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djminfll Send email
Dec 16, 2019

I am boycotting Hallmark Channel

I am officially boycotting the Hallmark Channel effective immediately. I was disgusted and disappointed to see that your channel has elected to bow to the pressure of the religious right and cancel the Zola advertisements depicting same-sex couples getting married. The "Million Moms" are nothing more than hate mongers, and you are apparently too spineless to stand up to them. The boycott of Hallmark Channel is just starting, I am hoping that more and more viewers will choose not to watch your channel when they find out how you reacted to the pressure from these bigots.
We have come a long way in the last 50-100 years, but homophobia remains one of the few acceptable forms of prejudice and bigotry. Same sex marriage has been legal for a few years now, and society has not fallen apart as a result. But as long as executives continue to accept the ideas of bullies and bend to their demands, we will have to fight on the other side.
Mlacey Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Pulling the commercial of 2 women

I thought the Hallmark stood for integrity If the same sex persons would like to marry let them and let company’s advertise this
Mike G Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Gay marriage

Thanks for not bowing down to pressuring from the lgbt club because we don’t agree with the life style that goes against the sanctity of what GOD has said about marriage is between a man and a woman and because we don’t agree with the life style doesn’t mean we’re haters we simply don’t agree with being forced to accept the life style genesis 19 tells the story of the two cities destroyed.
pmfelitti Send email
Dec 16, 2019

pulling ads

For a channel that puts out movie after movie of people finding love, I can't believe you bowed to "Christian" pressure to pull an ad that showed two women who loved each other kissing. Try showing some true Christian attitude by showing that gay couples are just people in love. No more, no less
argonell Send email
Dec 16, 2019


I am becoming so disgusted with you these days, Hallmark. I am even more disgusted about the recent pulling of the Gay Wedding after customer backlash. You are becoming so unprincipled now. Instead of holding your finger in the air to the prevailing wind, how about being brave and standing against corruption! This aggressive move by the LGBT community to force their decadence down the throats of millions and even children is utterly reprehensible. Don't stand for it Hallmark. You are moving away from the Savior, Jesus now, and once you have done that, there is no reason to have a Christmas channel. He truly is the reason for even celebrating.

Remember the millions of people standing behind these complaints, not just the number of complaints.

Wake up!!
jodum2128 Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Hallmark Movie Content

I along with my family, have watched your channel for many years and have enjoyed the wholesome and respectful content of your movies. I now am hearing that you are considering adding "gay" and/or "lesbian" content to your presentations. If this is the case, I will be canceling my Hallmark subscription. It saddens me that you and your company are so worried about a 2-3% group of people. Because a liberal few argue that it is "normal" to be gay but that is not supported by God’s Word no matter how His Word gets twisted to support this movement. I trust you will consider your loyal listeners that have made this network what it is today. It really is not worth it to you to lose the majority of listeners just to gain a few. Thanks for your consideration.
saneChristian Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Lack of diversity - why cancel Zola ads?

Really, Hallmark. Shame on you for turning your back on the non-homophobic, fair minded, moral, decent Christians who truly follow in Jesus’ footsteps in embracing all people. There is absolutely nothing decent and moral about hypocrites who used Christianity as a shield for their bigotry and prejudices. This is America. Live with it.
Realfair Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Corporate Sexual discrimination

It’s so disappointing as a viewer to see your network. such bias, bigotry and racism against LGBTQ individuals. I shall discontinue my viewing on the Hallmark channel and tell everyone I know to do the same until you issue a policy that says you will not engage in this sort of behavior anymore.

Your station should be ashamed of itself.

boycotting Hallmark!
rosshunter Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Hallmark LGBTQ+ intolerance

It shows unacceptable intolerance for you to remove an ad from ZOLA that shows families like mine getting married, simply because some people cannot deal with people as they are. I am now boycotting all hallmark products, including print, tv, movies, etc.
rosshunter Send email
Dec 16, 2019

LGBTQ+ intolerance

As a result of you pulling the ad for ZOLA I am completely done with Hallmark - cards, movies, tv channels, etc. Families have many different structures. You have shown yourself to be intolerant.
Bubba Send email
Dec 16, 2019

removal of ads with gay couples

Well, I suppose next we will see the removal of ads inter-racial couples to probably to be followed by the removal of ads with african- americans, hispanics, muslims, and others of that ilk. I'm tired of religion being used to discriminate. Lest we forget the bible was used in America to justify slavery.
missyj777 Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Bias / Non-Inclusive / Racist Programming

I am just reading about how Hallmark has decided to pull a commercial about "Love"... It makes me sick to my stomach that Hallmark caters to a MINORITY; a minority of "IANS" and I say IANS because there is NO CHRIST in them!! How do you profess to be a "Christian" when you definitely do not portray yourself as "CHRIST LIKE"; the word says That God so LOVED the "WORLD" that he gave his only begotten SON... He didn't say God so loved the Christians! These so called christians cheat on their spouses, are pedophiles, steal, kill and destroy and yet "JUDGE" others! There is ONLY ONE judge and HE sits on the throne!!!
I USED TO enjoy the Hallmark channel BUT NO MORE!!! I will NEVER watch a channel or spend my money on any product that doesn't INCLUDE "ALL" God's children!!!
Truthdoesnotchange Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Zola Commercial

So my question to all of these people who proclaim you should be allowed to love who you want to love and we should just shut up and take it, does that include beastiality and pedophiles? Based on your sinful and flawed logic we have absolutely no basis for judging ANYONE for who they choose to love. Does this mean we should also have to put up with commercials showing men having sex with animals and young children since they just want to love whom they want to love and you have no right to judge their choices? Be careful with your mantra since it leads down a very slippery slope.
tcrisler Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Gay ads & movies

Hallmark has always been a place to see good & wholesome movies/topics. Just recently heard that Hallmark is considering airing gay movies & ads. I respectfully disagree and will discontinue watching your channels and purchasing any products from you. If you feel that this is the only way for you to reach others for your financial gain---how about having a channel just for that sort of viewers.....this way, we are not having this pushed down our throats, as many seem to be trying to do to help justify their decision......and then viewers can make their own decision plus enjoy movies that they do not have to shield their young from.
Penny Powell Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Hallmark Hatred and Bigotry

Hallmark executives, you are liars. You say that ads that feature public displays of affection go against your policies, but that is a blatant and hideous lie. You have no trouble with an ad that shows a man and a woman kissing, but two women kissing is offensive?! What is wrong with you? If there is a god, do you REALLY BELIEVE that bigotry is something that they support?! No way. You have shown your true colors and I will happily boycott you for the rest of my life if you're going to be bigoted against people who love each other. As though gender matters?! How RIDICULOUS and BARBARIC. It's 2019, people. Such idiotic thinking is just stunning. Bad people. Very bad people.

SMChap Send email
Dec 15, 2019


SMChap Send email
Dec 15, 2019


Scate Send email
Dec 15, 2019


I will no longer watch this channel, as I do every Christmas season. You should not capitulate to homophobia. It’s a shame that you felt the need to pull that commercial.
daynalyons Send email
Dec 15, 2019

Wonderful Inclusive Ad

I'm so sorry that Hallmark pulled the ad with the two women getting married. I thought it was lovely. I'm going to stop watching Hallmark. If you pander to the minority of hateful so-called Christians, I can't watch. God loves all. Even the judgmental minority.
daynalyons Send email
Dec 15, 2019

Gay Ads

Being in the LGBTQ is NOT pollical. Now that Hallmark has pulled the ad with the two women kissing, I will be boycotting. You are pandering to the minority of Christians, not the majority. God loves all. Even those that judge others harshly.
ahumble Send email
Dec 15, 2019

Too Scared To Love All

Hallmark I have been a subscriber of yours for years now because I love the way y'all embraced everyone in this world. There was no hidden agenda of racism, bigotry, or discrimination. Now you have bowed down to these poor nasty people's bigotry, so my subscription has been cancelled. You have lost sight of treating everyone equal. You are now just a bigotry channel. Good luck with that.
applepie Send email
Dec 15, 2019

lgbtq content

I've never been able to understand individuals who don't think "love" is wholesome or a strong value. Anyone who leaves the channel because of stories of love between two same sex individuals really should be reevaluating their beliefs. I've been around same sex couples whose relationships are long-term and are heartening with their true friendship and love in the face of physical abuse and verbal abuse like this. Heterosexual couples do not have the sole rights to love, honor, and friendship. Shame on all of you tout religious values as the basis for hate such as this or cry about your child's exposure to homosexual love. 1) I don't know of any children that "like" the Hallmark Channel. 2) children are dealing with far worse things in their lives such as cyber bullying, violence in the schools, and worrying about how climate change will affect their futures. Grow up and face the real issues instead of trying to hurt others.
Susie Que Send email
Dec 15, 2019

Please ,no same sex anything!!

I support you 100% on your decision to not show same sex commercial, Hallmark is a name that has always ment family, clean movies, and a trusted network!! I believe you will be blessed by this, thank you for keeping it clean
lynn flanigan Send email
Dec 15, 2019

Reading of Night Before Christmas

so On movie Dollywood and the end of the reading of the Night before Christmas at the end it didnt say HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT IT SAID MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT Relly you had to change it to Happy That so Bull whats up with you guys .. I so Love Hallmark but when change the true word for the false one its not RI RIGHT
algl Send email
Dec 15, 2019

yeah for zola commercials

As an obsessed Hallmark fan, I was a bit troubled when you so awkwardly added people of Jewish descent and made them look foolish. We all know all about Xmas quite thoroughly and don't need schooling. But then refusing to air commercials that include women showing their love which is perfectly legal in our country might put me over the fence. I will have to burn my special blanket for watching Hallmark movies if you prove to be a bigoted company that does not include all people in a flattering light. I am so disappointed in the values you are projecting to my grandchildren who have been brought up to feel comfortable with all religions and all people who love each other to be comfortable in their own skins. This kind of thinking is what makes our country so much less than it could be.

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