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WGBrine Send email
Nov 16, 2017

TAC Glasses

I purchased TAC Glasses and Blue Lens Upgrade for $31.99. It was the biggest waste of $31.99 I have ever made. When I opened the package, a piece of the nosepiece fell out, which left me with half of the nosepiece. the arms of the plastic frame were bent so the glasses sat on my nose at a weird angle. These glasses do not do anything that was advertised. They are exactly the same as glasses I bought at Walmart - very cheaply made and flimsy as "HELL". The lens came out of the frame when putting then on for the first time and I had to reseat them. After reading all of the bad reviews on this web site, I thought they could not be that bad, having been in the Army for 3 years (1979-1981), and I could not believe that something advertised as being used by the US Military would be such poor quality. Your product is of the poorest quality I have ever seen or purchased and more expensive than glasses I have bought elsewhere. If there was a way I could sue or in some way make your Company responsible for false advertising and taking advantage of your customers, I would do so. I only hope that the people reading this message are smarter than I was and do not buy this product or anything else you advertise.

Sincerely and Extremely Diassapointed,
William Brine
Mary Quinlan Send email
Oct 23, 2017

O complaint

I purchased a "Perfect cooker" & in moving I misplaced the power lead AC220-240V. Could I please purchase one. My Email is [email protected] Thanking you kindly Mary. Australia
flying squirrel friend Send email
Aug 2, 2017

False Advertising Bell & Howell Taclight Lantern

On Sunday, July 30th, 2017 I saw an advertisement on TV for Bell & Howell Taclight Lantern. I had seen these before and decided I would like to try this product. I wrote down that it would be upgraded to the Deluxe model if you phoned your order today. When I phoned in, the order the person said you had to pay for the upgrades to Deluxe model. She said that was all that was being offered. When I asked why I had written down "Free Upgrade to Deluxe Model", she didn't know why. What I should have done is cancelled my order at that moment, but somehow I was made to think I had no reason to have written that.

Later that day I heard the same ad again and definitely heard about the free upgrade to the Deluxe Model if you phone in your order today. Today, August 2, 2017, I called the Customer Service number I had been given to see if I could still cancel the order that had $20 USD more added on to what I had expected to pay. The customer service rep was very polite, but told me the order had already gone out and that I could refuse the shipment when it arrives and get a refund when they receive it back. That is NOT SATISFACTORY!! I did want to try the Lantern, especially the Deluxe model, but I felt hoodwinked into paying more by the FALSE ADVERTISING,OR the inability of the order department people to honor the TV advertisement. The Customer Person had no other way to make this right. PLEASE BEWARE and write down what the ad says before you order. If not as they advertised, DO NOT BUY, until they will HONOR their advertised offer at the price they advertised. If they have an alternate offer, make sure you actually agree with it, rather than just feeling you are stuck with what you don't agree to.
[email protected] Send email
Apr 3, 2017

power air fryer xl

I ordered this power air fryer xl and paid for it. They said 7 to 10 days for delivery. Still nothing. I am going to register this on ripoff report so that no one else falls victim to these scamming assholes. I am also going to contact the attorney general's investigators for assistance.
These are fraudulent criminals and hopefully will be prosecuted. I am so sick of this crap.
Credhead51 Send email
Feb 25, 2017

No order found

I ordered a tac light lantern on February 16th and the money came out of my account on the 17th in the amount of $27.94 for the light and batteries. Today is the 24th of February and still no light. Called customer service and was told there is no order found even though I told her that the amount came out of my bank account. She said to contact my bank and find out the name of the company that got the money. When I said it went to her company because I ordered online, she go upset and said there was nothing she could do. What a rip off. So they got payment and I have nothing to show for it. Maybe my bank can give me some direction in which to go. Thought it was too good to be true.
[email protected] Send email
Feb 7, 2017

9" gotham steel copper pan

I purchased one of these beauties three weeks ago from the local Walmart. I have used it every day since. It has now begin to stick just like all the other so called non stick pans. I have been very careful with the pan. It still looks great but is rapidly loosing its nonstick ability.

I am going to give this pan a bad rating every chance I have.

I have spent hundreds of dollars on so called nonstick pans. This one is no better than any other.

The best value is a cheep aluminum teflon pan, when the teflon begins to flake toss it.
Camella Mauritz Send email
Jan 24, 2017

Free TV

On 1/2/2017. I ordered 2 Free TV Anntennas...was paid then...I WAITED & WAITED!!! On the 1/17/17 I called Customer service and talked to a Supervisor...she tried the Tracking Number like I had tried!!! No one Could Find Tracking!!! She said it must have gotten LOST...SO, SHE SAID SHE WOULD PLACE ANOTHER ORDER SO I COULD RECEIVE MY ORDER....I CHECKED BACK...IT SAYS AGAIN IT WAS SHIPPED ON THE 19TH!!! So, I check the Tracking Number Again....NOW IT SAYS AGAIN--CANNOT BE FOUND!!! WHO IN THIS IS STEALING & NOT SEBDIBG ME MY ANNTENNAS???
I AM COMPLAINTING!!!!!!! Where is my order????
Camella Mauritz. 725 Sand Hill Road. Lavinia, TN. 38348. [email protected] Let me know?
unique Send email
Jan 24, 2017


[email protected] Send email
Jan 24, 2017

Bell/Howell Tac Lantern

As seen on TV, I ordered 4 lanterns about mid-late Dec. 2016. Never got an email to confirm order, no notification of when they'd ship, no email to advise delays. After numerous attempts to reach cust. svc. (she wasn't very friendly) I finally did get a human who said they are on back order, that they had no idea when they would be available and they would email when they shipped. This is Jan. 23, 2017 and NOTHING from them whatsoever. I will attempt to cancel order if I hear nothing from them in next 2 weeks. Enough is enough!! BBB should definitely look into this possibly fraudulent advertising...the company still advertises the lanterns on TV.
lmak Send email
Jan 13, 2017

Entire order not received

Everbrite lights: I ordered 4 and have received only two. I cannot contact anyone to find out what happened to the other two I paid for. Where are they?? When I call customer service, I have to accept some trip/cruise thing that I don't want. I can't afford a vacation right now. But want what I paid for. Why can't I get what I paid for?
Is this a scam?
GBN Send email
Jan 3, 2017

Bell & Howell Tac Lantern

What a way to get a customer service rep at the numbers provided.
1-800-417-6079 or 855-721-3332
I ordered 2 on Nov 11, 2016, still no lights, no email contact, no delay notice.
What the heck folks?
I hope they work if I get them, if not, I think I will spend a couple hundred bucks filing serious fraud charges against these folks.
Sandra Freitag Send email
Dec 31, 2016

Deluxe Tac Lanterns

I finally got my order of 6 Deluxe Tac Lanterns and one of them is broken. I have found no way to contact the company of Bell & Howe to ask for a RMA # to return the broken one. What's wrong with this company that you can't even call them on their 1-855-721-3332 number? I have called mornings, noon & evenings and got a busy signal each time. My order #19839529 at the cost of $83.04 for the lanterns and taxes was placed on 11-25-2016 and was finally delivered on 12/29/2016. Long time to wait for the order.
Sandra Freitag Send email
Dec 22, 2016

Bell & Howell Tac Lantern

I placed an order for 5 Tac Lanterns on 11/25/2016 and it is now 12/21/2016 and I still do not have them. The customer service #1-855-721-3332 is always busy no matter what time of day I have called. I want to know when they will be shipped and if they will arrive before Christmas. Reading the prior complaints of this product I am now leery of purchasing them. My total order is $83.04. Order #19839529.
Marilyn Thornhill Send email
Dec 13, 2016

Tac Lantern

Ordered 2 Tac lanterns on November 7 2016 was told they would be shipped in 3 weeks from canada. This is December 13 and still have not received them.I called and they were to be shipped the end of last week and when i checked they are still not shipped.If i dont receive them thie week Im contacting The Better Business Bureau.
gbsharp Send email
Dec 11, 2016

magic Tracks

I ordered 2 sets of the magic tracks which had a deal of a free set so should be 4 sets but checking up on it and the customer service number is not now am worried....
Tried 1-866-279-3524 not is service......
then was given this site on receipt from computer
lucille Send email
Nov 2, 2016

price $12.95, but went to order price $19.95 plus S/H

October 29/16 TV - Buyeverbrite price offered was $12.99, (plus the offer of a 2nd Everbrite)
problem occurred when I went to order and discovered, the price now was $19.95 plus of cource S/H


Itgoes without saying I did not place an order, because of the DISCREPANCY of price.
Mrs Lucille Funaro 8097 10th ave, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada email [email protected] or 604-544-1666

Thanking you in advcnce and anticipating an early reply.
garydemirjyn Send email
Oct 18, 2016


"Free" gift of jar opener arrived with "delay letter" for original order of Robocan. Tried to check status of Robocan and find it listed now as "cancelled" rather than delayed.
Debbie Vasileff Send email
Oct 4, 2016

Tristar Products

On September 13, 2016 purchased a Perfect Cooker buy 1 get 1 free. It was supposed to be $49.00 for the 2 plus shipping. When I checked my visa bill I was charged $155.00. The boxes never had a order sheet or a receipt no papers at all .What can I do about this? I have been over charged.


Debbie Vasileff
[email protected] Send email
Oct 3, 2016

roto clipper

product stinks...............might cut paper not nails
muneca110170 Send email
Sep 25, 2016

Perfect Smile

I purchased the perfect smile veneers on September 2 2016 my account got charged 33.95 and 25.90 for value pack gift card also when I was told I wasn't going to be charged and the toll free number she gave was invalid. I still have not received my perfect smile or the gift cards. I would like a refund back on my purchases. The tracking I was sent on my email don't even work. I checked at my local post office nothing there either. I am very upset if I don't get refunded asap. I am making a complaint with the better business buearu on Monday. I don't even have a million dollar smile. I just went to a regular dentist had a partial put on for 150. Till my dentures are ready. I am very upset with this ripped off company. Had been waiting for I have been waiting 25 days no package. Please refund my card.
char506 Send email
Sep 23, 2016


not comfortable with the crotch design want to cancel my order
char506 Send email
Sep 23, 2016


want to cancel my order #1998956303. not comfortable with the crotch design
Commo Send email
Sep 11, 2016

MiniMax portable charger

I ordered a MiniMax Charger, sometime ago. The order never was filled.
This receptions of orders and not complying with deliveries is turning customers away from ordering products; via phone/internet.

I would like to have had the product. But, bad custom-service from companies is turning away orders-online/phone.

[email protected]
[email protected] Send email
Sep 9, 2016

could not track my order

I ordered the perfect smile teeth set buy one get one free. 14.95 plus 6.00 s and h by the time they was done I was charged 31.00 I went to to check my order and recieved a ups tracking number and when I went to ups to track the order they said my tracking number is not valid. I sure hope I recieve my order. Especially after reading all the complaints. But at least all the complaints I read everyone but a few recieved there order
Bubblababy1 Send email
Sep 3, 2016

Order a sitncycle a exercise equipment on September 2, 2016 for $19.95 for 30 days free trail accidentally hit the wrong key. Instead $279.43 showed up. After 30 days free trail for the next six month $39.95 will come out of my account Tried calling all day, because I notice that they already had put the amount of$279.43 on my debit card. All operate told me differ answer said that it's not is the system. One said called back in 4 hours, anther said 3 hours, another told me 24 hours
one said 4 hours, another told me three hours, another told me 24 hours, another said I could go on line to Customer Wrong answer called again ask to speak to a supervisor operate put me on hold, get this never talk to supervisor operate came back ask for name,phone number, zip code and it will be taken care of it. Operate was rude and told me what I want to hear, cause I let her know about her attitude. All I want to do is get them to change $279.43 to $19.95. How hard could the be. Really upset because no one really care that a mistake and wanted to make it right. I even text them and said cancel my order. Order number 1045306. Phone number (855)663.5643. It's 1:26 am. Thanks! Veronica Dawson 2622 Ferrara Drive Charleston, S. C. 29405 (843)566-1529

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