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Consumer complaints and reviews about eDreams

karolina Send email
Jul 7, 2016

flight change

We mixed up the time of flight and realized it after the booking was confirmed. Straight away after this confirmation- we were calling to edreams, no one responded, we emailed them- no one responded. We called to the British Airways and they told us, that by treir rules we could change or cancel the flight during 24h after the booking confirmation, but we have to deal directly with the travel agency.. We have received an email from edreams on the next day only, I called them asking to change my flight.(same day/ another time)- and they have refused, saying that it is possible only with the admin fee 25% and cancelation fee £60.00, + new ticket price.
I have told that we were following all the procedures at the same day, at they told that this is our fault.

So I am really disappointed about this case.
And to be honest- this is the first time experience in my life, but I do travel A LOT!
Buddycharlie Send email
Jul 6, 2016

Cancelled flight

Booking ref 1792990517 keep getting past from you to Ryanair on cancelled flight Fr9287 Barcelona 26/5/2016 and flight 9388 Barcelona to East Midlands Am getting past around all the time you have my money return it please
j.sarwar@chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk Send email
Jul 6, 2016

No refund been made after several phone calls

Hard to contact first of all..
No refund been made they promised £170 back to my card but no refund been made even they took extra £25 to cover management.
Id. 2021674264
I need the refund ASAP.
davidcottonuk Send email
Jul 5, 2016

eDreams owe me money and do nothing about it

An Air France flight (Manchester-Charles de Gaulle-Luxembourg) booked through eDreams was cancelled when Air France went on strike. I had to book another flight to ensure getting there on time. I also booked this through eDreams. I called eDreams who said they would get me the refund. I spoke both to a customer service person and to a supervisor. The supervisor claimed he would email and call me back when he had spoken to Air France. I heard nothing. I called again and they denied any knowledge of the call - there was no record of it. I explained everything again to an operator called Abhishek who apologised and said he would call Air France and call me back in a couple of hours. I heard nothing. I Tweeted information about the problem and both Air France and eDreams responded. eDreams asked me to direct message them on Twitter and wrote back and claimed they would look into it. Air France provided the reference number which eDreams needs to give to claim the refund. I have direct messaged them a number of times since then and not even received an acknowledgment. This is the second time this has happened with a flight booked through eDreams and I am around £600 out of pocket as a result. Looking on the internet, I see that many people have had problems with eDreams. I would be most grateful for any help here. David Cotton
Jogoodwin Send email
Jul 3, 2016

Worst site ever

I have been trying to book our flights for over 3 hours and the site either times you out or you get to the end and it is in error. They have a telephone number that is not toll free. Not helpful as it would cost me a fortune to call them from thailand. From my experience, i would never trust or use their site again. Not sure if they are simply a scam!
tala Send email
Jun 16, 2016


It has been over a month chasing them for overcharge payment that they had taken from our credit card.

we have been charged 60 £ extra, when comparing the itineraries that we have received via email with the bank statements,

When we first questioned them they send us a break down of all the charges, including baggage fee( which has already been payed and included in the total fee and Edream service fee.The total sum of their own transaction did not even match the total money that has been deducted from out account
So basically they did not know what they were talking about. we ended up with three different breakdown of price, one from initial confirmation from email( something that you supposedly trust), the other one was the money that was taken from our account, 60 £ extra and a third one, a random figure by them when replying to us, something in between these two figures!! fascinating! genius!

Initially they agreed to refund 30 £ to us! not quite sure where this 30 £ came from. Then they emailed back and blamed Ryan air that they have overcharged us and refused to refund. Contacting Ryan air and looking at the two different transactions in our bank account it was obvious that it was Edream has ripped us off.
well done Edream! I will take my money back and will go around and tell anyone I meet in street to avoid you. Or perhaps I will start a campaign! But you cannot get away with stealing money and refusing to answer.
kate shortt Send email
Jun 10, 2016

waiting time

I have spent weeks trying to sort out a simple issue. Every time i call i have to wait for so long that I have to go as i have to be somewhere. Today I have more time. However, I am counting the minutes I have had to wait,. So far, exactly, one hour!!!!!!!! Very angry
Natacha Send email
Jun 10, 2016

Overcharged fees

Good afternoon,

I’ve been in contact with eDreams for one month to clarify an overcharge of fees and I can not get a straightforward answer.

My problem is with the fees that were charged.

I will not revel my credit cards number. I’ve sent you the bank statement with all the charges made by your company and with that and the information you have it should be enough for you to see the overcharged fees and make the refund.

I’m sending all the information, once more, for the last time. After this if you don’t send me a proper answer Ill take other kind of measures.

In May 6th I maid a reservation for 6 people for one flight from Singapore to Hong Kong and from Macau to Singapure.
I received an email stating that the first flight was confirmed but that the second one was pending. I was charged for the first flight - 883,59S$. The invoice I received from the Flight Company (Jetstar) was for 702S$. Therefore I paid 181,59S$ for eDreams fees.

As the flight form Macau to Singapore had not been confirmed I made a new reservation in May 10th.
For this Reservation I was charged 1047,96S$ + 64S$ of fees.

You’ve charged me fees for a flight that the reservation was not confirmed. That is not correct!

Since the middle of May that I've been in contact with your company asking for the refund of the fees and a proper evaluation of this situation.
Since that time I haven't received one decent and proper answer. How is this possible. One month to clarify such a simple matter.

Please solve this immediately.

Natacha Fernandes
gerrard Send email
May 26, 2016

debit card misleading information designed to defraud custimers

Upon finding an ideal flight time and cost I input all data to arrive at the payment page. Charges are stated as £0 for use of debit card but upon entering debit card details a charge is applied of at least 10%. Fortunately I noticed this before clicking purchase. How many other people would simply trust and click them find out they've been defrauded?
s_varsani@yahoo.co.uk Send email
May 18, 2016

One Month of chasing Edreams for not booking checkin bags

Having booked a flight for 2 with added checked-in bags (payed for), but the airline booking shows no Checked Bags. Called customer service 5 time now (International calls) each time only to be told they have escalated and to check back or supervisor will call back, but no one calls. I dread to think what the calls have cost me, listening to music on hold only to be told the same scripted line 'Please give some time, and check again' or 'it has been escalated and supervisor will call back'.
This customer service feels like it is about getting punters to call in to the call center to raise revenues on calls, and not provide post booking service. No way of getting past the porns on front line of the call center who are designed to block.
Very frustrated customer, and will never be using eDreams again - BIG SCAM.
ceb Send email
May 16, 2016

Customer Service

I tried to book three flights through eDreams and one of the flights was declined by my bank because they suspected fraud.

eDreams emailed me to say that the flight purchase didn't go through and that I had to contact their customer services team.

I called and was on hold for ONE HOUR and no one ever answered and then the line cut out. This cost me £36.28 - which was about the same amount as the cost of the flight. I then tried to get hold of them repeatedly through Twitter, which they were a bit more responsive, but it still took them three days of me chasing and chasing for them to get back to me on the details of which flight was cancelled.

This is horrendous customer service. I can't believe I spent that much money on a phone call for no one to ever actually bother answering.
jilly1 Send email
May 12, 2016

E dreams scam

Same as previous complaint . There is either something seriously wrong with their computer system or this is a deliberate scam which amounts to fraud if deliberate.
You enter one date and there is no way of changing date unless press " change search date to right hand side" . It comes up with prices etc for the dates searched but then on confirmation email says different dates! If try to explain they simply blame you .We are taking this further if not resolved immediately and have already got advice.
darrel Send email
May 9, 2016

Scamming Customers

This company is a complete scam. I did an online booking leaving london 18th May returning 20th May. Once the booking one done it came up ad leaving 20th May and returning 20th May.
They not answering calls and are charging £1.02 per mins. They seem to be generating mistakes which require telephone calls and then generating revenue from the calls. Appalling
yuliya Send email
Apr 29, 2016

travellng dokument

on 14.04 I booked a flight+ hotel to Rome Italy. I had not received any receipt or conformation letter.
On Saturday I called to customer service and after about an hour I was left with not an answer to my question. Sunday the story was the same Monday a girl who answered after an half of hour said that the flight wasn't booked on the first place. She did her job and I received flight number and voucher for hotel. I was so happy till I checked in myself with Easy jet. When I printed the board cards on of my friend became a man instead a woman and one of the letter in her surname was missing.Tuesday I did call again and I was told that every thing is my fold and when I asked to speak with the manager I was told that I can't do it because the manager is busy and if I wand changes I needed to pay extra 50 pounds. On next day call again other girl on the line ,so polite, so helpful. She cat the line and ring on my mobile phone said that she needed time to check and to do the changes. Thursday morning, SURPRISE_SURPRISE I received new boarding card and one letter came back to the name other was gone. call- answer and -/Madam I am sorry, but I need time to read my colleaques notes and I'll come back to you/ When who knows? I haven't got an answer
charly Send email
Apr 27, 2016

stole 3 flight from me

Return ticket

GO : Barcelona - Istanbul -(+8 hours)- Kiev
BACK: Kiev - Istanbul -(+8 hours)- Barcelona

My Bad, I have to see my flight leave without me because I was late at the checking EVEN IF I HAD NO LUGGAGE TO CHECK IN

Let´s agree on the worst plausible case scenario: Since I had to wait anyways at istanbul for 7 hours, i can take the next flight there, wait 3 hours and keep on going with my life, travel etc.

NO F*** YOU say E DREAM, You have bought one ticket with everything on it. Since you do not check in, you can not use any of the flight you were supposed to. Meaning what?

Anything else?
Oh yes by the way, FORGET YOUR RETURN TRIP AS WELL because thery are on the SAME TICKET

I am a good player, in the best of all cases they only stole 3/4 of my flight


Best of Love for the rest
Hedda Send email
Apr 27, 2016

Would not accept cancellation

I booked a flight to Frankfurt for my 86 year old mother and when the confirmation came through it was via Istanbul arriving the next day. We rang immediately was put on hold and then they ended the call. We rang them 4 more times and same happened. I rang next day they told me the flight was in refundable. I said this was rubbish as 24 hours had not passed. They told me to ring the airline. The airline confirmed they didn't have the booking. I rang edreams back was put on hold and then they hung up. Went online and emailed customer services who told me to ring them. I replied no point as no one prepared to deal with me and I wanted the refund. I have threatened them with my solicitor, the travel agent ombudsman to move avail. They are charlatans and they should be stopped from trading as they are clearly ripping customers off. Don't deal with them
CatarinaLucas Send email
Apr 17, 2016

Unauthorized charges

Today I tried to book a 2 way flight and my credit card was declined probably because it reached its limit of credit available for the month. Nevertheless since I was not sure this was the case I choose the option to try to pay once more. After this I was informed that edreams had charged me 3,32€ to keep my reservation and that I needed to pay the rest either by phone or bank transfer. At no moment I was asked if I'd agree to this which is why I expect to receive a total refund of these 3,32€ since I no longer wish to make this reservation and I never authorized this charge. I expect to hear from you as soon as possible.
FBsoares Send email
Apr 8, 2016

Edreams worst company and customer service!

Dear Edreams Customer Service,

On 21st of January I’ve bought a ticket from London to Lisbon with return on Edreams website. Two days before the flight when I was due to do the online check in, I found out that there were no reservations details so I’ve emailed the customer service for some assistance on the matter.

On the following day, E dreams sent an email saying that the flight was cancelled and suggesting that I could book another flight in their website. I was shocked with their response, as the only email that I ever received was a confirmation of my flight with a booking reference and I never received any notification regarding to a flight cancellation.

I called immediately the customer service to resolve this situation however the assistance given to myself was absurd. They started to give me different excuses why the flight was cancelled without notification like Internet connection failure, and increases in prices. I asked to speak to someone in the company that would be able to resolve the issue, but I was never redirected to anyone that could assist in the matter to the point that the person I was talking to hang up on me without resolving my issue.

When I accepted that I lost my flight because of Edreams incapacity and failure to solve this awkward situation, I received an email on the day that I supposed to return to London ( 28th March) saying the flight from British Airways – reference YEXRHU was delayed. Again I was perplexed with this information and I called to British Airways asking for more details and they said that the reference did not exist however they didn’t understand how come I received information about that specific flight.

Ultimately E dreams failed entirely in perform their service and deliver an appropriate customer service. I feel an immense disappointment and frustration with this situation. My desire was to travel back home and celebrate Easter with my family and friends and I wasn’t able to do it.
Angel_ Send email
Mar 29, 2016

Booking refund

Disgusting service! They charge for the calls. You cannot cancel or change your booking online and eDreams don't have email you can write to. They want you to spend money on calls.
To cancel the flight I had to call airlines directly but I booked it with eDreams why they can't do it for me. And eventually customers get charged for cancellation!!! Ridiculous!!!

cazalun Send email
Mar 22, 2016


We booked a flight with edreams,MORE LIKE NIGHTMARES,TICKET no EVANS/ALUN01DEC2015 BHX DXB for the 1st Dec,First the price on the tickets was,£1,072.23,the amount taken from the bank was £1248.20.then they booked us from Birmingham to Mumbai with 30 kilos of luggage, when we got to Mumbai , they had put us on a domestic flight with only 15 kilos luggage, so we were fined 7000 rupees = £ 70 pounds, where they expected us to put the extra weight we do not know( how stupid). We had to leave most of our luggage there as it would have cost us another £70 pounds .I have never traveled with a company so BAD that it has no thought for its customers or their feelings it should be stopped from trading, conning people out of their money and spoiling their holidays. PLEASE STOP THEM.I would also like compensation for all the trouble they put us through.

Edreams Edreams Edreams

kalacox852 Send email
Mar 12, 2016

terrible customer service, INCORRECT ITINERARY, zero apologies from company

We booked almost $3,000.00 CAD with edreams for round trip tickets to Thailand from Vancouver with 2 layovers on each leg of the journey. On our return flight our itinerary clearly states that we would be transferring planes in Huangzhou to Shanghai and flying for 4.15hrs in economy class. However, upon arrival in Huangzhou the airline informed us that flights to Shanghai had been cancelled almost 4 years prior and that the only way to Shanghai was by taking 2 busses through rural China that totalled more than 5 hours in transit. The airline took no responsibility for this and informed us it was the booking company's fault and that we should contact them (which of course we could not do from China with our Canadian phones). Of course, we did as we were told and got on the busses as required. On these busses we were racially attacked by the bus driver and ridiculed by the fellow bus passengers for our race and inability to speak the language. The journey was in every sense of the word, a living hell. When we finally made it back to Vancouver and placed a call to edreams explaining our situation they refused to take any responsibility and pointed fingers back at the airline. We begged that they take it up with the airline and figure out who was going to accept the responsibility for putting their customers through hell and that the very least apologize and refund us for that leg of the journey. They assured us that they would and that we would get a call back within 24hours. After waiting 48 hours we placed another call, were forced to recount our entire ordeal for a second time and were assured we would receive a call back in 3 business days. Again we did not get any call or email back and had to place a third, fourth, and fifth call back spanning over 2 weeks. Everytime they claimed they could not get ahold of the airline (whose offices are for the most part open 6-7 days a week in larger cities) and assured us they would keep trying. No one at the company seems to be exerting any effort on the matter and the company as a whole seems to not care at all. They seem to be hoping we exhaust and simply go away silently despite their grave error in our booking and complete lack of customer service following. At this point I would strongly recommend you never book through edreams. They are a hideous company with no regard for their customers or their safety and happiness on their journey and will offer you no assistance for weeks should you have any issues with your travel. Do not use edreams. The small monetary savings you receive by booking through them are not worth the disorganization and lack of empathy you will receive in return.
Judyliz Send email
Mar 9, 2016

Edreams baggage scam

As with so many of the complaints above, we paid for two sets of luggage to and from a recent flight to Malaga only to find that Ryanair only had payment for luggage out and not for the return journey. We noticed this a couple of days before flying back so visited the Ryanair desk at Malaga Airport where a very helpful lady (who was totally unsurprised by this) suggested we take it up with Edreams. We couldn't get through to them on their VERY expensive phone line and so just paid for the luggage direct with Ryanair (€60). We shall now try to get a refund, although, having read all the other complaints it looks as though we are wasting our time. They really shouldn't be able to get away with this but they make it very difficult to actually complain as, on the website, their customer service team link doesn't seem to have a link to 'complaints'!

We're not totally sure if this is an actual 'complaints site' for Edreams or more of forum but though it worth a try. Will obviously never ever use Edreams again.
Pauljoburns Send email
Mar 1, 2016


Edreams are either a complete shambles or they are very dishonest either way I will never go near them again and would not recommend anyone else to do so either , the Internet is full of complaints of them scamming money from people

They have a habit of accidentally on purpose leaving paid for baggage off your plane tickets so when you get to the desk you are forced to pay the inflated rate for your bags . They did thus to me and on looking on the Internet I have seen they do the same thing to many others. They then muck you around when you try to get a refund continually asking for the same information, when they eventually did acknowledge I had sent all the proof I'd paid, they agreed to give me a refund , they then kept asking for my bank details when I asked where the cash was even though I sent them the first time they asked. Nothing ever appeared in my bank account and now when I ask what's happened i get no reply

Never book anything through edreams
mirkhalid Send email
Jan 30, 2016


my booking ref X6LTJE i booked 3 ticket on 22-01-2016 unfortunatly we missed our flight due to london heavy triafic so i called edreams to get another ticket but the costomer service was very poor on hold for 55 minutes then offered me a ticket £550 one way to sweden . on 27-01.2016 was our return ticket so when we got to airport 55 minutes before flight we been told that our tickets are been canceled so i called them again and was on hold for 65 minutes then they said was an erorr on our computers and the tickets caceled automaticly after long talk they offered us next evning flight .....my children missed the school i missed my work my badest experaince i ever had now i decided to talk to my solicitor to do somthing about it to get a compensition
Spanner77 Send email
Jan 26, 2016

Money owed to me from edreams

Edreams owe me £239 they refuse to tell me why they withheld this from my refund and now when I press them they now don't recognise my ref number or email address all a total farce and when you ring the refund dept they never pick up the phone . An appalling and dishonest company

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