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Consumer complaints and reviews about eDreams

Kimberley912 Send email
Mar 12, 2017


I booked through Edreams 2 x flights.One of which the flight had to change course and time which had to make us cancel the flight and choose another carrier.

When we cancelled the flight via the airline, we than contacted Edreams to get our refund, providing them all the information they first requested from me after I cancelled. That was on the 28th December 2016. Since then I haven't received my refund after they had said it was transferred through a confirmed email from them.

Over a month later I requested a proof of transfer, they then sent me a wrong amount on an email, it wasn't a receipt that I asked for either, but I never received the actually money in my account. This amount wasn't the amount they had said earlier they transferred. It was a lot less.

After that I emailed again and 3 more times after that and have received no further communication from them or any money. On the 1st of march after numerous follow up emails asking what is going on and no replies I called them and was on hold for 20mins! I hung up, called again and there was no direct information from them that I will definitely going to receive my money and the date they will transfer the actual amount into my account. She said she will call me after 3 days. Still nothing, not even after I emailed them asking what is happening on the 4th day.

Now being the 12th and still no word from Edreams.

This is the worst customer service I have ever received.I would never recommend anyone to book through edreams. I don't understand why they won't transfer me my refund. Or even contact me explaining what is going on. I have never felt so stressed out by a company in my life.
donhay@live.co.uk Send email
Feb 21, 2017


Firstly I think e dreams company is disgusting I have rang a numerous of times the reason for this you took out money twice from my account you have said I have had a refund which is a LIE nothing in my bank at all
I would not reccomend your company to anyone people are chasing you for money which don't belong to you it's a disgrace
Tomil Send email
Jan 9, 2017

horrible company

I booked my flight through them.
I had no direct flight so I had to book a connection flight.
There was 40 minutes between the flights and when I got to the connection flight the gate was already closed.
I went to speak with a representative of the airline company, and he told me that I had no chance of catching the connection flight and he was very surprised that eDreams sold me this package.
I had to buy another ticket, which cost me 448 euros and after almost a full day I arrived home.
A few days later I spoke to eDreams and asked them to give me my money back (I paid 350 euros for this package), and, as you might think, they refused to that, after about 35 minutes I have been waiting for them to answer.
eDreams is a horrible company and I would never book anything with them again!!

P.S I want to sue them and I need to find out an address to send them the legal papers. Anyone here knows there formal address?
samgibbs Send email
Oct 21, 2016

Edreams scams and services

Problems started at the discovery around 15.15 on Wednesday Oct.19
Unable to confirm my flight to Australia because of a missing surname on my ticket. After much bother I got on to Edreams who state that it is that it is possible to alter a ticket if a payment of £25.00, before a 48 hour deadline is passed. I was well within these limits at that time, and I was happy to pay ,but because there was disagreement as to who would facilitate this..I was back and forth between MAS and Edreams, both saying that it was the, other’s ,responsibility…finally after useless much time on the phone,one of the operators said that all he could say was that the ticket might be changed, but there were no guartintees that this would happen. I said did that mean that if I showed up and this the change had not been made I would have ti miss the plane, and he said yes.
I was horrified. I was on the way to Australia to look after a terminally ill sister in order that her relations her relations might have a break, so naturally there were all sorts of arrangements that would be ruined if I could not get there at the arranged time..
I asked if there was anything else I could do, and he said that the only way out was to buy another ticket, but then said , after I asked him to look into the matter, that the plane was fully booked. I said to him that if I was going to relinqiush my ticket, there was obviously going to be a spare one for me to re book, but he said that my ticket would be automatically offered to other prospective passengers on a waiting list. A lie as it turned out as it was still round in my name the next day)
I got really upset at this point, and after a pause he said that he had found a ticket and it would be around £1700.00.
I was in an impossible situation but as the worst evil in this case was letting down my sister and relations in Australia I felt compelled to purchase it another ticket, and did so.
On hearing what I had done, a friend and my son who I spoke to about the matter were appalled. They rightly pointed out that I had been entitled to make the change when I first rang, …all I wanted after all was for the name Golzen to be added to the old ticket, and that was virtually refused.
Since then I have spent hours on the phone repeating stuff endlessly,or waiting for people to ring me back, and who never did. All yesterday and today this has been the case. Even when, after my son got really angry and we finally got someone who was not a salesperson she said that she could assure me that I’ would not have to pay anything more’ when the issue was in fact about my getting a refund. information was just never passed on it appeared.
The only two people who rang back (after my son had indicated how furious he was!).was a woman called (?(Nitika, and then a follow up call from a man called Amid, or maybe Amed, to whom I repeated for the umteenth time the necessity, fr Edreams to connect with with MAS, using a document labelled RAA… MAS had flagged the situation I was
told by my son, and I believe that they were waiting for Edreams to contact them.,
..It was obvious that none of the Edreams operators I had passed this vital information on today (Thursday) nor had acted on it, and had just resorted to stonewalling or vanishing.
And that is how it stands at this moment I am awaiting a call from Amid who has said that he would ring MAS citing the RAA document
I await without much hope!
Almost an hour later…guess what?.

Not from son
I have seen that edreams has a litany of complaints that are in considerable proportions.
I am considering all options to bring them to justice for what they have done in my mothers case. I am wondering who else may feel inspired to ensure these crooks are bought to justice for their maleficent business practices.
Karen1 Send email
Oct 15, 2016

Booking fee of nearly £100

I am disgusted that this company have the audacity to charge nearly 100 pound to book a flight. It is not clear on their website or invoice and is a completely fraudulent action!

I want that money either refunding back into my account or I will cancel my whole booking. I would never book with this company again.

They are appalling!
Paramjeet Singh Send email
Oct 9, 2016

Regarding the extra payment cutted from our credit card

we have tried to buy online four tickets of plane paying from a credit card 4917 82XX XXXX6517 but it was not at all finished. The names of the pessengers are Mr.Paramjeet Singh, Mr.Singh Karamjit, Mr.Singh Amandeep and Mr.Singh Anmoljeet on date 26 Aug 2016
Then secondly we tried online the same tickets but using another credit card ****991 of UBI Bank from EDreams italy and this was finished and also got the massage about the flight and we even trevelled from it. Now you have cutted the money from both cards. The flight number was EZY34
james155 Send email
Oct 8, 2016

cancelled plane - no refund

Don't use this firm - I paid for a flight, they didn't book it and are not refunding the money.

I booked with e dreams to fly to Bulgaira. Was flying back with BH Air and couldn't see how to do online checkin Rang Wiz air who said that the flight was cancelled! I flew back to London via Dublin with Air Lingus - over £600, but the only flight I could get. Checked at airport and the BH air was flying and there were tickets!

Seems that E dreams fraudulently didn't book the flight and have kept my money. They lied about the flight being cancelled. Have contacted customer services about 10 times now - they just e mails back thankyou for the query and they will process it.

Does anyone know the correct address for a small claims?.
Sandra Barnett Send email
Sep 13, 2016


Whilst looking for appropriate and best price flights Edreams apparently came up with the the most reasonable price at £329 with Ryanair.
During my booking after adding one 20k bag each way final total was £414.36 and continued with the booking.
Ryanair itinerary was £414.36 but to my disgust my credit card statement to pay Edreams £525.09.
I was informed by customer service they charge for their services. A small sum i can understand but not this amount.
I am absolutely disgusted by this as they should add their charges to the itinerary before you make a payment.
Because if that was the case i would not touch the company with a barge pole.
This is a huge scam and should be avoided by everyone. This company should be sued and need to be shut down as soon as possible.
Mlloyd Send email
Aug 29, 2016

Incorrect booking dates

Thought we had made a mistake in booking flights but after a some online research and basic checks to see if I was in the early stages of alzimers, it appears there seems to be a "glitch" in the Edreams booking site. I wes booking a flight from Heathrow to Phuket in April 2017 returning 10 days later. When the confirmation came through it was for May 2017 from Heathrow to Phuket then returning to Gatwick. No problem I thought, as it's less than 24hrs after booking and the carrier Emitates allows free changes due to admin problems within the first 24 hours. But when I rang Edreams they said they had to charge me around an extra £550 (this included a £400 carrier charge fee) I said I would have to think about it and would ring back later. They told me the flights would be held for 24 hours. When I rang back the next day the price to change had cone up to over £1000. After several more phone calls due to technical problems,being held on hold 30mins plus several time and repeatedly being cut off the current price to change is around £1500. I've spoken to Emitates directly and they are awesome but can not get involved. The problem is currently unresolved Edreams helpline don't seem to want to help sort problems, but are happy to provide information they seem unable or unwilling to resolve issues. Edreams has a head office in Spain which I would suggest would be a better way to contact them to resolve an issue.
Daxgra Send email
Aug 28, 2016

Tickets delay and useless call centre

I booked a flights with edreams the day before, and i received the ticket just 30 minutes before the departure of the plane....i had to made another ticket at the airport for don't lose the flight.....when i called the customer service they was really rude and useless....really bad experience.....i will no use anymore that website and i will suggest all my friends to do the same....i hope to get a response for sort it out the case
Daxgra Send email
Aug 28, 2016

Ticket delay

I booked a flights with edreams the day before, and i received the ticket just 30 minutes before the departure of the plane....i had to made another ticket at the airport for don't lose the flight.....when i called the customer service they was really rude and useless....really bad experience.....i will no use anymore that website and i will suggest all my friends to do the same....i hope to get a response for sort it out the case
Graeme Send email
Aug 21, 2016


I booked a holiday through Edreams as a surprise for my husbands 65th birthday so I arranged for the confirmation to go to my work address. I was off for a few days so didn't pick up the information till Saturday morning when I found out that no transfers were included in the price which is not mentioned anywhere in the advertisement and I was flying to the opposite side of the island for the hotel that I booked. The website does not allow you to chose an Airport but stupidly I assumed it would be going to the nearest one for my hotel. I rang Edreams and said I wanted to cancel the booking as why should I pay transfers of £145.00 on top. Apparently my complaint I was told was being esculated whatever that means??? I have tried to contact them today (Sunday) and just got a message service for whatever option I put in so obviously they have no staff operating on a Sunday so why put that they have. Luckily I got in touch with my bank and the request for this payment was in the holding section so hadn't actually been released. I told them not to pay Edreams under any circumstances as the web site is misleading and their customer service is useless. I will never use them again and I would warn anyone else against using them. They ought to be reported for the misleading information that they provide and the inadequate customer service. So this is a lesson learned by me on who not to use.
rwilkin Send email
Aug 11, 2016


No refund (for any amount) of a flight booked less than 12hours ago accidentally on the incorrect day. My fault entirely however I have made mistakes in the past and if I've called less than 24hours after the airline has been able to help. In some cases that's been for free, in other instances there has been a cost. In this case there is nothing at all edreams can do. I will not be using them again. Very disappointed.
Narayan020 Send email
Aug 5, 2016

Charged accessibly

I booked a flight to Kathmandu with edreams through email I received from edreams. The flight was only £268 and the email states I will get upto £19 discount. Now, I have realised that I am chared £296 pounds. I found out that the airline does not charge anything unless you buy extras. My booking doesn't shows anything extra then how on hell I was charged £296.
edreams explain or refund ???????
Please don't use edreams.
karolina Send email
Jul 7, 2016

flight change

We mixed up the time of flight and realized it after the booking was confirmed. Straight away after this confirmation- we were calling to edreams, no one responded, we emailed them- no one responded. We called to the British Airways and they told us, that by treir rules we could change or cancel the flight during 24h after the booking confirmation, but we have to deal directly with the travel agency.. We have received an email from edreams on the next day only, I called them asking to change my flight.(same day/ another time)- and they have refused, saying that it is possible only with the admin fee 25% and cancelation fee £60.00, + new ticket price.
I have told that we were following all the procedures at the same day, at they told that this is our fault.

So I am really disappointed about this case.
And to be honest- this is the first time experience in my life, but I do travel A LOT!
Buddycharlie Send email
Jul 6, 2016

Cancelled flight

Booking ref 1792990517 keep getting past from you to Ryanair on cancelled flight Fr9287 Barcelona 26/5/2016 and flight 9388 Barcelona to East Midlands Am getting past around all the time you have my money return it please
j.sarwar@chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk Send email
Jul 6, 2016

No refund been made after several phone calls

Hard to contact first of all..
No refund been made they promised £170 back to my card but no refund been made even they took extra £25 to cover management.
Id. 2021674264
I need the refund ASAP.
davidcottonuk Send email
Jul 5, 2016

eDreams owe me money and do nothing about it

An Air France flight (Manchester-Charles de Gaulle-Luxembourg) booked through eDreams was cancelled when Air France went on strike. I had to book another flight to ensure getting there on time. I also booked this through eDreams. I called eDreams who said they would get me the refund. I spoke both to a customer service person and to a supervisor. The supervisor claimed he would email and call me back when he had spoken to Air France. I heard nothing. I called again and they denied any knowledge of the call - there was no record of it. I explained everything again to an operator called Abhishek who apologised and said he would call Air France and call me back in a couple of hours. I heard nothing. I Tweeted information about the problem and both Air France and eDreams responded. eDreams asked me to direct message them on Twitter and wrote back and claimed they would look into it. Air France provided the reference number which eDreams needs to give to claim the refund. I have direct messaged them a number of times since then and not even received an acknowledgment. This is the second time this has happened with a flight booked through eDreams and I am around £600 out of pocket as a result. Looking on the internet, I see that many people have had problems with eDreams. I would be most grateful for any help here. David Cotton
Jogoodwin Send email
Jul 3, 2016

Worst site ever

I have been trying to book our flights for over 3 hours and the site either times you out or you get to the end and it is in error. They have a telephone number that is not toll free. Not helpful as it would cost me a fortune to call them from thailand. From my experience, i would never trust or use their site again. Not sure if they are simply a scam!
tala Send email
Jun 16, 2016


It has been over a month chasing them for overcharge payment that they had taken from our credit card.

we have been charged 60 £ extra, when comparing the itineraries that we have received via email with the bank statements,

When we first questioned them they send us a break down of all the charges, including baggage fee( which has already been payed and included in the total fee and Edream service fee.The total sum of their own transaction did not even match the total money that has been deducted from out account
So basically they did not know what they were talking about. we ended up with three different breakdown of price, one from initial confirmation from email( something that you supposedly trust), the other one was the money that was taken from our account, 60 £ extra and a third one, a random figure by them when replying to us, something in between these two figures!! fascinating! genius!

Initially they agreed to refund 30 £ to us! not quite sure where this 30 £ came from. Then they emailed back and blamed Ryan air that they have overcharged us and refused to refund. Contacting Ryan air and looking at the two different transactions in our bank account it was obvious that it was Edream has ripped us off.
well done Edream! I will take my money back and will go around and tell anyone I meet in street to avoid you. Or perhaps I will start a campaign! But you cannot get away with stealing money and refusing to answer.
kate shortt Send email
Jun 10, 2016

waiting time

I have spent weeks trying to sort out a simple issue. Every time i call i have to wait for so long that I have to go as i have to be somewhere. Today I have more time. However, I am counting the minutes I have had to wait,. So far, exactly, one hour!!!!!!!! Very angry
Natacha Send email
Jun 10, 2016

Overcharged fees

Good afternoon,

I’ve been in contact with eDreams for one month to clarify an overcharge of fees and I can not get a straightforward answer.

My problem is with the fees that were charged.

I will not revel my credit cards number. I’ve sent you the bank statement with all the charges made by your company and with that and the information you have it should be enough for you to see the overcharged fees and make the refund.

I’m sending all the information, once more, for the last time. After this if you don’t send me a proper answer Ill take other kind of measures.

In May 6th I maid a reservation for 6 people for one flight from Singapore to Hong Kong and from Macau to Singapure.
I received an email stating that the first flight was confirmed but that the second one was pending. I was charged for the first flight - 883,59S$. The invoice I received from the Flight Company (Jetstar) was for 702S$. Therefore I paid 181,59S$ for eDreams fees.

As the flight form Macau to Singapore had not been confirmed I made a new reservation in May 10th.
For this Reservation I was charged 1047,96S$ + 64S$ of fees.

You’ve charged me fees for a flight that the reservation was not confirmed. That is not correct!

Since the middle of May that I've been in contact with your company asking for the refund of the fees and a proper evaluation of this situation.
Since that time I haven't received one decent and proper answer. How is this possible. One month to clarify such a simple matter.

Please solve this immediately.

Natacha Fernandes
gerrard Send email
May 26, 2016

debit card misleading information designed to defraud custimers

Upon finding an ideal flight time and cost I input all data to arrive at the payment page. Charges are stated as £0 for use of debit card but upon entering debit card details a charge is applied of at least 10%. Fortunately I noticed this before clicking purchase. How many other people would simply trust and click them find out they've been defrauded?
s_varsani@yahoo.co.uk Send email
May 18, 2016

One Month of chasing Edreams for not booking checkin bags

Having booked a flight for 2 with added checked-in bags (payed for), but the airline booking shows no Checked Bags. Called customer service 5 time now (International calls) each time only to be told they have escalated and to check back or supervisor will call back, but no one calls. I dread to think what the calls have cost me, listening to music on hold only to be told the same scripted line 'Please give some time, and check again' or 'it has been escalated and supervisor will call back'.
This customer service feels like it is about getting punters to call in to the call center to raise revenues on calls, and not provide post booking service. No way of getting past the porns on front line of the call center who are designed to block.
Very frustrated customer, and will never be using eDreams again - BIG SCAM.
ceb Send email
May 16, 2016

Customer Service

I tried to book three flights through eDreams and one of the flights was declined by my bank because they suspected fraud.

eDreams emailed me to say that the flight purchase didn't go through and that I had to contact their customer services team.

I called and was on hold for ONE HOUR and no one ever answered and then the line cut out. This cost me £36.28 - which was about the same amount as the cost of the flight. I then tried to get hold of them repeatedly through Twitter, which they were a bit more responsive, but it still took them three days of me chasing and chasing for them to get back to me on the details of which flight was cancelled.

This is horrendous customer service. I can't believe I spent that much money on a phone call for no one to ever actually bother answering.

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