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ConcernedMom9 Send email
Dec 15, 2019

Rejection of Zola Ads

Shame on Hallmark for pulling the Zola ads featuring a lesbian couple. This decision to stand with bigotry puts you on the wrong side of morality and history. We’ll be sticking with Disney until all families are welcome by Hallmark, and we’ll be letting your other advertisers know.
MzSueCDM Send email
Nov 23, 2019

Removal of Golden Girls

In the words of Dorothy Zbornac "I could vomit just looking at you" is exactly how I feel about Hallmark Christmas movies. Dripping enough sugary sweet syrup the entire cast and audience must be diabetic by now - these movies are so predictable one is just like another. Our Golden Girls are taken off for these movies at different times during the year - always Christmas movies. July, October and November not to mention December - these sickening movies have no significant purpose. GIVE US BACK OUR GIRLS ...... AND ENOUGH WITH THE CHRISTMAS MOVIES ALREADY!!!!!
Auburn1945 Send email
Nov 11, 2019

Christmas movies

So sick of Christmas movies 3 1/2 months out of the year. Will not watch hallmark channel again til January. You are rushing the holiday. I can't believe that your sponsors continue to support you knowing they have a limited audience.
Practical1 Send email
Nov 9, 2019

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

It's becoming very painful to watch your holiday moves when the actors and actresses have had so much plastic surgery and Botox injections in the face, a 3,000 year old mummy has more smile factor. Why can't you hire actors and actresses who show their age naturally and gracefully? It is becoming so much of a distraction I struggle to get through your movies.
Critictiday Send email
Nov 3, 2019

Christmas movies no diversity

Why there are NO people of color on any Hallmark Christmas movies! NONE, NO PEOPLE OF ANY RACE OR COLOR EXCEPT WHITE! Also, 24/7 Christmas movies beginning in July really sucks! STOP!
slstapleton2000 Send email
Oct 29, 2019

Christmas movies

Please start a channel for around the clock Christmas movies.
It’s bad enough that there is Christmas in July. Then from
October to January more Christmas movies. Who watches this?
I am sure more people watch the series of Golden
Girls, Lucy, Frazier and Cheers more than the movies.
Ugh. Guess no Hallmark until January.
IngridSG Send email
Oct 29, 2019

Golden Girls

Why? was the Golden Girls taken off, Please bring back the show. The day the showed was showed was on October 25, 2019

Hallmark Questioner Send email
Sep 30, 2019

Fall Harvest 2019 Schedule Change

We were promised (it was advertised) that the 2019 Fall Harvest programming would begin September 21st with five original programs. Then the Fall Harvest start date mysteriously changed to October 5th with only three programs (one is Good Witch, so only two movies). Why did this change? What will happen with the other movies that were advertised? When will these be shown?
Skchak Send email
Sep 29, 2019

I Love Lucy

This is not a complaint. So glad you removed The Middle and brought back Lucy. Thank goodness. I like to have that on in the morning and it just was not the same.

Also, I am hoping for the return of the all day Christmas movies soon. Some seem opposed, but I love it. It is much better than so many other things on tv. I don’t have to worry about ugly language and other things I’d rather not be subjected to. Please continue the tradition!
Mandarai Send email
Sep 18, 2019

Hallmark Bring Back The Middle

Bring back The Middle it was great in the evening. For some reason you put it on really for a month and a half only to take it away. The Golden Girls is on all the time. Make some room for The Middle.
Kdowney Send email
Aug 7, 2019

I love Lucy

You took I Love Lucy off!!!! Why????? Please bring her back on my autistic son and I watch her every morning!!!! You have made a huge mistake bc I will not watch Hallmark anymore at all and I’m sure many others feel the same!! My son is so upset!! I hope you listen to us!! People need her back on!!!!
Ed1 Send email
Aug 7, 2019

I Love Lucy

Please put I Love Lucy back on ASAP.
williamk43 Send email
Aug 6, 2019

what happen to i love lucy

every morning i wake up before i start my day i watch i love lucy it was removed in july 2019 to watch god awful hallmark channel christmas movies in july i grew up with hallmark and over the years hallmark changed and i tell you it is not for the better. i hate it. every morning it was 5am i love lucy and then the golden girls and then little house then it went into this screw up line up. im sorry but i hate hallmark channel now. thank you for screwing up my days. my mornings. hallmark channel is shows and movies that are classic not this new shows and movies. and cheers was ok but who in the hell is up that early in the morning. and another thing keep hallmark channel CLASSIC!!!! with classic shows and movies something that earn their rights to be on the channel. you have hallmark movie and mysteries keep these christmas movies on that channel and leave Hallmark Channel Classic Alone. i know i speak for alot of people in this world you are distroying the original Hallmark its the mother of all these Hallmark channels you can create. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL LINE UP and leave it along you dont have young kids watch the Hallmark channel they are to busy with their eyeballs glue to the video games. and Pokémon lol. but just leave Hallmark Classic Alone.
Elaine54 Send email
Aug 2, 2019

Back ground music drowns out dialogue

Hallmark movies needs to turn down volume of the background music. It is extremely difficult to hear actual dialogue
Also, please consider using more actors who are down to earth and not so plastic and superficial looking
dissatisfiedviewer Send email
Jul 25, 2019

Hallmark Channel Christmas movies

I can barely tolerate clicking past the Hallmark channel during the three or more months during the holiday season when those horrible saccharine badly written holiday movies are playing but now I have to click past the channel again in July each year to avoid that drivel? Ugh. I am a usual viewer but not during periods when these movies are running. I am
hoping another channel comes along with the shows I like to watch or lull me to sleep at night so I can totally eliminate Hallmark channel from my favorites and I will never have to see any part of those movies ever again.
Golden Girl Fan Send email
Jul 16, 2019

Golden Girls

Why has Hallmark Channel taken Golden Girls off the air for July 15 and 16. The Golden Girls are my absolute favorite show and I do not go to sleep until I watch all 6 episodes every night. I can not stand these Christmas in July movies from Hallmark.................LET CHRISTMAS STAY AND BE IN DECEMBER without creating other months for Christmas movies. PUT THE GOLDEN GIRLS BACK ON THE AIR PLEASE34
8babyt5 Send email
Jul 16, 2019

Christmas shows

Why do they keep playing Christmas movies on Hallmark channel? Like now it's just July and they took off golden girls just to show Christmas movies. Come on now they doing too much, get a channel just for Christmas movies. Don't nobody want to keep looking at that. When they show movies they get carried away with it enough is enough and you wonder why people are canceling their cable because of nothing good on anymore.
dhawk Send email
May 1, 2019

Lori Loughlin

Hallmark dropped Loughlin when she was accused. Innocent until proven guilty? Not with Hallmark and many of its viewers apparently. Hallmark clearly has no loyalty and no sense of justice. Accused? You're guilty and therefore fired. Shameful.
Jackie23456 Send email
Nov 9, 2018

Christmas movies

If Hallmark Channel executives want to make a movie that actually reflects American society and values they should view the new Netflix movie "Holiday Calendar". A movie in the spirit of Hallmark formula but with real people that reflects our country.
GoldenGirlsFan Send email
Nov 1, 2018

Christmas movies v Golden Girls

I always wind down before bed by watching "Golden Girls" reruns on Hallmark -- at least I did until they were recently pulled in favor of Christmas movies, even though IT'S NOT EVEN NOVEMBER YET. If you want to show this much Christmas programming, than please start a Hallmark Christmas channel and stop hijacking the primary programming we tune in for. Thanks!
oldfoop Send email
Nov 1, 2018

Christmas movies in October and early November

I don't know what state the Hallmark channel comesfrom (above.)

Complaint: Hallmark is not playing it's regular programming. Instead it is playing Christmas movies starting at the end of
October. They apparently do not know the true meaning of Christmas. Let us have our regular programming back at least until
Thanksgiving. Most of the regular programs I watch are on the Hallmark channel. I am untremely uphappy with then.

Goodbye, Janice, (i.e. oldfoop @
Sharyl Send email
Oct 29, 2018

Removing the Golden Girls again

Please put back the golden girls as soon as possible. They are my favorite! Too much Christmas movies.Why can't you wait to play them closer to December or at least after Thanksgiving?
lovemurder mysteries Send email
Sep 22, 2018


Please Please Please no more Christmas movies. It is bad enough the retail stores start stocking for Christmas in October. Now we have our favorite shows like Monk, Matlock and Diagnosis Murder discontinued just when we have more time to watch tv. Please reconsider your schedule and bring back our favorite shows. You have two channels. Pick one for you Christmas overload. Thanks
Thegreat Send email
Aug 21, 2018

Around the clock Christmas...yuck

I love the sitcoms on hallmark, like the middle and the golden girls...and I'm really not a fan of around the clock Christmas movies...why do they keep adding weeks of that!!! And are they bringing back the middle? Love the golden girls
klortega70 Send email
Aug 15, 2018

What happened to The Middle?!!!

I was so excited that The Middle returned after ALL the Christmas movies in July, only to have them cut by The Golden Girls. It’s bad enough The Middle has ended, but not being able to watch the reruns is sad.

Missing The Middle at night!!!!!! HAPPYYYYYYY

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