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lydiab Send email
Aug 15, 2015


HALLMARK channel: Commercials are way too loud and it is so annoying that there are times we just don't watch your programming. There are laws in place to control the loudness of commercials. ESPECIALLY NUTRO. Can Hallmark be notified about this?
John Chambers Send email
Aug 9, 2015

People od color on shows!! Movies!!!

Here we are in 2015 and I watch your shows and NEVER see a show with Major roles with people of color in them!!!!
Tss Send email
Aug 8, 2015

Commercials are way to loud

I just had to change the Channel in the middle of a movie because every time the a commercial came on I had to turn the volume down. It's way to loud. I thought there was a law passed about that sort of thing.
Monitors Send email
Aug 2, 2015

Back ground music

I wish somebody from Hallmark with slight hearing loss try to hear actors talking with all the background music. I wish I had a way to SHUT OFF THE BACKGROUND MUSIC
columbofan2222 Send email
Jul 28, 2015

same reruns over and over

I love watching Columbo but after finding this program on the hallmark movie and mystery channel and watching it for only a short time,they started playing the same few over and over.There must be more than those few that you could show.Wasn't Columbo on for years? Where are the other episodes?
MKO Send email
Jul 13, 2015

Loud Music, Commercials and Christmas in July

I am so sick and tired of the LOUD background drowns out the words that are spoken, I would need to turn up the volume, but when the music comes on it is extremely LOUD again. Would have change the volume constantly like a yoyo....not very pleasant at all. The commercials are very loud as well and what is up with "Christmas in July"? I want SUMMER happenings in the SUMMER, not winter happenings like Christmas. I love Christmas, just not when it is not inconsiderate and ludicrous. Plus I have to change the channel when "in the middle" comes on. That show sure doesn't measure up to any of the other good shows. Thank you for your consideration.
MKO Send email
Jul 13, 2015

Loud Music, Commercials and Christmas in July

I used to really like the Hallmark Channel, but am not sure what is going on up there - - or if there is anything "up there" at all. The background music is so LOUD it is killing the words of the movie or whatever it is....the Commercials are so LOUD that they have to be muted and Christmas in July is just irritating. I love watching the movies at Christmas time (as long as I can hear what is being said due to the loud background music) but NOT IN takes away from some of the other shows that are shown and please don't batter me with "in the Middle". I have to change the channel at that point. Thank you for any consideration.
Harri Send email
Jul 12, 2015

Commercials are freaking me out!

The commercials are so loud - when they come on it has to be muted, I am sure the sponsors would love that! The background music was bad enough and now this. How sad, I have always loved this channel but may have to stop watching, it is getting entirely too annoying.
JoJo915 Send email
Jul 11, 2015

Christmas in July????

Why on earth would you think it will be a good idea to show Christmas movies in July? Not only does it make no sense but it cuts into the time of my favorite shows( Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, and Murder She Wrote). What you should of did was ask YOUR FANS to vote on whether or not it would of been a good idea to show Christmas movies in July. In which I know they would of replied "NO"!!!!. I'm so sick of this channels poor decisions on programming for it's viewers. PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER AND ASK BEFORE YOU MAKE IDIOTIC DECISIONS!!!!

VAR Send email
Jul 9, 2015

LOUD Commercials

What's going on ... all of a sudden commercials are extremely LOUD .... Please do whatever needs to be done to correct this. Only choice is to stop watching because it actually disrupts the sleep of others in this household!!
phantom Send email
Jul 8, 2015

music way too loud

I have finally had it with your idiotic movies due to the commercials and background music...I would rather have a tooth pulled with no pain killer...
Lee Magri Send email
Jul 5, 2015

Christmas shows already in July????

Please why do we have to be subjected to daily Christmas shows so early in the Summer until Christmas..2 months before, perhaps, but 6 months before is ridiculous!!!
Your commercials are sooo loud, I have to keep the remote to lower them during each show..why can't they be the same decibel, why do they have to be so loud? when watching at night, you don't want to wake your household or neighbors! Give me us a break have had plenty of complaints, & have done nothing about it..When people stop watching our stations because of your lack of concern, then you will realize what we are talking about!!!!
Country Guy Send email
Jun 28, 2015

Volume of commercials...too loud and too numerous

You have some nice progamming, BUT your commercials are WAAAAAAAAAAY TOOOOOOOOOO LOUD and WAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOOOOOOOOOOO NUMEROUS!!!!!!!!!! Some time back the FCC ruled that making those ridiculous commericals louder than the program were against the law. As a matter of fact, ALL channels, being they non-cable and/or cable, contain TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many commercials. It's ridiculous that we public have to have this crap stuffed down our throats all the time!!!!!!!!!!!
kujibear Send email
Jun 28, 2015


The commercials are way too LOUD!!!
Why2015 Send email
Jun 27, 2015


I love the Hallmark movies but why are there no lead characters of color?
Izettaw1 Send email
Jun 21, 2015

bad programming

I can't believe after 4 frustrating months of Christmas shows beginning in October through January, we now have to be subjected to them in JULY??? This is LUDICROUS!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Who told you we want to watch that? I am in the Midwest and after the winters we have nobody wants to be reminded of them in July. I love the Hallmark Mystery and Movie channel but every time I begin to enjoy it you just have to throw a wrench in it. Why did you replace Diagnoses Murder and Perry Mason with Hart to Hart?? And to have 2 hrs. of it no less! I appreciate the fact that you have Diagnosis on throughout the day but what happens if you work during the day? Why not put Hart To Hart on during the afternoon when people are working so nobody will have to watch it. It seems to me you are not catering to the viewers. If your shows do well one way why not just leave it alone. If something is not broke why do you call yourselves fixing it?? You only mess things up when you do that. We are paying to watch this channel so we should have some kind of say in the programming.
music85 Send email
Jun 21, 2015

Commercials Too Loud

Hallmark - your commericals are too loud, very loud. I have filed with the FCC,
Because your are aware of the problem and still have not acted to correct it.
jean g Send email
Jun 17, 2015

Little House on the Praire

Why have you moved Little House on the Prairie from the 2:00 slot. You have Home and Family on for 6 hours now and I now have to find other show to watch during those hours. 6 hours are much to long for a show like that. Also, why can't there be movies every evening at 8 or 9 instead of just on the weekends. Love the movie marathons!
edward500 Send email
May 26, 2015

picture smaller than screen

Why are they showing little house on the praire in smaller screen version. It's distracting. No need for this in this days technology.
sweetpea Send email
May 18, 2015

music too loud!

I love to watch Hallmark movies, but WHY does there have to be such loud annoying background music? There have been several movies that I have not watched because of the music--I can't hear the dialogue and turning up the volume just makes the music louder and doesn't help with being able to hear the dialogue.

Please, turn down the music or eliminate it's not something people enjoy. My husband has a hearing loss and he can't hear the dialogue at all!
Jsp Send email
May 3, 2015


Do your sponsors realize that their advertising money is going to waste. The volume is so very loud and annoying during commercials. Everyone. mutes or fast forwards through the commercial. I can honestly say that I never watched one of the commercials on your channel. You know it is bad when your dog jumps up and runs out of the room if you don't hit the fast forward button fast enough at the beginning of a commercial.
vdw Send email
Apr 27, 2015

sick of hallmaark movies

Please give us more sitcom re-runs. Old ones are funny and i can watch them with my kids and grandkids.. I am sick of all the movies you show on the weekends I can only watch "When Calls the Heart" so many times without searching for other channels.
vdw Send email
Apr 27, 2015


bepositive Send email
Mar 29, 2015

volume control

as You know you are in FCC violations for failure to control the volume issues. More importantly you are intimidating you regular viewers. The whole reason to watch Hallmark is to relax, when you are constantly being irritated by the volume of the movie, the network commercials, and regular commercials. I sure you have some over paid team of advertising specialist that are driving the problem, they are wrong and ignorant, and over time, will loose your costumer base. There is nothing I would like better than to watch your network and not have clutch the remote and wear the volume button out to adjust it constantly. For example, Sunday morning, 8am cst, Columbo series on, up and down, up and down, there is no sensible medium. Set the standard, set forth the absolute best volume practice, it cant be that difficult with the technology we have today or even expensive. NOW, once you have set the standard, advertise that you are what the "Hallmark" trademark has stood for decades. Your customers should be poled if they had a nice overall experience watching something as if it came from THEIR TV at home. And ask them directly about the commercials, volume, etc. Get to the heartland areas where people still can hear without someone shouting at them, Go on a stress free station spree. Step up and be a worthy leader.
Marlene Send email
Mar 24, 2015


This is not a complaint but a compliment to your movie channel. I love the old mystery series. Glad to see Columbo coming. How about McMillian and Wife, another good one. Like the add on of the other newer mysteries. How about adding more of the Prudence. I enjoyed Jane Symore in her role of Prudence. Keep up the enjoyable mysteries without the ogre that so many series have today.

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