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kathymusic Send email
Dec 23, 2019

More Love Please! Stop casting leading roles as WHITE ONLY!

I love the Hallmark Channel!!! Thank you for being a bright light in a TV world of mostly...well...depressing, violent crap.

1. I'm disappointed that you caved and pulled the love commercials featuring a same-sex kiss. Love is love. Don't let the 80-and-older crowd stop you. By the way (I spelled that out for the older crowd) I'm not gay and I have no agenda.
2. Hallmark, you really have a problem with homosexuality? 75% of the male leads in your stories are so obviously gay and so tortured having to kiss women at the end of your love stories. Why not have someone, somewhere actually enjoy a kiss on your channel, lol?
3. Thank you for sending the right message by firing Lori Loughlin. But how much Full House do we need to relive daily? You're overcompensating by constantly casting Candace Cameron-Bure. She is annoying.
4. PLEASE increase the presence of people of color in your movies. The time to do that, and you know it, was years ago....Redeem yourself and git 'er done NOW. Give people of every race, creed and color actual lead roles, not just playing the best friend or the hairdresser. Come on now.
5. I love the Hallmark Channel! But if you have to send a message of exclusion, I can't pretend that's okay. (The message you're sending is exclusion at best, racist/ homophobic at worst.) Check US stats and start representing the correct percentage of African American people, Caucasian people, people of Latin descent, Asian descent ETC. to reflect the country we have. Check out the percentage of people who are physically disabled and represent them by hiring disabled actors. Represent the LGBT community.
Slowly for the blue-hairs, but go for it. And really, could you please hire a person with some body fat once in a while?

A message to the old, privileged, straight white Christian people in the crowd who are soooo, so mad and terrified about...everything. I'm old, privileged, straight, white and Christian but neither angry nor terrified. We can all live together (and even watch TV together) without having to become every character. The homosexual agenda is not coming for your children.. Or your guns. Or your crayons. Settle down already and notice that not everyone in the world is white. Not everyone in the world is straight. No one is turning you gay (or black) by being represented in a movie. Stop pretending that everyone must be like you. "Hate to the World" would not make a great Christmas special. And dressing up your hatred as indignant Christianity is a lie. News flash: Jesus was a liberal.
Jlanese Send email
Dec 23, 2019

Countdown to Xmas movies

I have been watching countdown to Xmas for years. Couldn’t wait for it to start but I was very disappointed about the movies this year. They really were all the same just different town. Boy or girl with big time job goes back to small hometown and meets the ex and ends up happy and I love and stays in small town. What happened to the magical movies the ones about Santa Claus or the ones where they go back in time or ahead in time.The ones with the angels that help them decide what they want. It is the first year that I changed to Lifetime Xmas movies. I am not the only one that feels this way most of my freeing who use to watch every year stopped watching also. I just hope that you change it up for 2020 so I and my friends can watch again
Cjhw Send email
Dec 23, 2019


VERY disappointed and angered for Hallmark to feel they have to air this commercial. Christians are bombarded with this garbage. I don't want to see this junk any more than I want my kids too. Hallmark was one place I felt "safe". I know it's hard to believe but some of us want to keep a pure mind. I bet if Christian's aired a commercial exclaiming Jesus as Lord and King, the commercial would be pulled before it finished airing!! It has come to the point you can't watch TV. Goodbye Hallmark.
Pragmatic Send email
Dec 23, 2019

music, fake snow, bigoted viewers

Why does Hallmark insist on using Christmas hymns and carols as dance music whenever there is dancing involved? Seeing a couple swaying romantically to "Silent Night" or "Oh Holy Night" is utterly ridiculous. Are royalties that expensive? Surely, there must be an alternative.

And the fake snow? Ohmygosh! It is so awful in some of the movies, we laugh out loud. Maybe people who live in areas where it doesn't snow aren't aware of the difference, but it is truly a detriment to many of the movies -- can't think of anything else once we see someone walking around in a supposed snow storm, and not a single strand of hair is wet. Snow is wet, it is not Ivory Flakes or whatever phony things are flying around with an obvious wind machine.

Finally, the LGBT issue. If people are so against what are absolute facts of life, they should switch to something else, and should not condemn an entire network because of narrow-minded beliefs. I'm sure Hallmark will survive quite nicely without those bigoted viewers.
Gerushka Victor Send email
Dec 22, 2019

No LGBT... for me

I signed the Million Moms boycott. I never thought the day would come that I wouldn't watch Hallmark, but it is here. I am not opposed to the *** community, but I am not interested in seeing them kissing or any other sexual behavior, which will certainly follow in the future. Hallmark has made a huge mistake (caved because of "Ellen", I'm sure. A majority of the *** individuals responding don't even watch the channe! Goodbye Hallmark. Enjoy catering to a very small percentage of the population. You will not cram their lifestyle down my throat.
KonaGirl Send email
Dec 22, 2019

Same same same over and over

I use to love the Hallmark movies especially Christmas but now it has gone LGBT and bi-racial (black and white relationships and I am sick of it. This is not what we want our children to see. In addition, most of the movies this year have had blacks shown as the head of companies and we all know this is not the norm. I have a lot of black friends but this is the media trying to cram it down our throats that this is the norm an is acceptable as well as living together before marriage.

God help you.
Notinterestedingarbage Send email
Dec 22, 2019

Hallmark Christmas movies 2019

Your Christmas movies this year suck. Why don’t you bring back more of your old ones? You’re playing the same ones over and over again and the new ones are just really really terrible. The acting is subpar it seems like you threw together new movies for 2019 just to see you had new movies.

Bad choice. The worst one of all was “Christmas on my mind“. The female lead was terrible and so was her character. The story was disjointed and didn’t flow well.

Why don’t you rethink your outdated premise of Christmas movies 24 seven and put more quality movies together, Along with running more of your classics -go back several years.
Supplement Christmas movies with some of the mystery movies and other things to give us a break from these would help too.

Not sure what you guys are thinking these days on a lot of fronts!!!
nalta615 Send email
Dec 22, 2019

Patti LaBelle

I was just a little shocked to see that Patti LaBelle is featured in one of your Christmas Holiday Movies. In reading about Patti LaBelle, I am surprised as to how very entitled she seems to be...from the lawsuit attacking a woman and her 18 month old baby, to ruining the life and aspirations of Richard King a West Point Candidate.
She seems quite selfish and immune from punishment, and I honestly do not understand how you can display her in a good light on your Christmas Specials. So sad for the families that have had the misfortune to have an encounter with her and her entourage.
BuckeyeMom101 Send email
Dec 21, 2019

Hallmark LGBT content

My daughters and I looked forward to countdown to Christmas movies every year. Now that you are supporting LGBTQ content, you have done exactly what you intended to avoid - being divisive. You have divided the millions of viewers who were content to watch the wholesome family values of a man and woman relationships. Considering your ratings hit an all time high when you only showed man-woman relationship style shows, I think that speaks volumes of who your true audience was and who got you those high ratings. You just insulted all of us loyal viewers by completely embracing a lifestyle that doesn’t represent a vast majority of your audience (if not your entire audience). I stand on biblical principals of relationships being one man and one woman only. If the LGBTQ likes certain shows, they have entire networks dedicated to their community. The fact that your network felt pressured into including relationships of same sex, you have just excluded millions who now feel excluded because of our biblical views. You can’t be entirely inclusive; it’s a paradox. Once you include values such as LGBTQ that do not line up with a Godly worldview, you have just offended and excluded the Christian conservative values. As a Christian, I do love each person and pray for all but will not accept the LGBTQ agenda. Sadly, we will no longer promote or watch any hallmark network.
catcan104 Send email
Dec 21, 2019

Hallmark's content

The real issue here is Hallmark's definition of love and family. Hallmark thinks that they are hurting LGBTQ groups by not supporting the "loving relationship" of these two females in the commercial. What we have to determine is the true definition of love and family. Our foundation has been built on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ's love for everyone of us 2000 years ago. Whether you believe in this Man or not. This is a love that is true, pure and everlasting. We can love because He first loved us. We all can experience this love if we allow ourselves to submit to His life in our hearts. It's when we have not given ourselves to the life of Jesus that the world's definition of love and families becomes distorted. Loving another woman or loving another man in itself is not wrong, but when loving the same sex in a homosexual way that is truly an abomination! This is not love as defined in the Bible or a marriage, a sacred union between one man and one woman. God's word says so. This world has lost the true meaning of love and family! This world was built on the family nucleus as defined in the Bible. The physical family is the most important building block to human society, it should be nurtured and protected. "A celebration of love" as defined by Mike Chi of Zola is not "of God. There is no other truth. Again, you may believe this or not. It does not change the truth. Mike Perry quotes "helping all people to connect, celebrate traditions and be inspired to capture meaningful moments in their lives. Anything that detracts from this purpose, is not who we are. Very admirable! However, this is a very broad statement and Mike Perry has kept the quote very general as to not offend the assumed LGBTQ group he was really speaking of. Christians are commanded to not judge but to "love our neighbor", not everyone follows this way of life, obviously. So we have the right to support or not to support corporations that go against the very heart of our Creator.
Thank you.
brenda72 Send email
Dec 21, 2019

remove ad is correct move

I will be boycotting hallmark channel nor will I buy or condone Hallmark in any way. I used to tell people to watch your shows but no more ! I loved all the family series and movies and knew the channel to be a safe place for children,even unsupervised. Young minds are easily influenced, especially by what they see. Children are not able to understand grown-up relationships and sex. That's why Hallmark was so good- no sex, no violence, no foul language-just good clean movies etc. that any one could watch. I think you are about to lose more than you will gain. Why not go for a different ad company that stands with the character of the shows you present as you were doing? You have bought into Hollywood and the celebrities trying to change social values starting with the young! Shame on you! Your first announcement to get rid of the commercial was the correct one!
momthatsconcerned Send email
Dec 21, 2019

Hallmark WAS Quality Family Entertainment

I appreciate the fact that Hallmark has been producing, as your website states, "Quality family entertainment", for years. Family friendly, heartwarming, inspiring movies that tell wholesome stories, that is your trademark, that is your claim to fame, that is why millions of us subscribe to your channel. Take out the family, or worse yet, redefine the family and you are no longer Hallmark but just another business trying to please the ever changing demands of the few. Are you really trying to please them our just stay out of their line of fire?

Hallmarks statement reads, " We are truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused,” "Hallmark is, and always has been, committed to diversity and inclusion – both in our workplace as well as the products and experiences we create. It is never Hallmark’s intention to be divisive or generate controversy."

What about the hurt and disappointment you have caused the majority of your subscribers? We are the viewers that enjoy "Quality Family Entertainment" If Hallmark is committed to diversity and inclusion, why no war movies or sci fi? I agree, no one wants to be divisive or controversial, but when you produce and brand a product there will be people who purchase it and people who are not interested in the product you produce. Why would you, for reasons other than being media and cyber bullied, change your product for those who do not purchase it? Hallmark branding WAS quality family entertainment, that was the original intent and that is why we loved it. Why do you think you have seen such an increase in veiwership over the last ten years? Where are your marketing millennial's? As mainstream veiwing options have morally deteriorated, your segment of the market has increased. Marketing 101

Mr. Perry, president and CEO of Hallmark, the following can be found on the same page as your picture on your website. Please read it and see if the current decisions of Hallmark are actually reflective of this statement.
"But most importantly, we’ve held onto the enduring beliefs and values that fill the basic human need to connect with others."

Current Hallmark decisions DO NOT hold onto enduring beliefs or values and frankly we are NOT feeling the connection either.
Ktuna Send email
Dec 20, 2019


I am so very disappointed in Hallmark. I watched it because I thought Hallmark was based on biblical values and now you have turned your back on the Bible. The days of Sodom and Gomorrah are surely coming back when anything goes. My heart is breaking because this is one channel I could watch without having unbiblical values thrown in my face. I looked so forward to the Hallmark Christmas movies, but this has come to an end. I will no longer support or watch the Hallmark channel. I have to stay true to the Word of God and by watching I am bringing sin into my home. The end times are truly upon us.
Dawn Canavan-Smith Send email
Dec 20, 2019

Countdown to Christmas 2019

I would like to start by saying I love and look forward to all the new movies on the Hallmark channels especially the movies about Military people. I have enjoyed them this year too.

I have to say I was very disappointed that I didn't get to see my favorite movies from the past! You chose a few of your past movies and showed them over and over again, and you showed the new movies way to many times. We are living in the age of DVRs, if people know they won't be able to see it they can set it to record. I realize you are trying to promote you hallmark movies now, but it is unfair to those of us who can't afford to subscribe. I am already paying too much for TV so I can have both of the Hallmark channels. I am a senior citizen and a veteran that retired after 21 years of service. I am on a very tight budget and can't afford all the steaming services and I don't do well with watching on small screens.

I have been a loyal Hallmark channels watched for all 10 years of the Countdown to Christmas. I am normally watch Hallmark exclusively during the count down, but this year I have not because I'm not into watching movies over and over again.

I hope you rethink your choices for 2020!!
Jamie Bottomley Send email
Dec 20, 2019

Hallmark LGBT Content

Do you really think that the LGBT community is the only group watching your movies? I bet there are more of us who just want to watch decent movies with relationships dealing with an man and a woman. I have watched your movies for years and I am disappointed with your recent decision to include same sex relationships even in your commercials. Next, it will spill over into your movies because that group wants to dominate their life style into every aspect of our lives. Let them have their own channel to watch their lifestyle. I have relatives who are of the LGBT community and I love them dearly, but I don't want to see their lifestyle portrayed in the movies I watch. Again, we are very disappointed in your choice and will not be watching your Hallmark movies anymore!
Saddened Send email
Dec 20, 2019

Gay Programming

Programming for gay activists and programming for the majority of people who identify as Christian or religious are mutually exclusive. There will never be a compromise that will be acceptable to both groups. On close examination, the theory that the media will succeed in transforming society's attitudes in the acceptance of gay relationships is flawed in the sense that it requires the destruction of the Christian faith, despite the few individuals that claim that they are qualified to represent a modified Christian faith that is unworkable for the vast majority. The pandering of people in the Christian communities to the LGBTQ movement is pointless, as I certainly have heard arguments from gay activists who personally made no attempts to hide their hatred of Christianity and desire for it to be eradicated. When the ability of states to have laws forbidding homosexual activity went to the Supreme Court, I think most people sighed a breath of relief because Libertarian principles make most people uncomfortable throwing people into jail for consensual, adult relationships. Only the most alert individuals realized how far this would cause the pendulum to swing the other way, and that loss of employment and possibly jail time would await those who would not go beyond mere tolerance of right of people to be homosexual, to instead be expected to celebrate such lifestyles with their children being indoctrinated and expected to be okay when educational institutions demand children share bathrooms and showers in the schools with both genders. Adult gay people are among those who deserve sympathy when they find themselves in unsustainable relationships due to delusional expectations. For example, there are people who have same sex marriages and then divorce when their mate decides to have a sex-change operation. Now some gay adults are causing their children; who are not mature enough to make dramatic, life-altering decisions; to undergo treatments that irreversibly destroy their reproductive organs and give them delusional expectations that gender can be changed, when, biologically, this is not the case. Hallmark, your actions are not conciliatory. They are catastrophic for the majority of your formerly loyal subscribers.
Susan Pfeiffer Send email
Dec 20, 2019

Hallmark Commercials & Movies

My husband and I have watched the Hallmark Channel for a decade or more because it was good, clean family entertainment that portrayed christian values. Because you have turned your back on your many supporters and now stand with the LGBT crowd, we have cancelled our subscription. You are either for Godly principles or you are against them - there is no compromise!
Palmbeach1 Send email
Dec 20, 2019


We can’t believe Hallmark would give in to the LGBT people. Why can’t you stand for right and righteousness? Now the gays want one of the few family friendly channels left on TV. I turned down a good offer with AT&T because they didn’t have Hallmark. So long Comcast. So long Hallmark. This is just sick
carolyn eager Send email
Dec 20, 2019


I am all for adversity, but not when it feels like my values no longer matters. It seems like it is on every show an on all networks anymore. When a show starts adding gay couples (kissing and in bed together) I stop watching that show. When they start showing transgendered children I stop watching that show. I watch hallmark movies because they aren't alll about the sex, no kissing til the very end of the movies, very rarely is there a wedding until the end of a movie.In every day life my husband and I have left different businesses because we don't want to see same sex couples making out. That's not because they are same sex, I don't want to see hetero couples making out either! Businesses have lost the right to say anything for fear of being sued. They rear they ugly head and companies back down! I hope you don't or you will have lost everyone in my very large family. You were our safe haven and we hate to loose that. Why doon't you have a channel dedicated to the LGBTQ community?
rosebud15 Send email
Dec 20, 2019


If Hallmark Channel decides to give into the 1% of viewers who wanter this,Then the 99% should not watch when this commercial is on.Do not ruin this family oriented channel.
Unhappy viewer Send email
Dec 19, 2019


Our family has watched and enjoyed Hallmark movies for msny years. SO VERY SORRY to see that we of Christian values are being forced to give up good entertainment because of LGBT. As a Christian, I love ALL GOD'S children; however, I can love gay people without endorseing their behavior which is contrary to Biblical teaching. As a christian, I am to encourage them to turn from their Sinful lifestyle and seek the Lord's will for their life. Hallmark, as well as most of TV entertainment is trying to force their non Christian beliefs on everyone. I, with my family will continue to pray for all involved and hope our Country will once again EMBRACE CHRISTIAN MORALES.

Bill Brasher
Retired teacher
Dcw Send email
Dec 19, 2019

Programming choice

While I understand diversity in all its forms, it is disappointing that entertainment choices are being removed. It is appropriate to respectfully uphold customers preferences in favor of perceived correctness. I would ask that if Hallmark would like to provide LGQT stories that they add a channel that would focus on that so that we can respectfully make viewing decisions. If I have misunderstood Hallmarks agenda, than I apologize.
tls2942 Send email
Dec 19, 2019

LGBT commercial and movies

It is hard to believe that the Hallmark channel is going to join the ranks of trash television. I remember when I was a child before cable/satellite where available, Hallmark would have special movies several times a year. The movies were always very moving, with a great story line. There was always a wonderful moral to the story. Unfortunately that type of movie is not what Hallmark is wanting to make anymore.
Like one of the complaints listed previously, the LGBT agenda is portrayed everywhere on television, shoving it down our throats. I for one am sick of seeing it on every program. I am sick of seeing two people of the same sex kissing each other and laying in bed together. If someone wants to live that way, more power to them but I don't want to see it.
There have been several TV shows that appear to have interesting stories. Once the homosexual couples become part of the story line, I stop watching. I feel the same about Hallmark. I won't be watching any of the Hallmark channels and will remove the channels from my cable package.
davidwd Send email
Dec 19, 2019

Hallmark Gay Programming

Well Hallmark, you have just lost mine and my whole family's viewing. We watch your channel because of it's family value which you can't find much on the other channels. If you are starting to show gay programming or shows with gay content, then we have watched our last Hallmark show which was the Dolly Parton Christmas Movie. Sorry, but that's just our belief.
BeeVee Send email
Dec 19, 2019

Shoving the Envelope

Out of touch.
Board that has lost its soul.
Reflected in Lame movies and politically correct Gay ad.

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