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mikes4seasons Send email
Oct 23, 2019

I Love Lucy

Yes, Lucy is back on, but from all the ads, October 25th those dreaded Christmas movies will start again. That means that I Love Lucy
won't be back till sometime in January, 2020! How awful that is, actually bad planning in the programming department. First of all
Lucy is only back for 2 hours, not the original three that was on. The Golden Girls win out here with an extra hour before Home & Family. No week-ends for Lucy either, more of those simple minded Christmas fluff! I have been seeking out Hallmark TV executives
on line and writing to them about this awful programming problem. I advise others to do the same.
Hallmark TV does have another channel that show movies. Why not show those movies there 24/7. Leave I Love Lucy alone! Put her
back on for the full three hours, and week-ends. It's way too early for Christmas anyway. It's not even Halloween yet!
mingus Send email
Oct 23, 2019

Christmas Movies in Oct

According to your schedule Christmas movies are to begin Oct 24 or 25. Why did it change to earlier dates. Keep the Christmas movies on your other Hallmark station and bring back the mystery stories. We have 2 months before the holiday.
catheychallis Send email
Oct 22, 2019

Hallmark movies

I love Hallmark movies and mysteries channel...most of the time. When 21/2 months out of the year of the channel are 100% weak Christmas movies, I must protest. Again.

It is disrespectful, on two levels: to the loyal viewers who dedicate their time to watch the channel only to have months filled with crappy movies and; to the Christmas holiday 2itself, making the special time of year merely a sales ploy for Hallmark products that much earlier.

I love Christmas -- at Christmas.

I stop watching the channel before Halloween until after New Year's, and that is an incredibly, unreasonable amount of time for a channel I pay for.

It's a shame I rely on other channels, DVDs and recorded shows to get me through this.
VictoriaA Send email
Oct 22, 2019


First Hallmark Christmas in July now you start Christmas before Halloween.


I again. Have a Christmas channel then I don't have to pay for something I don't want. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.
Start Christmas 2 weeks before Christmas.

Bring Back the regulars. You could Add some classics shows. Hill Street Blues or Perry Mason for example.54
HallmarkFanforDecades Send email
Oct 22, 2019

Too much Christmas too early and too long

Please, Hallmark!!! Enough is enough. Giving Friday night to Christmas movies as sufficient. Starting Christmas movies on October 19 EVERY DAY 24/7 UNTIL CHRISTMAS???? This is too much. Hallmark was one of the 3 channels I watch every day. Not now. This is just too much. N
Helena Wahnon Manahan Send email
Oct 22, 2019

Christmas programing

Christmas shows starting in October is now over the top. Just make another channel.....Hallmark Christmas Channel! We tune in to watch Hallmark MYSTERIES....what part of that don't you get. Another option: release the mystery shows to another network. Then we can all be happy.
lisakf3 Send email
Oct 22, 2019

Christmas movies

Please STOP the Christmas movies from starting so early. Stop showing them in July. Stop showing them on Thursday nights and weekends. I'm tired of just the Christmas commercials. Why have you decided to show them on all the hallmark channels. Why don't you just have a hallmark christmas channel. Why did you start this weekend when you advertised Oct. 25th? I have been recording other programming to have to watch while all the Christmas junk is on. I love Christmas, but not until December and after Thanksgiving. It's not a romance novel, it's a Christian religious holiday. If I could find other clean family channels, I would stop hallmark completely. I will be using netflix A LOT for 2 months.
lisakf3 Send email
Oct 22, 2019

Christmas movies

Christmas movies were not supposed to start until Oct 25th!! Why has hallmark decided to show them 24/7 on ALL hallmark channels for over 2 months, in addition to Thursday nights and weekend nights and the month of July. PLEASE STOP. Too much. I subscribed to hallmark mysteries and drama last year to get AWAY from the Christmas movies. Now you are showing them on all the channels. So is Lifetime. WHY WHY WHY? I love Christmas, but only in December after Thanksgiving. This is just way too much. It's overkill. Christmas is a special time of year. It's a religious holiday, not a romance novel. I wish Hallmark would consider having a channel dedicated to just Christmas if they plan to continue showing them this often or this long. I watch hallmark because it is a good clean family channel. But I will not watch the Christmas shows. Guess I will be using netflix a lot for the next 2 months.
smartgirl06 Send email
Oct 21, 2019

Commercialization of Christmas Beyond Tolerance

HOW is it you are starting 'Christmas' on OCTOBER 19th? HOW are you not thinking this is overkill and disgusting? HOW do you think Christmas is supposed to be 3 months solid? YOU, Hallmark, have taken all special out of Christmas. NO more anticipation. NO more waiting until AFTER Thanksgiving to start Christmas. MIND NUMBING. I used to watch your channels both of them, and now you start Christmas when it isn't even Halloween? PEOPLE WANT TO KEEP WATCHING THEIR PROGRAMS UNTIL DECEMBER. IT IS TAKEN FROM THEM FOR TOO LONG NOW WITH YOUR PROGRAMMING THIS WAY. Sad thing is you don't care and somehow think this will parlay you into more money which is the bottom line of your existence. You need to listen and understand even when no one is complaining, they are inside their homes just not taking any time to let you in on it.

You need to start Christmas in 6 weeks! NOT NOW! I so NEED to see my Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, and Hart to Hart. It would be nice if you added Rockford Files vs Psych or Monk, the latter 2 were nice on USA or every once in a while but this is a channel DEDICATED to older, classic mystery shows. You have actually made Christmas too much of a 'good' thing. Make it stop!
PB2PB Send email
Oct 20, 2019


I think starting Christmas movies 24/7 in the middle of October is a little much
DisneyFan Send email
Oct 20, 2019

Christmas Movie Schedule

So we are very confused...for the past month it has been advertised that the 24/7 Christmas movies would begin on Friday October 25th. But beginning last night (Friday October 18th), on HM&M, you have already started with non stop Christmas movies. And the channel guide has them programmed for the next week. So my question is, why are they starting a week early? The full two months that have already been scheduled, is not enough? This is a bit ridiculous. I do love Christmas and all the wonderful traditions of the holiday, but not this early. Please stop. All it does is commercialize the holiday even more than it is.
rkelley230 Send email
Oct 19, 2019

You're ruining HM&M

Stop showing Christmas movies on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. You already have a channel to show that stuff. Stop ruining our mystery channel.
[email protected],com Send email
Oct 19, 2019

Christmas movies in October

October is way too early for Christmas movies. The first half of November is way too early also. By the time the season arrives we will be sick of it from all the early exposure. Some of us viewers are just quitting watching the movies and mystery channel since you are doing this.
[email protected],com Send email
Oct 19, 2019

Christmas movies in October

Many of the people I know are so disappointed in the fact that you are showing Christmas movies in October! We are so disappointed that we have quit watching your channel. I suppose this means that you will have Christmas movies on from now until after Christmas? By the time Christmas is here we will be so bored with it that we can no longer watch your channel. Why did you decide to do this?
charlieb123 Send email
Oct 19, 2019

Christmas movies already!!!!!!!!!

It is two weeks from Halloween for 2019 and we are already going to get nailed with Christmas movies? My husband is buying all the sets of the NORMAL shows I like, such as Monk, Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Hart to Hart, Diagnosis Murder and so on by shopping on the internet as I type. I will not be interrupted by Christmas movies so early this year, I will control what I watch from now on. Hallmark has gotten carried away by messing with the schedule and have changed it when they want, but not in this house. What a joke! It is time to cut the cord anyway.
mikes4seasons Send email
Oct 17, 2019

I Love Lucy

Okay, I Love Lucy is back on, but for how long, that is the question!! Thanks for getting it back on; but, ideally it should be back on for
3 hours, not 2, and ON for week-ends also! Just like it used to be. These awful Christmas fluff movies have to go, at least for part of the time. I can't imagine them for 24 hours! If that's the case I will turn Hallmark back on when LUCY is back on!
PLEASE, you have plenty of time to show some Christmas Cotton Candy and some historic award winning good television from
an icon of TV.
[email protected] Send email
Oct 14, 2019

hallmark movies and mysteries

Watched a movie on Oct 13. Movie was based in NY. They used the name of a road called Saw Mill Parkway and part of one script on the road. The road had no curbs, etc. The real Saw Mill Parkway, has curbs, traffic lights, does not look like a country road. It starts at the Westchester border with the Bronx and ends in northern Westchester, it is a 4 lane divided highway, it then connects to Rt684.
drew1965 Send email
Sep 26, 2019

Chronicle Mysteries

I wish Allison Sweeney had stayed with her prior program(something with cookies). I enjoyed that program & the people associated with it. I don't care to much for the program she is in now...
Dolly Brown Send email
Sep 23, 2019

mystery 101 and 2 actors

mystery 101 is boring and lousy .the 2 actors were awful we watch a lot of good cop shows this is not one of them .you should watch csi miami and criminal minds they are great. all your show is love making you don't need that i think your actors want that .no cop goes to a city and bring a street person not a cop to solve a crime .and he's the cop and she does everything and you just can;t leave with out making aragments you must think we are stupid .you can trash this one.and wagner is so conceited they both love themselves .well we wanted to let you know .we asked you to have julianne morris in a movie she is a great actress and you never answered us .will you let us know so we know if and when we get rid of hallmark.
BringBackCheers Send email
Sep 19, 2019

Bring Back Cheers!!

Why was Cheers removed from your channel? Cheers is a great show and should be brought back.
BringBackCheers Send email
Sep 19, 2019

Bring Back Cheers!!

Why was Cheers removed from the Hallmark Channel? Please bring back Cheers!
Movie Lover Send email
Sep 18, 2019


I wish Hallmark would stop messing with the shows. The Middle was on just long enough to start getting into it, then it was gone. I found it on ABC Family, and it continued the order of episodes, so that's great. But you didn't have to remove Cheers did you? There would be plenty of room for it if you didn't show the Golden Girls at night AND in the morning. And I have to put my 2 cents in about the Christmas schedule also. It's total overkill to start showing non stop Christmas movies at the end of October through New Years. I agree with another writer that you could still leave the early morning shows on. Please don't remove Frasier!! It's really hard to wait to see them for over 2 months every Christmas. And the July non stop Christmas movies is overkill also. We're only complaining because we appreciate the Hallmark Channel SO much for providing entertainment that doesn't force the inappropriate material that is on every other channel. Please listen to our suggestions
DJH Send email
Sep 17, 2019


Why was Cheers removed from the morning lineup?? I have been watching Frasier, Cheers, I love Lucy and The Golden Girls for years and it just infuriates me when they are taken off! Especially in July for Christmas in July. Christmas is in December not July. The Hallmark Channel is taking the joy out of Christmas by overwhelming us with it too early. By the time December comes around we're sick of it. Another thing... in December The Hallmark Channel can still run the morning shows and show Christmas movies the rest of the day. The morning shows do not need to be removed for an entire month for Christmas movies.
DJH Send email
Sep 17, 2019

Put Cheers back on the morning lineup!

Why was cheers removed from The Hallmark Channels morning lineup?? I'm furious!! I have been watching these shows for years and it really pisses me off when they are changed up. Frasier, Cheers, I Love Lucy and The Golden Girls are the reasons why I pay extra money to get The Hallmark Channel. Please put Cheers back on!!
Banaltra Send email
Sep 16, 2019


What is happening to the Hallmark Channel? First they take away I love Lucy and show hours on hours of the Golden Girls. Then they change their weekend lineup from all movies to MORE of the Golden Girls! Don’t get me wrong. I love the Golden Girls. But this is definitely overkill. The Middle doesn’t hold a candle to I Love Lucy. I would start my morning off every day during the week watching and listening to it while I got ready for work. Always started my day with a smile. I need to ask you, Hallmark Channel, are you bringing back I love Lucy? Did you lose the rights to that show? What would cause you to make such a bad decision? I would think if you pay any attention to this page, you would see that there are a lot of your viewers who want it back.

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