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Loneyrg Send email
Mar 12, 2020

Same shows

I like the Hallmark mystery shows, but why aren’t there any new ones? It’s the same shows over and over. Are these shows like others? have a hiatus, and come back in the fall with new show? I watch them Murder she Baked, Aurora Teagarden,etc. I have seen them so much I speak their lines.
Plogowoman Send email
Feb 28, 2020

Hetero vs Homo

More of a suggestion than a complaint really - While I personally do not support viewing same sex couples kissing, etc why not give viewers a choice? There are more than one channel of Hallmark on my cable so why not offer one channel without any controversial content and the other one with? You COULD have your cake and eat it too. And be very progressive by offering a choice. Please let me know if you implement this so I will know that my family and I can watch Hallmark again.
OSHI Send email
Feb 25, 2020


OSHI Send email
Feb 25, 2020


mikes4seasons Send email
Feb 16, 2020

Torn Between Two Issues

I am so tired of these holier than though middle Americans railing against the LGBT Community. They see a gay couple in a
Hallmark Movie and they get all bent out of shape. First of all being Gay IS NOT A CHOICE!!!!! You are born Gay, Lesbian,
or Bisexual! Who the devil would choose to be gay? With all the prejudice and problems that go along with it, who would want
that life? So lighten up and accept that everyone is not the same. Everyone is nor meant to get married to the opposite sex
and procreate. Get over it. To much Trump influence. He Needs to go, and fast!

My other issue is I Love Lucy. I am glad it is finally back on, but there are to many issues that bother me. It used to be on from
5AM to 8AM week-days and week-ends. Now it is only 5AM to 7AM and NO WEEK-ENDS!!!! Why? Also they skipped right by
the episode when they all stop at Ethels home in New Mexico on their way to Hollywood. They just skipped that episode, which
I loved. It seems as though Lucy is the scape-goat show, for when something needs to be stuck in, they cut in on Lucy.
Pjeb3 Send email
Feb 15, 2020

Hallmark Channel Homosexual content

Our family has been enjoying Hallmark Movie channel for years because of it’s Christian family values, but now they have chosen to no longer do that.

Why is it ok for the Gay community to have their own channels with their choice of programming but not for the rest of us to have programing without such content?

As of now we, as a family have decided to cancel our subscription and support of the Hallmark Channel and any of it’s affiliates.

If at some future point Hallmark chooses to go back to their original programming then we may choose to come back.
mikes4seasons Send email
Feb 15, 2020

I Love Lucy

I am glad to finally see my beloved "I LOVE LUCY" show back on the air. At this day and time Hallmark is the only network
that shows the historic sitcom at all. There was a time when it was on so many channels, it was impossible not to run into it
at some point during the day. Okay, I'm glad it's on! But, and there are two major "buts"! First, the show normally aired from
5AM to 8AM week-days and week-ends Too! Now it only airs from 5AM to 7AM! Why??????? They seem to show more
of every other show, and these awful movies then ever. They push and shove Lucy around , on a whim!!! It's just terrible.
They even left out a great episode of the show between Lucy gets arrested for speeding on their way to Hollywood and
the show at The Brown Derby. Between those two shows was the show when they stopped at Ethels home in New Mexico.
That was a great show and they just skipped over it. Not good!!!!!
Smathews01 Send email
Feb 12, 2020


Matching Hearts slipped in a Gay couples in the last few minutes of the movie. If I had known this was going to happen I would not have watched it. I think if they continue to do this, they should have to change the ratings from G to PG. I am so disappointed with Hallmark it was about the only channel I had been watching. Thank goodness for the UP channel, it is my go t place now to see a show I am not ashamed for my family to watch.
LeeCarolynn Send email
Feb 10, 2020

No complaints

Please keep the line up as it is, with no liberal asides or ads. Love the male leads and the story lines. Like Crossword Mysteries for a change. I know the liberals can be bullies, but they have how many stations for t heir agenda, so I think the rest of America can have ONE for themselves. I look forward to seeing Lori Loughlin back as she has protested her innocence for the long haul. It does make me wonder if the whole 'school donations' thing was something designed to shake up a popular channel format. "Love stories" for US is so great. Please stay the same. Kids dream of being princesses or marrying princes. It is a wonderland of dreams for young and old.
LeeCarolynn Send email
Feb 10, 2020

"Clinton" Auditorium? your 'matching hearts' movie 2020, another lib aside...."Clinton auditorium" or something. Have you been led by a lib woman or something? Please leave the sneaky lib asides in your 2020 line up out. I can imagine that 'she' must have been even worse in her editing and such than i can possibly imagine, so thank you for caring about your viewers and your brand and stopping most of it, but please...I turned the station. Won't watch it. "Clinton" auditorium...Oh please. Stop already.

BTW LOVE your love stories and great male leads. Love Andrew Walker. Others. It is so nice to have at least ONE station that wants me for a viewer.
Risoli Send email
Feb 9, 2020

reruns and marginal same theme shows

I pay a lot extra on my cable to have Hallmark channels I have friends even in other states that remind each other when something we want to watch is on.....this year it almost seems like someone's relative took the wheel Enough of the baking theme shows and the endless Christmas almost put everyone over the edge. The words hot cocoa and snow angels became something you would cringe at. Even the hairstyles of all the woman exactly the same. I love Aurora Teagarden Loved garage sale mysteries...steve bacic never gets a good role since you quit that show....I would like to see it come back I like a channel like this or I would not bother to message you...will something new be coming up???
JustMeFu Send email
Feb 3, 2020

Excluding male leads

So Look, I enjoy your movies a lot but... it seems like you exclude INTENSIONLY male leads. Are you a female driven network or do you intend to include males? I do appreciate you picking up the previously existing Jesse Stone series .. but it sure seems like you are predestined to personify a female lead and not include a male and or male/female lead. What's with that???? If you don't pursue a balance … I will.
heilgm Send email
Jan 27, 2020

Accessability to Programs

We live in a rural area with a small cable company which means limited access to certain programs. We were able to stream Hallmark Movies Now with a previous Samsung TV, until the streaming on the TV quit. I could only watch on my computer because our other Samsung Smart TV didn't have the preloaded app. We finally replaced the Samsung TV with a newer Samsung TV only to find that now because it is newer, Samsun is no longer preloading the Hallmark Movies Now app or any other Hallmark app. We purchased a Roku hoping that would solve our problem only to find out we can only get Hallmark movies Now, but not Hallmark Movies & Mysteries nor Hallmark Drama, both of which we have really wanted to be able to get for several years now. We are frustrated to the max. I can't believe Hallmark continues to create all this entertainment that is so difficult to get access to.
Judi clark Send email
Jan 24, 2020

New show

New show How about a mystery series with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelo? Maybe revive the thrift shop series with them
Mtymouz Send email
Jan 24, 2020


I wanted to inform you that since I have STOPPED watching my 24/7 Hallmark addiction, I have discovered numerous other channels with great shows, and I have YET to see any blatant airing of immoral commercials or shows. Additionally, I no longer shop at Hallmark, or purchase Hallmark cards at other stores. It is alarming that a few small voices make a bigger impact than the majority of us who want to watch, and allow family members and friends to watch clean, fun shows and movies. I cannot believe that the one last channel that I thought would be my "go to" channel has left me. Not only is it sinful and an abomination for people to engage in same sex relations, it is quite impossible to procreate, which was the original idea for men and women to get together. How quickly our society has accepted immoral, sinful and indecent situations to be the "norm" and anyone who does not agree is immediately accused of prejudice and the like. The reality is that true love, agape love, means that we love everyone no matter what their beliefs. The problem is when beliefs are forced on others. What happened to our "free" country with rights? I can still love you without agreeing with you or accepting your beliefs, please consider doing the same for me. By the way, I do have a family member with the above beliefs, and I have never stopped loving her. She knows our feelings and "respects" ours. Consider doing the same and stand up for what is right, moral, and natural and let those who do not "feel" the same way watch other channels if they so desire to. Thank you.
mimi10 Send email
Jan 23, 2020

Same movies over and over

I watch Hallmark almost exclusively but after seeing the same movie over and over again, I have to switch to another channel. I know there are movies in your archives that you could show but for some reason you choose not to or you are putting them on in the middle of the night when most people are sleeping and not watching TV. Also, do not like the fact that you are showing commercials with gay/lesbian couples - not necessary to do that - there are enough other stations to carry their agenda.
Edwina4 Send email
Jan 21, 2020

Too Much Hart to Hart

I am a late night/early morning viewer and would like to see more variety at that hour. I'm okay with Murder She Wrote because there seems to be a wealth of episodes. Not so much for Hart to Hart. One hour is enough. Fill in with Diagnosis Murder and Matlock. I'm not sure why those shows were taken off the late night/early morning schedule. Please put them back. Your consideration is much appreciated.
bdl123 Send email
Jan 20, 2020

Peloton commercial

I am so TIRED of the Peloton commercial with the young guy riding the bike and singing. That ad has been on today at least 35 times!!! Enough is enough!! Every day it is on like that! Also why do you have to start charging to see movies now??? You are getting GREEDY like so many others are. You used to be able to watch them on Hallmark or Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channels. I think that is a SHAME! Sometimes change isn't good. You now have to watch the same movies over and over and over and over. That is not right!! You shouldn't have to do that! I know that a lot of other people don't like it either.
ajdalle Send email
Jan 14, 2020


I was watching the movie Winters Dream and the were a few inconstancies, such as the girl Anna is shown at the run with purple skis then they show her starting the race with blue skies and sking with blue skies and ending with blue skies. But then she is shown holding purple skis that just seem to appear out of no where! Go figure!
Shammer Send email
Jan 6, 2020

It's January - Stop Christmas movies

Very disappointing to have only Christmas movies on one of my favorite channels from October until January 5 and counting!!!
Please revamp the schedule!!
chickory7 Send email
Jan 5, 2020

It is NOT Christmas every day every month

I love your mysteries. Some are really great. I look forward to them and I and my family and friends watch them faithfully. I am so sick of Christmas in April, in June, in July, in October, in November, and even in January. I realize that you started as a greeting card company and Christmas is the big money maker, but you do other things now. I have ignored your scheduling completely for weeks. I don't even look to see what is on. Yesterday I thought, hey it is January and Christmas is past for now. But no, still the Christmas movies. PLEASE bring back your mysteries and show them the respect that most of them deserve. We do not all live in a Christmas fantasy land.
Ellenh52 Send email
Jan 5, 2020


I love the hallmark channels I’m a Christmas movie addicted, however my complaint is, this whole season i have not seen any of your more older Christmas movies, like from before 2014-15, i realized you show them in the middle of the night, when i am sleeping and i do not have a dvr to record and i will not pay to see them. So my suggestion is now for next year, to maybe show the older ones on the weekends before you premiere a new one at night. I have been watching hallmark since it’s birth, even your other seasonal movies i would like to see more of the older ones. the only channel i don’t have is drama. I actually agree that you should have a channel with Christmas movies only, that would be awesome. It depends on which provider you have though. Any way I’m not sure if anyone from hallmark actually reads this forum, but if you did i hope you take all of these comments into consideration. Thanks
Magdeline Primrose Send email
Jan 4, 2020

Non stop Christmas movies for too long

You show non stop Christmas movies for far too long. Non stop Christmas movies should be shown only from November after the day of Thanksgiving to January first. Showing Christmas movies it's due season brings out the specialness of the Holidays. Showing nonstop Christmas movies from the last week of October to the end of the first week of January, kind of ruins Christmas, at least for me. And showing nonstop Christmas movies the first two weeks on one Halmark channel and the next two week's of Christmas movies on another Halmark channel in JULY (for Pete's sakes) has got to go! These Christmas movies out of season is really inappropriate!
Teresa McCafferty Send email
Jan 4, 2020

Absurd length if Christmas movies. Also LGBTQ totally inappropriate on what was considered a wholesome family Network

I have never been more disappointed in the Hallmark Channel's. Christmas holidays I have always run from Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve. Not from October through January of the following year. Honestly Hallmark you have taken the enjoyment out of any type of joy and enjoyment I'm your channel and replaced it with redundancy; as each and every movie is different people and the same storyline. There has been absolutely no thought process put into any of these movies except for the same thing Boy Meets Girl Girl Meets Boy eventually fall in love and happy ending which we all know is absurd but for a short. Of time it's enjoyable from November Thanksgiving of November through Christmas maybe the new year that's it! You have totally burnt this subscriber out. And I will add this is a difficult time of year for me as it is for many many many people we don't need to see this on a channel that in the evening we could put it on and watch The Golden Girls and laugh or Frasier and laugh or cheers and laugh instead of continually being depressed because you continue to run these movies in a completely redundant redundant redundant have I said redundant way! Enough already!
You really need to get back to regular scheduling because there are more long-term customers due to this laziness of continuing this over drawn Christmas season and then this garbage of doing it again in July! And don't even get me started about these homosexual ads that you've decided to air during your programming. This is indeed a wholesome family Network and this should not be shown in any way shape or form!
Magdeline Primrose Send email
Jan 4, 2020

Too many Christmas movies.

I think that Halmark dramas & Halmark movies & mysteries should start non stop Christmas movies only in the last Friday of November and last only until January 1st. Having non stop Christmas movies from the last week of October to the end of the first week of January ruins Christmas, at least for me. If showing Christmas movies mainly in the month of December would have Christmas more special, because Christmas would be celebrated only in it's due season. And showing nonstop Christmas movies for two weeks on the first week on one of the Halmark channel & then the other Halmark channel in July has got to go. It's very inappropriate! Maybe of one of the commentators that I read, you should have a special channel made exclusively for Christmas movies. Just please give us more choices!

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