sandton Johannesburg. The amount I paid was R3 822.35 with the reservation number RES 800-468-3578 TX. I have not received any response from you since then.

I am again requesting you to refund me the payment since the hotel (Radisson Red) was no longer in used. I also discovered that Radisson had no records of reservation made by your company.

I trust that you will receive my complaint with close consideration


Vusumuzi V. Dlamini(Mr)
Kay Gordon-Brewster Send email
Jun 10, 2021

cancellation without notice

On May 7, 2021 I reserved a room at this Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites for my daughter and her family travelling from Tennessee in order to visit her father who was gravely ill and hospitalized. This reservation R2500898390 was for 3 nights, May 7-9, 2021. Having had a late start and 2 young children they decided to stay overnight in Ohio. I did not know their change of plans. When I called the local hotel the next day I was informed that the reservation had been cancelled; NO notice had been given to my daughter or to me. The full charge had been submitted to my DiscoverCard.

I was able to reserve 2 nights for my family with the local hotel at their cost; I was also given a phone number, 800-468-3578. When I called that very day, May 8, 2021, to report my dissatisfaction and request a partial refund I was given a ticket #4864838 by the representative for reference. I had/have no objection to paying for the one night "no show". There has been no response to subsequent attempts to contact the company by email or telephone.

It is my opinion that the basis for my complaint is legitimate. I was charged for the two nights which had been cancelled, rooms not available to my family. Furthermore, the local hotel was denied the ability to restore the remainder of the original reservation.

Thank you for your kindd attention and any assistance you may be able to provide.
Angela Luti Klein Send email
Jun 8, 2021

Overcharge, suspicious intrusions on accounts

I had the same experience as many other people, including a cloned website and the surprise overcharge for "tax recovery and service fees" of $169.52. The more significant problem is that immediately after I made my reservations, several attempts were made to use my credit card, bank account and Amazon account. Luckily, these institutions caught the intrusions and notified me. Now, in addition to spending more that I anticipated, I had to spend time changing login information for several financial sites. Coincidence? I think NOT.
Since I am usually cautious about online transactions, I am upset that I fell for this scam. It is all well designed to fool the customer into thinking it's authentic and reasonable. Despicable.
rlhimbury Send email
Jun 1, 2021

CCI Unethical

I made a reservation at a Quality Inn for one night; I clicked on the website for the hotel. We have stayed at this hotel every year at Memorial Day WE and find it to be clean and reasonable. Unfortunately when I received the confirmation, there was an additional $28 charge which was 30% of the room charge. When I made the reservation, it showed the charge at $75 for the room plus additional $5.00+ tax charge. The bill on the confirmation was $102.27 from CCI. I have never heard of CCI and hope to never hear of them again. When I called to question the charge, the representative told me that I had booked the room through a third party; I told him that I didn't book through a third party, he explained that I might not have realized that I had. I suggested that I would cancel the room and look for another hotel. He informed me that I could cancel but I wouldn't receive a refund. He offered a 10% one time reduction or an $8.00 refund which I took in lieu of paying $102.27 for nothing. When I complained to the hotel, the manager told me that he had received $53 reimbursement for the room. QUITE A MARKUP. .
bnowak Send email
May 21, 2021

Scam and Fraud

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...... Like so the many other I too was searching the internet for hotels. The family was finally looking to travel after a long year with the pandemic. I ended up making a reservation for two nights at 4:00 pm one afternoon, and by 8:00 pm the same day had to cancel because other activities planned in the trip didn't mesh.

I didn't think it would have been a problem because the agent I talked to said I had until 12:00 mid-night to cancel without charges. They were happy to cancel the rooms put kept one nights stay, just over 200 dollars. When I questioned the action they denied the agents statement saying I have until mid-night to cancel. On top of that nonsense the Chase credit card I used backed the lies the the vendor.

After reading so many statements of the similar action; I think we ought too boycott hotels that use the services of CCI Hotel.
I wish I would have read these comments first; but why would You!!!

popelj Send email
May 20, 2021

CCI hotel reservations

I had the same experience as many of you on this thread. I made hotel reservations through what I thought was the Quality Inn in Pullman, Washington but ended up with CCI hotel reservations. I canceled within 48 hours and was charged 2801.91 for 3 rooms we didn't even use. The reservation was made in March for an October football weekend. I did get thru and talked to someone at CCI and they said it's non refundable. I then disputed the charge thru my Bank of America Alaska Visa card who at first took off the charges but then when investigating said it was non refundable. so now I am stuck with a 2801.91 charge for nothing. I have reported this to the district attorney of Washington State. This company is a fraud and scam. Hopefully someone will investigate and put a stop to them.
larryd87 Send email
May 14, 2021

Hotel Booking

I made reservations for a hotel room with what I thought was the hotel, but it was instead with this CCI Hotel Res 800-468-3578 on the 13th of April. Three hours later I called to cancel and they said the charges were non-refundable. I thought because it was only a couple of hours between making the reservations and cancelling they would not charge my credit card. Wrong, my credit card company contacted the company and they refused to refund the charges and said the charges were non-refundable and they had communicated that to me at the time I called to cancel.
Larry D Patterson
buggs75 Send email
Apr 29, 2021

no refund on charge

I booked thru you not knowing its not the motel website, you charges me a 19.99 for the transactions details and then charged my reservation charges of 312.65. when i got to motel on April 16 and left on the 19th my charges was lower it has been two weeks and still haven't seen a refund to my differences. the numbers I have are JC8T4F2, and JPO1PF7. From the reviews I have been reading I will never use you again.
Rlavalley Send email
Mar 23, 2021

No cancellation policy

Made reservations through what I thought was the Hyatt web site direct for a convention in Aug In Phoenix AZ on 3-22-2021 @ 1:00pm. noticed that my card was charged for the entire amount right away. This is not a practice I have ever done. I called the company again thinking it was the Hyatt to cancel the reservation and was told that it was not refundable. I was then directed from the Cci representative as to the actions needed to cancel. I was told to contact the Hyatt directly and to get the name of the individual I was talking to, then call Cci back with that information and the cancellation would be processed. I have received a Cancellation Number as well as a Ticket number and told it would that three to five days to appear on my card...I don't feel real good about this after reading all the reviews...
Luis J. Giove Send email
Mar 13, 2021

Hotel Reservation . Miami 3-18 to 3-20 2021

Dear CCI*Hotel Reservation and GETAROOM management. 
Please Clarify the following commentary detailed in point (D)

Reservation for two  nights  for Luis Jose and Maria Luisa Giove: 
A) US$ 411.46 debited in Chase Card at 4.49 pm march 2Reservation Confirmation # 2357868661Reservation Cancellation  # 2376225272Above Funds debited were returned to my credit card on March 11, 2021

B)US$ 336.22  debited in Chase Card at 3.42 pm , march 5Reservation Confirmation #  2364090892Reservation Cancellation  #  2376369135Above Funds debited were returned to my credit card on March 11, 2021  

Reservation for two nights for Ms Maria Teresa Giove: 

C)US$ 336.22 debited  in Chase Card at 3.54 pm , march 5Reservation Confirmation # 2364117710Reservation Cancellation  #  2376221543Above Funds debited were returned to my credit card on March 11, 2021  

D)US$ 336.22 debited  in Chase Card at 3.44 pm , march 5Reservation Confirmation # number was not detailed    Understan NOT RESERVED Reservation Cancellation  # number was not detailed   Understand NOT CANCELLEDNOTE 1 : It was debited 10 seconds before the debit detailed on point (C) just above this message.  NOTE 2 : Despite that same was neither reserved nor cancelled you debited my credit card US$ 336.22US $336.22 Funds continue to be debited on my credit card.
KarenB Send email
Nov 19, 2020

Have not received my refund

I booked a room at Americas Best Value Inn in Tucson Arizona. I booked it on what seemed to be their website. When I got to the motel she said she couldn't honor the reservation because i had not booked through priceline as that is the only way they will accept reservations. She then said I could call and get a refund. I called and was on the phone for about half an hour and she finally came back and said my refund had been approved and they would refund my credit card in 7-10 business days. It's been three weeks and nothing yet. I've called several times with no result. I'm so steaming mad!!!
How can these people even still be in business is beyond me!!? I've read hundreds of complaints about them.
tlsmove Send email
Sep 18, 2020


Good Afternoon
I have an event plan and made reservation for a couple individuals who suppose to be staying at Whydam Rockville center New York. Because of the Covid 19 the Hotel where the event was taking place close, also all individuals that was reserved with CCI has to cancel $1300 in reservations. CCI Hotel refuses to give us a refund stating that the reservation is not qualified for a refund. My credit card company file a complaint in an effort to retrieve the funds back, they told them the reservation is not qualify for refund. I continue to call now they are telling me that because my credit card company file a complaint I am not I cannot get back a refund. These people needs to be put out of business immediately. What they are doing is high way robbery and the hotel needs to be accountable as well.

Reservation Numbers
tlsmove Send email
Sep 18, 2020


Interestingly I called Best Western to make a reservation and I was routed to CCI Hotel and Best Western Claim its impossible

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