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tlsmove Send email
Sep 18, 2020

Unable to receive funds due to corona cancellation

Good Afternoon
I have an event plan and made reservation for a couple individuals who suppose to be staying at Whydam Rockville center New York. Because of the Covid 19 the Hotel where the event was taking place close, also all individuals that was reserved with CCI has to cancel $1300 in reservations. CCI Hotel refuses to give us a refund stating that the reservation is not qualified for a refund. My credit card company file a complaint in an effort to retrieve the funds back, they told them the reservation is not qualify for refund. I continue to call now they are telling me that because my credit card company file a complaint I am not I cannot get back a refund. These people needs to be put out of business immediately. What they are doing is high way robbery and the hotel needs to be accountable as well.

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tlsmove Send email
Sep 18, 2020

Unable to receive funds due to corona cancellation

Good Afternoon
I have an event plan and made reservation for a couple individuals who suppose to be staying at Whydam Rockville center New York. Because of the Covid 19 the Hotel where the event was taking place close, also all individuals that was reserved with CCI has to cancel $1300 in reservations. CCI Hotel refuses to give us a refund stating that the reservation is not qualified for a refund. My credit card company file a complaint in an effort to retrieve the funds back, they told them the reservation is not qualify for refund. I continue to call now they are telling me that because my credit card company file a complaint I am not I cannot get back a refund. These people needs to be put out of business immediately. What they are doing is high way robbery and the hotel needs to be accountable as well.
ehg Send email
Sep 4, 2020


This company is a complete scam and fraud. Used them to book a hotel and they never actually made the reservation. When I called the hotel directly they had no record of my reservation. At that point, as I needed to ensure that I had a room, I called to cancel. I tried 4-5 times. Their phone tree is a NIGHTMARE and I was disconnected many times. After I finally reached them--after MANY hours of trying--I had JUST passed the cancellation window. They refused to cancel for me and have charged by credit card almost $1000, a charge which I can not get reversed.

pistolpetew Send email
Aug 12, 2020

cci hotels

Was browsing web for holiday Inn and by mistake opened phone number for CCI hotels. I'm a Holiday member and have points saved for rooms but was told I could redeem them at the hotel which I thought was odd because I have never done that before. YOU CAN'T DO THAT! My wife noticed the next day that the charge went from $112 to $156 which I had booked from Holiday Inn there would be no charge anyway if using points.Beware of Google and typing in Holiday inn, you may get this scam site.
NicAmbmom Send email
Jul 26, 2020


Looked up a hotel on line. I thought we were talking to hotel directly. We ended up paying 20.00 more than the hotel would have charged.

Also the person booking reservation could Barley speak English.

Horrible Experience!!!!!!
[email protected] Send email
Jul 2, 2020

Gave me erroneous information

o Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to you again today since this has become an urgent matter. I made a reservation for Lonnie Pfost to stay in the Econo Lodge in Tulsa from May 16-June 1st. Unbeknownst to me the reservation was made for the Broken Arrow lodge and NOT in Tulsa. Several times throughout the conversation, which you will listen to, I asked if the was the location closest to I-44 and Memorial in which he replied yes, several times he said yes. Since I do not live there and did not know any better and trusted his word, I did not check up on that before the reservation was made and made the lengthy stay reservation. He NEVER said that the location in Tulsa was closed down. NEVER, NOT ONCE while he and were talking did he tell me the Tulsa location was closed OR I would never have made the reservation. I asked him several times about if the location was close to I-44 and Memorial. I would have thought that the information would be on his end available for him to see that. So I made the reservation and never looked back.

Then I received a call from Mr. Pfost stating that the lodge in Tulsa was NOT OPEN!!!!! He was left there without any transportation at all. That is when I found out that the reservation was made for the Broken Arrow location. I know nothing about Broken Arrow which was located in an area that was not even close to the area my guest, Mr Pfost, needed to be. Plus I had to get him transportation to the Broken Arrow Lodge. It was most important for Mr. Pfost to be in Tulsa area due to personal reasons and Broken Arrow is no where close for him to be where he needed to be.

I feel that this matter has occurred due to the individual that helped me make the reservation did not know somehow that the Lodge in Tulsa was closed. He never told me that and because of this, I trusted him. I do not blame the person that helped me, in fact he was most pleasant.

Now, because of this mistake I had to move Mr. Pfost to another hotel in Tulsa on the 19th of May and I am now paying for 2 long extended stays to 2 different places. I sent you an email explaining that I had to move Mr. Pfost and am now paying for 2 places. I also said in my email to you that I would be more than happy to pay for the first week of his stay if that was an option and perhaps be refunded for the rest of the reservation. I have not heard back from you!!!!

I feel this has become a situation due to lack of knowledge from both myself and the person I spoke with to make the reservation. I am not trying to weasel out of this but I know if he had told me the Tulsa location was closed, I would NEVER have made the reservation in the first place.

Now I am in extreme dire straights financially and this whole situation has hurt me terribly financially. Please please consider all the information I have supplied you and realize what a horrible mistake not to mention the fact that my guest had to be taken from a closed location to the Broken Arrow. Needless to say this was a very nerve wracking situation that Mr. Pfost had to deal with and finding the transportation to your Broken Arrow Lodge.

I have emailed you several times in which I have attached with this email.

I NEED to resolve this as quickly as I can as I am going in to 2 weeks of paying your lodge in Broken Arrow and Mr. Pfost is no longer staying there at this time. This is causing me financially to be in such financial stress and I cannot be paying for 2 different places. Again, I am willing to pay for the first week of Mr Pfost reservation even though he is no longer there, if that could please be an option.
Please have someone email me and let me know where we stand on this as soon as possible, PLEASE!!!!!!!
Anna Sue Kramer
[email protected]
Reservation #R1965547284 Room #354
DCGSR0917 Send email
Jun 28, 2020

Fraudulent charges

Called Baymont to reserve a room for travel family and the fraudulent # posed as the Hotel Desk for Baymont with Wyndham connected me to CCI, who continued the conversation posing as a direct desk clerk. CCI Over charged our account 53.00, the room was only 60.20.....pretty nice upcharge profit for doing nothing!!! When I got to the hotel, confirmation # wasn't a valid # and we had to pay the $60.20 again. I called them back and they said the transaction was valid and would not refund the fraudulent charges! Do not use any 3rd party that wants to charge you up front for room, incidentals, fees, or taxes, without being able to pay in person at check in.
Richard8 Send email
May 5, 2020

Reservation-Counter/CCI*Hotel Reservation

I looked for hotel in Memphis TN using google Maps. I found Hampton Inn Poplar and called the number on the website. thinking I was talking to the hotel I made a reservation for a four night stay. I asked about cancellation and was told that I could cancel the reservation anytime up to 72 hours before the check in date. due to the covid 19 restrictions the wedding we going to attend was cancelled so I decided to cancel the reservation. The email I received from Reservation-Counter had a website to contact to cancel, I logged on to the site and canceled. Then I was informed that the reservation was non cancelable. I was billed $504.43 plus $12.99 booking fee.
I consider this to be a fraud, because the website I was sent to posed as Hampton Inn Poplar.
The hotel refuses to refund and Reservation-Counter also refuses to refund in spite of the fact I was told verbally that I could cancel.
droy Send email
Apr 22, 2020

Corona Virus Refund

Giving me the run around about refund due to virus. Never book through anyone like this, Book directly through the hotel your staying ast. Its worth it. This is Bravo Sierra.
droy Send email
Apr 22, 2020

Refund due to Virus

Canceled 3/11/ me the run around. Make your reservations directly withthe hotel your staying with. Do not use theese guys. Bravo Sierra.
Petdon1 Send email
Mar 31, 2020

CCI would not issue a refund in spite of COVID19 cancellations

I made a reservation at the Hampton Inn and Suites, N. Fort Worth-Alliance Airport on March 16, 2020. I thought I was speaking to the hotel reservation desk but it turns out that the search engine sends you to CCI Reservations (, hotel or what ever other aliases they use.) When I arrived at the hotel on March 19, I checked in, went to my room and called the event organizer to confirm that it was still on. I was advised that, due to the COVID19 pandemic, our event had been cancelled. I went back to the desk and explained the situation. The desk clerk told me not to worry about a room charge since I had only been in the room 20 minutes. I left the hotel but, stupidly, I did not ask for a written statement. When my credit card statement arrived, I saw a charge from CCI Reservations for $381.47 and a booking charge of $12.99. I called CCI and explained my situation, the rep Melanie told me I would have to contact the hotel directly and have them confirm that I left. I contacted the hotel and found they had charged CCI for three nights even though I did not even spend one night. I also discovered that Hilton had charged CCI $292.77 almost $100 less than what CCI charged me....a pretty steep "fee." So now I'm caught in a catch 22. The hotel says they can't help me and CCI says they won't entertain a refund without the hotel calling them. Bottom line I'm out $394.46 for nothing. Avoid this company like you would COVID19.
jrmr Send email
Mar 18, 2020

$100 too much

I called the local number for the Holiday Inn Express in Alliance, Ne. It asks to press one for reservations, which I did, or two for front desk. I assumed I was speaking to someone at the hotel since it was a local number. I made a reservation with my credit card and received a confirmation. At check in I provided my credit card again but was charged for the room again at that time. Since then the hotel has reversed the charge for which I'm thankful. My complaint though is with the reservation desk. Why does it take me away from speaking directly with the hotel and also charge me over $100 more for my three day stay than what the charge was from the hotel for the same room? It is a scam to be charging that much more than the Hotel is receiving!!!
Bryan Evert Send email
Mar 3, 2020


I booked a room at LaQuinta. I thought I was booking at the hotel since I was transferred by Courtyard by Marriott, Supposedly to their central booking. I was charged in full.I was also charged another $7.99 service fee.After I booked, I found out that it's said that the hotel policy was not refundable for cancelations.I went to looking tres website and found out that their rooms were Available for $25 last and were refundable upon cancelation.I booked oneTo have a record when I called the looking company.
I found out that I was actually booking through a company called Reservationdesk. com. The lower price was booked through Upon research, both of these are the same company.
My card was charged as CCI.
I thought with a supposed manager. After 30 minutes of a heated argument I was told there was nothing I could do. I told her that I was going to post about this on social media and she told me that go ahead and do whatever I want to do. She said that she was the top manager and that I could speak to nobody else.
ater found out that booked me at the LaQuinta across the street. I Checked with them and found out that their rooms were actually another $10 cheaper. I was screwed out of $35.
I called LaQuinta's front desk directly And was told that they never charge upfront. I gave her the information in she said that her manager would look into it
[email protected] Send email
Feb 21, 2020

Luisa Acevedo

They are not the hotel and they are not a reliable company. We Made a reservation under the impression that the reservation was being made at the hotel reservations department.
The reservation was prepaid in full and just a few days before arriving, we were informed that the hotel was not available and that they were going to walk us to another property, obviously lower category of the property originally reserved.
At first i did not realize this was another company, but after the conversation got heated due to the fact that they charge in full my credit card and were not honoring my reservation, we finally ended up realizing this was not the hotel but a scam company, that makes profit from creating its web site with the word reservations followed by the hotel domain. Obviously, most people thinks they are connected to the hotel reservations, as I can see in the other reviews everyone falls for the same thing.
We had to cancel the reservation and look for another property on our own.
59Kat12 Send email
Feb 18, 2020

Double charges for hotel res.

Made online hotel reservation for Best Western, Willerby Manor, Hull.
On arrival, reservation was confirmed and on departure, charged £264.33, on my credit card.
Receiving card statement, there is a charge of £406.14 for Cci*Hotel Res. Ref. 800-468-3578.
I contacted the hotel and they are not aware of such charge and do not have it on their records.
I have been charged double and twice for the same service.
rwoody Send email
Feb 15, 2020

CCI Ripoff

Sadly, I join the ranks of those who thought they were dealing directly with a hotel chain (La Quinta in my case) but found out when my crew tried to check in today that the reservation was not through La Quinta or Wyndham. Then I realized after some searching that I was charged $25 per room (2 rooms) times four nights = $200 total

Folks, be sure to check and make sure who you are dealing with. I purposely tried to bypass, Expedia, etc in order to deal directly, and got scammed.
ertubbs Send email
Jan 7, 2020

Rip Off by CCI Hotels

CCI Hotels are a Rip Off. Do not use them for any reservations!! I was looking for a two night reservation and got online at what I thought was the Days Inn website. It looked very much like I was dealing with Days Inn. After I made the reservation, gave my credit card and got the total, I was horrified to find out I was charged an additional $33.00 a night for a "service charge". The room was only $70.00 per night. That was almost an extra night! There was no notification that there was such a large service charge until I checked out. Also, there was a notice that there are NO Cancellations! This was not mentioned until check out also. I called the number provided but it was completely automated, and I was stuck with the reservation.
smilerabs Send email
Jan 1, 2020

CCI Hotel Reservations

I call the number for Choice Hotels (Sleep Inn & Suites) and was quoted $104.88 for one night double non-smoking room. When I got to the hotel I was booked in a smoking room on for $66.00 on a Mastercard. I do not even own a Mastercard. The hotel had a hard time changing my room to a non-smoking room. I believe CCI Hotel reservations is ripping people off.
ဟိုးေ႐ွးေ႐ွးတ� Send email
Dec 17, 2019


lMEI 1.864166036544140
IMEI 2.864166036544157
KK19 Send email
Dec 17, 2019

Extra charges

These mofo’s are freaking scam artist!!
Beware- you think your booking through Days Inn
Well your not...Was charged $30.00 extra $ for a
one night stay and as I read others compliments I’m not wasting my time for calling said company.
I’m just gonna post complaints all I can on the internet. Assholes doing this shit at Christmas!
rbcrist612 Send email
Dec 8, 2019

Thought we were on LaQuinta Website

Made reservations online thinking we were on the LaQuinta website. Price quoted was $84.65. Arrived at the hotel and they could not confirm the price we paid. Credit card statement showed a charge of 123.10. As it turns out, we paid $38.45 in additional "recovery fees" and taxes. This is clearly deceptive to LaQuinta Inns and its customers. It should be illegal as would be stealing someones's identity or posing as someone you are not. I called the CCI 1-800 number and was transferred to the customer service. Currently at a wait time of 24 minutes and it just disconnected. I am contacting LaQuinta and lodging a complaint also! Beware and verify your hotel reservation website. DO NOT trust CCI*Hotel Reservations to accurately tell you how much you are paying.
shiplmt1 Send email
Nov 23, 2019

CCI rip-off

My wife booked seven nights at Courtyard by Marriott in Tucson. She thought she was booking at the hotel, but was actually looking at a simulated website. we paid $1,178.00 for seven nights. CCI in turn paid the hotel $703.87 for only six nights. Marriott then charged us an additional charge for the last night. So we paid a total of $1307.98. We should have paid $832.96, a difference of $475.02, which the so called booking agency kept.
[email protected] Send email
Oct 21, 2019

fee for service

Was referred to this number by another motel chain, thinking I was connected to LaQuinta. Found upon check-out that I had pre-paid. But according to charge, it was $30. more than the motel would have charged us directly. Will try to talk directly with hotel/motel in the future.
learnhart Send email
Oct 19, 2019

fraudulent charge

I was charged $318. by CCI for a hotel in TX that I never stayed in - I was in Pagosa Springs CO where I have a home and I made charges that same day on the Visa card they used to charge me for a room. I can't be in two places at one time! Called Capital One and they called the 800 number on the charge and they put us on hold for over 10 minutes - this happened twice and we the agent and I realized they were never going to answer. This is fraud plain and simple and they should be shut down - Of course, I thought I was calling the hotel direct - they have it rigged so it looks that way. Capital One is handling this as fraud and refunding my money.
heymattr Send email
Oct 15, 2019


I thought I was on the Embassy Suites hotel corporate site and tried to book a room. The site quoted me $181 per night and then charged me $365 per night. Called the "customer service #" right away and the person on the other line only kept saying "no refund, no refund". Put in 3 different disputes with American Express and they canceled my dispute 3 times over a 5 month period. Great scam site. Very slick as the site looked like the Embassy Suites site. They got me for $781. Going to small claims. They aren't licensed to operate in California.

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