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Private777 Send email
Jul 6, 2022

Clarks sandals soles dientigrated

I had a pair of Clarks sandals on my closet shelf. When I brought them down and tried them on, the soles were sticky, so I didn't wear them. But the next day I got them out again to see if rubbing some isopropyl alcohol on them would remove the stickiness... Before I could even start wiping, though, chunks of sticky sole began coming off in my hand. The soles were disintegrating! I had never worn the sandals much because they hurt my feet – the leather was in PERFECT condition. I've worn SAS sandals until the straps have fallen apart from old age, but the one thing that always lasted were the SAS soles. What on earth is Clarks using that the soles would fall apart like that? Will NEVER buy Clarks again!
Reneenee5 Send email
Sep 9, 2020

Clarks sandal heel fell apart!

Just bought these sandals last week and worn them a few times (mostly sit down job!) and yesterday the heel came apart in chunks! So disappointed as the were cute and comfortable.

Clarks sandal heel fell apart! Clarks sandal heel fell apart!

Aesd Send email
Apr 25, 2019

Ecco shoes soles and heels crumbling

Some time ago whilst on holiday I bought a pair of Clark’s boots, when I tried them on back at the hotel I noticed black crumbs all over the carpet, within a matter of seconds the entire sole and heel unit had disintegrated, I wasn’t in a position to return to the shop and had to put them in the bin due to the mess they were making.

Last week, again whilst on holiday I purchased a pair of Ecco shoes, I had slipped them on in the shop and they were a perfect fit so I bought them straight away, however, when I got back to my hotel I popped them on and walked across the floor, once again I noticed crumbs all over the carpet and realised that the sole and heel unit was disintegrating. On this occasion I was able to return them and received a refund. I thought that this was just a fluke but since seeing this web site I have cancelled my order for a replacement pair.
Aesd Send email
Apr 25, 2019

Crumbling soles and heels

Some months ago I bought a beautiful pair of black leather Clark’s boots, they were a perfect fit and I loved them ( I rarely get a good fit due to high insteps). When I got home I tried them on and was puzzled to find a black substance all over the floor, it was only when I walked in them I found large pieces of the soles and heels just falling off, within a matter of seconds the soles and heels had completely disintegrated. I was horrified and threw them into the bin as they were making such a mess, I wasn’t in a position to return them to the shop as I had purchased them whilst on holiday.

Whilst on holiday last week I bought a pair of Ecco shoes, once again quite an expensive purchase, they fitted perfectly when I slipped them on in the shop, I didn’t notice anything was wrong until I got back to my hotel, I tried them on and noticed crumbs on the carpet, to my horror I found that the soles and heels were disintegrating, once again within seconds the soles and heels had fallen apart. On this occasion I was able to return them and received a full refund.
Aesd Send email
Apr 25, 2019

Crumbling soles and heels

Clark’s boots. A while ago I bought a lovely pair of Clark’s black leather ankle boots, I was so pleased to find exactly what I had been looking for,that fitted perfectly ( I have difficulty finding footwear that fits due to high insteps). I was horrified when I tried them on to find a trail of black crumbs everywhere,within a matter of seconds the soles and heels had started to disintegrate, the soles cracked across the centre and then lumps of crumbling material fell off. They made a terrible mess of the floor, it was very difficult to clean up. I wasn’t in a position to return them to the shop where I had bought them as I had bought them when on holiday. I just threw them into the bin as I was so shocked and horrified.. I hadn’t thought any more about it until, when on holiday, I bought a pair of Ecco shoes, I tried them on in the shop, they were perfect, or so I thought, when I got back to my hotel I tried them on again and the soles and heels disintegrated, on this occasion I was able to get back to the shop and received a refund.
2loyal Send email
Apr 7, 2019

Heels squeak

I have a pair of Clark's sandles and dress shoes, both pairs have squeaky heels. I've noticed after wearing them I have pain in my knees and back, pediatrist says the shoes I'm wearing have broken down and is the cause of my pain. Too bad, I've been a loyal customer of Clark's and recommended them to friends and family. I agree with the other complaints Clark's are too expensive for faults in the shoe quality.
Reader3x3 Send email
Oct 30, 2018

Clark shoe heel crumbled

I'm so disappointed in my comfortable mule heel crumbling off as I walked. I've barely worn them and now I'm never going to again, how sad. Why would this company sell a 30, 60, or ninety day shoe for that amount of money. I want my money back and no I'm never going to buy anymore, I thought my other two pairs were defective only to discover Clark is no longer the brand I remember. Shame on you Clark for allowing quality to become trash, that's what I'm doing with my final pair, goodbye forever.
almurphy Send email
Oct 23, 2018

Clark's Shoes...will Never buy again!

I am consoled to find out that I am not the only one experiencing this scenario.

I have purchased numerous pairs of Clark's to wear to work. All of them deteriorated and fell apart while the shoes had maybe been only worn a couple of times and the tops were like brand new. I actually went back to the store where I purchased them and asked why this was happening when I had invested a little more to purchase this particular brand. They would do absolutely NOTHING for me; except, tell me that I should have used their silicone sponge wipe on them and that would have protected them. Just as some of you shared, several times they fell apart at work while I still had meetings to attend or most of my day left to have to dangerously walk around in them.

I was super shocked at the poor customer service, that blamed me for the problem. I decided then, some other brand deserves my money when it came to shoes. I will not buy Clark's again. In my respectful opinion, Clark's is taking advantage of people that trusted their brand for a quality product. They've proven, in my case, over and over that the quality can't be trusted; time to move on.
sassynonna Send email
Oct 15, 2018

Clark's shoes falling apart

I have about 20 pairs of Clark's shoes and have been wearing the brand for over 25 years. I have had two pairs of Clark's shoes to fall apart in the past but today I discovered a pair that I haven't worn in years that have completely disintegrated. The soles detached from the top of shoes and the soles are coming apart and are very very sticky. What is going on with these shoes? I don't own any animals that would chew them up!

Clark's shoes falling apart Clark's shoes falling apart

MGonzales Send email
Sep 30, 2018

Clark’s shoes

I am a senior citizen and have worn Clark’s mules for yesrs. The sole on my favorite black pair just came apart about 6 months ago. They were old and Zi thought maybe the grandpuppy had chewed them. Today as I was walking into church both heels starting coming apart. I looked like aa cartoon character with both soles flapping away from the shoe. It’s a wonder I didn’t fall trying to get back to the car! Out of curiosity I googled it and found this site. Now I’m scared to continue wearing my other Clarks!
sva Send email
Sep 26, 2018

Clark's Shoes

Same issue as others. One minute, I'm walking. The next minute, the heal of my mule with leather upper has completely disintegrated, turning to mostly powder. This is the second pair of Clark's shoes I've had do this. At first I thought it was a fluke, but after two times and seeing this board, it apparently isn't.

Clark's Shoes Clark's Shoes

Eddie_T Send email
Sep 7, 2018

Clark's Made in China

Why do established icons like Clark's become a distributor for Chinese made shoes? The same thing has happened in the US, it's hard to fin a made in the USA shoe or boot. Even Justin Boots, made in China!
mamillars Send email
Sep 6, 2018

clarks shoes

The heels on 5 pairs of Clark shoes fell apart while being worn What is my recourse? Will not buy Clarks in the future.
Sally Eastbrook Send email
Aug 25, 2018


My complaint is like many others...4 pairs of shoes all with deteriorated soles. What a strange sensation to find that one minute you are walking in your shoes and the next minute you are walking on broken chunks of rubber. I’ve lost ALL confidence in Clark shoes and would never have enough confidence in them to purchase another pair.
Slsmith191 Send email
Aug 8, 2018

Soles falling apart in chunks!

I purchased a pair of Clark shoes at Macy. Obviously, I paid a high price because I needed a quality shoe at my age. I only wear them a couple of time and they are stored in pen air on a shoe rack. Today I wear them to work and the sole literally disintegrated as I walked into a meeting. Staff assumed I had stepped in compacted mud until the entire sole fell off of one shoe! I will never buy Clarks again as I need a quality shoe that can support my feet. I am s very disappointed as I have about 20 pair of clarks in every color because I thought I had found the perfect shoes.
bshahidi Send email
Jun 26, 2018

Sole Falling apart

I have a pair of Brand new shoes that I never wore and the sole came a part. What we have to do. There is this a manufactured defect. does Clark shoes own up to the problem we have.
redlinem Send email
Jun 26, 2018

Disintegrating Foam Soles

I, too have been a loyal Clark wearer for many years. Although the designs are nice, the shoes I have purchased most recently do NOT hold up. The leather uppers last. However, the surface area of the foot used to be covered in leather; now it is covered in some man made material. If you happen to wear your sandals on a day when it rains or there is dew, the material stretches and tears. I took my sandals to our local cobbler, but they cannot be repaired as everything is molded into the heel. Today, I put on a pair of sandals to wear to a funeral I was attending. The entire foam molded sole started to crack and break off in pieces after a few steps. I don't think I've worn these sandal more than ten times; these were stored over the winter as I don't use sandals in the snow. For the price one pays for these shoes, one could expect them to hold up better than this. My old Clarks lasted for years; the newer ones are a disappointment. Sorry to say, that I am not longer planning to be a Clark customer unless the quality issues are resolved.
ccarter Send email
Jun 5, 2018

clark shoes falling apart

my name is c. carter. I have 4 pairs of almost new Clark shoes that have fallen apart at the soles.
John Leszczynski Send email
Feb 23, 2018

Appalling quality shoes

Same experiences as other complainants here, soles disintegrate irrespective of whether the shoes are worn or stored, uppers part company from the soles whether worn or stored, company appears to have zero interest in the quality of its products, its customers, or its once good name. Two top-price pairs of Clarks shoes have fallen apart in the last three months, one pair with a medium degree of wear with the soles just starting to lose their patterning, the other worn so few times even the lining was hardly wrinkled. Have been a Clarks customer for many years, and many pairs. No more, I have simply had enough.
forigh Send email
Feb 4, 2018

disintegrating soles

I purchased a pair of Clark's shoes a couple of years ago, and kept them in the original box for future use. (I have work Clark's clogs for over 30 yrs and found them to be long lasting). Anyway, I put these shoes on and wore them for only a few hours and the soles disintegrated! Good thing I had another pair of shoes with me as I was on a trip! I reported the problem to Clark's and was offered only a 25% discount on a future purchase. VERY BAD, unacceptable response. So sad, but I will never buy Clark's shoes again.

disintegrating soles

forigh Send email
Feb 4, 2018

Clark's shoes soles disintegrating

I have worn Clark's clogs for years. A couple of years ago, I purchased a pair at a Clark's outlet store and left the shoes in the original box. I started wearing them and the soles disintegrated right away! When I complained to Clark's about them, they offered me a 25% discount on a future pair. Really??? I was insulted and felt that they should have refunded my purchase price. So sad, no more Clark's for me.

Clark's shoes soles disintegrating

Marilyn9056 Send email
Jan 16, 2018

Color rubbing off

In October 2017 I purchased a brown pair of Clark shoes for work. I haven't worn them often since I work three days a week and only wear them about twice a month, as I usually wear black shoes (a different brand). Never having bought Clark shoes, I thought I would try them out because of their supposedly good reputation and quality. Boy, was I terribly disappointed! The color at the tip of the shoes has completely worn off. I've had to polish them twice already to cover the areas, but I'm sure one of these days that won't work anymore. There's no doubt in my mind this will be the last pair of Clark shoes I'll waste my money on. I could get better shoes if I went to a big box store and that's pathetic.
cinner Send email
Jan 14, 2018

clark shoes rotten soles

I just stumbled on this site. I guess this just did not happen to me 3 times but my mom and two friends that I know of. Heels, soles and stitching crumbling without notice on shoes like new and or hardly worn these used to be awesome shoes but quality a thing of the past. I will no longer buy or promote the Clark name. They obviously contracted out shoes to a cheaper maker with low grade rubber. What a shame on this once famous company. Also shame on the shopping channel for selling this junk!
[email protected] Send email
Jan 8, 2018

Soles disintegrating

I wore a pair of Clark sandels for MD appt and by the time I was walking to my car the soles were disintegrating. I thought this was a one time occurrence. Wore another pair of Sandels to football game,walked a mile and realized the soles were crumbling . When I left the game to walk back to parking, I had no sole at all, began to fall and had to walk a mile barefoot and soles of my feet were excoriated.
I am no youngster and this was dangerous. First pair I discarded but second pair I still have. I do not know how to attach a picture to this message.
Clark's Class Action Coming Soon Send email
Nov 30, 2017

Soles Falling Apart

I've been a loyal Clark's wearer and highly recommended them to all of my family and friends for many years. Love the look. Love the feel on my feet. However, after finding myself barefooted and desperately searching for a store I could buy a pair of shoes just to finish my outing or get home, I can no longer recommend them, nor will I ever again buy another pair! When it happened the first time I just thought it was a fluke. Then it happened a second time! The third time right as I was walking into a concert hall with my daughter and grandson one whole side of the heel and sole just broke off and away! I was barely able to limp across the street and purchase another pair of shoes, while they went on in to enjoy the show.
I have several pair currently that I wouldn't dare try to wear even on a bet! No doubt in my mind I would be barefooted in minutes! They may look brand new and be barely worn, but I know they'll disintegrate like the others. Seems to me a Class Action lawsuit is warranted with so many thousands of complaints. Replacements are another pair of future unexpected barefoot ready or not and to that I say NO THANKS!

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