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BBowles Send email
Mar 25, 2021

Preach of contract

We had signed up with Choice for a three year period. We had had decent experiences with them. Our most recent claim turned into one of the scenarios that we are reading about here. On 2/4/2021 our second freezer, our meat freezer, went out and we lost a lot of food. I called Choice to start the claim. We got a repair man out on 2/12. He recommended, to Choice, that they replace the freezer instead of having him order all of the parts and repair it. They went with his recommendation. They emailed their offer of $462.00. Our freezer was a 20 cubic foot upright freezer. The cheapest one we found was over $900.00. I rejected their offer and was assigned a Case Manager to handle the case. After three conversations with the Case Manager, they raised their offer $50.00. That was on 2/24/2021. That was all they would do. The payment finally arrived on 3/19/2021. On 3/24/2021, I canceled the remainder of our three year contract. The man from the Resolution Department informed me that I would be receiving $951.00 back as the prorated amount. About an hour or so later, he called back to tell me that he had figured wrong and we would be getting $651.00 back. He had forgotten to factor in the re-imbursement for our last claim. In effect, a penalty for using the service that they are to provide. That was on top of forcing up to keep their contract (4 month of paying) until July of 2021.
suzt0515 Send email
Mar 5, 2021

Choice Home Warranty - furnace

Please do not hire this company as your appliance insurance. My furnace stopped working. I used their technician and it was urgent to replace the furnace for our safety. The technician sent the diagnostic after the furnace was urgently replaced. They then said it was not covered. What was that about. I hired a new realistic appliance insurance company when something breaks, I can use their technician or my own that is licensed. The technician will get paid directly within 24 to 48 hrs. More realistic, more heart, more sensible. I filed a Better Business Complaint and they quoted their contract where I needed to get their approval first to have the furnace installed. What are we 3 years old??? Such a bad company. There are class action lawsuits against them. DO NOT USE THEM
suzt0515 Send email
Mar 5, 2021

Choice Home Warranty

Please do not use Choice Home Warranty. My furnace broke. The technician that Choice Home Warranty diagnosed the issue, replaced the furnace due to an emergency. They did not cover it since they expected my son and I to wait until the approval during the most freezing temperatures. They are ridiculous, they are a scam. There are class action lawsuits against them. Please do your research.
Pearson20 Send email
Jan 11, 2021

Choice Home Warranty

This is the WORST company I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life. If I had to rate them on a scale of 1-10 I’d give them a minus 10. I reported a plumbing claim to them in the first week of September 2020. The first appointment with a plumber was made on 9/25. I waited all afternoon but the plumber never showed up and never called. My calls to the plumber were not returned. I reported this to CHW and they said they would contact the plumber but I never heard anything. CHW made a second appointment with a plumber for 10/15. Again the same thing happened. The plumber was a no show with no call from either them or CHW. A third appointment was scheduled for 11/3. This time the plumber actually showed up. After inspecting the issue he recommended that the fixture be replaced. When I contacted CHW for a status on the replacement work I was surprisingly told the plumber had “refused the job”. A fourth appointment was scheduled for 12/11. For the third time the plumber never showed up and CHW had no explanation. On 12/15 I received a denial letter from CHW claiming the failure was due to the previous condition of my plumbing fixture. They based their denial on the 11/3 plumber visit which was 42 days previous to their denial. My question is if CHW didn’t think there was coverage, why did they wait 42 days and why did they schedule another visit for 12/11? After receiving their letter I canceled my account and instructed them to discontinue charging my account for premium. This week I found out from my bank that they made another deduction. This company has absolutely no integrity and no idea whatsoever what customer service is.
[email protected] Send email
Aug 11, 2020

Service and refund

I chose Choice Home Warranty. My first claim was for an electric range on which some burners had stopped working. The workman came out. Choice decided the stove was not worth fixing so they gave me $375 and refused to give me more than that. Most companies would have bought me a new stove, but Choice Home Warranty wouldn't even give me enough money to buy a good used stove.

Because of this first transaction with them, I no longer trusted them in case some big problem occurs at my home. So I researched further and signed up with a good company.

After I receives and cashed my check for the stove, I notified them twice by text and one by phone call that I am terminating my contract with CHM and would like a refund. The "Resolution Board" ignored my request. Due to the long waits on the phone, I had left my number, at their request, to be called back. They never call me back. I have no idea where my refund is. This is not a good company
kinamurr Send email
Jul 1, 2020

choice home warranty

regarding choice home warranty,
I have 6 buildings that I bought into choice to help me with. 3 years into contract they never fixed anything.
yes they are a rip off, they refuse to talk to my attorney.
there are so many complaints, so whats being done about it. it needs to be stopped with your real estate co. stop selling this company.
claimbo Send email
Jun 7, 2019

HVAC unit

I bought a home in Simpsonville, SC in 2016. The a/c compressor was screaming so I called Choice home warrantee. They sent out 4 contractors but no one could find a problem. I hired my own and was told a pressure valve was stuck closed and not releasing pressure. I was told that if the unit wasn't replaced, the compressor would blow up and go through the side of my house! It cost me 13k to replace the unit. I hate this company because they did not pay on a covered claim.
kandyfettes Send email
Feb 24, 2019

they are soaking me out of money

I can't express how much this company has coast me on denying claims and then finally approving it after the 2nd or 3rd $65 a visit it is absolute ridiculous ..I sold homes in WI for years and NONE of my Home Warranties did what these scam artist do...they cured the probable and the situation...I know darn well what they are doing when they deny claims and I know darn well that they are doing this on purpose ...they need to be sued again and again until they are no longer a company that screws the home buyers/owners over...
AED Send email
Sep 25, 2018

Choice Home Warranty AC Unit Scam

Choice Home warranty is the worst. I called them a couple of weeks ago about my AC unit not working correctly. The technician that came dispatched to my home. He came up with several issues and then tried to sell me a complete system. When I declined, he reported to Choice Warranty that my system was operational but not to capacity, knowing telling them that, they would not honor the service call. Possibly hoping I would call him back to buy a complete system from him. His company name is "Big Chill". I went back and forth with Choice Home warranty. I was unaware of the tech telling them one thing and me another. Finally, Choice told me, if I get another service provider to come out at my cost and he says otherwise, Choice would honor it. I did just that.

I called another licensed AC technician and He said my compressor went out and that was the only problem. He also enlightened me to the fact that it was a hustle from the beginning and I did not bite. When a Tech comes to your home, they only earn the hourly rate. However If he is able to sell you a unit, he earns a healthy commission. I Choice what was going on and enlighten them that the second tech was still working on my unit after Choice's working hours, so I had to pay the man for His service. Choice advised me to have the tech call in with the information and they would Honor it.

That is not what happened. The second Tech called Choice and explained to them the situation. He is a 30 year licensed AC technician. He explicitly told them that the former tech misdiagnosed the issue. He did exactly what how he was instructed and Choice told him that they would contact me. Choice never called me back. A week and a half later, I called them to ask what the status of my reimbursement was. The Choice representative told me according to their guidelines I have to get prior authorization before having any work done................Huh? Didn't you just tell me to call another tech and you would honor it? Meanwhile I have to wait in 100-degree Florida heat for days before you to make up your mind. That is clearly a health and safety risk.

I asked the rep, was this his final decision and he said yes. This is why I am on this page for starters. Next, I will be actively looking for a Class action lawsuit, including ethics and EHS&S and any other commission that will provide assistance to stop this.
majello Send email
Sep 24, 2018

Claim denial

This company is a SCAM. Stay away from it. They'll play nice when they want your money, but will never honor a claim that is more expensive than 200-300$.

I've several examples. The latest: my AC compressor blew out. My tech made this diagnosis and we called the claim authorization department. When they heard the news they didn't even ask for the price to fix it/replace it but denied the claim right away (for ineffective maintenance because of some dirt around the base of the compressor). 7 days later they called me offering me 300$.

This is the WORST home insurance. Stay away. Spend your money in a good service agreement.
They are never going to fix anything expensive.
On top of that the customer service is rude and the technicians are late (takes 7 days to get one of their techs to your property) and often not skilled.

Also BEWARE: the internet is full with reviews with five stars are very likely fake. I put several claims with them and never once I thought they deserved 5 stars.
Chet Zaremba Send email
Sep 2, 2018


My washer had a leak. The first technician arrived on time.
he said he thought it was "probably" the water pump. He said he would order
a new one & it would be installed in a week or so. The second "technician" arrived
a week later. He could barely walk & I had to pullout & lift the washer for him to get
under it. After he installed the new part he filled the washer & it began to leak all
over the floor. He said they sent a faulty part & We'd have to wait another week
or so for another part to be shipped. then he left after putting one of my towels under
neath the leaking washer. My wife & I used 6 towels to dry up the mess. Shoddy work
nasty,rude customer service! We want what's remaining on our contract to be REFUNDED!!!
PHX2HOT4ME Send email
Aug 27, 2018


I had a loss of power in my office room in my home a week ago. I couldn't get the customer service to give me a time frame for them to dispatch an electrician. After several upsetting phone calls, and days later I found out that the electric company they dispatched could not come out for another 2 1/2 weeks!!! Then..., I would still have to wait and see if they would approve the work. Their exclusions list is a mile long, and they basically don't cover ANYTHING!!! This company is a total ripoff, never to be dealt with again!!!
[email protected] Send email
Aug 10, 2018

AC Unit

CHW is a rip-off. They are refusing to make the repair on the unit because they came that I did not maintain the unit. I purchase the house 2016 and the unit pass inspection. Reading all these complaints I see that the treat all their customers the way. I will be suing and contacting the Better Business. I hate the company and I will contacting my local TV station.
[email protected] Send email
Aug 10, 2018

AC Unit

Same answer compressor is shot. CHW are a rip-off they are refusing to fix the unit are replace it because they claim I did not maintain the unit. I purchase the house two years ago and it passed inspection. I will be suing and calling the Better Busines
B C Send email
Jul 19, 2018


The worst home warranty company, my air conditioner was not working,called Choice for repair. They sent out a tech who left my air conditioner torn apart. he told me i had a leak, i paid for a leak test did not have a leak. Then he told me the compressor was bad, that was also untrue. He informed me that choice denied my claim. I talk to Mr. Garcia ext 8791 at the corporate office he informed me that I need to send him 3 service records showing the unit was serviced, I sent him the invoices showing that I had the unit serviced regularly. He then told me that the claim was denied because it was low on Freon and the compressor was bad. I had to pay for another service company to fix my home unit. The only problem was that an ant got into the panel. and shorted it out. He repaired it for 50.00. I called my Garcia back and relayed the story to him and he got extremely upset, I informed him that he was a liar!! I asked to speak to his supervisor ,he informed me he was the only person at the corporation that could make a decision. Needless to say I cancelled my service with Choice.
I also recorder his conversation and my attorney will contact their representative.
Mikesteig Send email
Jul 17, 2018

Ac Unit and Refergerator

I'm reading all these and wondering if anyone is going to help us. I waited 2 months in 95 to 100 degree temps for them to finally fix 1 ac unit when the trouble was with both units. I'm still waiting for them to fix my refer. it stopped working in May had to buy a new one and I'm still watiing for them to fix the one that was only 5 years old. They don't care they just take your money, when I asked the lady how long she could go without these things she replied. I would do what I have to do. Wow where are the people who should protect us from business like this. They didn't care that I had 4 young kids in the home, they didn't care that we lost all our food twice. THEY DONT CARE !
jhnemecekjr Send email
Jun 25, 2018

Denial of legitimate claim for HVAC system

***** BUYER BEWARE *****

I am a retired senior citizen that was fooled into purchasing a CHOICE Home Warranty program by a smooth talking sales representative named David Martin [(732) 379-5308 x8275]. He convinced me that my major home systems and appliances would be repaired/replaced, even though my residence and some covered items were 15+ years old, by going through each covered item and explaining the inclusions/exclusions. What he failed to review were the nineteen(19) “Limitations of Liability” that would be unfairly leveraged to deny the replacement of my malfunctioning HVAC system.

When my HVAC system failed, I submitted a claim and a service technician from A1 Services Company [(804) 912-3320] was dispatched to assess the issue. After spending approximately fifteen(15) minutes on-site, he advised that my freon level was low and asked if I wanted it charged. I requested that he get approval from CHOICE Home Warranty before taking any action, so he got in his truck, made a phone call and then left.

I contacted the CHOICE Home Warranty claim service center repeatedly over the next four(4) hot summer days before receiving the claim denial response. In their technician’s opinion, my HVAC could not be repaired do to rust/corrosion that was an exclusion under the Limits of Liability as mentioned above. I engaged a HVAC service (at my expense) to perform an assessment and their conclusion was the failure was from normal wear, use and age. I submitted multiple appeals to CHOICE Home Warranty, which included the independent assessment, annual maintenance records and pictures to definitively show that there was no rust/corrosion on the components referenced in the claim denial, all of which were denied.

And now the real eye opener, another area that Mr. Martin failed to explain, my only recourse was to pay $200 and file for arbitration, that limited my potential recovery to $1,500 under the terms of the agreement. It was quite demoralizing when I realized that the “best case” scenario was to net $1,300 to offset my $7000 HVAC replacement cost required after being without air conditioning during the battle with CHOICE Home Warranty for twenty-one(21) hot summer days.

I have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and the state agency governing this type of service in Virginia and will wait to see what, if any, action is taken against CHOICE Home Warranty.

I admit that I was suckered into this situation. I read the agreement, but had to engage an attorney to fully realize the layers of limitations and how the exclusions could be generically leveraged by CHOICE Home Warranty, so I am posting this review to provide awareness about the program and hopefully spare everyone else this painful experience.

CHOICE Home Warranty markets a program that allows them to deny any claim, knowing that the consumer’s only option is to file arbitration which maximizes any potential recovery to $1,300, you draw your own conclusion.

That is there business model, so it must be legal, right, don’t find out, please avoid engaging CHOICE Home Warranty!!!!!
marianc Send email
Jun 15, 2018

Terrible lack of service

Could someone give me the address I can send a certified letter requesting cancellation of policy???

They won't answer my phone calls or emails.

I bought the policy for "peace of mind" and got nothing but repeated grief for over one year. I was talked into a three year agreement. Thanks for anyone's help.
Sgaiser Send email
Jun 13, 2018

Choice Home Warranty- Rip-off Kings

Our story about, Choice Home Warranty, is the same as everybody else’s. My wife and I purchased our Choice Home Warranty specifically to cover our aging A/C system. Nowhere in any part of our contract was it stated that age of our A/C system played any part of the determination of an A/C claim. Well, our system needed several small claims during the 4 plus years we had this policy. It was only when the service company that they sent to service our system, evaluated the problem and recommended full replacement of our A/C system to Choice that it really went bad. Well, it didn’t take long for them to deny our claim. Of course, I challenged their denial. After all, I had taken all of the required steps to properly maintain our system. We changed the filter monthly and had an annual professional cleaning of the inside and outside units, at our expense. We kept it in good running condition for all four years we owned this home. Now, this is an older system, and like all appliances, after a number of years of wear and tear, the system finally gave out and needed replacement. According to our Choice Warranty, they had an obligation to replace our system based on that recommendation of their service company. They failed miserably. They never had any intention of honoring our claim. Terrible company. If your smart, you won’t get sucked in by any Home warranty company. But Choice is in a class all their own. Don’t waste your money. Morgan & Morgan, are you out there? [email protected]
hawkins3 Send email
May 26, 2018

Please Stop Frauding Your Customers

You read through the complaints and you are still thinking about purchasing a warranty? Choice Home Warranty is not the right CHOICE! The comments that other families are leaving are real comments. I didn't believe it either. Now I'm caught up in a whirlwind trying to cancel my services at my primary residence and my rental property. This company not only does everything to deny a claim, but they also will send out contractors that are sub-par and are not qualified. Hopeful you follow this guidance. Make a different CHOICE!
cyngib Send email
May 24, 2018

Choice Home Warranty

Doctor r Send email
May 15, 2018


I have called for the last four days . And was told they would have someone contact me in 24 hours. Now I can’t get them on the phone at all . But I see they still take their money . Then I find out that they have so many complaints against them . I got an email that says: a contractor and then have them call them for payment. I was wondering why do I need to call the contractor and I pay them to do that. This company has a class action suit against them I would like to be a part of it. There’s been taking $37 and 50 Cent out of my pocket for months or over a year I would like my money back if I’m not going to be taken care of.
Barbara81 Send email
May 14, 2018


In February of 2018 I called and spoke to one of your agents about cancelling my policy. I also sent a letter stating that I wanted to cancel the warranty. Today May 14, 2018 I check my bank account and noticed a withdrawal. I called today explaining the situation and the young lady stated that she had to transfer me to her supervisor. the phone rang for approximately 10 minutes and no one answered.
sstacy40 Send email
Apr 10, 2018


My complaint is the same as the rest on here. dirt on the lines coming into the house and the lines to the unit. Coils are sealed so how can dirt get in. lack of taking care of it. Seriously, i did not realize that dirt that falls to the lines from the rafters above need cleaned like the rest of my house. claim denied. They need sued. I initially called them in September of 2017, person never shows after I take off work. called again in October, don't hear from them. this time in March, I figured who wants to come out when it is zero out. major battle. I got to the Senior Resolution Manager who only reports to a board of directors, Hmmm. I don't think so.
Vriscigno Send email
Mar 30, 2018

AC Unit

the heat on our Unit went out again this winter after Choice sent their people out last winter and never did anything. They did replace a valve as there was a reon leak., It got warm before they ever fixed the heat last year!! I spent 8-10 hrs on the phone over that claim and they sent me $260, I paid my guy to put our unit back together after their service person couldn't figure out how to do it........ So in 2018 now, no heat again, guy comes out orders the heat strips for the unit and now it got warm again and no AC. He sends pictures to Choice and they say Oh, we see corrosion and that is not covered....... just like many other people had said. We cancelled the policy!!!! I will put that money toward the new unit we have to buy.

I will send notes to all my friends that are realtors to NEVER recommend Choice Warranty

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